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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 23, 2015 3:05am-4:00am CST

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so, what aspect of filming snowboarding do you really enjoy? i think my favorite part is just the team camaraderie aspect of it all, like just getting in the truck and driving to the snowiest place that's nearby and setting up shop for a week or two and just trying to get as many clips as possible. that was one of the coolest parts about it, being able to pick your crew, and also being in the pool with all these other riders is really a privilege and an honor. i think that's really, really cool that, to a rider, how important a filmer can be, and how important that filmer can be to the success, because when the boys are throwing it on the line, you got to nail it. when you take the role of being a judge, and you watch all the videos submitted by your peers, what are you going to look for? yeah, the winner has to have it all. like, to combine the riding, filming, editing. what i'm looking for in a part is obviously something well-rounded.
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but just something that gives you -- like, for me, if i see a shot and it gives me goose bumps, that's like i know i got the feeling from that part. i look for, like, did anyone move the needle of pro snowboarding, you know, higher? i mean, we all like riding pow and having fun and bouncing around on the mountains, but there's also a level of duty of like, are you evolving the sport? thank you for telling us the stories that went on behind the scenes and giving us some idea of what you guys look for to get inspired from videos. but ultimately, we're here to figure out who is gonna be the real snow backcountry champion. so let's go watch the videos again and let's get back together and vote and let's determine who's gonna win this thing, all right? yeah! i like this intro. wait, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. we got to go full-screen here. just, all of it's such amazing snowboarding. totally. snow looks so good.
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it's always interesting seeing what gigi chooses to ride. mm-hmm. that shot's sick. -the cuts are sick. -perfect filming. this is probably my favorite -- watching him plow through these spines is unreal. i got my lineup, but it's hard. it's a tough, tough decision. -yeah. -but i think i got it, as well. here we go. what am i gonna do here? got to go with the heart here. i like rider voting, but i hate being a part of it. well, we gathered all the votes. so, without further ado, the filmer and the rider who are going to take home
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the bronze medal for 2015 x games real snow backcountry are... let's get flo eckhardt and gigi ruf up here. yeah, boys! and the duo who earned a silver medal in 2015 x games real snow are... justin hare and kazuhiro kokubo. -yeah! -whoo! bridges: all right. but we still have the most coveted piece of metal. who's it gonna be? -temperature's rising over here. -all right. 2015 x games real snow gold medalist goes to... kurt heine and john jackson. -yeah! -no way. what? how much money did you give them? put it on. put it over the dreads. are you serious? let me put one on you. did not see that coming.
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thanks, guys. too much fun. hey, congratulations. amazing. super stuff to work with you, man. -that was good. -yeah, me too. -thank you. -that was a shocker, huh? that -- yeah. did not see that coming. everybody rode great. i can't believe we won, man. a good combo, a good team. it's good we paid those guys off. look at this. look at this. -how much did you pay them? -no.
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tt0w!tz'h3! %4@-hi4 tt0w!tz'h3! el@-bnx tt0w!tz'h3! ed@-dl< tt0w!tz'h3% )8h-$2@ tt0w!tz'h3% kzh-9]< tt0w!tz'h3% n-h-l40 tt0w!tz'h3% 0ph-rs( tt0w!tz'h3% s"h-b!h tt0w!tz'h3% ueh-ac8 tt0w!tz'h3% 7hh-]al >> also ahead, stuck for months in vacation paradise. unable to go home. the heartache for a couple ordered by police to stay at a resort. >> later buying meat from a vending machine. who came up with this idea? and could it cut into business at a traditional meat counter? that is after a look at our forecast map and the big chill that is hitting the country, 47 in big sky country. >> 76 in miami. that's the place to go. >> that's where we need to be. >> "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.ou by colonial penn life insurance. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance
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lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apply at a one, a two, a three percent cash back we've been changing things up with k-y love. oh yeah. it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in places we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like... dare to feel more with new k-y love. that would be former congresswoman gabby giffords continuing her remarkable recovery from gunshot wounds five years ago. giffords along with her husband
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40-mile charity bike ride over the weekend in arizona. last year giffords did only an 11 mile portion of the event but then she started training for longer periods of time. >> i think gabby's in good shape to do this. she's been training a lot. so she's pretty much ready to go. this is a great event. >> and gifford's later tweeted goal achieved. one word to sum it all up. >> you said only 11 miles? that's very impressive. >> only 11 miles last year but she upped it by going 40. >> that's tremendous. >> she said it was awesome. >> well, a dream vacation has turned into a nightmare for an oregon couple because of a fatal auto accident. >> the man isn't allowed to return to the u.s. for at least six months while the case makes its way through the courts. abc's ron claiborne with the story. >> reporter: an oregon couple trapped in paradise. >> i just want to go home to my girls. >> john eckman and his girlfriend lori breeden went on what was supposed to be a long relaxing trip to the dominican republic three weeks ago.
