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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 29, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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him. sun goes down, the hands go up also this morning a race against time to find a missing country singer. disappearing while duck hunting in treacherous weather conditions. hihiboat found capsized,d,riends and family now fearing for his life. and the search under way at this hour. go go high in the sky the college students going head to head for a record-breaking battle of cornhole. who will win one of the most popular games as the schools get ready for the huge football playoffs? go big or go home good morning, america. great to have "world news tonight" anchor david muir with us once again. >> great to count down to the new year with you, amy. >> always a pleasure. and we have breaking news to begin with on "good morning america." that manhunt fororhe wealthy tete, ethan couch, on ththrun with his m m after allegedly violating probation for a deadly drunk driving accident.
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we'll have the latest coming up. but also breaking this morning, the weather. and that rough morning for millions of amamicans preparing for a messy commute, pictures from our affiliate wcvb in boston this morning. what a mess. the midwest, as well, reelinin from that deadad flash flooding and rob is in missouou right now. this whole system moving eastward, as well. >> it is, indeed, david. the mississippi and tributaries rising, as well. the rainfall has stopped but the residents of this town have built this levee with heavy equipment and dozens of residents, volunteering to fill these sandbags in the hopes of saving their town when the river rises and crests later this week. blizzard conditions, combining with record rainfall and floods, claiming dozens of lives as the deadly midwest storm barrels towards the northeast this morning. in missouri four visiting soldiers stationed at a local military base dead after their car swept away in this flooded
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dozens of volunteers are n n scrambling to fill sandbags and shore up levees as the mississippi river is expected to crest higher than it has in 22 years. >> never really been faced with it being so fast. the water's come up really fast. >> reporter: water rescues across the midwest. >> water rescue. school bus occupied by at least 18. >> reporter: overnight in illinois this school bus carrying a girl's high schchl basketball team skidded off the road and into floodwaters. 18-year-old brianna george was on that bus. >> oh, yeah. we were scared. some people were crying. >> reporter: in oklahoma residents panicked as the illinois river crest three times higher than its previous high in the 1950s. >> i've lived here for 30 years and never before seen anything like this. >> reporter: while in texas the cleanup from those monster tornadoes giving way to ice and sleet. incredible amounts of rainfall here for december, look at these
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from s sthwest missouri across into illinois. and all of this water's got to get through the river systems. and that's why it will take veral days for the mississippi to rise as well. we have flood warnings in advance and flood watches in advance of the next system rolling into the northeast causing its own set of problems in new england with the form of sleet and snow. and by the way, amy, itt is snowing here a little this morning adding insult to injury for these folks battling the floods. >> so many people across the couny impacted. ro thank you. that monst winter storm system is on the move as you just heard from rob, snow and ice causing major problems for millions of americans hittinin the road this morning. 20 states now under winter storm alerts. abc's linzie janis is in boston which just last winter got that record-breaking amount of snow. linzie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this winter has finally arrived. overnight the boston area getting up to 3 inches of snow but the real issue is this freezing rain and sleet that you see now. it creates ice on the roadways, we are just outside of the city on the massachusetts turnpike.
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extreme caution. the concern is with this being the fifit snowstorm of the season, it could catch people offguard. boston, of course, did have its snowiest winter on record, 110.6 inches in total. a lot of people not ready to go through that again. david and amy? >> all right, linzie, thanks. drive safely with the team. we move on to breaking news overnight, mexican authorities, as you mentioned, detaining wealthy 18-year-old ethan couch. known as the affluenza teen after a fafal drunk driving accident. the texas teenager and his mother were on the run for weeks, after he allegedly violated probation. they were both taken into custody near puerto vallarta. abc's matt gutman has the latest. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. we learned that authorities are now in the process of bringing them back here. now, the u.s. marshal's office alerted the mexicans they were in puerto vallarta on christmas or the day after christmas. two days later, they nabbed them ofa busy tourist street.
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apparently dyeing hihihair and goatee black. overnight, a three-week-long international manhunt for eth couch coming to an e in mexico, with this booking photo. abc news confirming the 18-y-yr-old and his mother tonya were detained at about 6:00 p.m. in the popular resort town of puerto vallarta. the blond te's hair and goatee now dyed black, his shirt open. his hands appear to be cuffed behind his b bk. the mother, who authorities tell us refused to sit stillo be photographed, apparently also changing her look. cutting her hair. mother and son are now being transported to guadalajara as the legal process to fly them back to the u.s. begins. >> affluenza. >> too rich for jail. >> reportete he was just 16 when he killed four p pple drunk driving in 2013. he pled guilty but was sentenced to only probation after his legal team argued he suffered from affluenza. an unrecognized condition caused
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knowing right from wrong. >> i have never seen a case that sparked such outrage that sparked such emotion from people. four totally innocenenpeople were taken away in a second by the irresponsible actions of this juvenile. >> reporter: that video posted earlier this month to twitter shows couch att party near a beer pong table. the sheriff believes that is what caused couch who is not supposed to drink according to his probation, to skip his next probation n eting and flee. >> but i think it was the trigger that sent him running once that video surfaced. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals and fbi joined the hunt for couch last week amid worries the parolee would flee the country and change his appearance. >> he is not t t kind of person who rehabilitates, who learns his lesson. >> reporter: after his conviction he didn't spend a single day in prison. that is likely to change but because he is ststl considered a juvenile here in texas and
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only a single violation of parole, he probably won't spend much time behind bars. david? >> matt, thanks so much. we want to bring in dan abrams this morning. dan, always great to have you with us. if he was on the run because of these social media videos, which authoritieiesay he was, doesn't this make ate lot worse for him? >> sure. it doesn't help at all that he's seems to be trying to escape. but as an escape effort, you go to puerto vallarta over christmas when everyone there are american tourists? mean, i think there'e'this image that, oh, you can go to mexico and you can escape justice. if you go to mexico, they'rere going to send you back. if you go to mexico, you have to hide in mexico. you can't goo puerto vallarta and hope that you' not going to4get caught there. than he was but i think matt is right, that you're talking about still limited amamnt of time bebend bars because theyeye still going to have to prove that he violated the probation in the sense that he was drinking. just being at the party where
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to be enough to put him behind bars. but the fact that he left, and if they can prove that he was trying to escape, that could do it. >> all right, so don't go to puerto vallarta. that's the lesson here. in the meantime, the mother, how much does she face in terms of punishnt if she did help h run? >> if the goal was, if the inlent was for her to help him evade justice she could be facing the criminal justice system, as well. so they're now both h cing the possibility of being in jeopardy because of this but, again, they'll have to prove that they weren't just on vacation but that this was an intentional effort to evade justice. >> vacation's over. >> yep. >> dan abrams, thanks. now to cleveland, a city on edge this morning after a grand jury decided thought to indict the two police officers involved in that shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. rice's family saying they are saddened but not surprised by the grand jury's decision. abc's t.j. holmes has the latest. >> reporter: marches in cleveland overnight.
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>> reporter: in new york city as well. >> justice for -- >> tamir rice. >> reporter: aft a grandury refused monday to indict two officers in the shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. >> the death of tatar rice was an absolute tragedy. it was horrible, unfortunate and regrettable but it was not by the law that binds us a crime. >> reporter: the shooting captured on surveillance video was a perfect storm of human error according to the prosecutor. rice was shot by rookie officer timothy loehmann outside a cleveland rec center in october of 2014. the officer and his training partner frank garmback were responding to a report of someone with a gun. he mistook rice's toy gun for a real one. >> to any observer it's difficult to distinguish between the real and fake gun. >> reporter: the shooting shook cleveland. >> whose streets? >> our streets. >> reporte tamir's mother made clear an earlier interview with george stephanopoulos what she hoped the the outcome of the investigation would be. >> i'm looking`for a conviction. for both of the officers.
