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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 11  ABC  December 3, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm CST

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table?" "we have not ruled out terrorism. " today investigators are trying to figure out why two people opened fire inside a social services center in southern california. 14 people died and 17 others were injured in yesterday afternoon's shooting. authorities shot and killed both suspected shooters. now investigators are searching for a motive. abc's lauren lyster has the latest from san bernardino. the end of yesterday's manhunt is today's crime scene. this suv - the getaway car for the shooting suspects - the remnant and reminder of the carnage that took place. nats: carey davis, san bernardino mayor -- it's a very sad day for our community and sad day for our country. it
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suspects stormed the inland regional center with semi automatic weapons wednesday morning, killing 14. timmy hilliard, eyewitness - verbatim: i saw two bodies laying on the back of the building.. another 17 were injured. people like kevin ortiz... recovering from shots to the the leg and shoulder, his aunt tells abc. rosa ortiz, victim's aunt --. he sustained five gunshot wounds. his vitals are stable. unfortunatel y he's in a lot of pain, another family member, recounting the phone call her injured brother made. sot kelsey ortiz, victim's sister ..he had told my father that the police was next to him and guiding him out. the suspects -- killed in a shootout with police -- are identified as 28-year old syed farook and his romantic partner 27- year old tashfeen malik. nats -- abc news has confirmed the two dropped their six month old infant with farook's mother before heading off on that deadly rampage - telling her they had a doctors appointment. overnight, farook's brother in law condeming the attacks. farhan khan
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sources, all 4 guns used in the shooting were purchased legally. two were purchased by the shooters. the other two were purchased by another party. lauren lyster abc news sb authorities in belgium arrested two people who may have been involved in last month's terror attacks in paris. 130 people died after shootings, a hostage situation and an explosion on november 13th. belgian officials arrested one person at the brussels national airport on sunday. they detained the second person in a separate raid that same day. all together, belgium now has eight suspects linked to last month's attacks. former olympian oscar pistorius is going back to jail. south africa's top appeals court convicted him of murder. that overuturns
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conviction from last fall. pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2013, claming he thought she was a burglar. he faces a minimum sentence of 15 years. but south africa law allows a lesser sentence in exceptional circumstances. it's going to be unusually warm for early december. meteorologist justin gehrts has your first alert forecast, justin... our sky will continue to gradually clear, bringing a mostly sunny sky this afternoon. we'll have highs mainly in the upper 30s to around 40. some patchy fog is possible tonight with a mostly clear sky otherwise. tomorrow is looking very nice with lots of sunshine and highs well into the 40s. saturday will be pretty much a repeat scenario. more clouds arrive on sunday, which may squeeze out a sprinkl or light shower. despite this, we'll keep the mild temperatures around. the warmth continues all of next week with partly cloudy skies
11:04 am turning mostly sunny high: 36-42 winds: sw 5-15 alo: 39 dbq: 37 iow: 40 a judge in waterloo declared a mistrial in the case of three men accused of robbing a pharmacy. that's after a spectator made a comment to a juror in a courthouse hallway. the waterloo cedar falls courier reports 23- year-old dashawn richardson approached the juror yesterday. judge george stigler called richardson into the courtroom saying he quote 'endangered the proceedings'. the judge found him in contempt of court and ordered him to jail for 180 days. judge stigler says he's never had this happen to him in his more than 40 years as an attorney and judge. another trial will be scheduled for these three men. cody plummer, riley mallett and k'von henderson face charges for a robbery at a pharmacy earlier this year. the robbery was at the greenwood pharmacy on
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february. police say the men had guns and took cash and prescriptions drugs. after the robbery, police quickly set up a perimeter, and they arrested the men in a neighborhood north of the pharmacy. we have an update on a story we first brought you yesterday at midday. authorities in cerro gordo county have identified an inmate who died this week. the iowa department of publc safety says 28-year- old dacota witham was found unresponsive in his cell on tuesday. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. doctors performed an autopsy yeseterday, but have not determined a cause of death. undergrad students at the university of iowa will pay more for tuition next fall. yesterday, the board of regents approved a three percent increase. in september, the regents raised undergraduat e tuition for the upcoming spring semester. but that three percent increase only applied to iowa state and northern iowa. that totals to about 100 dollars for full time undergrads. students at the university of iowa were exempt from
