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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  December 23, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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requirement for the online voter registration. and goodwill locations in eastern iowa prepare for one their busiest days of the year for donations. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . it's not often you see this in december... a thunderstorm knonoed down trtres and power lines across parts of linn county this evening. now utility workers are clearing away trees and downed power lines along roads north of cedar rapids and hiawatha. e storm came througugearly this s ening, and the people who live nearby said it didn't last a minute. kcrg-tv9's chris earl joins us now on milburn road, near tower terrace. chris, while the storm was swift, the cleanup will take a while.e. definitely, beth. there are two sides to what happened tonight -- the
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that you see on the roads, such as here on milbubu, south of tower terrace, as utility crews deal with twisted and bent power lines. but also what was a little off the road. on wednesday night, christmas with the keegans brought an unexpected wind stoto -- in late december. " 50:50 it was black and we didn't realize that facing east. things started to fly and i saidd gotta go to the basement. i could hear glass as we were going down. within 30 seconds, you can tell it had stopped. . vicki keegan and h h family have lived here for decades -- but, on december 23,
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gathering out back. kevin humpfer kept his 2016 jayco j-flight - a luxury camper - on the property. yet after this swift storm... here's the frame. it was 400 feet back that way? correct. his brand-new camper is now in about 7 different got a call about what happened. "54:03 my wife didn't belilie him at first and thought they were pulling my leg. " in the hour after the storm, fire crews and utility workers filled milborn with the power lines -- and here on tower terrace -- for trees and branches that cluttered the roadway. "48:04 possible twisisr and straight line winds. lots of trees and power lines down. " yet vicki keegan also offered some wise perspective amid what was left dangling in the dark. in her home, no one was hurt... as christmas 2015 will always have this memory attached. "51:33 if you can keep it out of the house that's fine and we're fortunate. things can always be cleaned up. " what is worth noting from both vicki and kevin was
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what took place here. the fortunate element for this is that the storm didn't hit a more populated area. live in linn county - north of cedar rapids - chris earl, kcrg-tv9. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with your first forecast. joe, the storms have moved out of our area? a potent storm system continues to push to the east ushering some cooler and drier weather. mostly clcldy skies remain in place for bothh christmas eve and christmas day. highs remain in the upper 30s and lower 40s. heading inio the weekend rara chances once again build. lows drop into the 20s and 30s which could result in a rain snow mix
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return trip. have a great nightht and a merry christmas! tonight: rain ending, cloudy low: 26-32 winds: nw 10-20tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 36-42 winds: w 5-15 back to you. republican donald trump is ending the year by connuing to be the domimint candidate in the race for the g-o-p presidential nomination. a new c-n-n / o-r-c poll shows trump topoing the field with 39 per cent nationwide. ted cruz is a clear, but distant second with 18 per cent. the next two, ben carson and marco rubio, are tied at 10 per cent. on the democratic side, hillary clinton maintained a strong lead over bernie sanders, 50 per cent to 34 per cent. the american civil liberties union says not everyone will be able to use the online voter registration system the state will introduce next year.
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the voters rights commission. the new system will require people to have an iowa department of transportation i-d to register online to vote. but the a-c-l-u says about 150 thousand people in iowa don't have those i-ds. the group says people should be able to register by providing diffffent identification. people who don't have d- o-t-issued i-ds can always request voters registration forms in the mail. is now taking the state to court over its terminated contract to help oversee the medicaid program. this week, wellcare of iowa filed a lawsuit against the state's department of human services. wellcare wants the agency to reverse its decision to toss out its contract. the state took action after the company allegedly failed to disclose information during bidding. a meat processing plant in edgewood is recalling a beef product because of possible
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recalled more than 200 pounds of beef sticks with cheese. the plant packaged the product earlier this month - and people may have purchased it at the plant or greenwood grocery in farley. people are encouraged to return the product or throw it away. cedar rapids and marion police are warning hawkeye fans to be careful about buying rose bowl tickets through craigslist. they've received several reports of counterfeit tickets that people bought througugthe craigslist website. police say the sales involved the seller meeting the buyers at a cedar rapids movie theater, and the tickets turn out to be fake. police are advising fans to onlnlbuy tickets from trusted businesses or individuals. the online prices for the rose bowl have significantly decreased on the secondary market in recent weeks. the chchpest titiet on stubhub was more than 500 dollars in the days right after the hawkeyes were selected for the game. now, fans can buy upper end zone
