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tv   KCRG TV9 First News  ABC  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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clicking for savings. good monday morning! it's 430 on november 30th. here is a live look at . first, meteorologis t k o'mara has your first alert forecast, kaj... thanks kaj. safety or money. that's the
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behind why the cedar rapids traffic cameras are in place. the city has appealed a d- o-t decision to take down 2 sets and move 2 other sets of cameras on interstate 380. kcrg-tv9's brea love reports the city says the cameras help with safety,
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iowa is the only state in the nation with permanent speed cameras on the interstate. but gary hughes is suing to take them down. "it's unconstitutio nal. section six of the state constitution says all laws have to be applied equally. his main argument centers on enforcement . noting if a car has a bike rake or other object covering the license plate, that car would nototet a ticker. hughes says the cameras are more about money than safety. "i think it's a basic flaw in the premise is that the city believes that increasing citations wilchange driver behavior, and condition drivers to being more safe. i think the opposite has occurred." iowa dot director of traffic and safety steve gent admits the cameras can be extremely effective in getting drivers to slow down and pay attention. "that's really what we want. if drivers are alert and aware of what's going on they're
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"they can definitely help, its similar to putting up some kind of warning sigor device." when the cameras went up in 2010, the city got to make its own rules on enforcement. but gent says he immediately started getting complaints and that's when the d-oo asked the attorney y neral about setting rules for the cameras. "when we sat down and started talking about that, we saw we have a lot of responsibility. so we started the process of putting together guidelines, and ultimately they turned into administrative rules, those administrative rules essentially hold the same enforcement powers as iowa law." reviews to termine if a camera is effective at improving safety. the evaluation in february stated that the primary safety concern is the "s"s"urve on 3-80 i icedar rapids. it found two cameras were too close to a speed limit change and needed to move closer to the s- curve. the o others only hit drivers after they were past the needed to come down. "our evaluation said the cameras do show some safety benefit, however we really only
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need the cameras inbound as you approach the "s" curve." but the city says statistics prove otherwise. it's data shows 82- crashes around the s- curve two years before the camerarato just 59 crashes two years after the cameras went up. but the iowa d-o-t looked at a larger data set - giing back six years before the cameras and three years after and found a much different story "and at that location the tot number wf crashes was essentially the same on an annual b bis averaging about thirty two crashes per year in that stretch. so really nothing changed in the total number ofrashes." "based on our further evaluation, it's reallhard to say the cameras made a significant difference." we asked the both the city and police to commenenon the cameras but they declined because of the pending lawsuit. all of the revenue from the cameras goes to the police department's budget. accounting for 14-percent of the department's budget. gent says the d-o-t guidelines are meant to have an independent assessment of
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traffic cameras to make sure that money isn't the driving force behind themem"it's so criticicly important that the public believes that these cameras are about safety. its really about public trust in their own government." that was tv-9's brea love with tht story. the lawsuit@between the d-o-t and city will go to district court next spring. you must still pay all citations from these cameras throughout the court process. in a tv-9 follow-up this morning.. police are investigating a shooting that killed a man in downtown des momones. iiestigators say someone shot 21-year-old edmanuel perez and another man just after 1 a-m yesterday. that happened at 3rd street and court avenue. perez later died at a hospital. police have not released the condition of the other man and have not announced any arrests. the suspect in the shooting that killed 3 people at a planned parenthood in colorado
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court appearance today. police say 57-year-old robert lewis dear was shooting at people outside a planned parenthood in colorado springs on friday. jennifer markovsky and ke'arre marcell stewart and university of colorado police officer garrett swasey died. 9 others were injured during the shooting spree. law enforcement says dear admitted to havingng anti-abortionon views, but they have not determined a motive. eastern iowa islamiceaders are hoping to end negative stigmas about their faithth ttdo that, they spoke e th the community at the iowa city public library, yesterday. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders joins me at the desk this morning. forrest, these leaders from the mosque in iowa city are denouncing recent terrorism? that's right brady. the iowa city mosque imam says these terrorists have attacked islam. he explained how he feels to a crowd of people and answered their questions. imam molhim bilal explained the islamic faith and its
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purpose. he compared the definition beliefs of peace. recent violent acts islam. imam bilal says talking about the faith might surrounding it. to help fight these extremist groups. 5:08:41-52 "the number one way to fight them is not by dropping bombs on them, is not by killing them because once you kill them another group will come. the beststay to fight them is by knowledge. " imam bilal also said many of those who join groups like isis are young and do not know the true meaning of islam. he says they see injustice and make decisions not truly based on islam. imam bilal ended his speech with the statement, "the religion of islam and its followers of it, condemns and disassociates itself from every
