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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  December 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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for the first time on record, triple-a is predicting more than 100 million americans will be traveling somewhere before the end of the year. specifically, all that will happen between this wednesday and january third. triple-a says most of those people will be going 50 miles or more on their trips. more than 90 percent will be driving someplace, and they'll be finding gas prices under two dollars a gallon. that's the lowest they've been in seven years. the coralville city council will be discussing how to address the city's big debt at tomorrow's meeting. on december 9th, moody's investors service downgraded the city's bond rating. that's generally seen as a negative reflection of the city's finances and can make it harder for coralville to borrow money. the bond rating dropped to the lowest rating of investment grade on moody's scale. the company rated coralville this way because of its high debt and liabilities.
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ownership of a hotel and performance center. coralville has about 267-million dollars in debt. only cedar rapids and des moines- much larger cities- have more debt. kcrg-tv9's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson joins us now. mark, city officials are saying residents shouldn't panic? yes, we really wanted to take a closer look at the impact this will have on residents today. and coralville city officials say, there will be little impact on residents. city officials say they expect to see the city continue to grow. they are moving forward with a 7-thousand seat arena project in the iowawaiver landing. they say that project will open debt free, if it gets to that point. while coralville residents property taxes do help pay off this debt, those property taxes will not increase as a
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"no, they're not, and we have.. and we have never missed a debt payment, we continue to make those payments, and we don't have any plan to do differently." so the two big points here from city officials. property taxes not expected to rise, and the city is expected to continue to grow. regardless city officials say they will be discussing all this at their meeting tomorrow night. live in coralville, mark carlson, kcrg-tv9 news. cedar rapids and linn county public health might have to give back some federal grant money if people don't use the funds. in august 2013, the two groups received two- point- two million dollars to address lead-based paint hazards in older homes in cedar rapids. they've handled the problem in 20 homes since that time, but there's enough money left for another
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people have to qualify financially and have children either living g the home or visiting often. and the grant money would pay for contractors to fix the problem. children with lead paint exposure can suffer serious health problems, like learning disabilities or impaired hearing. " 13:56:04 we want to take care of all the people we can. we have a goal of 125 units to complete and we really want to get the word out to people that the money is available. and it's a short amount of time left before the program time runs out. " the city needs to start the projects by july 31st or else it has to return the money to the u-s department of housing and urban development. homeowners who q qlify get 00-percent of the work paid for. for more information call c-r hazard hunters at 319-286-5872. governor branstad says three companies are enough to provide medicaid services for iowa patients. on friday, a state official terminated the contract of a
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wellcare of iowa, saying it failed to disclose highly relevant information during the bidding process. the governor now says the department of human services will contact the thousands people enrolled in wellcare. those people can choose one of the other three private companies that will manage iowa's medicaid services. the iowa division of criminal investigation says eie tipton may have had access to lottery jackpots in as many as 37 s stes. tipton is already serving a 10 year sentence on two fraud charges here in iowa. he's a former lottery security worker who installed secret software on the machines that randomly generate winning lotto numbers. then, he would know the winning digits in advance. investigators say he tried to get people he knew to collect t multi-million dollar winnings in other states. "we're looking into any jackpotot that couou be associated with eddie tipton." tipton's attorney says there is no evidence that he tampered with any of the computers. the iowa secretary of state's
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applications for people who want to be in the safe at home program. safe at home is a confidentiality program for survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and stalking. it gives them a legal post office box address for government records. lieutenant governor kim reynolds expects about 150 people will sign up in the first half of the year. ""this program offers a way out. it's not the answer, there's other initiatives that we will continue to work on, but it is, as you indicated, another ttl in the tool box toto start t tmake a difference for individuals that are suffering." " iowa joins 33 other states in adopting the program. there will soon n a permanent fixture in dar rapids to honor veterans who have earned the purple heart. today, the eastern iowa purple heart monument committee announced they will put a monument at the all-veterans memorial park. it's designed to be a lasasng monument to honor the men n and women whom gave the ultimate sacrifice. " i want the recipients to know
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joy to work on, because every time we have gone to talk to somebody about what we're doing, the response is always, what can we do to help? " the city will dedicate the monument on memorial day of next year. iowa fans going to the rose bowl game in pasadena, california, can expect some tight security for the game and the tournament of roses parade. both events are boosting security after the recent terrorist attacks in nearby san bernadino and at an athletic stadium in paris, france. people from the city of pasadena and the department of homeland security will hold a news conference tomorrow with more about the security situation. if you're not going to pasadena for the game, you can see the rose bowowon e-s-p-n on new year's day. the hawkeyes play the stanford cardinal at
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and before the game, don't miss a special hour long edition of t-v nine's "countdown to kick-off," live from pasadena. the t-v nine sports team will preview the rose bowl game starting at nine a-m right before the tournament of roses parade. you can see that here on kcrg t-v nine. the salvation army is still trying to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to reach its red kettle goal. ananthis year, some smamaer eastern iowa towns are helping in their own way to reach that goal. that story is coming up next he on tv-nine. "hey, i'm a-1 mimial station in misawa, japan. i wanted to wish
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the quad cities happy holidays and merry christmas, love you guys."
