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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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the system, which standards specific grades. is live at the cedar rapids metro alliance, where the first meeting starts shortly. sarah, the district saas it's the transition easier? animation-live associate superintendent. he says some parents are worried about this hift away from traditional letter grades. right now, all cedar rapids elementary schools use this learner-centered model. and roosevelt and mckinley middle schools are pilotng the scale. at these schools, daily homework isn't included in grades and students can re-take tests until they've receiving a traditional letter grade - students either exceed, meet, are workiig on, or havvn't been taught a they're working to address problems more schools.
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08:30:0"we realize it's a significant change, something we've done for 1010 years we juss can't flip the switch. we have lots of work to do to prepare the teachers, to make sure our curriculum is alalned with this kind d f approach, to make sure parents are comfortable. " this first meeting is set to start at 5:30 here tonight. district officials say parents, teachers, anan students are welcomeeto attend. i'll explain what concerns those groups have tonight at ten. live in cedar rapids, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. the next meeting will be monday from 7:00 to :30 a-m at the district's central office on edgewood road. to see the full list of the meetings, go to the newslinks section of kcrg dot com. someone is passing counterfeit bills in coralville, and police are asking for your help in finding them. coralville police say they want to question this woman about counterfeit bills passed at hyvee on 8th
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driving a lighcolored s-u-v. if you have information, call police. or you can call crime stoppers at 358-8477. meteorologis joe winters joins us from the k-m-r-y studios where the variety compassion fund telethon is underway. joe, will this rain be lasting through the night? more showers tonight with lingering light rain and drizzle continuing into wednesday. cooler and drier weather moves in for thursday as the winds pick up from the west. friday starts dry but another storm will be heading into the region, this time with some cooler weather in place. at this time anyaccumulation s of snow would occur frfrday night into saturday morning. we will continue to watch this system and update the forecast as
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tonight: showers likely low: 48-54 winds: se 1000tomorrow: sct. showers/drizz le high: 48-54 winds: sw 15-30 bruce and beth... russia now says it was a terrorist bomb that over egypt last month, killing 224 people on board. russian president vladimir putin has vowed toto responsible. russia's security chief says investigators found traces of explosives in the debris of the plane. investigators estimate it was a
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small bomb, containing more than two pounds of t-n-t. but that was enough to cause the plane to break apart in mid-air. "we concur there was an explosion that brought it down, but we're not privy qo their investigative information. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack and says it was payback for russia's bombing campaign in syria. in response, russia today of isis strongholds. in germany, police canceled a soccer match after a bomb threat led to them finding a suspicious object at a stadium in hannover. police evacuated the stadium about 90 minutes before germany and the netherlands began play. members of the german governmeet, including chancellor angela merkel, were planning to attend the match. fallout from the paris terror attacks is becoming a partisan political
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at leass 31 governors oppose the obama administration's plan to resettle 10-thousand syrians in the u-s next year. all but one of those governors are republican. governors in seven states have said they will accept refugees. several others haven't commented on the issue. house speaker paul ryan is calling for a pause in the syrian refugee resettlement program. at least one suspect in the paris attacks slipped into europe posing as a syrian refugee. ryan says it's time for congress to get involved. "our nation has always been welcoming, but we cannot let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. this is a moment where iis better to bebesafe than to be sorry." ryan says a new task force will create legislation addressing the refugee issue, but didn't outline specific goals. the u-s hhs accepted 15- 2011. attorney president's syrian refugee plan. lynch
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before the house judiciary committee for office in april. lynch said there is a detailed process for those considered for immigration to the u.s. "certainly there are challenges to that process because of the situation in syria but i would note however that we do have the benefit of having that significant and robust screening process in place, a process that europepehas not been aae to more vulnerable." from the threat of terrorist groups is the justice department's top priority. the dubuque county freedom rock is tting the finishing touches on its new look. artist ray "bubba" sorenson is painting a new mural on the gant boulder. the painting will honor several dubuque county military heros. the rock sits along highway 20 in epworth in front of the new fire station. organizers are hosting a freedom rock dedication at ten a-m this saturday. traffic can become congested in front of buiuidings at the end of the
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school day, creating concerns for student safety. be coming at dubuque senior high school. we'll show you what could change, coming up.
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more showers tonight with lingering light rain and drizzle continuing into wednesday. cooler and drier weather moves in for thursday as the winds pick up from the west. friday starts dry but another storm will be heading into the region, this time with some cooler weather in place. at this time any accumulations of snow would occur friday night into saturday morning. we will continue to watch this system and update the forecast as we move through the week. have a eat night! tooght: showers likely low: 48-54 winds: se 10-20tomorrow: sct. showers/drizz le high: 48-54 winds: sw 15-30tomorrow night: areas of drizzle
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low: 29-35 winds: w 15-25thurssy: partly cloudy, wiiy high: 45 - low: 32 friday: snow likely late high: 42 - low: 25 saturday: scattered flurries, cold high: 33 - low: 27 sunday: mostly sunny high: 38 - low: 18 monday: partly cloudy high: 45 - low: 26 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 47 - low: 26
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coming up tonight on kcrg-tv nine news at six... an iowa woman was in washington d-c today, working to get lawmakers to provide
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better access to hemp oil for medical purposss. tonight on t-v nine news at six, hear why she says she won't stop until congress passes the w. hundreds of county leaders will be n cedar rapids startinn tomorrow. they'll be focusing on priorities for next year's legislative session. and the red cross is urging caution as the temperatures turn cooler. the reason why is coming
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louisiana gov. bobby jindal says he is dropping out of 2016 race for president.