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terrorist attack, and every terrorist." brady? thanks a lot forrest. republican presidential candidate donald trump continues to insist that "he was right that thousands of muslim-americans in new jersey" celebrated the september 11th attacks 14 years ago. in an interview on n-b-c's meet the press, trump said that he heard of celebrations after the terrorist attacks in jersey city and paterson. city leaders and law enforcement leaders in new jersey maintain the large-scale public celebrations never took place. republican presintial candidate john kasich is going to be talking to college students in eastern iowa today. the ohio governor will be speaking at coe college in cedar rapids at 10 this morning. a-c-t and the iowa association
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of independent colleges and universities put on this event. after that, kasich will head to ames to speak at iowa state university. texas senator ted cruz will be in coralville today for a 10 a-m town hall meeting at the kirkwood regional center at the university of iowa. he started a day of campaigning yesterday in central iowa at a worship service. uz then appeared tama at a casey's general store for "retail politicking". after that, cruz went to an event in van horne. in the most recent quinnipiac poll, cruz clinched second place among iowa voters. the stage is now set with two candidates running for iowa representative kig paulsen's seat. paulsen is the current speaker of theheowa house and announced he is not seeking re-election. former tv-9 morning anchor and reporter ashley hinson has announced she is running for his seat as the republican candidate. hinson says she w wts to lead the charge in working with all lawmakers on tough issues. her opponent is cedar rapids attorney mark
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seidl. he says his top priorities are to create good jobs by working with entrepreneurs and small businesses and expand leadership in renewable energy. today is cyber monday, another retail holiday that promises big deals for holiday shoppers. but today is more focused on online shopping. but today isn't the only day that shoppers chose to go online. for black friday, in- store sales fell more than a billion dollars from a year ago. but americans spent nearly 3 billion dollars online. that's up 14 percent over last year. and industry analysts predict we'll shell out even more today. shoppers say it's easier to buy online. "black friday isn't as attractive as it used to be.
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and smart phones rather than on foot, retailers are matching black friday deals online. the suspected shooter at the planned renthood in colorado spring will appear in court today, we're also learning more about the victims who died during the shooting. but right now, here's a look at today's opening farm markets. good morning!
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thanks kaj. plan on a wet day across eastern iowa. tememratures may yet stay cool enonoh for a light glaze of ice
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thanks kaj.
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the holidays. but there's still one more day leftftf shopping deals, so 95 percent of employees say they'll shop online at work. that's coming up in today's
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colorado springs planned parenthood linic makes his first court appearance. we're also learning more about the three people who died during the shooting. abc's megan hughes has details. while investigators process the snowy scene outside the colorado springs planned parenthood clinic--the victims' families process the liveslost. 29-year-old ke'arre stewart was
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vet. 21;49;06;38 he warned them his brother leyonte says outside the clinic and was among the first to be hit, ruruing back to tell others to take cover. he has some questions for the gunman. why? you didn't even know him?you sid no more body parts - my brother wasn't for abortion, he wasn't partrtipating in abortion my brother had nothing to do with your cause so why you know? that's all i want to know. markovsky was a mother of two. her father says she was at the clinic heheing a frfrnd and would help anyone in need. the third victim--police officer 44-year garrett swasey was also a pastor at his church. sot - scott dontanville / friend / "he would have gone into that clinic to serve those people because their lives matter." during the 5-hour siege at the planned paenhood clinicpeople scrambled for their lives as dear allegedly took aim at police-and everyone else. nats - scanner / he is sitting in a chair right behind that counter with an a-k. police say the alleged gunman-57 year old--robert dear made rambling, hostile comments about planned parenthood. dear was on the minds of
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circles throughout colorado this weekend. nats - pastor: "we forgive him. we can't not. garrett forgives him. reportrt tag: . dear is beinin held without bond-and expected to appear in court this afternoon. now for a quick check on your weather with meteorologist kaj o'mara.
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source, this is kcrg-tv9 news early morning news. a islamic leader in iowa city is hopingo break down negative stereotypes about his religion. he says it all starts with knowledge. tomorrow is the day to get in final votes for a few city runoff elections. in cedar falls, there's two names on the`ballot, but only one wants the office. heavy snow pushed back an event
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