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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  November 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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people in cedar rapids need to be watching their neighborhood s for people breaking into homes. police say the number of home burglaries shot up by about 40 percent so far this month. between november 1st and yesterday cedar rapids police investigated 67 home burglaries. that's significantly more than last year's 39 over the same time period. in 2013, the number of home burglaries
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kcrg-tv9's dave franzman joins us now live from a cedar rapids neighborhood. dave, are burglaries hitting some neighborhood s more than others? bruce, one investigator told me we could literally stand in any part of cedar rapids and still be in the middle of a problem area. that's because the burglary cases so far this november are literally scattered all around the city. police suspect there are two different groups, not connected to each other, responsible for the sudden increase in burglaries so far this month. many of them are taking place in daylight and follow the same pattern. someone will knock on a front door and if there's no answer, they'll run around to the back and break in another door or window. in this case, neighbors being a little more watchful could help. "and if you're home during the day, most people generally know what their neighbor's cars look like. if they see strange cars or strange people that don't fit with the neighborhood
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sgt. hansen says police do have some leads and are making cases against some they suspect are involved. there were burglary arrests earlier this month but the sergeant says those arrested don't have a connection with the more recent cases. as to why a spurt in home burglary cases in cedar rapids so far in november, police don't have a good explanation. although officers do point out burglaries can be a target of opportunity so the advice is check locks and don't make yourself a target. live in cedar rapids dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. we want to remind you that when you see news, call newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also send pictures and videos to newsroom at kcrg dot com. u-s house members ignored
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president obama's veto threat today and approved a bill to suspend the entry of syrian and iraqi refugees into the u-s. republicans say the refugee program needs tighter restrictions after last friday's terrorist attacks in paris. president obama and most democrats say the current vetting system is safe, and the u-s should continue to accept refugees. but a new bloomberg poll shows 53 percent of americans agree with republicans and don't want more syrian refugees to enter the u-s. the fears stem from the terrorist attacks that killed 129 people in paris. and today french authorities announced that abdelhamid abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the attacks, died when police raided an apartment north of paris yesterday. the paris attacks have put athletic venues across the u-s on high alert, including those here in eastern iowa. t-v nine's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson joins us live tonight from kinnick stadium. mark, the university of iowa's tightening security there
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saturday's hawkeye game against purdue. yes, officials say there have been no specific threats made against kinnick stadium. but they aren't taking any chances -- this weekend, expect some changes. "this is going to be the biggest event in the state that day, we have a small city in a very small area, and very high profile, we have the number five team in the nation playing, hopefully we'll be very successful, but it does create some interest out there." up to 70 thousand fans will pack into kinnick stadium this weekend. but getting in, won't be as routine as it's been in the past. the biggest change -- purses and other medium sized bags will not be allowed through the gates. "if you do come to the stadium with one of those items, we do have a check area at the recreation building that people can go to and check those items then come into the stadium. " the policy is similar to that already used by the
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national football league. clear see-through bags 14 inches by 14 inches and under -- will be allowed in, so will small hand-sized bags like a clutch. "how many games have you been to this year? ... every single one... and you're going to this one this weekend?... yep." for fans like whitney vance -- the policy presents some issues -- like where to keep her keys and wallet... but vance says -- it makes sense. "it's something you can live with and it's very manageable, i think it's a good idea because it keeps everyone in the crowd safe, and we don't have the risk of someone brining something into the stadium. " even if you bring nothing, officials are encouraging all fans to get to the stadium early this weekend. with the coldest conditions of the year expected, officials say -- just marching through the line will take a while, because everyone will be bundled up. "we're going to have people opening their coats, just to make sure that we have nothing coming in that could be dangerous to us, so obviously that's going to take some more time as well as going through the bags that will be coming in." u-i officials aren't sure yet if these new guidelines will be permanent next season, too. the hawkeyes have this flier
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with all the specifics of what is and is not allowed in the stadium on saturday. we've put this with this story on kcrg dot-com. live in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg-tv9 news. the university of dubuque is holding a candle light vigil tonight to show support for the people in paris that the terrorists attack impacted. students are trying to raise awareness of killed or injured. quadrangle on campus and starts at nine. reduce substance abuse has been successful, but iowans are now turning to new drugs. the governor's "office of drug control policy" released its 2016 drug control strategy report today. it shows fewer middle and high school students are using the three prevalent substances of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. but now students and even adults in iowa are using more meth, heroin, and electronic smoking devices. the report shows in 2015, 16 percent of iowans in substance abuse treatment said meth was
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their drug of choice. that's the highest on record. and about 11 percent of 11th graders say they are current users of e- cigarettes. the jones county "safe and healthy youth coalition" is sponsoring a legislative forum tonight called "marijuana - let's talk." a panel of local leaders will discuss topics on marijuana, alcohol, and other youth substance abuse issues. the event goes from 7:00 until 8:30 at the national motorcycle museum in anamosa. a dubuque group is hoping to start a conversation about religious acceptance. some members say they are tired of the negative perceptions of some religions.
