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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  December 10, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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help at-risk kids succeed in school. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrgv9 news at 10 . some people in iowa city say the current bell schedule at schools is creating problems. this evening, a task force met to find a new school day schedule for ththnext academic year. right now, elementary school students in iowa city start classes at 8:45 a-m. junior and senior high students begin at 8:00 a-m. thisear's start times are different f fm last year's. that's when elementary school students started earlier, and junior and senior high school students began later. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy is in the iowa city newsroom tonight. sarah, solving this time issue will extend into the new year? bruce, we first reported on this issue in october, when the district chose
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they're closer to a solution. but now busing is the challenge. intro parents, teachers and students.. hi i'm maya. many don't know eeh other but they're working together to find a solution. "elementary starts at 7:45, secondary at 8:45." finding a way to make these numbers fit. it's the group's second go- around. lori roetlin - iccsd board member " the consensus last time was that elementary should start before secondary. " a possible fix that flip-flops how bell times work now. but bus routes make that solutioioa little sticky. "right now we have it tiered so that buses go out pick up secondary student, drop them all off, and then get the elementary students, so we're looking at do we want to continue doing it that way or do we want to try something elel." bus guy now, that number is down to 90, under a tiered system that reduces cost. but that means bus drivers need an hour between picking up one tier of
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another - making for long wait times at elementaries and late arrivals home. brandi bell - parent "with my son at weber, he gets home so late, to me it's dark outside, and with kids it doesn't matter to them, but as a parent you worried. anything could happen to them." the group is looking at ur options - they'd all start elementary students earlier, possibly as early as 7:30 in the morning, with secondary schools starting as late as 8:55. roetlin says a solution should be nailed down soon. "parents need adequate timemeo make arrangements, the plan is that this will all be wrapped up by february." the task force will meet again on january 25th but the district is still working on a time and location. live in iowa city, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. turning now to meteorologist oe winters. joe, not as windy tomorrow? westerly winds, which picked up as a cold front slid east, now diminish and turn
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the wind shift is in advance of our next storm that holds the promise of a rainy weekend. light rain develops as early as friday night, with the heaviest rainfall later on saturday into sunday. with the threat for thunderstorm s we have to also be aware of some heavier rain totals. it looks like widespread 1-2" amounts throughout eastern iowa. some light december snowfall could occur later monday. have a great night! tonight: mostly clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 5 55tomorrow: slight chance of rain late high: 51-57 winds: se 5-15 cedar rapids schools say there were inaccuracies in the investigation that found some students, staff and construction workers may have been exposed to asbestos. a department of natural resources investigation found there was uncontained asbestos at washington high school earlier this year. but the district says renovation work was happening in the area - and that students and staff did
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the district says it cleaned t area where asbestos was found and tested the air afterward. the d-n-r report said the district was initially reluctant to close the school over the summer due to the asbestos problems and in firing the asbestos removal company. the district says it used immediate and appropriate measures to address the situation. the d-n-r is pursuing legal action against the district and the asbestos companynyt hired, abatement specialties. two dog trainers are suspended after greyhounds tested positive for a banned substance earlier this year. alicia bushey and jessica hughes - who worked for the iowa greyhound park in dubuque - both agreed to the more than 30 day suspension with the iowa racing and gaming commission. the banned substance is called ractopamine and increases muscle mass. the commission believes the drug came from dog food. a facebook post from the johnson county sheriff is sparking conversation about gun
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the e st shows part of a gun permit request, and lists the prior offenses of the person who wants the gun permit. sheriff lonny pulkrabeck says he doesn't want to issue the permit because of all ththoffenses, but state law says he has to. in 2011, lawmakers changed iowa's gun law from may issue to shall issue. under "may issue," sheriff's could deny gugupermits for nearly any reason. "shall issue" allows sheriffs to deny permits only for specific reasons, such as alcoholism, mental illness, or past felony convictions. lkrabeck says he osted the permit application on facebook to make a point. he says someone with an offense like a no contact order should not get a gun permit. "its just another glaring ample of someone whoho would not, and i think the general public would not consider a law abiding citizen." pulkrabeck says he would have to petition for a change in the law to deny such
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he says he doesn't believe lawmakers will make changes any time soon, but he hopes they will eventually re-evaluate the gun law. dubuque countyty old jail is getting a new life. it's been a museum since the early 1970's. now, the county plans to use the exhibit section of the museum as office space for two county departmtmts. but the jail is a national historic place, and that prevents them from changing or removing the old cells. the county's veterans affairs commission and the i-t department will move in to the old jail building on january first. the university of iowa is renaming its information hubor students over complaints about its acronym. owa student information systems - or isis - is a collection of tools where students can sign up for classes or review financial aid. but the university has received complaints about the name since the terrorist group isis became prominent last year. officials say they are using the opportunity
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system, with a new name. "on social media there were some students that were expressing concern about googling the name isis trying to find the university of iowa isis, and they didn't like the fact that they were typing that name in. " the university of iowa hopes to launch the system sometime next semester. the iowa hawkeye football team has had a very successful season, thanks to a lot of work by the players and coacacs. but t-v nine's iowa cici bureau chief mark carlson reports one hawkeye star also takes time to get away, and he uses his off days trying to help others succeed. "this year iowa hawkeye head football coach kirk ferentz gave his players thursdays completely off of football, and one star hawkeye running back spent much of that time volunteering in the community. " okay, one more time... i-n-a-a-d-i- b-l-e.... good, good.
