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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 17, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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to be careful when using space heaters and fireplaces during the winter months. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, thisis kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . some parents in the cedar rapids school district say they're concerned with how a new grading systee will be implemented. tonight, the district heard feedback on standards- based grading. it's a system that eliminates letter grades in favor of measuring students according to spspific skills ttey should kkow for each class. the district's elementary schools and two middle schools already use standards based grading. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy joins us live in the studio with more. sarah, district officials met with parrnts tonight? tonight was the first of six more meetings that'll happen in the next month. the district hopes conversations with parents will help implement thh system smoothly.
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but right now, some parents say they have several concerns. 08:46:20 agree, disagreeeokay, fascinating. ssool district officialslssay this.. 08:53:21 "that's an important conversation to have is the first step toward changing a century-old grading scale in all cedar rapids schools. 08:33:15 "your grade shoul reflect what you know at thth end, not how many points you've accumulated." standards-based grading ditches traditional a through f grades. instead, teachers grade students through four categories - exceeding, meeting, or working expectation. but many parents are concerned what this will filling ou college applications. 09:21:30 "not only colleges, scholarships, employers. a large section of the world, if you will, thinks about grading through a certain lens. and if we are going to change how we
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it is important that maps to the broader context." district officials say they'd work with teachers to translates the new scale into a gpa. all workkyet. kathy talking roosevelt teacher kathy slaman is facilitating the transition at two middle schools. she says instead off earning points for homework, students must demonstrate they've mastered a skill. and they can repeat a test to prove it as many times as needed. it's an approach she says promotes continued learning. 09:27:52 "if we think people are set in this is what they know, or gee, i'm not good at math, that's not really the case in that there is opportunity for growth. this provides it, it supports it ass welel." the district says it plans to roll this grading system out in all schools. officials just aren't sure
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more feedback from parents in future meetings. bruce and beth? thanks, sarah. there are six more meetings on this grading system. the next one is at seven o'clock this coming monday morning at the district's central office on edgewood road. to see the full list of the meetings, go to the newslinks section of kcrg dot com. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, how much more rain we'll get? more showers tonight with lingering light rain and drizzle continuing g nto wednesday. cooler and drier weather moves in for thursday as the winds pick up from the west. friday starts dry but another storm will be heading into the region, this time ith some ccoler weather in place. at this time any accumulation s of snow would occur friday night into saturday morning. we will continue to wach this systemand update the forecast as
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tonight: showers likely low: 48-54 winds: se 10-20tomorrow: sct. showers/drizz le high: 48-54 winds: sw 15-30 today, the outgoing mayor of cedar falls endorsed his chchllenger in nexx montnts run-off election. on november third, mayor jon crews received 35 percent of the votes in a three man race. businessman jim brown receeved 45 percent of the votes. neither candidate got the necessary 50 percent to secure the position. after the election, crews announced plans to step down from the position, but his name will still be on the runnoff ballot. crews says people should vote
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for brown on december first, calling him an excellent candidate who will lead the city for years to come. louisiana governor bobby jindal says he's blessed to have had the opportunity to run for president. "00:12-27 it's been a great honor to run for the president of the unitd states. this is a great country. my parents came here 45 years ago in search forr opporrunity and frfredom. they taught me americans can do anything. they are right. the reality is this isn't my time so i'm suspending my campaign. " governor jindal entered the race in june. since ttn, he's been consistently low in the polls. jindal wraps up his term as governor in january and says he will go back to working for the think tank he started a few year ago. the american red cross is urging people to be carefull when using space heatees and fireplaces during the winter months. the group says heating sources are the second leading cause of deaths from fires in homes. in the last four days, iowa red cross volunteers have assisted with 15 house fires across
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yesterday in dubuque. firefighters spent about two hours putting out this one at 922 centerplace. no one was injured. inveveigators say tty don't believe it was intentional. reports on the precautions the american red cross is asking people to take. "the ameriian red cross responds to nearly 70 thousand disasters a year. tha's one every eight minutes, and it says it's mostly house fires." with the multiple fires in the last few days, the red cross is taking the opportunity to remind people how to keep safe. it says space heaters are a serious concern. "if you have a space heater within your home make sure to give the space heater, space. keep your children, pets, anything that is flammab at least three feet away from a space heater." shana beal with the red cross also says never leave
