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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 22, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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she got [ bleep ]. she lost. she lost. >> the brand-new poll showing trump and ted cruz pulling away from their rivals. superstar suspended. the nfl comes down hard on one of its stars for this dirty hit, odell beckham jr. and his team coming to his defense. why they felt threatened by these baseball bats at the field. what went wrong at the miss universe pageant. >> i have to apologize. >> the backlash this morning. conspiracy theories calling it a publicity stunt and the pageant facing threats of a lawsuit. this morning, we speak live to one of the judges. what happened behind the scenes only on "gma." and good morning, america. okay, so are you ready, three days to go. >> kind of. >> kind of. >> christmas is coming. today is the busiest delivery day of the year but you still have a little more time to get out there, make the final -- >> what about getting yourself where you need to go? it is going to be very busy if you're heading out this morning.
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tomorrow, i hate to tell you, could be worse. wednesday is expected to be the busiest day on the highways and wicked weather across the country is not going to help. rob marciano is starting us off with that. good morning, rob. >> good morning, lara. yeah, today y no picnic. tomorrow is even worse. across the roads in the east. i-40, i-80 and i-95. west, snow at the higher elevations, i-5 from seattle to san francisco will be wet but over the siskiyous, snow and ice. traveling by air tomorrow, i think the east will be the biggest issue with low clouds and low visibility from chicago, atlanta, d.c. and new york, as well. today, dallas, you've got a severe weather threat could see tornadoes but a greater threat as this system moves off to the east. memphis, nashville and birmingham, tornadoes a possibility. and then again, sunday and monday for folks who might be traveling back for next week. >> you're just full of good news today. merry christmas. >> okay, thank you. the race for president now, "your voice, your vote," and
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some big moves, ted cruz on the rise pulling close to donald trump, the two of them pulling away from the rest of the field as trump comes down hard on hillary clinton with some colorful language. jon karl is on the trail. with trump in grand rapids, michigan. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. ted cruz is rising fast. but donald trump remains on top. and he is mow aiming his harshest attacks at hillary clinton. overnight at a pacd rally in grand rapids, michigan, donald trump went on an odd diatribe against hillary clinton. using a sexually derogatory term to describe how she got beat by barack obama in 2008. >> she was favored to win and she got [ bleep ]. she lost. i mean she lost. >> reporter: and he went after her for what she said in the abc democratic debate. >> what happened to her? [ crowd booing ] no, she's terrible. she's terrible.
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isis is using him on the video to recruit. and it turned out to be a lie. >> that you would sponsor -- >> reporter: that's a reference to this moment from the debate. >> they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: clinton's campaign has provided no direct evidence that that has happened. trump has demanded an apology. hillary clinton says hell no she won't apologize. you've demanded an apology. what now? >> well, look. she lies. and she's been a liar, whether it's been e-mails or -- >> reporter: said hell no. >> she doesn't want to apologize. that's okay. that's up to her but she lied and she should apologize. >> reporter: the argument she's making beyond the video is that your words are being broadcast throughout the arab world and, you know, why -- i mean, is there any doubt that isis would use what you're saying about muslims? >> but there is no argument beyond the video. she said donald trump is on a video and they're distributing the -- you know, et cetera, et
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is no argument beyond the video. they are using lots of things, i imagine, to recruit. but they didn't use me on a video. and i'm not sure they used me at all, frankly. >> reporter: he angrily dismissed suggestions he is the republican hillary clinton could beat most easily. >> when they say they want to run against me that means they don't want to run against me. you do understand that, right? >> reporter: i saw you tweet about it. >> i did. i did tweet about it. >> reporter: you talk to democrats. they say they would love nothing more to run against you. >> because that's a smart thing for them to say, jon. >> i have to apologize. >> reporter: and for the first time on camera trump, the former owner of the miss universe pageant who sold the organization after a controversy about his comments on immigrants weighed in on the screw-up sunday night when miss colombia was briefly crowned the winner by mistake. what was your reaction when you saw that happen and you saw them crown the wrong winner? >> it was just a mistake. he read the card wrong. it was simple.
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crazy the way life works. it will probably end up being a good thing for the miss universe. because, all over the world, that's what they want to ask about. >> reporter: trump told me he believes hillary clinton will be a tough opponent for republicans, but, george, he is absolutely insistent that he is the republican best poised to beat her. >> let's go back to that new poll that's just out this morning. trump holding up at the top. cruz moving up a lot and big moves for some of the other contenders beneath. >> reporter:r:eah, moves down for ben carson and for marco rubio. they both lost significant ground over the last month. the other movement is at the back of the pack with chris christie moving up slightly, still at the back but moving ahead within the margin of error of jeb bush. >> yeah, he's moving up in new hampshire, as well. jon karl, thanks very much. we have new inrmation about that horrifying scene on the las vegas strip. and the woman who intentionally drove into crowds of tourists killing a young mother and injuring dozens more. abc's kayna whitworth is live at the scene for us. good morning, kayna.
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to you. we're learning this morning that the woman behind the wheel shouldn't have been driving at all. her license had been recently suspended. this morning, police saying 24-year-old lakeisha holloway is on suicide watch after allegedly plowing through nearly 40 people, killing a mother of three on the busy las vegas strip, all while her own 3-year-old daughter was in the car. >> it looked like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and was looking straight forward. >> reporter: the police report stating holloway described a stressful period of time where she was trying to rest and sleep inside her vehicle with her daughter. but kept getting run off by security. overnight, her cousin saying holloway would never do something like this on purpose. >> none of it made any sense, it just didn't add up to ho she is. she loved her family. she loved her daughter. she loved god. this is just traumatic for everybody. >> reporter:r:nce a resident for
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service for a program designed to help at-risk youth, ho lrk loway was even touted as a case study in resilience. even receiving a role model award in 2012, speaking about her experience. >> i beat the odds and was the first in my immediate family to graduate high school. >> reporter: poic putting out the statement it's hard to believe lakeisha did this. she was such a great kid while she was part of our program. holloway was emotionless when she was arrested sunday night. her daughter, now in protective custody while police search for her father. holloway's deadly ride ending in this casino parking lot. >> she left the scene and left her toddler within the vehicle and contacted a valet parker and advised that she had ran over some individuals and requested the valet parker to call 911. >> reporter: there are reports this morning that she changed her name in the last couple of months. now she changed her name to paris paradise morton and, george and lara, you may remember investigators initially said they had a hard time learning about her past and that
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so much. just does not add up. >> she had so much promise before. okay, we're going to move on now to more trouble for chipotle. the cdc investigating another e. coli outbreak linked to the chain. this one in three states coming after that outbreak in november sickened dozens and abc's linsey davis here with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is one of five disease outbreaks the burrito chain has had since july. the cdc says the latest bacteria has a different genetic fingerprint than what they detected in the previous e. coli outbreak. this morning chipotle is at the center of another e. coli outbreak. the cdc is investigating a second outbreak of the virus affecting customers in three states. after five people say they got sick after eating at the burrito giant in the last two weeks of november. >> i just felt like i take the same risk no matter where you go to eat. >> i don't think i'll be eating chipotle at all. >> reporter: this is just the
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two weeks ago more than 140 boston college students were sickened with norovirus after eating at this chipotle in boston. and earlier this year, 52 people became sick in nine different states after falling ill with e. coli. back then as a precaution, the restaurant closed several of its stores to clean and discard ingredients before re-opening. as for this latest outbreak, a spokesman for chipotle tells abc news it was not unexpected saying we have indicated before that we expected that we may see additional cases stemming from this. since this issue began, we have completed a comprehensive reassessment of our food safety programs adding, we're confident that we can achieve a level of food safety risk that is near zero. chipotle has already made massive changes in response and is now centralizing the preparation of some vegetables and also moving away from its use of locally sourced
