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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  November 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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friday.. the full sto later in sports. yet this also came amid the battle to get alllf these fans in and out of kinnick amid the winter storm... tv-9's brady smith reports. snow and biting win weren't enough to stop hardcoe hawkeye fans from cheering on their ttam saturday 1:04-:08 "i've been here rain, snow, sunshine, heat, cold, all of it." but setup for this home game was a little more treacherous than previous ones this season. thad chamberlain had to drive on icy roads to get his breakfast burrrto buffet assembled in time for tailgaters. 1:15-:21 "last night, i watched three cars sliding down the hills we came in. two of/them hit each other, luckily i got around them."the severallinches of snow forced john bobst to come in and clear out his spot. 4:55-:00 "made sure i brought a shovel this morning to dig out, made sure the cider's hot and ready to go."but it provided plenty of fun for younger fans. 3:44-:53 "one of the big positives about all of this snow, is that there's plenty of it piled up in the parking lot for some sledding and some snowball fights. not your typical tailgate activities."at least not this early in the season.
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faculty member anna jensen and about 20 of her students spent the earlyy morninn hours getting walkways and aisles inside kinnick ready for fans. 7:40-:51 "we were here early this morning, shoveling, and doing that sort of thing. it was really fun, dark, windy and cold, but a realy unique experience to get to do that."again, the cold...not a problem. 7:25-:27 "ah, we're iowwns. get througug it." of coursrs, that all depends on who you ask. 9:13-:17 "can you tell how you feel about the weather today?" in iowa city... ..."not good?" ...brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. meterologist chris havely is in with the first alert forecast -- for once, a saturday when we talk where it's really active... now that the snow has moved out, it has left us with a thick blanket of generally 6 or more inches of snow cover across eastern iowa. that snow cover will act as an icebox and bring our temperatures down into the single digits overnight, witsome spots possily going below 0. a chilly start tomorrow will yield o highs in t te mid
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and upper 20s tomorrow under plenty of sunshine. moving into the workweek, a warming trend will ensue, melting our snow cover and bringing rain by mid-week. we'll have to watch out for some flooding concerns in areas with this deepest snow cov. tonight: clear & cold low: -1-5 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 1 dbq: 2 iow: 3tomorrow: mostly s snny high: 25531 windsds sw 5-10 aloo26 dbq: 26 iow: 29 back to you. today, tow trucks were out in full force to rescue cars stranded in lasd night's snow storm. kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy is live near interstate 380. sarah, you've seen several cars in ditches today? chris, many y ars were stucuc overnight until linn county lifted its tow ban just before noon today. that's mant a busy day for tow
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i followed one operator from darrah's towing and recovery named joe snow. he says he's been up since abgut four o'clock this morning working in areas without a tow ban. and he's lost count of how maa vehicles he's pulled out. but many included vehicles on the side of interstate 380. several drivers i spoke with say the heavy, wet snow last night caused them to lose control of their vehicles. one driver called police to pick him up because those tow trucks weren't able to get out and help overnight. tow truck operators will be out overnight, pulling out vehicles. hey say the most helpful thing drivers can do now is watch for flashing lights and give tow vehicles enough clearance to safely do their job. live in cedar rapids, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. amid the large republican field - still with at least a dozen candidates, florida senator marco rubio has sen some the most consistent growowh in recent iowa polling.
