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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 11  ABC  December 21, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm CST

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not hurt anyone. officials do not know if the suspect was armed at the time. he's described as a tall... about 20 to 30 years old. authorities say the he was wearing a brown jacket and a black stocking cap. if you have any information, call the iowa city police department at 319-356-5276. we want to remind you that when you see news, call newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also send pictures and videos to newsrooat kcrg dot com. firefighters are investigating how a c car rapids woman died, after crews found her inside a mobile home that caught fire. authorities responded to the 23-hundred block of kelley street southwest around 7 o'clock p-m last night, to find the back half of the home on fire. first responders pronounced the woman dead at the scene. the fire department has not rereased her name. the
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still under investigation. a man in waterloo faces arson, assault, and gun charges for trying to set his mother's garage on fire. according to the waterloo cedar falls courier, 29- year-old kyle hattrup tried to set a fire at 728 riehl street on saturday afternoon. police say the fire was out after officers arrived, and also found out hattrup had assaulted his mother. later when officers were looking for him, police say hattrup pulled out a gun. now he is in the black hawk county jail. right now, famamy and friends are remembering the life of a waterloo teenager found dead in the cedar river two weeks ago. officials have still not revealed a cause of death for 18-year-old moe sed. sed had been missing since october 22nd, after he disappeared while riding his bike. right now, people are celebrating sed's life at a funeral inside the first baptist church of waterloo. yesterday, the community remembered him at a visitation,
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been his 19th birthday. prosecutors are determining whether to file charges in the death of a waterloo girl. 4-year-old gracie buss died, days after officers found her unresponsive in may. an autopsy found she died of blunt force injuries to her head. police say they have completed their investigation and ve givevethe results to the b bck hawk county attorney's office. the spencer community is mourning the loss of a high school student, who died after collapsing during a wrestling match. according to spencer community schools, senior austin roberts was in the title match in the 220 weight class at the spencer invitational on saturday. roberts collapsed as he and his opponent walked back to the center of the mat. he later died at a hospital. the school superintenden t says his death was tough on his schoolmates. " austin was a student that was bigger than life in many ways, a large young man, 220- pounder student, with a laugh as big as any room you can
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" he placed 8th in the class 2a state wrestling tournament last spring. a crisis team provided grief counseling at spencer high school yesterday. first, meteorologis t justin gehrts has your first alert forecast, justin... we'll also have slowly falling temperatures through the day. tomorrow, we are sitting in- between storm systems, but more rain is likely to come our way by wednesday. christmas eve and christmas day look to remain quiet around here with our next system arriving this weekend. this one again looks to stay as rain, though colder air is creeping ever closer, and we'll keep a
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the list of republican presidential candidates is thinning out! senator lindsey graham has ended his campaign to grab the g-o-p presidential nomination. graham posted a video on monday announcing the suspension of his campaign. he said they'd led, quote, "a campaign we can be proud of". the senator mentioned that his focus was on the nation's security. even as graham drops out, the presidential race is still inteifying. there's a new war of words between hillary clinton and donald trump after saturday's debate. abc's megan hughes has details.
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fact-checkers busy--from claims that muslims celeated n new jersey after 9/11 to tweets sharing debunked ack murder statistics. but today trump told matt lauer in a phone interview on the today show saying he wants an apology from the democratic frontrunner for unsubstantiat ed statements. sot - trump i will demand an apology from hillary, okay. you can be the messenger. i will demand an apology from hillary. she should apologize. the demands stem from this claim made during saturday's abc news democratic debate? sot - clinton he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they are going toto people shohoing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. clinton's campaign unable to prove such a video exists? her communications director on this week? sot - jennifer palmieri he's being used in social media by isis as propaganda. she didn't have a particular video in mind, but he is being used in social media. the sanders campapan now has one fewer staffer and two suspended- sanders said he's sorry for his campaign's breach of clinton's voter database. sot - sanders yes i apologize on the
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announces he's out. sot - graham i am suspending my campaign but never my commitment? the candidates who are in are crisscrossing new hampshire. marco rubio in rochester- sot - rubio "i want us to be the united states of america. the single greatest nation in the history of mankind. megan hughes tag: the new hampshire primary is fifty days away. on the republican side-- trump has a sizeable lead in recent polls, with cruz, rubio, and christie all close for the second place spot. former president bill clintnt, will hit the campaign trail for his wife hillary. over the weekend, hillary announced bill would join her for events in january. she said they're going to cover as much ground in new hampshire as they canan multipleleides confirm to c- n n that mr. clinton will attend and headline some events without his wife. on saturday, donald trump spoke to about one thousand people at the veterans memorial coliseum in downtown cedar rapids.
