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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  December 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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continue through the evening and first part of the night. widespread totals of four to eight inches are likely with some locally higher amounts west d lower amounts south. much of this activity will taper off by midnight. winds will remain gusty, going as high as 30 mph. mostly #loudy skies continue tomorrow with lighter winds and highs in the 20s. some light snow is possible tomorrow night into wednesday but accumulation s look ry minor. the week will end on a colder note with highs in n e upper teens.tonight: snow/slt end low: 22-28 winds: n 15-30 alo: 23 dbq: 25 iow: 26 back to you. the city of cedar rapids is all
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now - working to remove snow before people head out tomorrow morning. crews started salting late last night and continuededhrough the day. the city told us the goal is to keep the main streets as clear as possible. and the temperatures during the day made easier. but now that the temps are dropping, they could cause problems. a lot of streets need plowing. and the city's streets supervisor says crews will be out in force in a few hours to clear streets forrivers in the mornin "we will have everybodydyn at 1 o'clockckor an all plow, t tt includes about 95 staff including our mechanics. we will have everybody in again rking the main drags, and when we can get the main drags done, we will work on getting into the residentials and the hills." the city is under a snow emergency until noon tomorrow. that means no one should park on the snow emergencyy
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are marked with signs. the city could ticket or even tow vehicles parked on those routes. some of the roads in eastern iowa are still partially covered. kcrg-tv9's brea love joins us from the mobile weatatr lab. brea, where are you and how are the roads? beth and bruce, i'm . roads in eastern iowa are partially to completely covered at this hour. crews have been out muchch of the day trying to keep up with the winter storm. now that it's dark, driving will be even more difficult. when we have dangerous weather like this, we advise everyone to stay hhe. but delivery drivers brave snow for one of their busiest days of work. on a snowy afternoon when not a lot of drivers are out, plenty of orders are coming in to milio's sandwiches. snow days are some of thehe
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"i've probably done over 26 delivers today, we've been really busy." those 26 orders were all delivered in less than 5 hours. despite the conditions, milio's works to fulfill each order within an hour. "if the weather gets too bad then we'll pull the drivers off ththroad, but until that happens were going to keep trying through." "you just have to be more cautious with what you're doing." naomi lenoard s delivered for milios for three years, and says driving g these conditions is always the same... "really slow going like turtle." "avoiding side streets right now is a really big deal if you can, main arterires things like that, trying to keep everybody going in the same direction instead of all over the place." l%onard says she is used to the roads, and doesn't have much trtrble getting around. "i trust my driving, i try and just got to be more cautious
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t." she says she loves her job - and w wl gladly brace the winter storm for customers. "they don't want to go out either, and they shouldn't have to, we're already out, we might as well." milios did sasaif the weather got too bad, they would close early, but as of this afternoon orders were steady coming in. again, roads in eastern iowa are partially to completely covered at is hour. crews have been out much of the day trying to keep up with the winter storm. live in the mobile weather lab, brea love, kcrgv9. the wintry mix i imaking a mess of travel plans for fliers, too. airlines have delayed or canceled several hundred flights across the country, including sse at the eastern i iwa airport in cedar rapids. they mainly include departures to chicago and dallas - both cities that are dealing with severe weather. some businesses in eastern iowa are seeing a
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"that's money in our pocket. we've been waiting all winter, and it's been disappointing for us. hopefully it continues. " dubuque lawn and snow was one of the many snow removal businesses that were clearing parking lots and driveways. the business said today's storm is one of about 12 large snow events th happen in a normal winter. and the sled shed in cedar rapids had a number of people who wanted servicing on their snowblowers, or even to buy a new one. the shop says some of the problems people have with their snowblowers just invovoes old fuel in the machine. ace hardware in marion still had some shovels and ice melt this evening. one person there told us people had simply put f buying the supupies with the mild temperatures. but the store is running short of traction sand, which it plans to restock later this week. some people were enjoying today's weather. skiers and snowboarder s were at sundown
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today. the resort says it has about a third of its 21 runs open right now. it hopes to open more later this week. "we see colder and colder temperatures as the week goes on. thursday night is going to be very cold. as you see we havet& the runs fired up already. but 'll be able to turn n em on thursday, friday. we'll get a lot more terrain open for customers." "when we first arrived in iowa it didn't really snow all tha open. but now we came he's very happy." sundown mountain resort opened for the season just last week because it finally got cold enough. and whope you'll stay with t-v nine whenever severe weather hits. you can get the latest information by downloading the first alert weather app on google play or the apple app store. you can use the app to view the latest radar and also to get an hour by hour forecast. the city of pasadena, california, is preparing for an annual tradition before the hawkeyes take the field friday. hear how two people from eastern