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students at iowa are somewhat used to tuition freezes. the school hasn't raised tuition since the 2012-2013 school year. one student who has benefited from those freezes says he doesn't see future increases as that big of a deal. "i think three percent or 100 dollars added to tuition here is really negligible compared to the price, so i don't think it will affect people too much, so i don't see it being a big problem. " there could be additional increases depending on the amount of funding the legislature gives the universities. hawkeyes fans are feeling the hype, now only two days out from the big ten championship game. the undefeated hawks will take on michigan state in indianapolis on saturday. scheels sporting goods in the coral ridge mall has been busy with people buying hawks gear. the challenge for employees and retailers across the area is just trying to keep things in stock. scheels says some products like undefeated 12-and-0 shirts or the new big
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game shirts are flying off the shelves. "we've been ordering pretty much every day to get new stuff in, refill the stuff that we've been selling out of, pre-booking stuff for when they win the big ten championship, when they win the bowl game. " elsewhere in coralville, signs like this one outside herky's locker room on the coralville strip are common all over town. hotels, restaurants and pretty much everyone is showing support for the hawks. head coach kirk ferentz is getting ready for a tough matchup this weekend against the spartans. kcrg-tv9's scott saville sat down the ferentz this week to preview the big game. we'll hear from the hawkeyes coach, coming up in our next half hour. and coming up this weekend, we're partnering with the heritage area agency on aging again this year for the fill the plate telethon. it raises funds to help provide healthy meals to senior citizens here in eastern iowa. the telethon is this sunday night, starting at 5:30. you can watch it live on kcrg 9-point-2.
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infant death syndrome have decreased in just the last few decades. a new study says there are things parents can do to lower that number even more. and the department of human services is meeting with people who may be confused about iowa's change to privatized medicaid. meteorologist justin gehrts updates our temperatures coming up in your first alert
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our sky will continue to gradually clear, bringing a mostly sunny sky this afternoon. we'll have highs mainly in the upper 30s to around 40. some patchy fog is possible
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sky otherwise. tomorrow is looking very nice with lots of sunshine and highs well into the 40s. saturday will be pretty much a repeat scenario. more clouds arrive on sunday, which may squeeze out a sprinkle or light shower. despite this, we'll keep the mild temperatures around. the warmth continues all of next week with partly cloudy skies and highs remaining in the turning mostly sunny high: 36-42 winds: sw 5-15 alo: 39 dbq: 37 iow: 40 tonight: patchy fog low: 21-27 winds: sw 5-10 alo: 23 dbq: 23 iow: 25 tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 43-49 winds: s 5-15 alo: 45
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clear low: 25-31 winds: s 5-15 alo: 28 dbq: 27 iow: 30 saturday: mostly sunny high: 48 - low: 28 sunday: m/cloudy, iso. showers high: 42 - low: 31 monday: partly cloudy high: 45 - low: 32 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 45 - low: 32 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 46 - low: 31 thursday: partly cloudy high: 47 - low: 34 thanks justin. our sky will continue to gradually clear, bringing a mostly sunny sky this afternoon. we'll have highs mainly in the upper 30s to around 40. some patchy fog is possible tonight with a mostly clear sky otherwise. tomorrow is looking very
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highs well into the 40s. saturday will be pretty much a repeat scenario. more clouds arrive on sunday, which may squeeze out a sprinkle or light shower. despite this, many medicaid patients in iowa are still struggling to
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privately controlled system coming on january first. despite the confusion, only a handful of people attended a public hearing on the change yesterday in cedar rapids. one person from the department of human services said the small number of participants might have misunderstoo d the purpose. unlike previous hearings on the idea of privatizing medicaid, yesterday's meeting was only to discuss a few amendments to the governor's plan. "there wasn't much warning, and it was at a terrible time you know.,wednesday morning at 9:00. that rules out a large number of people" local d-h-s staffers were prohibited from answering questions about the plan. and only one person made a public comment about the amendments. medicaid participants are receiving notices about their assigned managed care company in the mail. sids is a common fear for new parents around the world. now it's becoming less common. new research says what parents are doing might be
