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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 17, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning, america. donald trump flying high. the republican front-runner takes a late night victory lap after the debate and turns a new page in his campaign. >> i've been a little bit divisive in the sense that i've been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit. >> what will he do with air trump one if he wins the presidency? as hillary clinton gets set to take the stage in her next showdown. anger on the streets of baltimore overnight. protesters demonstrating as that jury deadlocked in the first trial of an officer charged in freddie gray's death. police clearing streets, making arrests, tensions running high this morning. that texas teenager infamous for being ruled too spoiled to serve jail time after a deadly drunk driving crash on the run right now, missing. is his family helping him avoid justice? bounce of a lifetime. a minnesota mom hitting this
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her reaction, priceless. and why that shot is helping so many more families in need this morning. see if i care i get back on my feet again good morning, america. pat benatar appropriate this morning. that shot went just like angela planned it. >> sure. >> bounces right in. perfect. come on. >> it counts. it counts. she is going to be here and her daughter, as well. there was another amazing moment last night. superstar abby wambach taking her cleats off for the last time retiring after a remarkable career. she had an incredible message that she'll share. >> remarkable is right. what a career. we'll get to that. but we begin with the race for president. donald trump on jimmy kimmel last night seems to be kicking off a new phase of his campaign,
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for unity in the republican party. abc's jon karl is here with the latest. a little more statesman for trump. >> we'll see how long it lasts but he acknowledged he's been a little bit divisive and suggests that he's now ready to go a little easier on his republican rivals. overnight on "jimmy kimmel live" donald trump touted his latest debate performance but insisted he pulled his punches. >> did you decide you were going to be nicer? >> you know what, i would like to see the republican party come together and i've been a little bit divisive in the sense that i've been hitting people -- >> a little bit, yeah. [ laughter ] >> do you think jeb bush is scared of you or just scared in general? >> i think he's scared. [ laughter and applause ] >> reporter: but kimmel pressed trump on his recent call to ban all muslims from entering the united states. >> isn't it unamerican and wrong to discriminate people based on their religion? [ applause ] >> i'm for it. but look, we have people coming
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looking to do tremendous harm. dr. seuss treatment. >> now here are some frogs i do not like at all. we must kick these frogs out and then build a wall. there are two kinds of people, which one will you be, a loser like them -- would you like to finish -- or a winner -- >> like me. >> please welcome the next president of the united states. >> reporter: for his trip to late night, trump rallied his die-hard supporters in arizona. >> we have the biggest crowds by far. because there's a movement folks. this isn't just like let's go and have a good time. somebody said, oh, trump is a great entertainer. that's a lot of [ bleep ]. >> reporter: with his commanding lead the front-runner is running high and abc got an exclusive ride aboard trump force one. while it's flying high now, trump says if he wins the white
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private plane in the hangar. >> there's something very special about air force one. it represents something very, very special like the white house represents something. >> reporter: trump is clearly enjoying his position as the front-runner among republicans, but it's the democratic front-runner he may need be to worried about. in most public polls hillary clinton beats donald trump in a head-to-head matchup and actually does better against trump than any of the other republican candidates. mrs. clinton, of course, squares off against her democratic opponents, bernie sanders and martin o'malley, on saturday right here on abc in the next democratic debate. >> up in new hampshire for that. martha raddatz and david muir will be here saturday night at 8:00. we're going to talk about the fallout in baltimore after a mistrial was declared in the case of that first police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. protests mostly peaceful overnight and abc's jim avila is in baltimore with the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning,
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but overnight the call was for peace from community organizers and that along with an overwhelming show of police force kept the night calm. these are the moments after a mistrial was announced in the freddie gray case. a jury deadlocked. unable to come to a decision about officer william porter's alleged role in the 25-year-old's death. baltimore sheriff's deputies moving into place, surrounding the courthouse, and making a handful of arrests. >> get out of the way. >> move, move. >> reporter: forcefully clearing the streets. gray's family stood outside the courtroom and called for peace expressing faith in the system that could not convict the first of six baltimore police officers charged in connection with their loved one's death. >> we ask the public to remain calm, patient, because we are confident that there will be another trial with a different jury. >> reporter: overnight, protests grew larger but remained overwhelmingly peaceful. >> all: shut it down. >> reporter: freddie gray died this spring after being chased and arrested by baltimore police.
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any crime. officer porter was not involved in gray's arrest and wasn't driving the police van where he suffered fatal injuries. but prosecutors charge the 26-year-old with manslaughter claiming he could have put a seat belt on gray, or called a medic when the victim asked for one during several stops on the way to jail but the jury of seven blacks and five whites struggled in the jury room for 16 hours over three days and could not reach a unanimous verdict on any of the four charges against porter. the most serious, involuntary manslaughter. the prosecutor did not reveal strategy or timing for a retrial. >> are you disappointed at all? >> reporter: reached by phone overnight, officer porter told "the baltimore sun" it's not over. he has denied guilt in gray's death but is likely to face another trial with a new jury. the trials of the other five cops charged, celled to begin in
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>> all right, jim, thank you. we turn to abc news legal affairs anchor dan abrams for more on this. explain exactly what this mistrial means. >> this means that the judge is saying there's no way that this jury could reach a unanimous verdict and as a result you're effectively starting again. it's as if no trial had happened. look, it's not that surprising that prosecutors are having a tough time here. >> why do you say that? >> you're talking about police inaction. typically in cases where police are on trial we're talking about what the police did, they shot someone. and were they justified or not. here we're talking about what police officers didn't do, they didn't do enough. they didn't strap him in in a seat belt. they didn't get him medical help. that's not an easy case to win. >> with this particular officer because there are others involved and they're going to be going on trial, but with this particular officer, were the charges perhaps not correct for him? >> look, i think and i said this before, i think the prosecutor was overly aggressive here that the prosecutor could have and should have across the board
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the hope of getting convictions. the danger always when you overcharge is that some jurors look at it and say, wait a second, what. you're alleging that this officer should be sent to prison for doing this? that seems like a little much. i think that's a concern. >> the jury may think, yes, he did something wrong but not to the standards of what the charges were. now this mistrial, what do you think that says about the other trials coming up? >> i think these will be very tough trials but some are going to be harder than others. >> we'll be watching, dan, thanks. there are new e-mail questions for a member of the obama cabinet. defense secretary ash carter used a personal account for public business for several months after taking over at the pentagon. he now says that was a mistake and abc's mary bruce is in washington with the story. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. defense secretary ash carter admits he made a mistake breaking defense department rules by using his personal e-mail for official business even as hillary clinton was coming under fire for doing the same thing as secretary of state. carter has now stopped using the account and even gone further
