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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 26, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CST

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>> engine one nearing scene from about a mile ay. we can see a large fire moving up the slope with the winds. start a full response. >> the fight to get the upper hand right now. christmas torn apart. overnight a tornado guts homes in the south. roofs ripped t tshreds. >> the blast in the windows just broke out and felt like somebody was clawing the tin off the house. >> the death toll rising. raging floods wash away roads. where are the stormsmseaded next? post-christmas crush, the mad dash to the malls. the biggest deals happening today of the season. plus, the best ways to return those less than perfect presents. hoverboard horrors. the family that saw their scooter go up in flames, it's the hottest holiday y ft. >> it started like smelling and smoking and then it caught fire. and it was like a fireworks show. like it exploded. >> this house catching fire while a hoverboard was charging.
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how to stay safe if you found one under your tree. and good morning, america. dan and paula are off. i'm tom llamas here along with >> someone let us come in this moing. rachel, good to see you. you too, indra. >> good to see you. >> and roro >> hope you had a happy holiday. >> can't leave ron out. >> the regular. we want to start with showing you the incredible video that we're getting out of southern california right now. >> yeah, take a look at this. the hills blazing all along this highway, drivers blinded by the thick smoke. the flames whipped up by strong winds, ab well, and that fire right now is still growing. >> families in the path forced to evacuate. firefighters cutting short their christmas to fight these flames overnight, and abc's kayna whitworth is right there in ventura county with more. kayna, good morning to you.
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very fast wind-driven fire that has literally exploded overnight. you can clearly see the dramatic flames behind me and this road is closed but as these cars are passing me, these are official vehicles. we've got firefighters out here, of course, ventura county sheriffs. the fire started on the hihiside but the wind pushed it down and authorities were hoping highway 101 would be a natural break for the fire but because the wind is so heavy, it was pushing embers across clearly overhe highway and now burning straighthtown to the ocean. just as christmas is winding down, overnight firefighters battling a fast-moving blaze. >> oh, my god. crazy winds. >> reporter: winds gusting 45 miles ananour pushing flames down the hills of ventura county. dozens of homes in its path burning 900 acres. >> oh, my god, we are driving through fire. >> reporter: the fire sending embers flying causing the california highway patrol to shut down portions of major
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>> engine 1 nearing scene from about a mile atay. we can see a large fire moving up slow with the wind. we should start a full response. >> reporter: firefighters rushing to build a perimeter in the dry vegetation. the pacific ocean just 150 feet from the fire. but homes are in its path. mandatory evacuations in order for the community of solomar bebch and voluntary evacuation orders for two nearby communities. >> we're driving through fire right now. we can't see anything. >> reporter: they were ablto use helicopters to do some water drops to try and save homes of nearby communities, but as this wind gets worse and worse, it's harder for them to use their aerial attack. they've alsosoequested a fixed wing aircraft, but, again, if this doesn't die down by daybreak, they don't know if they will be able to use that and, tom, we know that they have
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those evacuated d ready. but i want to point out, we've been here for about 20 minutes and we have watched this fire scorch at least 200 yards. it is jyst burning straight down highway 101, so tom and cecilia, we'll be out thehe all morning bringing you updates. >> we can see the thick smoke. okay, stay safe because so close to the fire. to the new extreme weather battering the e uth. a christmas tornado touching down in alabama creating new damage and flooding causing the governor to declare a state of emergency. abc's phillip mena has the latest from hard hit birmingham. phillip. >> reporter: tom, good morning. yeah, that tornado just devastating this neighborhood. this home nearly blown away, the roof gone. you see the refrigerator there, the stove, walls crumbled. just a terrifying experience for those living here ononhristmas day. overnight, a christmas day tornado tears through birmingham, alabama. this field of debris and shatred wood all that remain
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square-mile-path of destruction. >> be careful of wires being down. treat every wire down like it's live. >> reporter: raging floodwaters forcing others from their homes. the outbreak of severe weather follows three days of havoc across tennessee, alabama and mississippi, which claimed 15 lives and injured dozens more as springlili storms marched through the e uth. holly springs, mississippi, spending christmas day digging out what signs of the holiday cheer could be salvaged among the rubble left behind, presents still wrapped sitting alongside needed supplies and this christmas tree, one of the few things left standing at this home. its roof completelripped off. >> that is amazing, you know, a t of us had planned trips out of town to visit other loved ones and other familmembers and, of course, the people you see here have given up their christmas just so they can help some other people. >> reporter: michele hudson's
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nearby lamar. >> it's hard because it's christmas and i have to plan a funeral on christmas. >> reporter: first responders forced to suspend the search for one missing man in the face of torrential rains and lashing winds. in tennessee, the communidy banding together to salvage the holiday in the wake of a disaster. despspe all of this destruruion and devastation, only one person was injured but most importantly, no one was killed. cecilia. >> that is good news. so many families understanng the true meaning of christmas. this morning, phillip, thank you. there are threats of even more destructive weather to come. meteorologist indra peterson is here with morning. good morning. >> take a look at the map of advisories. hard to pick which is the biggest story of the day from blizzard warnings to flood warnings. but i have to draw attention, again, down to the south, the same area a at's already been hit so hard another severe weather threat out there today. yes, that means a threat for tornadoes but also heavy rainfall.
