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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 20, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CST

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now. the high stakes debate. hampshire. >> this is not the type of >> bernie sanders apologizing to hillary clinton over that data breach. trump. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. >> the best moments of the big >> secretary clint changes her position on this every election year. >> let's calm down a little bit, >> let's tell the truth, martin. >> who walked away the winner. caught on camera. new video of sheriff's depepies shooting a suspect dead. new outrage over what happened. >> do i believe if my client was executed? >> will those deputiti finally be prosecuted? procrastinators. stores luring in the latecomers we've got your holiday shshping guide ----
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>> -- to the stores that are offering the best deals. checking it twice all right, good morning. let's get right to the breaking news overnight. a sign of a world on edge ove terrorism. >> an air france flight from the african island of mauritius en route to paris, has made a a emergency landing in kenya after a suspected bomb was found onboard. >> hundreds of passengers evacuated. many of them parisians. still traumatized by that coordinated isis attack just a few weeks ago. >> and abc chief foreign correspondent terry moran is on the stor_ for us. hi, terry. >> reporter: hi, paula. this is a rapidly developing top kenyan security authorities in mombasa. reports that one passenger was arrested and a suspected bomb has been found on passengers and crew are now safe
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incident. it was air france flight 463, a fully loaded boeing 777 headed for paris overnight, when it was forced to make an emergency landing in mombasa, kenya. >> something wrong in the toilet, likeket could be a bomb. >> reporter:r:hortly after midnight, 459 passengers and 14 crew members were evacuated by the plane's emergency slides. then whisked away to a nearby hotel, where several passengers are being questioned. airport officials say they're zeroing in on two passengers who appear suspicious. military bomb experts have ry trooefd the device, adording to police, taking it away for dismantling. >> if thth device was found 3 3 1/2 hours into the flight, it's likely someone aboard that aircraft placed it on the
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>> reporter: a frightening incident for shaken parisians and for aviation officials still on edge after isis fighters claimed credit for a bomb in a flight over egypt. >> these flights continue to be attractive to terrorists because it's muceasier to get a bomb or a device through security at a third world airport, at a smaller airport, than it is at a larger airport like neyork or paris. >> this is the third air france flight that has been diverted since those attacks in paris last month. right now, authorities are taking very, very seriously. >> i want to remind everyone we'll stay on this story throughout the day. here on abc news. becacae there are so many open questions. so, how did it get on that plane? we want to move on to the big debate overnight in new hampshire. seven weeks before the primary there, hillary clinton and her democratic rivals facing off for the last time this year. and it all went down right here
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the debate featured arguments and an apology and a closing line from clinton that went immediately viral. abc's cecilia vega has all the highlights from manchester. >> reporter: a "star wars" reference for you. good morning. they battled on the stage over taxes, wall street, two candidates united over two words, i apologize. >> yes, i apologize. >> reporter: those three words from bernie sanders right out of the e te, an apology for h h campaign's breach of hillary's private voter data. >> not only do i apologize to secretary clinton, i want to apologize to my supporters. this is not the type of campaign that we run. and if i find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired. >> reporter: from the front-runner rival standing right next to hihi apology acceceed. >> i very much appreciate that comment, bernie, it really is
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this. obviously we were distressed when we learned of it because we have worked very hard. >> reporter: the last democratic debate of 2015 -- >> now this is getting to be fun. >> this is funun >> reporter: -- hardly a love fest. clinton and sanders tussling over guns -- >> our latest poll shows that more a aricans believe a aing peoplele not the stricter laws is not the best defense against terrorism, are they wrong? america safer. >> it's divided country on guns. but there's a broad consequence on sensible gun safety regulations. differences on wall street. >> should corporate america love hillary clinton? >> everybody should. >> wall street is going to like me even less. third person on that stage, former maryland governor martin
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flip-flopping political approach of washington that both of my two colleagues on the stage have 40 years. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. let's calm down a little bit, mamain. >> let's tell the truth, martin. >> reporter: the crowd not in his corner, either, when o'mamaey, the youngest on n age made a dig at age. >> can i offer a different general race's perspective on this. atntion not even on that stage, leading gop candidate donald trump. >> he is becoming g is' best recruiter. >> someone like a trump comes along and says, i know the answers, we hate all the muslims, because all the muslims are terrorists. >> reporter: clinton delivering a few laughs, too. a late arrival back to podium after a commercial break turned bathroom break. >> sorry. >> reporter: and that closing line now trending on twitter. >> and may the force be with you.
