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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 28, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CST

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head. >> the suspect shooting people down inside that clinic, officers wounded trying to protect the public. >> we're taking fire. got two hits. >> the hero who gave his life to and two others also killed. some managing to escape the chaos. the tense standoff sending nearby stores into lockdown on busy black friday. >> there's some guy shooting. >> did you see him? >> yeah. >> new this morning a woman trapped inside that clinic recounting her ordeal to "gma." >> he didn't have any feelings. he was -- there was no remorse on what he was doing. >> more than 100 officers on the scene pressuring the gunman to surrender. >> the perpetrator is in custody. >> was planned parenthood really his target? team coverage of this unfolding story starts now. hey, good morning. let's get right to that dramatic moment. the man accused of attacking a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs taken into
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custody. his name is robert lewis dear, he is 57 years old and police say he is behind a day of terror in an idyllic american city. >> here's what we know. the siege lasted more than five hours. 115 officers rushed to the scene and in the end, 9 people were injured and 3 people were killed including a police officer who "the new york times" reports this morning was also the co-pastor of his church. >> abc's clayton sandell was right there as the siege ended and he joins us from the scene this morning. clayton, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. you can see police and investigators have been on the scene overnight. the office is just up the street and they say it could take them days to process the massive crime scene here and perhaps even longer to understand why it happened. >> cspd has an active shooter. 3480 centennial boulevard. >> reporter: police get the first 911 calls at 11:38 a.m. >> holy cow.
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>> reporter: an active shooter inside the planned parenthood building armed with a rifle. outside ozy licano just dropped off friends when the gunman aimed at him. >> he looked directly at my face and he was aiming for my head. i could see it in his eyes. >> reporter: he was cut by flying glass but the bullets missed. >> we're taking fire. got two hit. >> reporter: police officers coming to help were shot. one, 44-year-old garrett swasey, a married father of two, did not survive. this morning a procession escorting the fallen officer from the scene. >> the suspect has fired upon our officers inside the building. >> reporter: around 115 officers joined by federal agents from the atf and fbi swarm in. the scene erupting into a gun battle. nearby shoppers and businesses under lockdown. >> for all i knew, someone was coming our way. so that was really scary while i
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moment of my life. >> reporter: starting at 2:00 p.m., officers begin using through walls rescuing people trapped inside. >> our officers acted with untold valor to make sure that individuals were safely taken out of the planned parenthood building. >> reporter: finally at 4:52 p.m., the suspect, who sources say is 57-year-old robert dear, up. >> the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him, and at that point they were able to get him to surrender. >> reporter: more than five hours after it began -- >> the perpetrator is in custody. >> reporter: -- three people are dead. >> we mourn the loss of the two civilian victims. we mourn the loss of a very brave police officer. >> reporter: nine other people, four civilians and five more police officers, were wounded all now in good condition. overnight planned parenthood
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grateful for their heroism. >> this was a terrible, terrible tragedy. it could have been much worse but for the actions of the first responders particularly the police officers. >> reporter: the gunman told him he acted alone but he didn't say why or if he particularly targeted the planned parenthood offices. he has his first court appearance monday, paula. >> and the motive of the shooter does remain a mystery, thank you. we want to turn to ketanya craion. she was in an exam room when the shooting started and ketanya, thanks for joining us. when you knew there was an active gunman. what did you do? >> well, when they had mentioned -- they didn't mention it. all i heard was screaming and people saying to get down. when i looked out the window is when i had actually scene the gunman just shooting randomly.