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five weeks. this incident happened a week after we were here. >> reporter: but now they say a judge there will not let eckman leave the country ordering him to stay the next six months because they were involved in a deadly car accident. >> my heart is broken because i love this place so much. and i love these people. >> reporter: the couple says they were driving a rental car late at night down a busy freeway when they hit a motorcycle laying in the middle of the street. >> i had no time to react. we were both in shock. this man was laying there. >> reporter: the driver of the motorcycle was also in the street but they did not hit them they say and they believe he was already dead. the aftermath captured on video by a passerby, making local news headlines in the dominican republic. >> the few people that were on site were talking about that he had been hit by a truck. >> eckman and brieden say they pulled off to the side of the road immediately.
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but when police arrived they arrested eckman. >> i didn't know what was going to happen to john. i was terrified. >> stripped of his american passport, the u.s. embassy unable to help, john says he is free on bail. but for now according to dominican police, he cannot leave his hotel for the next six months. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> saga that will be ongoing. coming up, a teacher's inspiring message for students. >> and what he says to each of them individually that will bring a smile to your face. you're watching "world news now."
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this from our abc stations.tt2watz'@>4 bt@qv?x tt2watz'@>4 "a@qf3< tt2watz'@>4 bm@qm80 tt4watz'@>4 " dztq g[< tt4watz'@>4 " entq 7_\ tt4watz'@>4 " gzt& .x$ tt4watz'@>4 " hnt& >vh tt4watz'@>4 " iztq t?0 tt4watz'@>4 " jntq fop tt4watz'@>4 " lzt& ^", teach your children well their father's hell will slowly go by >> crosby stills and nash. >> you like that. >> i am told. yes. >> in classrooms around the country, the school day almost always starts with some sort of routine. >> for many kids it may not always be exciting or inspiring for that matter, but in one very special florida classroom, that is certainly not the case. here's byron pits with the true power of a morning message. >> i am here with all my friends. we've been in the same special education classroom for three years. >> this is chris ullmer, special education teacher whose unique teaching style is going viral. >> you're awesome, great, you're fun. you're silly, you're fast,
3:18 am
you're strong. thank you for being a great student. >> he starts his classes with klimts. -- compliments. >> i think everyone in here loves you. >> yes. >> great job. >> i think it's important that they learn how to be kind to one another. so i model that and whatever they see me do, that becomes their reality. >> and his kindness curriculum has grown outside of the classroom. >> seven months ago, i started a blog called special books by special kids. and the reason we started that was so that the children in my class who have a variety of different conditions are now able to communicate with the world. my goal is to help people step inside the minds of these children because i think that their minds are some of the most pure i've ever seen. >> i love you, too. you're a great student. >> you're the best teacher. >> byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> what a sweet story. he says they speak the language of respect and understanding and
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that's what's made a difference in his classroom. >> it's cut through to many of his students i guess. >> uh-huh. made a big difference. and this story is a great reminder how teachers have changed our lives for the better. we want to hear from you. how has a teacher changed your life? >> share with us on facebook at and twitter or instagram or good old fashioned e-mail or snail mail. let us know. you'll get a mug. us know. you'll get a mug. approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in.
