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and somomcedar falls fire firefighters will soon use helmet cameras that will be able to record footage inside burning buildings. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . winners have emerged in the waterloo and cedar falls mayoral races. the two cities held run-off elections today because no candidates received 50 per cent of the vote in the city elections last month. in waterloo, ty councilman quentin hart received nearly 60 percent support in the runoff. he got more than 52- hundred votes to beat former mayor tim hurley who had more than 36- hundred votes. hart will replace mayor buck clark who did not ek a fourth term. waterloo voters also filled the city council seat in ward four. jerome amos junior is the winner with nearly 900 votes. votes. amos will replace quentin hart, who won
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mayor. and in cedar falls, businessman jim brown receivedverwhelming support for the mayoral seat. he got about 75 percent ofof e support, with about 35-hundred votes. received 143 votes. and david halterman had write-in candidate. vote for brown in today's runoff. that's from the position at the end of on the runoff ballot today. mayoyocrews has served ceded falls for 30 of the last 44 years. meteorologist justin gehrts joins us now with your first forecast. justin, will we still some overnight? our scattered snow showers and flurries diminish tonight. some few lingering flurries could still fly on wednesday but there is hope for a brighter sky on the horizon. watch out for a northwest wind building to
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middle 30s. a warming trend continues to look promising later this week. as the sunshine becomes more apparent, high temperatures rise into the middle to upper 40s starting friday, lasting through the weekend. low: 25-31 scattered flurries high: 33-39 winds: nw 10-20 back to you. cedar rapids police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital tonight. police say they received reports of gunshots around eight o'clock near the 1600 block of b avenue nonotheast. they did nototind a victim there, but they did find a vehicle with bullets holes nearby. police say a man ter arrived at st. luke's hospital for treatment. they don't believe his injuries are life- threatening. firefighters in cedar falls are getting ready to use
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the fire department recently purchased small cameras that they'll secure on their helmets. kcrg-tv9's jill kaspaire joins us with the stoto. jill, how many cameras did they get? three helmet cameras with hopes of getting more in the future. they're currently working on writing before putting them to use in january. and equipment to age things are often changing... "17:48:10 there's s ways new ideaea new theories, new equipment and things that come out - all the time for us to perform our jobs as a firefighter." now firefighters have another new tool - helmet cameras that can withstand high levels of heat. fire chief john schilling says with the push of a button crews can record what they see when@they enter a burning building. "17:37:54 the technology is finally here that we can start recording stuff we may miss during the fire. especially when we comeback and do a post
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" 17:49:40 what it will do is help us come back, review the tactics we used and learn from that and then we can do in and the next time, the next fire, the ext whatever it is that we are using this information on - hopefufuy will go smoother." not only that, but the department could also use the footage for investigations. "17:40:15 the color of the smoke tells us a lot of things. the color of a flame tells us a lot t things and if incident command is wearing it out there on the scene, he may be catching people we start to see a pattern of that person at multiple fires if that's the case." the chief says the team won't use the cameras for medical responses, due to patient confidentialit y. but after some training, the chief is ready to see this new tetenology in action. " 17172:25 it's just a grere tool that's relatively inexpensive that can provide us real great wealth of information on every fire we go to. "
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three hundred dollars. they're still working out the details as to how long the city will save the videos and who will have access to those. that'll get that all figured out b bore the cameras go out with the firefighters. bruce and beth? thanks, jill. authorities have released the name of the inmate who was at the center of a smuggling investigation at the anamosa state penitentitiy. they say wesley ziegler worked with a correctional officer to smuggle in cell phones in exchange for money. he's now serving a sentence for robbery and kidnapping in kansas. anamosa under a transfer agreement. authorities punished ziegler with confinement kansas after they discovered a cell phone. garrett pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the investigation. five other prison employees have lost their jobs. jeb bush gave a small clue today
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would consider if he wins the republican party's presidential nomination. i would have my vice president. i think she will wait, did i say that out loud? " he made the comment during a town-hall meetiti in waterloo. he says people always talk about the vice presidency with one gender in mind. but says the country has reached a point where people should be less gender specific. in an answer to a follow-up question, bush didn't say who he had in mind as a potential running mate. right now, bush is polling in single digits in many national polls. university of iowa president bruce harreld is requesting more state funding to raise faculty salarars. today, he asked governor branstad and other state officials for more than five million dollars in additional funds for the upcoming fiscal year. he told them the money would keepephe university competitive. iowa state requested an extra eight point two million dollars for hiring more faculty. and u-n-i asked for re than
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million in additional funding. on renaming a building on the university of iowa campus. but they won't release details until they meet on wednesday. some are concerned that the move violates the state's open meetings law. but a regents' spokesman says the board is complying with the law by giving notice of the it's not releasing the regents have typically renamed buildings to recognize donors. tonight, people in cedar rapids helped welcome the holidays with the lighting of the first of the five trees for the season. the cedar rapids metro economic alliance held the tree lighting in the medquarter district by mercy medical center. there's so one scheduled this week in the kingston village, newbo, downtown and the czech village. this is the first year the light five trees. officials say it's to celebrate the prress the districts have made. "05:53:19 it's a way for u uto
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to do something that raises the recognition for the medquarter to draw people into the know that we're in the community, part of the community, supportininthe community." the african american museum of iowa is giving people in cedar rapids a way to the holiday kwanzaa. the museum has put up a micro exhibit in its lobby. kwanzaa is c cebrated in new year's. the focus of the holiday are seven principles which include unity, self determination and faith. objects like corn and fruit in the display represent these principles. . e exhibit is open until january 1st. thousands of medicaid patients across iowa aren't sure whether they'll be ble to keep their current doctors. they are waiting to see which providers will signgnontracts with the four companies that will now oversee medicaid. stay with your 24-hour news source, kcrg-tv9. tens of thousands of iowans who
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medicaid face a deadline this month for choosing new providers. the state has contracts with four private companies to run the medicaid program. and medicaididatients recently received letters in the mail asking them to pick one of the four companies by the m)ddle of the month. but some say they don't know whether their currere doctors and hospitals have contracts with any of the four companies. earlier this year, governor branstad began an effort to shift medicaid services to companies by january 1st.
