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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 1, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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dance moves and a new video that some are calling a bit bizarre. good tuesday morning. i'm aditi roy in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we arereracking several breaking stories starting with that police shoot-out in atlanta caught on camera. you can hear the gunfire. people eating in nearby rereaurants calling the scene chaotic. police say they stopped a jeep going the wrong way and the struggle ensued. the driver was arrested right away blue the passenger fled. he was later shot to death byy ann officer in a parking lot behind an upscale hotel. they say drugs, weapons and money were found in the jeep. and also breaking right now the causef that air asia crashsh from last december, indonesian officials say a faulty computer that controlled the rudders was
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investigators found that the system failed four times ding thth flight. the pilots turned off the autopilot in a bid to fix it but they lost control in stormy weather, instead. 162 people died whe the flight to singaporerashed into the java sea. weather now. also happening, a major snowstorm set to make a mess of the morning commute. it's been coming down all night long across the northern plains and the upper midwest. some a aas can expect to have a foot of snow on the ground before it's all over. >> on the radar you can see the snow from nebraska up to minnesota. rain further to the east. some o the details now from abc's megan hughes. >> reporter: the storms created dangerous driving conditions in the upper midwest. in omaha, cars spinning out, snowplowsut in force. in nneapolis, cars in ditches and jackknifed tractor trailers. on his way from can do to central wisconsin some brimner
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>> snowing like canada usually does but didn't think you guys got this much snow. >> it was way too snowy for us to continue on the highway. >> reporter: that driver's daughter used the brake to build a first snowman of the season. kids reminding us why winter weather is fun. >> who couldn't like snow? we're going sledding. that's what snow is perfect for. >> reporter: but the weather system moving through the middle of the country since thursday has also reminded us it can be deadly. flash floods and icy conditions have killed at least 14 people. oklahoma's governor declared a state of emergency in all 77 counties. and from streetlights explodeing to ice coated power lines. >> oh, it's coming down. hit record. hit record. >> it's recording. >> reporter: the storm left more than 100,000 in the dark at the storm's height. megan hughes, abc news, washington. this is a big storm system.
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are up across the midwe and upper plains. the heavy wet snow could be a problem if too much builds up. >> accuweather's paul williams gives us what to expect in the hours ahead. >> right now the same storm system that was bringing the oblems with the rain to the west now changing over to snow and we're looking out for accumulation between 6 to 10 inches in which affects target, sioux falls down towards omaha and possisiy minnesota. ep in mind that minneapolis will be clipped by the snow shower activity but at the very least looking at 1 to 3 inches in that area and continues to shift towards the northeast. not done byy a long stretch. aditi, kendis. the suspect in the colorado planned parenthood clinic shooting has made his first appearanceefore a judge. robert dear appeared by video link from the county jail where he's been held since friday's attack. by his side the same public
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colorado theater shooter james holmes. dear will like be charged witit ththe counts o oirst degree e murder when he returns on december 9th. the police officer who shot laquan mcdonald 16 times is free on bond. jason vavadyke charged in thehe murder of the 17-year-old. prosecutors wanted him held without bail, but van dyke's lawyer argued he is not flight risk. a judge then released him on a .5 millionbond. van dyke put up 10% of that amount. federal officials say laquan mcdonald's murder is what motivated 21-year-old jabari dean to make online threats that shut down the university of chicago on monday. he wrote he wanted to kill 16 white students or staff as well as white police officers there. he was arrested yesterday. the campus is set to re-open this morning. president obama is wrapping up his trip to paris today after attending the climate summit with 150 other world leaders.
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the u.s. shares the blame for climate change sayinin we embrace the responsibility to do something about it. most nations have pledged to reduce greenhouse gases, but the biggest issue is who should bear most of the burden. the fightht againsterrorism is also looming large with ultra tight security in place just weeks after the deadly attacks in paris. president obama and russian president vladimir putin met on the sidelines to talk about syria and expressed regret over turkey's shootdown of a russian fighter jet and urged both sides to work together. president obama meets with the turkish president this morning. pope e ancis is also weighing in on the climate change conference saying, quote, it's now or never. on the plane back from africa the pope said we are on the brink of a suicide. he said the problems are becoming more serious every year and he added that he's trusting and praying that the leaders will do something about it. here at home donald trump
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night campaign stop in georgia. he told a crowd of thousands that cnn should pay him for appearing in the next debate because he'll draw such a big audience. trump is still under fire for claiming that muslims in new jersey cheered after the 9/11 attacks. new jersey's governor was asked about that claim. >> that did not happen in new jersey that day and hasn't happened nce. >e didn't say that the other day. the other day he said it like, well, he doesn't know and i guess he feels emboldened now. he must be careful with what h says. >> earlier trump picked up the support are a handful of black ministers but failed to get the endorsement of the full minister's up group. 27th annual world'd' aids day and the empire state building is lit up in red, the color associated with the fight against the disease. at karg nationally hall u2 star bono will feature and miley
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vice president joe biden will also be there. there is a big red ribbon in front of the white house to mark today, as well. well, still ahead, a data breachcht a main toymaker exposing millions of customers' information. on thin ice, a woman and her two dogs falling into frigid waters. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. plus, hoverboard hazard?