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3:23 am
season at the moment, one butcher in the pacific northwest figured out a way to keep up with their busy clientele, even after they're closed. >> we won't judge you meat eaters. get this meat vending machines. komo's alisa jaffe has the story. >> did you try the beef jerky? would you like to? >> reporter: candy store for the carnivore, that's how the owners of owens meats describe their butcher shop that's remain in the family for more than 100 years. >> started with our great grandpa morgan in about 1827. >> reporter: doug and don owens knew one day the store would be theirs. the meat shop struggled in the depression during the 30s and recession in the '80s. >> $24.5 please. >> reporter: business has exploded the past few years to sometimes 600 customers a day. that's good and bad. >> when i come in here after hours to get a steak for myself, i have to sneak into the backdoor and i have to kind of
3:24 am
>> reporter: otherwise he says he would be serving customers peering in his windows all night. this summer he had a brainstorm to satisfy after hour meat lovers. >> while i was hiding behind the counter it kind of hit me we need a vending machine out front. >> reporter: just swipe the card and select the meat. you can get five yards of pepperoni and summer sausage. >> i think it's a great idea. makes me hungry. >> reporter: customers say they've never seen anything like it. >> i thought it was movies or candy or something. i can't believe that it was beef jerky. >> reporter: the brothers have big dreams for owen's meat machines. >> we've got ten machines that will be out around the state within the next week, and within the next few months or a year after that, we're hoping to have anywhere from 100 to 200 or 300 machines. >> there we go. >> reporter: that's one way to bring home the bacon. >> $25. thank you. have a good day. >> elise sass jaffe, komo news. >> what do you think? >> both of us are like pescetarian. it's an interesting concept for
3:25 am
to go there for my meat. i'm not sure where i'd go for my meat. >> they should expand and maybe do a cheese shop by a vending machine. good cheeses are hard to find after hours.
3:26 am
>> that's very 1% of you. this morning on "world news now," nation on edge. >> the terror watch from coast to coast from flights diverted to sporting events threatened. first responders in the homeland taking no chances before the holiday after brutal attacks overseas. terror manhunt. the intense investigation in belgium. police putting brussels on lockdown while looking for the paris attackers. the tension as the workweek begins.
3:27 am
>> extreme weather. the heavy snowstorm hitting the of the country before thanksgiving. now temperatures take a nose dive and accuweather is tracking it all. and later, the american music awards. celine dion's tribute to paris. the make-out session seen by millions and winners take home the awards. an unforgettable evening. it is monday, november 23rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you on this monday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. what a night it was last night flow. >> it was an amazing american music awards all three hours playing out there. it started out with a dance medley from j. lo and ended with a medley by justin bieber in the rain and you know, besides the rain, celine deon tears. >> it was really moving her tribute in french. we're going to begin with the terror watch this morning in
3:28 am
thanksgiving. >> worries over potential paris copycat attacks have authorities across the country on high alert drilling first responders particularly here in new york city. we're going to start our coverage with abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: americans on edge, heading into some of the busiest travel days of the year. this southwest airlines plane diverted, officials say, because three passengers were behaving suspiciously. >> when someone says you're making an emergency landing, of course, you're going to be kind of nervous. >> reporter: the flight headed to los angeles. those passengers causing concern taken off the plane and questioned and later allowed to re-board a different flight. in atlanta, law enforcement saying they received information about a threat against a professional wrestling event, but the fbi said it had no specific or credible information about any such attack, adding it takes all threats seriously. >> the goal of a terrorist attack is to injure and kill as many people as possible. terrorist groups are always looking for those targets that
3:29 am
are softer, that have lots of people, but are difficult to secure. >> reporter: in new york city, hundreds of emergency responders taking part in an exercise. a terrorist in a suicide vest now added to the scenario in response to those paris attacks. president obama vowing that fear of being targeted by terrorists will not become the new normal. >> they can't beat us on the battlefield, so they try to terrorize us into being afraid. as president, i will not let that happen. >> reporter: here at laguardia airport and many other airports around the country, security fears mean travelers will see a much heavier police presence for weeks and probably months to come. ron claiborne, abc news, at laguardia airport in new york city. the center of europe's terror crisis under its highest terror alert. for a third day, brussels is on lockdown. subways are shuttered,
3:30 am
police and soldiers guard the grand palace, the city's main central square in what belgian officials fear will be an imminent paris-sky 4 is mass casualty attack. the u.s. embassy is asking u.s. citizens to shelter in place. brussels is the home of a suspected eighth paris attacker. he still remains at large. belgian police arrested more than a dozen people in 22 raids yesterday as the hunt for salah abdeslam continues. >> reporter: walk down brussels, the metro closed. >> it's not normal. you know? >> reporter: belgian officials say they'll maintain this highest level of alert, a response to what is police believe is a serious imminent threat of attacks targeting malls and public transport. >> we need to have support from the belgian army so everything is secure here in brussels. >> reporter: amidst this lockdown, the manhunt growing
3:31 am
for escaped paris killer salah abdeslam. authorities say the 26-year-old terrorist went to belgium following the attack and a lawyer for his driving companions claims he was possibly wearing a suicide belt. back in paris, the memorials still growing as we learn new chilling details of the nightmare inside the bataclan concert hall. the lead singer of the american band playing there that night in upcoming interview with vice news. >> several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket. >> reporter: this picture of another accused terrorist, one of the men they say passed through greece before detonating a suicide vest outside this stadium. president obama again vowed to put an end to isis. >> we do not succumb to fear. >> marci gonzales, abc news, paris.
