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but there are only seven months left before the city has to return a unused grant money. the grant aims to prevent childhood lead poisoning. the c cy says a home is more likely to have lead-based paint if it was built before 1978, which is referred to as the "danger zone." you can see the area on this map. it covers much of the city, including downtown and neighboring areas. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us live in the cedar rapids tonight. jill, how mama homes have crews fixed up as part of this program? so far, crews have only finished working o o 20 homes. they have enough federal funding for 125 homes, and still hope to get to that within the next seven months. we talked to one family earlier today who recently qualified for the program. matt and jenna huether are getting settled in
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girl. :18:27 is that what you needed? as they prepareeor the hohodays, they're also preparing for work to begin on their home. after applying, the couple discovered their home has more lead paint than they thought. " 14:12:25 there's lead paint in a lot of different areas of our home. especially in the windows. upstairs especially -they are painted and outside we have a lot of lead paint - we have a gazebo in the back." " 14:21:30 it's crumbling even as i open it. but you can see the chips. that's the stuff charlotte could get her hands on and we don't want her to " the program will pay for all the work on the couple's home. project leaders say lead paint can cause serious health problems like developmental delays and learning disabilities. " 14:07:50 children will ingest the paint, it will taste sweet, it's like candy to them." if people don't start applying for the hazard hunters money, program leaders say they'll need to send the money back to the u-s department of housing and
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" i've been all over the community - at neighborhood association meetings and landlord association meetings and rental prop association meetings, a variety of places, churches and schools. i'm not really sure people are as terested as i would imagine they would be." but the huether family is interested and say they're glad they won't have to worry about their daughter any more. "14:13:30 i don't have any fears anymore." families who o ply have to meet financial guidelines and need to have children in the home or have children visit often. if you want more details on this program- look for this story on we've e sted contact informamaon there too. live in cedar rapids, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with your first forecast. joe, it's been a little misty out in some areas tonight. a brief break is upon us before more rain moves through the state. tuesday
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sunshine, mixed with some clouds of course, but it remains dry. wednesday, for the middle of the week, rain chances once again increase. christmas eve and christmas day travelers across iowa should encounter no major w wther issusu. by the weekend we see a storm re-enter the weather picture bringing showers to the state. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 26-32 winds: w 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 40-46 winds: s 5-15 back to you. some people in cedar rapids are remembering two homeless pepele who were killed earlier this year. the catherine mcauley center hosted a memorial walk for 56-year-old raymond ursino and 41-year-old sharon mead. police say the same man killed both of them lastst september.
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two people died and held a candlelight vigil for them. " 14:33:3:3at that time, it could have e en me. it could have been someone else knew. so many people out there. " ananla jones - knew both victims jejeifer tibbetts , "14:4::16 homeless is really an issue in our community. we need to remember that. we don't see the homeless population. they are the invisible population in our community they are their and they are struggling.. " the event coincides with national homeless persons' remembrance day - which is observed around the first day of winter. the human rights commission in buque is rging prospective employers not to ask job applicants whether they are convicted felons. they call the initiative "ban t box." it refers to the box on many applications ttt asks if the personons a convictededelon. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins from the newsroom. katie, this came up at the city
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tonight? tonight the human rights commission asked the council just to think about the "ban the box" movement. they're not askinghe city to change a law or ordinance. they say this is an effort to start a conversation. and it certainly has people talking. it's that single check mark, some people who have a past criminal history, dread making. "by eliminating the box, it would possibly allow for them to make it to the interview process. " dubuque human rights commission member miquel jackson says it can be next to impossible for a convicted felon to find a job afterereing released from prison. "it's the community's job to help you if you want to be better. as opposed to shunning you out and then complaining about you or saying "that's what you get" when they are doing what they have t tin order to survive.e. but that suggestion is raising red flags for the dubuque area chamber of commerce. "wait a minute here. usually the