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one of the most talked about moments last night. hillary clinton also making headlines for not raising taxeses on the middle class. there was -- when it was all over, one big disagreement, both the clinton and sanders campaigns claiming victory last night. >> cecilia, may the force be i know you're operating on very little sleep. so, very nice job. thanks, e is sill ya. we'll bring in george stephanopoulos, the host of manchester alongside political analyst matthew dowd as well as our chief white house correspondent, jon karl. good morning, george, and good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning, paula. thank you very much. and matthew dowd, we just heard cecilia say both sides claiming victory. >> you know, george, we have covered enough campapans, everybody claims victory. i think all three walked away with their best performance within the course of this campaign. i think hillary clinton had her a-game yesterday. she brought it, she did well.
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and i think martin o'malley even did well. i think they all can be happy. i think the happiest person is hillary clinton. >> nothing changes. started out thnight, jon karl, with that apology, but after the bate, the sanders' c cpaign announced they have suspended two more staffers, is this over? >> well, look, so, you have one person fir and two suspended. more possibly coming. it's not over. he apologized. but what was interesting, even words about the dnc and d w they handled it. and look, the hillary clinton campaign still thinks this was a serious breach of their personal proprietary data. >> that's what thth believe. dnc is on the side of hillary clinton. it. >> they are. donald trump front and center last night, attacked nine separate times.
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mentioned. all the democrats said he's the candidate they want to run against. he put out a tweet last t ght, no, no, that's what they're saying, they're afraid of me. >> many of us didn't think he was going to get in this race, now every republican pivots off of him. and now, all democrats are pivoting off of donald trump. donald trump was the only republican mentioned. it will only help him in the course of the republican primary. >> maybe not only the winner here was hillary clinton but donald trump. >> this was the laststebate of this year. we got six weeks until the votes in iowa and new hampshire. for this race to change, what has to happen? >> the big thing is, bernie sanders needs to pull off a win in iowa. if he can pull off a win in iowa, then he comes in here where he's right now, arguably the favorite in n w hampshire, two o g wins, he still faces an uphill battle in all of the 48 states. that would create quite a
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>> okay, guys, thanks very much. let's go back to paula. >> thank you, george. you'll have a whole lot more coming up on "this week" with senator sanders and republican candidates donald trump and new jersey governor keep it right here on abc. we do momo now to a didiurbing new video of a fatal shooting in los angeles. it's raising new questions about exactly what happened when they shot and killed a man they were trying to handcuff. the attorney for the victim's family is cacaing this an execution. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more. >> paula, good morning. that attorney is asking for officers. the victim shoho multiple times at close range. this newly released video shows those final moments. we warn you, it can be difficult to watch. this morning, newly released cellphone video showing the critical moments leading up to the fatal shooting of 23-year-old
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california, last year. watch as these two deputies struggle with aguilar on the ground, attempting to make an arrest. one deputy fires a shot at the other deputy. >> i've been shot! >> reporter: moments later, those deputies continuing to shot. >> i'm dying! >> reporter: this video heartbreaking for aguilar's family. >> he was juststo happy waiting when he was killed, i was five months pregnant. >> reporter: and now at the center of a pending legal battle. >> do i believe if my client was absolutely. the police officer is not supposed to be on top of the victim, especially when they're >> reporter: accororng to the family lawyer, a similar video
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district attorney, the d.a. conclung in february that aguilar had been under the influence of marijuana and that they acted ilawful self-defense#and defense of others when they used deadly force. but the family thihis otherwise. >> what everybody wants s see is prosecution. >> reporter: now, officials say an internal affairs investigation was also completed in this case. that will be presented in january. as for this newly released video, the d.a.'s office says they will review it. lot of questions here, they say they had a gun. that's thessue here, were they really under threat when they fired those fatal shots? it always difficult images for everyone to watch. >> incredible footage. mara, thank you. we're going to move now to a warning for anyone considering buying a drone for christmas, you'u' have to register with the government starting tomorrow. these flying machines have been
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and the faa wants to keep tabs on them. it means some of your personal information will be available to the public and abc's devin dwyer has more now. >> reporter: they're one of the hottttt gifts of the season and biggest heheaches for law enforcement. stararng monday, if you own a drone weighing over a half a pound, you'll have to register online with the faa. >> this is about having a national registry of folks who are owners of drones and users of drones. >> reporter: it will cost 5 bucks to sign up but the faa is making registration free for the first 30 days. you give them your name, e-mail and credit card information. the fed gives you a tracking number to clearly display on your drone. kids will have to have their parents register for them. as more drones swarm the sky, the government wants greater credibility. >> we almost got hit by a drone, just tlet you know up here.