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rubio is criss- crossing eastern iowa today, including this appearance at the hotel at kirkwood in cedar rapids this afternoon. over the last 30 days, senator rubio has moved up into the double-digits in polling of iowa republicans for the upcoming caucuses.. anywhere from 10% percent all the way up to 18%. in front of a cowd of about 200, rubio offered familiar talkinn points, especially on the nation's debt ceiling. " the cause of our debt crisis in the long term is the way social security and medicare are structured for future generationswe just don't have enough people paying in anymore. because we didn't have as many children, whatever it may be. these programs were designed when ere were 16 workers for every retiree. we are down to 3 to 1. soon, it will be 2." former hewlett- packard c-e-o carly fiorina is scheduled to appear tonight in dike at the grundy county republicans' reagan dinne. fiorina caught some momentum after the initial republican presidential debates in august and september but her polling in recent weeks had been in the mid-single digits. this commercial building that
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hours in waterloo is a total loss. the waterloo cedar falls courier reorts the fire start at con-trol container systems on the 1600 block f grandview avenue around 5:30 last night. firefighters battled wind and snow on top of the flames last night. con-trol used the 9,000 square foow facility to weld togeththr metal storaae racks. the state fire marshal's office is investigating the cause. one price to notice amid all of the ads filling our mailboxes for next friday. under two dollars for gas. b bck friday ssles may never extend to gas stations but this could be a welcome sigh amid thanksgiving travel and holiday shopping. gas prices under two dollars in some pockets on the west side of cedar rapids. the des ines register repors the price o gas in iowa is down about 70 cents a a allon fromm this timim last year. it was the upset of the year in college basketball today in cedar falls. we laugd... we cried... we watched it all on 9.2 as uni beats north carolina... extended
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holiday dinnerss- and a chchce fofo people to renew their desire to serve other people... but for those who showed up at central church of christ at lunchtime, the feast didn't have to wait until next week. the cedar rapids church wellmed in more than 60 people for a meal and to give thanks... for free. if people couldn't make it, church members delivered boxes of food to their homes. they also told us theyyere surprised
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the snow might've even brought in more people. "what f somebody's homeless, what if somebody's cold? t leaa they have an opportunity for this one day to come and have a warm place and a hot meal...and so it's worth digging the snow out." this is the church's 24th year hosting the event. meterologist chris havely returns with what we'll xpect in the first alert forecastt. chris? stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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iowa. that snow cover will act as an icebox and bring our temperatures down into the single digits overnight, with some spots possibly going below 0. a chilly start tomorrow will yield to highs in the mid and upper 20s tomorrow under plenty of suushine. movinn into the workweek, a warming trend will enkue, melting our snow cover and bringing rain by mid-week.
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flooding concerns in areas with this deepest snow coer. tonight: clear & cold low: -1-5 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 1 dbq: 2 iow: 3tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 25-31 iow: 29tomorrow night: partty cloudy low: 4-20 winds: wsw 5-11alo: 16 dbq:
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partly cloudy high: 37 - low: 17 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 41 - low: 23 wednesday: chance of showers high: 44 - low: 28 thursday: showers likely high: 47 - low: 35 friday: chance of showers high: 40 - low: 37 saturday: mostly cloudy high: 36 - low: 25 thanks chris. josh joins us now, lots of
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there was a major brewing in cdar falls. northern iowa men's basketball with a game to remember against number one ranked north carolina. we'll also have highlights of the hawkeyes next. say with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. ... a lot waa on the line today
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against purdue. a big ten west title, a berth to the big ten title game and a chance to go 11-0. scott saville has the highilghts. 3 hours before kickoff it was the frozen tundra of kinnick stadium but thanks to some quick efficient work it was in great shape by game time. the sun came out as fans
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said good bye to 21 seniors cluding drew ott who came out in. street clothh. the iowa offense was clicking on all cylanders cj beathard hits senior tight end henry krager coble for big yardage. and that set up leshun daniels with the two yard touchdown run. the iowa d started off hot too. parker hease with the sack. and another daniels td run from 13 yards out made it a 14-nothing game. and that had them celebrating with snow balls. and more d a big hit by jordan lomax forces the fumble and knocks out startig pudue qb david blououh.. i just saw an opening and came up and made the hit you destroyed him and desmond recovered. and that set up beathard to matt vandeberg 7 yards for the 20-nothing second quarter leaa but purdue dddn't go down easily this hit on beathard took