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lawyer claims thprosecutor sabotaged the grand jury case. you don't believe this grand jury got a clear picture, they were essentially steered in a particular direction. >> absolutely no question that the prosecutor orchestrated an effort to exonerate these ficers. >> repepter: another protest is scheduled for here in cleveland this afternoon. as far as the officers go, they remain on restricted duty with the force. reviews continue by the city as well as the depament of justice. as far as the family goes they are now pursuing a civil suit. >> t.j. holmes in cleveland for us, thanks. we turn now to the race for the white house, "your voice, your vote." donald trump on the attack targeting bill and hillary clinton, also republblan rival chris christie under attack. he's seeing a new surge in new hampshire. and abc's mama bruce has the latest for us. >> reporter: this morning donald trump taking aim at a new target, chris christie. blasting the new jersey governor overnight in new hampshire where christie is surging. suggesting he knew about the lane closings at the center of the bridgegate scandal. >> they're closing the biggest
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most traveled on bridge, one of them in the world. and most traveled on in the united states. you're doing that and you're not telling the governor and you're with him all the time. >> reporter: fresh attacks after "the new hampshire union leader" endorsed christie and recently described trump as the grown-up bully biff in the "back to the future" movies. >> you have a very dishonest newspaper. >> reporter: this, as he ramps up his attacks against clinton. >> she says, oh, we'd love to run against trump. it's her worst nightmare. >> reporter: they used to be friendly attending trump's wedding in 2005 but now trump is slamming both clintons as the former president gets ready to campaign for his wife. trump tweeting, if hillary thinks she can unleash her husband with his terrible record of women abuse while playing the women's card on me, she's wrong. trump previously said bill clinton's infidelity was not an issue. >> look at the trouble bill clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant. and they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense.
7:12 am
latest feud started when trump used a vulgar word to describe clinton clinton's loss to obama in 2008. a crass term he's defending. >> can i say the word? obama -- i won't say it. by the way, that word, that's a common word in new yk. and it means to be beaten badly. >> reporter: now clinton will be back on the campaign trail later today and her campaign says she will not be bullied or distracted by these attacks against her or her husband. david. >> mary bruce in washington, mary, thanks so much. it's not even 2016 yet. >> but so much more to come. >> much more to come. probably today. let's get to weekend "gma" anchor dan harris with the other top stories this morning. starting with a new new terror threat as we approach the holiday. >> that's right. good morning, everybody. police in belgium arrested two people suspected of plotting an e e of the year attack in brussels. they allegedly had isis propaganda and military style equipment but no weapons or explosives. belgium raised its terror threat level. authorities say the arrests are not connected to the recent attacks in paris.
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president obama's vacation in hawaii. a drone was spotted flying near the president's motorcade. the secret service tracked down the man flying the drone who said he wasn't aware the motorcade was nearby. no charges will be filed. a big loss in the world of music. the man known as the godfather of heavy metal has died. the ace of spades the ace of spades >> that's motorhead frontman spades." recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. lemny, as he was known, was 70 years old. a trillioning game in monday night football. the broncos made this field goal and bengals got their last chance but a.j. mccarron fumbled the snap. this win earns the broncos a spot in the playoffs. and finally, one way to make the most of an outrageous delay at the airport. this is danny roderick, because of weather he was stuck at o'hare airport in chicago for 50 hours all the while a diamond
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pocket. so since he couldn't get to phoenix to propose to his girlfriend, he texted her a picture of the ring. in her response she used the term omg twice which he took to me, yes. and danny says henceforth all sensitive communication in his marriage will be conduct via text, which marriage counselors everywhere say is a brilliant idea. >> really have to think it through except when it auto corrects you. >> not planning a boys' trip to vegas, #yolo. >> it won't be omg, though. it will be something else. >> it'll be get home now. >> thanks, dan. >> thank you, dan. to the very latest in those explosive accusations involving superstar quarterback peyton manning. the nfl saying it's reviewing the report allegedede used performance-enhancing drugs to stage one of the greatest football comebacks ever. he fiercely denies it and is considering suing. abc's ryan smith has the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy.
7:15 am
playoff-bound last night. but without their iconic star. sidelined with a foot injury. his teammates saying he believed manning 100% but the controversy continues as al jazeera is releasing more information about that rehab facility. this morning, peyton manning weathering the storm of controversy. >> peyton manning missing a sixth game tonight with his foot injury. >> reporter: the super bowl winner slamming accusations made in the al jazeera documentary "the dark sidedeshowing charles sly said to be a pharmacist at the guyer institute where he received treatment for a debilitating neck injury talking to an undercover athlete about sending the star growth hormones. >> a growth hormone everywhere, florida. never be under peyton's name. always be under her name. >> it's completely fabricated. complete trash, garbage. >> reporter: the guyer institutu sayingngly was nothing more than a three-month unpaid intern in
7:16 am
treated. al jazeera refuting that claim releasing thisishone call allegedly made to guyer nenely one month ago. >> i n nd to do an employment verification on a gentleman called charles sly. >> yes. >> he's a pharmacist and i believe he did a rotation with you. is that right? do you know him? >> yes, uh-huh. >> could you possibly give me the precise dates? >> the start date we have where we signed for him was 10/17 of '11. >> reporter: the nfl telling abc news on monday, we are reviewing the matter. >> we are in the steroids era in sports. the nfl is well aware of what's going on. and the nfl should look into is. reporter: the performance-enhancing drug hgh banned by the nfl known for its restorative effects. >> it is claimed it helps promote lean body mass, reduce the accumulation of fat that people get when they get older, and supposedly makes you feel younger. >> reporter: sly saying he made it all up to test the reporter recanting online.
7:17 am
or communications that al jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and incorrect. >> reporter: al jazeera standing by their report, while star players are standing by peyton manning. his brother eli mamaing saying the accusations seem very odd and don't make much sense while his friend tom brady saying you hate to see your good friends go through anything like this. and he shoululknow. he's f fed a lot of controversy this past year. >> it is odd. so many questions still, thank you. back out to rob in missouri, with the latest on the winter weather hitting the midwest and northeast. rob, are you ever coming home? >> yeah, hopefully eventually but the rivers are going to be slow to rise here. cold air in place. winter storm warnings posted for minnesota where it's still snowing in spots. across the northeast that's the main concern here for the morning rush especially. we're seeing freezing rain across western new jersey, massachusetts seeing sleet and snow accumulates.
