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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  December 25, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the family lost nearly everything last week when a fire destroyed the inside of their home. but as kcrg-tv9's chris earl reports,s, convenience store worker and the community have stepped up to help. from behind the counter at the casey's in riverside, the sirens from the fire station always lead to chatter and speculation... as they did on december 15. " we watched all of the fire trucks go out and a few of the customers came in and let us know that tre was a fire on the west side of toto. we have an employee thatatctually lives on that street and we were worried that it was her house." it wasn't... but it was someone else's tragedy. rachel beerwart is a single mother with a 7 year old daughter and 3-year-old twiwi boys. it's just the four o othem now. two cats died in the fire as rachel said she was home alone that tuesday and in the garage when the fire took over the house. in g town of about 1100 people, everyone fills up at t e same place -- which means amber keith can always spot a regular. " they came in every day and i
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so amber stepped up... " i got the ideof first doing a donation box first for money because, when you go through something like that, you need resources, you need something to turn onto. i didn't know the community would help as much as they did." what flowed in? money... about $1,000 in the first week. clothing, toys and essentials filled this large red box, so much as that rachel could make multiple trips from her temporary living space in ccalville. " chris standndp: 37:46. we didd talk brieiely on the phone to rachel beerwart, that mother of 3 with those kids age 7 and under. she told me on the phone that, to this point, she had lost her faith in other people and their selflessness and their kindness. yet she also told me the people of riverside far exceeded her expectation for when this was all set up to help her. she still has a long way to go. she needs to find a place to live. she needs to find a job but, fofonow, the generosity of the people around riverside has warmed her heart. " in the days leading up to christmas -- the giving to a young family that hasn't
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has warmed other hearts as well. "it's really touching to see how much everybody really cares. " in riverside, chris earl, kcrg-tv 9 news. if you would like to help the beerwart family, we've put the informatatn on the web story on kcrg dot com. turning now to weather and meteorologis t britley ritz. britley, it turned out to be a white christmas for some people in eastern iowa after all? we wish you a merry christmas! a few of us to the nor got their wish of a white christmas. mtly cloudy skies will stick around through the evening and overnight hours.. travel conditions remain decent across most of eastern iowa, so if you are traveling on this christmas eveni, you should be just fine. keep an eye out for bridges and overpasses for a few slick spots. overnight and early tomorrow morning we bring in the small chance of a shsher or
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chances for rain or snow showers arrive tomorrow late morning and afternoon. looking ahead into next teek, we bring in the chance of snow, to make if feel and look more likik winter. back to you. an iowa cititman is accused of breaking into a h he and f fe vehicles in a span of hours. 20-year-old jerome brooks junior faces multiple burglary charges. officers say they responded to a home on south lucas street around 4 o'clock yesterday morning. the resident told officers that someone took a t-v, laptop and other items. officers later found brooks with the items, as well as items that were reported stolen from vehicles in the area. authorities are searching for an inmate who hasn't returned to the linn county
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center. the center released 45- year-old charles hobert junior yesterday for a court-ordered furlough. he was supupsed to returned later in the day, but the center says he failed to show up. he is serving time for stalking and forgery. dubuque schools are looking to expand the district's interpreter program in an effort to limit the language barrier. right now, students in the english language learners program speak more than 20 languages, including marshallese and spanish. the district says the number students in the program has jumped by 170 percent over the last decade. so district is exploring options to keep up with the growth. that includes adding more interpreters. federal law requires schools to provide students with equal access to a quality education, which includes communicating with parents in the family's chosen language. some people do work on christmas day. you mayayee them at the grocece store, the gas station, perhaps a movie theatre. at the u-s cellular call center in marion, quite a few of the employees worked on christmas day. the call center is one offnly a
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for u-s cellular. on december 25th, operators' phones ring often, not with complaints, but from giddy gift recipients who need help with their new smartphones. " our highest volume started about 10 this morning through 1 o'clock. most of these are device activations today. one of the best days for associates to work. most of the calls are " "ppy calls", most of the folks have a aew device and are anxious and excited to use it. " amid the phone calls this christmas day, the workers did also enjoy a traditionalaloliday buffet to work through the volume of calls for people to get those new devices up and working. volunteers from a synagogue are staffing the reception desk at mercy hospital in iowa city today. members of the agudas achim synagogue have been taking calls and helping people yesterday and today, as part of a tradition for more than 20 years. it's to allow those who regularly staff the desk to spend time with family during the holidays. the volunteer efforts are part
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committ in the synagogue th promotes community involvement. several dozen seniors in the iowa city area enjoyed a warm, holiday meal this afternoon. elder services and the optimist club of coralville served meals to people at the iowa city/johnson county senior center. many of those who attended live in ecumenical towers senior housing complex. the menu included many traditional holiday foods like ham, sweet potato casserole, spinach salad and fruit pie. "00:09:55 esescially on holidays, we try to make it a home meal. even though you're not around your family, you feel like you can eat your sweet potatoes, youram, your corn. it may not be recipes like at home. but we e row it in there to get you good comfort food home meals." volunteers also delivered meals thse who weren't able to come to the senior center todod. two churches in cedar rapids teamed up to provide meals to hundreds of people today. saint mark's united methodist church and saint paul's united methodist church
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delivered more than 150 meals to those living nearby. the churches host the event each year so people don't have to spend christmas alone. " 12:06:28 this church is very much mission conscious and we reach out to the neighborhood a lot. we have a very diversified neighborhood. t methodist church is kind of famous for feeding people and having food, a lot of f fellowship and a lot of fun" saint mark's has hosted the christmas dinner for nearly three decades. one cedar falls faaly is celebrating christmas today... without opening any gifts. hear why they say being in the company of each other is enough for christmas this year... singing and see some of the christmas celebrations people mark the holiday. stawith your 24-hour news source kcrg-tv9.
