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tv   KCRG TV9 Early Morning News  ABC  November 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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families seeking refuge in iowa to the waterloo community. good monday morning! it's 5 o'clock on november 30th. here is a live look at . first, meteorologis t kaj o'mara has your first alert forecast, kaj... plan on a wet day across eastern iowa. temperatures may yet stau cool enough for a light glaze of ice over our northwest third today thanks kaj.
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two people are dead and another is in the hospital this morning after a crash in lee county. one car was heading south in the northbound lanes near the 31-hundred block & of highway 27 around 9 o'clock last night. that's when it hit a car going north and two others crashed behind it. authorities have not released the names of the people
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with recent terrorist attacks from islamic extremist groupup many have misconception s about the religion of islam. so says an iowa city mosque leader who is reaching out to the community. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders is live in the newsroom thth morning. forrest, how did this leader reach out to the community? well brady, he held a forum yesterday afternoon at the iowa city pupuic library. there he spoke to people about the terrorists groups and how they do not represent his religion. imam molhim bilal explained the islamic faith and its purpose. he compared the definition of terrorism to the faith's beliefs of peace. that was to show that all of the recent violent acts are conmned and not a part of islam. imam bilal says talking about the faith might help end some of the fear surrounding it. he say the quran speaks about peace and nol killing ople. 5:10:11-5:10:26 "the reason why
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this lecture is that the media and the islamophobia has been increasing a lot in this country. and lots of people are scared of muslims. so we decided to do this to talk to tell people we ar ejust like you. " imam bilal says all muslims denounce these terrorists, and that they attacked the islam. islam is the third most practiced faith in america, according to a 2010 pew research survey. christian faith comes in first at 70.6%. jewish, second at 1.9%. muslim, point nine percent. in iowa, muslims account for 1 percent of the population. back to you brady. thanks a lot forrest. the university of chicago has cancelled all classes and activities on its hyde park campus today, after an online threat. the f-b-i says someone posted a threat of gun violence, specifically
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campus quad monday morning." the school is asking all non-medical faculty, students, and non-essentiti staff to not come to campus today. " i mean, i was surprised. but one becomes sort of used to this, unfortunately that it didn't sort of freak me out. i just thought 'oh, well. i guess i'll have to cancel office hours and whatever else i had planned " this is the last week of regular full-time classes at the school before finals. the suspect in the shooting that killd 3 people at a planned parenthood in colorado will make his first court appearance today. police say 57-year-old robert lewis dear was shooting at people outside a planned parenthood in colorado springs on friday. jennifer markovsky and ke'arre marcell stewart and university of colorado police officer garrett swasey died. 9 others were during the shooting spree. law enforcement says dear admitted to having anti-abortion views but they have not determined a motive. democratic presidential candidate hillary
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clinton slammed republicaca for their refusal to embrace what she called "common sense" gun control measures at a dinner in new hampshire last night. " this is truly unbelievable that after what we've seen in paris and other places, the republicans will not bring up a bill that will prohibit anyone on the no fly list from buying a gun in america. " clinton proposes comprehensive backgrgrnd checks and closing loopholes that let people on the terrorist watch list obtain guns. voters in waterloo will pick a new mayor and city council member in a runoff election tomorrow. councilman quentin hart and former mayor tim hurley are both running for the mayor's seat. one will replace mayor buck clark, who did not seek a 4th term. hart and hurley were the two highest vote-
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neither got the majority of votes cast, which prompted the runoff this s ek. voters in the e h ward will also determine their city council representative in a runoff. they'll choose between jerome amos jr. and chris schwartz. quentin hart currently represents the 4th ward. the outgoing mayor of cedar falls is endorsing his challenger in tomorrow's run-off election. on november third, mayor jon crews received 35 percent of the votes in a three man race. businessman jim brown received 45 percent of the votes. neither candidate got the necessary 50 percent to secure the position. after the election, crews announced plans to step down from the position, but his name will still be on the run-off ballot. crews sayseople should vote for brown on december first, ccling him an excellent candidate who will lead the city for years to come. iowa state didn't spend much time in hiring a new head football coach... the
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school announcededesterday that matt campbell will take paul rhoads' spot. campbell has served as the head coach at the university of toledo for the last four seasons, and made his name in 20-15 by guiding the rockets to wins at arkansas and at home against iowa state. tv-9's josh christensen will have details on campbell's hiring coming up in sports. because of the recent snow storm that hit eastern iowa, the family volunteer day for a national day of service was postponed until this saturday. i ithis morning's show you care spotlight, we look at how this day aims to help people new to waterloo. " 9:05 some of these are packs that we've done in the past... " all of the work that went into fafaily volunteer day in the cedar valley is pushed back two weeks -- but with a renewed push for volunteers to show up here, on east 4th street this upcoming saturday, december 5... from 9 to 11:30. " in some way, shape or form, we've been doing something for