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abc's doctor timonthy johnson has more. a lullaby? a good night kiss? and you put your baby down to bed. it's a scene repeated millions of times each night in homes around the country. unfortunatel y, for four thousand families each year? the nightmare of sudden infant death syndrome, or sids, means their child will never wake up. the good news? rates of sids have plummeted 70 percent over the past three decades? mostly due to safe sleep practices, like placing infants on their backs to sleep, in their own crib rather than in bed with an adult, and without any loose bedding. but there may be other things parents can do. in a new study, researchers at boston children's hospital found certain trends that appear to be linked with the decreased rate of sids over time. things like not smoking during pregnancy, better prenatal care, and higher rates
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. for right now, we can't say for sure that these factors definitely reduce sids risk? but they can't hurt. a few simple steps parents can take? that just might further reduce the risk of this rare tragedy. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. the environmental protection agency might take away approval for a herbicide that's been in use for a year. in today's agribusiness report, the company that developed it is confident nothing is wrong. stay with us. good morning this is the
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david geiger. ---- the environmental protection agency says it will revoke approval of the enlist duo herbicide by dow agrosciences. the e-p-a says it's received new information on the herbicide and thinks it's more harmful.. the product was only approved a year ago.. and has a combination of
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iowa was one of the states it was appoved to use in.. however.. in a statement.. the dow chemical company says it is confident the herbicide will be reappoved for next year.. they believe the questions raised can be resolved in a few months. dow says it is still preparing for commercial sales in 20-16. ---- the e-p-a is also standing by its final renewable fuel mandate... in a statement it says despite arguments from the oil and ethanol lobby.. advertising had little to no impact on the final decision.. they say administrator gina mccarthy made the decision based on the law, the science and public comments.. ---- lawmakers are using the highway bill to get rid of cuts to crop insurance.. nearly three billion dollars in crop insurance were set to be removed from a two-year budget agreement passed a month ago.. house ag chair mike conaway commended house speaker paul ryan and majority leader kevin mccarthy for fixing the cuts. those three billion dollars will be replaced by a federal reserve
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conaway maintains cuts would not come from ag programs.. if the highway funding bill is passed it would be the first in a decade to last longer than two years.. it provides three hundred billion dollars of funding for highways, bridges, and transit. ---- the cattle markets are still looking volatile.. in the grain markets.. bearish news from last week.. turned out to be.. not so bad.. at least for beans.. they've seen a big rally this week.. "the main story is the soybeans. we're actually up 40 cents off the lows. the argentinian election turned out to not be bearish. because..." "...essentially the sales that were coming out of the reduction of the tariff were already built into the market. throw on top of that the epa announcement on the biofuel mandates and it's got a big increase in biodeisel use. you've seen a bit of a pick up in soy oil. so put those two together and we have a nice little rally going on in the beans." "triple digit moves up and down every day. the big problem today is we're still
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last week. that is, the december board is. the december cattle actions expire on friday, then we go into deliveries the market needs to start reflecting the cash market. the market's trying to get a little closer to cash. till cash proves that it wants to go up." "we've got a pretty decent bottoming action there. the slaughter runs typically top out the week after thanksgiving. you have a dip during thanksgiving and usually one more week of bigger numbers and then they start to slow down. i think that's what the market's been waiting on. some evidence that we're reducing the supply." ---- the enrollment period for the federal conservation reserve program is open.. this is its 30th anniversary and as of september.. 24 point two million acres are enrolled in the program. u-s-d-a says c-r-p is also protecting another one hundred 70 thousand stream miles with forest and buffers.. more than one and a half million acres of c-r-p are set to expire next year.. the
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february. ---- and that's all we have for the agribusiness report.. i hope you join us again tomorrow. ---- we'll post a video every day in the agribusiness section of you'll find it under the news tab. i'm david geiger with the agribusiness report. trt 3.40 oc webtease the league of conservation voters is hosting a town hall in iowa city. it will lead a discussion on the nutrient reduction strategy. the group says iowa's legislative leaders should do more to protect iowa's watershed. that will be at the environmental education center in iowa city at 7 o'clock tonight. there are several events to choose from across eastern iowa - and this time of year, you can bet they'll have something to do with the holidays. the gazette's diana nollen joins us next to tell us about a few options you may want to add to your calendar with this week's best bets.