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county salvation army's holiday campaign to raise 325-thousand dollars through red kettles. but in small communities like tiffin and north liberty the organization is trying a different approach. it's placed kettleleon counters in heavy traffic areas, giving everyone a chance to donate. krcg-tv9's brea love joins us now. brea, you visited one of those kettle locations today in solon?n? yes, earlier this season... ... a member of the solon community noticed their weren't any kettles out there. she wanted to be able to give, so the johnson county salvation army partnered
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bells are ringing in solon's local market. when the salvation army approached sam's main street market owner sam lensing he was eager to o lp. "i said yes right away, i remember going christmas shopping and always seeing the bell ringers and hearing great stories about it." he says he's surprised its taken this many years for solon to get its first kettle, and everyone is happy to help. "theres a lot of people that probably can't get out of the community and they'd love to give and it brings up awareness." "we got this little thing going on where d dise up front will sayayey, you can ring the bell if yodonate, and so a lot of people drop their change in that bucket, whether it's a quarter or a couple bucks." the salvation army says getting into smaller communities is one of its goals. "one way to open that door up is to introduce our kettles in on the counter top level, and then eventually we can get enough volunteer support that we can do a stand kettle in the community." smith says this gives
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city area a chance to donate. the salvation army is also making weekly trips to smaller towns to make sure it can provide services to those who don't have transporation , and the kettles are a reminder of that. "it just lets people know that we are here serving the community. it's a just a reminder that the people who are in need aren't just in the urban areas, our rural families are in need of assistance as well." lensing says with the positive input, they hope to have a regular sized kettle with a their own local bell ringers next year. so far the solon community has donated around 275 dollars, and smith says that's a lot for a single community, single location, kettle. althouou the holiday campaign ends chririmas eve, you can still donate until january 31st. bruce, beth? the u-n-i men's basketball team is still celebrating the panthers' big win over iowa state saturday. and now one u-n-i basketball
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stay with your 24 hour news
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a brief break is upon us before more e in moves through the state. tuesday
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some clouds of course, but iiremains dry. wednesdsd, for the middle of the week, rain chances once again increase. christmas eve and christmas day travelers across iowa should encounter r major weather issues. by the weekend we see a storm re-enter the weather picture bringing showers to the state. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 26-32 winds: w 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy highgh40-46 winds: s 5-15tomorrow night: showers late
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winds: s 10-15wednesday: showers likely high: 48 - low: 40 thursday: partly cloudy high: 43 - low: 31 friday: mostly cloudy high: 45 - low: 29 saturday: chance of showers high: 41 - low: 34 sunday: chance of showers high: 37 - low: 33 monday: chance of
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house where are getting ready for on iowa live in just a few minutes over on kcrg 9.2 we have a great s sw planned. jess will be back
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uni guard wes washpun for being named the mvc player of the week for the second time this season. wes dominated with 28 points and 11 assist in the 81-79 upset win over iowa state. he had a big performance against north carolina and he had a big performance tonight he has some things he needs to get cleaned up. he and i talked about that i think he can still play better. when you play against a good guard you you have to get him to retreat. he kept coming down hill down hill. we just want to prove we can play with anyone and i know coach believes in the guys and we feel we are never out of it doesn't matter the oponent. sot :32 oc: "doesn't matter the opponent" iowa walk forward nicholas baer was named the big 10 freshman of ththweek today. he saved the day for the hawkeyes in the 70-64 win over drake. with jared uthoff in foul trouble baer came off the bench to ore 13
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rebounds and block 6 shots. when you are hitting shots you get a little more energy my passers really loaded me up today when you get the ball in your shot pocket it is a lot easier to shoot. mike and seth and dom did a really nice job of loading me up. coach called his number and he was ready and that is the unique thing about that always ready at any point of time. he came in and gave us the spark that we needed to help us get the w. sot :26 oc: "helped us a get a w " we will also talk some football tonight with former wkeye wide receiver bill happel. bill and his dad bill senior are the only father and son to o th score touchdowns s a rose bowl game. i am sure bill has some great stories on his trip to pasadena. that plus the prairie basketball team will also join us tonight. and finally it's monday time for another edition of john's big ol fish. the day boys of dubuque had a day to remember on the mississippi. grant day shows off his 23 inch
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craaads for bait and he e nded a 25 inch sheepshead, or freshwater drum.... and not to be outdone was andrew day who shows off his 28 incher. crawdads were the secret of their best fishing day ever. laylah anderson of cedar rapids went fishing with her grandpa ronnie wolfe and laylah nailed her first fish, a bluegill on her barbie pole. this is one of two northerns that e ea himes-luensman caught and released while fishing with her dad near delhi. chris stephen landed this 5 pound northern at devils lake in north dakota. and a third northern. nash, the shark ebert of scottsdale caught and released this monster at silver lake. grandpa tom's pond was honey hole for the ryans. charlie ryan is holding up a 3 1/2 pound largemouth. his dad joe ryan is all smiles with the lunker he landed. 4 1/2 chalupas on that one. and the tallest hog at the trough was korbyn ryan with a lunker that tipped the scales at 5 and a quarter pounun. all of those fish were released. and a merry christmas to all my
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john campbell reporting. bruce and beth? thanks scott. now here's a look at today's top web stories on kcrg dot com. stay with your 24-hour news source, kcrg t-v nine. and now to first alert storm
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a brief break is upon us before more rain moves through the state. tuesday brings some sunshine, mixed with some clouds of course, but it remains dry. wednesday, for the middle of the week, rain chchces once again increase. christmas eve and christmas day travelers across iowa should encounter no major weather issues. by the weekend we see a storm re-enter the weather picture bringing showers to the state. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 26-32 winds: w 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 40-46 winds: s 5-15 thanks joe. thahas for joininn us for r rg-tv9 news at 6. we hoppyou'll be wiih us again
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ev (phone ringing) hohord wolowitz. man: hey, howard. dave roeger here at nasa. we need to talk about your upcoming mission. yes, yes, i've been doing my push-ups. i'm still stuck at nine, but... ...that's going all the way down with no one holding me. at's great, uh, but that's not why i called. we've run into a bit of a snafu. your soyoyapsule failed the pressurization test, so bottom line: mission's been scrubbed.
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