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often used as a selling point to did i have differentiate itself from other fast food chains and once again chipotle's stock dropped significantly yesterday in the wake of this more than 3% and while health officials don't know what the culprit is they think it likely is produce. >> it's a real trade-off on the local sourcing. >> exactly and really unfortunate. this was something that was really significant for them that people really liked. >> right, absolutely. linsey, thank you. now to a major security breach at one of the nation's busiest airports just as millions of americans get set to fly for the holidays. this morning, we're learning about man who man toojd get onaged to get on to the runway at jfk in new york city. shutting down part of the airport and david kerley is at reagan national with details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. this happened at the american airlines terminal. a man seen walking across a taxiway. we're just learning about it this morning. it happened nine days ago. now, according to our station wabc, a cargo worker even went up to the man and asked him if he had an airport badge. the man reportedly used profanity, said don't say anything, and kept walking
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disappeared. authorities saying the man got over a piece of fence that didn't have sensors which is alarming for a new york congressman. >> we could not allow that there be any weak links. the day and age we live in, we have zero room for error. >> reporter: now this is not the first breach at jfk and it is very concerning for new york politicians, the port authority still looking for this man, looking at closed circuit video to try to figure out who he is and where he went. lara? >> yeah, concerning to say the least. thank you. now dan has the morning's other top stories starting with news from space, i understand. >> that's right, good morning, everybody. we'll start with a milestone accomplishment in space travel. the private company spacex launched an unmanned rocket from cape canaveral sending several satellites into orbit and made history when the rocket flew back to the launch site and the booster landed upright. this is significant because reusable rockets like this could dramatically lower the cost of space travel paving the way for
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we have learned that one of the six american service members killed in that suicide bombing in afghanistan on monday was a new york city police detective. joseph lemm was on his second deployment in afghanistan with the air national guard. the taliban which claimed responsibility for the attack has made significant gains in recent fighting. a grand jury in texas decided not to indict any sheriff's deputy or jail staff in the death of sandra bland. as you may remember she was pulled over last summer and later died in her cell. investigators say she hanged herself. her family, however, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. look at this. police dash cam out of michigan capturing a joyride in progress. when the driver spins out, the officer is surprised to see who gets out and runs. it's an 8-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother. he was the one driving. the car belongs to their father's girlfriend. that teenager, the 13-year-old now facing several charges. and finally on a lighter note some new numbers suggest
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may now be fading. first christmas cards, down by 1.5 billion since 2002. according to the u.s. postal service a nearly 50% decline. and then mistletoe. a survey out of the uk says only one in seven people shared a kiss last year. george is always telling us with poll numbers you got to dig below the top line number and look at the guts of the poll. so we did that. and found that only 1 out of 50 said they'd like to kiss a colleague under it. and 1 out of 100 said they wanted to kiss the boss. hr executives are applauding these numbers. >> you needed a poll. >> 1 out of 50 want to kiss their co-corkers. >ust 1 out of 50. >> that's right. >> not many get to work with george. >> she did it, ali. not me. >> i made my selection. sorry, george. sorry, ali. sorry, max. >> can you recover from this? >> we'll try to move on.
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nfl's top stars, that's the giants' on dell become -- odell beckham jr., out for one game for this vicious helmet-to-helmet hit in this loss to the panthers. he's been widely blasted for that dirty play, you see it right there but his team says there's more to the story and abc's ryan smith has the details. >> reporter: odell beckham is one of the fans' favorites. after one season in the league and famous for those acrobatic one-handed catches being vilified slammed for taking dangerous shots at an opponent sunday. and the controversy is just beginning to unfold. this is the play that sacked odell beckham jr. the new york giants' star diving into a pile, slamming into carolina panthers' cornerback josh norman head to head. >> you end players' careers like that. >> he came back and was hunting and malicious in every way. >> reporter: beckham got three unsportsmanlike penalties within
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this morning, the nfl suspending the star for one game, saying his actions placed a fellow player at unnecessary risk. after the game, beckham saying his competitive spirit took over. >> competing against one of the besteams in the league and anybody who has a passion for football is going to go as hard as they can. >> reporter: pundits skewering him before being a sore loser. >> he behaved like a complete jerk. >> reporter: but his team believes there may be more than meets the eye. giants sources telling espn panthers fans yelled anti-gay slurs and members of the panthers holding baseball bats on the field, allegedly pointing them at beckham. and that these incidents created an edgy tone for the game. >> there are people in the giants organization who believe that odell beckham jr. felt threatened by the actions of at least one panther who was carrying a bat and helped incite odell beckham jr. >> reporter: but the panthers denying the slurs and the threats. their spokesman saying bats on
7:16 am
nothing new. panthers players tweeting out pictures, showing others carrying bats on the gridiron. saying they're used as motivational tools. symbolizing bringing the wood on the field. now, according to espn, beckham has appealed the suspension which is expected to be heard wednesday and ruled upon before next sunday's giants game but many, guy, saying that beckham went too far with this and that the punishment wasn't far enough. >> not likely to turn around, is it? >> i don't think so, but you never know with these kinds of punishments. a lot of people said it was just out of control on that field. >> it was watching it. nonstop. >> stunning. >> ryan, thank you very much. moving on now to scary moments at seaworld in orlando. dozens trapped for hours, 200 feet above the ground in a ride called the sky tower. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: a sky-high scare at seaworld. vacationers stuck hundreds of feet above ground. >> i want to get out of this thing.
7:17 am
sky tower elevator. >> the tower is stuck with approximately 50 people and 2 employees. >> reporter: didn't move for about three hours. firefighters. >> establishing seaworld command. >> reporter: arrive for the rescue as parents try to calm children. >> i know you're getting tired. just chill out and rest. >> reporter: finally a basket. >> they're bringing supplies up with them. >> reporter: carrying a technician as well. once on top of the sky tower the technician was able to get the ride to move. >> the technician was able to jerk the ride free, which did cause some people a little bit of panic as we jumped a little bit. >> reporter: finally lowering back to ground. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> customers say they were told the emergency brake got stuck. seaworld, however, would not comment. fortunately no one was injured. >> yeah, thank goodness. rob, you had the bad weather news. now the record heat for christmas. >> first day of christmas on the calendar and we're talking about records going to be blown out of the water on thursday. christmas eve temperatures in the 70s from new york to d.c.
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your local forecast upcoming. first your tuesday trivia brought to you by walmart.plan on clouds to hang on this morning, followed by partial clearing this afternoon. afternoon highs will range from the upper 30s north to lower 40s south. plan on more clouds to come in tonight, leading to another good rain chance out there for wednesday. rain will be around most of the day on wednesday with amounts around a half inch common, with isolated three quarter inch amounts. christmas eve and christmas day continue to look quiet, with chances of rain still
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amounts on this system >> and much more ahead this hour. the epic blunder at the miss universe pajn't. this morning, judge perez hilton taking us behind the scenes of that moment. we can't stop talking about only on "gma." plus, inside the manhunt for america's most wanted teen and his mom. we'll talk to the u.s. marshal leading the charge. the fugitives on the run after breaking his probation for a deadly drunk driving crash coming up here on "gma.""gma."what are people going to think of our new buttermilk crispy chicken? let's find out. it's probably the best sandwich i've ever had. it's super crispy but also really juicy. so would you guys come back? yes. most dinitely! well here is our card. the location is on the back. it's mcdonald's? what? what? whaaaaat? get out of here. no way !! wait seriously? try some buttermilk crispy chicken. it's right around the corner, at mcdonald's.
