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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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source, this is kcrg-tv9 news breaking news tonight. the mistrial just dececred in baltimore. a hung jury in the freddie gray case. the first of six officers charged with gray's death, after that controversial ride in a police van. tonight, the protests and police urging calm. > also, at this hour, the swelling crowds for donald trump tonight, after some opponents came out swinging. and what tru is promising now. the dangerous evacuation. passengers injured as they're raced off the plane. the jet going off the taxi way. the economy tonight. the major headline involving your credit cards and your mortgage. and what you should do right now with interest rates going up.. and "star wars" blocbuster sales. will it break a record? harrison ford afd carrie fisher both here tonight. what we never knew about the first "s"sr wars" and what she
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>> thank you, carrie. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin with the breaking developments from baltimore. protesters in the streets at th hour after a mistrial was declared in t(e first trial, the first officer charged after the death of freddie gray. ththe are the images coming in right now of those protests after that city learned of a hung jury after deliberating less than 12 hours. the first of six officers to be tried. police coming faceeo f fe with angry members of the community. it was a case that gained national attention with the central question, what happened duri that arrest and inside that police van? freddie gray's family with a message just m ments ago in and abc's senior national correspondent jim avila is on the ground in baltimore tonight. >> reporter: the reaction to the hung jury and mistrial of officer williamam porter was swift. sheriff's deputies marched in quickly, clearing the streets surrounding the baltimore
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prepared for trouble. the mistrial declared just a few moments ago. there's only a handful of demonstrators here. >> immediately disperse. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has formed a line in front of the courthouse door where officer porter has been leaving the building. porter was chargeded with five others in gray's death. tonight, gray's family urging calm after the jury of seven blacks and five whites telling the judge they could not reach a unanimous verdict on any of the charges. >> we ask the public to remain calm, patient, because we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. >> reporter: 26-year-old officer porter did not make gray's arrest or drive the police van where he suffered fatal injuries, but prosecutors charged him with manslaughter, claiming he could have put a
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medic when freddie asked for one. tonight, every cop in the city of baltimore is on duty. hoping to avoid a repeat of the kind of unrest that erupted in the days after gray's death. the looting and fires doing an estimated $9 million damage. >> we are prepared to respond. we will protect our residents. >> reporter: officer p pter remains suspended without pay, awaiting a likely new trial, with a new jury. his five fellow officer face charges of second degree murder to officiall misconduct in gray's death. their trials still to come. david? >> jim avila from baltimore tonight. thank you, jim. now, to new developments in the race for 2016. the fallout after fight night for the republicans. donald trump, center stage, but the real duel was between two others on that stage, who are hoping to break thugh, should trump falter. tonight, we take you into the massive crowd in arizozo, welcoming trumpfter the debate. abc's cecilia vega is in mesa
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>> reporter: donald trump today, pulling his private plane right into his arizona rally, to what else? the theme song from the movie "air force one." >> please welcome the next president of the united states, donald j. trump! >> reporter: trump is riding high. he's calling last night's debate his best yet. and these supporters agree. there are thousands of people side this hangar just to catch a glimpse of donald trump. >> w whave the biggest croros by far. because there's a movement going on, folks. this isn't just, let's go and have a good time. somebody said, "oh, trump is a great entertainer." that's a lot of [ bleep ]. >> reporter: trump then hopping back on his plane, bound for hollywood. in the final republican debate of 2015, teflon trump fighting off his rivals, namely jeb bush. >> t ts is a tough business, to run for prprident. >> you're a tough guy, jeb. i know. >> we need to have a leader that's -- >> you're tough.
