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" 7:35 taking a look at some short-term successes by letting people know what's happening. there are a lot of great things happeneng, a lot of ininatives taking place but i think that, sometimes, we keep some of those secrets to ourselves. " hart defeated former mayor tim hurley in last night's run-off election -- the contest between hart and hurley was a "rare one" in politics -- one where both candidates have a respect and general affinity for the other. tonight at 10, we'l'lhear more fromomhe mayor-elect but also from tim hurley, who served as mayor for 6 years last decade about the challenges anyone in the waterloo mayor's office faces. in the ccar rapids newsroom, , chchs earl, kcrg-tv 9 news. a special election to replace johnson county supervisor terrence nuezil could take place next month. neuzil is taking a job b outside of iowa. his last day is december 20th. a committee decided this morning to hold a special election instead of appointing
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his term. "we allowed public input, heard from the citizens, and two of the three of us felt it was best to go the election route, and that's where we are headed. " the election can take place on any tuesday as long as there's at least 32 days notice. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with your first forecast. joe, what can we expect this evening? back to you. ny medicaid patients here in
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struggling to understand the change coming on january first when the state switches to a privatized system to manage medicaid. but even though there's a lot of concern, only a handful of people attended a publicicearing on the changege this morning in cedar rapids. one person from the department of human services said the small number of participants might have misunderstoo d the purpose. unlike previvis hearings on the idea of privatizing medicaid, the purpose this morning was only to discuss a few amendments to the governor's plan. "there wasn't much warning, and it was at a terrible e ime you know.,wednesday m mning at 9:00. that rules out a large number of people" local d-h-s staffers were prohibited from answering questions about the plan. and only one person made a public comment about the amendments. medicaid participants
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their assigned managed care ccpany in the mail. surveillance and traffic cameras helped catch an illinois man who was robbing a dubuque credit union last friday. police arrereed 28 year old shawn c cde junior of rock island, illinois, on a second degree robbery charge yesterday. they say cade robbed the dutrac community credit union last friday morning. he passed a note to a teller that said he was but police say he never showed a weapon during the robbery. dubuque police worked arrest cade. remember, whenever you see news, call newsline nine at 319-365-9999. you can also send pictures and newstips to newsroom at kcrg dot com. earlier this week, the environmental protection agency released its final country's renewable fuel standard. several members of iowa's
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l delegation say one provision of that decision will hamper an already suffering iowa corn industry. t-v nine's washington bureau reporter peter zampa spoke with some of those lawmakers. vo intro: the final renewable fuel standard, or rfs, program comes up billions of gallons short of the ethanol consumption requirements laid out under the original rfs plan. rep dave loebsack sot: with corn prices being down as they are, with the ag economy in iowa being in the situation that it's in, we really needed that number to be higher.vo: congressman loebsack and others from the iowa legation stand firmly behind the original intentions of the rfs, but senator joni ernst says she doesn't understand why the administration is moving away from ethanol, a renewable biofuel that has largely helped the iowa economy. sesetor joni ernst sot: we know that renewables are a great way to make sure that we have a smaller carbon footprint, so i don't know why the administration isn't embracing this. standup bridge: the epa's final plan says focusing on ethanol fuels prevents the u.s. from
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renewable fuels overall - so the u.s. needs to focus on developing non-e-eanol renewable fuels. vo: but senator ernst says the downgrading of ethanol renewables will deter iowa producers. senator joni ernst sot: this will stifle innovation if we don't see the commitment coming from congress, coming from the epa, on this issue. vo: ongressman rod blum says with the iowa caucus coming up, iowa citizens will watch closely as candidates address the epa's plan. rep rod blum sot: they can use the bully pulpit. they all have trememeous media coverage, and on the news they can say that it's wrong. that the president of the united states should follow the laws passed by congress. vo tag: reporting in washington, i'm peter zampa. one desesving linn county resident is about to get an early christmas present. companies including marion tire, deery brothers, and hyvee have joined the salvation army to give away a car. it's all part of something they call "miles for smiles." kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us from marion tire.
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it is! we're here in marion with a whole crowd of excited people. happen. while a lot of businesses come together to fix up this car, the businesses work with the salvation army to find someone who deserves this car. joining me is major paul logan with the salvation army of cedar rapids. all about? why does a gift like this mean for the families? what is all involved in this -- the car and insurance are paid for? i also undndstand ththe are some things ininde too.....lright, now that we e ve
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what do you think? what will you use this car for?