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>> reporter: drones flying above california forest fires, forced the grounding of tankers battling the blaze. they have sent the white house into lockdown. and they startled spectators at the u.s. open back in september. >> that's going to cause a halt in play for the moment. >> reporter: if your drone goes rogue, its new tracking number will help authorities even your neighbors hunt you down. it will list your full name and home address. and if you don't register your drone, you could face steep fines up to $2505000, potentially 3 years in prison. drone pilots have to carry certificates with them. the faa says that most small toy droneneless than $100 are usually light enough they don't need to be registered. dan and paula. >> thank you for that little bit of relief, devin. >> paula is a big drone operator.
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and they crash. let's check the rest of the headlines with dr. ron claiborne. good morning to you, dan and paula, sara, robert. we begin with pentagon chief ash carter calling a deadly air strike in iraq a mistake both by the u.s. and iraq. he called the incident "regrettable." nineraqi soldiers a one officer were killed. it was targeting isis militants. iraq defense minister has put out a warning that the wrong doers would go punish to iraqi law. the so-called bad boy of the phararceutical industry, martin shkreli is defending himself on social media. he tweeted, i'm confident i will prevail. on friday the 32-year-old resigned as head of turing pharmaceuticals. the company that blew up the price of a life-saving drug up
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he's now indicted on unrelated fraud charges. >and as millions of americans hit the road this week for christmas, they're getting an early gift at the gas station. according to gas buddy, the naonal average is now a penny below $2, $1.99. >> incredible. >> that's amazing, isn't it? >> yes. >> the lowesprice since back in 2009. and finally the wait is over. the "star wars" movie is proving to be quite the force at the box office, the movie is forecast to rake in $225 million. on its opening weekend. it's expected to take down the record by jurassic world. if you're watching this in india, don't worry, it opens there on thursday. by the way, disney is the parent company of -- >> abcews. >> correct. >> thanknkou for that little
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they're expecting this to make about $1 billion or something. incredible. all right, well, you guys, speaking of dollars and cents, if you're one of the procrastinators, congratulations, your patience has scored you some serious deals. abc's gloria riviera is in union station to assure us the deals >> reporter: this morning, procrastinators unite. five days to sweep up those steals. shoppers swarming malls across the country for super saturday. nearly 50% of shoppers admitting to purposely cutting it close hoping to get the very best deals. >> i came last week and there wasn't that many deals as there are today. >> reporter: this mom and her 14-year-old daughter on a mission to get the biggest sales of the season under their tree. >> my older r ughter is here as well.
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separate ways? >> reporter: so divide and conquer? >> yes, i knew where i was gogog. sale racksksof course. >> reporter: many finding luck with their last-minute shopping strategy. >> we purchased we got 20% off, 15% off. >> charlotte russe everything is $20 or under. >> reporter: with 40% of the season sales happening in the ten days before christmas, many retailers adding some extra perks to your last-minute shopping. >> i was just in a really long line in bath & body works. because i was so patient, i was wait. >> the best strategy, i'm not buying anything that's not >> reporter: and for those who have yet to finish making a chririmas list -- >> not a bad idea. >> we came with a mission and
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be crunching the numbers to see if thihiyear's super saturdada does more than last year. and if you're thinking of heading out there, take note, many people told us for the most part, shoppers are being very courteous at least where we were. maybe everybody knows that santa is still watching. dan. >> you know, not shop near paula faris, she will dive-bomb with her drone. marciano, what's cooking -- >> she's very competitive, no doubt about that. finally, some lake-effect snow across parts of upstate new york. look at this, redfield, new york, 19 inches of snow. just east of i-8 about 3 feet of snow, snowing right now in syracuse, but they have yet to pile up more than an inch. buffalo finally getting an inch of snow. late start to the lake-effect snow season. here's that cold air, it
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down to atlanta. we'll see these winds switch. this is going to be very big warmup coming. look at these numbers. 60 and 70s, as we go through thursday, we'll see multiple records fall here. 72 degrees in philadelphia. out t st, multiple advisories with anothth system coming into another one tomorrow night. and another one on wednesday night.happy sunday morning! temperatures are significantly warmer this morning than what they were yesterday morning. our highs will also be significantly warmer than yesterday. a warm front lifts through the area bringing a strong southerly flow 10 to 20 mph. our highs this afternoon will top out in the middle 40s. this puts us almost 20 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. clouds will hang over head for the day, but we'll stay dry y til late this