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life-threatening situation where rivers are expected to flood in a matter of hours. another 8 to 12 inches is possible and the back side of the system, look at this cold air out there, actually that cold air that is fueling the fire danger out west that cold air goes right through those passes and canyons, hard to believe it's going to strengthen as we go through the next several hours, tom. >> all right, thanks very much, indra. the clock ticks down to the first two big battles and abc's devin dwyer has the story from ;> reporter: and good morning, tom. you knowowthe candidates may b b back tweeting up a storm overnight, a sign this peace and quiet won't last long. on a busy christmas weekend no a candidate was stirring except for donald trump arriving with the secrere service detail to this florida episcopal church. we see him occasionally but not recently but he's there today. >> reporter: the candidates took on christmas to spend titi with
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these holiday portraits. just five weeks from the first ballots of the 2016 election, it's still a packed republican field. candidates still in the race. in iowa that critical first are neck and neck in the most recent polls. in new hampshire, the second to vote, it's not even close among republicans,s,rump out front by dodole digits. many voters say they're still making up their minds. 58% of republicans nationwide sa they have not decided which candidate to s sport. just 41% say they have. donald trump tweeting on christmas eve, next year will be an interesting one. i look fgrward to running against hillary clinton, a totally flawed candidate and beating her r undly. >> i hope you'll come caucus. >> reporter: democratic front-runner hillary clinton has been saying not so fast. >> we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency because that is not who we are as americans.
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christmas with her husband bill and daughter chelsea celebrating ws that another grandchild is on the way. "can't think of a better day than one with family, food and the best gift of all, a new grandchild on the way. merry christmas," hillary tweeted. hillary clintotoleads her rivals in every state but one, bernie sanders hoping for a win in new hampshire that will helel catapult his campaign where he holds a slight edge. nevada tomorrow, one of the >> those caucuses weeks away, okay, so you thought you think again. beginning. the weekend after christmas is the time to go out and snag some of the very best deals of the year. abc's mary bruce is in washington. mary, tell me it's not so. this is only for the faint of heart. that's right. you may have thought you were done shopping but don't put away your wallet just yet. starting today the bargains out here may be better than black
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this morning, the holiday may be over, but the shopping season is still going strong. the post-christmas rush is on. retailers are slashing prices, eager to sell off extra ventory and appeal t tshoppers making exchanges. >> what we know the day after christmas is that nearly seven in ten american shoppers will hit the post-holiday sales and they truly are going to be experiencing some amazing discounts in certain retail categories. >> reporter: the best bargains, apparel, thanks to warmer than usual weather, retailers are struggling to sell winter othes making for hugugsavings like macy's where some women's coats are 50% to 60% off. clothing, especially for teens, averages morthan 40% off, designer clothes even bebeer at an average 49% off. it's also a good time to stock up for next year. holiday swag like wrapping paper and decorations seeee steep discounts, and with
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peak, $130 billion according to industry experts, now is a good time to start cashing in. >> year after year we found that gift cards are one of the most populalagifts. they give people the freedom to not have to pick a gift that's perfect for the recipient and freedoto pick whatever they want. >> reporter: for many that means fueling up at starbucks, the coffee behemoth repicked record sales this season. when it comes to eturns if you're still not certain about that sweater you got, don't worry, you may have extra time. lots of retailers like best buy have extended their policies to ve you a few extra weeks to make up ur mind. tom. >ood to know. i i t a couple of crazy christmas sweaters i may have to return. thanks, mary. fedex under fire for failing to get packages delivered before christmas. the company says an overwhelming amount of online shopping plus severe storms are to blame and for some drivers, it was no holiday off hitting the road playing last-minute santas.