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meals on wheels is helping to
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homebound iowans throughout the year. coming up, learn how you can help keep this program going. stay with tv9. "hi! this is captain george tobias stationed at ... air base with the this weekend's fill the plate
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raising funds to help provide healthy meals to eastern iowa s sior citizens. homebound seniors often fall into a gap where they don't qualify for assistance, but they don't
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medical bills. t-v nine's jill kasparie shows how meals on wheelslselps provide warm memes and friendly faces for these seniors. vo: meet berniece. she is one of iowa's 83- thousand olderdults threatened by hunger. it's hard for her to get around - that's why she dependsds on meals on wheels. martha: "mom was very active until she had back surgery a few years ago. 1:21 - 6:19 berniece: "it would be a burden on my daughter. or els i'd prorobly have to go to a nursing g me." vo: and that could be expensive.the cost of getting meals delivered for one year is less than living one month in an institutional setting. delivivs food for the mealslsn wheels program. he/she says the criteria for getting the meals is pretty small. driver: you have be over the age of 60, and home-bound, which means you don't drive a car. 44:23 - 44:44 berniece: "their volunteers that bring the meals are just great. you can tell. they come to the door and give bb a treat, and
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are good. the meals are good." 24:02 - 24:18 vo: and that's what's important. a good nutritional meal - served at home. it is much more cost effective to keep somebody in the home by providing the services that we can provide. it is really essential that we recognize the value of these programs, and i encocoage anybody that is able to help support these programs through donations to horizons to do so." 6:33 - 7:19 that was t-v nine's jill kasparie. the fill the plate telethon takes place this sunday night starting at 5:30. money from the telethon will go to heritage area agency on aging's "regional nutrition program." the university of northern iowa is losing its athletic director. troy dannen says he's enjoyed working at his alma mater, but it's time to move on. stay with your 24 hour news
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heading south after being named the new athletic director at tulane university in new orleans, louisiana. ... dannen has been the uni athletic director since 2008, he's also a 1989 uni graduate. he was named the national association of collegiate director of athletics fcs athletic director of the year in 2014. during his time as a.d., he's had 15 coaches-of- the-yeaeaand 15 conference-players-of- the-year. he'll be introduced at a press conference on friday at 11 a.m. his last day at uni will be december 31st. ... dannen sent out a statemenen "the opportunity to serve my alma mater in this position for the last eight yeas has been a dream... it is an opportunity i will always cherish. as accomplished as northern iowa has been competititely, academically, socially and fiscally, i'm confident the best is yet to
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... the uni football team is hoping to keep its winning streak alive against portland state on saturday in the sweet 16 of the fcs playoffs. ... portland state finished the season 9-2 and is 12th in the fcs in scoring, averaging 35.8 points per game. but uni has a defense that's beeeevery stellar the last six weeks giving up just 12 points a game. earlier this week, cornerback deiondre' hall was named the valley's defensive player of the year. coach mark farley says the defense is working together as a unit. "when you have a defensive player of the year, or newcomer of the year on the offense, that particular segment should take pride in that because it takes more than one guy to be the defensive player of the year. you need a pass rush. a lot of things have to happened within your defense to be the defensive player of the year. so, that was a credit and a compliment to our defense andndet deiondre' got the individual honor, which he very well deserved." trt: 24 oc: "very well deserved" ... iowa cornerback desmond king`received more national recognition today. he was named one of
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camp player of the year award. the winner will be announced on december 10th at 5 p.m on sportscenter. king was also named the winner of the 2015 jack tatum award by the touchdown club of columbus. it'ss given to the best defensive back in college football. king leads the nation with 8 interceptions. ... new iowa state football head coach matt campbell was named the mac coach of the year today. as e prepares for the 2 26 season at iowa state, one player he's excited to have is running back mike warren. warren committed to toledo, but came to iowa state and ran for more than 13 hundred yards and five tououhdowns. "i think i may make him run a little bit extra from the start of this thing because i tried to recruit michael at toledo. he was committed there... i know this, he's still a young g p and i think you're only going to see him get bigger and better. he's got one of the best running back coaches in the country to continue to lead his growth. i can see him continuing to grow as a football player." "very selfless, famamy-oriented, team first type of person. it's not
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everything and anything before himself and that's probably one of the biggest characterisis cs i like about him." trt: 31 oc: "i like about him" ... xavier has hired bob cataldo to be the new baseball head coach. he's been a volunteer assistant for xavier baseball and coached football and baseball at dowling catholic in the 90's. he takes over for longtime coach dave schemmel who stepped down in august.
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on kcrg dot com. stay with your 24-hour news source, kcrg t-v nine. joe, some mild weather's moving in. quite a few clouds hang around tonight with lows in the 20s. our sky y adually clears tomorrow, sending our highs to around 40. mild weather continues thereafter with highs staying in the 40s through at least the middle of next week. the weekend is looking dry, followed by a slight chance of a rain or snow shower on monday. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 25-31 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: gradual clearing high: 38-44 winds: sw 5-15 thanks for joining for kcrg-tt news at 6. we hope
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