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burning fires unattended, and have all chimneys professionall y inspected and cleaaed every year. the organization operates a home fire campaign with teachings, and provide extra help in the community. "the red cross is working with our of home fires, and also to prevent injury by 25 percent and deaths as well. we have home fire campaign events where we go out within communities and install orkanization's red cross emergency app, which people can purchaha in the app tore, provides more information on how to prevent fires. it also provides guidance on what to do in case a fire breaks out in your house. "the red cross says it plans to have many events throughout4south and eastern iowa over the next few months, but right now it wants everyone tt check smoke alarmm and practice fire drills at home." "in cedar rapids, brea love, kcrg-tv nine news." waterloo is getting tens of
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help pay for a new video scoreboard atriverfront stadium. it's one o nine new projects that revenue e rom the isle casinoon waterloo is helping fund. and cedar rapids city leaders vote to keep the vacant knutson building standing in hopes of giving it new life. first here's a look at the most popular stories today on kcrg dotcom. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9 cino revenue will help
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casino revenue will help provide thomsands of dollars to nine projects inthe aterloo- cedar falls area. the moneyyis from the bllck hawk county gaming association, which licenses the isle casino in waterloo. state law requires the county gaming association to allocate some of the casno revenue it recfives to the community. some of the projects the gaming association is funding include... $150-thousand dollars for a new video scoreboard at riverfront stadium in waterloo. sumner will get 50- thousand dollas toward a new emergency services facility. anddcedar falls wiil receive 25-thousand dollars to help renovate classrooms at hearst center. just last year, a 23 million dollar cedar valley sportsplex opened iwaterloo. 8 million dollars for that project came from tte black haak county gaming association. cedar rapids will not demolish a building that sustained a lot of damage in the 2008 flood. totoy, the city y ouncil voted to spend more than 160-thousand dollars to
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vacant knutson building. the 128-year-old structure sits on the riverfront across downtown. the city wants to see if it can raise two and a half million dollars for renovations through private fundraising. dozens of new jobs are coming to oelwein. today, east penn manufacturing announced that it's finalized an agreement to build a production plant in the fayette county town. east penn produces batteries for agricultural, automotive, commercial, and other uses. the commany says it hopes to break ground in the industrial park next year. east penn already runs a distribution center in oelwein. starting tomorrow, hundreds of countty officiall will be inn cedar rapids to setttheir priorities for next year's legislative session. the iowa state association of counties helps to connect county officials with state lawmakers to help local governments meet their needs. the group's prprorities for next year's session includes more funding for mental health services, food safety and stricter laws
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"we don't claim to be experts on all of these issues, but we will bring in the appropriate county department headsdsor elected officials at the right time to testify on bills, to share information, so there's an understanding of what we're trying to accomplish." " the group's fall nference kicks off tomorrow and members are expected to vote on legislative priorities thursday. french police are now searching for two men connected to the paris attacks. today, the family of one of them called on him
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light rain and drizzle continuing into wednesday. oler and drier r weather moves ii for thursday as the winds pick up from the west. friday starts dry but another storm will be heading into the region, this time with some cooler weather in place. at this time any accumulations of snow would occur friday night into saturday morning. we will continue to watch this
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forecast as we move through the week. have a great night! tonight: showers likely low: 4 4-54 winds: se 10-22omorrow: sctct showers/drizz le high: 48-54 winds: sw 15-30tomorrow night: areas of drizzle low: 29-35 winds: w 15-25thursday: artly oudy, windy high: 45 - low: 32 friday: snow likely late high: 42 - low: 25 saturday: scattered flurries,cold high: 333- low: 27 sunday: mostly sunny high: 38 - low: 18 monday: partly cloudy high: 45 - low: 26
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french authorities now say there are two suspects on the run ii connection ttthe deadlyy paris attacks last friday that killed 129 people. meanwhile, much of europe is on edge, as a bomb scare forcedderman soccer officialal to cancel a match rlier today. abc's elizabeth hur reports. with the 8th attacker still out there.. french officials say it is no possible, he isn't the only fugitive.. meanwhile authorities say a "credible theat" in germany led to an evacuation at a soccer stadium. "sirens" police sounding the alarm.. and ordering people to go home.. "loud speaker..." a reportete bomb threat canceling the soccer match between germany and the netherlands.. police found nothing but the german team.. not taking any chances.. "boom" after playing in paris last week.. when the suicide bombers struck..