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the human rights commission in dubuque is
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not ask job applicants whether they are convicted felons. they call the initiative "ban the box." it refers to the box on applications that asks if you're a convicted felon. members of the human rights commission asked the dubuque city council to discuss that initiative. the council talked about it at yesterday's meeting, but the commission isn't asking the city to change a law or ordinance. the commission says it can be next to impossible for a convicted felon to find a job after prison. the dubuque area chamber of commerce says the change could could cause safety concerns for employers. we told you earlier this year about the ban the box initiative in waterloo. the city's human rights commission says right now it's focusing on banning the box on employment applications. the commission says it hopes to meet with the city's chamber of commerce soon. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on clouds to hang on this morning, followed by partial clearing
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the upper 30s north to lower 40s south. plan on more clouds to come in tonight, leading to another good rain chance out there for wednesday. rain will be around most of the day on wednesday with amounts around a half inch common, with isolated three quarter inch amounts. christmas eve and christmas day continue to look quiet, with chances of rain still on track for this weekend. rain amounts on this system remain in question and we'll continue to monitor this system as we get closer to
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welcome back to "gma." boy, painful moments, so hard to watch, even harder not to look at it. miss colombia had to take off that crown after steve harvey revealed he got the winner wrong. we're going to hear from one of the judges live about what happened behind the scenes. >> ouch. also right now, donald trump calling out hillary clinton demanding an apology for saying videos of the gop front-runner are being used by isis to recruit jihadists. this, as a new poll shows ted cruz pulling closer to trump and two candidates pulling away from the rest of the field.
7:28 am
really pulling away. 36 million. that's how many packages u.p.s. expects to deliver today. it is the busiest day of the year. up by a million from last year. one of those is my gift to you, dan. >> that's a surprise. speaking of last minute/last second shopping, we have actually got gio benitez and linzie janis. we put them on a mission. we gave them $25 and just 30 minutes to find the perfect gifts for us. so let's see what they come up with. >> the loser has to continue wearing that hat. >> they look very serious. >> they do. >> but in addition to a little fun there are some great deals on how if you're in a pickle in these last -- >> a pickle is where i was going, lara. if you're in a pickle. >> if you're in a pickle, we've got the answers for you, george. >> that is all coming up. but we'll begin with that embarrassing end to miss universe.
7:29 am
out exactly what went wrong when steve harvey crowned the runner-up. we'll talk to one of the pageant judges, perez hilton will talk to lara, first t.j. holmes with the latest. >> reporter: we got to give steve a break. live television surrounded by all these beautiful women and, well, that may describe a typical day at "gma" for you, george. some are saying the moment might have gotten to him. now we got all these theories out there, a lawsuit pending, people can't accept it. it's maybe as simple as, he made a mistake. >> miss universe 2015 is colombia. >> reporter: how could he make such a mistake? >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: this morning some
7:30 am
there may be more to the story. the sentiment echoed by thousands of others on twitter. i generally don't buy into conspiracy theories, but this is the most attention the miss universe pageant has gotten since -- well -- ever. harvey made no excuses and repeatedly and emphatically said it was his fault alone. >> i made a mistake. i didn't read first runner-up on the card. >> reporter: niecy nash, one of the judges, who posted this with fellow judge perez hilton. >> people are going crazy in here. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: speculation is that the teleprompter could have led to the gaffe but miss australia says seesaw with her own eyes the teleprompter got it right. >> all the girls saw on the tell prompter. philippines, you may now take your first walk as miss universe. >> reporter: while both contestants handled themselves with dignity and poise, the country of colombia is fighting mad this morning. the hashtag that translates the
7:31 am
trending. and a colombian law firm says two of its attorneys are filing suit saying the crown is an acquired right that cannot be taken away from us. even miss colombia's fellow countrywoman and doppelganger, sofia vergara, is getting in on the act with a caption that translates, the queen anyway. some are floating the suggestion that maybe they should share the crown, lara, no word on that just yet. >> all right, t.j., well, joining us now exclusively is perez hilton. he was one of the judges at the contest sunday night. i have to ask what were you and the other judges thinking when you heard the name miss colombia called? >> my first thought was, wow, this is rigged. because i knew how i photoed. and i knew how all the other judges voted. all of us voted for philippines to win. so we were in shock. and then when we found out that there was a mistake, i was like, this is brilliant. they did this on purpose for publicity. i mean that's how my mind works. >> well, you're not alone in
7:32 am
but let me ask you, you were there, what do you think went wrong on that stage? >> well, you know, since the pageant there have been reports that steve missed part of rehearsals, that he was out gambling and drinking and having a good time. he made a mistake but he also could have been tired and hung over. you know, he just didn't do his job well. period. >> i mean, but we've heard there's a teleprompter that you could see the names in the teleprompter. from your vantage point because i've been a judge and i've been the host of miss america and i know it's live tv. it is happening, it's very fluid. but did you see anything that could have gone wrong that made this happen? >> well, there is a prompter, but the moment where he crowns the winner isn't on the prompter because that moment, they don't want the other girls to know, so it was just on his card and he read it incorrectly. >> right. well, as i said, though, i mean
7:33 am
live television event that is happening, it's very, very fluid. did you get a chance, perez, to talk to steve afterwards? >> no, he disappeared as soon as everything wept down. and it was crazy for us in the theater after the broadcast ended. because people were booing and screaming and emmitt smith came up to me saying somebody was shot outside the theater. we didn't have all the information yet on exactly what had happened on the strip, so it was pandemonium inside. >> yeah, i would imagine so. i'm sure the fans were very confused, as were the contestants. what do you think of the idea of joint crown, sharing it? >> you know, i actually think that miss philippines whom we all voted for deserves to win, won, but losing is the best thing that ever happened to
7:34 am
truly is the winner, although, as a judge and i'm looking at everything that happened, i see her posting on instagram that she's the true winner, there's a reason, many reasons she didn't win, congratulations to philippines. >> wow, perez hilton, there you go. i guess in some ways everyone is a winner. >> boy, he speaks his mind, huh? >> he sure does. >> keeping it real on tuesday morning. >> perez, we thank you. >> coming up here we'll talk to the u.s. marshal leading the manhunt for the most wanted teen in america. the massive search for ethan couch and his mother. and little adrian is getting his first live tv appearance, ginger and her husband ben join us live with the newest member of the "gma" family. >> oh. >> oh. >> he's cute. >> hi, adrian. he looks like you, ging. >> he really does. >> cute, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral.
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and we are back now with the intensifying manhunt for ethan couch. the texas teen on the run with his mom. authorities are looking for her
7:39 am
major case. we'll speak with the marshal leading the hunt in just a moment. first abc's clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: this morning authorities are asking the public to be on the lookout for this ford truck that belongs to ethan couch's mother, tonya. >> we certainly believe they're together. she's helping him and she's assisting him. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals and fbi are now joining the hunt for mother and son. sources close to the investigation telling abc news it's assumed that ethan may try to change his appearance. >> he's not the kind of person that rehabilitates who learns his lesson. >> reporter: couch was 16 when he killed four people, driving drunk in 2013. convicted and sentenced to only probation after an expert testified couch suffered from affluenza, a condition caused by his healthy upbringing preventing him from knowing right from wrong. it is not an officially recognized diagnosis. >> i have never seen a case that sparked such outrage, that sparked such emotion from people.