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with this national day of service..." this "day" was back on november 21 but lauren finke of the cedar valley volunteer center is hoping that more people - more families - will take a few hours. especially to help the newest residents of waterloo and cedar falls. in recent years, we've follow the emerging population of those of burmese descent -- escaping religious prosecution in asia and, amid the journey from their homelands, settling here in eastereriowa. at least 1,20000 people of this heritage now call black hawk county home. "we thought this was the best way to start bridging that gap and to start with some of the newcomers that are joining the cedar valley community because, maybe they dopn't know a lot about service and what it looks like here in america and this is just a good way to make that happen." these are pictures of some of the previous family volunteer day events in the cedar valley -- held at orange elementary school and providing the opportunity for "family time" - a conutructive manner. finke said, for saturday's event, help from m e waterloo community school district plays a role. " they help us translate our fliers... " so that the families who may
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generatioio can share what theyey can with the families who have lived here for maybe just a few months. with thanksgiving over and done with, the holiday season is full swing. that also means hundreds of thousands of deer hunters are eagerly waiting for their favorite time of year. plan on a wet day across eastern
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may yet stay cool enough for a light glaze of ice
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thanks kaj. with thanksgiving in the books,
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hundred thousand iowans are aniously awaiting a new holiday of sorts -- the gun-deer seas. the iowa departmtmt of natural resources estimates that 125 thousand hunters will head to the outdoors for the first of iowa's two shotgun deer seasons -- which opens next saturday, december 5th. the d-n-r is also stressing the importance of extra safety precautions. wear orange and make sure everyone taking part in the hunt are communicating . in 20-14, the d-n-r reports 14 incidents from the gun deer seasons -- 2 people were injured and there were 12 cases of property damage. this year was one of the biggest productiti years for iowa farmers. in today's agribusiness report, david geiger takes us a through a year with one farmer in carlisle. and here's a look at today's
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opening farm markets. good morning! it's ---.
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report, idavid geiger. this year turned out to be one of the biggest production years for iowa ever. but like every year, there were highs and lows for farmers. in carlisle, david geiger with the agribusiness report followed farmer corey goodhue from planting to harvest. march 17 goodhue says, "you spend all your money and you have no idea what you'll raise with the weather. . cause at the end of the day, weather's really what drives your productivity. we try and drive, especially nitrogen, because soil's a horrible place to store nitrogen. so that starts with what we do pre-plant. this machine that's behind us, we use to apply our nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. so we have nitrogen from ammonia, and we use as small amount
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with nserve. you never want to put all your nitrogen in one spot at one time. just too much risk." april 15 goodhue says, "managing that weather risk this time of year is important. buteah, it's that balance betweeeegetting the most t owing degree units, and not planting too early that you lose it. right now conditions are gorgeous, but it's been all over the board. i would say this is an early spring, the conditions look real good. so, it can go both ways. you never know what next week will brg for weather." june 29 goodhue says, "in a two day spanwe got, four inches of rain, but t eryone upstream of us, we were seeing reports of anywhere from six to eight inches. and that just all has to come downstrea all this water is bottlenecked by redrock. so, redrock has to protect ottumwa and everyone downstream. well, i think the worst thing is when you have a field of corn that's six, seven foot tall. we'll probably lose it becae the water won't be off of it in time. and so, we have a tremendous investment
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already here. you know, we've basically put all of our money into it and now most of the crop wont make it. it's like a small business that opens, and has all the inventory and it never sells and they can't get rid of the inventory." august 11 goodhue says, "the beans behind us were probably planted the 20th of july. right now we need to cover the ground as a method of weed control. you know, a crop is your least expensive wee control as well as the hope thth you'll raise something. the cost of putting in this late crop is usually pretty low. it makes a season drag on, you know like today we worked on getting the stuff ready for harvest, but now we'r'rout trying to spray six-inch tall beans that were planted a few weeks ago." september 30 goodhue says, "we've had an awesome august and july for growing late planted beans. very consistent rainfall, even through september we've had real nice, consistent
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it's late rains that make late soybeans. and the original planted beans, the ones that made ititjust barely made it, and so their yield was significantly impacted by that water damage. but anywhere where the beans are ripe, we want to get them because you'll see them dry down and shatter and hopefully the late-planted beans will make it, even the first of november before we harvest them." vember 2 goodhue says, "we got all of our normal planted crops harvested now. well, it was kind of nice to see a gamble pay off. you know, we originally were looking just for a cheap ground cover. i've been really impressed with the ground that didn't flood. with the yield we saw there. if this crop comes in as big as it has in iowa, will respond pretty negatively, and that'd be a big challenge. howowan you mmket a crop at a loss? so, that's a big concern as we look at this last year and into next year." about six hundred acres of the goodhue farm
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season beans they planted were harvested. thanks for joining us here and i hope you had a great thanksgiving. for the agribusiness report, i'm david geiger. trt 4.02 oc for the agribusiness report, i'm david geiger. swiping right on a dating app ant more than a love&connection for one florida woman. ow tinder helped save her life and exexnd her family for the holidays.