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mara, good morning. >> reporter: tom, good morning, that's right. they were all trying to make sure that missing gifts didn't put a damper on the holiday spirit. fedex saying demand was up this year by more than 12% and that while they did deliver more than 317 millio packages over the holidays, there were still plenty that almost didn't make it. 'twas the night before christmas your package was late. you'd paid extra shipping to arrive by the date. santa had come but your presents had not.t. >> where is that package? >> reporter: fedex had shipped some but still missed a lot. >> where's this fedex guy? >> reporter: overnight fedex workers taking care of thousands of missed deliveries sending out drivers for an unprecedented christmas day shift. the company making up for delays that it says were caused by bad weather and an overload of last-minute orders. >> they're open till -- they just called and i got here as quick as i could. >> reporter: the shipping snafu creating an uproar on social
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hundreds of pepele blaming the company for ruining christmas. one customer tweeting, "you sure know how to drop the ball." another posting, "thanks for delivering my things late and playing with my emotions." >> they put these advertisements out that it's definitely going to be there, i should be able to trust it. >> reporter: but others are backing the workers. >> i always feel like they don't get credit. but big shoutoututo all of f ose fedex drdrers. >> reporter: they released a estimating assuring that workers volunteered to work the holiday shift and soso were not at home to accept previously attempted deliveries. fedex says that bad weather affected their main air hub in tennessee and they also yesterdayad some fedex counters open for those who wanted to pick up packages themselves. you know it's alalthis online shopping. who has time to go to stores today? you order everything online and delivery demand. >> that's how i did all my shopping >> absolutely. >> those employe volunteering. >> yeah, and hopefully
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pay or holiday pay but hopefully there's something a little extra. >> gift cards or something. we turn to a real-life nightmare before christmas for passengers on a cross country flight. it took the frustrated flyers almost a full day just t tget from miami to l.a. abc's elizabeth hur with the story. >> reporter: a cross country christmas flight turning into a nightmare for nearly 200 people who spent 20 0 urs traveling from miami to los angeles. >> the fact is is we paid a fare to get us there within a certain amount of time, and they fell wewe outside of that range. >> reporter: a trip normally no longer than five hours started with a thud. >> about halfway into the flight we both felt a thud that reverberated throughout the plane. >> reporter: then the smell of smoke. engine troubles according to american airlines. the airbus 321's emergency landing in lubbock, texas, was just the beginning of this nightmare before christmas. >> lubbock approach americic 295. we're descending.
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hours stuck only halfway to their destination, flight 295's passengers were told their new plane would have to make a stop in dallau for fuel, meaning they now wouldn't land in los angeles until at least 2:00 a.m. desperate for answers, passengers took out their phones and began recording. >> they actually at oneoint told us to not take photos or videos or we'd be removed from the plane. >> reporter: american airlines did not respond to those allegations but wrote in statement, "we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience." for attorney ben curtis, a small comfort, but mostly he says he is thankful that after 20 hours, 2 planes and nearly runnino out of food, he finally made it back in l.a. in time to spend christsts with his family. for "good morning america," elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> let's turn toon with the other top develong stories and we'll start with the president. >> yeah, that's right. good morning to you, tom, cecilia. the tennessee titan over there, rachel smith, good morning to you and good morning, everyone. we do begin with president
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and women during his hawaiian christmas break in what's become a family tradition. the president and first lady spent part of their christmas day thanking all american military service members during a visit to a marine corps base on oahu. during his visit the president addressed for the firir time this week suicide bombing in afghanistan that killed six u.s. troops. president obama calling the six victims outstanding, brave men and women. and fire officials are in hope, arkansas, this morning investigating a fire at the birthplace of former president bill clinton that has been ruled arson. clinton's childhood home suffered extensive damage in the blaze. the fire chief says s ere was evidence the blaze was set intentionally. graffiti was also found scribbled on the property. the houseas own eded by clinton's grandparents and it's where the 42 productivity president spent the first four years of his life. the commander of one of the most powerful insurgent groups has been killed during an air strike friday. the syrian military claimed respononbility but unclear