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on a variety of topics, ranging from terrorism to the affordable care act. he also talked about the importance of winning the state of iowa. trump says he remains confident that he will be the winner in february. one republican candidate with very little support in iowa is hoping to change that today. mike huckabee is making several stops in the state. the iowa faith and freedomom cclition is hosting a party at the kava house and caf in swisher today. that's at 5-30 this evening. when unipoint st. luke's hospital in cedar rapids opened ththronald mcdonalal family room a year ago next month, they set a goal to help one thousandamilies. with a few weeks to go, they've totalled up more than 900. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders tells us more about the room and how it helps families for free. welcome to the ronald mcdonald family room here at st. luke's want to give you a quick tour he can see what we're talking about your place is a lot
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room here there's the kitchen you got three bedrooms. the idea, provide a home away from home for families with sick kids at st. luke's hospital. about a year o, when this place opened, officials had a goal of helping thousand families. now, they're very close to meeting it. when that first year comes, i think we will definitely have helped 1,000 families, probably more. we meet their basic needs meals, a shower, maybe a place to rest your head at night. parents are at their best to help their kids heal when their basic needs are being met. th is a fairly new ideaearom the ronald mcdodold charities. even more new to iowa. the ronald mcdonald house has been in iowa city for 30 years. this is our first step into our second location within our eastern iowa western iowa. the house is going strong in iowa city. we are really thrilled to come into the cedar
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cell phones, tablets, lapps... these are all devices many of use daily. but doctors s s they can put a permanent kink in your neck, and your health. meteorologist kaj o' mara updates our temperatures coming up in your first alert forecast.
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we'll also have slowly falling
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through the day. tomorrow, we are sitting in- between storm systems, but more rain is likely to come our way by wednesday. christmas eve and christmas day look to remain quiet around here with our next system arriving thisweekend. this one again looks to stay as rain, though colder air is creeping ever closer, and we'll keep a close eye on that one. have a good day!
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if you're tech-savvy, you probably don't go through your day without glancing down at a cell phone or tablet. but chiropractor s say that constant looking down can cause something called "tech neck." martie salt explains the impact that can have on your long-term health. georgette robinson is starting to realize that technology can be a real pain in the neck. "my shoulder area is really always hard. um i always contributed it to stress, but
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it's because my postu, i'm not sitting properly." tiltininyour head forward juju 15 degrees puts an extra 15 pounds of pressure on your neck, and constantly repeating that is bad.especiall y over time. "and as a result, that muscle imbalance puts more strain on the joints in the neck. over time that creates pressure on the nerves in the neck." weiniger says taking an annual posture photo cananelp you track it oveve time. he uses an app called "posture zone" to measure kim groves' alignment and show her where she needs improvement. "your torso is two degrees to the right of your feet. your pelvis is almost three degrees to the right of your feet. so your body is pulling back and leaning a tad forward." "hardly ever do i think about the way i'm sitting or how i'm answering the phone." while back and neck aches remind groves to pay better attention to her posture, weiniger says that's only a good first step. next change: your smartphone. est way to use your phone is sitting tall, head level, back toward over your shoulders, shoulders back and down, elbows into your side, phone up so you're looking straight ahead at it." other remedies for tech neck: stretch regularly and swap your chair
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"sitting well on a ball is great because it's unstable and makes you balance. i'm less crazy about a lot of the chairs that give you back support and no support under r e bottom." i'm martie salt reporting. trt1.32 oc std. 20-1-1is almost over. but before the new year begins.... the u-s department of agriculture has iowa's crop progress revw. in today's agribusiness report, david geiger shows us the numbers.
