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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  December 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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treatment at the uihc in iowa city. kcrg-tv nine's brea love joins us live from the newsroom. brea, what is his mother asking for? well beth, smock's mother barb heathman wants to regain possesion of the ashes of her son's dog. smock had to put his dog jack down two months ago. ever since, he carried the ashes in a box, and took them everywhere. cedar rapids police found his dog's ashes while investigating the campsite. when heathman tried to get the ashes, she said the police denied her. smock has to give consent but with 60 percent of his body burned, smock is in a medically induced coma. heathman says she believes in her heart she is the only one smock would want to keep the ashes. "as his mom, i know what that dog meant to him, that was the only thing in this world corey had that meant anything to him." she's asking for the police to make some kind of exception. he is expected to recover. tonight at 10, i talked with
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get jack's ashes. live in the newsroom, brea love, kcrg-tv 9 news. a crash in fairfield around noon today killed one person and injured another. the state patrol says the person who died was 49 year old terri skalsky of walford. her vehicle crossed the center line on highway 151 near prairie drive in fairfax and hit another vehicle head-on. then a truck smashed into the passenger side of skalsky's vehicle. 22 year old hannah looney of shellsburg was injured. she was in the second vehicle. the wreckage blocked the highway for hours. the benton county sheriff's office says a grain bin accident this afternoon killed one person and injured another. sheriff randy forsyth says a 56 year old keystone man was vacuuming grain into a semi at the benton grain company. that's in keystone. the sheriff says a wall of corn surrounding him collapsed, and covered him. authorities have not released
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one of the men arrested as part of "project safe neighborhoods" in waterloo learned his fate today. a judge sentenced 23- year-old dameon harris of waterloo to almost five years in federal prison. he was convicted of being a felon and a drug user in possession of the charges stem from an april tried to hide a gun before officers arrived to a shooting scene. harris is one of seven people arrested in waterloo as part of the department of justice's "project safe neighborhood s." this is video from a press conference announcing those arrests. they stem from six different incidents of gun violence this past spring, one of them deadly. the effort is to try to stop people who cannot have a firearm from having one in waterloo. remember that when you see news, call newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also send us pictures and news tips to newsroom at kcrg dot com. meteorologist justin gehrts joins us now with your first forecast. justin,
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light snow is likely late tonight into wednesday morning as a weak, fast- moving weather system crosses the midwest. a dusting to an inch of snow will be common with some locally higher amounts between one and two inches. fortunately, winds will be light, mainly under ten miles per hour. we'll have highs in the 20s tomorrow. the year will end on a colder note with highs around 20 on thursday, year's day. sunshine and highs in the 20s are back for the weekend.tonig ht: lt. snow poss. late low: 16-22 winds: light alo: 18 dbq: 21 iow: 20 changes to the city of dubuque's website are helping people there know when city streets are clear after a storm like we had yesterday. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann is live in dubuque. hey justin! dubuque has a live website
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last cleared snow from from every city street. they recently made some upgrades to that system to make it more user friendly. all 23 of dubuque's snow plow trucks have an automated vehicle location tracker. information about where those trucks have been during a storm, shows up, live, on the city's website. it lets the viewer know when the last time a truck has plowed through every street in the city. the gps sensors track the actual snow plow blade, not the truck itself. so activity only shows up on the map, when the blade touches the ground. plow drivers use that information after a storm to figure out which streets need attention. "some of my drivers will check the public site before they come into work and just see where they're at on their route. " dubuque made the gps tracking system live to the public back in 2013. in recent years, they've had some technical issues getting that information on their website. but they recently switched to a cellular system to help better share that data online. the city spends about two thousand bucks each year for the tracking system. live in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9
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republican presidential candidate marco rubio is ramping up his campaign efforts in iowa before the february first caucuses. today he made three stops after the snow storm forced him to call off yesterday's events. in clinton this morning he talked about how immigration is not just a campaign issue. he called it an issue of national security and of keeping terrorists out of the u-s. "when i'm president, we will be guided by a very simple principle that makes all the sense in the world. if we cannot confirm 100% who you are and why you are coming, you're not getting into the usa. " rubio's campaign says he's planning several more campaign stops in iowa in january. republican chris christie is polling a bit lower than rubio, and he's also campaigning here in eastern iowa this week. we're now just a little over a month away from the iowa caucuses. and candidates like christie are hoping to drum up support in this final stretch. kcrg-tv9's brady smith joins us