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by insulting your way to the pridency. > i'm at 42 and you're at 3. so far, i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. doesn't matter. >> so far, i'm doing better. you started off over here and moving over further and further. pretty soon you're going to be off the end. >> reporter: but the most anticipated battle of all never happened. ted cruz, now surging in the polls, and despite just days earlier, trump accusing cruz of being a maniac in the senate. st night, he played nice. >> he has a wonderful temperament. he's just fine. dodot worry about it. >> okay. >> reporter: cruz not laying a finger on trump, either, saving his fire for marco rubio. the two senators v vng to be the republican alternative to the brash billionaire, sparring on immigration. >> some chose, like senator rubio, to stand with barack obama and chuck schumer and support a massive amnestst plan. >> reporter: but rubio fired back, questioning cruz's own position on amnesty. >> does ted cruz rule out ever legalizing people that are in this country illegally now?
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>> do you rule it out? >> i have never supported legalization and i do not intend to support legalization. >> and cecilia vega with us live tonight fromarizona. you were in that h hl last night. donald trump with another promise, that he will not run as an independent? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david. republicans were worrifd that a third party run would split the vote and handhe white h hse to the democrats in 2016. but last night, trump promising unequivocally to run as a republican. he says that he is, now, quote, totally committed to the republican party. david? cecilia, thank you. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl is in washington tonight, and jon, many saying trump did nothing last night to damage his lead in the polls. but not just many rrm voters that want trump, the clinton campaign might want him, too. you are well aware of this. all the leading republicans standing on that stage, the newest polling shows she has the best shot against trump tonight. >> reporter: in fact, in virtually every public poll since donald trump got into this
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better against trump than any other republican. and her lead over trump is actually expanding, even as trump has solidified his support among republicans. but i have to tell you, trump supporters just aren't buying it. our poll this week, the overwhelelng majorityy of republicic voters said they believe donald trump has the best chance of winning in november. >> all right, a really interesting dynamic there. jon karl live at the white house front. jon, thank you. of course, the democrats duel next and we hope you'll join martha raddatz and me when we moderate the new hampshire democratic debate, this saturday, december 19th, 8:00 p.m., 7:00 central. in the meantime, we turn to ththeconomy tonight,t,nd to a major development. the federal reserve raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. the first rate hike since the financl collapse. sending wall street soaring, closing up more than 22020 points. but many americans asking tonight, what does this now mean for car loans, credit cards, mortgages? abc's chief economics correspondent rebecca jarvis
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>> reporter: tonight, for th first time, the federal reserve is hiking interest rates from zero to one-quarter of a percent. how confident are you that our economy won't slip back into recession? >> the underlying health of the u.s. economy, i consider to be quite sound. >> reporter: so, what exactly does this mean for you? everything from your credit cards, to new car loans or mortgages, will be a little more expensive. the increase should be gradual. still, for new mortgages, small changes can actually have a big impact. on a $200,000 house, a fixed rate mortgage at 4% will cost you $955 a month. but if the rate rises just one quarter of a percent, that payment rises to $984, costing you $11,000 more over the life of the 30-year loan. but the very first thing you'll likely notice? most of us have credit cards with variable rates, which means
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billing cycles. >> and rebecca jarvis live from the fed tonight. and rebecca, some banks are already taking action tonight? >> reporter: david, almost immediately, bank of america and wells fargo came out and said, they will be charging borrowers more for the cost of their loans, but there is a silver lining for savers who will earn a little bit more on t tse cds and money market accounts going forward, david. >> all right, rebecca jarvis with us tonight. rebecca, thank you. to other news this evening, and the runway scare in nashville. this image tonight, a southwest flight from houston, touchchg down, then going off the taxi way. some passengers injured as they were evacuated. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, that frightening moment. southwesesflight 31 rolled off the taxiway ininashville. airport cameras capturing it all. the plane surrounded by emergency response teams. passengers in a panic. >> we heard a shudder and we heard, basically, we swervededff into a ditch. the emergency lights went on,