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want to wish my friends and family back in charlotte, iowa, and pennsylvania a happy holidays. i'll be home soon. i miss you all. "
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that's true for a cedar falls family who lost their home... it a little more two months ago. thereon't be gifts under their tree this year. kcrg-tv9's's
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saunders tells us why the family's ok with that. this christmas, chris martin's family won't be giving gifts to one another. it's not out of protest or anynying. their christmas was changed by this. nat siren early morning, october 12th some oily rags spontaneously ignited in martin's garage. the fire got large. his oldest daughter saw the flames and wokekep the family. "we looked out the back and there was a huge, enormous fire three stories tallllit was our entire garage with h r cars inside. it was just up in flames."the family, including their two cats, got out safe. but the flames spread to the house. crews we able to put it out, but not before the fire did a considerable amount of damage. two cars lost. bedrooms destroyed. the only clothes they had were what was left in the basement laundry. it got worse. even spots that weren't touched by flame were covered in sst. "we pretty much lost everything in the fire. if it
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damage." for the first time, martin and his family were without a home. the four had to make do living on top one another in hotel rooms for a short time. they've since rented a home and started renovating the property they lost. plus, slowly buying back what was destroyed with insurance dollars and a lot of he from the community. "every timimi think about it, i start tearing up. . have so many friends and so many people helped us, who we didn't even know. people dropped off clothes on our porch, that we didn't know. they didn't leave a note."chris's wife, bettina fabos, admits there were some tough moments. but, if you think christmas after losing so much sounds sad, bettina says think again. to her, it's eye opening. "the thing that we've learned about this whole f fe is all. it's like people that spirit, the annual gift exchange will take a break this year.r.anta can keep his deliveries. this family has other plans. wonderful meal, maybe watching a movie together, being
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each other is plenty enough for christmas this year." proof thahapeople, not purchases, often make the best presents. in cedar falls, forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. chris martin says he and his family are expectingo move back in june once the home's renovations are complete. meteorologist britley ritz joins us again.
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we wish you a merry christmas! a few of us to the north got their wish of a white christmas. mostly cloudy skies will stick around through the evening and overerght hours. travel conditions remain decent across most of eastern iowa, so if you are traveling on this christmas evening, you should be just fine. keep an eye out for bridges and overpasses for a few slick
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early tomorrow morning we bring in the small chance of a shower or snowflake, better chances f f rain or snow showerer arrive tomorrow late morning and afternoon. looking ahead into next week, we brg in the chanan of snow, to make if feel and look more like winter.
