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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  December 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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firefighters who got the call at about 10 o'clock found the fire in an unlikely location. it was a camp set up by two homeless men with two tents next to railroad tracks along first street northwest. matthew geraghty didn't want to describe how he helped publicly. but a fire spokesperson called it a "rescue" in every sense of the word. "according to the fire fighters and officers on scene, this man who was injured, bned severely, if he has any chance at life it's due to this good samaritan's actions. " in daylight, the extent of damage was obvious with the candles inside where the tent stood before it burned. firefighters believe a sleeping bag caught fire first. several formerly homeless people who gathered for a meal at a cal mission say they were always worried about a fire when they slept outside away from a shelter. " i didn't even use the candles. even starting a fire because
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" i was scared, , was terrified because i'd never slept outside in my whole life. " those who were formerly homeless say there are reasons others would try to spend the night in a campmpn winter rather than go to a shelter. usually it involves not wanting to follow strict rules. homeless shelter operators say it's important to tell people there are better, safer options. "i really hopopto get the word out that we have an overflow shelter location, very low barrier, we want anyone outside to come in and access that." the overflow shelter s stem operates when the temperature is at 15 degrees or less overnight. it is in operation tonight and was last night as well. theire victim, smock, w taken to the university of iowa hospitals and clinics. there was no condition report available tonight. thanks, dave. let's check the weathehenow with meteorologis t justin gehrts. justin, we've been getting some more typical
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today. winds will finally back down for a little while, but with lighter winds and a clear sky, we'll have a cold night in the teens. mostly sunny skies and a gentle wind from the southwest will send us back to the middle 30s for highs on saturday. clouds increase on sunday and we may have a few light showers develop late. it'll be quite mild with highs well into the 40s. a chance of showers ends early monday as temperatures slowlwlfall. temperatures r rain above normal leading up to christmas with another small rain chance on night: mostly clear low: 12-18 winds: nw 5-15 alo: 13 dbq: 12 iow: 16 back to you. the man who attacked and killed his ex-girlfriend in a hyvee parking lot last spring
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rest of his life in prison. a judge this afternoon issued theandatory life sentence to nicholas luerkens. a jururin november found thth 33-year-old guilty of first degree murder. the judge also ordered him to pay 150-thousand dollars to his victim's eate. luerkqns stabbed 29- year-old lynnsey donald in the marion hyvee parking lot. she was walking with her son to her car. prosecutors said he'd been harassing her and plotting her murder for two months before killing donald. her r ther said the boy celebrated his 7th birthday the murder. after stabbing donald, luerkens stabbed himself him. intoxicated and insane at the time of the attack. the father of the victim, talked about the pain and heartache of his daughter's violent death -- and front of his 7-year-old grandson. " 48:45 i never thought my grief would cut harder than the
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i could have been there to save her. often, i wonder what i could havavdone differently. i live daily with the intense grief." when the judge allowed luerkens to address the court before sentencing, luerkens said he was truly sorry for what happened. judge mitchell turner told luerkens he will never see the outside of a prison. coralville police are warning people to watch for suspicious activity after an uptick in home and vehicle burglaries. kcrg t-v nine's mark carlson talked with policabout this today and he joins us live from the coralville police statioio mark, this has a lot to do with the holidays? yes, bruce. coralvil police say while you're out shopping, burglars are out shopping too. police say that increase prompted them to put a warning out to people to be on the lookoufor
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holiday season. they say burglars know this is the time of year people are stocking up on gifts, and that's an easy target. they also say too many people are l lving their car doors unlocked. and they say they have reports of burglars kicking in doors in broad daylight. "a pretty practice is someone comes to your door and knocks on the door, if no one answers they might go around back and kick in the door and then help themselves, and then load it out through your garage. " if you are home, police say burglars often pretend they have e e wrong address. they say don't hesitate to call if a suspicious person shows up at your door acting lost. police have also seen an increase in package thefef off of door steps. . ey say best thing to do there is have your packages shipped to somewhere where you can get them during the day, like an office. in coralville, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. the threre of isis and terrorism