3:32 am
what might have been behind the deadly deadly terror attack in the hotel in the african nation of mali. it was an apparent attempt to derail the peace process between the central government and separatist groups in the northern part of the country. those peace negotiations have been dragging on for more than two years. state department contractor terry kemp was one of around 20 americans at the hotel. >> they never looked. they were shooting. the shells were hitting me. they never looked. i don't know why. >> there was one american among the 19 victims of the attack. anita datar. she was a public health worker and former peace corps volunteer from maryland and a mother to a 7-year-old son. back at home and to breaking news from new orleans where at least 16 people have been hurt after two groups opened fire on each other. police say the shooting happened when hundreds of people gathered at a playground for an impromptu music video shoot. officers were on their way to break it up when the gunfire erupted. they suspect it might be gang
3:33 am
>> funeral services set for the young black man shot dead in minneapolis. the killing of jamar clark a week ago has set off a series of protests. witnesses claim the he was handcuffed at the time. a charge the police department strongly denies. investigators from the justice department expected to start looking into the case. now to the extreme weather and the coldest temperatures since last spring for the midwest and east overnight. the midwest has already had its first snowfall of the season put impact on transportation in other parts of the country. with more, here's phillip mena. >> reporter: an early season snowstorm is giving midwesterners an early taste of winter before they've even tasted thanksgiving turkey. were you prepared for so much snow? >> it's a bit of a shock coming from the warm weather we had. so no, not really. >> reporter: parts of illinois are getting some of their biggest november snow totals on record. even big rigs couldn't muscle their way off the slick roads. >> i would stay off the roads.
3:34 am
they're really bad. slippery, icy. >> reporter: ice made driving a risky business. >> i don't think i've gone faster than 15 miles an hour all day. >> i've seen people in ditches. >> reporter: streets and highways were littered with auto wrecks as howling winds and heavy snow joined forces to drive down visibility to near zero. travel by air also a slow go. more than 1,000 flights canceled at chicago airport. 900 stranded passengers spent the night on cots at o'hare airport. 900 stranded passengers spent the night on cots at o'hare airport. some suburbs getting as much as 16 inches of snow. chicago's snowiest november in more than 100 years. the weight of snow and ice too much for trees and power lines. >> the power line just went right into the street. it was crazy. >> reporter: the deep freeze has dug in across the midwest for now. but forecasters say the region will defrost in time for thanksgiving. phillip mena, abc news, barrington, illinois. >> i'm a florida girl. i can't drive in that type of snow.
3:35 am
snow. stay that way. >> i know. mother nature should be locked up and put in jail because the deep freeze he mentioned is chilling the northeast and southeast. we don't want to go below 50 degrees here. >> hang in the next four months. accu-weather meteorologist cam tran has our forecast. good morning, cam. >> good morning, reena and kendis. brr, it is going to be down right chilly across the northeast. this trough will bring a surge of colder air across the northeast. highs today mainly in the upper 30s. some spots will hit the mid 40s. that's it. those temperatures will be 10 degrees below where they should be for this time of year. that surge of colder air will dip down as far as the lower mississippi as well as the we have freeze warnings in effect till houston stretching as far as east as montgomery, alabama. back to you. >> brr is right. thanks, cam. the snow wasn't a problem for some residents of madison, wisconsin.