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abc worldnews. about 800 county leaders from around the state will be in cedar rapids tomorrow. they'll be attending the iowa state association of counties, or "isac," fall conference. one of the main goals is vote on legislative priorities. kcrg t-v nine's brady smith spoke with conference organizjrs this afternoon. brady, this event helps counties get through the legislsltive ocess? isac works in des moines during the legislative session by getting information to lawmakers, and connecting them with county officials. they'll also bring in county officials to testify on certain bblls. every year, isac puts together a list of legislative priorities for the year. for the upcoming session, they'll be focusing on fivf main issues: delinqut court debt, e- 911 funding, fo safety, mental heallh and disability sesevices, and distracted driving. isac's executive director says a bill that would have changed distracted driving into a
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meaning something an officerr could pulul you over for, gottleft behind during the 2015 session. they'd like to see it get picked up again. "47:54-:12 "we'd like to change the law related to distracted driving to make those primary offenses, so that a police officer or sheriff's deputy or state patrol officer could stop those individuals if they see them in that action." " as for the mental health and disability services item... peterson says counties are struggling to find adequate funding to help individuals with mental health issues. he hopes to help counties find funding for those services. "50:57-:14 "the number of individuals that have mental
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peterson says isac and its members will approve the packet of legislative priorities on thursday. they'll then start talking with the governor and lawmakers to address those issues. thanks, brady. aa the winter months approach, the american red cross is urging households to take precautions when heating their homes. the red cross serving greater iowa says it responded to fifteen home fires sinceceast friday. it says heating equipment is the second the organization wants to remind home owners to be careful when heating homes with space heaters, and to make a plan for if a fire happens. "we juststwant to tryyto provide information to be people to try to avoid that as cause of a home fire." tonight at 10 hear about some of the resources and tips the red cross provides to keep yoor hohoe safe during g he winter months. after a car struck and killed a student on a street by dubuque hempstead high school, the city made changes to improve safety.
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now the city wants to improve safety and traffic flow at dubuque senior. find out what changes are
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hour news source, kcrg-tvschool could soon improve the traffic flow there and keep students safer. the district is working with the city of dubuque to build a bus lane that would run parallel with clarke drive, in front of the school's main entrance. itits all part of the school's planned 30 million dollar renovation project. the renovation would add classrooms and common spaces plus create a whole new entrance to the school building. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins us live now. katie, the district wants to build that new bus lane before it starts the bigger renovation project? yes, the goal is to have the new bus lane complete by
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the start of next school year. the rest of the renovation will get going after that's complete. some people working on this project say the bus lane really is an immediate need. after the final school bell rings, the 16-hundred students who attend dubuque senior high school face another challenge....getting out of the parking lot. "i worry about kids getting hit by cars." during the typical ten minute dismissal period, school buses, city buses and student drivers all pack this small drive. "the very front of the building you'll see it's very congested with the parking lot so most people don't come this way during that time unless they don't have any other choice. " during a planning meeting of thsenior high discussed the safest and most effective way to improve traffic. as part of the school's total renovation project, the new main entrance will face west locust street rather than clarke drive. "that entrance will be all secue, more handicap accessible. " that will also create a new way
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of keeping the school buses away from students leaving the parking lot. "we're trying to create some separation for a safer environment. we're tying to separate the cars from all the buses so we're creating a bus lalae in front,,it will be about 300 feet long. " the speed of daily traffic near the school is also a safety concern. the city of dubuque recently conducted a speed survey of vehicle traveling on clarke drive and locust streets. the survey revealed the majority of drivers were going between 33 and 36 miles per hour in 25 mile mile per hour zone. live in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. this isn't the first time the dubuque school district has made changes in traffic patterns to improve safety.y. and killed 15 year crossing the high school. stuunts to petition the city to install a traffic light in front of the school. the city also cut
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traffic to limit on pennsylvania lane. now here's a look atwhat's coming up at 5:30 on abc's world news.
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an iowa woman is fighting to get lawmakers to change a federal law for the medical use of hemp oil. and find out how people are responding after the university of iowa faculty senate meets with university president bruce harreld. that's tonight on t- hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 50% more data than verizon and at&t for the same price. but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? no.. u.s. cellular r zed data. good, strong data you can actually use
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because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% more data than verizon and at&t. plus $400 per line. see ya soon. tonight's forecast. more showers tonight with lingering light rain and drizzle continuing into wednesday. cooler and drier weather moves in for thursday as the winds pick up from the west. friday starts dry but another storm will be heading into the region, this time with some cooler weather in place. at this time any accumulation s of snow would occur friday night into saturday morning. we will coninue to watch this system and update the forecast as we move through thth week. have a great night! tonight: showers likely low: 48-54 winds: se 10-20tomorrow: sct.
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showers/drizz le high: 48-54 winds: sw 15-30
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