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syrian or russian warplane. his death is considered a huge blow to insurgents fighting the wopple. president bashar al assad and it comes one month before peace talks are to begin with the syrian government and opposition rebel groups. a "the washington post" reporter was allowed to spenen time with famimi members on chchstmas. jason rezaian had been in prison for more than 500 days, has been in prison for more than 500 days. he was sentenced to prpron for an undisclosed length of time on espionage charges. the newspaper, "the washington post," denies all allegations against him. and another year, another female athlete of the year award for tennis star serena williams, this is t t fourth time that serena has won that award. she had a chance, of course, to win the grand slam this past year but was defeated in the mifinals of the u.s. open but she did win 53 out of 56 matches this past year including five titles, of course, including the
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not bad. >> but who is counting. >> yeah, but who's counting. tata a look at this. lakers/clippers game, you see a shot going up there. that's larry nance jacoby jones knocks the balll into the basket accident accidentally. >> hate it when that happen >> the clippers did go on to win by ten so that really didn't matter whether he did but it is amazing. >> that's amazing. >> who gets the two points for that? i think the closest guy to the person who actually knocked it in. >> is that a sports question directed at me specifically? >> that is -- well -- >> can't be me either. >> if dan were here, he would know. >> yeah. and finally members of one utah fire department certainly secured their spot on santa claus' nice list for next year. these firefighters snapped this photo of a car set ablaze on christsts eve. upon further investigation, they were shocked and stunned to see that this guy is in the driver's seat on the left when
7:19 am
shotgugu that's old st. nick also known as steven mazie making appearances at several parties when his car overheated. macy gave one firefighter a big hug. next year my advice, stick to reindeer. they tend not to catch on fire although you can overheat a reindeer and they will ignite under certain circumstances. >> i feel like we're getting into dangerous territory. indra, save usus you've got some warm weather to talk about. >> still stuck on the reigndeer. thinking hoverboard, they do catch on fire sometimes. be careful. hope you had a good holidau. i don't knkn about you guy, i think about making a snowman, going sledding. >> not here. >> not necessary -- i don't know, going surfing. what residents were doing out towards new york city, yep, there's a reason for this. think we all know by now but temperatures were the warmest ever on record here in new york for christmas day. we saw 66 degrees. by the way, christmas eve, it was 70 degrees. i was over at 30 rock. they were seeing that ice they were a@tually seeing that ice melting right there in that
7:20 am
meanwhile, this is not changing. look at these temperatures. we're still talking about charleston broke a r rord for 80 degrgrs. now,w, the story is not just where it's warm but also on the back side we're talking about freezingblizzard conditions. windchill out towards the talk about a contrast. of them together. it's not one storm or the other together that brings that threat for severe weather. so unfortunanaly the same area that has suffered so much already this holiday season, more severe weather expected and notice the major hub, dallas some will be waking up to just a few snowflakes through the morning hours. as temperatures warm throughout the day into the middle to upper 30s our snowflakes with switch over to rain drops. the best chance of see rain will arrive late afternoon and evening, mainly down to the south east. sundawill be our l lt quiet day for some time, with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 30s. the
7:21 am
work week brings our next big weather maker! this system carries a lot of moisture >> we still have blizzards out in the plains. we'll get to that coming up in a little bit. unbelievable how much is going on. >> what a contrast. my farmly in california had a colder christmas than we did here in new york. >> and it was so nice. for once it was so nice. >> indra, thank you very much. coming up on "gma," hoverboard hazards, a family says it caught fire on christmas eve and badly burned their housus how to be safe if you have one. plus, anybody get any gifts that need to go back? what you need to know before you hit the mall with those retus, plus how to use all those gift cards you got. >> right, and justin bieber's bad bebevior. why his manager says it was far worse than people realized and how the biebs turned his life around. what do you mean hey "good morning america" is brought to you by lumber liliidators.
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some will be waking up to ju a few snowflakes through the morning hours. as s temperatutus warm throughout the day into the middle to upper 30s our snowflakes with switch over to rain drops. the best chance of see rain will arrive late afternoon and evening, mainly down to the south east. sunday will be our last quiet day for some time, with mostly cloudy skies and teeratures in the low s. the start of your next work wewe brings our next big weather maker! this system carries a lot of moisture and with the right temperatures, we could be dealing with accumulating snow. make sure to stay th your first alert storm team for the e test
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welcome back to "gma." breaking right now, a live look at this enormous fire burning in ventura county, california, threatening dozens of homes. mandatory evacuauaons are under way.