7:40 am
were taken away in a second by the irresponsible actions of this juvenile. >> reporter: officials say this social media video posted earlier this month shows couch at a party near a beer pong table. the sheriff believes that possible parole violation is what caused couch, now 18, to flee. >> but i think that was the trigger that sent him running once that video surfaced. >> reporter: this morning couch's face is on these wanted posters. and there's now a $5,000 reward. >> he belongs in big boy jail, in adult prison. he's always avoided it. he's never had to be responsible. maybe let him know money and privilege don't buy you out of every circumstance. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, ft. worth, texas. >> thanks, clayton. >> we're joined now by u.s. marshal rick taylor, one of the agents heading up the hunt. thanks for joining us this morning. what's the latest? >> well, we've been working over the past several days with tarrant county and the district
7:41 am
>> have there been any sightings of ethan or his mom? >> we've been receiving a lot of tips that have come in all over the country to include a couple that were international. but, you know, we're quickly going through those, ruling out those tips that are, you know, not valid. >> pretty sure they're still together? >> that is our belief, yes. >> how much trouble is his mom in right now, if, indeed, she has helped him escape his probation? what kind of trouble could she be facing? >> well, she could -- the charges could be filed against her and tarrant county, i'm sure is looking at that. it doesn't help her case to be assisting him and it's not to say that it's only the mother. if the investigation shows that other family members or associates, friends or anyone is offering support to ethan, they will likely be charged, as well. >> do you have any information to make you believe that other family members are involved? >> we have information that, you know, some folks are cooperating and we always keep that in the
7:42 am
not be completely truthful with us. but as that information comes out and the investigation leads to that, yeah, it's very likely that warrants could come out for anyone that helps them out. >> what should members of the public do if they see either ethan our his mom? do you consider them armed or dangerous in any way? >> i wouldn't consider him a violent fugitive, but any information, any sightings that they potentially see of him should definitely call the tip lines or their local law enforcement. literally, within minutes of receiving a valid tip, we could have our task force there on scene the arrest ethan. >> and finally what would you say to ethan or his mom if they're watching right now? >> well, i don't know that there's anything really i could say to ethan. but i think i would like the to say is to the families of the victims is that, we're doing this for you. and we're going to find ethan
7:43 am
back to tarrant county. >> marshal taylor, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. coming up, look who is here. we're going to talk to ginger live.
7:44 am
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we're back and it's time to meet the newest addition to our "gma" family. adrian benjamin colonomos was born saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. and ginger, ben, and the newest little baby join us from their hospital room. >> oh, sara, that's his response to you. >> i was going to say ginger's tired, but clearly adrian is, as well. we'll keep this quick. how are you doing? >> he's doing very well. he's obviously been watching you guys, and you need to pick up the pace because he was yawning. i'm joking. >> now, ginger, you get to go home today, right? >> he's doing really well. he's so alert. yeah, today is the last day in the hospital, we hope. we haven't gotten checked out yet but i think we're both feeling good and he's eating and he's burping and throwing up and -- doing all the stuff he's supposed to do. >> he's a good boy. >> what percentage of the diapers has ben changed? >> ben has changed i would say
7:46 am
>> oh! >> which means you can come back to work tomorrow. >> okay, ben. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> get some sleep.
7:47 am
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the corner of happy & healthy.governor branstad says the three companies that will now manage the state's medicaid services will be able to accommodate tens of thousands of iowans. last friday, a state official terminated the state's contract with wellcare of iowa saying it failed to disclose information during the bidding process. now the department of human services will contact the people who chose wellcare. it will re-assign them equally among the three remaining managed care companies. the whole privatization effort has been delayed for two months. governor branstad says he is confident the medicaid program will be ready for private management by march first. he said the same about the original
7:52 am
fans heading to the rose bowl game in pasadena, california, can expect some tight security for the game and the tournament of roses parade. people from the city of pasadena and the department of homeland security will hold a news conference today with more details about the game and the parade are boosting security, after the recent terrorist attacks in nearby san bernadino and at an athletic stadium in paris, france. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on clouds to hang on this morning, followed by partial clearing this afternoon. afternoon highs will range from the upper 30s north to lower 40s south. plan on more clouds to come in tonight, leading to another good rain chance out
7:53 am
rain will be around most of the day on wednesday with amounts around a half inch common, with isolated three quarter inch amounts. christmas eve and christmas day continue to look quiet, with chances of rain still on track for this weekend. rain amounts on this system remain in question and we'll continue to monitor
7:54 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the dramatic 911 call when one woman went into labor on the highway. >> the baby isn't breathing right now, correct? >> no, she's not now. >> the baby is not breathing. >> how a brand-new dispatcher coached the parents to save their newborn's life. here we go and the new runway rules that ban excessively thin models from the catwalk. should it be regulated? the push right now to change fashion photographer. hello from the other side adele speaks out for the first time on how motherhood changed her.
7:55 am
times >> the record-breaking superstar reveals the secret to her success and what makes her stronger than ever. you can't stop me no they're engaged. the inside story of how maks proposed. "dancing" stars maks and peta are here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> and that's not all this morning. good morning, maks and peta. cannot wait to talk to them. their first live interview since their engagement. it will be a lot of fun. >> i can't wait for that and time is ticking as you probably know, but you can still get christmas presents even at the last minute. even at a 24-hour drugstore. >> that's my style. >> most of us drive by. while our gio benitez and linzie janis are about to take our last-minute christmas challenge. there they are armed with $25 and 30 minutes to shop, can they find the perfect gift and we're
7:56 am
are you shopping for? >> let's see. drum roll. >> oh. >> george. >> you got george. >> you know what, shopping for women always kind of scares but i got lara. >> here we go, gio. here we go. all right, guys, so we'll give you -- we have 30 minutes, $25 and you guys are going to make it happen. let the games begin. >> here we go. >> there they go. >> is she pushing already? >> they got their eyes on the prize. >> i think they're heading to walgreens. >> wrong way. >> just down the block. we have a couple of those drugstores. and we're going to see. >> we get a gift out of it. it's kind of nice. not bad. also ahead, you know robin has her year-end special tonight and we'll get a sneak peek at the heroes who made 2015 such an unforgettable year but to dan -- we see a couple there. dan with the morning rundown. >> the big story, the increasingly personal war of words between donald trump and hillary clinton.
7:57 am
derogatory term to describe how clinton lost to president obama back in 2008. meanwhile, clinton is refusing to apologize for her recent comment claiming that isis has been using video of trump to recruit new fighters. trump told abc's jon karl clinton is lying. >> she said donald trump is on a video and they're distributing the video, et cetera, et cetera, and there really is no argue many beyond the video. they are using lots of things, i imagine, to recruit but they didn't use me on a video and i'm not sure they used me at all. >> the clinton campaign says clinton wasn't referring to a specific video but referring to trump being used by isis on social media as propaganda. new details this morning about the woman accused of plowing her car into a crowd along the las vegas strip killing a mother of three and injureing dozens of other people. we've now learned that lakeisha holloway's driver's license was recently suspended. police say holloway claimed she was stressed out after she and her daughter tried to sleep in their car, but kept getting
7:58 am
she is due in court tomorrow to face a murder charge. a major security breach at one of the busiest airports in our country. our new york city station wabc reports a man was able to jump over a fence and onto the taxiway at jfk airport earlier this month. it took police ten minutes to arrive, and by then, he was gone. look at this. a wild scene at a macy's in ohio. a man accused of switching price tags jumped off the escalator while trying to escape from officers. he made a crash landing. fortunately for him he was not hurt. he was, however, arrested. a major announcement from chelsea clinton. the former first daughter is expecting another daughter of her own. clinton tweeting out that she's feeling very blessed and grateful. mom and dad quick to respond, hillary clinton saying, "we're so excited to meet our second grandchild," and the former president clinton saying, "christmas comes early." finally a big test for a rookie 911 dispatcher. william kalaher just started taking solo calls two
7:59 am
training and the other night he got a call from william allred whose wife kristin had gone into labor on the highway in utah. >> you pick up a 911 call, you never know what's on the other side of it and they were having a baby. >> at one point the baby's umbilical cord became wrapped around her neck. listen to the 911 call. >> the baby is breathing right now, correct? >> no, she's not now. >> the baby is not breathing. >> no, she's not. >> as soon as we tipped her head back, she just gasped her first breath and it was like, ah, thank goodness. >> he definitely helped us. at least i feel like stayed calm in the fact that helping her breathe and stuff like that because that was just terrifying. >> as you can see there's good news here, baby anne is home and doing fine. my favorite part, william, that young 911 dispatcher, his quote to our local station, the first
8:00 am
i was like, mom, i just delivered a baby on i-15 and she was like, what. >> fair enough. >> can be proud this morning. >> absolutely. >> that was great. >> thanks, dan. >> let's go over to sara. >> these stories are scaring me, people. now here's a look at what's ahead on the "morning menu." maks and peta join us live giving us the inside story about their engagement that surprised so many. and the call for new rules for the runway. critics saying ultra thin models are sending the wrong message to girls. we'll talk to a fashion insider. and is yoga going to the dogs? the rage called doga. we have pooches here to show us how it's done. all that and our last minute -- please give me a dog. oh. christmas gift challenge coming up on "gma" right here in times square. hi, baby. [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no!
