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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 11, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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the fbi now focusing on a murky lake looking for evidence in the san bernardino tfrror attack. the connection to the shooters plus survivors returning to the scene for the very first time since the rampage. the new threat to homeland security. isis made and authentic looking with boxes of blank passports andable to print phony ones. caught on camera. a man on a bike ignoring a crossing gate and heading right toward a speeding train. andnd sky high.. a stunt a daredevil flipping, spinning and hopping on rooftops. well, good friday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm richard bacon and developments from sanan bernardino. workers who survived last week's attack have been allowed back into the building where it happened in order to retrieve
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>> just a few miles away fbi divers are expected back in the water today. searching for evidence linked to the couple responsible for the attack. abc's lana zak has details. >> we will leave no stone un unturned. >> reporter: the fbibis exhaustively searching a small lake where they believe the killers came on the same day that they massacred 14 people in san bernardino. >> we are building a time line of everything we know to ensure that we can retrace every step they took. >> reporter: while the fbi would not say what they're looking for, there are reports that they hope to recover a digital device from the lake located just three miles from the site of thehe shooting. that's where more survivors gathered re-entering their workplace, everything as it was. >> scary. real sad and looking at my co-woshg co-worker co-worker's desk. >> reporter: yesterday the first
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the youngest killed in last week's attack. >> just full of life. full of energy and just being who she was. not trying to be someone else. >> reporter: and as the investigation continues, n n word that enrique marquez, the friend of the killer who supplied the assault rifles may have lived a double life. his family members tell abc news they didn't know he had converted to islam or married to a woman with ties to the killer's family. lana zak, abc news, washington. as we grapple with isis inspiring americans to carry out attacks at home, there is a new warning about isis. >> the group creating fake passports to potentially get terrorists into the u.s. brian ross has details. >> reporter: with the u.s. and other countries on high alert for isis attacks, american authorities are warning the terror group may have infiltrated followers into this country with authentic-looking passports it has printed itself
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>> if isis has beenble to acquire legitimate passports or machines that create legitimate ssports, this would represent a major security risk to the united states. >> reporter: authorities say as isis swept through mor syrian cities last year it was able to seize government passport printing machines of a kind used by major governments around the world. a homeland security investigation's bulletin sent to law enforcement in the last week and obtained by abc news showed examames of suspect passports and said isis may have boxes full of blank passports. the bulletin warned individuals from syria with passports issued in these isis controlled cities or who have passport blanks may have traveled to the u.s. several of the fraudulent passports have already been discovered in europe. most notably in the paris attacks when authorities said one of the suicide bombers used this forged syrian passport to
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brian ross, abc news, w york. well, there's a chilling lili between last month's paris attack and the u.s. one of the guns used was sold by its manufacturer to an online firearms dealer in florida. 2 1/2 years ago. no word h h it ended up back in europe. connecticut will be the first state to close a loophole. the governor will block the sale of firearms to anyone on the no-fly list. a new poll shows just how concerned americans are right now about terrorism. it finds 79% saying a terrorist attack i very or somewhat likely in the nextew months. the same level, the exact same level it was at after the 9/11 attacks. and that fear is said to be poll numbers. he now has a 1919oint lead over his rivals. that's up 13 since october. ted cruz is second followed by ben carson, marco rubio and then
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a different pollas 57% of americans objecting to trump's proposed ban on muslims. that survey also finds nearly 40% of republjcans supporting it. in sharp contrast to trump and other republicans' calls to stop the arrival of syrian refugees on u.s. soil, canada is welcoming them with open arms. a plane carrying 163 syrian refugees arrived in toronto overnight. justin trud dough was there greeting them with winter coats. he is vowing to resettle 25,000 syrian refugees by the end of february. a second group set to arrive in montreal tomorrow. the federer government is giving state and local authorities more say in education. president obama yesterday signed a sweeping rewrite of the often criticized no child left behind law state and local officials now have more say on how to fix underperforming schools. firefighters have confirmed a medical helicopter has crashed