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agribusiness report. i'm david geiger. ---- the 20-15 iowa crop progress review is in from the u-s department of agriculture.. planting progress was behind the average in april.. and m med fast in may...nearly 54 percent of the corn crop was
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but was slowed by big rain events.. soybeans were not fully emerged until mid-june.. and remained a day behind average fofo four weeks. and soybean planting didn't wrap up until july because of torrential rains.. the week ending june 28 recorded the highest topsoil moisture at 31 percent surplus and highest subsoil moisture at 26 percent surplus. crop development was either slightly behind or equal to the average pace for the season.. but in september, warmer than usual temperatures.. helped cropsps mature.. harveststas underway by the end of september and farmers took advantage of good field conditions in the first half of october where there was almost no rain. 96 percent of soybeans were harvested by the end of october by november 22.. 98 percent of the corn crop was harvested.. equal to the five year average.. ---- late last week.. the house passed the fiscal 2016 catch-all federal spending bill.. then.. the senate passed it.. included are provisions neficial to agribususess.. it has a a peal of country- of-origin labeling.. which could let the u-s avoid nearly a billion dollars
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tariffs from canada and mexico.. it also has a tax extenders package, which makes an equipment tax d duction manent for farmers.. up to five hundred thousand dollars. it also includes tax breaks for biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol.. and wind energy for another two years. however, iowa senator joni ernst is against it.. she says while there are some positive aspects to the deal.. this one point eight trillion dollar tax and spending bill is too costly.. specifically for agriculture.. she says there's no repeal of the e-p-a's waters of the u-s rule... which she says threatens tt livelihoods of iowans. ---- green all over the board by the end of the week surprised a lot of livestock traders.. but is on track with this slow moving grain market. "we'retill in a range bound type trade, we went near the bottom side in corn this week did play around with the recent lows in beans this week." "and so late short covering rally yesterday kicking he market and continue for most the morning here today. corn and wheat both pulling back right now. really just on a lack of
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are stagnant. the longer term's still bearish. but hopefully be getting to continue to this short covering rally next week. through the end of the year give farmers opportunity to sell some more grain is all." "the catate falling fromom the sky again all week long. bloodbaths all over the place same old story. and then somehow today, the board actually has green on it. still longer term bearish until this cash market can provide some stability. we've tried futures rallies several times. they get pulled down by cash every time. so hopefully this will maybe perk the cash market up as we come into the end of the year." "big supplies, big weights, a wwk cash market too. just plenty of supupy pretty much across the entire meat complex. so hopefully maybe we can ride this out in here through the holidays and see what happens then, maybe get a weather scare and keep the rally going." ---- and that wraps up the show for today.. have a good weekend everyone ---- we'll post a video every day in the agribusiness section of you'll find it under the news tab. i'm david geiger with the agribusiness
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many kids in eaeaern iowa kids struggle to eat a healthy meal after they leave school... but one group of seniors is making sure they don't go hungry. a group of area seniors is
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young people. they're packing meals for children to take home
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called "operation backpack." kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie mission of that program, in our show you care spotlight. 9:01:41 cans? from canned goods to packages of oatmeal... 9:02:06 these seniors from methwick -- a retirement community in cedar rapids - are filling up dozens of bags. "9:14:18 they have them marked, how many goes in each bag." they have the routine down to a science. after all, they volunteer their time every other friday to help wiwi operation backpack. "19:12:18 it don't take too long, no! ha!" "9:15:53 the program started in 2008 with 134 students with eight schools. now we have 73 schools and 2,400 students that receive food every friday." students in grades k through 6 at t rrison elementary in cedar rapids will receive the food that these seniors are packing up every other week. " 9:16:10 i think the biggest detail is awareness. the fact that there are one in five students in our service area that are at risk for food insecurity what it really means is going to be hungry on the weekends, that's the reason for this food. availability so whey