7:18 am
travel today.we'll start off the day with lingering snow showers and flurries, though most of the day will stay cloudy. temperatures will not go anywhere, thanks to fresh snow in the area, and should remain in the 20s the entire day. another area of low pressure looks to spread snow across the area early tomorrow with amounts of tr-2" common. again, that could lead to slick driving, especially in the morning hours. we'll stay quiet as 2015 comes to a close, with 2016 starting
7:19 am
we'll st >> spring-like floods and tornadoes, the atmosphere trying to change gears after being stuck in that stubborn weather pattern. with all that warm air. winter finally being felt across much of the country. back to you. > a real trouper for the holidays. a country singing gone missing caught in a massive storm on a hunting trip. his boat found capsized overnight and the search under way right now. and then a home invasion outbreak. the single mother who says she was targeted three times with attempted break-ins. the terrifying items found in
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before people head out this morning. the city told tv-9, the goal is to keep the main streets as clear as possible. and the temperatures yesterday made that easier. now that it's getting colder, it could cause problems. the city is under a snow emergency until noon today. that means no one should park on the snow emergency routes, which are marked with signs. we now have confirmation that a woman who died in a bus crash in chicago was a university of iowa student. police say the bus driver lost control on interstate 55 yesterday morning. the driver told authorities he swerved to avoid a pickup that moved into the bus lane. authorities say 21-year- old nicole underwood from des moines died in the crash. four others were hurt. and now here's your first alert forecast. we'll start off the day with lingering snow showers and flurries, though most of the day will stay cloudy. temperatures will not go anywhere, thanks to frere snow in the area, and should remain in the 20s the entire day. another area of low pressure looks to spread snow
7:24 am
with amounts of tr-2" common. again, that could lead to slick driving, especially in the morning hours. we'll stay quiet as 2015 comes to a close, with 2016 starting
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at boston where a wintry weather mix is leading to treacherous commutes for so many this morning. more than a dozen states now under a winter storm warning, be careful out there. >> for those wondering if winter would ever arrive. >> it's here. >> it's here. right now the manhunt for ethan couch coming to a close. authorizes finding the texas teen and his mother in mexico after they allegedly went on the run following a probation violation for a deadly drunk driving accident. take a look at this.
7:26 am
skiers and snowboarders up in canada, trapped on a a broken-down chair lift. they rappelled 30 feet down to the ground after being stranded in midair. good news, nobody was hurt there. also this morning, an incredible survival story. how one teen fought for his life alone in the woods missing for nearly 30 hours. police finally spotting him 50 miles from home. how he survived in single-digit temperatures. that incredible story coming up in just a bit. >> can't wait for that. first this half hour a search under way right now for country singer craig strickland who went missing after going duck hunting in the middle of that oklahoma storm. david wright is here this morning with much more for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, david. strickland is the frontman for a popular country band backroad anthem. he and his buddy went on a christmas weekend duck hunt that went terribly wrong. and now the friend has turned up dead. and strickland is still missing. the sun goes down the hands go up
7:27 am
of the country band backroad anthem, craig strickland plays to packed houses. but this morning, friends and family fear for the 29-year-old's life after he and a friend, 22-year-old chase moreland set out near tulsa, oklahoma, to do some duck hunting. in an area besieged by record rainfall and flooding. moreland's body turned up overnight. authorities discovered their boat capsized but no sign of strickland. just hours before the two set out, moreland sent out this ominous sounding tweet. in case we don't come back, craig strickland and i are going right through winter storm goliath to kill ducks in oklahoma. strickland, who rescently married a 2014 miss usa contestant, miss arkansas helen wisner, retweeted the message. the duo were last spotted two hours after they set out. the band is asking its fans to pray for strict land's safe return posting on the facebook page, the power of prayer is huge. #prayersforcraig.
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7:28 am
to the band's facebook page. we can't even stand to think we are devastated. only god and time can put us back together. your heart goes out to his family especially his wife, they're newlyweds. authorities discovered moreland's body late yesterday, but had to suspend the the search because the weather was so bad. they plan to resume searching for strickland today. the band has a new year's gig looking good. haunting. >> all right, david, thanks. to another terrible tragedy. this one at a ymca pool, a swim team drowning in front of his family after attempting a risky feat underwater. reena ninan is here with more on that. >> reporter: amy, good morning. it's a growing concern, swimmers pushing themselves to the max holding their breath for too long with little or no rest in between and then passing out underwater and drowning. a day at the pool during a monday for 21-year-old dartmouth
7:29 am
>> cardiac arrest at the ymca. cpr in progress. >> reporter: the ivy league swimmer pulled from the pool at a sarasota ymca after relatives noticed he wasn't moving under water. according to a police report ramsden had already been swimming some 4,000 yards before trying to do four laps across the pool without coming up for air. a dangerous way to train for endurance, putting even the most experienced swimmers at risk. for a potentially deadly condition called a shallow water blackout. essentially fainting after holding their breath underwater for too long. our gio benitez learned that even the best swimmers should set limits. >> how long is too long to hold your breath underwater? >> we usually say 30 seconds is about the limit. >> reporter: olympic super swimmer michael phelps warning of the dangers in this psa. >> if shallow water blackout occurs, it's often fatal. >> reporter: at least seven shallow water blackout related deaths have been documented across the country.
7:30 am
telling abc news overnight his capacity for love for his family and friends was his great gift. and we truly cherished every moment we shared together. and this morning medical examiners are determining exactly how taylor ramsden drowned. as his family now plans a memorial service in his hometown of nashville. with a typical drowning they say six to eight minces before there's brain damage. with this type of drowning 2 1/2 minutes. >> the lack of oxygen, the impact of that. thank you. now to a holiday scare for a single mom socialite barely escaping frightening home invasion while she and her children were there. she says it's just the latest in a string of break-in attempts on her house, including one caught on surveillance camera. and mara schiavocampo has the latest. >> reporter: atlanta party host danielle rollins is used to entertaining guests in her home.
7:31 am
she's recovering from a brush with some very unwelcome holiday visitors. >> the door handle started moving and i heard male voices. >> reporter: rollins, a single mother, was home with her children and her own mother, the evening after christmas, in the upscale atlanta neighborhood of buckhead when she heard men trying to break into her home. her armed security guard chased them off and police quickly responded discovering bags dropped by the suspects as they fled and a potentially terrifying home invasion plan. >> there was helicopters with searchlights and dogs and i think i knew at that moment that it had to be something really bad in the backpack to warrant that type of, you know, measures. >> reporter: and it was. according to police, the bags containing a loaded ruger, lots
7:32 am
binoculars, duct tape, pepper pray, and rubber gloves. this isn't the first attempted break-in at rollins' home. she says she's been targeted three times in the last month including this incident caught on surveillance video in early december. seemingly part of an outbreak of home invasions in this picturesque community, just months earlier a neighbor robbed inside her home and held at gunpoint for more than 90 minutes. >> i think it's still kind of settling in. it choked me up and it scared me to death. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> mara, thank you. coming up on "gma," the facebook hoax promising millions to millions. mark zuckerberg and "gma" caught right in the middle of the scam sweeping social media. we're going to get to the bottom of it this morning. a pregnant cnn anchor gasping for air in front of the cameras passing out live midreport. we'll tell you what happened and give you the latest on her condition this morning.o be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best.
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we all know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. but that didn't stop a hoax on facebook from spreading like wildfire which began shortly after mark zuckerberg and his wife announced they were giving a huge chunk of their facebook
7:37 am
abc's gio benitez is here to set the record straight for us this morning. good morning, gio. >> so we're not getting the money? >> reporter: not getting the money, good morning. this latest one even mentions "gma" to make you think it's real. but this morning we're told a seemingly innocent hoax could have dangerous intentions. this morning, a wild rumor spreading on facebook, crediting "gma" as the source, mark zuckerberg is going to give away 4.5 million of his facebook stock to people like you and me. all you have to do is copy and paste this to your page. this is not a hoax. it's on "good morning america." the problem is, it is a hoax. here's what we actually reported. >> mark zuckerberg promising to give away 99% of his shares of the company to charity. >> reporter: the phony status update going viral. facebook quickly responding. while priscilla and mark's pledge to give money to improve the world is real, not everything you read on the internet is. and they're not giving it away randomly.