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we're in full holiday mode with events across eastern iowa. and hoopla has found this week's best bets. the gazette's diana nollen is here today. let's start with a classic this time of year - the nutcracker. a local classic that's changed this year - jim
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changed this year - jim mcdonough is going solo. and another favorite - tribute is at the paramount next week... 'the nutcracker' ballets friday to sunday, dec. 4 to 6 no holiday is complete without a visit to clara's house where her beloved uncle drosselmeyer presents the magical gift of a nutcracker, leading to enchanting and dangerous adventures. tchaikovsky's timeless tale is springing to life this weekend at both ends of the corridor. nolte academy is presenting its annual production at the englert
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through sunday. on saturday and sunday, orchestra iowa and ballet quad cities will blend their artistry on the paramount stage in cedar rapids. both interpretatio ns will lead audiences to the land of aahs. "the nutcracker" ballets cedar rapids: 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. saturday and 2:30 p.m. sunday , paramount theatre, 123 third ave. se; $19 to $54, paramount box office, 366-8203 or paramountthe atrecr.comiowa city: 7:30 p.m. friday ; 2 and 7:30 p.m. saturday ; and 2 and 6:30 p.m. sunday , englert theatre, 221 e. washington st.; $16 to $28.50, englert box office, 688-2653 or englert.orgji m mcdonough: solo friday and saturday, dec. 4 and 5 jim mcdonough isn't doing his extravagant holiday sweep around eastern iowa this year, but he is giving two solo performances this weekend at st. patrick today the iowa hawkeyes are making today the iowa hawkeyes are making preparations for their big game against michigan state this weekend. we'll hear from head coach kirk ferentz after the break meteorologist justin gehrts updates our temperatures coming up in your first alert
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authorities in southern california are searching for a motive after a mass shooting in san bernardino. today the city's mayor says he's thankful for the nation-wide support. part of downtown des moines will have tighter security this weekend after a homicide there just last week. "that the challenges we face, we can meet them head- on together. " and waterloo's new mayor says he wants to unify a divided city. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at midday. today investigators in california are trying to figure out what led two people to kill 14 people in san bernardino. police say two people entered a a social services center and opened fire early yesterday afternoon. authorities shot and killed the suspected shooters in this black suv. since then, authorities have searched one suspect's home just a few miles
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san bernardino spoke with abc's george stephanoplolous about the shooting. he took some time to thank people across the nation for their support. "our city is on high alert. we want to make sure that our community does stay safe. it's also important to realize that the victims of this crime need support. we will continue to outreach to them. we've had an outpouring and showering of support. " today attorney general loretta lynch said the justice department will be offering 'any assistance necessary' for the investigation. today speaker of the house paul ryan is laying out his plans for the republican party. during his first major speech since becoming house speaker in october, ryan sketched out his vision for congressiona l republicans. the wisconsin representative says republicans have to do more than just try and undo president obama's agenda. ryan says congress
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pro-growth plan for the country. despite a guaranteed veto, congress is moving forward with a bill to demolish president obama's health care law. the bill would also stop any federal funding for planned parenthood. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the health law is a direct attack on the middle class in the united states. the white house says the bill to dismantle it would take away important benefits to families across the country. the university of iowa children's hospital will soon have a new name. the regents approved naming the hospital the stead family university of iowa children's hospital, after businessman jerre stead and his wife, mary joy. the steads have donated more than 50 million dollars to the university. the name goes into effect next november. a great forecast for lots of events this coming weekend. first, meteorologis t justin gehrts has your first alert forecast, justin... our sky will continue to gradually clear, bringing a mostly sunny sky this afternoon. we'll have highs mainly in the upper 30s to around 40.