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presidential race. an ad from senator ted cruz attacks some rivals for a bill he says would have let terrorists into the u-s. the kcrg and gazette fact check team put that claim to the test. "that's why i fought so hard to defeat president obama and the republican establishment's gang of 8 amnesty. the gang of 8 was a bipartisan group of senators, which included presidential candidates lindsay graham and marco rubio. it proposed a 2013 comprehensive immigration reform plan, which has yet to pass in the house. senator cruz joined most republicans in voting against the bill. "their misguided plan would have given obama the authority to admit syrian refugees including isis terrorists without any screening at all. that's just wrong" the cruz campaign did not respond to our request for sourcing for the claim. but we examined the bill itself and found similar claims from conservative columnist vid horowitz. that column claims three sections of the immigration bill would have made it easier for islamic refugees and potential terrorists to get into the country. first, it argues the bill would grant
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declaring themselves "stateless". a review by the federation for american immigration reform notes that would only apply to people already in the country and need approval from the department of homeland security the bill also eliminates a requirememe for someone seeking asylum to file that request within a year of arriving in the u-s. but that would only apply to those already in the u-s. another provision would allow the president to declare groups of people as refugees - for example, those fleeing now from war-torn syria. a congressiona l summary of the bill says that would get refugees into the system faster during a humanitarian crisis. but none of these provisions or any other section we found would allow a refugee to skip the screening process to come to the u-s. and that screening is rigorous. the united nations or state department must first determine the person qualifies as a refugee using interviews and biometric screenings. then comes security and background screenings from intelligence agencies, the state department, department of homeland security and the f-b-i. an immigration agent then conducts an n -person interview and a fingerprint check. finally, a refugee must pass a medical screening and be assigned to a resettlement agency just to get into the country. a refugee must still apply for citizenship which triggers a new set of security screenings. the state department says the average
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years. again - the proposed gage of eight immigration bill would not change any of that. meaning all syrian refugees - even isis terrorists - would need to go through this screening. that's why ted cruz gets an 'f' on this claim. this morning, the cruz campaign launched an almost identical version of the ad - but without saying refugees would skip the screening process. that improved the rating. the bill is designeneto jump start the refugee process in a humanitarian crisis - much like what is
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refugees admitted would still need congressional approval. and claiming the bill would let the president admit isis terrorists into the country is fearmongering. that is why the revised ted cruz ad sti get's a 'c' the dubuque school district wants to know thth concerns parents and others have about the city's schools. find out how you can share them and learn more about the district's teacher leadership program, coming up. stay with tv9. " air force master sgt. timothy
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sends holiday greetings. "
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district will spend their saturday morning talking money andndeacher leadership. the school district will hold what they call a "speak up" meeting tomorrow at eight a-m at the school district headquarters. people can hear how the district's teacher leadership program helps students in the classroom. a couple of years ago the state awarded a teacher leadership grant to dubuque school. that allows the district to pay teachers extra who take on
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les in their schoololbuildings. teacher leaders help their peers with curriculum development and technology coaching. and dubuque's school superintendent says teachers work on these skills during the time when classes start an hour late on friday mornings. it's all about getting to that one on one so we fully understand what each and every needs for their education. " tomorrrr's "speak up" meeting will also include information about the school district's budget and how administrators say inadequate increases in state funding hurts students. the big four classic basketball tournament takes place tomorrow at the wells fargo arena. iowa takes on drake and iowa state plays u-n-i in preview, coming up. stay with your 24 hour news