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california's central valley. all four people on board were killed. the pilot, a night rse, paramedic and patient. it was flying from porterville to bakersfield, theheause of the crashh is under investigation. the chopper did go down in dense fog. the worst may be over for the pacific northwest after four pays of severe storms. the region has seen flflding, mudslides,s, power outages and at least one tornado. transportation is a mes with major highways closed or partially blocked. at least two people were killed in storm-related accidents. a state of emergency has been declared in 13 oregon counties. and as you can seen 0 the weather radar there, there will still be some rain in oregon and shington, but not as. . the heavy rain shifting into northern california. let's get the full forecast now from accuweather meteorologist justin povick. >> reena and richard, thanks and
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we do have winter somewhere this morning across the country. out west and here the snows are falling at a very heavy clip. all the way from thehe washingtonn cascadeses down into the sierra and more so travel will be impacted along 80 toward donner pass up around 7,000 feet but could see one to two feet of snow before it's all said and done. so slippery conditions for sure. out east it feels more like late september, early to mid-october. unbelievable warmth on the way. high pressure continues to strengthen and then we are going to bee concerned about flash flooding later on this weekend along with some severe weather mostly over texas and into louisiana and arkansas. reena and richard, back to you. >> okay justin, thanks so much. and still ahead, america's biggest airlines taking a stand against one of the holiday's hottest toys. a police officer sobs in court after being found guilty of serious crimes. plus, runaway train packed with passengers and no
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ask your doctor about stelara . well, fired oklahoma city police officer could spend the rest of his life behind bars a day after his 29th birthday. was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting eight women. the attacks happened in a low income minority neighborhood on his beat. he sobbed as the verdict was read. he will be sentencededext month. well, another scandal is rocking one of america's top military colleges. eight cadets have been suspended pending an investigation after imageses popped up showing them all in white with pillowcases
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the students said they were portraying ghosts of christmas past and singing christmas carols but the school presisint called it offffsive and disturbing. if you have hoverboards on your shopping list, be warned they are banned from most commercial planes. delta, american and united say the popular motorized scooters are not allowed on their flights in checked or carry-on luggage. the concern is that the hoverbrd's lithium battery can cawch fire. if you're shopping to are a plane t tket do not buy it today. analysts say plane tickets bought on fridays are about 13% higher. 13% higher on average than those purchased sundays. overall they say you can find the best airfare deals on saturdays and sunday. >> weekend shopping, it is. yahoo's ceo marissa mayer has given birth to identical twins. only taking two weeks of maternity leave and some say it sets a bad example.
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not a good day when you end up like this. a driver inyoungstown,ohio, driving right up a guy wire. she said she turned around for a moment to give her son a snack, neither of them was hurt but it took two tow trucks to get the car down. drivers in the west will need to p p attenenon this morning because roads are likely to be wet and slippery. there could be ice and snow in north dakota, wet roads in the ohio valley. if you're flying airport delays likeliest in san francisco, los angeles, las vegas and salt lake city. for the first time since he was released from captivity by the taliban in afghanistan we're hearing from u.s. armyy sergeant berg bow daal in his own words. >> bergdahl has spoken to a screenwriter and some of his comments are now part of the serial podcast. bergdahl claims he walked away to draw attention to bad
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>> all i was seeing was basically leadershipailure to the point that the lives of the guys standing next to me were literally in danger. >> bergdahl ss his other reason for leaving whats to prove that he could b b more like real-life action hero namely jason bourne. the army is still deciding whether he should face a court-martial. kristin cavallari says a body found in utah is that of her older brother michael missing for nearly two weeks. medil examiners say it could take two months before they know how w died. his sister sent out a tweet saying, my heart is in a million pieces. >> investigators are leaning toward operator error as a cause of a runaway commuter train in susurban boston. the six-car train carrying 50 passengers left a transit station without a driver.
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stations without stopping. scaring everyone on board. >> the guy trying g open the doors, he even tried to break one of the windows because he goes, i don't know what's going on. i just want to get out of here. >> scary to know that what if -- i don't know. at if they weren't able to stop it emergency. >> they were flying. it was flying. >> wow, that is remarkable. they all came away without any injuries. the operator told investigators that he had stepped off the train too deal with a signal issue. now on administrative leave. also escaping with only minor injuries, bicyclist who tangled with a train in poland. the dramatic video showsws him approaching the railroad crossing at a pretty good clip as the train appears to run him right over, but another camera angle shows what really happened. the train just cliliing thth cyclist who just a split second earlier would clearly have been killed. >> sports news. there are now two teams live qualified for the nfl playoff.