8:01 am
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it was puppy love for maks and peta. they'll tell us about their romance and amazing proposal. they're with us next live and a hot, new trend. doga. well, there you go. we can all figure it out. om. namaste, people. we'll be right back. that
8:04 am
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nine, ten, i love you sail the ship chop the tree skip the rope look at me all together now everything star wars for everyone. kohl's. welcome back to "gma" and right now check out our friends, maks and peta. there they are on the cover of "people" after he popped the question. he can't have a better tribute than that. she makes me a better man and that was the crowning moment of a lovely romance. any time i need you let me go >> peta and maks, top pros on "dancing with the stars." >> meryl and maks. >> both mirror ball champions,
8:06 am
in common. the dancing duo engaged with a showstopping proposal. it has been an intense romance. their first meeting on broadway in 2009 then began dating in 2012 until their relationship ended suddenly after less than a year together. but that was not their final dance. maks and peta reunited in october 2014. they've been together ever since proving one more time it takes two to tango. and there they are right now. laughing at themselves or laughing at us, one or the other. so, maks, that proposal was really something. how hard was it to keep it a secret? >> that was very hard. it was very hard, and i'm never going to do it again because even if that -- >> well, that's good news. >> half my -- well, yeah, yeah. but half my family found a way to get upset with me not telling them.
8:07 am
point of secrets. you can never win. >> so you fooled your family but, peta, were you fooled? >> i was, yeah, i completely didn't know what was going on until the last second. i could just see some family members kind of filing towards the front of the stage and then some of my friends wouldn't look me in the eye and i was like, what's going on and then it happened and my stomach just dropped and completely shocked and scared and afraid of everything. >> so as you saw family walking up to the stage, though, was there just a glimpse of a moment? did you have -- did you go, oh, my gosh, maybe this is happening? >> i did have a maybe this is happening and then i shot it down. i was like, peta, stop being silly. that's not happening. >> you have to show us the ring. we heard it took five weeks. maks designed it, i think. >> i love it. yeah. >> close-up there. wow! >> you don't need a close-up, george. >> maks, you're a man of many talents. that's gorgeous.
8:08 am
>> i can't take credit for this. my guys did an amazing job and, you know, it was an awesome process. like honestly the whole thing was very enjoyable. you know, it wasn't stressful. yeah. i said stuff off the cuff as i usually do, and for once there was no controversy, so everything worked out. >> just smile. >> fantastic. >> sweet and nice. >> this is a loaded question but who -- have you thought about what you'll do for your first dance? >> we've not really spoken about that but we've been asked that a lot. >> oh, you have. >> we just want to keep that really simple and nothing too crazy. >> i'm just going on record. this is the biggest record i can go on in saying that i have zero to do with planning anything for the rest of our life together. >> you are a wise man. >> just show up where i'm told. >> maks, very smart. >> a marriage made in heaven.
8:09 am
all of us married men right there. you're absolutely right but what was the moment you knew? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think -- i think we knew for a while. i think i personally knew when we got back together, you know, this was for a reason that's not just, oh, well, we missed each other, but i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and, you know, i think every day since then we just got better and stronger and happier and -- i don't know. i don't know about that comment, it was taken out of context. she makes me a better man. i'm not sure who makes you a better person. >> don't take it back. >> right, i mean you had so many points for that line. >> take it from the political guru, don't take that back. >> i think -- i think this is the whole -- like for me this is the whole point that you just get smarter. you say things in much for
8:10 am
to the point and any chance you get to earn some points, you take the chance. that's for sure. >> i agree. >> maks, peta, thank you guys. it's great to see you so happy. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> and you can catch peta on "dancing with the stars" live tour going on right now. bye-bye, guys. >> that's great, well, segue from a walk down to the aisle to a walk on the catwalk. this morning new rules to regulate the weight of runway france just did it that passed a law that bans excessively thin models and public health officials here are urging the same for models in the u.s. and abc's reena ninan has more. >> reporter: they are the epitome of glamour, the models that define style and beauty. but now the fashion industry is under fire from critics who say that most models are dangerously thin. >> the modeling industry definitely encourages women often explicitly so to maintain extremely thin frames. >> reporter: in a strong new
8:11 am
journal of public health, experts and eating disorder professionals say the industry body standard is hazardous and encouraging problems like eating disorders and body dysmorphia and they write, runway models are by definition and professional necessity starving to death. they're urging the u.s. to regulate and set a standard bmi, a working model must meet. just last week france passed such a law requiring model to have a doctor's note proving that they are healthy. >> we have statistics such as 70% of adolescents report they define the ideal body image as being what they see in fashion magazines. >> reporter: record says that the average model who makes it big on the international stage has a bmi of 14, 2 points below the world health organization's definition of starvation. she wants the u.s. occupational safety and health administration to require all models to have a bmi of 18 and above.
8:12 am
naturally skinny. you are at great risk at any time of the day for cardiac arrest. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> and joining me now is founder of the model alliance sara ziff, a former model, a longtime model. what do you think of this idea, legislation for the catwalk, you like it? >> i'm glad this issue is being taken seriously. i think too often models' concerns are sort of trivialized and dismissed. people say, oh, you know, you're a fashion model. how hard can it be but professional models have literally died trying to achieve this standard of beauty, this body image, and it goes beyond just the models working in the industry. this is a powerful industry that has an influence on our culture and on the women and girls who look up to models so -- >> from your perspective as somebody in the industry, do you think that legislation can
8:13 am
>> yeah, well, so we've seen in france they've just passed this bill that calls for health checks and that's something that i and the model alliance support. unfortunately, it's -- we get pushback from different stakeholders in the industry. >> but do you think if there was legislation that models would say, okay, let's all agree we'll gain "x" amount or do you think there's sort of internal pressure as an individual to be thin? >> i think that the industry is not solely responsible, okay. >> that's what i was -- >> yeah. i think that there are multiple sources of pressure, but everyone needs to do their part because i think that we all want to promote a healthy ideal for the girls working in the industry and the people who look up to these models. >> yeah, i was going to say girls like my daughter who think the be all end all is on that catwalk. >> and the industry has not been very good at regulating itself. that's why all these other countries have stepped up, and i think the u.s. needs to do more, as well. >> all right. well, thank you for stepping up
8:14 am
sara, thank you very much. >> thanks so much. >> george. >> thank you, lara. you know, robin has a big special tonight. her look back at all the big moments that defined 2015 and the people who inspired us most. here's a sneak peek at her heroes of the year. >> this year there were no shortages of heroes or shall we say sheroes. >> that's it. game over, the u.s. wins the 2015 women's world cup. >> reporter: from the soccer field to center stage, women inspired us all. the u.s. women's national soccer team showed us all that teamwork and determination can lead to greatness. >> u.s. women's soccer team kicked some "a." this was the year of the woman. >> i think that was a nice example of what the society can be as a whole if we started maximizing the potential in each other and stop being divisive and keeping each other apart. >> viola davis, "how to get away with murder." >> reporter: with her win viola davis was the first
8:15 am
home the emmy in the drama category for her lead role in "how to get away with murder." >> we won because i did my job. >> when you're a kid sitting there watching tv, whether you're black or brown or of any color, and you see someone who looks just like you, then you believe all things are possible. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. >> viola davis is proof that talent really does win out in the end. >> reporter: off the stage and field, there were so many heroes among us. the families of the charleston church shooting victims taught us heroism comes from the heart when there is room for forgiveness. speaking directly to the killer in court, they showed incredible strength in the wake of tremendous grief. >> we have no room for hate so we have to forgive.