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altogether. the pentagon says carter never sent classified information over the personal account and the secretary is confident his work-related e-mails are preserved. carter now faces this controversy as he visits commanders in iraq. there is no question, this is an embarrassment for the white house, no question and will likely draw attacks from republicans who say the administration isn't doing enough to safeguard sensitive information. george. >> not what they want right now, mary, thanks very much. >> all right, george. stocks around the world rising this morning after that big decision from the federal reserve raising interest rates for the first time since the financial crises started. wall street reacting positively, the dow jumping 224 points and rebecca jarvis is here to explain what this all means. good morning, rebecca. >> hi, robin, good morning to you. this impacts all of us and here's how. it's going to get more expensive for anyone who wants to borrow money. that means a new car loan, a new mortgage, your credit cards, they will all cost you a little
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you're going to see it very first in those credit card bills. most of us have variable rates. they're going up in the next one to two billing cycles so the best thing you can do for yourself here pay off as much of that debt as possible because it will keep getting more expensive as rates rise next year. robin. >> that's the bad news but there is some good news here, too, right, rebecca? >> it's the best news for savers. retirees living on a fixed income, they have really felt the downside of these 0% interest rates. now that rates are going up they'll get paid a little bit more on their savings and cds. >> can we expect more rate hikes? >> we will expect more rate hikes. in fact, the federal reserve is signaling we should probably see interest rates next year rise between 1% and 1.5%. >> tells us where the direction of the economy is going. all right, rebecca, thanks. the latest on ethan couch the texas teenager who killed four people driving drunk but got off with just probation after his lawyers argued that ethan was too spoiled to know
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he's now being hunted by police for flaunting the terms of his probation and abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the texas teen infamous for that affluenza defense. >> affluenza. >> too rich for jail. >> reporter: missing. >> if we have a top ten wanted list today, he's number one. >> reporter: 18-year-old ethan couch convicted in 2013 of four counts of intoxication manslaughter allegedly going off the radar possibly with his mother last week just days after this video surfaced on twitter, purporting to show him at a party near a beer pong table but not drinking, the tweeter tagging the local district attorney referring to him violating probation. couch is prohibited from drinking during his ten-year probation. now the d.a.'s office delivering the equivalent of an arrest warrant, possible probation violations, including skipping a check-in with a probation officer and that twitter post. >> once that video came out that
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violation could be coming. he's going to have to look over his shoulder the rest of his life and we're going to keep looking and we're not going to stop. >> how many people are injured? >> one, two, three -- multiple. >> multiple. >> i don't even know how many. >> reporter: couch who was 16 at the time pled guilty in 2013 to killing four people in a drunk driving crash. then 18-year-old says he was so tanked he remembered none of it. >> do you remember pulling out of the driveway? >> not really. >> what's the next thing you recall? >> waking up handcuffed to the hospital bed. >> reporter: before his sentencing, his legal team said he sufrt not from memory loss but from affluenza. arguing the teen frequently lived the life of an adult in this 4,000-square-foot mansion. the judge giving him what critics called a wrist slap, a decade of probation. >> i made it clear to the judge that i believe firmly that if he was put on probation, if he was given another slap on the wrist, if he got away with this there was no doubt in my mind he would
7:13 am
>> reporter: someone else might be killed by him? >> someone else might be killed. he might be killed. >> reporter: george, ethan has never once apologized for killing those four people. that apparent lack of remorse plus his family's wealth and the fact that he seems to be missing along with his mother is causing authorities to fear that not only has he skipped probation check-ins but he might have skipped the country entirely. george. >> wow, not even an apology. thanks very much. let's go to amy for today's other top stories. you have a deadly highway shooting in oklahoma. >> that's right. two people have been killed after police say a man started shooting randomly at vehicles in oklahoma. they include a man who was driving with his wife and a woman who was shot as the gunman opened fire on tractor trailers. police say the shooter was later pulled over for dui. no word on a possible motive for the shootings. and new details about the attackers in the san bernardino rampage. the fbi says before syed farook and tashfeen malik met in person they communicated online using private messages, not social
7:14 am
investigators say they have found no evidence the couple was directed by foreign terrorists. the two were reportedly buried at a muslim cemetery tuesday during a service guarded by the fbi. a new study claims lifestyle choices, not genetics, are to blame for most cancer cases. researchers found up to 90% of cancers are most likely caused by the peesht's life-style and important environment, lack of exercise, pollution and stress. the findings contradict earlier researchers that blamed most cancers on genes and bad luck. if you think american political campaigns are rough, watch this. the prime minister in spain was punched in the head by a teenager. you see that? he continued, though, to give his speech despite a swelling face. the teen was later arrested. finally going way beyond the call of duty, the driver of this tractor trailer in nebraska was having a seizure so a sheriff's deputy zoomed ahead to the left,
7:15 am
can you see him there? he dashed across two lanes of traffic and leapt into the moving truck's cab to stop the truck and rescue the driver. that driver is now recovering and, you know, that police officer could certainly have a career in hollywood. mission impossible. it looked like it. >> unbelievable. >> it looked like you're watching a movie but that's real life. >> so brave. >> thank you, amy. what a night for women's soccer. celebrating the great abby wambach as she played her last game for team usa, t.j. holmes is here with that and, t.j., whoo, so much emotion last night. >> 33,000 people in that stadium, everybody crying. this is what i need you to do, forget abby wambach per her instructions, forget her name, her number, her accomplishments. she said for it to move forward, the game of soccer, you got to stop looking back. forget you, abby, that's an awful lot to ask. >> tonight, she plays her final game for the united states. >> reporter: overnight an emotional farewell for a legend.
7:16 am
captain's arm band playing a tough 71 minutes for team usa. >> final time for abby wambach. in a usa uniform. >> reporter: before removing her cleats on the field. a standing ovation for number 20's 255th international appearance and the u.s. national team's heartbreaking loss against china wednesday night. >> the streak is over. >> it would be better if we had won, but the reality is i played in so many games this result doesn't shape or determine or define my career. >> reporter: tweeting this good-bye message wednesday. >> forget me. forget my number. forget my name. >> reporter: the sentiment echoed in this simple message. >> i want to leave a legacy where the ball keeps rolling forward. >> reporter: the 35-year-old's stellar international career spanning 14 years. >> history is made.