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as u ual, love these guys.s. as usual. we get our highlights from the guys at espn. >> good morning, america. he(s stan. i'm nene. thursday meant thursday night football even though it's friday morning now. >> arizona and minnesota. vikings, they roll with adrian peterson. vikings won four in a row on the road coming into this game. this is late fourth quarter. chandler catanzaro, knocks it through. time to work wi. check out teddy bridgewewer. sacked. and stripped by dwight freeney and the cardinals hang on to win it, 23-20. kevin durant gave $35,000 to a local school there and the
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to the classroom was absolutely memorable. as was that shot. durant, by the way, he was drafted by the sesetle -- >> i'm familiar with that. >> now playing -- >> now in oklahoma city. >> westbrook too. >> triple-double. >> he did. he h h a triple-double. >> we have so much we can talk about, jessica has been in our ear all night. now when we need her to count us down she's silent so we'll say good-bye. >> i'd rather they kept talking but thank you. the boston red sox by the way are making amends to a fan who was seriously injured this past sumumr at fenway park. >> we're talking about stefanie wo wopenski when smacked in the head by a line drive foul ball. nononot quite fully recovered she's marrying her fiance at fenway park next november and
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call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with h nfidence. all righgh time now to check "the pulse" starting with the oregon lottery winner coming from way out of state. >> he lives in iraq and bought the ticket through an online broker. the man couldn't come to claim his $6.4 million pze until a few days ago. >> he has asked to remain anonymous because having that much money is dangerous in iraq plus you don't want all your relatives from the woodworks coming in asking for a bit. right? >>&yeah. well, up next, happy birthday ol' blue eyes.
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have turned 100 tomorrow. i ate it up and spit it out i took the blow and d d it my way >> sure did, mr. sinatra. and little-known facts about frank, that song "my way," one of his biggest hits, sinatra disliked it because he thought the song was self-indulgent. >> it is a bit selelindulgent. don't you think? >> i think he's standing up for the way he likes to do things. nothing wrong with that. >> no, but i can see what he means about that song. and sinatra wore liftstsn his shoes. at 5'7" he was sensitive about his height. >> okay. who knew. he also was a big baby. sinatra weighed 13 pounds at birth, his poor momma. >> i thought you meant he was a big baby because he was sensitive about his height. >> no, no, he was born big.
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this anywhere category, a vertigo-induci display from the canary islands. >> this is amazing. so this is cycling superstar danny macaskill, he descended the beach town of los palmas and jumped from one rooftop to another and he does a loop de loop from one roof to another. it's one of the most astonishing things i've seen in a long, long time between those roofs there and he endsds think by launching g himself off a cliff into the sea. >> gopro sponsored this video. >> reena, this bit, this bit. >> oh, oh, oh. boom. 's an initial concept to ask for r rf access from every one of those homeowners, that's really, really tough. >> we will have more news after kept coming back on my long-term control medicine,( i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. checking our top stories, a report in the "l.a. times" says the couple responsible for,the san bernardino massacre were
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location with more people. a new poll finds americans are now more fearful about another terrorist attack than at any time since just after the 9/11 attacks. that feaeais fueling donald trump's rising poll numbers. he's now up 19 points against his rivals. >> they've had it all in oregon and washington. heavy raininflooding, mudslides,s, strong winds, lightning and at least one tornado. two people died and getting around is still a problem. looking at today's weather, more rain and snow in the west. winter returns in the upper ains. rain innhepper mississippi valley and springlike in the east. well, finally from us, the late night comics making light of the big story this week, donana trump's plan to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. >> this is fertile territory for comics. isn't it? here are your "friday funnies." >> donald trump this evening said he wants to see a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states.
4:27 am
country will probably be trampl to death by all the people leaving the country. >> even former vice president dick cheney said the ban goes against everything we stand for and believe in, and this is a you know it's bad when dick cheney steps in to say havava heart. any heart. any heart. have a heart. >> he wants to ban muslims, a fourth of the world's population. how is that going to rk? >> although he did clarify his position. he said, if you are a u.s. citizen who is8a muslim and plan on leaving the country to travel, you will be allowed to come back in. which is very generous and nobody says thanks. >> i'm not sure how the tsa would be able to test you for your religion, though i will say their pat-downs are thorough enough to determine if you're jewish. or perhaps we could juju casually ask p pple trying to enter the country, hey, i'm trying to recalibrate my compass. do you know which direction mecca is? >> are you a bigot? >> not at all.
4:28 am
you've ever met. >> that's a big deal because barbara walters has met mother teresa >> i agree with this bipartisan message from republican senator lindsey grgram and democratic philadelphia mayor michael nutter. >> tell donald trump to go to hell. >> he's an [ bleep ]. >> i didn't think it was possible anymore but you have brought a nation together. and now i will never talk about you again for like six minutes. >> it's been a sensational week in news. >> it's been fantastic having you u re. >> oh, thank you. reena, that's very nice of you. >> it really has been fun. you keep us on our toes. >> i've loved it. less they sack me ovov the you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is ??? . "that was one of the first thinns that came tt my mind was it possibly the body of the missing
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