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tonight with a mostly clear sky otherwise. tomorrow is looking very nice with lots of sunshine and highs well into the 40s. saturday will be pretty much a repeat scenario. more clouds arrive on sunday, which may squeeze out a sprinkle or light shower. despite this, we'll keep the mild temperatures around. the warmth continues all of next week with partly cloudy skies and highs remaining in the turning mostly sunny high: 36-42 winds: sw 5-15 alo: 39 dbq: 37 iow: 40 a davenport man convicted of a deadly drunk driving crash will spend up to 25 years in prison. a jury found 62-year-old robert aguirre guilty in october. during his sentencing yesterday, the quad city times reports he apologized to the victim's family. authorities say he had a blood alcohol content nearly 3
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when he hit a 24-year-old on his motorcycle last year. security will be tight in downtown des moines this weekend after a homicide in the area last week. the des moines register reports the court center building on court avenue is hiring two off-duty police officers to patrol the building. that building holds several bars at the corner of court avenue and third street. the officers will be on hand from 11:30 until 2:30 in the morning starting tonight. investigators say someone shot 21-year-old edmanuel perez outside that building last weekend. perez later died at a hospital. police have not released the condition of the other man and have not announced any arrests. a family that owns a hog confinement building is trying to figure out what to do after a fire that killed more than 4 thousand pigs. firefighters arrived at brenneman pork near wellman around 9:45 tuesday night. the fire had already burned much of the building, and there wasn't much they could do. firefighters couldn't salvage anything from
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yesterday morning when the fire rekindled. the family says it's a devastating loss. "raising pigs and farming is something that we're passionate about, and raising our family on the farm, but l'm certainly hoping that we will be able to rebuild eventually, and have a place where our kids can learn to raise pigs too. it something we love." brenneman says she doesn't know how the family plans to move forward. fire investigators haven't determined a cause. waterloo's first black mayor in the city's history will be sworn in next month. quentin hart is also a relatively young leader, something the city hasn't had in a while. hart beat former waterloo mayor tim hurley in tuesday's run-off election. unofficial results show hart received more than five thousand votes. hart will replace buck clark who did not run for a fourth term. the mayor-elect has experience working with the city as a councilman for the 4th ward. he says he wants to bring people from both
11:31 am
in waterloo. since his campaign announcement in july, hart told tv-9 that he knocked on thousands of doors in hopes citizens would support him. one element he wants to bring right away is to celebrate waterloo's success. " 7:35 taking a look at some short-term successes by letting people know what's happening. there are a lot of great things happening, a lot of initatives taking place but i think that, sometimes, we keep some of those secrets to ourselves. " hart also says he wants to focus on the budget with city council in his first 30 days of office. one woman from linn county is extra thankful for a big gift today. crying with applause lucinda alexander learned several area companies chose her as the winner of a new van last night. marion tire, deery brothers and hyvee joined the salvation army to give away the vehicle as part of a program called miles of smiles. the program narrows down nominations it receives
11:32 am
members. then, a selection committee chooses a winner. " i am excited, i am thankful, and grateful for someone to select my family. " this is the fourth year for the miles of smiles giveaway. alexander says she doesn't have a car, and she's looking forward to driving it around with her family. in just a little more than two days, the iowa hawkeyes will take the field against michigan state in the big ten championship game. leading them into battle will be head coach kirk ferentz, who just won his fourth big ten coach of the year award this week. kcrg-tv9's scott saville sat down with ferentz to preview saturday's game. michigan state connor cook quick release he has great weapons how do you defend that? it is going to be a big challenge for us he is a good quarterback experienced he has won a lot of games for them he is a leader and they have excellent receivers. part of the key is their offensive line they were not healthy early in the season they are all back now and have played well the last couple of
11:33 am
challenge for us. other side of the ball they got some they have a couple of first round draft picks on the defensive line how do you attack that? it is interesting first round draft picks the qb and you flip it over on the side they look like an nfl line. extremely big and talented, they play hard it is going to be a real challenge but it does start up front we have to nuetralize those guys. it is like a mirror game if you look at the stats they are almost identical plus 14 turnover margin. that is one thing both teams do a great job of taking care of the ball they deem that really important and we have done the same of all the stats that is an important one. might be the biggest game in iowa football history that is debatable how do you get your team ready to play in a game of this magnitude? i am not going down that road at all because these other 12 games have been big to that is what has allowed to play 13. it is really important reward for our guys an opportunity. to me it is like any big game we have played this year. the bowl game or playoffs and i think the message to our team is it gets down to playing good football that is what gets you where you want to go that is what determines big games. ben niemann was knocked out in that last game is he arlight to go and how healthy are you going in? he is working back in the progression they set and everything has been very positive. we anticipate him being ready to go but that could change at anytime if he can't go bo bower can step in