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e weekends." and this definitely keeps the group busy. the demand keeps growing. " 9:20:47 when we did it last year i think we were packing just once a month and we would do maybe 120 bags for the month. so they were serving about 30 kids each week. and now that's increased to - like i said are dling over 300 bags every two weeks. th's 650 bags a month that are e ing out to serve ose kids. "9:14:00 i think it's wonderful. there are too many that need help these days and we just sort of side step them and we that have so much need to share. " while the food no doubt brings a smile to the kids faces, the volunteer work also makes these folks smile too. "9:13:05 just to help and occupy a little bit of my time, " in cedar rapids, jill
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hacap is a non-profit that focuses on empowering families who live in poverty. if you want more information on operation backpack, we have contact information with this story on kcrg dot com fixing the problem of homelessness. a non-profit organization is in des moines, pushing city officials to prevent unnecessary
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investigating why a woman drove through a crowd of people on the las vegas strip. remembering lost lives. a group is trying to help homeless people survive in des
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homeless camps. and runners on a mission! two men are running couple goals in mind. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at midday. the details continue to unravel in a deadly car abc news has just learned the name of the woman killed. dozens more were injured after a vehicle plowed into pedestrians on the las vegas strip. abc's brandi hitt has the details. script: nats -- the busy las vegas strtr. sot -- police say a woman driving this oldsmobile... veered onto the sidewalk -- up to three times -- sunday night... accelerating into the crowd just outside the paris hotel and casino. sot -- justin
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sot -- antonio nasser, witness one person is dede... and more than 30 people were sent to the hospital... all -- while a three year old child -- sat inside the car. witnesses tried running along side the vehicle... to stop the driver. sot -- police caught up to the woman moments later. sot -- dispatch: "do we have this driver in custody? that's afffmative. she's in custody." sot -- deputy chief brett zimmerman, las vegas metropolitan police dept. . the toddler in the vehicle was unharmed... but several people remain hospitalized. sot -- anthony hemel, las vegas tourist invvtigators are now loooong over surveillance footage along the las vegas strip... to get a better understandin g of what happened. terrorism. brandi hi -- abc news -- los angeles. a childhood friend of one of the san bernardino, court today. enrique marquez is appearing at a bail hearing. he was a friend of syed rizwan
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marquez is charged with several offenses, including conspiring to provide material support to terrorism. investigators say marquez bought two semi-automatic rifles in preparation for terror attacks that never hahaened. they say marquez later gave those rifles to both wife, tashfeen malik. president obama says isis cannot destroy the u-s. he made that statement n-p-r news, bernardino shooters' links to isis. president obama acknowledged that the only damage the terrorist group can do, is to change whatat americans believe and how they live. the will happen by citizens remembering that the resilience, values, and unity are intact. detained 5 suspects connected to the terror attacks in paris last those people today in a home located in brussels.
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yesterday, that led police to question two brothers and a friend in brussels. the prosecutor's recoror led to sunday's search. . is has taken n sponsibility for the attacks on paris. passengers aboard a flight bound for paris safely, after a bomb scare. authorities are questioning four people in kenya after someone found a suspicious device on an air france flight from east africa to paris. the airline's c-e-o says the plane made an emergency landing in kenya on sunday. but, the airline says the object did not contain explosives. first, meteorologis t justin gehrts has
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we'll also have slowly falling temperatures through the day. tomorrow, we are sitting in- between storm systems, but more rain is likely to come our way by wednesday. christmas eve and christmas day look to remain quiet around here with our next system arriving this weekend. this one again looks to stayays rain, though colder air is creeping ever closer, and we'll keep a close eye on that one. have a good day! president obama is making a
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gun control with a recent tweet. it's a picture of a teenager who many are calling a hero, after he was shot and killed last week. police say 15-year-old zaevion dobson died while shielding three girls from gunshots in knoxvilil, tennessee. president obama tweeted, "zaevion dobson died saving three friends from getting shot. he was a hero at 15. what's our excuse for not acting?" family and friends of dobson are remembering him for his bravery. ""it was good to know he was willing to protect others, but then it was sad he had to give up his own life for it." " ""he wanted to make it and he wanted all of us to make it out." " the chief of police in knoxville and the mayor pleaded with the community to stop the gun violence. police have made one arrest in connection to the shootings. 20-year-old christopher bassett is charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, and violation of probation. in a tv-9 follow-up this morning..