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cleanup is continuing in communities from arkansas to michigan after a series of rare december tornadoes. the national weather service has now confirmed at least 24 tornadoes touched groununin recent days. the tornadoes killed 15 people, including a 7-year-old boy in mississippi- he was in a car with his family when the tornado hit. they also damaged dozens of homes in their paths. "this is a miracle. there's no way that three individuals were in this house at this time, and they were able to walk away." " "i had my andson in my arm, under my arm. and uh, everybody got t except for my
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her, 'come on!' you know. she got in and and as soo as she did i ut the door. " right now, parts of the south are under a flood watch, which has forced some to evacuate in georgia and alabama. meanwhile, people on the eascoast - including new yorkers - saw near record- hhh temperatures todayay leaders around the world had a message of peace on this christmas day... hear what president obama and queen elizabeth said, next. stay with your 24-hour
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paused to mark christmas today. here's a-b-c's elizabeth hurur with a look at christmas celebrations from around the world. singingfrom santas singing in south korea.. to surfing in australia and even swimming in germany.. christmas traditions came in many forms.. but the common theme.. spreading smqles.. like these volunteers feeding the needy in italy.. 33 years and counting.. christmas cheers also took over countries rocked by violence.. with parades in syria.. and prayers in bethlehem.. currently the center of the violence between israelis and palestinians.. "israeliand palestinians.." prompting pope francis to deliver a message of peace.. not only in the holy land but around the world.. in britain.. a message of love from queen elizabeth.. queen elizabeth:"chri st's unchanging message was not one of revenge
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another.." and a message of gratitude from president obama.. president obama "during this season, we also honor all whwh defend those values in our country's uniform. a tribute for soldiers including these men and women.. celebrating christmas in afghanistan. adonis jimenez, us army:"it i kind of sad because i am not with my family at this time. but i have a j j i have to do, so itits sacrifice i have to make." liz hur tag: meanwhile.. bracing for potential attacks.. we are told there was increased security at christmas festivities around the wod.. with the us and british embassies in china even issuing a warning about a terror threat. eh, abc news, ny. the iowa football team had its first practice in pasadena. d the uni men's basketball team tookokn byu on the final day of the diamond head classic in hawaii. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. ... the uni men's basketball
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he diamond head classic on a high-note with a win over byu in the 5th place game. ... both teams came in with 8-4 records... apparently the grinch was on santa's nice list#this year ... early first half action, iowa cici west grad jeremy morgan comes up with the steal... he takes it the other way... splits the d and lays it in... uni goes up 7-6 ... but byu takes over... jordan chatman
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the cougars lead by 15 ... but uni slowly claws its way back... wes washpun finds matt bohannon for the catch and shoot three straight-away... bingo... deficit is 8... u u trailed 38- 28 a athe break ... the panthers go to work in the 2nd half... waverly-shell rock grad klint carlson with the wide en deuce... he had 12 points off the nch... uni down by 7 ... off the inbounds pass... the give-and-go to bohannon in the corner... money... the linn-mar grad had 21 points... uni down by six ... next panther possession... washpun kicks it out totoorgan for three... he sticks t t landing... just like that... panthers down by three ... they get even closer... washpun with 8 assists today... this one to paul jesperson who splashes in a three... panthers down by one ... bubuthat's as clcle as they'd get... chase fischer hits the catch and shoot three, then he gets the easy transition bucket off the missed free throw... he had a game-high 26... byu wiwi 84-76
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former iowa state head coach fred hoiberg with thbulls down in oklahoma city... closing seconds ofofhe first quarter, jimmy butler launches one high in the air that touches the north pole and comes back down through the basket... bulls led 54-52 at halftime ... they come back with a strong 3rd quarter... in transiti, iowa native doug mcdermott knocks in the deuce off the window... closing seconds of the third, butler comes up with the steal and says dunk you very much... he had 23 points... then it's mcdermott th the 3-ball corner pocket... bullslsgo on to win 105-96 ... also, cavs and the warriors... a rematch from last year's championship series ... 3rd ququter action, steph curry with the bounce pass to draymond green... get out of his way... warriors go up 8 after that jam ... cleveland doesn't panic... lebron james decides to take the long three and hits it... hhad 25... cavs down five ... but golden state always had an answer... curry drives, count the basket and one... warriors win this battle,
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... the e wa state football team received two verbal commitments on this christmas day. the first is linebacker tymar sutton of mckeesport high school in pennsylvania. joining him is defensive back romelo webster from hallandale high school in florida. in the last 20 days, coach matt campbell has received 12 commitments and one graduate transfer. "merry christmas everybobo, hawkeye fans and familylylove you guys and go hawks. hey there hawkeye fans. welcome to california. happy holidays from your own hawkeyes. merry christmas and happy holidays to all the hawkeye fans. looking forward to seeing you in pasadena. if anybody deserves a merry christmas and happy new year, it's the iowa f f. and particularly the iowa football fan because of the incredible, unwavering support this season." trt: 22 oc: "support this season" ... the iowa football team was on the practice field on this christmas day in pasadena. coach ferentz continued his christmas tradition with the hawkeye santa cap. i'm sure the players only wish to santa ferentz was a ain in the rose bowl on new year's day.
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one last look at the forecast, britley... we wish you a merry chrisisas! a few of us to the north got their wish of a white christmas. mostly cloudy skies will stick around through the evening and overnight hours. travel conditions remain decent across most of eastern iowa, so if you are traveling on this chbistmas evening, ylu should be just fine. keep an eye out for bridges and overpasses for a few slick spots. overnight and early tomorrow morning we bring in the small chance of a shower or
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live."
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