7:17 am
scorer for both men and women with 184 international goals. >> abby wambach has saved the usa's life. >> reporter: two olympic gold medals. >> and there's one. >> reporter: and who can forget that 2015 world cup title. >> give all of yourself to whatever you want to do in your life as a passion. i love you guys so much. >> reporter: yeah, and her point there, george, robin, is that we want to see the game of soccer. u.s. soccer doing so well that we don't even remember the name. we're not continuing to talk about abby wambach, but good luck with that. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we're not going to forget. >> makes us want to talk about her all the more with that humility. >> it's so genuine. it's always been about the game, not herself. even when the whole team was together in times square and had a great celebration at city hall it was the first time a women's
7:18 am
like that and she kept putting all the emphasis on the sport, on little girls and boys and not herself. not surprising at all. >> she set the bar high. >> if you would like to know more about her and you should our good friends at more and more about abby there. a great story. now we got some trouble. snow in the northern plains? >> yes, so duluth had more than 8 inches of snow. you can see the video right here. behind that storm you're seeing the snow from and reality check of december there is a booster shot of true december air that's coming in that will remind us, take us from hoodies and being comfortable without a coat to not so much. by saturday morning it feels like 5 in chicago, 10 in
7:19 am won't be quite as windy, though the clouds will stick around most of the day. temperatures will barely move and should stay pretty steady in the lower 30s today. this, in combination with northwest wind of 10-20 mph, should create wind chills in the 20s for the entire day. friday still looks to be the coolest day with upper 20s to lower 30s common. a warming trend will be felt this weekend with highs on >> coming up, a new twist in the case of that businesswoman charged with randomly stabbing someone at a drugstore. the revealing e-mail she sent right before she was arrested. and a new warning for millions of americans who send their cars to junk yards every
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to choose a new plan. it's part of the state's switch to a privatized system on january first. but some people currently enrolled say the change is too rushed and the timeline doesn't make sense. including this cedar rapids family, who adopted eleven special needs children. their mom, karen muters , says several of her children's providers aren't contracted yet with one of iowa's four managed care organizations, or mco's. that's because
7:26 am
march to sign those contracts and still get paid for services. for the muters family, choosing an mco, without knowing where her doctors will go creates care problems. medicaid beneficiaries are able to change their mco choice for any reason within 90 days of today's deadline. and now here's your first alert forecast. today won't be quite as windy, though the clouds will stick around most of the day. temperatures will barely move and should stay pretty steady in the lower 30s today. this, in combination with northwest wind of 10-20
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welcome back to "gma." there they are, our audience getting into the spirit for unga sweater showdown that is coming up. those sweaters aren't so ugly. pretty nice right there coming up. also right now, breaking news, a pharmaceutical entrepreneur who became infamous for raising the price of an hiv drug from $13.50 to $750, remember that, well, he has been arrested at his home this morning charged with securities fraud for plundering a different company he founded to pay off personal debts. a holiday alert. the united states postal service announces they're restricting the shipment of hoverboard only sending them by ground not air after all those recent incidents of hoverboard catching fire. >> that does not like instill confidence. >> no. >> not so much. >> no. and we have an amazing shot that we want to show you, the mom scoring big with thousands
7:28 am
michael, you have that coming up. >> i do, robin. i'm here with angela and grace ramey. that shot is so incredible that the harlem grope trotters are calling her. her phone is ringing off the hook. she's going on tour with that. >> let's see if we can get another one. we begin with the latest on that businesswoman facing charges of attempted murder for randomly stabbing a woman in a drugstore. rohinie bisesar sent a revealing e-mail to a newspaper right before being arrested and mara schiavocampo is here with the story. good morning, mara. >> reporter: george, good morning. that woman's attorney says now that she's in custody she seems confused herself like a quote deer in the headlights that she had been struggling to find a job prior to the attack and he suggests that mental health may be an issue. this as the victim clings to life. this morning, new information about a bizarre case, rohinie bisesar, a petite 40-year-old financial adviser with no criminal history in court
7:29 am
charges including attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a complete trainer in a drugstore. >> people have nothing but admirable things to say about her. >> moments before being arrested after four days on the run "the national post" a canadian paper got a message from bisesar's e-mail address saying, something has been happening to me and this is not my normal self adding, i am sorry about the incidence. >> it sounded like a plea for help and she had tried something extreme to see if it would work. >> reporter: bisesar has an extensive resume and several degrees including an mba from one of canada's best business schools. while she has not yet entered a plea her lawyer seems to be considering a mental health defense. >> assuming that she did not know this person before, it, you know, it begs an issue of mental illness. >> reporter: the family of the stabbing victim says the
7:30 am
condition on life support. married less than a year, they add, she was just starting out her life. now an unusual suspect is charged with trying to end it. now, as for the victim's condition, the knife reportedly struck her in the heart and her family says her medical condition is touch and go. bisesar is expected back in court friday for a bail hearing. so many unanswered questions here but the family of the victim is now speaking out. they sent a statement saying how they have dated they are that something like this would happen out of the blue just on a break from work that woman was. >> all right, mara, thank you. another case that could end up in court, the nfl, as you know in the spotlight for its concussion problems but football is not the only sport with crisis there. more hockey players are joining a lawsuit against the nhl. now, abc's linsey davis is here, and linsey, a lot of parents with kids who play hockey are concerned about this. >> reporter: you're right. there is heightened concern and comes as we're seeing an
7:31 am
playing hockey in this country. more than 500,000 people registered in the 2013/2014 season, that's more than ever before. with the movie "concussion" making headlines, tackling the issue of brain injuries in the nfl -- >> tell the truth. >> reporter: -- the nhl is getting hit with concussion-related lawsuit, as well. >> oh, a monster hit. >> reporter: more hockey players joining a class action complaint against the league, approximately 140 former pros now alleging in a lawsuit filed in 2013 that the league didn't do enough to warn them of the long-term effects of repeated blows to the head or protect them from those hits. reed larson is part of the lawsuit. >> we knew we would separate shoulder, lose teeth but long-term brain trauma or cte was never brought up. >> reporter: just last week the family of steve montador slapped
7:32 am
ten months after the 35-year-old was found dead inside his home, an autopsy concluded his brain was ravaged by the degenerative disease cte, his family claiming the league failed to warn him of the long-term neurological risks associated with repeated head trauma. when asked in may if he believes there's a connection between cte and hockey, the commissioner said from a medical science standpoint there is no evidence yet that one necessarily leads to the other. the nhl telling abc news, we don't comment on pending litigation. u.s. hockey has recently changed the body checking rules to 13 to 14 from 11 and 12. in the past they reported drops in participation at the age when body checking was introduced which suggests that minimally parents are concerned about their kids taking these hits. >> we do think about the parents and, you know, you want your child to participate at sports but when you have this, yeah, so they just want the knowledge to make the right decisions. >> to see if there is a connection.
7:33 am
a big medical headline for women about a new screening cancer that may help you detect and defeat it earlier. how thieves could steal your personal information. gio has that, hey, gio. >> millions of cars end up in salvage yards like this but what you leave behind in these wrecks could wreck your credit. the new warning coming up on "gma." stick around. save up to 30% on diamond fashions at kay... the number-one memory-maker in america. every kiss begins with kay. it's the kay jewelers save the best for last event! with up to 30% off storewide... is the time to find her the best gift at an incredible price. so hurry in... ...and save up to 30% at kay...
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we're back at 7:40 with "gma investigates" and an urgent new warning about identity theft. more than 11 million cars are scrapped each year sent to salvage yards but what's left in them could end up wrecking your life. abc's gio benitez is at a salvage yard to explain. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. listen, cars end up here for lots of reason, accidents, people just turn them in for parts. people just want to get rid of them. in a few minutes this morning we
7:37 am
right in the front seat of this car and you won't believe what else we found. so this morning, "gma investigates." >> there's a lot in here. >> reporter: names, address, social security numbers. even bank account information. >> oh, we have six acres. >> "gma investigates" undercover at two pick and pull lots in new jersey. >> foreign cars will be on your left. domestic cars and trucks on your right. >> reporter: the concept is simple. we paid a dollar for entry to the lot and acres of cars un unsupervised searching. among the scraps, something that could be highly valuable. loads of personal information left behind for anyone to possibly steal your identity. in this car we find part of a deed to a condo. and in this one, bank deposit slips. dozens of car registration and insurance cards. listing owner's names, addresses, and even driver's license numbers. in this car we find the most
7:38 am
driver's license, uncashed paychecks, even bank statements with account numbers. >> there's a lot of personal information in here. >> reporter: we tracked down the owners of the car, gary and his son and promptly return the documents. >> quite a bit of stuff. >> pretty unbelievable, actually. >> they say that bank account statement with their account number worries then the most. >> had is it what really troubles me. that should have never been in the car. >> reporter: with the permission of the yard's owner we went to a new york salvage yard not open to the public to see how often people leave their personal documents behind. >> this car just came in. oh, we've got some documents. oh, here we go. insurance documents. take a look at this video. >> we show the our searches to new jersey attorney general john j. hoffman. >> for at least one person we have an account number, their address, their driver's license. we have their insurance information. is that enough to steal their identity? >> yeah. it is.
7:39 am
four, i'd have cut you short at two and said that would have been good enough. >> reporter: he says he sees enough of a concern to provide new warnings to the public. >> this exact scenario is one that i had not been familiar with. >> reporter: even posting this new alert online just this week. we explained what we found to the two pick and pull lots we visited and they both said they tell car owners to clean out their vehicles before dropping them off and ultimately that responsibility falls on the car owners. the playfords say they're happy their information didn't end up in the wrong hands. >> we were fortunate. nobody really got anything and nothing really happened to us, but somebody might not be as lucky. >> and so the attorney general says that before you turn your car into a salvage yard scour that car for any sensitive documents, but he says go even further, because accidents can happen at any time so just take the sensitive documents out of your car especially, robin, those banking documents.