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less than 150 dollars. gogowill of the heartland stores are preparing for one of the busiest donations days of the year. the last day of the year- new years eve. getting in donations by then allows people t claimimhem on their taxes.. goodwill is s lling in all employees on the 31st to ensure it's prepared for the influx of donors. one staff member described why the day is so $& busy. "i think what happens is after christmas people clean their house because they're like oh my gosh we've got all of these christmas goods now where are we going to put them so they ust start doing a clean up and then they're thinking 'oh yea it's the end of the year i need my tax write-up from goodwill so i'm going to load up my car, van, suvuvith whatathey have and bring it in... and we're ready for them." goodwill encourages people to stop by earlier than the 31st to avoid the long lines. a young man here in iowa who's dying chose to watch the new star wars movie as his last film. 28-year-old shawn norman of
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affects manyreas of the body, leading to b beding and heart defects. his mother couldn't first wish, which was electing his choice for president. but she and two paramedics helped him with another. last weekend, before sunriri, an ambulance took k awn to a theater reserved for a showing of star wars, the force awakens. " that's kinda been a goal of his, every time he starts feeling down, or whatever we point at the b brd and say hey, we gotta get out, we got a couple more days, we're getting close. " " we're making memories, and not everybody gets to do that. " as the credits rolled, shawn mustered a two-word review... not bad. two iowa soldiers are receiving a big "thank you" for their bravery on the battlefield... today thereceived army's medal for valor for their acts of heroism in afghanistan. first here's a look at the most popular stories today on kcrg dot-com. stay with your 24 hour
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two iowa soldiers are receiving
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for acts of heroism while deployed in afghanistan. the men received t t army's medal for valor during a ceremony tonight. former specialist brian swedberg led a six-man team through an ambush, eventually fofocing the enemy tooetreat. edberg declined an interview for this story. in a separate incident, former sergeant justin schmitt led fellow soldiers through heavy gunfire, also forcing the enemy to retreat three separate times. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy explains what the honor means for the two men and their families. capturing this moment.. 05:54:18 very excititg, emotional. is a way for friends and family here.. 06:09:56 you know, they're the cream of the crop. to say they're proud. 05:48:25 we need to be there and support him and tell him we're so proud of him. proud of brbrery in battle that earned both men this. 06:18:57 "it's a unique award, it's not handed out to just any solder. soldiers earn this in combat." combat former sergeant justin
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up for it. therere not reason to talk about it. doesn't really like to talk about. 05:50:17 "he just don't talk about it. and that's okay, i told him if he ever needs to talk all you gotta do is tell me, i'm willing to listen. but he just goes on with life." 05:53:38 "a few stories he told us, but when he came back he says iraq is a piece of compared to afghanistan, but they're both pretty rough." but tonight.. 06:03:29 "for valorous achievement as a team leader with third squad while engaged with the enemy on 11 february 2011." schmitt's and d rmer specialist brian swedberg's stories.. applause are in the spotlight. recognition for decisions and actions schmitt says are just part of wearing the uniform. 06:15:31 "honestlyyi still get questioios today about why i enlisted, but to this day i'm not sure why i enlisted, i think i just wanted to serve my country the most." in wateteloo, sarah
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at least five people are dead after severe storms swept through parts of the south tonight. the tornadoes, along with hail and strong winds, also injured dozens of people in their
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to push to the east ushering some cooler and drier weather. mostly cloudy skies remain in place for both christmas eve and christmas day. upper 30s and lower 40s. heading into the weekend rain chances once agagn build. lows drop into the in a rain snow mix at times. this could have some effects on your return trip. have a great night and a merry christmas! tonight: rain ending,g, cloudy low: 26-32 winds: nw 10-20tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 36-42 winds: w 5-15tomorrow night: mostly cloudy low: 25-31 winds: nw 5-10friday: mostly cloudy high: 42 - low: 28 saturday: chance of showers high: 44 - low: 35 sunday: areas of drizzle high: 35 - low: 31 monday: chance of showers
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showers high: 35 - low: 34 wednesday: partly cloudy high:
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millions of travelers across the country. that includes possibly more than a dozen tornadoes that tououed down, killing at t least five people. a-b-c's richard cantu reports.. natsot - "oh! i think that's a
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storms take aim at the sosoh - two days til chrhrtmas. natsot - "monster tornado, heading towards holly springs. " people pulling out their cameras in mississippi - natsot - "i can't stick around here - gotta go find some cover." as a massive funnel cloud tore across the state. some people caught on the side of the road? trying to decide where to turn? sot - "back it up! no! yo ain't got time to turn around!" natsot - woman - "there's a tornado in front of us." man - "settle down." this couple capturing this scary moment - natsot - "it looks like there's 2..." when one twister - became two. natsot - "oh wow." in the town of clarksdale - the storm hit so fast one family evacuating their home had to shelter with neighbors. sot - eugina irby - clarksdale, ms "tornado just hit us? we in it, but we madadit." that family's house torn to pieces, the roof gone? but the christmas tree and presents survived. sot - eugina irby - clarksdale, ms "thank you jesus!" this system sweeping the south - spawning tornadoes - and dumping heavy