8:16 am
again, but i forgive you. we shall >> they taught us a lesson, didn't they, on how to move on and not let the killer claim even more lives, the lives of the living. >> reporter: in a year with so much darkness, a beautiful lesson from all of these heroes on how to view the world. >> a beautiful lesson. >> boy, those charleston families get me every time. >> yeah, absolutely. >> what a stunning move that was. robin's special, "the year 2015" airs tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. >> let's go outside to rob. >> some people line up for hours and this family came here and then we put the tree in front of them so they've been blocked and what does the sign say? look out, ginger. >> ginger. >> no, no way. she's irreplaceable, although i bet you're a smart kid. georgia, we got problems and we got problems in georgia. flash flood watch out through christmas morning.
8:17 am
the florida panhandle, as well. three, four, maybe five inches or more. a couple of inches possible across the northeast, as well, of rain, not snow. travel delays there but actually could use the rain, severe storms across texas especially plan on clouds to hang on this morning, followed by partial clearing this afternoon. afternoon highs will range from the upper 30s north to lower 40s south. plan on more clouds to come in tonight, leading to another good rain chance out there for wednesday. rain will be around most of the day on wednesday with amounts around a half inch common, with isolated three quarter inch amounts. christmas eve and christmas day continue to look quiet, with chances of rain still on track for this weekend. rain amounts on this system remain in >> christmas tree. you just have a great crowd from joaquin, texas, and blessed survivors.
8:18 am
>> time for "pop." so join us. adele is speaking out about her record-breaking success and the challenges of balancing motherhood with her overwhelming fame. the singer revealed her surprising secret sauce to "time" magazine. so why is everyone walking around singing "hello"? well, one, because it's really catchy but adele thinks it's because she's not afraid to look like she's falling apart and people can always relate to vulnerability. yeah, i agree with that. and as for family life, the typically private mom reveals her son has made her feel more purposeful than ever before but be warned she's a lioness when it comes to her son and boyfriend. everyone says that about parenthood. that you'll feel immediate purpose. >> yes. >> you guys all agree? >> absolutely. i'd like to know about that song, though. has she ever talked about is it she just wants to become friends with an old love? every time i listen to it which is often because it's on every other song, has she talked about it? >> i don't think she's gone into what it's about. have you noticed when you're driving down the street people
8:19 am
out their windows. >> walking through my living room, yeah. >> your daughters, yeah. maybe ali, i don't know. >> he was referring to himself actually. i wasn't kidding. >> we're rolling with that if that happens. rob, get in here. next up, a major exclusive announcement this morning sure to kick off the new yeerar for swifty fans on a high note. taylor swift will be ringing in 2016 by releasing the video for her hit song "out of the woods" which she performed right here in times square, the world premiere of the sixth music video off swift's grammy nominated album "1989" will be on ryan seacrest's "new year's rockin' eve" on abc at 8:30 p.m. eastern on new year's eve. if her other videos are an indication she never goes out of style this next one is sure to be out of our wildest dreams. she always outdoes herself. >> her videos are great. >> there are few people though on the scene like beyonce is another one. every time she does something, you can't keep going at this --
8:20 am
>> george has been known to sing taylor swift in the living room too. >> you're throwing him under the bus. >> no, that would be me. that would be me. >> do you do that, george? is that your playlist? >> i have heard george singing one direction, true story. >> i do sing one direction. >> katy perry. i've heard it. >> george, as your adviser, don't admit that ever again. and finally, it's time for the ultimate matrimonial mash-up. >> this is what adele has taught us. sorry, go ahead. >> dan -- >> i'm sorry. >> please. >> go ahead. >> we've got an ultimate matrimonial mash-up we've all been waiting for. the tatums are taking over "lip-sync battle." take a look at this teaser. >> i just really hope my marriage isn't over after tonight. >> we're a house divided at the moment. we're going to war. >> channing simply refuses to let it go, and jenna's bringing it with a little bit of "magic mike." how cute is that like we know deep down he's probably cheering for her too. >> yeah. >> no, he wants to win. >> she looked hot in that teaser.
8:21 am
>> yeah, she is a hottie. we'll be right back, everybody. doga coming up..following this weekend's democratic presidential debate, the two frontrunners are campaigning in iowa. former secretary of state hillary clinton, will be making stops in eastern iowa today. she'll start off with a town hall at keota high school at 12:15 this afternoon. then, clinton is going to fairfield to hold another town hall event there at 4:45. finally, she will finish off the day with a volunteer thank-you event in bettendorf. that will be at 7:15 tonight. second in the polls, senator bernie sanders is also campaigning in iowa. he's on the other side of the state with visits in storm
8:22 am
this is video from sanders' event yesterday in sioux city. the g-o-p presidential field is down to 13. south carolina senator lindsey graham dropped out yesterday. he had been polling in the low single digits since he launched his campaign last june. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on clouds to hang on this morning, followed by partial clearing this afternoon. afternoon highs will range from the upper 30s north to lower 40s south. plan on more clouds to come in tonight, leading to another good rain chance out there for wednesday. rain will be around most of the day on wednesday with amounts around a half inch common, with isolated three quarter inch amounts. christmas eve and christmas day continue to look quiet, with chances of rain still on track for this weekend. rain amounts on this system remain in question and we'll continue to monitor this system as we get closer to
8:23 am
welcome back to "gma." there they are right now. gio and linzie racing against time in our last-minute christmas challenge. so, did they get the perfect presents in just 30 minutes? >> here's the buzzer. sorry, guys. put down your props. time is up. time to pay up and get back here. we cannot wait to see -- >> got a lot for me. i like that. a lot in there. >> well, and there are real tips on how to do this. >> absolutely. >> so we'll get into that. >> we also have the grand prize
8:24 am
baking show" with us this morning and we have the cake that wowed the judges and she'll tell us how she did it all. how you can do it, as well. >> first i want to show you this picture of my daughter kate snapped this past weekend. i don't know if you can tell. that's my -- >> on the couch. >> downward dog and gives new meaning to the term downward dog, my dogs watching and i discovered this s ais a growing trend, and abc's nick watt tried out the new exercise craze yoga with your dog otherwise known as doga. >> reporter: yes, i am doing yoga with a dog, doga. i'm no yogi and i'm no dogie lover. nash is a loner. >> the dogs in doga become weights in some of the poses that we're going to do. >> reporter: she ain't kidding. >> it's been very powerful for both me and peanut butter. she has allergies and a little
8:25 am
like that can do healing. >> they'll feel the energy. when we're calm and relaxed they are. >> reporter: some purists say it's denigrating an ancient art and maybe the dogs don't like it. but this is now a thing, a growing thing and nash does seem rather yoga chill. but if you're a little more outdoorsy -- >> exhale up, inhale down. >> reporter: feet and paws fitness. a daybreak boot camp for human plus canine. plus workout gear. >> good, motivate those dogs, be excited. who is excited to be here? >> reporter: tracy is a certified fitness trainer and dog trainer. >> try to keep that butt nice and steady. low to the ground. >> the dogs do nothing. >> you definitely work up a sweat, but more importantly, you get to spend time with your dog. >> reporter: it's about teaching obedience, as well. sit. sit. sit. yeah, i think doga is actually more my thing.