7:28 am
down. whipping winds are fueling the blaze that has already charred 900 acres. also right now, arson attack. investigators in texas say a fast-moving fire at a houston mosque was deliberately set. 80 firefighters called in to fight that blaze at the islamic society of greater houston. preliminary reports say the fire was started in multiple areas. also right now comedian steve harvey appears to be laughing off that ghly publicized miss universe mix-up. harvey taking to twitter in true harvey style sending a christmas message that reads quote, merry easter, y'all. there he is s th a cigar, maybe after all. this one has me concerned. i had my black baseball cap, my faux ponytail. >> "rhythm nation"? >> "rhythm nation" outfit. janet jackson and her mysterious announcement. what has fans so concerned. just ahead. but first new worries about one of the most popular gifts
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>> yeah, hoverboards, and now there are reports of some catching fire, eveve exploding, so what s suld you do if this is one of the gifts santa brought you. abc's marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: at least ten hoverboard related fires have sent people to the hospital. and there are concerns it could happen more now that christmas is over and the gifts that were once tucked safely under the tree are now being used. it is one of the most popular gifts this christmas season. >> it's on firir >> reporter: b b buyer, beware. these cool, self-balancing hoverboards aren't just tricky to maneuver. there are numerous reports of the scooters catching fire. this family shared their terrifying story with our abc station in raleigh, wtvd. >> smomong and then it caughgh fire and therereas a fireworks show. like it exploded. >> reporter: luckily a guest at a dinner party noticed it before it was too late. >> i didn't really realize how serious this could be.
7:30 am
your home where you could lose everything. >eporter: still, theyeyere fortunate.e. this georgia family, though, not so much. >> i had seen one thing where one like sparked or caught fire while someone was riding it but i hadn't heard anything else. >> reporter: they say they weren't home while their hoverboard was charging. neighbors found the house engulfed in flames. >> there's a range of quality, some passenger a a using cheaper batteries. because of those stories we've been a little more care bullock about leaving those plugged in and walking away. >> reporter: the consumer products safety commission agrees advising nener to charge them oveveight or when n u can't observe. also to charge in an open area away from combustibles and not to charge directly after riding. but this georgia mom doesn't think it's worth taking a ance. >> taking it back, definitely. do not plug it up. do not even take it out of the box. just take it back. >> reporter: and some other advice from the experts, before you even take your hoverboard out of the box, do some resech on the manufufturer to see if
7:31 am
problems with a particular brand that you have. >> now, no one has actually fallen off the hoverboard and caught fire at the same time. right? >> we're waiting for that. that's my next report. >> that's my biggest fear on those things. >> i want to try one. >> me too. indra, you have more weather for us and it's cold in some spots, not here in new york. >> i have totooint out it is snowing somewhere, t te a look at what happened in iowa on christmas eve. it's not always a welcome thing to have snow when so many are traveling to try to see their loved ones. this was that wet, heavy snow, a good, i donon know, 4 to 6 inches fell really causing accidents all over the the concern is is many people are expected to travel again accidents out there.e. we're still going to be talking about more inches of s sw up into the upper midwest. but it's when i take you farther down to the south, it's hard to believe it's in texas and amarillo, texas, looking for blizzards so right across the plains a foot of snow expected there. temperatures below freezing and
7:32 am
you get out towards oklahoma city and that threat of power lines to be goinindown over theheext several days. we have so much h ing on across the entire country hard to pick what is the biggest disaster, the biggest travel day of the year and that system exiting out of the rockies expected to ramp up even as we go through the overnight hours in tough tomorrow morning, that means that severe weatherer outbreak and threat for tornadoes right across through that same region right around the gulf will be out there and heavy rainfall, we're talking eight inches of rain, those rivers could flood. let's take a look at the some will be waking u uto just a few snowflakes rough the morning hours. as temperatures warm throughout the day into the middle to upper 30s our snowflakes with switcover to rain drops. the best chance of see rain will arrive late afternoon and evening, mainly down >> that was brought to you by mcdonald's. unbelievable. you're looking at this map. how many people are traveling tomorrow? i i n't even tell you a a od place to t tvel tomorrow. >> amarillo. you don't want to go there. >> not amarillo. >> not amarillo. >> no. stick to the heat.