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in the back and find cover. i ran back, tried to open a few doors. some of them were locked, and i was able to get in where there was actually two other victims that didn't know that there was a gunman. one was actually a nurse, and she was about to release the other girl to go back to the lobby because she was done with her with the services there that they were doing, and she had let her -- she was going to let her go out into the lobby, and when i came in, they weren't aware of anything until they heard the gun shots and me identify that there was an actual gunman on the site. >> so you go into an exam room and you barricade yourself in for the next five, six hours. >> yes, we -- on our particular door we didn't have a lock, so what we did was we ended up pushing the exam, you know, bed, pushed it up against the door and we all three sat in front of the door for about at least five hours. >> you said you saw the gunman
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through a window. can you describe his demeanor to us? >> i did. his demeanor was -- he didn't have any feelings. he was -- there was no remorse on what he was doing. when i saw him shooting the gun, it looked like he was talking to himself as he was shooting. as i mentioned earlier, it looked like he was playing it calm like this is something that he does on a regular -- i don't know if he goes hunting but i mean he was comfortable with the gun, but you could tell that he was unstable when he was just randomly shooting. i personally don't know if he was shooting directly at people, but i did see him shoot about three to four times. >> you said that he seemed unstable. was he making any demands? was anyone trying to negotiate with him at that point? >> you know, from where i saw him, because i was like right before the -- or right after the lobby. from what i could see was him walking in front of the actual
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premises of planned parenthood and from there wasn't like he was directing his gunshots at planned parenthood. but it looks like maybe there was someone outside that he was trying to aim at before he actually entered in the planned parenthood. >> i'm sure once the ordeal was over just an immense amount of relief on your part, correct? >> yeah, absolutely, absolutely. i mean, once the whole ordeal was over, i mean, it felt so surreal. at one point we were all in the room barricaded, and that's when the armored truck had came through. i want to say it was either before or after the armored trukc had came through. we actually heard gunshots going off in the actual planned parenthood, and from there you could see the gunsmoke, a bullet did go through our wall with the gunsmoke, so, definitely. >> you survived such a harrowing ordeal. i'm sure you feel an immense amount of gratitude for being one of the lucky few to survive
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and, ketanya, we do want to say thank you for joins us this morning. >> thank you for having me. thank you for having me, paula. thank you. >> a lovely young woman, and i can't imagine going through something like that for five hours. >> absolutely. bullet coming through the wall. we'll give you another window into this crisis now. during that more than five-hour siege during which s.w.a.t. team members repeatedly exchanged fire with the gunman played out on riveting radio transmissions captured by take a listen now. >> we just took fire through the window and forward. >> we can see the suspect on camera. looks like he's almost waiting so just use caution. >> he's coming out. he's got the ak. he's looking around and he's got the gun in the low ready position. >> which way is he walking? >> he's coming back towards our view towards the desk long trench coat, real stocky build, gun down by his waist in a ready position. >> we're sure he's in the hallway.
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we're going to shoot through the door. >> is he alone? >> hit high. >> just was told it's clear. >> suspect is coming out. coming out with his hands up. >> he's standing up. he's standing up. >> can you advise he has his hands clear? >> now he's walking towards the hallway. >> we have eyes on him and he is coming towards the front of the business. >> we have one suspect detained right now. news consultant brad garrett, a former special agent with the brad, good morning. i've got to ask you how rare is it for a suspect in an active shooter situation like this to voluntarily surrender? >> it's quite unusual, dan. as we experienced in paris and other places where islamic extremists have taken over and have a hostage barricade situation, they're going to die at the scene one way or another. the small window you have with maybe this type of shooter is either remorse, or he just finished what he started, and it was time to end it, and he chose
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not to die. >> after colorado springs and after, of course, what happened in paris two weeks ago, a lot of people can't help but wonder what should we do if we find ourselves in an active shooter situation? is it as simple as just calling 911 and waiting for the police to show up? >> no, you have to take care of yourself. if you can run, run. if you can't do that, as this person you just had on described, hide. secrete yourself someplace, shut the lights off, shut your phones off or put them on silent and wait. but make sure you continue to listen because you may have to change your location. the last thing is you have to fight, which means anything that you have, a pen, a pocketknife, anything you can go at this person because you now -- this is the last resort. there is re nothing else to do. he's going to shoot you so you go at him. if you can get other people to go with you, that is extremely important, in fact, that's one of the teaching tools today in schools is everyone at mass start throwing stuff at the
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shooter and go at him. >> great advice. hopefully none of us has to use it. brad garrett, we appreciate your guidance on a saturday morning, thank you. paula, over to you. >> and, you know, planned parenthood has been the subject of so much controversy. if the clinic was intentionally targeted by the gunman, it would be the latest in a string of attacks on its facilities that goes back decades. abc's devin dwyer is at the white house with more on the history of violence against the health care provider. hi, devin. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we don't know whether planned parenthood or its employees were direct targets in this shooting rampage, but the group and law enforcement have been on heightened alert for acts of violence as planned parenthood remains front and center in the political spotlight. from the debate stage -- >> ongoing criminal ebbitt price. >> reporter: -- to the campaign trail -- >> the barbaric practices of planned parenthood. >> reporter: -- planned parenthood's a high-profile political target. after the shooting at its clinic in colorado springs, new fears about security during what the group calls a poisonous environment that feeds domestic