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you know, down, down, down. >> reporter: the 133 passengers on board the flight from houston say initially, all seemed norm am. >> we've already landed and next thing you know, we're -- you think the hard part's over with. >> reporter: but as they were taxiing, the plane ended up in this grassy area. passengers evacuated through emergency chutes, nine treated for minor injuries. the nose and fuselage of the plane damaged. and crews spent a big part of the day using that huge strap to lift the plane from its bly and replace the tires onn the landing gear. faa now working to determine the exact cause and whether the plane had problems with that landing gear. alex perez, abc news, nashville. >> alex, thank you. now, to the extreme weather we're following tonight. that winter storm in the plains. a dangerous ride home on i-94, this is in minnesota right here. and this car buried in snow in martin, south dakota. and in fargo, whiteout conditions. the roads nearly empty. it's that time of year. tonight, that storm front on the move, bringing a blast of cold
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so, what are wen for for christmas? let's get right to ginger zee, tracking this all w wk long for us. >> reporter: hey there, david. before we get to that christmas warmth, which i will show you in just a bit, we've got a little roller coaster of cold before that. winter weather advisories for the next couple of hours on the map there. the trailing cold front going to move through the northeast, all the way to florida, bringing showers, a few imbedded thunderstorms through thursday night and friday. then an injection of real december air. by fridaymorning, the actual temperature in minneapolis is 11. chicago is 0. even dallas there was 38. just slightly above freezing. philadelphia at 32 by saturday morning. reality check for evererne. and d en, we will ride this coaster back up, especially east of the rockies as we get into the west. >> all rit. >> reporter: he sure can. >> ginger, tnk you. we turur to other newew this even, and from texas tonight, the search is under way for a wealthy teenager who made national headlines. he's now missed a probation appointment after killing four
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his lawyer claiming a new defense while at trial, aflew when sa, that he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. abc's ryan owens on the case tonight. >> reporter: he's the young man who got probation for killing four in a drunk driving crash two years ago. tonight, the teen infamous for his aflew when sa defense. >> aflele when sa. >> aflew when sa. >> is having a tough time following the rules again. 18-year-old ethan couch is missing. he didn't check in with his probion officer in texas earlier this month. his disappearance comes weeks after video of couch watching friends play beer pong was posted online. the 18-year-old is not allowed to drink during his ten-year probation, and the d.a.s investigating the video. his probation officer would have tested him for drugs and alcohol at the appointment he missed. authorities say they always can't find his mother. couch's parents, who are
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stay alone in their 4,000 square foot mansion when he was just 16. that's when he drove his friends drunk and killed four people. he never spent a day in jail. >> my fear is, he's gone. we all know what kind of resources and money ts family has to get out of town, maybe get out of the country, who knows. >> reporter: but if authorities do find him, he may just end up behind bars after all. ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> ryan, thank you. there is still much more ahead d "world news tonight" this wednesday. the reporter on live tv, reporting on a robbery when the alleged criminal shows up. this is the report right here, on the scene. you'll see the moment this takes a very surprising turn, when the criminal comes back. >> what? oh, that's the robber! ah -- >> you'll see what happens next. news from chihitle tonight, after that major health scare. a big change is now on the way. and amid all those headlines, will it be a
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rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. st, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus next tonight, the local reporter live on the scene after a bankk robbery in minnnnota, when authorities say the alleged criminal then returns. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: it began at this rochester, minnesota, bank. police say this suspected robber got away with thousands of dollars. the next day, reporter adam sallet was covering the story when this happened -- >> tyler, just 24 hours ago, this banan in -- >> that guy right there. >> what? >> that's the robber. >> oh, that's the robber. ah -- this is live tv, folks. that's therobber, just went by. according to the bank employee. so, i got to go here and call 911. i'll talk to you later. >> reporter: and only after the
5:47 pm
realized they recorded him just before t t report. apparently oblblious to that camera, coming back to allegely rob the bank again. >> this is -- a crazy day. >> reporter: today, cops gave sallet his own badge. even if it is just a sticker. >> well, thank you. it's important to get the story, but it is also important for the police to know asp much information as soon as possible. >> reporter: for one of those rare times you just can't help becoming part of the story. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> good for adam. he called 911 first, put the microphone rht down. when we come back here tonight, the major change now from chipotle. also, my interview with harrison ford and carrie fisher. they are both here. and one of america's greatest sports stars tonight with an unexpected message. why she wants you to forget about her. the air bags go off... suddenly the police are there. when you call the insurance company, they want to know everything... how fast were you going? were there any witnesses? how much damage was done?