3:36 am
two of the newest residents rolled around in the snow, putting on a show for visitors. >> apparently the first time they saw snow in their new home. the 3-year-old twins came to madison from st. paul, so they're no strangers to snow. if they had come from florida, they wouldn't have the same feeling. > they'll get used to that coming this winter. coming up "the mix," a scene going viral. a boy trying to sing the national anthem with the hiccups. also ahead, the american music awards. one direction's big moment on stage and j. lo, boy did she have many moments as emcee. we're sharing the big highlights. first, the medical student called a hero for a very selfless act. how his bravery could have cost his life. and do join us on facebook. share your opinions. we love hearing from you and also on twitter@abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my d @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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blaming it on a candle. officials say that's what started this fire on the 50th floor of the john hancock sky scraper in downtown chicago. five people including a police officer suffered minor injuries. it was contained to a single bedroom. but the flames saluting out of the window surprised many holiday shoppers below. surprisingly, big john does not have a sprinkler system. well, a med school student is in critical condition this morning after confronting a gunman when he saw a woman in trouble.
3:41 am
the shooter after the terrifying encounter captured on camera. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: authorities are searching for this man, 21-year-old euric cain accused of kidnapping a woman and trying to kill the good samaritan who tried to save her. >> we know who you are, and you need to know that we are going to find you. surveillance video captured the woman walking alone in new orleans at nearly 4:00 a.m. friday morning. a hooded man approaches, dragging her away. the woman disappears from frame. she is alone with her alleged attacker when peter gold who is a fourth-year medical student at tulane university, drives by scene. gold brakes, backs up and gets out to help. his hands up, gold pleads with the man, who has a gun on him and is demanding cash. the aspiring doctor is shot in the stomach. >> perp is a black male, grey hoodie. >> reporter: the suspect tries to shoot gold repeatedly, aiming at his head, but he fails and takes off in this suv.
3:42 am
an anonymous bystander saw it all. >> i saw the guy with the gun shoot the guy in the stomach. i saw him stand over him and attempt to shoot him. >> reporter: the woman gold saved got away and is recovering. in a statement to abc news gold's family thanks everyone for their continued concern saying peter's condition is improving. a friend and classmate describes him as a great guy who "always has your back." apparently true, whether he knows you or not, gloria riviera, abc news, washington. what bravery. >> absolutely. it's not clear if the gun jammed or not. very fortunate in that case. man. >> and tulane university is contributing $10,000 to help find any information on that suspect. coming up in our next half-hour, a form navy s.e.a.l.'s new mission. over 18 miles up. his record setting wing suit jump almost carbon wrong and his fellow heroes he's jumping for. first, the flashy
3:43 am
dance moves from music's biggest star. our must-see moments from last night's american music awards. that's up next on "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:44 am
"world news now" conti [ [ singing in french ] oh boy, hands down the most powerful moment from last night's american music awards. celine dion with an emotional tribute to the victims of the paris attack. hardly a dry eye in the house. >> take a look there. dion who is french canadian sang a rendition of edith piaf's hymn. beautiful images of paris shone brightly behind her amid all the fun had at the award show. it was easily the most memorable
3:45 am
year's amas. >> incredibly touching, really was. >> yeah. the evening filled with plenty of others. the evening filled with plenty others. where do we start? how about the host, j. lo is a good place to start kicking things off with a killer medley of this years areas hottest songs. >> like a fly girl. >> back to the '80s. >> this went on for quite a bit. j. lo do all of the medleys of songs with her flag girl moves. >> she was fantastic. >> and nikki was impressed. those weren't the only moves. megan trainer and charlie puth had quite the moment after performing the song "marvin gaye" together they put on the moves on each other. marvin gaye let's get it on. >> okay. >> oh. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my god. what were they serving backstage? >> what's going on? >> wow. >> are they together?