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>> some encouraging pictures out of vermont, where the ski resorts getting some snow. today, really great drone-flying weather, paula. >> thank you. >> low turbulence. coming up on " "od morning america" -- panic at the mall, shoppers sent scrambling because of gunfire. on one of the busiest shopping days before christmas. plus, flyi high. the tricks for scoring elite airline trtrel perks and for saving big on your holiday travel. and you expect to see c3po in the new movie but what about 007, how movie worlds collide. >> actually, this is a cool, little secret we'll reveal. >> will you tell me? >> no. "good morning america" is
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keep it here.happy sunday morning! temperatures are significantly warmer this morning than what they were yesterday morning. our highs will also be significantly warmer than yesterday. a warm front lifts through the area bringing a mph. our highs this afternoon will top out in the middle 40s. this puts us almost 20 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. clouds will hang over head fororhe day, but we'll stay dry until latetehis evening. better chances for rain arrive overnight as a cold front begins to move through. this front will only drop our temperatures into the upper 30s, keeping us above normal for monday. our temperatures will continue above normal for the rest of your work week
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and welcome back to "g"gd morning america." several passengers abroad an air france flight are being questioned after a suspected bomb was found aboard a boeing 777. more than 400 people were onboard. from the african island of mauritius.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:28 am
investigated. that flight was en route to paris. right now, police in california investigating the death of a 23-year-old man found inside a uc-berkeley frat house. authorities are calling his death suspicious. and spacex is gearing up for another rocket launch. the company's rockets have been grounded since june when one of them exploded during liftoff. if all goes well today, spacex flights for nasa could begin again in february. and raise their status with those perks. kendis g gson's wild adventurere and the advice he learned along the way that will help you save big bucks. i'm getting ready to go to indianapolis with my family of five tomorrow. >> file this traveling with three under 7 under the do not do this at home, ever. but we're going to sxart re, though, a scary y ore out
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>> shoppers were shocked. abc's phillip mena is in madison, wisconsin, with more this morning. hi, phillip. >> reporter: paula dan, good morning. the east towne mall will open for business this morning after it was shut down f f hours, the mama packed full of holiliy shoppers when someone inside started shooting. overnight, a shopper's worst nightmare -- gunfire erupting at a crowded mall on one of the busiest retail days of the year. >> i come here to go shopping for christmas and then guns ring out in the middle of the mall. it's just ridiculous. >> multiple calls. near the boston store and hallmark store inside east towne mall. >> reporter: the chaos sending some shoppers running for the exits. madison police say, around 3:00 p.m. saturday, a brawl between nearly a dozen people brbrking out, causing one person to pull out a handgun opening fire. >> i saw a flood of customers,
7:30 am
towards the back. >> reportete one witness saying g he was nearby the moment this man got shot in the leg. cellphone camera rolling. as a mall employee rushed to his aid. >> my manager told me and my co-worker totoo to food court. >> reporter: this s cident coming on the heels of other horrifying public shootings. most recently, the massacre in san bernardino, claiming 14 lives and injuring 22. thankfully, this scene much less tragic. police quickly arriving to the aid of terrified shoppers. >> there's no links to terrorism.m. >> reporter: t ts morning, authorities reopening the 840,000-square-foot mall after a 4.5-hour lockdown. overnight, several people were detained for questioning, but authorities are still looking for the suspected shooter. dan, paula. >> all right, phillip, thank you. all right, let's check the weather once again with rob
7:31 am
hello, again, sir. >> hey, dan, look at this shot out of vermont, dover, this is mount snow, their iconic watchtower near the lodge. the temps below freezing, make that snow, because warm weather is coming. they'll need to build that base as we go toward thholiday. all right, we got a front and a low coming towards the northeast, near the great lakes, it will stretch out as we go toward tomorrow and tomorrow night. the energy pours down toward the south. we'll look for more in the way of thunderstorms, not only tomorrow but tuesday and again on wednesday. several storms coming into the pacific northwest. the entire west coast here, with one 1 to 2 feet likely across the cascades. this gets inlo the sierra nevadas. park city last week, phenomenal snow. head out west if you want to get some of this for the holiday. i'm going to get out of the way of this. there's santa, christmas eve. mild, kind of showery across parts of the east if you're e traveling.