7:40 am
but it's good to check and maybe not have them in there if you can in the first place, all right there, gio, thank you. coming up, new details about tamar braxton's health crisis and the condition that forced her to hang up her dancing shoes. michael. >> and, it is the basket seen around the world, robin, the amazing moment a mom won thousands with a granny shot. she and her daughter are here live next on "gma." ( ) just head around the corner to walgreens when you're searching for that perfect little something. walgreens has great gifts like toys, beauty gift sets, and photo gifts, and it's all just a hop, skip, and a bark away.
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she might not be lebron, but angela's half-court shot has become an instant highlight sensation, the bloomington, minnesota, mom with the chance to make the big basket thanks to her amazing fund-raising for a children's hunger charity and joins us now. >> counts in more ways than one. that bounce basket won angela and her family half off grace's school tuition next year which is big. they're here with us live. welcome you two. >> good morning. >> what an awesome moment. you were saying, though, you knew right away even though it was an unconventional shot but
7:45 am
>> i didn't, no. no, i -- i lined up the shot. i bounced the ball. >> so the bounce was intentional. >> and i threw it granny style, truly. >> your prayers were answered but i heard when you told your husband he said, i didn't believe you. >> called him on speaker and our director, richelle platter, and he was -- just kind of silent and then our administrator sent him the clip from his cell phone and then he was just -- >> he was like, we saved some money. >> how proud were you of mom? >> i was like whoa, she made it in! i was really excited she had made it in because i went, okay, it bounced. she really tried. i'm glad -- oh, my god. she made it in the bucket. >> you know, i think the best part of the video was the fact
7:46 am
mom and you said, mom, you can do it. it was her third and final shot and we're so happy you made that shot. we're so happy you're here. we keep talking -- and you're like i can't believe this. that was an amazing shot. absolutely amazing. >> back inside. here's another great improve this clp tip from lowe's. with everything your smelly garbage disposes gobble up feed it lemon slices to eliminate odors. to see more go to on yahoo! oooh.
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7:51 am
come together today to honor his life. authorities found moe sed's body in the cedar river a week and a half ago. sed would've turned 19 earlier this week. he disappeared on october 22nd while riding his bike. family, community members, and teachers organized a couple of search parties after he went missing. authorities have not said how he died. the candlelight vigil horning sed's life is tonight at 7 o'clock. it will be in the courtyard of west high school. those attending are asked to bring a candle. five officers in johnson county can now better identify, respond, and get help for those going through a mental crisis. the deputies were sent to a special training program and learned about specific illnesses such as ptsd or depression. officials taught them how to talk to individuals in crisis and direct them to resources. the sheriff's office plans to send another officer for training next month. and it hopes to start its own 40 hour training locally to train all agency officers by 20-17.
7:52 am
in nominations for our gazette kcrg tv-9 student of the month. if you know a student that excels head to kcrg dot com slash student of the month. we will announce three finalists for january on the first tuesday of the month. and now here's your first alert forecast. today won't be quite as windy, though the clouds will stick around most of the day. temperatures will barely move and should stay pretty steady in the lower 30s today. this, in combination with northwest wind of 10-20 mph, should create wind chills in the 20s for the entire day. friday still looks to be the coolest day with upper 20s to lower 30s common. a warming trend will be felt this weekend with highs on saturday into the middle 30s,
7:53 am
upper 40s likely on sunday
7:54 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and backlash over this holiday card. a mother and daughter shown taped and bound. the family now speaking out. this is my fight song new details on tamar braxton's health crisis. what really forced her off "dancing with the stars" and then back into the hospital again. the scary condition that sent her into surgery. a rib removed. what she's revealing about her condition now. it's the most wonderful time and get ready to meet the parents. new research revealing how you should really deal with meeting your kids' significant others and the one danger sign during the holidays that could show love isn't meant to be. it's the final countdown it is time. 364 days in the making, the ugly sweater showdown is back. >> oh, my god. >> bigger. uglier. >> arms lined with reindeer
7:55 am
>> more festive than ever. so, which will take the fruitcake. our very special guest 2 chainz is here to knit it all together as we say -- >> good morning, america. 2 chainz. that's right. 2 chainz is here. >> something i thought i'd never see or hear, 2 chainz on "good morning america." >> on "good morning america." look at that crowd, michael. look at them all. in their ugly christmas sweaters. >> it is time for our showdown. who is going to come out on top? robin, i hear you have secret weapons today. >> you know how fierce the competition is and speaking of that, where is lara? lara. >> robin, i'm right here deciding what to wear for the big sweater competition, maybe a classic look or, i don't know, maybe it's a pope kind of christmas. you know what, though, always a winner, a very george
7:56 am
i got this, people. >> yeah, you got that. >> you asked for it. >> i have those pajamas, george, with your face all over. >> you're the winner. >> i can't get that out of my head. let's go to amy to try. >> all right, good morning, everyone. and we begin with the new details in the san bernardino attack investigation. enrique marquez, the longtime friend of syed farook, who allegedly purchased the assault rifles used in the attack, is expected now to face criminal charges as early as today. authorities say marquez told the fbi he and farook talked about carrying out an attack as early as 2010. another e-mail embarrassment for the obama administration. defense secretary ash carter used his private e-mail account for government business when he first became secretary. he now admits that was wrong. and in baltimore, prosecutors will meet today to begin deciding whether to retry one of the police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. a mistrial declared wednesday because of a hung jury triggered
7:57 am
streets with just two arrests reported. well, donald trump may be trying to tone things down a bit during an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live." trump acknowledged his attacks on rivals have been divisive and he said he'd like to see the republican party come together. meantime, russian president trump. during a news conference today, putin called trump a, quote, colorful person, talented and without a doubt the absolute leader of the presidential race. and new progress in the fight against ovarian cancer. there is growing confidence in a new version of a screening test. researchers say a combination of blood screening with ultrasound tests can help lower your risk of dying from ovarian cancer by up to 15%. but doctors say the new screening procedure does need more study. and now to louisiana where one family is facing controversy for the holiday photo they posted online. abc's reena ninan has that story.
7:58 am
family's holiday photo causing controversy on the web. comments pouring in from around the globe. one poster writing, "the fact that you and your friends find this funny shows what a sick bunch you truly are." another calling the image sick. >> i've actually received messages from people all the way from germany. >> reporter: in the photo you see the family of five posing between rows of christmas trees and the mother and two young daughters with their mouths taped shut and hands bound by christmas lights. the father holding a sign that says "peace on earth" as their younger brother gives them a thumbs up. the picture going viral sparking outrage with many feeling the photo is sexist sending the message women should not speak. >> all the negative feedback was real disheartening. >> reporter: the family and photographer saying it was always meant as a joke. >> it was originally my idea. i found a photo like it on pinterest and decided that, hey, let's do it. >> reporter: the johnson family standing by the photo.