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role in the tournament t roses parade. first here's a look at the most popular stories today on kcrg dot-com. stay with your 24 hour
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the iowa-stanford rose bowl game isn't the only big event happening there on new year's day. the tournament of roses paraded& is in pasadena, california, a few hours before kickckf. kcrg-tv9's scott westerberg joins us live from pasadena. scott, you talked with a couple of iowans who are adding a rsonal touch to the parade? while the football game is in its one hundred and second year, the tournament of roses parade is where this all l arted back in 1890. and just like the football game, the parade will also be influenced by some people from the hawkeye state. "twenty-eight of these to put together and it will look like fog when we get all done." florist cynthia sherman is a long way from her home in grinnell, but for the past six years
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december here, at the fiesta parade floats workshop in irwindale, california, site of some of the biggest and best floats in the tournament of ross parade. sherman along with laurel hollopeter of victor, iowa, are two of the many, many florists working tirelessly between now and new years eve. "the behehd the scenes is what's really, really amazing. people have no idea what goes this." "i don't know how many carts of roses come in. it's unreal the amount.t."when we see these floats with nothing on them and realize we're going to make them all come to life, it's pretty exciting." while most of the people working on the floats don't have much interest in who's playing in the football game that follows the parade, hollopeter and sherman are beyond thrilled that this year they have a reason to pay attention. "i have the hat on. i have one of my shirts on." "we are totally, totally excited about having iowa here. we get to go to the game which is great." even though there isn't a
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might have a trick up his sleeve for the wanting to kee some black and gol "we don't do the big ten float here at fiesta, but with my red jacact we're able to get right up to the floats and i'm going to do something hawkeye related once i get on that float." sherman says each float has in the neighborhood of 20,00000oses and other flowers. the bigigr ones have even more than that. if you want to see the floats that sherman and hollopeter helped with, watch for the aids healthcare foundation float, the dole foods float and the kiehl's float. live in pasadena, california, scott westerberg, kcrg-tv9. the tournament of roses parade will air live from pasadena, california, at 10 a-m iowa time. you can watch it right here on kcrg-tv9. that's right after our one-hour s scial "countdown to kickoff." and the rose bowl game will air later that day. the 12-and-1 hawkeyes face the 11-and-2 stanford cardinal with the kick off shortly after four p-m, ioio time. you can see the game on e-s-p-n. plows across eastern iowa are working to clear the
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we'll check in with kcrg t-v nine's brea loveven our mobile
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continue through the evening and first part of the night. widespread totals of four to eight inches are likely with some locally higher amounts west and lower amounts souou. much of this activivy will tapepeoff by midnight. winds will remain gusty, going as high as 30 mph. mostly cloudy skies continue tomorrow wititlighter winds and
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possible tomorrow night into wednesdsd but accumulation s look very minor. the week will end on a colder note with highs in the upper teens.tonight: snow/sleet end low: 22-28 winds: n 15-30 alo: 23 dbq: 25 iow: 26 tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 24-30 winds: w 5-15 alo: 26 dbq: 27 iow: 28 tomorrow night: chance of light
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alo: 16 dbq:q:8 iow: 19 wednesday: chance of light snow high: 27 - low: 18 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 18 - low: 12 friday: mostly sunny high: 19 - low: 5 saturday: mostly sunny high: 25 - low: 8 sunday: mostly cloudy high: 28 - low: 12
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we go back to the mobile weather lab and kcrg-tv9's brea love. brea, where are you now? and how is it ththe? beth and bruce, i'm . roads in eastern iowa are partially to completely covered at t ts hour. crews have been out much of the day trying to keep up with the winter storm. now that it's dark, driving will be even more difficult. bruce and beth are back with more, stay with us. prprecutors announced today
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jury decided not to indict two polili officers in the shooting death of a boy. the officers shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice last year after they say he pulled out a what turned out to be a pellet n. a-b-c's elizabeth hur ports. pkg script: sot -- tim mcginty / cuyahoga county prosecutor: "the grand jury declined to bring criminal charges.. cuyahoga county prosecutor tim mcginty announcing.. the grand jury voted not to charge either officer involved in the shooting death of 12- year-old tamir rice.... sot -- tim mcginty / cuyahoga county prosecutor "simply put, given this perfect storm m human error, mistakes and miscommunication by all involved that day - the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. rice was shot and killed by officer timothy loehmann just