7:38 am
of hoaxes and scams taking over social media. >> i just won $250,000. yes! >> reporter: kris white says someone wrote to her about winning 250 grand in a facebook powerball lottery, telling her she'd get her winnings if she sent in $750 for taxes. >> sucker, i guess, i believed it. >> reporter: the zuckerberg hoax doesn't ask for cash, but experts say it could be used to find easy targets for i.d. theft. even if someone isn't necessarily asking for money they're trying to see if you're going to fall for this. >> exactly. >> reporter: and then steal your identity. >> yeah, it's like a trap, just trying to pull you in. >> reporter: overnight facebook telling abc news, it has an abuse-fighting team using automated and manual systems to help spot suspicious activity. but you can spot them yourself, too.
7:39 am
grammatical errors throughout. usually a sign it's coming internationally. >> reporter: if you want to see if a post is legit, look for this blue checkmark. the verified badge next to a company's name. and just about every social media site has a way to report suspicious activity. sometimes as a link on the post itself, but facebook says if you see your friends sharing hoaxes, just let them know it's not real and share that info with the rest of your friends. just don't believe everything you read online. >> yeah, some great tips there, gio, thank you. this is no hoax coming up how cell phone customers can@ cash in big. why sprint and verizon are paying back millions this morning. >> this is real. we promise. also ahead, you're 50 miles temperatures. how this 14-year-old boy wilderness for 30 hours alone.
7:40 am
it's the walmart clearance event. starting now, you'll find all kinds of low prices... ...on select apparel, christmas d\cor, and toys. but hurry before these low clearance prices float away.
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we're trying to have a discussion here, dan. we can keep it going. we'll turn to that incredibly brave teenager alive this morning after spending nearly 30 hours lost in the frigid utah wilderness. surviving single-digit temperatures, rescued just minutes before the search became a body recovery mission. but now he's opening up to abc's kayna whitworth with his incredible survival story.
7:42 am
a 14-year-old boy alive against all odds. >> i really thought i should have been dead. >> reporter: just released from the hospital brayden neilson sharing his astonishing tale of survival after spending nearly 30 hours in the utah wilderness. >> i started popping off shots out of my shotgun, probably shot about 25 rounds. and i started crying and freaking out. >> reporter: neilson and a friend set out on a hunting trip but the friends were separated and neilson was lost. using his cell phone to call 911, even sending this text message to his brother, saying, i'm fine, eric. i love you so much. >> i went from in my own mind to i can't bury him. >> reporter: all alone, brayden kept walking covering some 11 miles of frigid earth. >> i could see cops but i couldn't get to them. they couldn't see me. i was yelling as loud as i could. >> they've got a big group of searchers. they're going to start a big massive search for him. >> reporter: nine hours before search and rescue crews spotted him 50 miles from home.
7:43 am
but alive. >> i saw two pairs of headlights, i started walking to them. i think god led me that whole way through that -- all the way through there. and i think he found me some help. >> reporter: this morning, the neilsons thankful for their very own holiday miracle. >> i tell you what, i don't take a lot of things for granted anymore. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> grateful for their miracle. >> oh, yes. when we come back here this morning, the dramatic on-air scare for a pregnant cnn anchor who passed out while the cameras were still rolling. we were grateful to hear her condition is just fine. but we'll tell you what happened as the cameras were rolling. when we come back. coming up -- jump start your 2016, brought to you by planet
7:44 am
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best or nothing.tt2watz'@f4 bt`non( tt2watz'@f4 "a`n_bl tt2watz'@f4 bm`nti@ tt4watz'@f4 " dzlq &,\ tt4watz'@f4 " enlq v(< tt4watz'@f4 " gzl& o/d presidential candidates are back on schedule to campaign in iowa today, after the winter storm canceled events. republican presidential candidate chris christie will be in eastern iowa today. he will be in muscatine then in iowa city this morning. finally, christie will stop in cedar rapids for a town hall event at 5:30 p-m. florida senator marco rubio will be criss- crossing the state today. this is the start of his "out with the old, in with the new" bus tour across iowa. rubio plans to talk to voters in clinton at noon. then, he will be in waterloo at 3 o'clock. and rubio will end his day in sioux city. the republican presidential frontrunner is also going to be in iowa today. donald trump is holding a rally in council bluffs. just 5 weeks away from
7:50 am
iowa caucuses, trump says he will be focusing more of his efforts in the hawkeye state. "but we are gonna spend a lot of money over the next four weeks, we don't wanna take any chances, we are too close. " a recent gallup poll showed americans put donald trump on the list of most admired public figures. the other two ranking higher on the list, were president obama and the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. and now here's your first alert forecast. we'll start off the day with lingering snow showers and flurries, though most of the day will stay cloudy. temperatures will not go anywhere, thanks to fresh snow in the area, and should remain in the 20s the entire day. another area of low pressure looks to spread snow across the area early tomorrow with amounts of tr-2" common. again, that could lead to slick driving, especially in the morning hours. we'll stay quiet as 2015 comes to a close, with 2016 starting
7:51 am
some places are opening back up
7:52 am
"good morning america." it's 8:00 a.m. has your phone company been ripping you off? are you headed for a piece of the $150 million payout? you have until thursday to phone it in. why so much money is being returned and how to figure out if you're owed. >> bad news for the obama administration. the on air scare, a cnn anchor passing out on live supplies slurring her speech and gasping for air.
7:53 am
>> what she's saying happened and how she and her baby are doing this morning. a record number of christmas gift returns could mean incredible bargains for you, $19 billion in presents going back to the store. how to find the best deals and discounts. go big or go home all that and trisha yearwood sharing her comfort food recipes that will help you keep away the cold as we say -- >> good morning, america. go big or go home and good morning, america. great tuesday right here and we have the ultimate inspirational makeover this morning. take a look at these two struggling with their weight. guess what, now they are half their size. >> you've got to stick around for this. and look at the pyramid of unhealthy eating as the experts call it all part of their bad habits. they kicked it to the curb and they lost half their size and they're going to make, well, quite an entrance here in just a moment. >> cannot wait for that. then as we count down to the new year and new year's rockin'
7:54 am
if you want to break for vegas and celebrate the new year like the boys in "the hangover." who doesn't want a tiger in their bathroom. >> not me, amy. >> we're going to show you how to party like the wolfpack and where to go. but party safely, hopefully. >> party safely. >> yeah. no one wants to lose a tooth. we're going to go over to dan harris with the morning rundown. >> how not to get punched in the face by mike tyson. but we start here with the big story, the texas teenager famous for his affluenza defense at his drunk driving trial has been captured in mexico. he and his mom have been detained in puerto vallarta, each having changed their hairstyles during three weeks on the run. ethan couch was wanted on a possible parole violation after he was seen on video partying. he avoided jail time as you may remember after a deadly drunk driving crash because his lawyers claimed his upbringing in a wealthy family made him unable to distinguish right from wrong. winter has finally arrived in the northeast with ice and snow blanketing parts of new york and new england. some areas of massachusetts
7:55 am
and thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled in chicago and other parts of the midwest. power outages reported from oklahoma to michigan. meanwhile, there's more flooding ahead in the midwest. stretches of the mississippi river are expected to crest at their highest level in more than 20 years. overseas two people have been arrested in belgium accused of planning an attack in brussels before the end of the year. they allegedly had isis propaganda and military-style equipment but no weapons or explosives. a consumer alert for millions of wireless customers, a deadline is looming if you have verizon or sprint. time running out to collect a big refund and abc's rebecca jarvis has details. >> reporter: this morning it's the call to action you don't want to miss. >> switch to sprint and save 50%. >> it's good to have america's most reliable network. >> reporter: if you are or were a verizon or sprint customer over the last five years, a piece of a $158 million payout could be waiting for you.