7:33 am
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what do you mean yeha, that's justin bieber, the one and only singing "what do you mean." and this morning, what did his manager mean when he said he feared for the singer's life? >> yeah, some scary stuff. we're learning what happened when bieber hit rock bottom and how he turned his life around. rachel is here with more. >> good morning, guys. there was once a time when it seemed justin bieber couldn't escape getting into trouble. now scooter braun, the man responsible for plucking the singer from obscurity on youtube and shooting him to stardom is opening up about jt how dark the days were for the uoung star. he's the boy with a golden ice. though i can't be the only one >> reporter: turned platinum superstar. i'll be in platinum i'll be in silver i'll be in gold >> reporter: with a tarnished record.
7:37 am
polishing his reputation rehabilitating his image and apologizing tois loyal beliers. note can is it too late to say sorry >> reporter: manager scooter braun tellin"the new york times" that people don't realize just how bad the situation was two years ago. he wanted to tour and honestly at that time felt if he toured he could die. the megasuperstar couldn't seem to stay out of legal trouble. >> don't ask me about it again. >> reporter: from alleged lyly egging his neighbor's home to a dui arrest in miami which led to a night behind bars. >> his life was kind of spinning out of control, and it was about everything but the music. >> reporter: the once fan favorite pushing the bad boy image far enough to be boooo offstage at a fashion event. >> reporter: but less than a year later making an emotional comeback at the 2015 vmau. [ applause ] >> well. >> reporter: now his latest album "purpose" smashing records beating out the beatles for the
7:38 am
time. >> we finally sasait turn around when he came out with a great song, a great album and his fans responded in kind. >> reporter: and whatever fans or critics may think -- what do you m mn >> reporter: -- it looks as though the biebs is back. you don't want me no more tell me to go >> he is back, folks, on a grere momentum and ending 2015 on a aritable note. justin urging his uk fans to knock his single "love yourself" out of the number one spot on the@ btish christmas charts to send a bridge over you to the top since purchases of that single goes to british charities and guess what, guys, it actually happened so the singer tweeting for one week it's okay not to be number one. so, good job. >reaking justin biebebenews. >> but you were telling us earlier he sort of found religion >> he did. so maybe that's a part of this new side of bieber that we are seeing and hopefully will
7:39 am
his purpose tourur >> i want to know what happened to the monkeys. that's all. >> oh, cecilia. >> you had to bring up the monkeys. all right. coming up on "good morning america," why we can't get songs like justin bieber and like this mariah carey's "all i want for christmas" out of our heads coming up with rachel in "pop news." underneath the christmas tree heaea comingng up in "pop news." there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your dodoor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fdadapproved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health condidions, or t te other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash,
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all right, from bad clothing to duplicate gifts, now is the time to make your returns but before you head to the store, there are a few thing ss you need to know to make your life easier and abc's becky worley joins us with some expertrt advice. what do you nene to know if you're making returns? you got something you don't
7:42 am
back? >> are you saying you're a hard person tbuy for and you'll take it all back. i knew that. no, what you want to know is a lot of gifts are purchased online but you want to return in store so first thing you want to do is go to the retailer's website and see if you can return that item in storor if you have to mail it back. you want to have that receipt. that's'soing to really help p u when you go o ck to the store. and bring i.d. lot of the stores want you to show i.d. when you make a return. >> shipping these returnrnback, there's s item you don't wantnt do you have to pay for it? >> go to their website. do they have prepaid labels or do they have printable labels? next, w much postage do you have to o t on it? the u.s. postal service is generally the cheapest. try to find the box it was shipped in. that will tell you what the weight is and help you estimate what the postage is. >> if you get a gift card for a store or restaurt that you don't like, what do you do? are you stuck with those? >> $44 billion in unused gift cards in circulation right now, so sell it right away. you can goo websites like
7:43 am
this is a real thing. card cash or raise and then you sell it. they give you about 70% to 80% of the value but that's better than zero of what it's getting siing in that drawer. >> becky worley, thank you again for your expert advicecerom the california comet herselflf back to you guys. >> all right. thanks, ron. well, coming up on "good morning america," singer jason derulo -- i love that guy ---- helps a man's dream come true. that's ahead in "pop news." it is where we are where we are we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows wt problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them. emerge restored. fortified.