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sector" don't go hand in hand. " president molly grover says one of the chamber's roles is to protect businesses' best interest in government sues. and according the business owners she's talked to, asking about a felony conviction is a matter of safety. "having information helps anyone, whether it's a business or an individual make informed decisions and make informed judgements. so having a box on an application helps employees do that. " on monday the dubuque city council discussed information it received from the human rights commission. that group asked the council to consider urging employers to remove the question from job applications. "nobody is putting a gun to your head. big brother government isn't telling you how you have to run your business. nobody is going to make business owners do anything they don't want to do. it's just that maybe it's a possibity. " "as a business owner, i have a responsibility to my clients to protect them. i have a
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employees. " "in good conscience i could not support that is any way shape or form.. " the city of dubuque itself removed the convicted felon question from its job plications. they didithat about a year ago. however, the city still does criminal background checks before hiring any new employee. live in the dubuque newsroom, katie wiedemann, kcrg-tv9. we told you u rlier this year about the ban the box initiative in waterloo. the city's human rights commission says right now it's focusing on banning the box on employment applications. the commission says it hopes to meet with the city's chamber of commerce soon. governor branstad says the three comnies that will now manage the state's medicaid services will be able to accommodate tens of thousand of iowans. last friday a state official terminated the state's contract with wellcare of iowa last week, saying
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information during the bidding process. now the department of huhun services w wl be contact the people who had been enrolled with wellcare, and it will re- assign them equally among t three remaining managed care companies. the whole privatization effort has been delayed for two months, whicc means no immediate changes for medicaid patients. "medicaid patients will be able to stay under the present system for the 60 period. and then it depends on whether your doctor signs up for one of the three providers that have been approved. when we get to march 1, most of them will have. " goveor branstad says he is confident the medicaid proam will be ready for private management by march first. but he said the same about the original january first deadline. for a second year in a row, unity point finley hospital's birthing unit has seen a record number of babs born at that hospital. as of t tay, finley has
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beat last year's record of 730. and many of these moms are return patients. staff say they're noticing more families having three or four children. "that's very comforting for a mom to know that when she had a great expience and lots of support the second time. " unity point finelylyay this year ititmost popular baby names where similar to national trends. liam for a boy and olivia for a girl. donald trumpmps demanding that hillary clinton back track on some comments she made during the debate. trump wants an apology after inton said that isis is using him to recruit jihadists.
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clinton over her comments during saturday's debate. but the former secretary of state says she won't say she's sorry. clinton called trump, isis's best recruiter, claiming the terrorist group uses videos of trump to help recruit jihadists. after the debate, clinton's campaign said it could not provide evidence that isis had actually done that. at a
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trump fired back. " "and it turned out to be a lie! she's a liar! no, it turned out to be a lie." " analysts have shown that trump himself has repeatedly distorted the truth, including his claim that thousands of muslims living in new jersey celebrated after the september eleventh terrorist attacks. mike huckabee is in eastern iowa, working to boost low poll numbers. he stopped at the kava house caf in swisher tonight to answer questions from supporters. the former arkansas governor says he is not wowoied about the upcoming caucus and primaries, even though he's near the bottom of the pack. "you know if i thought it was over i would go home put my feet up and get back to living a nice comfortable life instead of trudging through the snow and going out there and spending all of january in some of the coldest weather in north america." he said his campaian conducted its own poll and found about 75 percent of iowans are still undecided about whom they are
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the driver accused of plowing into people on the las vegas strip will face a murder charge. police believe t t woman intentionally drove her vehicle into the crowd, killing one person and
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a brief break is upon us before more rain movov through the state. tuesday brings some sunshine, mixed with some clouds of course, but it remains dry. wednesday, for the middle of the week, rain chances once again increase. christmas eve and christmasay travelers across iowa should encounter r major weather issues. by the weekend we see a storm re-enter the weather picture bringing showers to the state. tonight: mostly cloudy low:
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winds: w 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 40-46 winds: s 5-15tomorrow night: showers late low: 37-43 winds: s 10-15wednesday: showers likely high: 48 - low: 40 thursday: partly cloudy high:3 - low: 31 friday: mostly cloudy high: 4545 low: 29 saturday: ccnce of showers high: 41 - low: 34 sunday: chance of showers high: 37 - low: 33 monday: chance of
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say eliberately drove her car into a large crowd on the las vegas strip now faces a murder charge. one person was killed and dozens more injured in the crash last night. police say 24-year-old lakeisha holloway veered onto the sidewalk, accelerating into the crowd just outside the paris hotel and casino. police believe holloway intentionally drove her vehicle into theherowd - with her toddler in the back seat. investigators don't believe this was an act of terrorism. but admit they don't know much about her other than that she was homeless and living out of her car. "we believe that she had some disassociation with the father
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exact percipient event that caused her to snap." 35-year-old jessica valenzuela - a wife and mother of three from arizona - was killed in the crash. a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan has killed six u-s service members. i i happened today outside the bagram air base, the largest u-s military base in the country. the taliban immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. this was the deadliest attack on u-s forcrc in afghanistan in three years. 3 2 1 .we have lift-off of falcon 9 tonight, spacex launched its falcon 9 rocket into space - and landed it upright on solid ground. no one had ever landed a rocket that traveled as deep into space. the launch was the first since june when one of the company's rockets exploded en route to the international space station. up next tonight, scott has high school hoops
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awards. and iowa state signed a big time high school quarterback today. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. lets start off with high school
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tonight.. solon hosted kennedy. jon mckowen calling the shots for the cougars.....jas on pershing for the spartans and
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excited. early on, brevin hill slices through the kennedy defense with the nice finger roll. but the cougars forced 19 turnovers in the first half: matthew berst ahead to malik haynes for the easy duce. solon's leading scoror streeter mcilravy got very few looks. this was his only basket of the first half. meanwhile drake brewster was a one man wrecking crew as the cougars jumped out to a 15 point halftime lead. and then brewster finds future hawkeye football player shaun beyer down low and kenendy beat solon .... former linn-mar mister basketball marcus paige had 9 pointtonight as his tarheels beat app state 94-70. marcus only played 17 minutes after jajaing his ankle. uni guard wes washpun was named the mvc player of the week for the second time this season. wes had 28 points and 11 assist in the 81-79 upset win over iowa state. iowa walk on forward nicholas baer was named the big 10 freshman of the week today. baer came off the bench to score 13 points, grab 7 rebounds, and block 6 shots in a
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football news. iowa state signed a big time high school arterback today.. 6'3 210 pound zeb noland from georgia will play for the cyclones. noland who just received an offer from alabama will graduate early and enroll at iowa state for the spring semester. and finally it's monday time to get stupid and obnoxious with the golden klutz awards. hit it andea! remember when chris fowler scared the dickens out kirk sherbsreit on holloween. well herbsteit got fowler back on the jimmy kimmell show another look in slow mo love the face. he might want change his diaper. best slide the lsu basketball team into the photog. but cheheout his teammat he s sdes into cheerleader and i hate when this happens you lose your shoe and the opposing player picks it up and throws off court . hey what are doing. ref says that
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of the week he throws it off the back of the basket and out of f unce. worst half couou shot a little wide and long missed it by 30 feet. best dance of the week that would never end the steelers william gay. thinks he is out at the club dances with every player on the team. he was even dancing on his knees walking off the field. ya that is a little excessive. that will cost him and it's always a good idea to have someone coverin the tside receiver o's got brandon marshall nobody. it could be worse i love the ole fafa standing on the sideline play. whatch number jogging off the field on the punt. but he never leaves the field and just stands next to the sideline and they fake the punt and he is wide open because the other team thinks he standing on the sideliines. i am surprised they don't try that pay mor often. just a little deception but legal. and i took on athlete of the week samantha uhlenkamp. in a blinded folded 3 contest good night thanks scott.
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a brief break is upon us before more rain moves through the state. tuesday brings some sunshine, mixed with some clouds of course, but it remains dry. wednesday, for the middle of the week, rain chances once again increase. christmas eve and christmas day travelers across s wa should encounter no major weather ssues. by the weekend we see a storm re-enter the weather
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