3:46 am
>> i would think they were together. >> get a room already, people. >> a source close to trainor tells "people" magazine the two are just friends. >> they're definitely together. >> yes. and i need friends like that. and friendly is something people are not calling nicki minaj during the ceremony. >> nikki seemed to be annoyed at different points in the evening even though she had wins for favorite rap artist and favorite rap album. during one of her performance speeches, she seemed anxious to get off stage. >> thank to you universal records, cash money and young money. thank you. >> you know what? there's a lot of pressure. maybe she was just -- she forgot somebody. i give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. some people are staying she rolled her eyes and stormed off stage similar to getting annoyed with miley cyrus at the mtv video awards. >> there's a lot of the
3:47 am
make sure the girls are not -- all tucked in and not coming in. >> that is an engineering feat to make sure all of that is all that is together. the emit -- epitome of good manners, as always, the four lads from one direction. they took home the biggest award of the evening. artist of the year. the second year they won the top prize. >> they took home the award for favorite duo or group in the pop rock category. >> good for them. considering it's the last time they'll win an award. >> you love them. and justin bieber, dancing in the rain. >> this is quite cool. he did a medley. yeah, this is justin kind of doing a medley of all of his hits. quite a comeback for jb over the last year. >> is he getting wet in this or is it just -- computer generated? >> i think he got pretty soaked in it, but he still performed during it. and there was controversy over the weekend on whether or not he's back with selena gomez. there were photos of them. but that's still like controversial.
3:48 am
>> we don't. by the way, the awards are still going on in l.a. do we have a shot on what's going on on stage? that's still happening? > this is a live abc camera. >> they're still on stage. >> wow. >> getting it on. >> i like how you get the backstage camera well after the amas are over. you are a man with connections. >> might be some raunchy stuff. we'll check in with them. >> "the mix" up next.stuff. we'll check in with them. >> "the mix" up next. well, things in the bedroom have always been pretty good. yeah, no complaints. we've always had a lot of fun, but i wanted to try something new. and i'm into that. so we're using k-y love. it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both of our sensations. right, i mean, for both of us, just... yeah, it just takes all those awesome feelings you usually feel and it just makes them... rawr...
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today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. yeah, click and now it's time for "the mix." we'll talk about determination. a young kid 7 years old sings the australian national anthem. >> yes. >> except he does it with hiccups. take a listen. rejoice [ hiccup ] >> he didn't let the hiccups
3:52 am
stop him. quarter of a million hits watching this boy. >> he nailed it. you could see some of the players laughing a little bit, chuckling. bravo to him. >> he didn't walk off the field. well done. >> he did it. congrats to him. all right. so a little bit of sports. another hiccup this one on the field during the packers and the vikings game. take a look at who delays the game. a little rocky going for it right there. >> are they trying to put him in a bag? >> he's going for the gatorade. joe buck with the man beard. >> great pad level. >> great extension. >> did he get away? >> 3-0. green bay on top. covering it all.
3:53 am
there for us. he -- he didn't get away. they did finally nab him. but it did create a little bit of a delay. by the way, the packers finally needed that streak of luck as they won the game finally. >> you credit the squirrel? >> the squirrel, yes, yes. >> okay. remember when we did a segway, the guys on segways to justin bieber's song "what do you mean"? there's a woman who may have topped them from from north korea. look at her on a long board dancing and and dancing pretty gracefully. can you do that? keep the board going while dancing. she can do this on concrete. she makes it look so insanely easy. >> she's in the north, right? >> north korea. >> some film we get from the north. finally, they're loosening things up up there, very nice of her to do that. finally, this is perfectly
3:54 am
for you. your pumpkin has arrived. this is a pumpkin pie desert created by a photographer. it is pretty cool. it features italian meringue and also a nice crust. we found somebody who would love
3:55 am
whoa, yeah tonight will not be as cold as last night, but still on
3:56 am
keep our temperatures from falling quickly for the first half of the night, before westerly winds take over late. our workweek will consist of a grdual warm-up, starting off with highs near freezing on monday and likely in the 50s by thursday. with this resurgence of warm air overtop a snow pack, dense fog making news in america this morning -- terror threats. a holiday week kicking off with increased security. americans on alert after the paris attack. the capital of one country virtually shut down. breaking overnight. a break in the case of a murdered pastor's wife. the new dekales just coming in.
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