8:26 am
if even i'm a convert, i predict this might catch on. >> place your left hand on your dog, and you're going to just take your right hand up and over. >> for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, nick. and we're joined now by yoga instructor pauline and joined by these adoptable dogs, joy, dasher, noel, comet and our top doga poses. why do you like this idea of dogs and yoga combined? >> the great thing about dogs and yoga combined together, they're both known for creating less stress. >> yes. >> creating joy in our lives so when we bring our dogs to our yoga mat, we're creating a space where we can connect with them and harmonize our energy so that your dog is bonded with you and build trust. >> my dogs watch and looking at them makes me not realize how long i'm holding the pose so i can hold it longer. you have examples of doga poses. >> absolutely. >> we'll try one. i'm going to watch. you guys go ahead and do that.
8:27 am
going to do is warrior one. so we're going to step back with our right heel and bend that front knee. to connect with our dog we'll hold our dog up placing his back paws right at our heart, because we're building the strength in our arms and rooting down through the feet and we can gaze up at our dog and find that joy you were just talking about as we practice our yoga to encourage us to hold it a little bit longer. >> they do say that looking in a dog's eyes releases endorphins for both the dog and the human so it's great on so many levels. >> yes. >> and you have one more pose you'd like to show us. >> yes, another pose i want to do -- >> this will not work for sara haines or any other folks with large dogs so small dog necessary. >> necessary. right. you can modify with a larger dog but for the next one we'll try triangle pose. holding it right here at our heart and going to take that arm and reach it down towards the toes and gaze up again at the dog so here we're opening up the hips and reaching and rooting down through the feet and signing our heart forward into joy in this cute face.
8:28 am
she's staring at you. >> yes, she's loving this. >> i love it. there's more poses. you can find out more about this on our website. i want to say thank you guys for coming in this morning and making us smile and you guys can make us smile because all these dogs are adoptable from one of my favorite places, the north shore animal league america and they're actually having a free adoption special where all fees are waived and it is on christmas eve, 9:00 to 11:00. please share the holiday joy and please adopt a new best friend. first let's go back outside to rob. >> come on, show us your exalted warrior. [ cheers and applause ] or touchdown. got a good crowd out here. it's starting to rain a little bit, and we have rain issues across many spots but severe weather threat today will be across northeast texas including dallas. we'll see hail, some thunderstorms that could have some strong winds, maybe a tornado then tomorrow the system slides off to the east, the midsouth and mississippi river valley, memphis, nashville, birmingham will see an enhanced risk of thunderstorms that could eastly bring some tornadoes and a lot of this rain
8:29 am
the northeast as it's doing now. snow, 2 to 3 feet has fallen across parts of the inner mountain west. plan on clouds to hang on this morning, followed by partial clearing this afternoon. afternoon highs will range from the upper 30s north to lower 40s south. plan on more clouds to come in tonight, leading to another good rain chance out there for wednesday. rain will be around most of the day on wednesday with amounts around a half inch >> all right. this weathercast brought to you by mazda. we've got bucket list. your feet hurt. another, all you want for christmas is -- >> "gma." >> i love it. back to you, lara. >> thank you, rob. coming up here, our last-minute christmas challenge, gio and linzie running into the studio as we speak. we're going to crown the winner and show you great ways to get emergency gifts at a drugstore
8:30 am
linzie and gio are about to prove it's never too late to get a great christmas gift. they went out. christmas challenge. 30 minutes to find something thoughtful and creative for $25. >> we'll find out how they did in just a minute but first we'll look at some tips to help you find the best christmas presents in a pinch. >> i'm trying to find the doll. >> me too. me too. >> do you have any more in back? >> don't let the last-minute shopping scramble leave you in a sweat. >> i need the -- >> carrying that gift-giving stress is easier than you think.
8:31 am
time there are a couple options via apps that allow other people to do errands for you in your place. >> apps like hello, alfred and fancy hands will send you your own personal santa to tackle your gift list. type in your instructions, set a time frame and consider it done. or starting at $22 an hour there's task rabbit which lets you hire a professional to wrap your presents and deliver them locally. also in a pinch consider ordering a subscription like burch box for beauty products. or escape monthly for your favorite traveler. just place the order from the comfort of home and the gifts are shipped monthly. >> the latest and most fun option in my opinion is the barkbox. so, it's a monthly delivery of all these dog treats and toys and bones that any dog lover would really appreciate. >> reporter: and if all else fails, you always have the round the clock lifesavers, drugstores where you can pick up everything from gourmet food to socks to high-end beauty products and the gas station convenience stores. >> gas stations can be seen as like a procrastinator's
8:32 am
you can buy things actually thematically. >> items that just might save you in your 911 holiday emergency. >> let's find out how they did with the help of francesco bilotto. he's a lifestyle expert and linzie and gio, thanks, you guys. >> thanks for thinking so much. you thought a lot about these presents. so, george, open up. >> i want to see. >> l.e.d. power battery bar, always -- >> always on the go. >> -- necessary. >> fits everybody. >> i'll take it. thank you. >> and sparkle bag. >> something else. >> i wound up having something else on there but i forgot about tax. >> the tax with a $25 limit. that kills you. >> for $25, gio, you were tasked with buying my christmas gift. >> the moment i saw this frame, i thought of you, "live, love, laugh." >> oh, and a picture of gio. very thoughtful. good start.
8:33 am
his own picture in there. >> is there points for wrapping? >> listen, i was on a budget, and lara always loves her blankets in the morning. >> i do. >> and you love your prints. >> i do. i love a fashionable print so i think they're both great gifts. >> what do you think? >> i think they're great. i'm going to give you a big high-pfeifer on the photo frahm. did you take advantage of a 24-hour one-hour photo opportunity? >> it was right there. >> brilliant. >> there has to be a selfie. >> you guys both did a great job. can you put me on your christmas list? if you're shopping at the drugstore last minute, you might be on the naughty list but guess what, that can be a great thoughtful place to like go shopping as you both did such a great job today. my first step is don't panic. you know, you want to have something tangible when you go to somebody's party or to their christmas gathering holiday. >> someone was saying you had a great tip of accessorizing a different gift with things from the drugstore. >> absolutely. don't be afraid to embellish from the drugstore, so, for example, if you have a friend that's a traveler, get a bunch of magazines, put a beautiful
8:34 am
bundle them up and then guess what, they have a gift all year long, a subscription they can use. >> shows real thought. >> it's not what you give but how you give it, correct. price point, be mindful who you're shopping for and the health nuts, you can get some great produce and vitamins, especially in the winter months, vitamin c, vitamin d. >> if you buy someone movie tickets to the "star wars" movie go to the drugstore and get them popcorn or goobers or whatever their favorite candy is. i thought that was a really great idea. >> once again, embellish inging the subscription or add-on gift from baseball tickets, movie tickets and whatever you have at -- >> did you want movie tickets? is that what you're saying? >> i'm trying to say i wanted movie tickets. >> or lottery tickets. >> thank you. >> you both did greats. their gifts. let's bring in their gifts. >> you both win. >> oh. >> i'm impressed. i got to say too i'm impressed. i think you did very well. i'd like for you to eat my fruitcake. >> and instagram it. >> and eat these cards. >> thank you. >> thank you. happy holidays. >> thanks, guys. >> merry christmas.