7:59 am
it's a family photo. if you like it, great. we love it. if not, scroll up, about half a second later you're not even going to see it anymore. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> all right, reena, thank you. finally, we have used the adjective extreme to describe many things but never before about a set of wedding photos. that's changing right now. take a look at this. these are breathtaking shots of a couple on a ledge 350 feet above the ground. the bride was actually tethered for the shot of her hanging onto the groom's hand. now, despite the way this all looks, the photographer claims that the couple was completely safe the whole time, but it makes you rethink that whole till death do us part. >> oh, yeah. >> because that could have happened sooner. i don't know. i mean -- >> i mean they are beautiful shots. >> they're gorgeous. >> look at that. >> but you know what, there's a thing called green screen. we just saw it with the sweaters. they could have achieved that same look in a very relaxed setting. >> and safer.
8:00 am
>> she was tethered. >> she was tethered. >> thanks, amy. >> let's go to michael. >> i'm safe over here, you guys. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." new details about tamar braxton's health crisis and what really forced her off "dancing with the stars." and barbara walters gives us a sneak peek at this year's most fascinating people from donald trump to amy schumer and brady cooper, and get ready for our big "gma" ugly holiday sweater, everyone is getting into the spirit. got that coming up live on "gma" here in times square. get those giants sweaters in there. rs in there. to the used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be...
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special "deals & steals" for everyone on your list. you knew exactly what to bring me, tory. >> something sweet from sarah michelle gellar and her girlfriend. something for family friend and
8:04 am
>> so good. the cold truth is... if a cold keeps you up at night [ phones ringing ] you can't just catch up on sleep the next day. new alka-seltzer plus night cold & cough liquid relieves tough cold symptoms and quiets coughs for up to 8 hours... help you sleep at night. new alka-seltzer plus night liquid. when you've got a house full of guests on the way
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you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. it's the most wonderful time of the year welcome back to "gma." there's our audience getting in the holiday spirit dancing in their ugly sweaters. getting ready for our big -- we call it a showdown. it's a smackdown. oh, look at that attitude. i love it. love it. the 'tude getting high-fives on the way out. first tamar braxton is opening up about the health crisis that forced her off "dancing with the stars" still recovering from that scary condition that landed her in the operating room. abc's linsey davis is back with her story. >> reporter: this morning, r&b singer tamar braxton is thankful
8:06 am
surgery to have her rib removed. >> oh, you know, i'm blessed, number one, beyond measure. [ applause ] >> reporter: sharing on her talk show "the real" that while she's feeling better, she's still nowhere near a full recovery. >> i'm definitely on the mend. some days are, you know, really tough like yesterday was a little tough, y'all. i could not get out of bed. >> reporter: just last month braxton was forced to leave "dancing with the stars" early because of what doctors thought was pneumonia. >> she's in the hospital right now. >> it just hurts. >> reporter: then a shocking comeback just in time for the competition but immediately after she instagramed to her fans that her doctor found blood clots in her lungs writing "with a heavy heart i regret to inform you
8:07 am
'dancing with the stars' has come to an end" but then after the blood clots cleared more medical drama. she was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition often caused when athletes overuse their upper extremities and it compresses the subclavian vein. she needed surgery to remove her rib. >> i've never had surgery before. >> reporter: in her reality show with husband vincent herbert she shares how afraid she was even hiring a spiritual counselor. >> you got to have somebody that's constantly on -- you know, tamar, keep the faith, don't give up on you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we want to talk to dr. richard besser more about this. so give us more details and any clots? >> yeah, well, let me show you on this graphic. there's this space that's right above your first rib and below that go through important things, an artery, a vein and a nerve and they're pressed with a muscle and what happens is if that space gets a little smaller it can put pressure on those structures and you get something called thoracic outlet syndrome. if it pushes on the nerve, that can cause tingling and pain in
8:08 am
can cut down on blood flow and the arm can get cold and painful. but if it pushes on that vein, a clot can form in your arm and that can go back to your lungs. >> sometimes people feel that pain is a heart pain related to the heart. >> well, it can feel very similar. you know, we talk to people about heart pain being if you get a pain shooting down your arm, think about your heart. that pain often comes on with exercise. this pain here is there all the time. but if you have either of those pains, you need to get those checked out. >> but when we saw that tamar had a rib removed -- >> yeah. >> -- that really got our attention. >> looking back at this graphic you see that first rib at the top that's pressing on everything. she had that rib there removed and that opened up that space and took the pressure off of that vein and that should take care of the problem. you see this thing in athletes who are often doing exercises with their arms up. it causes those muscles to enlarge. one of the braves pitchers had this done a couple months ago. but you can see it in people who also broke their collarbone, you know, doing exercise or in a
8:09 am
>> oh, my goodness, rich, thanks very much. appreciate it. george. >> thanks, robin. all of us have a year or two to go until this happens, but holiday time, the time when teens and young adults bring on their new partners for the first time. lots of new studies say parents influence their relationships and we read about this great story in "the wall street journal," and linzie janis has tips. >> mom, dad, this is greg. >> reporter: 'tis the season to meet the parents. >> be nice to this one, okay. >> okay, i'll try. >> reporter: that awkward first encounter so many moms and dads dread. >> i will be watching you. >> reporter: take robert de niro in "meet the parents" playing the overprotective dad. >> have you ever watched pornographic videos? >> no.
8:10 am
dr. we nchltwendol furman, you don't have to be that parent. his ongoing research reveals surprisingly you're more in control of your kids' romantic relationships than you think. >> parents have more influence on their children's roman take lives than they expect. if the parent has a good relationship with their child they're going to be more credibility and that takes some trial and error. >> reporter: trial and error is what elliott did. his daughter madison's latest boyfriend apparently struggled with her dad's initial interrogation. >> my dad will want to ask questions, and then my friend will just give one-worded answers because he's just dying on the inside. >> reporter: but if all hell breaks loose, dr. furman says it's best to bite your tongue. >> parents don't want to have their child have to make a choice between having a relationship with them, the parent, or the romantic partner. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> some good advice there. let's get more on this now from ericka souter, our friend ericka
8:11 am
and, you know, there was a lot of good advice there but what do you say to parents for that first meeting? >> it's normal to go into judgmental mode. this is your baby. they're bringing home someone. is this person good enough? so your human nature kicks in. and you are very hypercritical. but the most important thing to do is just relax. you know, it's the holidays. have fun with your kids. create new memories and think of it that way. we also want to have an open mind. yes, this person isn't likely to be who you envisioned for your prince or your princess but that's okay. lastly, having an open heart. you know, this kid coming into your house or this person coming into your house is nervous to meet you and want to impress you so embrace them and make them feel comfortable. >> let's say you give the person a chance but after three or four months or a year you really don't like hem. >> that's when moms put their foot down. i don't like this person for x, y, z. and often the effect is the romeo and juliet effect and it drives the kid right into their arms. >> the children will never forget those words. what if they end up together.
8:12 am
so the best thing to do is let it run its course. if it's the first boyfriend or girlfriend, it will probably end anyway. so it's best to see how it plays out and be more supportive. >> how about -- go ahead. >> you don't want them to choose you or them. that's the bottom line. >> right, you also want to have this open relationship and you want to talk to your kids. you want your kids to come to you and say, you know, this is why i like this person. these are the problems i'm having so you want an open and honest relationship with your kids especially when they're dating. >> ericka souter, thanks very much. let's go over to amy. we are in the final days of the year, which means it is time for barbara walters' annual ten most fascinating people special, always one of the most anticipated specials of the year. bradley cooper, tracy morgan and amy schumer just a few of the people to make the list, and i sat down with barbara for a sneak peek. >> i think this -- you know, you always say this is the best list but this is a very good list because it has some drama. it has mr. trump and bernie sanders and then bradley cooper.