7:56 am
both carriers paying back customers after the government fined them for allegedly making hundreds of millions of dollars by cramming bills with bogus unauthorized charges ranging from 99 cents to $14 each like 9.99 a month for premium services like celebrity gossip and flirting tips. >> it's really nice to see the government finally start cracking down on them. >> reporter: with the deadline to file a verizon or sprint refund claim just days away, customers should visit and >> the first step is really going back to all your monthly bills and checking out, are there they weird charges? >> reporter: verizon says the settlement reflects its continued focus on putting customers first. sprint says we continue our proactive work to protect customers. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new
7:57 am
>> rebecca, thank you. and finally here just when you thought they had run out of bizarre world records, check it out. this is apparent lyly the largest ever round of cornhole often played at college football tailgate parties. cheerleaders from michigan state and alabama took turns tossing giant bean bags from the window of a blimp 200 feet above a giant board set up in florida. things got a little dicey on the ground when one of the mascots threw a bean bag at a rival cheerleader. a fight broke out there. the schools play thursday night in the college football playoff on espn, and when it comes time for looking for jobs this is going to be a very important experience for those young scholars. >> who here has played cornhole? a show of hands? >> nope. apparently we missed out on an important part of the american experience. >> were you asking us to raise or have you played cornhole? >> no, but you raised your hand. you have? >> you didn't tell us that. >> yes, i did. >> she did. you weren't listening. >> exactly. selective listening. >> all right. cornhole. sara, how about you? >> i was raising my hand. that's why we're friends, hello and now let's take a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu."
7:58 am
what caused her to pass out live in front of the cameras. also, what happens to all those unwanted holiday gifts. christmas rejects turned super savings. we'll tell you where to find them. plus, sofia and joe and one big celebration, how the newlyweds celebrated his birthday all coming up right here on "gma" in times square. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. multivitamin you enjoke liey like a mintz.ts. a multivitamin you enjoy like a mintz..
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we're back now with that mysterious health scare. cnn anchor poppy harlow losing her breath, passing out on air live in the middle of a report. we were all talking about this and we can relate to that but so many were concerned was this a medical condition? what was this? the anchor now saying she was okay but it's really raising questions and mara schiavocampo is here with much more. hey, mara. >> reporter: good morning. harlow is pregnant and she is fine now but there were several anxious moments there as concerned viewers wondered what had happened. many taking to social media to find out. as it turns out, harlow isn't the only one to have a moment like that on live tv. it was a frightening tv moment seen around the world on monday, cnn anchor poppy harlow reporting live when all of a sudden her words start to slur. >> quite a -- quite a turnaround in -- >> reporter: then heavy
8:04 am
gasp for air. with no explanation, the show cuts to commercial break leaving worried viewers to take to social media. "did anyone just see and hear what happened on cnn live?" >> for all of you on twitter who are asking if i'm okay, thank you so much. i got a little hot and i passed out for a moment. i am fine. >> reporter: harlow who is pregnant says she saw a doctor right after the incident writing on twitter, "update from the hospital, our little girl due this spring is doing just fine. was a scare but we are both okay. thank you all so much." dr. jennifer wu does not treat harlow but says dizziness and fainting are not uncommon during pregnancy. >> it's normal for the blood pressure to drop during the middle of the pregnancy. with this lower blood pressure any changes like dehydration or low blood sugar can add to feeling of faintness or dizziness. >> this isn't the first time a reporter has struggled with
8:05 am
>> as the league investigates, excuse me, guys, losing my breath. espn reports that a-rod -- he wants to make sure -- >> it happened to our own paula faris in 2013 thanks to gestational asthma. also because of a baby on board. >> but let's go hit -- >> reporter: and in 2011, news reporter serene branson made national headlines after she lost the ability to speak coherently. turned out she was suffering from a migraine aura. >> very heavy, heavy rotation tonight -- >> reporter: the result of a serious form of headache. now, thankfully harlow was sitting down when she fainted. doctors say a much bigger concern is if you're standing because a bad fall can be very dangerous for a pregnant woman and the baby. this is very real. i feel out of breath all the time and it's just a side effect of pregnancy. >> yeah, you're both -- have you ever had that happen? >> i've never had that but i've had the shoredness of breath. yes. >> feels like i've run up a flight of stairs. >> and you've done nothing. >> we're glad poppy is okay. it was concerning to watch that moment but glad she's okay and
8:06 am
>> and the baby is on the way. >> baby is on the way. baby girl as we just heard in that report. amy, over to you. >> it is a question many of us will face after the holidays, what to do with unwanted presents. turns out there are companies that actually resell used or refurbished goods in bulk and can mean incredible bargains for you, a story we first saw in "the wall street journal." take a look. >> i'm sure this is a good gift. okay. dig in there, tear it up. >> a flashlight? >> we've all been there, unwrapping that unwanted christmas gift that we know we'll be rushing to the store to return but where do all those returns go? many end up at places like this, shorewood liquidators where products from popular retailers like amazon and home depot are returned. >> we process store returns. we check the items to make sure they're complete. if they need any parts we do repair of tools and electronics in our facilities then we resell the items online. >> reporter: this holiday season alone over $19 billion worth of gifts are expected to be
8:07 am
>> this is a major industry. it's called the recommerce industry. these are wholesalers and liquidators who are swooping in and picking up truckloads full of stuff that you've returned that retailers don't know what to do with. >> reporter: companies like these breathing new life into those gifts you didn't want. all right, let's bring in consumer expert lisa lee freeman. lisa, thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> i think a lot of us think when we return something it just goes right back up on the shelf but that's not usually the case. >> not at all. retailers are getting returns by the boatload especially during the holidays and a lot of you have this doesn't come back in mint condition because of the problem of wardrobing, people buying things, wearing them and returning them and stores are not allowed to put back on shelves things that are used. they cannot sell them as new. >> how can we find those refurbished goods or, you know, resold goods? where do we find them online? >> ebay can a huge reseller of
8:08 am
electronics there. >> i got a new tv last week someone used for a week. >> that's awesome. also amazon has something called amazon warehouse deals. also walmart sells refurbs. sells them and there's a website called secondipitk which buys all this stuff from the retailers. >> and discounts are huge. i got 50% off the tv because it was in someone else's home for a week. >> absolutely. you can get huge discounts talking about 80% or more. a couple of examples that we found, for example, was a t-fal 12-piece set, it was 60% off retail. i couldn't find it any cheaper online anywhere. another product we found were monster headphones, we found them, they were 80% off at secondipity. and i couldn't find them any cheaper anywhere else. >> these goods are just as good as new ones? >> yeah, absolutely, especially
8:09 am
manufacturer refurb. that means the manufacturer tested it, refurbed it and stand behind it. it's a great thing to look for. >> huge, huge savings. lisa lee, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> all right, david over to you. >> love those ideas. we're going to get a jumpstart on 2016. three days away from the new year and one of the most popular things is getting into shape in the new year. you're about to meet two people who did that but much more, losing half their body weight. they're featured in "people" magazine's half their size and a quick look at how they did it. >> at her heaviest, heather patterson weighed 257 pounds. >> right after i got married i was in a pretty severe car wreck, was bedridden for a few weeks and then on crutches and i just turned to food for comfort and then i had children and my weight, i just kept putting that weight on. slowly over the years went from overweight to obese to morbidly obese. >> reporter: her inspiration to change coming from a photo on facebook.