11:34 am
for people not traveling to the game, you can watch it this saturday on fox. kick-off from indianapolis is at 7:17 p-m. the university of northern iowa needs a new athletic director. troy dannen will be the a-d at tulane university in new orleans. last year, the national
11:35 am
directors of athletics named dannen as the under armour a-d of the year. u-n-i will name an interim a-d while it searches for a new one. dannen's last day at u-n-i will be december 31st. the country music hall of fame honors an artist from down under. and bono celebrates 10 years of his effort to fight poverty and aids. meteorologist justin gehrts updates our temperatures coming >> announcer: this is an abc
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california shooting rampage. now reporting george stephanopoulos. >> and we are coming on the air right now because we're about to get a briefing from law enforcement officials on the scene of that massacre in san bernardino, california. 14 killed, 17 injured by a husband and wife couple. syed syed farook and tashfeen malik. i'm joined by brian ross. president obama said we still don't know exactly what motivated these two people. we know they were building up an arsenal of weapons. >> he talked about mixed motives but additional weaponry at the home. we have been told by senior law enforcement officials in california and washington they discovered a variety of different types of explosives built and now the investigation is focusing on were there others who helped them build this arsenal or in the planning of the attack. >> they bought two handguns
11:37 am
weapons were bought by another party. >> the assault rifle. >> here come the law enforcement officials right now. we're hearing from the chief of the san bernardino police department. jarrod burguan and the sheriff and l.a. director of the fbi who are coming up to the microphones. they were briefed several times last night. let's listen in. >> are we ready to go? all right. good morning everybody. my name is jarrod burguan, chief of police here in san bernardino and i have sheriff mcmahon with me and we have congressman and county supervisor joining us as well. i want to reiterate that how incredibly tragic this is and we have a lot of families
11:38 am
here. and we need to be sensitive to that. and i want to put out to those families out there that our prayers are with them and we support them in any way we can. some updated numbers. 14 people that are confirmed dead in this incident. the number of wounded has risen from 17 to 21. they are being treated at various local hospitals. we were asked yesterday about the number of officers that responded. we are still compiling the total are number of officers that responded when the initial call went out. our rough count is about 300 officers from local, county, state and federal agencies that responded for the initial active shooter and helped deal with the crime scene here. many of those assets also moved and part of the investigation and the officer involved shooting that followed.
11:39 am
regional center what we have total is we believe the suspects when they entered fired somewhere between 65 and 75 rounds from their rifles at the scene. we did locate the one pipe bomb that was three pipe bombs combined into one that had a remote control car, device that appears to have not have worked in this case. there were also four high-capacity 223 rifle magazines that were dropped by the suspects and left in there as evidence that had been recovered. i can confirm that the suspects were wearing the black style tactical gear we talked about. they were not wearing ballistic vests, bullet proof vests. what they did have and what people may have confused they had tactical style vests that held equipment, magazines and ammunition and that sort of stuff. sorry?
11:40 am
on the officer involved shooting a couple hours after the incident. we said how that came to be and how we ended up at that point in the investigation and what we were following up on. on the officer involved shooting that occurred we had seven police agencies involved in that shooting including our department, the sheriff's department, 14 of our police officers involved. and then there were various other agencies that were part of some of the local task force that had come to assist in the initial response. of the seven agencies we had 23 officers that were actually firing their weapons at the suspects. law enforcement fired approximately 380 rounds at the suspects both of them were killed here at the scene. the suspects are believed to have fired about 76 rifle rounds at the officers at the termination of the pursuit. >> how many? >> 76 is our number that we have right now. however, on them, on their
11:41 am
had over 1400 caliber rounds available to them and over 209 millimeter rounds on their persons as well. >> how many? >> 200. we talked about how they had the 223 assault style weapons and nine millimeter pistols with them. >> 1400? >> 1400 on 223 rounds. 200, nine millimeter rounds. on their person, yes. on their person or immediately in the vehicle around and available to them. let me get to a few others. we had two officers injured in that incident. one was a police officer that sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and taken to a locate hospital. he is probably going to be released this morning if he has not already been. his injuries are not life-threatening. i did visit with him. he's in good spirits. we also as of this morning learned there was a second deputy that was also injured in the incident.