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me money, as it would pay a fixed amount per enrollee to the companies. but some say the governor's timeline is too aggressive and would affect patients' quality of care. kcrg-tv9v9 brea love reports. "we received many calls into the newsroom about signing up for medicaid in the past few days. mostly people wondering how they are suppose to select a plananbefore their current provider chooses. and officials at physicians clinic of iowa are being asked the same questions." one caller who did not want to go on camera says the deadline stated in his packet is december 1717. that o oy gives him 16 days to select a plan, but when he called his doctor's office, officials there said its deadline e as the 31st. inevitably some under the medicaid umbrella could choose a plan their provider doesn't cover. "unfortunately the definitional state of uncertainly. some of the providers, quite frankly, there's the possibility that
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may not participate or perhaps not participate fully with all the plan offerings." he says the only thing a patient can do is contact their provider and see in what direction the office is leaning toward. lton says e short deadline isn't only hurting the patients. "we're moving from one medicaid plan to three or four at this point which brings a whole set of administrative burdens to the providers as well as each plan will have different rules and policies to follow, prior authorization requirements. so it will be taxing on the providers as well." that was brea love with the story. right now, the state has contracts with amerigroup, amerihealth, unitedhealthcare and wellcare. but a judge has recommended the state throw out its contract with wellcare, saying the company should have disclosed information earlier about fraud involving former executives. governor branstasays the state has not decideded how totoroceed. a northeast iowa woman shared her experiences living with h-i-v during an
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northern iowa this evening. the event is part of world aids day, which happens each december first for people to come together in the fight against h-i-v. tami haught says she was diagnosed with h-i-n in 1993, shortly after doctors diagnosed her husband with aids. her husband died in 1996, and now she's sharing her story in hopes ofheducating peopleleshe says people still discriminate against those with the virus, especially in rural communities. "18:04:30 i wish everyone knew that one - we are normal. whatever normal is for people. hiv is truly one thing in this world that does not discriminate. anyone who puts themselves at risk by having unprotected sex could contract hiv and you need to get tested. " haught says she enjoys talking with college students because she can help keep them
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positive person in her family and says she's thankful to have the support of her loved ones. justin, we have a few lingering flurries in the
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our scatteredednow showers and flurries diminish tonight. some few lingering flurries could still fly on wednesday but there is hope for a brighter sky on the horizon. watch out for a northwest wind building to keep our warming trend later this week. as theunshine becomes more apparent, high temperatures rise into the middle to upper 40s starting friday, lasting through the weekend. low: 25-31 winds: sw 5-15tomorrow: cloudy, scattered flurries high:h:3-39 winds: nw 10-20tomorrow night: mostly cloudy low: 22-28 winds: nw 5-15thursday: gradual clearing high: 41 - low: 25 friday:
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high: : - low: 28 saturry: partly cloudy high: 47 - low: 30 sunday: partly cloudy high: 46 - low: 31 monday: slight chance of rain/snow high: 4242 low: 32 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 42 - low: 32 thellinois attorney general is asking federal authorities to investigate the chicago police department. the request came just hours
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federal authorities to investigate the chicago police department.