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daughter in dubuque are questioning the confession he made to police. 62-year-old robert stern faces a first-degree murder charge. police say he admitted to shooting his daughter multiple times with multiple guns in june. his lawyers argued fridid in court for a motion to suppress his confession. they said he was not fit to waive his miranda rights when police intervqewed him after the shooting. that's because of his physical, mental, and emotional condition at the time. waterloo police are investigating a stabbing that sent one woman to the hospital. officers found the woman in the 400 block of riehl street around 4:45 yesterday afternoon. she had at least one stab wound, but police haven't said how serious that injury was. police have not made an arrest. homeless advocates from around the state will gather today at the state capitol building in des moines. the leaders of joppa - a non profit that works to end homelessness - have organized the memorial and rally to show
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a candlelight vigil is planned for 5-30 to remember the 26 men and women who have died homeless in camps. organizers say one hour of your time could save lives. "we have an awesome city, its really something people are looking at as a model across the whole country. but we he this dark underbelly that we really need to clear up. we need to do something to treat our homeless citizens the way you and i would nt to be treated if we became homeless. " this is the seventh yearly memorial event. two men are trying to spread an imporornt message, by running counties. schumaker of cedar rapids are well on their way to attaining that marathon goal. since009, they have run across 86 of the counties and hope to wrap it up next september with a run across this as a heart fitness.
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getting their miles in through rain, snow, heat, cold. and some strange things have happened along the way. " one of the weirdest things was the first county we ran. we did in benton county and we got shot at. pheasant hunters. we came through a bridge and we had some fire at us so that was kind of strange. " you can follow their ppgress as they wrwre gazette. the numbers are in from this weekend's box office.... and as no surprise the latest star wars sequel is breaking ticket sales records. meteorologist kaj o'mara updates outemperatures coming up in your firstlert forecast.
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we'' also have slowly fafaing temperatures through the day. tomorrow, we are sitting in- between storm systems, but more rain is likely to come our way by wednesday. christmas eve and christmas day look to remain quiet around here with our next system arriving this weekend. this one again looks to stay as rain, though colder air is creeping ever closer, and we'll keep a close eye on that one. have a good day!
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may the force be with you! millions of people couldn't get enough of star wars
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weekend. richard cantu takes a look at all the fan-filled festivities. nd now with the latest on what's happening in show business -- here's abc's richard cantu with today's shbiz wrap. script: nats - president obama: "ok, everybody, i gotta get to star wars." and it seems the force was with president obama. from the white house ... to chile ... to china ... and new york city .... sot - "it was great ...." folks went wild for "star wars." sot - robert rempley: "i actually saw it twice today, already." sot - "cozzy": "yea, it was awesome." after waiting what seemed like light-years -- m mlions of movie-goers spent an out-of-this-world 238 million dollars -- giving "the force awakens" the biggest estimated box-office debut in north american history. "star wars episode seven is now blazing faster than the millenium falcon toward the magical two- billion-dollar mark analysts say may be within range. nats - "by the power invested in me by master yoda the jedi council and the state of california ...." this couple celebrated the occccion with a "star wars" wedding. and star wars fans gathered in los angeles for an epic
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you can't get in to "star wars"? "alvin and the chipmunks: the road chip" was the second choice of film-goers with an estimated 14 point 4 million dollars in earnings. "sisters" finished in third place. and that's what's happening in hollywood. richard cantu, abc news, new york. "highlights....miss universe " a huge mistake on national t-v at the miss universe pageant in las vegas. host steve harvey accidentally announced that miss colombia won the title. he misread the card and, ultimately, miss philippines walked away as miss universe. get ready to say goodbye to 2015 and hello to the new year..... we'll take you back and show you some of the best viral moments of the year. stay with
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from the famous to the
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from the famous to the infamous... the hilarious to the artwrenchi ng... and the adorable to the infuriating. thihiyear was chock-full of viral moments. jeremy roth revisits 20-15's most-viewed stories. "cause the players gonna play play play play play and the haters gonna hate te hate hate hate baby im just gonna shake skahe shake shake shake -- shake it off, shake it off."7-year- old dylan barnes shook it off this year... dancing his way onto 'ellen' -- and into the presence of taylor herself. barnes got to meet the superstar backstage at her tour stop in kansas city -- and they had this epic dance-off.