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plan on a wet day across eastern iowa. temperatures mama yet stay cool enonoh for a light glaze of ice
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a tampa woman who desperately
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kidney found a match through an unexpected way -- an online dating site. marisela burgos explains how the strangers - turned family - now want to help others. there are many thanksgiving blessings tonight inside the bragen house. "i didn't realize how sick i felt until after, um, i woke up and um and they put her r dney in me and it was just like i felt like my old self again."erika bragen left the hospital today after surgery in time to celebrate the holiday with her loved ones and a woman whose now a part of that. "i'm so thankful for my family of course and my friends, um, i think my kids are thankful that i hopefully will be back to normal".erika suffers from polycystic kidnenedisease. she found her kidney match, jennifer thomas, thanks to her friend, swiping right on tinder. "i feel l ike i have a front row seat to s sh just an amazing miracle" a miracle that's turned into a
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special friendship. "i hope that they'll keep me 'cause i love everyone that i've gotten to meet through this whole perience. it's realal changed my lifif. "through a tinder blind date, of all things- it was a connection, but it was a connectiom about hope and about saving a life".and now together they want to continue helping other people who suffer from the same disease, through team tampa p-k-d. "not only do we have today to be thankful for erika and all of this that's happened, but more people are waking up they want to help and that is everything i ever wanted". trt 1.29 oc i ever wanted drivers going through cedar rapids always have to watch their speed because of the traffic cameras posted on i- 380. now the iowa d-o-t and the city are in a legal battle over the cameras. some say they're all about money, others s y they're all for safety. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. it's ---. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now,
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surrounding the d-o-t traffic cameras on i- 380 in cedar rapids. ending the stigm islamic leaders in eastern iowa talk about their religion to try and end negative stereotypes. and online shopping. numbers are down for in- store purchases, but up for online deals as we head into cyber monday. and thihiis a live look at on our city cam this morning. first, meteorologis t kaj o'mara
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alert forecast, kaj... plan on a wet day across eastern iowa. temperatures may yet stay cool enough for a light glaze of ice over our northwest third today thanks kaj. safety or money. that's the main debate behind why the cedar rapids traffic camerasasre in
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place. the city has appealed a d- o-t decision to take down 2 sets and move 2 other sets of cameras on interstate 380. kcrg-tv9's brea love reports the city says the cameras help with safety, but the dot argues they're just money makers. iowa is the only state in the nation with permanent speed cameras on the interstate. but gary hughes is suing to take them down. "it's unconstitutio nal. section six of the state constitution says all laws have to be applied equally. his main argument centers on enforcement . noting if a car has a bike rake or other object covering the license plate, that car would not get a ticker. hughes says the cames are more about money than safety. "i think it's a basic flaw in the premise is that the city believes that increasing citations will change driver behavior, and condition drivers to being more safe. i think the opposite has occurred." iowa dot directct of traffic and safety steve gent admits the cameras
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can be extremely effective in getting drivers to slow down and pay attention. "that's really what we want. if drivers are alert and aware of what's going on they're a safe driver." "they can definitely help, its similar to puttidg up some kind of warning sign or device." when the cameras went up in 2010, the city y t to make its own rules on enforcement. but gent says he immediately started getting complaints and that's when the d-o-t asked the atatorney general about t tting rules for the cameras. "when we sat down and started talking about that, we saw we have a lot of responsibility. so we started thprocess of&putting together guidelines, and ultimately they turned into addnistrative rules, those administrative rules essentially hold the same enforcement powers as iowa law." those rules created annual reviews to determine if a camera is effective at improrong safety. the evaluation in february stated that the primary safety concern is the "s" curve on 3-80 in cedar rapids. ititfound two cameras were too
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change and needed to move closer to the s- curve. the two others only hit drivers after they were past the s-curve and needed to come down. "our evaluation said the cameras do show some safety benefit, however we really only need the cameras inbound as you approach the "s" curve." but the city says statistics prove otherwise. it's data shows 82- crashes around the s- curve two years before the camas to just 59 crashes two years after the cameras went up. but the iowa d-o-t looked at a larger data set - going back six years before the cameras and three years after and found a much different story "and at that location the total number of crcrhes was s sentially the same on an nual basis averaging about thirty two crashes per year in that stretch. so really nothing changed in the total number of crashes." "based on our further evaluation, it's really hard to o say the cameras made a significant difference." we