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flying across parts of the colorado rockies. there's frosty, too. there's your nhappy sunday morning! temperatures are significantly warmer this m mning than what they were yesterday morning. our highs will also be significantly warmer than yesterday. a warm fnt lifts through the area bringing a strong southerly flow 10 to 20 mph. our highs >> this weather report is brought to you by barnes & noble. you can'l leave out frosty if you're mentioning santa claus. >> you can't, but you get so excited talking about snow and skiing. you h he to embrace the season. >> i like that. my way of embracing winter is a little word called denial. coming up here on "good morning america" -- the insider tricks on saving on airfares. our reporter quite literally
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>> sara. >> if you wa more behind the scenes at "good moing america" check out some of our periscopes. we got paula doing a truly pathetic chewbacca early. >> i actually embarrassed myself. >> we talked books. we're going to creep up on mom's cookie cookies. they're almost gone. lots obehind the scenes fun if you're interested. >> keep it here. >> bye, dan. hey marc. how you feeling?
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many sane people do their best to avoid traveling during the holidays unless you're paula faris traveling with three children. >> it's a choice. i'm so excited to go to indianapolis and see my in-laws. but others deliberately throws themselves right into the chaos. abc's kendis gibson chartered a wild adventure and learned how you can save money along the way. >> reporter: i'm on a mission -- i need to fly 14,000 miles before the end of this month. and it won't be easy. millions of other travelers will be taking to the skies this holiday season, one of the busiest travel times of the year. so, why wouli do something so crazy? you might ask. because i i ed the miles to reach the nene level status with my airliner.
7:37 am
>> there are two types of mileage runs. the first is to accrue miles cheaply and the second is cheaply we elite status. >> here at jfk, i meet with jim kelly. you don't have to be a professional to enjoy the perks. >> it's all types of travelers. >> reporter: to get that elitete status, i'm gogog to take six nsecutive flies starting in new york city. i'll fly to seattle, then on to anchorage, alaska, then down to phoenix, cross-country to charlotte, overseas to san juan, pureerto rico, then back to new 40 hours to go. but unfortunately, for me, it wasn't enough. i'm still 400 points short. i could cry right now.
7:38 am
reducing the amount of miles you can earn. >> but still there are ways to save on your holiday travel this year. tip number one, be flexible on your schedule. >> it may make sense to drive to another airport. >> reporter: tip number two, consider using a low-cost carrier. >> the fare is only one component of a ticket. see e at the total price will be to fly. >> reporter: if all else fails, tip number three, use frequent flier miles. as for my mileage run, success, and my airline status coming days later thanks to yet another flight to miami. for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> we're all comparing one another's statususn various airlineses right now. >> i'm low on status. >> sometimes it's worth it. >> it is?
7:39 am
>> you get some free pretzels. >> all right, thank you, kendis by the way. coming up on "good morning america" -- more ways to save on holiday shopping. the stores offering you the best last-minute deals when we come back on "good morning america." stick around, everyone. the holidays are here. don't forget you can order on and pick up in store the same day. i ordered this today. it's for you. boop! barbie! a new tie!
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the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately.
7:42 am
time for the "weekend download." t-minus five days until christmas. only a third of americans are done shopping. so if you're freaking out, abc's becky worley has some expert tips. becky, good morning. so, here's the first question, is it too late to order onne right no >> no, the panic is definitely setting in but breathe deeply and head online. two-day shipping deadline is tuesday u december 22nd.
7:43 am
night. it's noon or 2:00 p.m. eastern time. order early. also deals, still online, live right now, coach 40% off a lot of different bags. great gifts for the husband to get the ladies -- hint, hint. d navy, 40% off and, movie theater gift cards, 20% off. >> i like that. are there still a lot of options shopping in stores at this point? >> oh, yeah, you will see retailers suddenly announcing longer hours, some staying open around the clock. to get shoppers in the stores. cy's, every store opened late. check your local listings for the xablt hours. jc penney opened early. 8:00 a.m. through christmas eve. toys "r" us opened 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. kohl's opened 179 hos straight all of the way through christmas e.