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terrorism. this planned parenthood clinic in indiana was trashed by an intruder with an ax while last month in california, another was victim of arson. in a statement overnight the group says it has strong security measures in place, works closely with law enforcement agencies and has a very strong safety record. authorities have been on heightened alert after controversial undercover videos by anti-abortion activists appear to show planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of fetal tissue. planned parenthood denies the videos show any wrongdoing but house republicans launched an investigation. >> why do you need federal dollars? you're making a ton of dough. >> reporter: and some republican presidential candidates want congress to end all planned parenthood's taxpayer funding. after the incident in colorado, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders tweeted, we stand with planned parenthood. the group insists no taxpayer money goes to abortions and most of its work supports basic services for women's health. >> what doctors and clinicians
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care to women in this country is already pretty incredible. the safety and the health of our patients and the women that we provide care to is essential. >> reporter: so far, little comment from the 2016 republican contenders on that shooting in colorado after several days off the campaign trail. many of the candidates back on the road today and could have a chance to weigh in. dan and paula. >> all right, devin. thank you. there is other news on this saturday morning and for that we get it over to cecilia vega who is in for ron this morning. you're leading with some black friday protests. >> good morning. that's right, dan. we begin with hundreds of protesters taking to the streets during the height of black friday shopping in demonstrations against police violence. in seattle four people arrested and an officer injured during a black lives matter protest. hundreds of demonstrators also packed a mall in portland and chicago. and in chicago protesters marching through the city's main shopping district demanding an independent and federal investigation following the release of that police video
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teenager laquan mcdonald. and what is becoming an all too common frightening moment in the skies, a virgin america flight headed to new york's jfk airport was disrupted by yet another green laser incident. pilots aboard virgin america flight 24 from san francisco reported the laser during their the flight did land safely. the faa and nypd are now investigating. and in chicago, an arrest in the brutal killing of 9-year-old an alley and shot execution style. 27-year-old cory morgan has been charged with first degree murder. investigators say the boy was lured from a park earlier this gang retaliation aimed at tyshawn's father. chicago police vowing to, quote, destroy both gangs involved. they are now following several tips to find another suspect who remains at large. and more proof of just how dangerous it can be to pull over
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on the side of a highway. take a look at this. wow, one car coming just mere inches from crashing into two people who got out of their car after a crash. they're just there standing on the side of the road. you can see that speeding car also careening into a police cruiser before finally coming to a stop. that driver of the car was arrested. luckily no one was seriously injured. >> and some good news. it's beginning to look a lot like -- yeah, you know what it looks like. the holiday season is kicking off. first lady michelle obama with help of first dogs there, sonny and bo, welcoming this year's christmas tree to the white house brought in by a horse-drawn carriage. it stands more than 18 feet tall and a fraser fir grown in pennsylvania and will grace the blue room during the holidays. and speaking of the holidays so we all worry about big credit card bills this time of year, i do. i know that. but take a look at this woman's bank statement. angela quong
7:16 am
from honolulu says -- had her glasses on because she could not believe what she was seeing. her outstanding balance, $1.4 trillion, that is two separate charges of $710 billion and some change but who is counting when it's that big. she wasn't alone. take a look at this. george white logged on and saw a $710 billion balance too. that is billion with a "b," he said, quote, my wife is going to kill me. the first hawaiian bank said it was a glitch. customers were only affected for a short time. thankfully it wasn't reported to the credit bureau. can you imagine, paula? that looks like your shoe bill, right? >> no, you know me, i'm very frugal when it comes to my shoes. >> we talk about this. >> what would you even buy with that amount of money? >> oh, like you don't know. >> can you imagine? honey, our credit card bill is in this month, $710 billion. >> difficult conversation, yes, that's when you run. that's why you need good shoes for said running. we turn now to a major
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americans head home for the holiday, millions of them will be dealing with some dicey conditions as you can see right there's a major storm causing real trouble across the central part of the country including ice, heavy rain and flash flooding and abc's ryan good morning to you. to you. surprise, surprise, it is i want to show you something. i know it looks like we have a nice, beautiful lake here in downtown dallas. the trinity river running adjacent to downtown. a lot of problems here and not just in texas. a deadly mix of ice, snow and rising waters this morning spanning from texas into the southern plains. floodwaters killing at least four across north texas. all motorists trapped in their cars. among them, 29-year-old benjamin floyd. his vehicle seen here swept f the road by raging floodwaters while he drove to work.