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and police to comment on the cameras but they declined because of the pending lawsuit. all of the revenue from the cameras goes to the police department's budget. accounting for 14-percent of the department's budget. gent says the d-o-t guidelines are meant to have an independent assessment of traffic cameras to make sure that money isn't the driving force behind them. "it's so critically important that the public believes that these cameras are about safety. its really about public trust in their own government." that was tv-9's brea love with that story. the lawsuit bebeeen the d-o-t and city will g gto district court next spring. you must still pay all citations from these cameras throughout this court process. the suspect in the shooting that killed 3 people at a planned parenthood in colorado will make his first court appearance today. police say 57-year-old robert lewis dear was shooting at people tside a planned
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jennifer markovsky and ke'arre marcell stewart and university of colorado police officer garrett swasey died. 9 others were injmred during the shooting spree. law enforcrcent says dear admdmted to having anti-abortion views, but they have not determined a motive. astern iowa islamic leaders are hoping to end negative stigmas about their faith. to do that, they spoke with the community at the iowa city public library. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders joins me at the desk this morning. forrest, these leaders from the mosque in iowa city aree denouncing recent terrorism? that's right brady. the iowa city mosque imam says these terrorists have attacked islam. he explained how w feels to a crowd of people and answered their questions. imam molhim bilal explained the islamic faith and its purpose. he compared the definition of terrorism to the faith's beliefs of peace. that was to show that all of the
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are condemned and not a part of islam. imam bilal says talking about the faith might help end some of the fear surroroding it. many at the event asked him how we can help fight these extremist groups. 5:08:41-52 "the number one way to fight them is not by dropping bombs on them, is not by killing em because once you kill them another group will come. the best way to fight them is by knowledge. " imam bilal also said many of those who join groups like isis are young and do not know the true meaning of islam. he says they see injustice and make decisions not truly based on islam. imam bilal ended his speech with the statement, "the religion of islam and its followers of it, condemns and disassociate itself from every terrorist attack, and every terrorist."
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any more oututach events planned, but they will consider it in the future. brady? thanks a lot forrest. republican presidential candidate john kasich is going to be talking to college students in eastern iowa today. the ohihi governor wilil be speaking at coe college in cedar rapids at 10 this morning. a-c-t and the iowa association of independent colleges and universities put on this event. after that, kasich will head to ames to speak at iowa state university. texas senator ted cruz will be in coralville today for a 10 a-m town hall meeting at the kirkwood regional center at the university of iowa. he startea day of campaigningng yesterday in central iowa at a worship service. cruz then appeared in tama at a casey's general store for "retail politicking". after that, cruz went to an event in van horne. in the moststecent quinnipiac poll, cruz clinched second place among iowa voters. the stage is now set with two candidates running for iowa representative kraig paulsen's seat. paulsen is the current
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speaker of the iowa a use and announced he is not seeking re-election. former tv-9 morning anchor and reporter ashley hinson has announced she is running for his seat as the republican candidate. hinson says she wants to lead the charge in working with all lawmakers on tough issues. her opponent is cedar rapids attorney mark seidl. he says his top priorities are to create good jobs by working with entrtrreneurs and small businesses and expand leadership in renewable energy. today is cyber monday, another retail holiday that promises big deals for but today is more focused on online shopping.. . but today isn't the only day that shoppers chose to go online. for black friday, in- store sales fell more than a billion dollars from a year ago. but americans spent nearly 3 billion dollars online. that's up 14 percent over last year. and industry analysts predict we'll shell out even easier to buy onlle. one online retail giant is
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delivery speed. amazon has released a sneak peek of its new drone service.
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plan on a wet day across eastern iowa. temperatures mamayet stay cool enoughghor a light glaze of ice over our
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thanks kaj. plan on a wet day across eastern iowa. temperatures may yet stay cool enough for a light glaze of ice over our northwest third today
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a popular social media company is changing up its parental leave program. it comes after its c-e-o announced he's taking two months off from work when his wife gives birth. stay with your 24 hour
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stocks finished mostly higher on friday at the end of a quiet, holiday-shortened week of trading. and if you didn't make it to the mall to catch the black friday deals, you can still find manyoday in the comfort of your own homom lots of shoppers chose to avoid the crowds this holiday weekend by shopping online. cyber monday deals began as early as saturday. 30 rcent of people say ey plan to shop after work today. so, walmart is bringing backck their cyber monday "evening edition" to give people a chance at its deals.