7:44 am
final question, we know online shopping is up and in-store shopping is down, is that going to trigger more discounts in these stores? >> yeah, we'll see brick and mortar stores pushing promotions heavily. they have inventory they need to get rid of. not fire sales but definitely discounting. sears, next week, offering 20% if they spend at least $50. toys "r" us has a bunch of sales. $10 gift cards with a $50 purchase of "star wars" toys. overall discounts get bigger after christmas, so only buy now if it's for gifts. >> all right, becky, thank you for the expert advice. we have discussed this before, she really likes my strategy of going to convenience store and buying six pack -- >> thank you, becky. coming up here on "good morning america" -- thth must-see video of the morning.
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one, two,hree, four, can i have a little more? five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, i love you sail the ship chop the tree skip the rope look at me all together now everything star wars for everyone.
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"good moing america" is brought to you by kohl's. >> play the drums. >> where are the drums? >> ron, were you on strike? >> let's get it over to "pop news." >> i'll have you laughing by the end. congratulations to tina fey, now a member of a very exclusive club. with her overnight appearance on "snl" she becomes the 16th person to host the show five times. fey split the hosting duties with amy poehler. and reprized her sarah palin look. the two were hilarious. joined by kate mckinnon in a skit about two hillarys, past and present. >> i should be the one giving you advice, because in 2011, i got a heck of a lot closer to the white house than this gal
7:49 am
springsteen joined on stage by paul mccartney singing "santa claus coming to town." one of your favorites. >> of course. you can't go wrong with the boss, paul mccartney. it's a winning combo. but they might be light years apart but the world of star wars and james bond have apparentlylyollided. reports that daniel craig made a cameo in the film playing a stormtrooper. we're careful not to give you any spoilers. let's just say it involves one of the scene's most pivotal and funniest scenes. being shot at the same england studio, it may have been ey for aig to slip out of hjs suit and slip into one of those helmets. >> i'll tell you in the commercial break. >> we said, no spoilers. and who can forget the scene in the movie "up" when carl's
7:50 am
>> i'll send you a postcard. >> well, the movie apparently meant up a lot to this woman, she created a replica of the house out gingerbread. this fancy castle came in first place. and this hawaiian-inspired house came in second. lots of creativity going on here. and if you saw our contest on and sometimes nap time is just too hard to fight. take this little guy, he's so excited to be in his jumper. but fighting off a sleepy spell. he's really intent on staying awake. and at one point -- >> oh, so cute. >> happy. and i'm j jping and i'm back ---- i guess his parents were trying to keep him awake because there
7:51 am
and thought he wouldn't be able to sleep. >> that looks like us sometimes through the show. >> ron, wake up. >> i'm observing here. don't worry. >> and don't forget, everybody, we got a big show coming up, george stephanopoulos does, on "this week" he has bernie sanders and new jersey governor chris christie. >> and the donald. >> those big 2016 interviews. he goes one-on-one with bernie sanders and donald trump. thank you for joining us on this wonderful sunday. and have a great rest of your weekend. >> that's absolutely right. >> five days. >> we officially apologize for ron's low energy.
7:52 am
weekend.from your 24 hour news source, this is a kcrg-tv9 news morning update. meteoroloigst britley ritz is here with a quick check of your forecast. republican frontrunner donald trump made a stop in republican frontrunner donald trumummade a stop in cedar rapids yesterday, one his first visits to eastern iowa since the republican debate last
7:53 am
immigration, isis, and his coverage in the media. more than a thousand supporters were in the crowd, but outside, it was a different story. nearby, about 100 people protested trump's recent proposal to ban muslim immigrants from entering the u-s. people in that crowd say they "stand in solidarity with our muslim brothers and sisters." we'll hear from one 9th grade student at kennedy high school - a muslim - who felt compelled to be there. authorities have revealed more details about how one man used to steal prize money from the iowa hot lotto. investigators say eddie program that would pick the winning numbers for a 16-point-5 million dollar hot lotto prize. at his trial in jun prosecutors showed video of tipton entering a secure computer room at the lottery association office in 2010. those stories and much more are
7:54 am
good morning from kcrg-tv9. is waking up with kcrg-tv9 it's here's what you need to know today. a day of remembrance. a community is gathering to celebrate the life of a waterloo teenager. republican frontrunner donald trump draws supporters and protesters during his visit to eastern iowa. anan voters are reacting to last night's democratic
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you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news
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