11:42 am
that we believe came from broken glass. not exactly sure. two officers were injured in that exchange. the house in redlands that became part of the focus yesterday. i will confirm that the search that took place revealed that there were 12 pipe bomb type devices found in that house or in the garage of that house. there were also hundreds of tools, many of which could be used to construct ieds or pipe bombs and in addition to that, they had other material to have produced some additional bombs as well. there were another 2,000 nine millimeter rounds found another that house. over 2,500 223 rounds found at the house and 2,500 and there were additional several hundred 22 long rifle rounds found there.
11:43 am
about the seskpecifics of the investigation. the fbi has comments to make a little bit later. do you have any questions for me? >> do you believe they were planning another attack? >> we don't know. clearly they were equip and could have continued to do another attack. we intercepted them before that happened obviously. [ inaudible ] >> so the investigation is still going on. and i don't think we're prepared to talk about other people that we might be looking for. we are confident that the two people that were involved in the shooting here are the two dead suspects that we have at the scene and we do not have any credible information to indicate that there is an immediate threat to anybody in the area or anybody in the region. can't hear everybody. brian. >> the remote control car that was with the pipe bombs, can you elaborate what that was? >> it's my understanding it was three pipe bombs attached together, somehow attached to the car and it was designed that the remote control device would
11:44 am
device off. we don't know if they attempted and it failed or what the story is. [ inaudible ] >> it was found in a bag that was there at the scene. >> what contact -- [ inaudible ] >> i'm going to let the fbi address those. the gopro is not confirmed. we don't have any information of that or any cameras that was on them. >> based on your interviews can you tell us exactly what happened in the room and do you still believe there was some dispute and they left and came back? it seems very much preplanned. >> we have people in the room that have indicated that the suspect was in the room during the early part of this meeting or party type event. it was a county public health christmas holiday type gathering/luncheon is what it is.
11:45 am
he did have initial information that he left under some kind of duress or as if he was angry. we had somebody else say that he just kind of disappeared and we don't know where he went. i don't know that we know enough about that yet but we will confirm he was there early on. >> do you have any motive? >> we still don't have the motive. >> how they got in the building, were they targeting anyone in particular? >> the building this took place in i'm sure you have aerial views of what it is. this took place in the southern most building on the property, the doors that they entered were located on the east side, so they entered from that parking lot into those east doors which went directly into the room which is where the shooting took place. they were unlocked. >> do you know how much time elapsed when he left the party? >> they sprayed the room with bullets. i don't know there was any one person they targeted. they killed 14 people there.
11:46 am
long time elapsed when he -- [ inaudible ] >> i have to apologize i meant to follow up on that question and failed to ask that today. yesterday we had information that it was anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. i'll tie that up later on in the day. >> it seems hard to believe that it was spontaneous -- >> we said yesterday that there appears to be a degree of planning that went into this. nobody just gets upset at a party and goes home and puts together that elaborate scheme or plan to come back and do that. there was planning that went into this. >> is there any indication of how long they had been -- [ inaudible ] >> i don't think we are far enough into the investigation to really be able to say what that pattern has been or every place they have been or what they have been doing over the last several months or several years. that's the part we're still working on. >> did he have a grudge against his co-workers?
11:47 am
but i think at some point later today we'll probably have a comment from his employer and the county to talk about those issues. [ inaudible ] >> why was he invited back to -- >> it's my understanding he was still an employee of the county. >> where did he buy the guns from? >> they were legally purchased. the two handguns were purchased by him. the rifles were not. those are components we are still following up on. all four guns were legally purchased. [ inaudible ] >> i'm sorry. [ inaudible ] >> there's no criminal record that he had that we're aware of. >> what about the get-away car, we're told there was a utah license plate. any idea how it was acquired? >> a black fordxcur expedition.