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amazon has released a video of its latest drone prototype. the online retailer hopes to deploy the drone as part of its prime air service to deliver packages in under 30 minut. the drones can carry packages up to five pounds. following mark zukerberg's announcement that he's taking two months of parental leave when his wife gives birth, facebook has announced its 12-thousand employees will get four months of paid parental leave. the updated policy also applies to men and people in same-sex relationships. it does not change the company's current maternity leave time. hhe's a live look at i i80 on our d-o-t camera. kaj will be back with another check of your weather coming up. stay with
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plan on a wet day across eastern iowa. temperatures may yet stay cool enough for a light glaze of ice
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thanks kaj. here's a look at today's top
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the iowa dot and the city of cedar rapids still don't agree on the traffic cameras along interstate 380. the city says it's all about safety, but the dot says data doesn't prove a decrease ih crashes. revenue from the cameras goes to the city's police department.
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final game, iowa state has found its next football head coach. ... the school announced today that it has hired toledo's matt campbell. he'll be introduced at a press conference tomorrow at noon. his deal at iowa state is reportedly 6 years and pays him 2 million in the first seseon. campbell was 35-15 in four seasons at toledo. it's also his birthday today. just before he left
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toledo, campbell says he's excited about this opportunity. "it was about finding the right spot. there's been a lot of things that i've turned down, a lot of things that weren't the right fit. but, @t's about the people there. when we played out there a year ago, i saw the energy and what they put in to try to make this place special. it needs somebody to put the whole plan together and i love the challenge of that. you got a tremendous athletic director, president and a great vision. i think those were some of the tipping points that finally said, 'i feel like we've left our mark here.'" trt: 32 oc: "left our mark here" ... iowa and iowa state squared off today on the wrestling mat. the hawkeyes have won the last 11 meetings against the cyclones. we head up to hilton... 133 pounds, 2nd ranked cory clark gets the 4 point near fall to take down #7 earl hall in a 9-2 decision. up to 141, dante rodriguez evens the match at 3 with the 6-2 decision.
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149 pounds, #3 brandon sorensen n for iowa against #15 gabe moreno. sorenson gets the 11-3 major decision. haw go up 7-3. cyclones answsw at 165 pounds. 11th ranked tanner weatherman gets the two point take down and the 10-9 win to make it 10-6. but from there, iowa would score 26 unanswered points... sam stoll with the pin at heavyweight... for the 12 year in a roro iowa beats iowa state, 33-6. ... iowa men's basketball taking on wichita state n the advocare invitional ... the hawkeyes grabbed an early lead.. anthony clemmons sinks the ththe- pointer... iowa u u26-11 ... one of the few brightspots for wichita state, ty taylor launches it beyond halfcourt and beats the buzzer... hawkeyes still led 40-21 at the break ... the offense keeps rolling led by jarrod uthoff... he drives and banks it high off the glass with the left hand... then he knocks down the wide open three... the jefferson ad had 22... iowa $& wins 84-61 ... nfl action... steelers at seattle ... late 3rd quarter, ben
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roethlisberger is picked off by former iowa state cyclonet& athyba rubin... that's only his 2nd career interception.... last one was 2010 ... patriots at denver ... former hawkeye scott chandler is lined up on the outside... and tom brady hits him for a 9-yard touchdown... 3rd touchdown of the season for chandler... ... the uni volleyball team is in the ncaa tournament after making at-large berth. the panthers will face marquette in the first round d minneapolis, minnesota. the match isis on friday at 4:30 p.m. ... nascar driver and cedar rapids native joey gase was recognized tonight at the xfinit banquet... he was given the comcast community ououeach award for his p pmotion of organ donation. it's something that's dear to his heart after his mom passed away. "when this happened to my mom, it was something we never really talked about. but mymyom, she's a very caring and loving person. and we knew that if she could no longer continue her life, she'd want to do whatever she could help others
5:48 am
continue theirs." trt: 13 oc: "continue theirs" ... and tomorrow for on iowa live, chuck long, jess settles and the regina football team will be our guests. join us at the first avenue draught
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this is a live look at on our citycam. it's november 30th and this is what you need to know today. islamic leaders in iowa city hope talking in an open setting gill help end stereotypes about their faitit the city of cedar rapids and the iowa d-o-t are still at odds over traffic camer on i-380. we te a deeper look at ithe cameras are more about safety or making money. e man accused in ththdeadly shootout at a
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colorado springs planned
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