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theyeyrrived at a clevelanan playground d november, last year.. two months ago.. the grand jury was convened to determine if officer loehmann or his partner, officer frank garmback was criminally responsible in rice's death.. the officers always maintained.. they believed the 12-year- olol was armed.. it turnrn out to be a bb gun. natsot -- "i have here tamir's gun and an actual m1911 gun." according to authorities.. the grand jury determined that to the officers.. the toy gun looked real and prosecutors say newly enhanced video showed it was quote "indisputable" that rice was removing his gun from his waist when he was shot. sot -- tim mcginty / cuyahoga county prosecutor "he may have intended hand it over.. b b there was no way for the officers to know that... elizabebe hur oncam close: the rice family said in a statement.. they are saddened but not surprised by this outcome.. adding that for months.. the prosecutor has abused the grand jury process.. the department of justice also responded in a statement saying they y will contitie their independent review of this
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we now know that the woman killed in a charter bus crash in chicago was a university of iowa student. authorities say nicole underwood of des moines died in the crasasthis morning. authorities say the bus driver lost control and hit a construction sign. linn-mar grad marcus paige led north carolina to another win tonight. josh christensen has the h hhlights. and i'll have more on the hawkeyes' preps for the rose bowl stay with yr 24
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... for the past two years, we saw big man carl davis plug up the middle on the defensive line. scott saville joins us live from pasadena. scott, we've seen that the d-line didn't take a huge hit when davis left for the nfl. josh if the hawkeyes want to stop the explosive stanford offense they will need another big game from the man in the middle jaleel johnson. one of the unsung heroes on this iowa defense has been nose tackle jaleel johnson. he has 5.5 tackles for a loss this season and 3.5 sacks but even more importantly he blows up plays on a regular basis. "it just comes wn to basic fundamentals; proper hand placement, low pad levels and that leads totolays like that.t. "big guy that can move like that and be violent. he does a great job of disrupting. even in
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guyuy as long as he's not getting up field, we'll be in good shape." "he blows the guys up the way he's been doing it. it just reads on the back end that much easr." johnson plays with a real anger and mean streak it is something thahacomes easy to him. "my family's fulul of mean people. it was just handed down. my grandfather was really mean person. my father's a mean person, so i guess that's where it came from." jaleel has enjoyed his time in cali. the best part has been the eating at disney and the beef bowl. "i had some funnel cake. and a few hot dogs. that was theheun part. they had some good prime rib, some good potatoes and corn. you can beat that. and some good apple pie too. i love apple pie." as much fun as the eating has been he might have to pay for it latat if he gains to muchch weweht. "it's a weight thing that coach doyle has us doing. if i go over that weight, that's
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for me ttt i don't want to o ." "what can't you weigh more?" "i can't weigh more than 307. i'm at 305 right now." jaleel loves to eat and he loves to hit peoeoe. that's a pretty good combination for a defensive lineman. back to you josh. ... basketball news, iowa state's deonte burton was named the big2 newcomer of the week today. he scored 12 points on 5- of-6 shohoing in the cyclones win against cincinnati on tuesday. iowa state hosts coppin state for their final non- conference game on wednesday. star ally disterhoft w w named to the big ten player of the this season. she tallied 20 points, seven rebounds and four assists in the hawkeyes n over drake on tuesday. bluder's bunch opens up big ten play on thursday at n nraska. ... linn-mar grad marcus paige was back on the court as the tar heels hosted north carolina greensboro ... tar heels in transition, marcus stops, fires a three and hits the target... tar heels go up p 2 ... marcus was on the attack tonight... he splits the d, and
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next tar heels possession, marcus with the hustle and goes high off the glass for two more... he finished with 14 points, tar heels win 96-63 ... back to college football, the quick lane central michigan ... 2nd quarter, mitch leidner maye for the touchdownwn. gophers led 10-7 atat halftime ... 4th quarter, central michigan down by six... look at romello ross... keeps his feet moving and powers his way into the end zone... central michigan takes a 14-13 leadd with the keeper... big hole up the middle and he scampers in for the go- 21-14 iowa live has been moved to tomorrow night at 6:30. thanks scott.
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sn, occasionally mixed with sleet, will continue through the evening and first part of the night. widespread totals of four to eight inches are likely with some locally higher amounts west and lower amounts south. much of this activity will taper off by midnight. winds will remain gusty, going as high as 30 mphphmostly cloudy skies continue e morrow with
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- wanda sykes. formula one champion lewis hamilton. and music from band of merrymakers. with cleto a a the cletones.
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