11:48 am
he rented it three or four days ago. it was due to be returned yesterday. that's why it had utah plates but rented locally. >> is there any connection that something was planned by that trip? >> i'll let the fbi discuss that. those are things they're working on. >> have you been able to identify all the victims? >> so our plan today is we're going to do a morning press conference throughout the course of the day. the sheriff and the coroner's office is going to release the names of the victims. we have been working throughout the night to get identity of those folks and then make notifications so we will start to put those names out here fairly soon. we're going to probably try to get some pictures out for you as well and probably try to move the media closer to the scene and then we'll come back and do a press conference later on. throughout the course of the day we'll start releasing the names of the victims.
11:49 am
>> several we believe are. [ inaudible ] >> you know, i read an article by one of testimony reporters in the sun this morning and she talked about the resiliency of this community and everybody knows we have been beat up with bankruptcy and economically it's been hit hard. we will survive this. we have had a ground swell of support from our neighboring communities and well wishes that have come in from all over the place. i know there's a candlelight vigil planned later tonight at the stadium on east street and i think you'll see evidence of a tremendous amount of support and people going to come together in support. as far as the officers, everything that i've seen and all the officers from my department i contacted, they're doing extraordinarily well. as the chief of this agency i'm proud of the way our folks responded. not only the initial response
11:50 am
local and regional partners but for the way they engaged in the officer involved shooting. that was nothing short of heroic. extremely proud. >> were you officers wearing body cams? [ inaudible ] >> so i think there's some questions still about whether they were california legal or not. we have not gotten to the bottom of that. i'll let atf address that later on. we know that the four guns were purchased appeared to be a legal purchase and appeared to be registered. >> were your officers wearing body cam? >> not our officers. i don't know about the others. i'm not sure where the child is. i don't know where she is. >> can you possess that much ammunition legally? >> i don't think we have restrictions. you may educate me on that. i'm not aware of any law. >> anything on the ammunition
11:51 am
>> offhand i'm not specifically aware of anything that was against the law. >> chief, can you tell us about the search of the home, what you're looking for? that would help you and who lived there? >> the suspect and -- both suspects were listed on the rental agreement for the property. as i said yesterday, i don't know that we can definitively say they were living there or elsewhere in what exactly that house was used for. the house became a focus of the investigation based upon information that we had from witness that is identified him as an employee that was there that they thought was involved and it was follow up that we had done connected to that person that took us to that house, led us to that vehicle, which resulted in the pursuit and the shooting that happened. obviously once we were involved in that, the house became a primary focus. so we took our time securing it and cleared it safely. that's where we discovered the other pipe bombs and i think
11:52 am
evidence, cell phones that had been recovered from there and various other places. [ inaudible ] >> i think there's a lot of helpful information. >> how many scenes are active right now? [ inaudible ] >> we're still working and trying. obviously i think we have heard the rumors that you have heard. keep in mind i'm pretty careful when i come up here -- as i said information that went out yesterday is likely to change too today and tomorrow. i want to be as accurate as we can and a lot of that stuff becomes hearsay and i would like to confirm before we say it. [ inaudible ] >> so there's been a number of electronic items from thumb drives to computers and cell phones taken.
11:53 am
the analysis. i don't know what they have completed yet. real quickly, david from the fbi is here and has a few comments and then we'll finish a few more questions. >> chief, was there any surveillance? >> it's my understanding there was no specific surveillance that was inside the room where the shooting took place. we are in possession of surveillance cameras from the area and we're still going through that evidence. >> good morning. assistant director in charge of the fbi in los angeles. i want to focus on two points, again, our hearts and our prayers are with the families of all these victims of this very heinous act. secondly, i ask you to be patient, we are trying to give you little bits as we can as we ascertain more and more facts. as you can tell by this investigation and even the media response here today this is not your average investigation.
11:54 am
we have many victims. and it will take time. there are a tremendous number of assets and resources being applied to this investigation. my focus as a fact-finder who works for an organization that is really fixated on facts is i would much rather be slower and correct with the information that comes out to you than fast and incorrect. it's incredibly important for us because the integrity of this investigation is absolutely paramount as far as we're concerned absent other than taking care of the victims. so we are applying a number of federal resources. we are continuing to work very, very carefully with our partners here at san bernardino county sheriff's department, police department and atf. these resources are being applied for a number of reasons. we flew in a team to do some -- from washington to do some
11:55 am
we have continued collecting
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