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unity.. prince william laying a wreath for the paris victims.. and some 80- thousand englishmen singing france's national anthem. "singing national anththm." back in france.. authorities now confirming they are searching for a second fugitive.. possibly the 9th attacker.. this amid the frantic manhunt still underway for sal abdeslam.. the alleged 8th attacker.. his brother pleading for him to surreeder. "....mohammad abdeslam speaking french..." "....airstrikes...." and just a day after france declared war against isis.. russia is also launching attacks.. believing a bomb brought down that russian passenger jeje .. here at home.. with isis warning washington d-c is next.. and authorities convinced one of the attackers posed as a refugee.. at least 29 governors say refugees are not welcome and house speaker paul ryan -- is calling for a "pause" in the president's plan to allow 10-thousand syrian refugees into the u-s. elizabeth hur oncam close: as for the mastermind behind the paris attacks.. abdel hamid abaa-oud.. he is now believed to be back in syria.. a country, now under attaak by
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and late tonight, the f-a-a- confirmed that two air france fights heading from the u-s to paris were diverted because of bomb threats. one of them was out of los angeles, the other was out of an airport near washingtonn d.c. both of them anded safety.. russian now confirms it was a powerful bomb that brought down that russian passenger jet last month... killing all 224 peoplenboard. russian investigators say they found trace amounts of explosives in the debris and today russian president vladimir putin promised to "hunt down" and "punish" whoever's responnible. he also launched a strike on isis, which has claimed it planted the bomb. coming up next in sports.. scott will have the latest college footvall playoff poll. and we'll have plenty of hoops action from u-n-i, ann from coe versus cornell. stay
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the third college football playoff poll was released tonight. and the hawkeyes remain 5th. still on top followed by alabama, ohio state and notre dame. the 10-0 hawks have a chance to clinch the big 10 western division title with a win over purdue saturddy at kinnick. but don't expect a big trophy
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"you have a chance to clinch your division will you give the trophy away on the field will you do it privately or will you not even think about it. we have talked about it the facts are if we do win we clinch a bid don't want to put our heads in the sand on that yet. we still have a lot of football left that is how we are looking at it. if we are fortunate to win this football game we will acknowledge in the lockeroom and turn our sights around because we have a short week next week." sot :30 oc: "shhrt week nextt week " " how bout some basketball with your eggs.. the panthers hosted stephen f. austin at 7:00 am this morning. scott westerberg was their. pass out the doughnuts and chocolate milk, it's breasfast and basketball at the mcleod center. and the ppnthers kept tte 4,700 in attendance wide awake with plenty of action on the offensive end. jeremy morgan to the rack for two. then, wyatt lohaus penetrates and kic to matt bohannon for three. panthers u u 5. more from bohannon as he finishes the lay-up in
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up 14-4 as the students continue to celebrate not being in class this morning. the lumberjacks needed a lesson in stoppipig the dribble drive. aarias austin dumps it off to morgan. jeremy finished with 14 points and 7 boards. uni also got a big game from paul jesperson. he pulls the triger from the corner. pauly pumped in 15. jesperson tied for the team lead in points with bohannon who buried 3 of uni's 7 triples. wes washpun was the fourth panther in double figures with 14 as uni beats stephen f austin 70-60. "i thought in our first game we had some very uncharacteristic turnovers, our defense was awful, so for us to bounce back the way we did today and establish ourselves defensivelel and take care of the ball on offense, i think it was a very good step forward for us." "we've got some new guys and some younguys and some older guys in different roles, so to bebeable to start to build some confidence is a great thing." with the win the panthers improve to 1-1 on the young
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season, and they'll be back at home on saturday in what will be the biggest game in the history of this building s uni hosts number one north carolina. from the mcleod center, scott westerberg tv9 sports. the uni women beat south dakota tonight 64- 43..whether it's tiddly winks or hoops.. anytime coe and cornell get together it means something. they met in a double header on the basketball court tonight. ladies first and cornell cut the lead to three in the second half on thimaggie hogan putback.. but theiras no stopping f frmer wash standout aaena hobbs with three the old fashion way and then hobbs burries one from behind the arc. she had 28 points in a 70- 59 coe win. to the men and former marion ssrpshooter craig engle with the trey and it was raining three's tonight.. matt vonderhaar connects and then trevor holland hit back to ack triples and the coe beat cornell 80-65. longtime cascade basketball coach al marshall has announced this will be his final year of coaching. this will be al's 47th
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season and he is third all-time on the iowa coaching list with 716 wins. and finally they had two signings at prairie today.. mckenzie soeken will run track and play voeyball at upper iowa. and one of he top runne in the state tysen van draska wil run n or joey woody at iowwand concentrate on middle distance. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... more showers tonight with lingering light rain and drizzle continuing into wednesday. cooler and drier weather moves in for thursday as the winds pick up from the west. friday starts dry but another storm will be heading into the region, this time with some cooler weather in place. at this timeeany accumulation s of snow would occur friday night into saturday morning. we will continue to watch this system and update the forecast as we move through the week. have a great night!
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