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one dubuque group is hoping to educate people on different religions. children of abraham is a group facilitating talks to try to build peace among people who might have formed a negative opinion about certain religions. those talks will take place after public screenings of a movie about the holy land of jerusalem at the national mississippi river museum in dubuque. kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann has more about the group's mission. the movie jerusalem 3-d is playing on a daily basis here at the national mississippi river museum. it's purpose is to ignite conversations between people of several religions. here in dubuque there's an inter faith organization that's been doing just that, for
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several years. it's sounds like a joke. a jew, a christian and a muslim, walk into this case it was a coffee shop. about five years ago, temple beth -el vice president, alan garfield helped start an interfaith organization called the children of abraham. the group is made up of people living in dubuque who are muslim, jewish and christian. he says, each month, the group discusses religion, ideology, and their way of life. they do not discuss the politics associated with their religions. the movie, jerusalem, produced by national geographic, follows the lives of three young women, of three different faiths, who all live in jerusalem. garfield says similar to the local group, the film focuses on the real people of each faith, not the religious leaders. "we rarely have official leaders of any religious group talk at our children of abraham, because we are interested to know what people think. what does this christian think? what does this jewish person or this muslim think. and you know what they end up sound very
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too surprising. " the museum will host the screening and discussions on december 1 & 3 from 7-9 pm in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. the weather is postponing tomorrow's high school football championship games. but today, m-m-c and don bosco took the field for the eight man championship game. scott will have all the highlights, coming up. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. there is always a first snow of
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this one will be a strong one. as area of low pressure moves across the rockies east through northern missouri before taking a more northeasterly track toward detroit. this puts eastern iowa in a prime position to receive heavy snows. tonight and friday morning we remain dry. in fact the snow will not really pick up until after nightfall. as it looks right now, when you
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expect to see 4-6" of snow on the ground with the potential for higher amounts. travel will be impacted friday evening through the midday hours of our saturday. stay with kcrg for the most complete coverage of our pending winter storm. tonight: mostly clear low: 22-28 winds: w 5-15tomorrow: pm snow likely high: 36-42 winds: var 5-15tomorrow night:
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low: 23-29 winds: ne 15-25saturday: am snow, windy, cold high: 28 - low: 26 sunday: mostly sunny high: 27 - low: 8 monday: partly cloudy high: 37 - low: 19 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 41 - low: 23 wednesday: mostly cloudy high: 44 - low: 28 thursday: chance of showers high: 45 - low: 35
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up next tonight, two local high school teams chased state football titles today at the uni-dome. and will the weather look like this saturday at kinnick and could that be an advantage for the hawkeyes.. scott has that story.
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becaustate championship football games from tomorrow to monday. so regina will kick it off monday at 11:06 am.. followed by mount vernon and
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kennedy and dowling will cap off the day at 7:06. at this point their will be no live television broadcast of the games monday. they did play y oday and josh has highlights from 8 man and class a. let's start in class a, gladbrook-reinbeck is making its 2nd straight appearance in the title game taking on akron- wesesfieldfirst drive for the rebels, the toss to eric stoakes, he cuts it back up the field... and he is gone... stoakes will take it 79 yards for a touchdown to give gladbrook an early 7-0 lead the big plays were just drive, jake schuman keeps it on the read-option... he breaks one tackle and runs it in for a 32-yard touchdown... glabrook goes up 14-0 schuman wasn't done... on the next drive, the quarterback sweep to the right and he makes it look easy... this is a 45-yard touchdown run... gladbrook takes a 21-0 lead and we're still in the first quarter the rebels would get an interception... schuman would connect with erick knaack for the 14-
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yard touchdown... gladbrook wins the title, 52-20. erick stoakes set a new class a title record with 282 rushing yards, plus four touccdowns "it was all the line and the defense. everybody came together and finished the game. it was to say." "we don't talk about championships, we really things the right way all the time. and i told the kids after the game, now we can talk about championships . we can say we're the best." in the 8-man title game, undefeated don bosco taking on undefeated marcus-meriden- cleghorn fast forward to the 3rd quarter, don bosco trails by 29, but they fight back... brandon bagby pumps and hits joel sweeney in stride for the 43-yard touchdown... dons still down 43-22 4th quarter, bagby floats it up to spencer bruess who makes a spectacular catch... the dons trail 50-36 but their defense had trouble stopping the ben specht - jacob spieler combo... spieler caught 5 touchdowns, specht threw for 7... both are title game records... mmc back on top 57-36 don bosco still fights back... bagby with a perfect strike to caleb rigdon... the dons cut the deficit to five, but mmc hangs to win 57-52 "we fell down way too
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early. but our kids fought back, it was all about fighting back. we played 48 minutes, and i told our kids that after the game. it was all about that." josh christensen, tv9 sports i am not trying to scare you but this was the scene back in 91 for the hawkeyes famous snow game against minnesota to clinch a rose bowl bid with the danan hughes snow angel. they are expecting snow and freezing temperatures saturday at kinnick for the purdue game.. to me that is advantage iowa with their power running game. it is supposed to windy and cold so that is a good running day right? yea both teams are going to ve to play in that environment will be ready to do whatever it takes. but you like to run the ball when it is cold and windy and what not both teams are going to have to play in it so we can't make any excuses for anything. vtr :21 oc: "excuses for anything " thanks scott. now here's a look at today's top web stories on kcrg dot com. stay with your 24-hour
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news source, kcrg t-v nine. anani stepped insidid a classroom
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i stepped inside a classroom today to see how teaching and learning has changed. a day in the life of a teacher- tonight on the
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kcrg-tv9 news at ten. we're taking nominations for our nine who care awards. each year, t tv nine and our show you care sponsors honor nine outstanding eastern iowa volunteers. but we need you to nominate some deserving people. to do that, just go to kcrg dot com slash care. nominations are due by december first. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t joe winters for your final forecast. there is always a first snow of the season and this one will be a strong one. as area of low pressure moves across the rockies east through northern missouri before taking a more northeasterly track toward detroit. this puts eastern iowa in a prime position to receive heavy snows. tonight and friday morning we remain dry. in fact the snow will not really pick up until after nightfall. as it looks right now, when you wake up
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to see 4- i've invented a science joke, would you like to hear it? sure.
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