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but with lighter winds and a clear sky, we'll have a cold night in the teens. mostly sunny skies and a gentle wind from the southwest will send us back to the middle 30s for highs on saturday. clouds increase on sunday and we may have a few light showers develop late. it'll be quite mild with highs well into the 40s. a chance of
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temperatures slowly fall. temperatures remain above normal leading up to christmas with another small rain chance on night: mostltlclear low: 12-18 winds: nw 5-5- alo: 13 dbq: 12 iow: 16 tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 32-38 winds: sw 5-15 alo: 33 dbq: 31 iow: 35 tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 25-31 winds: s 10-20 alo: 28 dbq: 25 iow: 28 sunday: inc. clouds, iso. showers late high: 48 - low: 28 monday: chance of showers early high: 39 - low: 38 tuesday: 4& mostly cloudy high: 43 - low: 29 wednesday: chance of showers high: 44 - low: 3
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friday: partly cloudy high: 45 - low: 27 thanks justin. up next tonight, scott previews the big four classic. and the iowa football teaeais
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ready to start preparing for the rose bowl. stay with tv9. the hawkeyes have had a week
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collapse against iowa state. and with a veteran team ththr should d no hang over heading into the big four classic tomorrow at wells fargo arena. the hawks will have their hands full against a drake team that has upgraded their talent level. he has three very talented scorers he has a couple of big kids that our impressive. he has some athletes on the wing so you can see him put it together piece by piece. this is s team that has really impressed me on film but i am not surprised i have a lot of respect for ray and his body of work and you are seeing
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think. sot :25 oc: "coming to fruition i think " the cyclones and panthers will battle in the nightcap.. and don't expect second ranked iowa state to overlook the panthers.. uni knocked off top ranked north carolina earlier this year and they gave the e clones fits when thehe played them two years ago in the big four classic. you really have to bring you're a game against them because when they have a week to prep for us they are going to take advantage of every weakness we have so it is gonna a tough game and being in des moines they are going to have some of thier fans thier and i am sure hawkeye fans are going to be cheering against also it is going to be a tough crowd. our guys do look forward to both playing against a tough team and being in a place that should be sold out and it should be a great atmosphere. sot :26 oc: "great atmosphere " the iowa football team has been working hard this w wk in the classroom with finals and on the field. the hawkeyes are getting back in the swing of things after some time off. and their focus is starting to shift towards their rose bowl opponent stanford. it is always a good opportunity to get out their on the field and try to
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from previous weeks in the season and headed to bowl prep this a good chance to prepare for the team we have next. the rest h h been nice but atathe same time but you anxious you want to start playing again and it feels good. it is something we needed a little bit of rest but now that we are back it feels good the legs are fresh and ready to go to the rose bowl sot :30 oc: "the rose bowl " the team will fly to southern california christmas eve. look for coverage on the kcrg tv-9 news and don't forget to watch our one hour long rose bowl special from pasadena new years day at 9:00 am right before the rose bowl parade. and finally lets cap off big ole fish week with the big ol fish himself john campbell. here's a fishing team. allison simon and her dad marc and a lake wapello blue gill. kennidy davis of monona w w fishing t t mississippi backwaters when she nailed her bluegill. adam and noah billmeyer got into
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jacob and jackson petitgout are happy campers with the catfisisthey caught while fishing with their papa. aira foster hit the jackpot while fishing with her dad marc t& n the little fork river in minnesota. the story gets even better. this is oaken foster with the 42 inch muskie he caught the very next day. lex edwards and tori penick with their bountiful catfish haul from the big river. and wrapping up big g fish week is tyson mohr with the hog he caught at he grandparent's farm pond near victor. with all my fishing friends, this is john campbell reporting.
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and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t justin gehrts for your final forecast. winds will finally back down for a little while, but with lighter winds and a clear sky, we'll have a cold night in the teenen mostly sunun skies and a gentle wind from the southwest will send us back to the middle 30s for highs on saturday. clouds increase on sunday and we may have a few light showers develop late. it'll be quite mild with highs well into the 40s. a chance of showers ends early monday as temperatures slowly fall. temperatures remain above normal
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