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family. the owner returned with a crane and a barge on monday to rescue the boat. it managed to drive off on its own power, but it will be in dry dock for a few months to fix what could be $70,000 worth of damage. another big data breach as the holiday shopping season heats up. the kids technology toymaker vtech said hackers stole the personal information of 5 million customers and their children. the hong kong based company said credit cards and social security mumbers have not been mpromised but the breach includes address, names, gender and birth dates of child users. the numbers are still coming in from a very busy cyber monday. analysts say shoppers spent nearly $3 billion yesterday. that's a 12% increase in spending from last year, and et makes yesterday the biggest day ever for e-commerce. on average retailers marked items down 20% for their sasas. the higher customer traffic on target's website was apparently too much. look at this.
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unavailable for a time yesterday. target was actually plain spokenn about it admitting the problems were caused by abnormally high customer traffic. some good news. another drop in gas prices making it 24 consecutive days of declines. the national average now $2.04. drivers in more states are now seeing prices at $1.50 and below. a twitter user in lafayette, indiana, posting this picture, take a look showing prices for $1.43. >> you can get a fountain drink for 89 cents. all right. when we come back, pulled off a plane and under arrest, why a flight attendant is facing serious charges. and unbelievable final play.
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all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their banknkmericard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. it has been snowing all night in the upper midwest and the northern plains creating treacherous conditions on the roads across m mnesota and the dakotas, as well as parts of nebraska. by the time the snow ends later today, some areas could get up to a foot of snow on the ground. and let's get a check of thehe rest of yoururorning road conditions. you could expect wet surfaces from the northeast through the southeast and all the way up to the gulf coast. rain also in the northwest. new, virgin america apologizing after an iranian-american man was kept off a flight.
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could not board his plane because he mae the flight crew uncomfortable. abtahi said it might have problemed have a struggle through a revolving door with one of the flight attendants when entering the airport. he said he couldn't believe he wasn't allowed to board. >> when they told me i couldn't get on the plane, i was really in a state of shock. at t beginning i thought it was just kind of a joke and i was on some reality tv show, but as reality started to set in and people who were boarding the plane are staring at me, i just really felt like i was out there on an island by myself. >> virgin america issued a statement saying it was the rerelt of a misunderstanding and apololized. abtahi made it back to dallas on american airlines without incident. an american airlines flight attendant is acced of attackininfellow crew members s and air marshalsls joanne snow allegedly described
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trainwreck but mararals say even after they declined they did not remove her from the flight. she slapped another flight attendant and cked and shoved a marshal, arrested finally after the rerern flight with the same crew. this morning, an autopsy is scheduled after the newly elected mayor of juneau, alaska, was found dead in his home. the body of 70-year-old greg fisk was discovered monday afternoon. the 911 call coming from fisk's adult son. now, police say reports that the mayor died after an assault were just speculation. fisk was elected overwhelmingly in october. a note of caution to anyone who might t considering giving a new hoverboard to a loved one for the holidays. a 12-year-old in louisiana had his for one day and was recharging its battery when itit burst into flalas. the board was made by fit turbo and was purchased for about $300. the boy's mother describes what she saw. >> it was like a firework like you just lit a firework.
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before i could yell, the house is on fire, it just -- the middle part of the board that would go in between your feet, poof, , to flames. >he's now planning to sue the hoverboard's maker because of the amount of damage the fire did to the family's house. state fire marshals are looking into the incident. a dramatic rescue on a partially frozen reservoir. a woman and her two dogs pulled to safety after falling through the ice. luckily a man just happened to be passing by the remote area. he called 911 and then helped the officer with the rescue. the woman and both dogogare expected to be okay. certainly good news. and police in tempe, arizona, used the #wecantmakethisup. here's why, the driver picking his girlfriend up from jail. the problem, according to police is that that truck had actually been stolen. the driver was arrested and then
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can't make it up. certainly true. >> i would say the ravens had stolen from the browns last night. excitement on monday night football last night. >> but first the big story from the nba. details from our guys at espn. good morning, welcome to our "sportscenter" here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. he's neil everett. 's been a while sinin the warriors lost. >> yeah, it has been, in fact, it's been since the millard fillmore administration. would they lose in utah monday? looking to move to 19-0, the warriors are down. is that right? e warriors are trailing? steph curry says, no, we're not now. we're tied. are --o, we're tied. steph curry says, no, we're not. we've got the lead. but the jazz have a chance for the win. golden state up one. final second up one and rodney hood takes a three. hey, listen, if it goes in, he's a hero. ravens a a browns. fourth quarter tied at 27, the browns travis coons hadn't missed a field goal all season. 51-yarder for the win.