8:13 am
>> i love bradley cooper. he is a very nice man. i'm being quoted as saying that he's very screwable. i have to be careful. >> you're going to make me blush, barbara. >> i think that's a clean word. am i okay with that? it's because when he was starting out, his agent said that he -- he didn't say screwable. he said something else which i won't say. >> i think i know where you're going. something very revealing that bradley cooper told you, so let's take a look at that. >> interesting. yeah, i didn't know this about him. >> in your late 20s, you stopped drinking. >> stopped drinking, yeah. >> that's a big change. >> it's a huge thing, yeah. >> do you drink now? >> no. >> you stopped at 30 and -- >> 29, yeah. >> 29, yeah. >> and never drank again, not even wine. >> nothing. >> hmm. >> huh-uh. >> did it change you? >> oh, tremendously. >> very difficult? >> no, beautiful. unbelievable.
8:14 am
>> oh, are you kidding? i would never be sitting here with you, no way, no chance. >> we can see why you like him and his mother lives with him. >> his mother -- he was very close to his father, he wears -- who died. he wears his father's wedding ring. and he lives with his mother. >> also, a kind soul, you can see, and someone who's really had a lot of challenges, physical and emotional given the accident, tracy morgan. >> yeah, he's done very few interviews, and he's now okay. he's married. he has a child. you can see the scars from this terrible accident he had where he was not supposed to live, and he's not only living, he's thriving. >> and another comedian you spoke with, amy schumer. >> yeah. she's so hot this year. i mean, she really is. she's funny and smart and has not had the easiest life at all. >> we actually have a sneak peek of your discussion with amy. >> oh, good, okay. >> you are a very good-looking
8:15 am
>> barbara. >> yes, i mean, i've seen you on the air. i said when you came in that you have the cutest tush. >> thank you so much. >> but you don't -- you don't like your looks. >> no, i wouldn't say that. >> well, you -- >> because i make fun of myself. >> yeah, yeah. >> i think i make fun more of how i think the world and how hollywood sees me. >> yeah. >> she really is -- >> you think everybody knows what a tush is? >> yes, i do. we all know what a tush is. >> she has a good tush. between supposedly telling bradley cooper that he was -- that he is screwable and talking about her tush, this is a very racy special. >> barbara is on fire like you've never seen her before. >> yeah. >> and we can't wait to hear who the number one pick is. >> well, you're not going to hear now. >> okay, we'll have to wait for it. >> and you only have to wait till tonight. barbara walters presents the ten most fascinating people of 2015 airs tonight for 90 minutes starting at 9:30 eastern, 8:30
8:16 am
let's go outside now to ginger. >> oh, thank you, amy. i am just out here with such a great crowd and they're giving me parenting advice. so we're starting there. how about we go to dove valley, colorado. look at the sweet valley, kite snowboarding in parts of colorado. they had all that fresh pow, so nice, and guess what, that cold air behind that storm is some of the coldest of the season from denver back to albuquerque. look at burbank, 37. as we take those temperatures and move them east,you'ltoday won't be quite as windy, though the clouds will stick around most of the day. temperatures will barely move and should stay pretty steady in the lower 30s today. this, in combination with northwest wind of 10-20 mph, should create wind chills in the 20s for the entire day.
8:17 am
upper 20s to lower 30s common. a warming trend will be felt this weekend with highs on >> i >> i have to say, lara, my mom had one of these sweaters before, they were ironic and called ugly christmas sweaters and i love them. how bewe get some "pop." >> totally. my mom has the earrings that look like the old-school lights and still wears them like in full gusto. mom, we love you and are inspired by you. but right now it is time for "pop news" and i love this story. excited to their with you because forget netflix and chill. that's the new sharing. now it's all about netflix and snooze. the streaming service has dreamt up a genius invention, this is legit, guys. these are socks that determine when you've dozed off and immediately pause the show that you're watching. >> so amazing. >> this is real. this is not -- you're not being punked.
8:18 am
episodes into a binge-watch. >> six minutes in, lara. >> george, you drift off. have no idea where you left off. you don't want to have spoiler problems. these smart socks use actography technology that monitor movements like the same thing a fitbit does, monitors your movement so you stop moving, your movie does too. >> stop moving your feet. >> when you sleep, when you're watching tv, you're not moving a lot but you might be fidgeting or eating then you fall asleep, it senses that stop in motion. i mean unless you're like me -- >> i was going to say, i do that, the restless leg syndrome. >> oh, yes. you do stanky leg in your sleep? no, but your movement goes down significantly and it pauses your movies and i want to say netflix you're the best. >> just ruined it for the rest of my family. >> i know, isn't it amazing. putting on a binge-watch, immediately i fall asleep. also in "pop news" this morning -- i'm glad we're all
8:19 am
tell your partner to move over and make room for rover. a new study shows a man's best friend or cute kitty could leave you more well rested. people who slept with their pets felt more safe, secure, consequently had a better night's sleep. it makes perfect sense. cuddling up to a cat isn't for everyone. a cat or a dog. please, cat lovers, do not write me. 20% of pet owners did complain of pets wandering, whimpering or hovering above my face with hot dog breath. but the overwhelming finding was incredibly positive giving new meaning to catnap. >> children, not the same effect, not at all. get out of my bed. >> like break dancing in your bed. and finally, rapper drake knows when that hot line bling, that can only mean one thing. >> bring it, girl. >> it's baddie winkle on the line. take a look, this 89-year-old kentucky native whose real name is ruth van winkle renamed herself because she became an
8:20 am
last year. her daughter, her great granddaughter posted a picture of baddie posted in her signature look that went viral. she has 1.7 million followers including rihanna. ultra hip "people" magazine. she talks about a major crush she has on drake. she tried to direct message him and said it was a little dirty. she also -- there's the bathing suit that she talks about her love and says she wants to be the poster child for people saying it's just a number. just love it. >> bravo.
8:21 am
>> we'll be right back.a couple of key republican presidential candidates will make campaign stops in eastern iowa today. this follows the final debate of the year for the 14 gop candidates. doctor ben carson is one of those candidates visiting the state. this morning, he will stop in mcgregor for a town hall event at 9. then he'll head to mason city and spencer for events later today. the latest abc news/ washington post poll shows carson in 4th place with 12 percent support. meanwhile, senator marco rubio is ahead of carson in that poll with 12 point 6 percent support. he is also in eastern iowa today. rubio will talk to voters in muscatine at 11. then he will go to a meet and greet event in knoxville. donald trump also has a visit planned this weekend. that means the top 4 republican candidates followed up their debate performance with a trip to iowa except ted cruz. carly fiorina, john kasich, and mike huckabee also plan to be here this weekend. and now here's your first alert forecast. today won't be quite as windy, though the clouds will stick around most of the day. temperatures will barely move and should stay pretty steady in the lower 30s today. this,
8:22 am
with northwest wind of 10-20 mph, should create wind chills in the 20s for the entire day. friday still looks to be the coolest day with upper 20s to lower 30s common. a warming trend will be felt this weekend with highs on saturday into the middle 30s, with middle and even upper 40s likely on sunday afternoon. as early as sunday evening, some showers will be possible, which should last into early monday morning. next week remains unsettled with periodic rain chances and highs generally into the 40s.