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mayor fired the city's police superintenden t over the response to a police shooting that killed a black teenager. a-b-c's elizabeth hur reports. chicago's mayor taking action.. mayor presser"the undeniable fact that the public trust and the leadership of the department has been shaken and eroded." citing thneed for a culture $& change and firing police superintenden t garry mccarthy.. who earlier in the day.. told our a a station in chicago this. mccarthy"no, i'm not going to resign.." mayor presser "i formally asked for his resignaon.. / "at this point in this juncture for the city, given what we're working on, he has become an issue rather than dealing with the issue. and a distraction." mccarthy.. coming under fire after auauorities waited more than a year to release this dash cam video.. capturing the shooting death of 17- year-old laquan mcdonald.. prosecutors
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officer jason van dyke shot mcdonald 16 times in 15 seconds.. van dyke.. charged with murder last week.. is now free on bail.. the mayor announcing in addition to new leadership in n e police department.. a new task force will conduct a top-to-bottom review the police system.. but for some.. the damage has been done. community reax alderman david moore: "if you are going to build trust you have to reach out to the e ople in the community not the same pple that have voices you go behind closed doors and pick pple?" liz tag: the mayor did add.. he knows that trust must be earn and says.. this new task force is just a part of an ongoing process is finding a solution as the city moves forward. eh, abc news, ny. up next tonight, scott has iowa state and high school hoops highlights. and he also has the latest playoff poll and details on the all-big 10 offensive team.
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football playoff poll. no change in the top four. clemson is on top followed by alabama, oklahoma, and iowa, michigan state is fifth and ohio state moves up to xth. congrats to kirk ferentz who was named the big 10 coach of the year for the fourth time today and he deserves it.... they named the offensive all big 10 team and jordan walsh was named fifit team guard by the coaches..
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was named second team.. the pride and joy of williamsburg austin blythe was a second team center.. and jordan canzeri was named third team runningback.. sean welsh and matt vandeberg were honorable mention. scott westerberg has more on the 12-0 hawkeyes. it's been a rollercoaste r ride the last four of five years for iowa's senior class, and it's featured some etty low moments. "2012 season was not fun going 4-8, just to be in this position as seniors is really satisfying. all our hard work has paid off and we e st got to go out and finish it now." "last year was a bitter feeling as well. finishing with tennessee was also a bad feeling as well for us. we knew that a standard had to be set higher."at 12-0, t ts season has almost felt like a dream compared to those of the past. "pretty much when i've been here we've had mediocre seasons, so i never thought we'd be tting here in this situation."eve n though it seems like a miraculous turnaround from just
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layers say there's no magic formul for the succccs. "back in january we said this is what we're going to do. we worked hard and it's culminated in this." "we've done a heck of a job just coming out and playing our best every single week and we kept ourrye on the prize this whole time which is just the next game and that's what we try to do."in iowa city, scott westerberg, tv9 orts. we will begin reporting f fm indianapolis thursday night.. and don't forget to watch our countdown to kickoff pregame show saturday at 4:00 right here on kcrg tv-9. to hoops fourth ranked iowa state hosted north dakota state tonight. and another big night for jameel mckay with the ally oop slam he had 15 points and 19 rebounds.. abdel nader with one of his 3 trey's led the clones with 21.. and another solid night fofomonte morris with 18 points and sixixssist. george niang chipped in with 15 points and 6 boards and iowa state with a big second half beat north dakota state 84-64 to raise
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after breaking a bone in his right hand former former linn- mar mister basketball marcus paige made his return to the lineup tonight for north carolina against maryland. and marcusith three ball.. what broken bonene and paige has and the tarheels lead this game late in the game. high school hoops tonight.. linn mar hosted waukee. and wash transfer jared printy making his presense felt right away y th the putback and one.. and d y do they havavsome shooters on this team.. future hawkeye jordan bohannon with the step back trey.. and then with time running down in the first quarter printy for three at the buzzer got it.. and linn-mar beat waukee opener . on kcrg 9.2 tonight mount vernon hosted williamsburg..and adam keleson with the soft t lefty touch from the top of the key for a 15-7 lead.. the raiders came back and cut the lead to 23-20 on the nice drive by al francis.. but the mustangs turned up the "d" in the fourth quarter austin ashshith steal ahead to nick leopold who
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williamsburg 47-40. and finally the kennedy girls entertained watero west tonight...the cougars jump out to the early lead but west rallies...taya to 8...but kennedy hustles back down the court and linden runels beat the halftime buzzer as the cougars beat the wahawks 81-44. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... our scattered snow showers and flurries diminish tonight. some few lingering flurri could still fly on wednesday but there is hope for a brighter sky ononhe horizon. watch out for a northwest wind building to keep our highs in the middle 30s. a warming trend continues to look promising later this week. as the sunshine becomes more apparent, high temperatures rise into the middle to upper 40s starting friday, lasting through the weekend. tonight: chance of flurries low: 25-31 winds: sw 5-15tomorrrr: cloudy, scattered flurries high: 33-39 winds: nw 10-20 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for
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