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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  December 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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also applplto his traffic stop. callahan thinks the nevada license plates might have drawn the trooper's attention when he was caught going 62 in a 55-mile per hour zone. but rath than write the ticket and tell callahan to slow down, the officer called for a drug dog. "the k-9 officer came back and said the dog alerted positively near the driver's door r drugs...i think he said methamphetamin e and i laughed d cause i've never even seen that drug." the trooper took the vehicle back to the patrol post and callahan and a passenger waited three hours in a detention area for the search to wrap up. he said officers found no drugs and told them they could go. but the trooper then said authorities were keeping a laptop computer, tablet and phones for a possible criminal investigation. and callahan ssd the reason given was officers found a piece of paper with information aboutmarijuana seeds in his notebook. "even if what he claims was in there was in there...that's not
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when callahan got to eastern iowa, he found a lawyer in council bluffs to try to get his property back. he also learned about the state court ruling limiting what police can do during routine traffic stops to make more serious criminal cases. "i'm going to file a civil suit for illegal search and seizure because until somebody stands up for the rights of drivers out of state that come through that corridor to have them violated in that little pocket where they that 55 mph zone " a spokesperson for the iowa state patrol issued a statement about the traffic stop involving callahan. he said "a trained narcotic k-9 conducted a free air sniff of the exterior of the vehie and gave a positive indication for narcotics." but the spokespspson also said he couldn't tell us anything about the seizure of the electronic items because it involves an ongoing investigation. bruce & beth thanks dave. this was drug court graduationon day in iowa city.
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substance abuse and who've gone through at hearings before completing the program. the program also encououges them invest in the community and find support so they don't relapse. five people graduated today. one woman said she's life for the better, anncouldn't have donon court. "they showed me the path, they showed me how to do things right, it didn't always feel that way, matter of fact, i didn't think i was going to make it..." "...t.ty do things that you constantly question, but in the end, it works out the way that it's supposed to if you're committed to it." housing one inmate in prison costs about 54 dollars a day, while having one client on community based supervision costs one dollar 88 cents per day. with rivers rising in eastern iowa, the city of cedar rapids has closed a couple of roads. that includes otis road along
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the cargill plant to prairie creek fishery. creek flooding also closed j street southwest at prairie creek. and the cedar river will continue to rise through the week. let's check in now with meteorologist joe winters. joe, we have a chance of some more rain moving in? the state tonight. a few isolated showers could form ahead of the front, with that chance continuing through the morning hours of our wednesday. the biggest change we find is a wind shift bringing strong southwest wininaround to ththwest. cooler weather is the result for a couple of days, as highs fall into the upper 20s and lower 30s the forecast to start christmas week. tonight: isolated showers low: 36-42 winds: se 10-20tomorrow: isolated am showers, winds: sw 20-30 back to you. all four of iowa's major
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now a part of the state's medicaid modernizzion plan. governor branstad announced the news today. they include mercy health network... universitof iowa hospitals and clinics, unity-pot health and genesis health system. the four represent more than 35 hundred medicaid doctors, 73 rural clinics and 47 general can sign up for coverage is thursday, and coverage begins january 1st. providers have untnt the end of the year to sign up. tonight... several dubuque businesses are helping out after police say someone intentionally drove through thcity's veterans memerial plaza, causing 15-thousand dollars damage. police say the vandalism happened sometime late last friday night or early saturday mornin. they say someone drove a dark colored s-u-v through the plaza, knocking oor a column and destroying a memorial bench. today, kerry bowman, the owner of pinot's llet, said she plans to host a
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evenenas a fundraiser on february second. all for security cameras for the veterans plaza. "you know we need to honor and protect this memorial for the people who protected us dudung troububd times and nowadays. " the dubuque association of independent insurance agents made a donation today to help cover the cost of replacing this bench that the vandalism destroyed. that bench honored the memory of two brothers, vincent and leo troy. in a kcrg t-v nine update... iowa's department of natural resources wants to hear from you about ways to reduce alcohol related incidents at state beaches. we told you in june how the d-n-r started to look at beach safety after they say cohol fueled at beaches. now, the chief of the iowa state parks bureau wants to hear from the public on how to best approh the issue. if you'd like to comment, go for more information.