8:10 am
facebook that i was tagged in. when i saw that photo, it was just -- it really was the straw that broke the camel's back. it was the realization that not only did i physically feel bad, that is what i looked like to the world. and i was ready to make a change. >> reporter: austin shifflett began gaining weight when he was just a teen. >> i was a recluse, i was in my room, video games, soda, junk food, i didn't like school because i got picked on. i was really depressed and they put mow on an antidepressant which one of the gownsides of it was potential weight gain and it spiraled out of control and i didn't want to go out in public, no family events or nothing like that. >> reporter: one day he reached a turning point when visiting a friend. >> he was trying to gain weight so weighed himself multiple times a day. you know what, i'm going to weigh myself. see where i am. i thought i would be around 250. the scale said 324. i left his house immediately
8:11 am
and told my grandma's i'd like to start a diet program. >> reporter: two stories of hard work, determination and perseverance leading to extraordinary results. they're about to show us all right now. all right, but before we see what austin and heather look like, i want to bring in charlotte triggs, senior editor of "people" magazine. first of all what inspired you about these two stories in particular? >> these are people that face struggles that a lot of americans do. they struggled with their weight for years and really only once they saw this huge number on the scale did they take action and they did it with normal methods, just healthy eating and working really everybody can be inspired by and take away the tips to use >> an incredible self-motivation. i want to show everyone the door at home because this is the before picture right here. open the door and welcome the new year. look at them now. that's incredible. come on over. you look fantastic. congratulations. >> thank you. >> incredible story. hey, good to see you, austin. first of all, let's go over the
8:12 am
the numbers really are something. you lost how much weight, heather? >> about 127 pounds so -- >> that's right, 257. you lost 127 to bring you to 130. that is incredible and, austin, the numbers on you, 324 pounds, you're now at 158. >> yes, sir. >> you lost 166 pounds. >> yeah. >> so what was it for you? you were with a friend. you both decided to weigh yourselves. >> he was always trying to gain weight and i hadn't weighed for a very long time. i got on the scale and i was about 80 pounds heavier than i thought so that kind of like hit rock bottom. >> heather, for you it was an image on facebook seeing yourself looking bad. >> yes, i think everyone has that dreaded moment when they get tagged on facebook and don't know what's going to show up. this popped up. i realized that's what i looked like to everybody and i was tired of feeling bad and looking like that and i was ready to make a hang. >> it crystallized it for you. some of the bad habits. it looks good though to me. >> you can tell i love dairy.
8:13 am
change that. >> well, i turned my life around and my eating habits. these are a lot of the things i eat. instead of a gallon of ice cream every two or three days, i'll have greek yogurt and put blueberries on them. spinach with egg whites for extra protein and good fiber and bulking it up and it's what i love to eat. >> austin, show us how you turned your diet around. there go the burgers. i want the burgers. >> yeah, the burgers are great but now i just drink a lot of water. no more sodas and these atkins shakes, i just drink them a lot. before and after workouts and even as a meal replacement. they're really good. >> a lot is self-motivation and you guys stand here as proof that we can do it in the new year. thank you both for coming on. >> no problem. >> showing us the new yous. impressive, right, guys? "people's" half their size issue on newsstands nationwide. tomorrow, more tips from "people" magazine from
8:14 am
first to rob in missouri. >> reporter: we are in kimmswick along the banks of the mississippi river. the heavy equipment is out as they will add another couple of feet to this man-made levee. it looks like it will crest friday morning. the cold air is in place, the moisture from this storm making it -- wreaking havoc across new england, sleet and snow and freezing rain will turn to rain mostly i think about this afternoon. just the next few hours will be very dicey from boston back to albany and then heavy snow across parts of maine.we'll start off the day with lingering snow showers and flurries, though most of the day will stay cloudy. temperatures will not go anywhere, thanks to fresh snow in the area, and should remain in the 20s the entire day. another area of low pressure looks to spread snow across the area early tomorrow with amounts of tr-2" common. again, that could lead to slick driving, especially in the morning hours. we'll stay quiet as 2015 comes to a close, with 2016 starting
8:15 am
we'll >> i've offered to help, but they won't let me run the heavy equipment, guys, so it looks like i'm filling more sandbags later today. back to you in new york. >> i can only imagine why. >> he's always willing, though. always willing. time for "pop news." >> it is time for some "pop" and we're starting out with some major hotness. "modern family" star sofia vergara took to instagram overnight to wish her hot hubby joe manganiello a happy birthday. she wrote, "happy birthday to the husband i always dreamed of" and probably so many other women can see that, as well. a photo of them dancing at their wedding. they kept the birthday celebrating low key for a dinner with two. i always make the joke they could sit there and stare at each other for the rest of their lives and would be a happy marriage. >> happiness. >> i mean, and there's a brand-new force awakening on the internet this morning in the form of a shirtless photo of young harrison ford. brazilian musician sergio mendes shared this picture on facebook. it was the day ford finished
8:16 am
back in 1970. "star wars" fans might remember ford actually landed his role as han solo after running into george lucas while doing some carpentry work for francis ford coppola. there's a lot of like awesome moments in that. ford helped lucas run some lines and the rest, as they say, is history. can you imagine? >> can you catch your breath over there. our floor director is fanning herself at harrison ford. >> i mean, harrison ford doing carpentry, that just got hotter. do you ever use a hammer and nails, david? >> sara. [ laughter ] we'll save that for the commercial break. >> i wanted to see if we could up the david muir factor on set today. and now the couple behind this viral sensation singing all the hottest songs of 2015 in just 3 and a half minces known as husband the duo. husband and wife team michael and carissa alvarado have their racked up more than 4 million views on youtube with their
8:17 am
pop-in from hawaii. hi, michael and carissa. >> hey there. >> hey. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> now, it was a huge year in music. how did you condense all this down into such a short amount of time? >> you know, it was really tough for us to pick and choose which songs we wanted to put in this 3.5 minutes' amount of time but we just googled the best-selling songs of the year and we kind of chose from that and kind of listened to our followers and what they wanted to hear. >> we would love to hear you perform for us if you're willing. nobody can drag me down >> sure. >> yeah, we'll play a little bit of the snippet for you guys. >> all right. >> one, two. nobody can drag me down nobody nobody nobody can drag me down >> note you're too sexy beautiful and everybody
8:18 am
that's right i still get yellous give it to me i'm worth it baby i'm worth it we got bad blood baby now we got bad blood >> wow. >> yay. [ applause ] >> thank you, guys, so much. clearly the theme of "pop news" was super talented couples who could do look at each all day or just play. that's beautiful. i could listen to them all day. >> you'll be hearing from taylor swift's lawyer. >> to add you to the album. saving dan over here. >> don't dampen my "pop." okay? >> sorry. i'm zipped for the rest of "pop." i promise. >> all right, fantastic "pop news." thank you so we can all look at our spouses and think what can you do? >> how inadequate are we. >> i'm going to get my tool belt for you. >> thank you. >> country superstar kenny chesney coming up next. jumpstart your 2016 brought
8:19 am
home of the judgment-free zone.on( tt2watz'@f4 "a`n_bl tt2watz'@f4 bm`nti@ tt4watz'@f4 " dzlq &,\ tt4watz'@f4 " enlq v(< tt4watz'@f4 " gzl& o/d some places are opening back up this morning after being closed due to the winter storm. but yesterday we didn't see as many cancellations because schools are on winter break. that meant there were fewer drivers on the road trying to get kids to and from school. with less traffic to contend with, plows can push the snow faster. it also helped that the temperature stayed around 30 degrees--ice materials worked better. a number of eastern iowa communities have declared snow emergencies through midday. that means you should stay off the marked snow routes so plows can get through. even more hawkeye fans going to the rose bowl will be flying out of cedar
8:20 am
13 public charter flights are scheduled to depart. the first flight is supposed to take off at 5 o'clock this morning. the eastern iowa airport expects to see at least 3 thousand people travel through the airport for the rose bowl. and now here's your first alert
8:21 am
on a green christmas >> welcome back to "gma." i'm happy to report david did find his tool belt and will be wearing that later in the broadcast. stay tuned for that. >> some things never die. >> it's around. just wait for it. we have a lot more coming up this half hour as well including country star trisha yearwood who cannot only sing up a storm, she can cook one up too. her best comfort food recipes just moments away. first a very special one-on-one with another country star. >> can't wait for her visit but in the meantime, country singer kenny chesney is a great friend of "gma." headlined our summer concert
8:22 am
scenes on the road and this morning he's telling abc's rebecca jarvis about his latest collaboration. >> let's go. because you only get -- >> the more music we have in our life the better everything is. reality >> reporter: to country music superstar kenny chesney his fans are everything. so is music. >> i have so much music on my computer i could hit shuffle and it wouldn't repeat a song for three weeks. >> music, it's the last real thing we got. >> reporter: joining pharrell, drake and taylor swift and their apple music bandwagon. in the recent ad we get a behind-the-scenes look at his preparing for a massachusetts concert. drink it up >> the fact that i can take my fans by the hand and drag them along with me ic pretty exciting. >> reporter: to apple he'd be bringing along his die-hard fans, the no shoes nation.