7:18 am
>> he told 911 that and then they lost contact with him. >> reporter: at this texas farm, rescuers managed to save several goats and horses. >> so the horses were up neck deep in water. >> reporter: in the texas panhandle, it's not water but ice causing travel trouble. kansas, unmanageable for many drivers. this truck waiting to be towed after veering off the road but not before taking out a lamppost. more than 25,000 power outages as icy temperatures bear down on the midwest. and you don't have to just believe me about all of this rain, it's actually official. as of yesterday, dallas broke the all-time record for the most rain in a single year and, paula and dan, it is not even december yet here. >> well, at least it's rain and not snow, right?
7:19 am
dallas are going to resonate with that cold comfort, but, thank you, we appreciate it. >> that's true. we're dealing with salt and storm, aren't you, rob? >> i am, almost five feet of >> that's a lot of rain. >> so shoveling that in the form of snow would be a nightmare. no doubt about that but just north -- you saw those pictures out of wichita. in some spots 0.3 to 0.4 inches of ice. lightening up there. this wave along this front is on the move and will spread the rainfall across a wide area of the u.s. getting eventually into the mid-atlantic but the ice is going to be a problem here i think for the next several hours. ice storm warnings still in effect for northern texas through oklahoma and in some spots could see another quarter to a half inch and right now we've got 25,000 people without power in the oklahoma city area. mostly west of there is where we'll see the ice accumulate and tonight and really tomorrow, we'll see temperatures finally get above the freezing park and that will help things. the rainfall will continue, 2 to 3 inches from shreveport, louisiana, through memphis and
7:20 am
could see some spots will get over 3 inches of rainfall and some will get to the northeast. for the most part cloudy and on thanks to high pressure that is sitting to our west. temperatures will be very similar to yesterday, maybe a few degrees warmer thanks to some sunshine. highs will top out in the upper 30s. winds today will be tame compared to yesterday, out of the north at 5 to 10 mph. the rest of your weekend looks to hold with great weather. monday, however is a different story. a low pressure system will be moving our direction bringing rain and a wintry mix. for now, enjoy the weekend and have safe travels. >> and, of course, it is rivalry weekend for college football. a lot of big games that will have some playoff implications. we'll talk about the weather -- >> you think? >> yeah. >> just a couple. >> the game for your michigan. >> i know. get them into a -- >> ohio state. i'm nervous actually.
7:21 am
okay, so anyway -- >> cecilia, sara and i have nothing to add on this. >> right there. coming up here on "gma," are the black friday mobs a thing of the past? how our shifting shopping habits are impacting the holiday retail season. also ahead, something unforgettable happens at walt disney world. a military family surprise thanks to the neighbors who helped them on this holiday weekend. a fabulous story from rob coming up. actress anne hathaway is preparing for the role of a lifetime. we'll tell you what it is in "pop news." >> also a role you're preparing for. >> possibly. "good morning america" is
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spectacular disney surprise. keep it right here for the big reveal. family next door and their
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reveal.the majority of us will see more sunshine today all thanks to high pressure that is sitting to our west. temperatures will be very similar to yesterday, maybe a few degrees warmer thanks to some sunshine. highs will top out in the upper 30s. winds today will be tame compared to to 10 mph. the rest of your weekend looks to hold with great weather. monday, however is a different story. a low pressure system will be moving our direction bringing rain and a wintry mix. for now,
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welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. right now the gunman who allegedly attacked a planned parenthood in colorado springs is in custody this morning. three people including an officer were killed. nine others wounded in that attack.