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the fure arrived in least in "back to the future part 2" terms. on october 21st, the world paused to geek out over the day the 1989 movie named "the future"-- a world of flying cars, hoverboards and holograms. the whole thing culminated with the actors showing up on prime time in -- what else? -- the delorean. "great scott!"there was perhaps no viral video in 2015 as horrifying as this... a vehicle dash camera captured a transasia flight as it careened out of the sky... clipped a vehicle on a bridge... and plunged into a river. officials say pilot error was to blame... 43 people were killed. pharmaceutical c-e-o martin shkreli made heaeaines when he raised the price of a life-saving aids medication. i'm not talking a couple bucks -- daraprim skyrocketed from thirteen-fifty to seven hundred fifty dollars per ll overnight. the daily beast declared shkreli "the most-hated man in america," surpassing even the dentist who
11:41 am
zimbabwe's prized "cecil the lion" was illegally hunted in july... sparking an international firestorm against walter palmer. and while palmer didn't face charges, he did face abject humiliation -- the controversy inspired ridiculous h hloween costumes. a patti labelle fan's ode to the singer's frozen dessert pies sent sales through the roof when his musical review went viral and captured the attention of the singer herself. labelle made sure the fan got his just desserts... hosting him for thanksgiving dinner... from one diva to another... johanna colon channeled the essencncof aretha during a summer dance recital. "ooh your kisses, sweeter than honey. but guess what? so is my money."the sassy 6-year- old tapped her way to total stage dominance. "take care, t-c-b."and the story that had
11:42 am
the dress! is ititlue and black... or white and gold? a question that sparked countless buzzfeed articles and threatened to tear families apart. for the record -- it's totally blue and black. i'm jeremy roth reporting. stay with us, we'll take a last look at your forecast, and today'top stories.
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police are investigating the death of a cedar rapids woman. authorities found the victim during a search and rescue for a mobile home fire. this happened sunday night around 7-30, in the 23- hundred block of kelley street southwest. investigators are still figuring out the cause of the fire and how the woman died.
11:44 am
remembered the life of 18- year-old moe sed at a funeral i waterloo. two weeks ago a trapper found the teenager's dy in the cedar riviv near gilbertville. sed went missing on october 22nd, after he left his waterloo home to take a bike ride. police are still investigating how sed died. the iowa city police department is investigating a morning robbery at a local mcdonalds. police say the incident happened around 4-25 this morning on 18-61 lower muscatine road. officials say the suspect forced an employeeeeo ve him money. authohoties are asking the public to call the police department if you have any information on the suspect. now, one last look at this morning' weather, justin. we'll also have slowly falling temperatures through the day. tomorrow, we are sitting in- between storm systems, but t re rain is likely to come our way by wednesday. christmas eve and christmas day look to remain quiet around here with our next system arriving this weekend. this one again looks to stay as rain, though
11:45 am
closer, and we'll keep a close eye on that one. have a good day! that's all the time we have
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>> announcer: today on "the chew" -- our three-week holiday countdown kicks off with "the chew's" "essential christmas tips and tricks!" even the lovable kermit the frog is getting a few pointers from mario on a christmas calzone! and michael's got a big idea for your holiday ham. a spicy habanero glaze! then, not sure how to handle a foul-mouthed guestt your holiday party? the "dear fabby claus" mailbox is now open.
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