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knocked the wind out of the iowa offense. purdue cut the lead to 20-10at the break on/this field goal. and after boilers made it a 7 point game in the third the iowa offense gained a second wind. cj hits a wide open george kittle over the middle and he races 35 for the score and a 27-13lead. to wait for the safety to clear once he bit i went. and it was a big day for the iowa krager for the cocosins. i had never scored a touchdown in kinnick stadium to do it in my final game was awesome. and another senior capped off the scoring jordan canzeri bust one 42 yards for the touccdown. rdan with a special sennr day d 95 yards rushing. it won't hit me until i leave the gates this was my final game
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stadium the hawkeyes were jumping for joy after the 40-20 win to go to 11-0. they held a private trophy celebration in the lockeroom after the game it was was really exciting to play our final game at kinnick and do this. it was surreal to do what was2 crazyeverybody got emotional the players and coaches. according to the players it got pretty eeotional in thh the lockeroom during the trophy celebratiion with coach ferentz tearing up. but even more important than the trophy they have a date in the big 10 title game in`indianapolis.`scott saville tv 9 sports. ... the uni men's basketball
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beating number one ranked teams. the panthers did it back in 2010 against kansass and were looking to upset number one rankee north carolina today. ... sold out crowd at the mcleod center... linn-mar grad marcus paige dressed, but did not play today for the tar heels ... 1st half action, cedar rappds washington grad wes washpun drives and says get out of my way... left-handed jam... panthers trail by 5 ... 2 seconds left before halftime... washpun launches it beyond half- court... cha-ching... nothing but nene.. washpun had 21... uni trailed 41-32 at the break ... the tar heels had a 14-point lead early in the 2nd... but the panthers make a 20-4 run... jesperson knocks down he trey... then washpun kicks it out to iowa city west grad jeremy morgan in the corner... panthers down by 4 ... 2 minutes left... tieat 63... linn-mar grad matt bohahaon buries the three at the top of the key to put uni up by 3 ... closing seconds, tar heels going for the tie...
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joel berry misses the three... north carolina gets the offensive boarb... but jeremy morgan comes up with t te steal to seal the deal... uni i psets number one nooth carolina 71-67 "i got to the locker room and just sat there, looked at wes and said how crazy s this? ? he way itt happened, it's just hard to put into words. being down 16 and then coach calling a timeout and and tell ourselves tat we're going to win this game. to tell yourselves that and do it is a a retty cool situation." "the last 10 minutes, we couldn't have asked any more from our guys. and when that happens and the score's in your favor, that feeling will never ever get old." "kind of got into a rhythm there. i was taking it to the riri and thennfinding guys on the outside. it just felt good." "we're really excited for what this team is capable of as we showed today. we're just going to learn from this and try and keep this thing going." trt: 43 oc: going"
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... the cyclones offense was on fire in the first t alf... joel l lnning hits a wide open trever ryen for the 21-yard touchdown... cyclones go up 7-0 ... 2nd quarter... iowa state up 14-7... joel lanning steps up and fires a laser to allen lazard... he fifihts off a deffnder, 30- yard touchdown... cyclones up 21-7 ... k-state returned the kickoff for a touchdown... but the clones respond... mike warren busts through the left side... and he is gone... 76-yard touchdown untouched... warree finished with 195 rushing yards... iowa state leads 28-14 ... final seconds of the first half, lanning throws it in the corner to lazard... he gains control, keeps the left foot down for his 2nd touchdown of the game... cyclones led 35-14 at halftime ... but kansas state came back in the 2nd half... in the final minute, the wildcats scored 10 points off two iowa state ttrnovers... kansas state comes back to win 38-35
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brusssls for u-s mililtary personnel. alert level following last friday's deadly attacks in paris france. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chris havely for your fininl recast. now that the snow has moved out, it has left us with a thick blanket of generally 6 or more inches
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of snow cover across eastern iowa. that snow cover will act as an icebox and bring our temperatures down into the single digits overeright, with some spotsspossibly ggng bellw 0. a chilly start tomorrow will yield to highs in the mid and upper 20s tomorrow under plenty of sunshine. moving into the workweek, a warming trend will ensue, melting our snow cover and bringing rain by mid-week. we'll have to watch out for some flooding concerns in areas with this deepest snow cover. thanks s hris. thanksksfor joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6.
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(b(bh gasping) having a little trouble catching your breath there? no, no, i'm good. if my p.e. teachers had told me this is what i was training for, i would have tried a lot harder. (laughing) "do or do not. there is no try."
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