7:29 am
>> also right now, suspicions swirling around an armored van heist outside a casino in detroit. a suspect who was allegedly dressed up as a security guard simply drove up alongside the van and made off with $500,000. nobody got hurt. there were no weapons and no threats made during this heist. and right now, this floating piece of debris is at the center of a mystery after washing up in the uk on friday. it's believed to be a part of a spacex booster rocket. spacex, however, has not confirmed that it belongs to the company. >> is that part of the millennium falcon that's missing maybe? >> bringing it right back to "star wars." >> full circle. because i know that gets your greek meter up, right? >> geek meter. >> not a hard thing to do just for the record. >> you're very 3r50e ductable. also coming up on the show this morning, we love this story, 7500 miles away defending our country but unable to help his own daughter, how next-door neighbors stepped in to help an air force lieutenant colonel and their amazing surprise. you got to believe this is
7:30 am
something unforgettable that happens at walt disney world and rob was right there for it. >> dr. marciano with the story. coming up. >> break out the kleenex. >> all right. >> we've got them ready. >> that kind of morning but first here could we be witnessing the beginning of the end of a holiday tradition? >> we're used to seeing scenes like this, the holiday shopping frenzy kicking into high gear the day after thanksgiving. but, you know, more and more savvy shoppers are apparently ditching the crowds and letting their fingers do the shopping or just, you know, picking different days to do it rather. abc's nick watt is in porter ranch, california. hi, nick. >> reporter: one way to beat the crowds is to come to walmart crazy, crazy early like me, but, listen, black friday is going to regain its crown probably. regain its crown as the busiest shopping day of the year, but this year it has felt just a little less crazy. yep, they're fighting over tvs in texas. we're not saying black friday
7:31 am
crazy is over. it's just getting, well -- >> i think it's actually a little more mellow. >> reporter: more mellow partly because stores like macy's are opening earlier thanksgiving day evening. that's called black friday creep. this guy in oregon didn't get the mellow memo jumping over produce to get to the video games. did you get in any fights? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> why? you're not supposed to get into fights. >> reporter: also more mellow because we're buying a lot more online, spending $822 million in just the first 11 hours for midnight thursday. >> you still have online growing fast. it's estimated to grow anywhere from 6% to 8% this year. >> let's not forget there is a little black friday backlash led by outdoor sporting goods store rei closing its stores on black friday. >> we'd rather be in the mountains than in the aisles. >> reporter: and we're spreading out our gluttonous consumption shopping over the entire weekend.
7:32 am
>> more discounts avaluable earlier most certainly. >> reporter: today is small business saturday encouraging consumers to shop local giving major retailers a run for their money. still around 135 million of us will shop this long weekend. >> we've done it one time where we camped out and stuff. it was fun, but i don't really want to do it again. >> reporter: truth is you don't really need to do it because this year for the first time a lot of retailers are matching their in-store deals online so no need to stand in line to try and beat those crowds and don't forget cyber monday actually doesn't start on monday. at walmart it now starts 6:00 p.m. sunday night. paula and dan, plenty of time to buy gifts for those little kids. >> you know, basically we should start this in august. the direction we're heading in. >> by the way, nick, dan admitted he's not buying anything for his child this year so there's that quite. said. he's not 1 yet. >> something will be bought. i probably won't have much to do with it. that's basically what i was driving at
7:33 am
>> i didn't hear that part. >> yet again. selective hearing. thank you, appreciate it and rob marciano, one of your most important roles on this show is to save me when i get into trouble so, sir. >> let's talk snow and get you in the spirit for the holidays and certainly to get out and do shopping. this is the central and southern sierras. we've got some snow accumulated in there. off to a great start this year, keep it coming. we definitely need that snow and doing very well so far. here comes the cold air all the way down into socal. temperatures feeling like they're in the 20s in some spots. freeze watches outside of san diego. look at these numbers certainly cold enough to make snow or hold on to what is there right now. so, a chili start chilly start and most all the ski resorts out west are open for this holiday weekend. one, this is kind of the back half of the current storm that's going to swing through the plains and once we clear the first storm, this will bring some snow, i think, through the dakotas in through parts of michigan or minnesota, i should say and the pink will get up into parts of wisconsin for an icy mix. icy right now in oklahoma city
7:34 am
tonight, and this one, not many times that rival weekend has playoff implications. this game does. ou at the cowboys. we'll see what happens there. light rain but temperatures should be above freezing. that is the majority of us will see more sunshine today all thanks to high pressure that is sitting to our west. temperatures will be very similar to yesterday, maybe a few degrees warmer thanks to some sunshine. highs will top out in the upper 30s. winds today will be tame compared to >> this weather report brought to you by carmax. for the sports report, we have michigan/ohio state. the mississippi games and notre dame at stanford all going to be great ones. >> big sports day. i know what i'll be doing all day, absolutely. >> yep, me too. >> watching the sports. >> sit there and watch those sports. >> probably not. coming up on "gma," the family that stepped up to help their next-door neighbors in their hour of need and rob was right there as they got the surprise of their lives with a