8:23 am
watch me whip whip watch me nae nae watch me do >> that gets you in the holiday spirit. all right. do the whip and the nae nae. >> and eggnog sounds like a great idea. >> look at our crew. ooh watch me >> the men and women of "gma." right there. and they are in it. they are in it to win it. >> and that is just the warm-up for our showdown coming up in just minutes. >> that's our peeps. our peeps. oh. >> we also have michael, let's go to him right now. >> all right, thanks, guys. >> time now to zero in on those last-minute gifts we count down christmas with "deals & steals." we have tory johnson's "deals & steals" and we have your list covered this morning with bargains up to 56% off. we don't want to waste any more time. what do we have? >> a fun idea. for all of these particular deals today you'll buy it today, you'll get a notification via e-mail that you can share with
8:24 am
is going to arrive in january and i really love that idea because you get to give the season's greetings now, but then when all of the holiday madness dies down, your gift arrives and you get to stand out. >> you get to enjoy it more. >> so i love that. this is the tinker crate from kiwi. they make these amazing kits that are based on s.t.e.m., science, technology, engineering and math. two different kits that you can choose from. if you want to do the one month which is this draw box, kids get to do that or the engineering kit for four months, so depending on how generous you want to be, 25 to $100 whether one or four months cut in half, $12.50 to $50 and free shipping. >> that looks like. yabba-dabba do. >> okay, so this company is foot cardigan. i really think that, you know, bright socks make happy people. >> i love these. >> super fun. choices for kids and adults.
8:25 am
where you can choose one month or three-month options depending on how generous you want to be too. normally depending on what you slashed in half, just $4.50 to $16.50 for three months. can't beat that. julep. beauty products are always a winner. you get three full-size beauty products to choose from, polish, shades, glosses, depending on what you want for so many choices. can't go wrong with this. normally $25 for the box. >> what's the deal? >> these are all slashed in >> free shipping. that's big. when they say free shipping, i'm all in. >> so, you'll be into this. taste trunk. three different selections of food products. so, if it's a sausage lover, chocolate lover or the big executive chef trunk, i love how these are packaged, it's all artisan hand picked for your recipient starting at $63 depending on what you choose. these are slashed in half, 29 to 44 and free shipping. >> yeah.
8:26 am
>> and then last but not least, we are ending "deals & steals" for 2015 on a sweet note. >> yes. >> this is foodstir from sarah michelle gellar and two of her girlfriends started this company to create these baking kits for family fun where every single thing you need is included in here and a great way, not only easy but super fun for family bonding. these are the brownie popsicle sticks. there's also a really fun project with ice cream cones you can bake. i love everything that they do and you're going to love this deal. normally $25 slashed in half, just $12.50 from foodstirs. can't beat that. >> tory does it again, everybody. i don't know how you do it but that is a christmas gift if you ever asked for one. thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals and head to on yahoo! for these codes and links to these bargains and plus one bonus deal you can only get online. thanks, tory. now to ginger. >> michael, we are in the middle of our ninth annual coat drive partnering with burlington to get folks to donate their gently
8:27 am
just like "shark tank's" daymond john and country music star chris stapleton. they are all out so go out and donate at any burlington store. how about we check when you won't need a coat or when we will and then won't. look at parts of central california. there is frozen fountains, thank you very much for sending those pictures in. it's going to stay colder as we look at the jet stream dipping in the west for the christmas forecast. look what's happened. who asked santa for warm weather for christmas? >> i know. >> apparently everybody east of the won't be quite as windy, though the clouds will stick around most of the day. temperatures will barely move and should stay pretty steady in the lower 30s today. this, in combination with northwest wind of 10-20 mph, should create wind chills in the 20s for the entire day. friday still looks to be the >> oh, i love those. you've got all the 2 chainz sweatshirts on. we're ready. all that weather brought to you by mazda. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, "the color purple" is back on broadway with a powerhouse cast led by jennifer hudson in her broadway
8:28 am
it is being produced by oprah who won an oscar nomination for the movie version and she took sara haines behind the scenes of the new show. >> why? >> reporter: it's been 30 years since "the color purple" was first released. steven spielberg's movie based on alice walker's pulitzer prize-winning novel was a hit. oprah winfrey's portrayal of the strong-willed sofia won her an oscar nomination. now she's one of the producers in the broadway revival of "the color purple" musical. how are you feeling seeing it for the first time? >> i feel a great sense of pride and i think this new rendition of it is more modernized and still feels so connected and inspirational. >> reporter: oscar winner jennifer hudson is making her broadway debut. >> reporter: hudson is taking on the role of sultry shug avery.
8:29 am
thinking who has that thing that shug avery has. scott called me up one day and said, what do you think of jennifer hudson and i said, yes. >> reporter: another broadway newcomer is cynthia erivo who reprises her role as celie from the london broadway production of "the color purple." i'm going to see >> reporter: and the part of sofia is being played by "orange is the new black's" danielle brooks. >> danielle was playing sofia which was the role you originated in the movie and were nominated for an oscar. how do you think she did? >> well, i thought she was fantastic. >> i think -- i think it's hard to do it when somebody is in the audience who has also done it before but obviously i can't sing. >> and that someone is oprah. let us not forget that point. >> whoo! >> beautiful. >> oh, my. >> how did you get that wig over that -- how did you do that? >> hey. >> hi. >> hey, baby.
8:30 am
than a big, you know, stadium performance singing, belting out? >> you're telling the story. >> yeah. >> you know, it's not jennifer singing. you know what i mean. >> i got that. >> so it's like you're telling the story. >> how does it feel like to be part of such a legacy? >> well, for me, an amazing dream come true for me. it's nothing i could ever have dreamed off. >> and just i'm on cloud 500 and every night being in this room with the audience really living my dream with a story that made me want to become an actor. >> well, here's to a long run. >> yes. >> here's to a long run! [ applause ] the color purple >> sing, oprah. >> reporter: for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> cannot wait to see that. and you can see oprah's special, "oprah goes to broadway: the color purple" on own this saturday. coming up right here our ugly sweater showdown.
8:31 am
tt0w!ti(h,! %4@-h@h tt0w!ti(h,! el@-bg$ tt0w!ti(h,! ed@-de@ tt0w!ti(h,% )8h-$;< tt0w!ti(h,% kzh-9t@ tt0w!ti(h,% n-h-l=l tt0w!ti(h,% 0ph-rzt tt0w!ti(h,% s"h-b(4 tt0w!ti(h,% ueh-ajd tt0w!ti(h,% 7hh-]h0 we are ready now for our annual ugly holiday sweater showdown. celebrity guest this year, 2 chainz, welcome. >> how are you doing? >> so you actually raised money and give money to charity with ugly sweaters. tell us about it. >> yes, i started my own ugly sweater line.
8:32 am
the number 2 and chain with a "z" and proceeds go to shart and go to giving back in the community. also launched the app on the app store. i mean, it was just time to do something. merchandise is real big and in the entertainment community so i kind of cross promoted me with an artist with the whole movement of the charity thing and just combined and it came out good and we're here right now. >> you ready to go? >> yes. >> we want everybody at home to vote. you guys at home will decide the winner. get ready to vote for your favorite sweater. michael had to go to his other job, so he recorded this video a little earlier. the candy man. lost in a crowd and i'm found and i'm hungry like the wolf [ applause ] >> okay, 2 chainz, what did you think?
8:33 am
>> i didn't realize that michael enjoyed that much sweets. he's got a lot of candy going on. should stay out of that sugar bowl. >> stay out of the sugar bowl. >> now it's time for the live competition. robin is here first with sweet dreams and a few secret weapons. >> let's do it. whoa >> yeah. [ applause ] >> that's how you steal the show. >> someone doesn't like "we do like we do. >> yeah. >> there's my daisy. >> yes. >> that is what you call stealing the show right there. bringing some friends along. >> the friends always works. >> and not just any friends, these are friends from the new york humane society, so they are available, yes. whoo. >> all right. [ applause ] >> they are cuties. >> yeah.