8:35 am
winner of "the great holiday baking show" with an amazing
8:36 am
we'll find out how she d we're counting down to christmas this morning with the winner of "the great holiday baking show." awarding winning pastry chef johnny iuzzini helped the host of that show nia vardalos crown the baker last night. one contestant taking sweet victory. >> the judges have made their decision. and the winner of "the great holiday baking show" is lauren. >> oh, my god. yay. >> all right, there she is. america's best holiday baker, lauren katz, come on out. come on over here, lauren. congratulations. >> thank you.
8:37 am
you thought they were going to put the crown on you and then take it off and give it to somebody else? >> i was actually afraid of that, yes. i'm still waiting for them to take it back from me. >> no, no, it's not going to happen. steve harvey is not going to come and apologize, you're good. >> yeah, what was it about her that made her stand out? >> when it comes to competitions it's about consistency, great flavors and just attention to detail. that's what it comes down to in every competition, and she was just great and thorough in every single competition. >> this was a spumoni cake but what you're going to show us today is how to do a slightly simpler version sans the polka dots. >> with a slighting different name. surprise cake, chocolate cake with buttermilk. >> yes, we wanted to do a simpler version that anybody can do it with a box cake mix and my tip is that in the back it says to use water, don't use water, use coffee or use stout beer to cut the sweetness of the cake. you can also add some mini chocolate chips to add little bursts of chocolate in there and then when you come to the icing,
8:38 am
if you're using the canned icing, add some cream cheese, add some sour cream, add some citrus and almond extract and buttermilk and that will cut all that super sweetness. exactly. >> one of the rookie errors and i make this all the time, on the rare occasions when i've ever baked, i pull it out of the oven and i want to eat it so badly i try to put the frosting on it right away and it makes a mess. >> don't do that. you need to chill your cake before you even put the icing on. i like to throw it in the freezer for like 30 minutes just to get it nice and solid then i get my icing on and goes on very smoothly and then i'm just going to cover it with fondant with a very chilled cake with the icing on it and then we're going to cut some ribbon ss using a pastry cutter or pizza wheel at home then you'll attach your ribbons onto the fondant covered cake and we made some marbleized stars
8:39 am
and rolled it out into a sheet and then you have your stars over here, and we're ready to put them on the cake and we used a little crisco and paint the back of the stars and we just pop it on the cake and it'll stick right to the fondant. i think your family would love that for christmas. >> normally george and lara, we can't get their attention at all. some reason for this segment they wanted to come over. >> funny running into you here. >> you would never know this is from a mix. >> how does it taste? >> really good. >> it's really, really good. it's so moist. >> thank you. >> you know what, guys, thinking about baking and thinking about ways to make things easier, first and foremost, don't skimp on ingredients. you're only as good as your cheapest ingredient. think about that all the time. so if you're cooking for friends and family, splurge. get the great butter and great ingredients. on top of that, you know, save some time by making your doughs in advance, scale your ingredients in advance, get prepared the night before so you're not waiting for things to happen. >> get on your cake baking game face. >> i was wondering where you
8:40 am
>> i always say shgs, make your dough in advance and thank you very much, johnny iuzzini. i've never said that in my life. appreciate it. congratulations. >> thanks to you. great cake, we really love it. and i want to say you can get the recipe for the winning cake on our website, on yahoo! and coming up, t.j. goes to extremes to tell us about a new heart-stopping movie, "point break." get involved here. -hey. something new has arrived. and it works in the middle of anywhere. the iphone 6s on u.s. cellular lets you stay connected where other networks don't. hurry in and get
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and save $550. the iphone 6s on u.s. cellular.
8:42 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by kohl's. >> "point break" about to come crashing into theaters, all kinds of energy. you know, the movie follows an fbi agent who cracks a team of extreme athletes who pulled off a string of corporate heists and t.j. holmes went to some extremes of his own to catch up with its star. hey, t.j. >> george, they did wingsuit flying, they did skydiving, surfing. so, you know what they did for me for this story? none of that. met me in manhattan and climbed a wall that seemed pretty tall to me. >> 3200 feet of climbing. tallest waterfall in the world. >> reporter: it's the death-defying climax to "point break." >> you've got nowhere to go. >> reporter: and racing
8:43 am
star edgar ramirez. >> i was literally hanging from the highest waterfall on earth 3,000 feet above the ground. >> reporter: not quite 3,000 feet but close enough today at the sports center at chelsea pier in manhattan where i sat down with ramirez. >> it was one of the most extreme things that i've ever done in my life. >> reporter: in the film he plays bodhi. >> let's do this. >> reporter: part adrenaline junkie, part robin hood. >> you're going to steal it. >> no. >> you're going to give it back. >> reporter: climbing and the wingsuits. you looked like a bad man. here you're showing up in the jacket and the boots but tell me, in real life are you anywhere close to an extreme athlete? >> no, there's only a handful of people capable of doing what you'll see in the film and in no way would i compare whatever baby steps i made in each one of the sports to what they do. you know, i was watching them as they were performing these stunts and just to be, you know, on top of the angel falls or just being hanging, that was pretty intense. >> reporter: any close calls?
8:44 am
shape of the rock was too inclined for me, and i freaked out. i'm still -- had a lot of practice, but i did get -- i really like it. it centers you. and i got the best teacher who is chris sharma, the number one climber in the world. >> reporter: yep, this guy, i just saw you hold on with three fingers right here, man. chris sharma is one of the film's expert stunt doubles. now he's showing me the ropes. >> you got it, man. >> man, "point break 2" starring t.j. holmes. but according to these guys, it's not all about that summit selfie. >> coming up to a virgin wall that's never been climbed and looking up and imagining the line. >> so it's not really about getting to the top. it's about how beautifully you get to where you need to get. >> all right. this one opens on christmas day. they call it a reimagination of the "point break" cult classic. so, if you all were going to pick one of those, which sport
8:45 am
>> cowabunga. >> ha would be the surfing. >> i'll do the rock climbing with you. >> you're pretty good. >> we should go rock climbing. >> is there an option to sit on the couch and eat the cake? >> no, there's not. extreme eating is not part of the movie, man.
8:46 am
>> have a good day, a big topic at tonight's city council meeting. on december 9th, moody's investors service downgraded the city's bond rating. that's generally seen as a negative reflection of the city's finances and can make it harder for coralville to borrow money. the bond rating dropped to the lowest rating of investment grade on moody's scale. the company rated coralville this way because of its high debt and liabilities. liabilities include things like ownership of a hotel and performance center. coralville has about 267-million dollars in debt. in iowa, only cedar rapids and des moines - both much larger cities - have more debt. coralville city officials say the rating will have little impact on residents. while coralville residents' property taxes do help pay off this debt, those property taxes will not increase. the city is moving forward with a 7-thousand seat arena project in the iowa
8:47 am
the city says that project will open debt-free, if it gets to that point. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on clouds to hang on this morning, followed by partial clearing this afternoon. afternoon highs will range from the upper 30s north to lower 40s south. plan on more clouds to come in tonight, leading to another good rain chance out there for wednesday. rain will be around most of the day on wednesday with amounts around a half inch common, with isolated three quarter inch amounts. christmas eve and christmas day continue to look quiet, with chances of rain still on track for this weekend. rain amounts on this system remain in question and we'll continue to monitor this system as we get closer to
8:48 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael!" grab your mug of cocoa and get comfortable. it's time for our "cozy christmas special." today, superstar channing tatum drops by, and it's not the holidays without a performance from the world famous radio city rockettes, plus recording artist ceelo green will be in the studio for the entire hour, playing your favorite christmas songs. also, there may be a special surprise visit from a very jolly man in a very red suit. all next on "live"'s "cozy christmas special." and
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