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tt2w>rxlh `:o j# "d@ tt2w>rxlh `:!!*n rd( tt2w>rxlh `:4!j# $r\ tt2w>rxlh `:x#*&`:#\( tt2w>rxlh `:t#j'`:7\l tt2w>rxlh `:t#j)`:> you got the beat. >> very festive. >> in honor of sara. >> it is that time, "pop news" and d chel smith, you're i ifor sara. hey. ? that's right. with you guys this holiday weekend. first up here, news for janet jackson fans. they are getting no sleep right
7:47 am
message to fans shocking them postponing the new leg of her "unbreakab" tour. it was supposed to kick off again in colorado on january 9th, but janet revealed she needs to have surgery tweeting please pray for me, my family anour entire company during this difficult time. she says ticket holders will be honored in a special way when the new schedule is announced so, of course, we are wishing janet a speedy recovery. >> and not saying -- >> no, very cryptic in her memeage saying that was all she was gogog to say about her situation and she'll be in touch soon basically. >> tom still wants to wear that "rhythm nation" hat. >> i've been going through my dance moves and outfits. >> miss jackson, if you're nasty. >> wowow i got to see this. i got to see more. guys, a big congrats going out this morng to brist palin, former "dancing with t t stars" finalist welcomed a baby girl saying sailor grace
7:48 am
showed off this pic of big brother, 7-year-old tripp welcoming the new addition to the fam and sara palin was there for the birth calling her the beststift ever. >> ah. >> congrats to you, sir. >> juliette elizabeth. >> juliette elizabeth. >> how precious so congrat, congrats. >> the season. >> exactly. oh, and, guys, 'tis the season to od on christmas music andndf you got lyrics dancing around in your head, you are so not alone. readers of "scnce focus" magazine named mariah cabey's "all i want for christmas is yoyo as the ultimate christmas earworm, right? >> i iis. >> earworm. >> it is. >> i love it, though. i can't get enough of it. it can be an earworm in my ear. it's all right because scientists say earworms are caught when you hear the same song played over and over again, which no doubt this song definitely is and they can be triggered by memories, even smells, now usually strike out
7:49 am
>> simultaneously. >> simultaneously, so how do you get rid of that pesky earworm? one study says try distracting your brain by chewing a stick of gum. >> is that true? >> yeah, because it just distracts your brain or maybe listen to the full song in its entirety to stop that onlittle portion the song -- >> you think that's the answer? listen the song in its enenrety? >> yeah. >> clears your ears. and it gets rid of a song? >> striking up a conversation with a friend. you know, just something to completely distract. >> i got justin bieber stuck in >> i know. >> i'm blaming you for that. >> i love it. though, i can't get enough of it. and finally, guys, i can't get enough of this. disney parks are known for being the place for dreams coming true and during their unforgettable christmas celebration, one man's dream took center stage with the help from singer jason derulo. lewis surprised d s fiancee lauren with a very, very public proposal doing it right like a
7:50 am
one kneel and lauren gave her new fiance h h answer and jason serenaded them with the song from "the lion king," "can you feel the love tonight." >> what was her r swer, by the way? >> what do you think? >> prenup. >> with that song -- >> stop squashing -- >> i'm asking. >> stop squashing the happiest place on earth. can you feel the love, folks. talk about it. >> meant t tbe here. thanks for everything. >> tomorrow. >> worked out and dan is back tomorrow. >> thank you for watching. that was fun. >> good to recover post-christmas with you guys. >> so much fun. >> getting there. >> thanks for watching abc news. >> bring in those leftover tomorrow. >> i will. i gotta mall least for you. >> so many. >> have a good day, guys.
7:51 am
>> i heard tamales.from your 24 hour news source, this is a kcrg-tv9 news morning update. meteoroloigst britley ritz is forecast. waterloo police responded to
7:52 am
last night. authorities say it happened near midnight in the 100 block of lafayette street. !uthorities say no one was hurt, and that they don't have any suspects in custody. a woman is trying to help a riverside family recovering from a fire that destroyed 15, leave the station next door to where she works at a casey's gennal store. after keith learned a single mother and her three young children lost nearly everything in that fire, she set up a donation box at her workplace. a few employees at the u-s cellular caca center spent their christmas on the phones in marion. it's one of the company's few call centers in the country. on december 25th,perators' phones ring often, not wiwi complaints, but from gift recipients who need help with their new smartphones. those stories and much more are
7:53 am
night in waterloo. we have the latest on the investigation. one woman makes it her mission to help a riverside family displaced by a
7:54 am
this month.
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