8:23 am
>> i got a degree in business and here i am writing songs to are a living and trying to be a rock star. which i love. >> reporter: i think you're succeeding. it's a little more than just trying. how does apple music fit into the whole business of kenny chesney? >> because i love music and my fans love music and we can share that together like we have is beautiful. i want to drink it up >> kenny chesney is an institution. >> reporter: head of content larry jackson picked up the phone and called kenny. >> i'm just happy that he liked the idea and he trusted in us. >> i remember what inspired me. like the first time i heard willie. >> so unique and special to him. he's incredible, i love him. >> but somewhere along the way we all forgot how much music can really party. >> reporter: huge win for apple. >> major. >> reporter: huge win for ken in i. >> i don't want to be the one to say that but we're happy to work with him.
8:24 am
>> the more accessible music can be in everyone's life it makes their life better. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, los angeles. >> if you've ever seen him perform he is incredible. there's a reason why he's so successful. >> what he's doing now. kenny chesney's new "spread the love" tour kicks off in april. >> the perfect time for an on location vacation if you're headed to las vegas this new year's and you want to party like bradley cooper and co-stars in "the hang over" we have spots you have to visit. what happened in vegas turned out to be a blockbuster hit for the stars of 2009's "the hang over." >> i added two more guys to my wolfpack. >> reporter: they head to vegas for the bachelor party to end all parties proving what happens in vegas stays in vegas. after a night of hard partying, they run into one small problem.
8:25 am
headed to las vegas this winter and want to party like these rock stars, we've picked out the top spots for you to visit. first up, caesars palace. >> t ts isn't the real caesars palace is it. >> reporter: when todd phillips and the screenwriters and the producers thought about the concept of this movie they, of course, wanted to set it at an iconic location like caesars palace so right now i'm descending the onyx stairwell of "the hangover" suite set up for a mass party. >> reporter: if you're feeling lucky head down to the "hangover" slot machines. >> as you walk around virtually every casino in the world you'll see hangover on slot machines. >> reporter: head to the gift shop where "manageover" problem beal ya abounds after your might have mass partying head down to the pool where the guys tried to piece their night together and while it's unlikely you'll see the cast members in the flesh,
8:26 am
thing at madame tussauds "hangover" visit. >> we wanted to create the most memorable scenes. >> reporter: you'll be able to re-create a classic scene in real life. >> the wedding chapel is memorable. people will be able to get married there. >> reporter: whether you want to hit the jackpot or say "i do," "the hang over" experience is sure to be a vacation to remember. or not. >> depending on what happens. >> or create your own too. that's always fun. >> one of the most epic movies ever, dan just said -- >> i watched it on a plane recently. it totally holds up. >> speaking of movies have you seen "joy"? it's fantastic. isabella rossellini plays trudy, a wealthy widow who meets robert de another rethrough a singles ad. i talked to her about what challenges women face in hollywood and this where they go on their first date. >> why don't you come with your entire family on my boat?
8:27 am
gland grandchildren. >> sailboat, 55 feet. that is big, yeah, i would love to. bring some nice food, something to drink. >> but not red wine because it might stain the teak wood deck. it's very precious. >> okay, understood, no red wine. >> isabella rossellini joins us this morning. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> i love robert de niro calls the pairing of you two unexpected. you've known him personally for 30 years. what was it like working with him professionally. >> it was a delight, of course, when i first heard that i was hired to do the film i was a little bit intimidated because he has such an enormous reputation and, yes, he was the witness at my wedding with martin scorsese so we've known each other for a long time. but he's very benevolent on the set. it was lovely to work with him. >> you obviously got to work a -- joy being played by jennifer lawrence. everyone says she has no filter
8:28 am
>> she's extraordinary. i mean, she is a woman of incredible intelligence, very quick and one of the funniest persons i've ever been around, incredible sense of humor. i have tremendous admiration for her. >> there has been a lot of talk recently and long overdue about ageism and sexism in hollywood. >> yes. >> how would you describe the movie industry for a 60-year-old woman like yourself? >> well, i haven't wked for six years, so to finally have gotten -- >> not because you didn't want to. >> no, not because i didn't want to but, of course, when you don't work for six years i created my own shows, i took a monologue on the road that i've written, you know, you try to create your own work. yes, there is less work, of course, i had a very big career as a model and i'm not modeling anymore so ageism, it definitely is something that exists and i have experienced. >> isabella rossellini, the movie is fantastic. you were great. more rows for women in their 60s.
8:29 am
thank you very much. >> she was such a pleasure to speak with. "joy" in theaters now. she is fantastic and very, very funny so i encourage everybody to see it. rob, we have to head back out to you in missouri for tough weather you've been dealing with over the past couple of days as so many have. >> it's dry. the bad news, it's cold but getting out here and they've got the front loader and the backhoes and santa built up this levee because the river will come up to my shoulders it looks like. the record-breaking warm across the southeast. the cold finally infiltrating the northeast but look at these numbers, record-breaking in orlando, 85 degrees, norfolk, almost 80 degrees today so that's some chilly stuff. across the`rest of the country looking at thunderstorms across the south, chilly from denver too dallas. and across the southern california also chilly and some rain across the pacific showers and flurries, though most of the day will stay cloudy. temperatures will not go
8:30 am
in the area, and should remain in the 20s the entire day. another area >> sara, this levee looks very strong but could use a bit of a lady's touch so come on down and help out. >> i think you have the weather under control. like the warm studio thing but hurry home. critics say "power" hits on all cylinders, the number one most patched starz original series ever and executiveve produced by rapper 50 cent joining us now are two of the pourhouse actors behind us. should i call you joseph sikora. >> that would be great. >> joseph and naturi naughton, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> as i understand this, you're the massive kingpin's friend, drug kingpin. >> or the massive kingpin himself. it's arguable. >> you are the wife. >> i am the wife of the drug
8:31 am
are li brother and sister but both danger us in our own right. >> what can fans expect. >> that we build on the previous two seasons, we have a huge amount of passionate fans but it's spreading and the word is spreading so get on it now so you're not the lasas one to know. >> fans need to know that tasha and tommy will expect amazing things because every character has a frustrating to fight for. >> a lot of action. a lot of momentum. >> a lot of craziness and drama, everybody may not make it. >> i only watch if you bring the crazy. >> we bring the crazy. >> curtis jackson, aka 50 cent is the execucuve producer but part of it. what's it like for him to be the boss. >> i've always loved and admired 50 cent as an rapper, artist, businessman and mogul but working with him we have a seen, tasha and sanecanaan. it's a little scary, intimidating.