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community for making big plays -- like this. cheers but canzeri makes big impact off the field too. the lives of kids he's a regular thursday volunteer wiwi the non- profit organization strive for success, where he helps kids catch-up with their spelling and reading. "it's just fun to see them just full energy. " success after a class required 40 hours of volunteer work. but long ago he exceeded those hours, and he's still showing up, and he has no plans to stop. "there's a lot of kids i've met and people that i've seen grow up and make the wrong decisions so if there's anyway i can help pushing them in the right direction than that's something i'm willing to do. " "i believe we have a few future hawkeye players in the program myself, but what thehedon't understand, many don't understand the academic side, they think they can just go and play football and make it they
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football you have to get good grades. " and canzeri's volunteer work stretches beyond after school programs. he's a regular at the u-i children's hospital. thursday morning he was there with teammates handing out yellow roses to young patients. "i was just influenced to help others as much as possible, especially from my mom, she's just been a great role model for me. " and a great role model -- is exactly what canzeri has become. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. an anonymous donor is giving up a trip totoee the hawkeyes play in the rose bowl to help families in need. the donor recently dropped off nearly two thousand pounds of food to the north liberty community food pantry. the pantry's executive director says the food will feed more than 60 families. a choir based in coralville has been meeting week after week to practice for
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coming up, you'll hear the group as it performs in front of family and friends. " hi i'm bryce hamilton. i just want to wish my friends and family back in charlotte, iowa, and pennsylvania a happy holidays. i'll be home soon. i miss you all. "
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a group that started back in 2009 is still going strong. they call themselves the
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choir. the group consists of about 60 people, and it meets every tuesday to practice. friends and famimi came together watch the final product tonight. kcrg-tv's jill kasparie takes us there... the choir is all here. choir director practicing it's the last quick practice efore the show. joel conard and steve dunham are shaking their last-minute nerves. " 21:36:42 i am usually calm and cool until i'm right on the spot." "21:41:11 i try to be in the moment. " when the concert beings - they each have their parts. joel is what's called an inside singer -- steve an
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outside singers get to leave, inside singers have to stay. "21:30:25 we don't call ourselves inmates. it's inside singers and outside singers." the men in green are serving time at the iowa medical and classification center in coralville. those in purple are volunteering their time "21:43:05 when we first started a years ago there was a lot of tension, both the inside singers and the outside singers were very nervous." now they sasa they're morere comfortable as they sing holiday songs and songs written by inmates. "21:40:48 each one is powerful its own way." music isn't the only powerful part of this group - it's the connections they make. "2:33:55 this gives me a connection with people that i wouldn't otherwise have in here." " 21:38:12 these guys s y it helplpthem but i think the outside singers get more out of it. " a group of insiders and outsiders
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together for a better future and a good show. "21:35:55 we wear different colored shirts but i think we have an understanding that we are all human beings and we've all made mistakes. " in coralville, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. the woman who started the group is an associate professor at the uninirsity of iowa a o was researching music in prison. she says the goal is for participants to learn from each other and to empower inmates to gain skills for successfully re-entering society. the play area at coral ridge mall recently got a big makeover... today, the mall re- opened it to kids with the
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westerly winds, which picked up as a cold front slid east, now diminish and turn to the southwest. the wind shift is in advance of our next storm that holds the promise of a rainy weekend.