8:34 am
let's see it. here she is, rocking rockette. better watch out you better not pout i'm telling you why santa claus is coming to town [ applause ] >> nice. >> she gave you quite a -- >> nice. >> see how i got a waist again. i got a waist again. >> yeah, she brought the rockettes all the way to new york. that's interesting. dab. dab. >> speechless. you got him. >> like she has a whole other person attached to the front of her. that's a neat idea right there. >> two, one here, one here. >> what are you having? >> a boy. so, it's his first dress up. >> okay. it is amy robach's turn.
8:35 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> not bad, huh. >> yeah, i like that. >> my two favorite teams. >> well, i'm from georgia, you know that? >> i love you already. now, georgia bulldogs and i was born on michigan state campus. my dad and my grandpa went, so i got red and green with my two favorite sports teams. >> okay, great colors, man. you make some noise. i like this one. [ applause ] i like this. >> now it's going to be hard for lara to top last year, but here she comes now with strictly ball gown. [ applause ] >> i like that. i like that. they like that. that's nice. yeah. >> i was trying to class it up a little bit. >> yeah.
8:36 am
>> this guy, he loves it. >> yeah. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> i love the ornaments. very subtle. i love the ornaments. very subtle. >> yeah, very subtle. not sure what airport she can go to but -- >> she got the puppy's attention. >> yeah, yeah. >> i'm hiding a small village under here. i put the ball in ball gown. >> no, seriously, it looks like it's something that we can probably -- i could take you to a prom or something. >> oh, thank you. can we do that? >> we'll go to the prom together. why not. >> honestly, i don't know. it was very creative like the things -- you know, when you bring dogs because i have a dog and i'm a pet lover. >> fur babies. >> that's a cheat sheet, the pet lover is a cheat sheet and then to wear something that has georgia on it is also a
8:37 am
>> yeah, baby. >> i can see me, you know, disqualifying two of them because they don't have anything to do with me on it, you know. [ laughter ] >> well, we still have the voters at home. we want everyone at home to vote. we'll announce our winner at the end of the show. go to on yahoo! coming up in just a few minutes. that's great. [ applause ]
8:38 am
that's a galaxy s 6 at u.s. cellular this saturday. whoa, thanks, grandma!! you're welcome. you can also get an lg g4 or an lg g pad f 8.0 with that penny. nice! isn't that just delightful? pennies for everyone! get penny doorbuster deals on great devices this saturday starting at 9:00 a.m.
8:39 am
hi. welcome back. this is pip wearing a sweater. remember to go to our web site to vote on our ugly holiday sweater showdown. you can't vote for pip, but we all gave it our all. you can adopt pip, though. we want you to get ready for a high adrenaline action thriller hitting the screens. "point break" is about an fbi agent who catches criminals and some waves. cowabunga, baby.
8:40 am
>> my father put me on a kind of surfboard before i could walk. >> reporter: learning to surf. luke bracey was meant to play johnny utah, a rookie fbi agent and extreme sports superhero. >> i grew up on the beach. and i get a bit of saltwater that runs through my veins for sure. i always say the cure for anything is saltwater. if it's sweat, tears or the ocean. >> reporter: the ocean is just one of many thrilling obstacles luke's character faces attempting to bust daredevil criminals responsible for a string of heists. >> identify these individuals and report back to me. >> reporter: the film, a turning point for the 26-year-old actor. this is your big hollywood moment. your first role as a leading man. no pressure. but how does it feel? >> i haven't had time to think about it too much. i guess i'm pretty lucky about that. >> first thing we got to do is put wax on the board. >> reporter: luke is taking me out for a surf inging lesson off the coast of malibu. >> that's when you want to kind of pop up as low as
8:41 am
bent. >> reporter: and after a few pointers, it was just luke, me and the pacific ocean. let's do this. first i had to get the courage to cast away, but look at luke go, incredible. he's definitely done this a time or two. me, well, after a little push, here i go. the surf was up, but i was down. what a wipeout. a little video though with our surf cam. with luke rooting me on and leading the way, i caught another wave and, well, this time i opted to take a dive instead. and after a few i figured out how to stay above the water. awesome. i'm your sidekick. watch out. that was awesome. >> good work. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:42 am
news, malibu, california. >> very nice. now, remember, please keep voting for our ugly sweater showdown. robin, the camera is over here, girl. get over here. >> i'm trying to get in the shot. sorry. >> can you explain the basketballs? >> well, thank you for your contribution there. thank you very much. you know who this is. angela. >> hi. >> yes, and grace ramey. what you did in making that half-court shot that we've been showing over and over again and you got half off your beautiful daughter's tuition and also raising a lot of money to help those that are hungry. tell us a little bit about your organization, how you guys have been helping. >> our school bethany academy had a fund-raiser with kids against hunger and we in five hours were blessed to pack 41,000 meals. 41,000 meals. >> 41,000. all right. well, you know what, we here at "good morning america," we're going to make a donation to a children's organization to help
8:43 am
to help what you're doing. we're going to do that. we're going to do that for you. bless your heart. all right. and you don't even have to make a shot for us to do it. you don't even have to make a shot for us to do that. we'll do that. >> thank you. >> we want to see, you know, just a little closer than half-court. can you do it again? can you work your magic again? >> come on, baby. come on. do your thing. do your thing. whoa. here you go. here you go. okay. uh-oh. uh-oh. are you going to go granny style again or no? oh, oh, oh. [ screaming ] [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. oh. [ screaming ] >> you got to play the lottery.
8:44 am
>> oh. "good morning america" is brought to you by alka seltzer plus day cold & flu. >> okay, it is the moment we've all been waiting for, the big winner of our ugly sweater showdown. 2 chainz. >> okay, drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> come on. come on. >> the winner is robin. >> whoo! whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my gosh. all right. >> thank you. >> take your walk. >> thank you.
8:45 am
i never win. >> you did it, rosie. you did it. we did it. thank you. thank you. >> oh, oh. >> come on, really. >> yeah. >> whoo! >> have a great day, everyone.the iowa attorney general's office says a waterloo officer was justified in shooting at a man last month. the iowa division of criminal investigation says police were trying to arrest brandon seeley for meth possession. police say he led them on a high speed chase and
8:46 am
of his car, seeley drove directly at him. that's when the officer shot at him. seeley drove away and officers later arrested him at his girlfriend's house. he faces drug possession, eluding and assault charges. the attorney general's office is withholding the name of the officer because of his position with the tri-county drug task force. benton county authorities have a person in custody this morning after a multi county chase. authorities tried to get to the driver just west of atkins at 69th street and 30th avenue at about 12:10 this morning. that started a chase that led them into linn county. about 20 minutes later, authorities caught the driver at 18th street and 33rd avenue. no one was hurt. and now here's your first alert forecast. today won't be quite as windy, though the clouds will stick around most of the day. temperatures will barely move and should stay pretty steady in the lower 30s today. this, in combination with northwest wind of 10-20 mph, should create wind chills in the 20s for the entire day. friday still looks to be the coolest day with
8:47 am
trend will be felt this weekend with highs on saturday into the middle 30s, with middle and even upper 40s likely on sunday afternoon. as early as sunday evening, some showers will be possible, which should last into early monday morning. next week remains unsettled with periodic rain chances and highs generally
8:48 am
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