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will hill has the football. oh, no. >> oh. >> no, cleveland, ah. and the browns fall to 2-9 as will hill takes it for the touchdown. ravens improve to 4-7 and that s pretty much the look from everybody in cleveland. >> mike tirico had the great line, the kick six. >> yeah. >> that was good. >> that was kind of how it turned out. sorry, cleveland. now back to you. >> thanks, fellas. up next in "the pulse," he's back. psy returning after his huge hit "gangnam style." and amy schumer stripping down for an empowering photo shoot. powering photo shoot. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar.
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time to check "the pulse" starting with a new video from psy. it's been three years since the pop sensation nearly broke the internet with this. gangnam style >> well, that has been viewed more than $2.5 billion time, now he's back with something even more bizarre titled addy." where did you get that body from where did you get that body from where did you get that body from i got it from my daddy i got it from my daddy >> oh, you know it's catchy. ps psy says there's no chance it will be as successful as "gangnam style." >> i think i know. >> absolutely. all right,t,o next a big change in the 43rd edition of the pirelli calendar. the italian tire company famous for its nude pinups, wow.
4:23 am
women of outstanding achchvement mostly with their clothes on, two notable exceptions, comedic actress amy schumer wearing only underwear and heels. >> and serena williams nearly every toned inch of her body. photographer annie liebowitz calling her photo not a nude but a body study. >> among the other females featured with clothes on. ava duvernay, yoko ono and patti smyth. you might as well make your guest feel welcome. these festivalgoers had a sand tornado form right in front of them in front of the burning man festival. >> usually when we s s something like people are moving away from it. doesn't seem like anyone minded it. they were going towards it. >> jamming out to the new "daddy" from psy.
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remix. burning man. anything goes. well, for some of you more news is next. stay with us. just head around the corner to walgreens when you're searching for r at perfect little s sething.
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not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months freeeet caught on camera overnight atlanta police shooting and killing a suspect o oside an upscale hotel in downtown. they say the man tried to run away from a jeep full of drugs, money and weapons. president obama is holding more meetings in paris beforee heading home today from the climate change summit. the talks aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions have been overshadowed by growing concern over rrorism.% yesterday the president acknowledged that the u.s. shares the blame for climate change. snow has been coming down all night across the northern plains and midwest. some areas will have a foot on the ground before the storm moves away. today's weather, mild and sunnnnacross the st. heavav rain from the gulf coast
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the way into new england. ok, well, finally this morning we showed you their awesome video yesterday of some nadian fellows rescuing a bald eagle. >> that's right. this morning we're hearing more about how they rescued the bird from a hunter's trap telling their story to abc's david muir. >> hey, davivi michael here. i'm so happy that neal and i were able to set that eagle free. >> reporter: one part of the duo seen by many. michael fletcher and his brother neal went hunting in ontario across the border. they find this, a bald eagle, he told us the eagle didn't seem to look injured just exhausted. after being caught in a trap. one of hit talonss locked in a claw trap meant for other animals. he tries to fly several times about a foot of chain giving him several false starts. the eagle worn out. then michael with an idea.
4:28 am
carefully opens the claw. neal then picks up the bld eagle about to be freed. just before it is 2015. ey take a selfie smiling and look at the bald eagle and then that moment, about four minutes after they found that eagle trapped it was free. >> first thing we thought was nobody's ever going to believe us. . >> the p pof flying away. >> nice job, fellows. >> technology, right. >> very coolf them to do that. finally this morning it's this time of year we startrt hearing about what's turning up in salvation army red kettles. >> so before the bell ringing and the money collecting ends there will be gold coins and plenty of other good stuff turned in by donors. here's one example. a $500,000 check donated to the twin cities salvation army this past weekend, the largest donation ever in minnesota. the previous largest, 1$25,000. the donors asked to remain anonymous. a lot of thanks to them.
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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> of course, stay tuned for "good morning america." have a greatatuesday. 1st of december.source, this is ??? . officials at the university of iowa said they will not tolerate racism after they found a racist comment etched into a bathroom wall. hundreds of preschoolers in the linn mar school district could soon b bgoing to schoololn one location. wishing upon a star made one woman's dreams come true. and it was all thanks to her co-workers at saint luke's hospital. good tuesday morning! its 430 on the first day of december.


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