7:35 am
meanwhile, sara, what's popping on periscope? >> well, we always tell everyone you can get more behind the scenes or just behind the scenes action, period, if you click into our periscopes and today we'll ambush cecilia a little bit. >> oh. >> the new girl but not really the new girl and i've always ambushed dan harris. >> it's hazing. >> it is hazing. i told her everyone has to dance. >> write a passage. >> all right, we'll be back with more "gma" and cecilia is dancing. >> yeah. yeah. to the car that just survived hours of reconditioning... sorry, we know that was a bit... invasive. but, if we didn't hoist you up in the air and poke around a little, we wouldn't be carmax. we expect a lot from our cars and we need to make sure that you'll make the grade. you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice. oh just relax. it's gonna be a long time
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big disney world surprise this morning for a family who helped their neighbors in an hour of need. >> we've been talking about this story all morning long. rob joins us with this wonderful touching, heartwarming story. they're gone. >> i cry at all disney movies so this one was no different. granted. well, this next story highlights it's a military family, and they went into all sorts of crisis appreciation when they recently shared an unforgettable and disney world. lieutenant colonel jack spencer is a judge advocate general or
7:38 am
lawyer for the air force, and in 2011 the lieutenant colonel volunteered to go to afghanistan. that meant leaving his wife mindy and their two daughters behind in oklahoma when jack shipped overseas. >> you do prepare yourself that you don't prepare for something happening at home that you need your service member back for. >> reporter: but that is exactly what happened. the spencers' older daughter emily, 9 at the time, had been in an accident in texas when an all-terrain vehicle she was riding in flipped over crushing her foot. >> as details start coming in, we find out that emily is in pretty serious trouble. >> reporter: jack was 7500 miles away. >> she showed up at our front door in a panic. >> reporter: amy and jeff campbell were more than just next-door neighbor, they had become close friends, and in a desperate time of need, they stepped in and stepped up. >> so, as we get to the hospital jeff picks up emily and carries her in. and they took care of everything
7:39 am
without question. it was just, we've got this. you take care of what's important to you. >> reporter: jack made it home and was able to see emily in the hospital. after visiting his daughter at the hospital, jack went home for a change of clothes, and that's when he saw his neighbor jeff for the first time. >> we pull in the driveway. and he's mowing the yard. jeff, you don't need to be doing this. and he's like, you got plenty of things to worry about. don't worry about this. >> any time they left we had a key to just go take care of things. just make sure it was right. >> there's nothing i could ever do to repay them. there's no way i could ever thank them. >> reporter: the spencers moved away to georgia but with the help of walt disney world, they sent a special thank you from across the country to their former neighbors and guardian angels. >> hello, campbell family, and greetings from the walt disney world resort in florida. mickey and i are inviting you and your family to walt disney world. we have some unforgettable moments planned for you. >> wow. >> that's sweet. >> that actually is a shock. >> reporter: at disney world the
7:40 am
campbells attended a show of "the festival of the lion king" and afterwards invited back to the theater for a special meet and greet with the guests. you're not having an incredible vacation at walt disney world? >> oh, yes. >> that's one of the reasons you're here, but really this is why you're here. and then an incredible surprise. >> oh! the circle the circle of life >> reporter: two families reunited. are you a little surprised? >> we are. >> i was crying this morning because i wanted them to be here so bad. >> reporter: after their emotional reunion, the families retreated to the conservation
7:41 am
feast was waiting, but first a message. as if the spencers hasn't endured enough, jack was in a serious car accident and couldn't make the trip. >> hey, jeff and amy, thanks again. sorry i couldn't be there to celebrate but i sent some special folks to celebrate with you. i hope you have a great time and look forward to seeing you soon. >> reporter: would he cry if he was here tonight? >> no. >> reporter: friendship and kindness reunited for good times and so incredibly thankful for what that friendship meant in a time of need. >> to good friends that are there when you need them. happy thanksgiving, everybody. salut. you guys are blessed. >> two incredibly warm, loving couples. i was honored to be there. there was not a dry eye in the house when those two families embraced. you know, i cry at that song as it is, let alone having had that experience going on. >> you're not a cavern of emotions. we leave the newscasts with attacks and shooters and destruction,
7:42 am
but let's let this be a reminder there's more good than evil. there are really great people and so much good in humanity. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> yeah. >> cheers to you. where is your mug? oh, sorry. anyway, next up, "gma" you're going to see adam sandler's all new hanukkah song. this is going to be good, isn't it, sara? >> yes, it is. dan may sing it. let's all give a love for hanukkah vice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno aveeno daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of active naturals oat and 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too! aveeno naturally beautiful results cyber monday is arriving at with 15% savings sitewide. expect a 100% chance of me doing no work on monday.