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parties for tonight's republican presidential debate. c-n-n is hosting the final g-o-p debate of the year, which comes seven weeks before the iowa caucuses. the four candidates who are lower in the polls are debating right now, and the nine other candidates will take the stage a a7:30 tonight. watch parties are taking and the longbranch in cedar rapids and the inspire cafe in dubuque. democrat hillary clinton's presidential campaign is touting her plan to eliminate student debt for state schools. but her new ad on it also makes a claim about the cucurent system of collele loans. e kcrg-tv9 and gagatte fact check team put it to the test. "i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education." the clinton campaign points to a government accountability report in 2014
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government would make 66-billion dollars from the interest on student loans. but that report uses a federally mandated method to calculate that cost and revenue based on current interest rates and assuming all of the loans and interest will be repaid. that paints a much better inancial picture of the program. the congressiona l budget office uses a "fair value" approach, which accounts for the inherent risk in lending money. a c-b-o report estimated federal studentntoan programs would actually cost taxayers 88- billion dollars over the next 10 years. university of iowa economics professor john low is one of several financial experts we found who say the fair r alue is more accurate in estimating the cost of student loans. which is why clinton's claim the government profits off student loans ts a 'd' grade. a prorosed sports complex in iowa city could offer more to people than just your typical sport activities. "cricket has come up, lacrosse has come up... a
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we'll look at why the city says another complex is a good thing, and where it would go, next on t-v nine. "i am captain jansen with the 4224 united states army hospital, and i'm currently stationed in germany. i wanted to wish all my family and friends in dubuqueueowa a
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iowa city officials are eyeing a new east side sports complex that could bring more recreational opportunities to the area. the idea comes after recent flooding forced tennis courts and baseball diamonds in lower city park to close for much of the summer in 20101and 2014. now the city is looking for ways to expand recreation to other parts of the community. the hope is to transform about 75-acres of city owned farm land into recreational space. it would be just north of where taft avenue intersects with 420th street southeast. kcrg t-v nine's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson looks at the impact such a project would have on the city. lower city park in iowa city is perhaps the city's most popular place to have a catch... or play some tennis. but cititofficials say there needs to be more places like this as city park continues to flood, the city continues to expand east, and the county's population continues to grow. "we wouldn't go through the trouble of hiring of
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was a doable project." officials hope to have a draft of the new east side sports complex out sometime in the next month. it will likely include more tennis courts, baseball diamonds and soccer fields. "there definitely is a shortage of courts on the east side of town." more courts is good news for craig carney, owner of racquet master in iowa city -- carney says the sport of tennis is growing in popularity, andndhere's always a need for more quality lighted courts. "probably there's more tennis going on, especially at the junior level, than there every has been before." "city officials aren't just looking to add more traditional facililies, like baseball and softball didionds... they're also considering things you might now normally see at an athletic complex, things like cross country trails, or maybe a pickle ball set-up. " "we've even heard a need for an additional indoor space, which wasn't something we were really looking at from the onset, a walking track, gymnasium, there seems to be a lot of different ideaout there. " officials hope to get a good mix
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in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. iowa state is getting ready to debututn explosive transfer on the basketball court. all this week we're feature john campbell's big ol' fish. and tonight, the little fishermen show us how to get 'er done. stay with your 24 hour news
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wethe state tonigig. a few isolated showers could form ahead of the front, with that chance continuing through the morning hours of our wednesday. the biggest change we find is a wind shift bringing a strong southwest wind around to the west. cooler weather is the result for a couple of days, as highs fall into the upper 20s and lower 30s tough friday. more ra is in the forecast to start christmas week. tonight: isolated showers low: 36-42 winds: se 10100tomorrow:
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windy high: 40-46 winds: sw 20-30tomorrow night: mostly cloudy low: 24-30 winds: w 10-20thursday: mostly cloudy high: 34 - low: 27 friday: mostly cloudy high: 29 - low: 21 saturday: partly cloudy high: 36 - low: 18 sunday: increasing clouds high: 47 - low: 28 monday: chance of showers high: 46 - low: 37 tuesday: chance of
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today.. naz mitrou long will miss the rest of the season. sit out the rest of the year to o cover from arthroscopic surgery he had on both hips this past
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too much and boy is that a big loss. naz will seek a medical redshirt. how bout some good news.. the cyclones will add marquette transfer deonte burton into the mix this saturday against uni. the 6'4 burton is an explosive athlete as you can see by his high flying dunks! deonte is a good addition to this team especially in transition he is gonna be fast there are times he is gonna play at the four and that will be a great advantage he will be faster than most four's in the country and when we get a steal he is just another body to get out their and he can make plays passing and playing above the rim too. rim too " into a wrestling powerhouse.. can he continue the tradition at prairie. scott westerberg has the story. "be relentless with your technique and getting that down." when kane thompson arrived at prairie this season
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winning. "i knew he had a lot of success at alburnett so i was hoping he could bring that here and he really has this year. he's gotten us to do really well so far." "any time you accept a new job there's going to be some new fire lit under you cause things are changed. you got to bring your mark to the program. you got to set your tone early."and the tone that thompson has set at prairie is working. the hawks are undefeated in duals and the wrelers have nothing b positive things to say about their new coach. "i really like him. he's got some good technique for us and he's really pushing the team environment, so it'going really well."it didn't take long for coach thompson to run into the team he knows so well. this past weekend at the five season duals, the prairie hawks found themselves matched-up with alburnett in the finals. "it's kind of weird when every kid that steps on the mat, you at one point or another have coached in some wayay and some of them for a long time." "he coached the kids on both teams and it speaks highly of him being as though he was the coach of most of the wrestlers in
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thompson still has so many connections to this alburnett team, his sights are set on the future at prairie. "to see those guys still doing well, and i knew they would under coach clayton rush, it was rewarding to see and then to see our guys step up and compete for prairie was great as well." in cedar rapids, scott westerberg tv9 sports. it's big ole fish week.. we will be running them all week at 6:00 o'clock. heres the big ol fish himself. on the left is vince diers and his dog fish. on the right: carter keuhl and a huge northern. the boys are from anamosa. hats off to tony gonzalez and his nice wapsi blue gill. next up is evan stohlman of williamsburg and a huge lake iowa channel cat. we stay with the catfish theme this is temperance baker. kick started catch and release blue gill from the rez. tatum helle loves going to lake mcbride and i can see why.
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is isaac weiss of in downtown cedar rapids. with all my fishing friends, this is john campbell reporting. and finally we have three new finalist f f the kcrg tv-9 atatete of the week sponsored by cedar rapids toyota. all three hoopsters this week.. athlete number one is solon's steeter mcilravy who is averaging over 23 points and 9 rebounds a game. athlete number two is samantha uhlenkamp of central city. sam has averaged 21 points and 8 boards in her last four games. and athlete number three is derrick diggens of kennedy who lit up xavier for 25 points and is averaging 19 a game. to vote go to i will feature the winner thursday night at 10:00. thankscott.
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famil friends, and the center point-urban community are remembering an 18-year-old student killed in a hit and run incident while away at college. we'll share their memories of her tonit at 10. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t joe winters for your final forecast. we have a cold front approaching the state tonight. a few isolated showers could form ahead of the front, with that chance continuing through the morning hours of our wednesday. the biggest change we find is a wind shift bringing
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to the west. cooler weather is the result for a couple of days, as highs fall into the upper 20s and lower 30s through friday. more rain is in the forecast to start christmas
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