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"jeez louise! it's blowing!" and it's already turned deadly. natsot - "wow - a real, live tornado." natsot - "they've already got emergency folks out here? i'm videoing the damage. i mean ere's 18- wheelers blown over, an old cotton gin." by nightfall - parts of holly springs, mississippi - reduced to piles of bricks. families planning to spend the holidays at home? left figuring out what's left. richard cantu, abc news, new york. the eastern iowa airirrt is not as busy as you might think. airport officials in cedar rapids tell us it's really never crowded at the airport dung christmas time. the airport expects the crowds to come next week - ahead of the rose bowl. more than 3-thousand passengers are expected to fly out to southern california in the coming days. the hawkeyes will make the trip tomorrow. the team is scheduled to depart the eastern iowa airport around noon.n.e'll have coverage of the departure on the kcrg- tv9 news at 5 and 6. scott will talk one-on- one with hawkeye coach kirk ferentz, coming up. and hear why iowa coach lisa bluder says she doesn't want to play drake
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stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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threatening. a local doctor explains why it's not just women who are at risk. and not all fats are created equal. some can help yu lose weight and improve your
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against stanford in the rose bowl.. heres more with coach ferentz. coach it was a crushing loss against michigan state how have your players responded since then? it was tough the night of and the next dayayut you have to move on. i was proud of the way competed it was a heck of a football game two outstanding team playing hard. we looked at the film learned frooit and moved on and our focus has been getting ready for this next game. you gave them some time off do you notice a bounce in their step now? i think so especialal the older guys it is a llg seasonon4 weeks. workouts have been very productive needless to say we got work in front of us getting ready for the game. how has jordan canzeri looked in practice? he's looked better. he was hobbled early ankles are tricky but the last couple of days he has been working and making good progress so we are hopefulul he
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on the first. when you look at stanford they are pretty physical otball team aren't ty? they really are we just came out of game with a very physical team and wisconsin so we have hadd couple of games whwhe their design is to run the football effectively. stanford does a great job with that and they have excellent players at all position. their running back is a special player those stats didn't havavby accident he is tremendous. the thing with mccaffrey they have gotten more creative with him as the seasonas gone on. that is st great coaching you have a great player you get the ballllo him. back in thth80's when we had ronone harmon we had a lot ways to get him the football. you played in a big 10 title game. championship atmosphere that has to help you going into this one. the atmosphere couldn't have been i couldn't imagine a b bter enviromentnt like indy i think we wil have a good representatio n of fans in pasadena. the fans in indianapolis was just fantastic. everybody of that trip outside the score was just fantastic. what a great
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you point. we told the players it is going to be another game very similar to that from kickoff to the end of the gaga both teams are going to compete and it wouldn't shock me if it goes down to the last play or the last series again. the hawkeyes are flying out to la tomorrow and we will head out christmas day to cover the tm from disneyland to practice. and don't forget to watch our one hour rose bowl special new years day at 9:00 am. right before the rose bowl parade right here on kcrg tv-9. to o ops and it was not a good start for uni in the the diamond head classic on the big island against the host school hawaii. the panthers had has as many turnovers as field goals 19 in the 68-52 loss. the lone brig spot in a disappointing night was former linn- mar all-stater matt bohanonn breaking the uni all-time three point career record hitting his 204th. uni will face washington state in a consolation bracket game in jusa few minutes. 10p vo greg gard replacing bo ryan made his debut as the interim head coach at wisconsin tonight against green bay. a standing
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walked on the court and his family got a little emotional. his team was aggressive tonighthtahlil iverson with the flush inside. and then jordan hill beats the buzzer to end the half. and a good start for gard as the badgers jumped out to a 21 point half team lead and d ey hold on for the win. the iowa women won their 24th straight home gamelast night beatingrake 89-76. ally disterhoft led the hawks wiwi 20. lisa bluder is not real fond of playing drake and her former player jenny lillas. honestly i don't know why we play this game. i really don't. i don't like playing against my fofomer players i don't t ink it is good for any reason. why would you want to be somebody you care about and love. it doesn't make any sense. i cheer for drake every single game but this game so i have no desese to play drake. we have everything to lose and nothing to gain it is not a game i really enjoy at all. sot :24 oc "enjoy at all " thanks scott.
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a potent stoto system continues to push to the east ushering some cooler and drier weather. mostly cloudy skies remain in place for both christmas eve and christmas day. highs remain in the upper 30s and lower 40s. heading into the weekend rain chances once again build. lows drop into the 20s and 30s which could result in a rain n ow mix at timesesthis could have some effects on your return trip. have a great night and a merry christmas! tonight: rain ending, cloudy low: 26-32 winds: nw 10-20tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 36-42 winds: w 5-15 thanks joe. thanks for joining u ufor kcrg-g-9 news at 10. we hope you'll be with us again tomorrow. until then, have a good night. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now,
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