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with the heaviest rainfall later on saturday into sunday. wiwi the threat for thunderstorm s we have to also be aware of some heavier rain totals. it looks like widespread 1-2" amounts throrohout eastern iowa. s se light dececber snowfall could occur later monday. have a great night! tonight: mostly clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 5-15tomorrow: slight
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high: 51-57 winds: se 5-15tomorrow night: chance of showers low: 44-50 winds: sw 5-10saturday: rain likely high: 55 - low: 47 sunday: showers/stor ms high: 55 - low: 55 monday: chance of rain/snow high: 41 - low: 40 tuesday: partly cloudy
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chance of rain/snow high: 35 - low: 31 thursday: partly cloudy high: 36
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he play area at corararidge mall has a new look. today it re-opened with new elements that tie into the theme of the new university of iowa children's hospital. herky and the children's hospital mascot, perky, helped welcome kids to the indoor playgroundnd the children's hospital worked with coralridge to improve the play area on west side of the mall. the university says it used feedback to improve the play area, which now includes
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" 05:50:40 we took safety into issue in deciding these products. we didn't want to put anything in there that would cause significant injury to a child. so we were thoughul in choosing the e roducts. " the university of iowa children's hospital used general hospital funds for the makeover. the cedar valley habitat for humanity raffled off a life-size playhyhse tonight. it was during the organization's holiday open house, which was held at the national czech & slovak museum in cedar rapids. over the past few weeks, cedar rapids-area hyvee stores helped sell the raffles tickets. the money raised will go toward habitat projects planned for next year. the new kcrg news app is now available to download. if you have the old kcrg app, you'll need to delete that and download the new one. the new app includes direct links to the t-v nine facebook and twitter pages so you can connect with us. you can also set custom alerts for breaking news, sports, and weather. and it also works with the apple watch. you'll find the kcrg news app in
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app stores. stay with us. we'll
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a comeback by the cyclones tonight. josh has more from ames. iowa hasn't won at hilton coliseum since 2003... the cyclones have won the last two meetings in the series. in the first half, cedar rapids jefferson grad jarrod uthoff was on fire... watch the cross- over and step back jumper...a thing of beauty... little later, jarrod drives and throws it down with the left hand... he had 30 points s the first half alone... the hawkeyes led 49-35 at the break and were by as much as 20 points but iowa state makes a comeback in the rnd half... cyclones get a steal, monte morris is all alone for the dunk... iowa state trails by 9 the deficit keeps shrinking... jameel mckay swats it out to george niang who buries the three-pointer...
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minutes left iowa responds... anthony clemmons left wide open, he sticks the landing on that three to put the hawkeyes back up by six with 3:10 left. but the cyclones don't get rattled... they get a steal off the iowa inbounds pass... kick out to matt thomas who pumps, fires and buries a three... he had 19 points off the bench... cyclones with 55 seconds to go. they made a defensive stand and got the ball back with 21.5 seconds left... monte morris, drives and knocks down the floater to give iowa state an 83-82 lead... uthoff nearly hits a three to win for iowa, but the hilton magic works again as iowa state comes back to beat iowa, 83-82. "george handed me that ball and he said to go win this game. that just shows the character, the type of person georges is and confidence he has in me and my teammates... i think this one stole the show for my career right now." in ames, josh christensen tv9 sports thanks josh and what a night it was for hawkeye
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desmond was looking dapper at the home depot college football awards show. and that's a od thing because he e n the jim thorpe award tonight as the top defensive back in the country. desmond with a hug for his mom and coach parker.. his 8 picks are tied for the lead in the country. i would likikto thank my mom my brother my best friend coach parker over their who taught me how to fight thru adversity and overcome mental mistakes. i thank everyone here right now not just supporting us but student athletes as well. sot :17 oc: "student athletes as well " lets grapple second ranked iowa hosted 11th ranked rutgers tonight. scott westerberg has the highlights. coach brands and the hawkeyes looking to go to 2-0 in the big ten....first up it's number two ranked thomas gilman who takes care of sean mccabe....gilma n dominates his way to a 21-6 tech fall... the hawkeyes go up 9-0 just two matches in....cory clarar with an 11-2 win at 133....clark is now 8-0 on the season.... after rutgers gets one at
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the hawks back on track with a tech fall at 149....then at 174, alex meyer wins 8-3. the iowa wrestlers felt like rutgers had been talkin some trash leading up to the match and they responded with a dominating 29-6 win. "when you wrestle a tee like us, a real hard- nosed team, we'll shut them up real quick." in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. we had wreslting on kcrg 9.2 tonight.. kennedy hosted xavier and eli benyon withththe cradle on peter kennedy for the fall to put the cougars up 6-0.. xavier answered at 113 113 jeff vipod with the two point near-fall against cam shaver for the 12-0 major decision.. but checkout big sam pape with bear hug to back for the pin and kennedy beat xavier 48-30. boys high school hoops tonight wash hosted linn- mar and laveechie williams was a man child inside for the warriors as wash jumped out to an 8 point lead early.. but linn-mar battled with the long ball.. beau klosterman connects from the behind the arc.. a a then jared printy
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linn-mar knocks another trey down and the lions beat the warriors 69-49. and finally prairiehbowler kaitlyn early is our kcrg tv-9 athlete of the week sponsored by cedar rapids toyota.a.ecause of time constraints we will feature kailtyn tomorrow at 6:00. thanks, scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... westerly winds, which picked up as a cold front slid east, now diminish and turn to the southwest. the wind shift is in advance of our next storm that holds the promise of a rainy weekenen. light rain develops as early as friday night, with the heaviest rainfall later on saturday into sunday. with the threat for thunderstorm s we have to also be aware of some heavier rain totals. it looks like widespread 1-2" amounts throughout eastern iowa. some light december snowfall could occur later monday. have a great night! tonight: mostly clear low: 34-40
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