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to the index of other news. chipotle implementing new food safety standards tonight after an e. coli outbreak. chipotle says it will now scale back on local ingredients and will now cut, wash and package ingredients like tomatoes and lettuce in a central kitchen contamination before being shipped out. to those self-driving cars tonight. california proposing new rules, saying they must have a licensed driver behind the wheel no matter what, ready to take over if the technology fails. no cars on the road without anyone inside. sounds about right. and a powerful message from abby woman batch. her final soccer match tonight. her final messagege before retiring here. >> forget me. >> forget me, because she wants to clear the way now for the next generation of young women on the soccer field. when we come back here tonighgh actors ss harrison forand
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finally tonight here, the wait is almost over. the n n "star wars" mu from our parent company disney. tonight, our interview with harrison ford and carrie fisher. >> chewie -- we're home. >> energy, and action! >> reporter: director j.j. abrams and the cast on day one. >> "star wars" episode seven. w incredible is that? >> reporter: j.j. abrams has said he loves what george lucas set out to do from the very start. that these were films about the every man, every woman, absolole nonodies who are tested. >> well, thank y y. yeah. i think that's true. that is salt of the earth type people are put in, in difficult circumstances. it's true. all of it. >> reporter: you've seen this thing. >> oh, this thing. this big thing. trust me.
5:57 pm
>> reporter:r:hat do you think? >> the parts where i'm in it are distressing. but everything se is really great. >> reporter: but when they hear that the parts with leia in them -- >> i gotot older and no one told me. and then they put me on a screen really, really big. and they put me in, what, high-def. >> reporter: you spent so much time over the years with harrisis ford, that you ran out of things to say, except that you are endlessly impressed by how svelt he sti is. >> that is so annoying. men have one fat cell and women have twoo that one. harrison looks really good and he works at it, too, this though, but he was born with, you know, a dna jackpot type thing. >> reporter: we told him when she said. mostly interested in how harrison has stayed in such good shape over these years. >> yeah, yeah. thank you, carrie. >> reporter: it was the tension between han soloh and princess leai that fueled it all here in
5:58 pm
>> i know. >> reporter: the famous moment. were you say, "i love you." >> i know. >> reporter: that's what he >> i know. >> reporter: would he say that todada >> yeah, he would. >> reporter: still a wise guy? >> he istill a wise guy, but what we've all been through a lot, we're trying to, like, get >> reporter: do you get together? >> i can't tell you that. >> repororr: on the set, one of the new stars, john, bringing his storm trooper for harrison to sign. >> right here. >> rorter: do they have any idea what they're walking into? >> how could you know? you have no idea. >> reporter: no idea. the tension between han solo and leia, alive and well. thank you for watching here on a wednesday. i'm david muir. i hope tothis video is just into the tv-9 newsroom.
5:59 pm
video from an officer involved shooting that injured a cedar rapids car salesman. the video shows officers firing at kyle orth in march when he drove a borrowed b-m-w at them following a brief chase. here it is. car driving, hands up, gun shots police were chasing orth because they say he was driving recklessly. orth took a plea deal earlier this month. he pleaded guilty to drunk driving and two counts of attempting to elude. he also pleaded no contest to a count of interference with intent to inflict injury. a a dge sentenced orth to 180 days in jail and three years probation we're reviewing the video right now and will have more tonight on kcrg t-v nine news at ten. the iowa attorney general's office says a waterloo officer was justified in shooting at a man last month. the iowa


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