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uhm... santa? cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no...
7:45 am
time for "pop news." sara haines, what you got? >> rob, you should have told cecilia to welcome in "pop news" -- oh, there she is. >> i know what the song is. >> cutest drummer we've had ever. oscar winner anne hathaway is
7:46 am
being a mom. e! news is reporting that the actress is expect inging her first child. hathaway is said to be in her second trimester and very excited to embrace parenthood with her husband adam schulman so a big congratulations from all of us here at "good morning america" to the expectant parents. >> sleep now because your life will be over. >> i hate when people warn me of that. i can't make time wait and can't get enough naps in before it happens. it's all good. turkey day might be over but something i'm personally giving thanks for is a little known music video of tom hanks and dan aykroyd rapping. this song is called "city of crime" and the stars apparently recorded it in the '80s to help promote their film "dragnet." it costs big money if you ever have to hire a lawyer i need to inform you and my pleasure to warn you we'll provide one for you >> i think he should go back to rapping. i would watch -- his video emerged from the vault
7:47 am
this week when hanks appeared on a uk talk show. here's a fun fact. it was choreographed by paula abdul and tom hanks admitted he still knows all the lyrics. i feel like that's a party trick you can pull off, tom, go with it. and adele's made her fair share of headlines with her new record-breaking album but now the sultry singer has been upstaged just a tad at least for a little while by her bodyguard. he's getting a lot of attention lately and even earning his own fans. his name is keater vanderveen and he's no stranger to rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, once lady gaga's bodyguard. blowing up with comments like you guys need to remake the bodyguard with adele. lots of other things like hello! >> hello. >> is it me you're looking for? sorry. that was lionel richie. >> we are looking for you, sara. >> have you seen his bodyguard? hello. you might still be eating turkey leftovers but time to put on your yarmulke because here comes hanukkah. celebrations begin at sundown
7:48 am
sand ler is getting everyone in the mood as he always does with an updated version of his legendary hanukkah song. joseph gordon-levitt enjoys eating kugel so does stan lee, jake gyllenhaal and the two guys who founded google >> sand ler performs this new addition of his famous "snl" song in san diego and has since shared it on youtube where it's going viral. got to love adam sandler. >> absolutely. classic. >> nice update. >> very nice update. >> all right, sara, very, very nice "pop news." we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. >> a nice update. >> nice update. created with passion... by the lindt master chocolatiers. a hard outer shell with a smooth center. luscious... flowing... welcome... to the best time of your day. unwrap... unwind... experience the melt. only the lindor truffle.
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7:52 am
see you tomorrow. hey, good morning, ame morning update. meteoroloigst britley ritz is here with a quick check of your forecast. people packed stores all day at
7:53 am
mall for black friday deals. shoppers lined up outside the mall's front doors starting thanksgiving night. at 6 a-m, those doors finally opened. economists say nearly 60 percent of americans will do their holiday shopping between thanksgiving and sunday. the iowa hawkeyes defended their undefeated season yesterday against nebraska. defense played a big role in the win, as the hawkeyes picked off armstrong four times. defensive end parker hesse on the jordan canzeri in the second half. final score: 28-20. and just a reminder - i-s-u head football coach paul rhoads will coach his final game today. the university announced his firing last sunday, after the cyclones blew a lead and lost to kansas state. isu takes on west virginia mountaineers in morgantown at 11
7:54 am
a-m. those stories and much more are coming up in just a few minutes on the kcrg tv nine
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check out kcrg dot-three people - including a police officer - are dead, after a man opens fire at a
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