8:32 am
>> every bit as intense -- >> what do you call him? >> 50. >> he just says, yes. >> we have all dferent names r him. what do you call him. >> fift. >> this is our ninth season of the warm coats and warm hearts coat drive with burlington and kids fashion delivering. so far we've collected over 95,712 coats and we're about to have more so you guys, thank you so much for coming to donate with us. go ahead. drop them in. the number just went up. if any of you watching nowant to donate a gently worn coat go to any burlington store, coats will be distributed free of charge to those in need in your community and when you donate, take a picture and tell us why you donated, include the #give #giveacoat. your picture might end up on "good morning america." thank you so much for being here. >> there's plenty of room in there. >> follow their lied. >> happy holidays.
8:33 am
on we are back now with some delicious recipes for your holiday week. country superstar trisha yearwood recently stopped by to share the secrets behind some of her favorite foods. >> the holidays are in full swing which means a lot of people are craving comfort food so look who we have here,
8:34 am
award winning country singer and best-selling cookbook autmor trisha yearwood here with some delicious party recipes all featured on her show "trisha's kitchen". we have a great clip from your southern kitchen heading into its seventh season by the way. >> yes. >> you're talking about reba about life on the road and coming home. let's take a look. >> do you cook on the road? do you have like a bus that you stay in? >> i used to think i was going to cooooon the road and i had a kitchen in the bus and ended up i think i made a fried bologna sandwich. i will have to say on this tour with gth we have a wondeul catering crew and they've been making my recipip out of the ok so it's cool. so i get to eat my cooking without having cook it or having to clean it up which is awesome? nothing wrong with a fried bologna sandwich. >> every now and hen.
8:35 am
>> this is a cornbread chilli casserole and i have ground beef, lean ground beef and onions i browned here. pretty simple to put together. chicken stock in, salsa, some corn, a --- >> salsa you buy at the grocery store. >> make it easy. drained. >> perfect. >> a little bit of cumin. a little bit of salt. some chilli powder and mix it all together and press it into the bottom of a man. >> this is the cornbread. >> i love my homemade cornbread but this did a store bought cornbread mix and add milk to it and top that and bake it at 350 for about 45 minules in oh, my god, that is so good. >> put a list cheesee andour cream on top. that's that. >> it doesn't need it. it's fantastic. that is so good and black-eyed pea dip. >> i'll definitely serve this at new year's. a lot of people think they don't like black-eyed peas.
8:36 am
mashed potatoes for my husband. you puree them. >> so good. >> if you don't think you like black eyed peas, try the dip. >> onions in there. >> jalapeno. >> oh, yeah, i'm getting that kick. that is amazing. and then this is a woman after my own heart talking desrt you're like cookies. >> yeah. >> show me what you got here. >> everybody's got an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe. this one is just a, again, a super easy, i use dark chocolate chips. >> little healthier. >> i use self-rising flour so you don't have to think if you don't cook you don't have to think about mixing the flour and baking them. >> i hbve a list cripplekrip crisp to them. >> and brown sugar. everybody is@hungry here, i can te. feed us! i'll be eating more. thth is just a little many haveling. this is fantastic. you can get these recipes on our website, on yahoo!
8:37 am
is on the food network. happy new year.
8:38 am
r. kelly performing on "gma." i'm moving to a place where i can get internet from centurylink. if i get the three year price lock, am i stuck with the three year contract? no. that just means the price won't change. for three years. that way the price is locked, you're not. you can just hang out and be free. lock in your monthly price for 3 years without a contract whwh you bundle with unlimited nationwide calling.
8:39 am
we are back now with r&b grammy winner r. kelly has a new cd out called "the buffet" and recently stopped by "gma" for a very special performance of his test single "backyard party" and a variety of his classic hits. >> are you ready? i say are you read somebody make some noise.
8:40 am
finally it's the weekend hey all the hard work is behind me yeah and i just invited all my friends i'm about to t tow something on the grill on the grill get together and play some cards yeah a couple of drinks something's smoking g no one's got hating in their hearts whoa backyard party a backyard party we'll just have it a backyard party we'll just have a backyard party >> show them how you fefe. i feel light
8:41 am
>> yeah. eel like yeah i feel like whoa >> ladies and gentlemen, make some noise. bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce now i'm not trying to be rude but hey pretty girl i'm feeling used t t way you do things you do reminds me of my lexus cool that's why i'm in your grill trying to get you to a hotel you pus be i football coach the way you got me playing the fieldo lete give you that running her hands through nye fro bouncing on 24s why they saying on the radio it's the remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen momma rolling that body got every man in here wishing sipping on coke and rum i'm so like so what i'm drunk it's the freakin' weekend i'm
8:42 am
my mind is telling me no but my body, my body's telling me yes baby i don't want to hurt nobody but there is something that i
8:43 am
[ applause ] the wait is over. the playoff is here. >> the college football playoff semifinals oklahoma/clemson at 4:00. and look what we found, the aforementioned promis david's tool belt. >> in my office. yeah, yeah, yeah. u know whatt else we found, check out this video. amy playing a little cornhole. it has actuallyhappened. proof it happened. >> i told you. i'm a cornhole master. >> give me that t ol belt. >> got some pictures to hang in my office.
8:44 am
we'll see you tonight.sudden boom with the recent snowfall. "that's money in our pocket. we've been waiting all winter, and it's been it continues. " of the many snow removal businesses that were clearing pararng lots and driveveys. and the sled shed in cedar rapids had a number of people who wanted servicing on their new one. the shop says problems with old snowblowers are often caused by old fuel in the machine. the entire state of iowa is going to be cleaning up after the snow storm. at one point yesterday afternoon, the iowa department of transportatio n reported all roads were at lea partially covered in snow. people ines moines saw about 5 inches of snow sterday. the second wave of the storm hit as most people were getting out of work, causing a headache for evening commuters. the city of des moines dispatched about 20 of its trucks lasnight. employees
8:45 am
hour shifts until the storm passed. and now here's your first alert forecast. we'll start o the day with lingering snow showers and flurries, though most of the day will stay cloudy. temperatures will not go anywhere, thanks to fresh snow in the area, and should remain in the 20s the entire day. another area of low pressure looks to spread snow across the area early tomorrow with amounts of tr-2" common. again, that could lead to slick driving, especially in the morning hours. we'll stay quiet as 2015 comes to a close, with 2016 starting off cold. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news t
8:46 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael"! today, "live's viewers' choice end of the year show." and now here are your emmy-winning hosts kelly ripa and michael strahan. [cheering and applause] coldplay: if we've only got this life you'll get me through oh if we've only got this life... kelly: whoo! coldplay: then this adventure is more than i kelly: thank you!
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