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cedar rapids. brady, what did christie have to in iowa city? christie stopped at the hamburg inn number 2, a popular stop for politicians. he says showtime is over, and now it's gametime, with the iowa caucuses right around the corner. christie led off by saying president obama isn't doing enough in the fight against terrorism at home and overseas. 7:20-:22 "he's never understood how to fight terrorism." christie referenced the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino, california, saying the obama administration isn't doing enough to keep americans safe. 7:35-:47 "if a center for the developmenta lly disabled in san bernardino, california has now become a target for isis terrorists, then that means every place in
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called out republican opponents ted cruz and rand paul, accusing them of voting for measures that weakened the u.s. intelligence community. one man in the crowd called republican frontrunner donald trump a "national humiliation," pleading with christie to take him on.12:30-:34 "something happened in made donald lose the christmas spirit." but christie said he won't get into a "tit for tat" with trump. bruce swenson appreciated christie's straightforward responses and his focus on strengthening the u.s. military. 36:40-:49 "he supports our country and he would do it with force if he had to, and i think he emphasized security which i think is important."christie's talk of bringing more transparency to how college tuition bills resonated with isu student kelsey huss. 39:41-:46 "i look at my u bill, and it literally just says 'fees,' and i don't know what i'm paying for."carol ann christiansen liked christie's idea of doing away with common core standards in public schools. 43:18-:26 "when a federal government comes in and says, 'if you do this, then you'll get x amount of dollars,' i don't agree with that." one man in the crowd did call
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recent comments he made, criticizing the obama administration for focusing too heavily on climate change. christie's response: the president can't just focus on one issue, and needs to make the fight against terrorism more of a priority. live in cedar rapids, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. thousands of hawkeye fans are in southern california getting ready for friday's rose bowl game. the eastern iowa airport provided activities today to keep the thousands of passengers waiting for their chartered flights entertained. stay with tv9. " hi we're the chapman family
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we want to wish all our friends and family a hap holidays in monticello, iowa. we miss you all and hope to see you soon. " "i'm anticipating it's all going
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to say it's a 10...a 10" fans packed the eastern iowa airport today excited to get away from the cold to sunny pasadena, california. black and gold filled 13 chartered planes heading to los angeles for friday's rose bowl game. the hawkeyes are preparing to take on the stanford cardinal at four that day. about three thousand fans boarded the charter flights, adding a lot more passengers to the airport's normal traffic flow. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman reports it was a mix of long
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it's the kind of airport lines fliers might expect to see snaking through terminals at the big airports like chicago's o'hare. but these fliers were mostly black and gold and happy. sot/ nat and did we mention noisy sot/nat " we knew there were 3,000 people going out of here today and we expected it. we're parked way out in the snow. but we're happy as long as we can get out of here we're not complaining at all. " "we don't mind, we don't mind at all...we'll wait" airport administrator s say when you add up all the charter and regular passengers this may wind up as the airport's single busiest day for flying ever. and organizers took steps to make the waiting more tolerable. local craft breweries offered free samples to those waiting to board. a therapy dog mingled with the crowd spreading some good cheer. and charter passengers dropped off baggage on an improvised football field. but
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mixture of volunteers and extra staff kept the lines moving. "it takes a lot of people working together we've got our fbo helping out and tsa put on extra screeners and baggage all the airport staff is here and helping out and city pd helping out" aside from a few short delays, everything ran on time. dave franzman, kcrg tv9 news. iowa's c-j beathard definitely put in the work to become the hawkeyes' starting quarterback. but he didn't get that position until his fourth year in the iowa football program. we'll look back at beathard's journey. stay with your 24 hour news
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weather system crosses the midwest. a dusting to an inch of snow will be common with some locally two inches. fortunately, winds will be light, mainly have highs in end on a colder note with highs around 20 on thursday,
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and highs in the 20s are back for the weekend.tonig ht: lt. snow poss. late low: 16-22 winds: light alo: 18 dbq: 21 iow: 20 tomorrow: am snow likely high: 24-30 winds: w 5-10 alo: 26 dbq: 27 iow: 29 tomorrow night: mostly cloudy low: 13-19 winds: w 5-15 alo: 15 dbq: 16 iow: 18 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 20 - low: 16 friday: mostly sunny high: 19 - low: 6 saturday: mostly sunny high: 25 - low: 9 sunday: partly sunny high: 28 - low: 13 monday: mostly cloudy high: 28 -
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tuesday: chance of rain/snow high: 32 - low: 15 thanks justin. still ahead, josh has a preview of tonight's on- iowa live from the first avenue draught house in cedar rapids. "and i'm scott saville. it's
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and i'll feature "sunshine" c.j. beathard when we come back on your 24-hour news source,
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for on iowa live here at ... hi everyone, we're getting for on iowa live here at the first avenue draught house. c.j. coaches made him the starting quarterback back in january. scott saville has more from pasadena. josh we are hanging out on the beach today. when cj beatgard showed up at iowa he looked like a cali surfer dude with the long hair. but he cut the hair before the season started and he has been field. cj beathard put in his time as a backup at iowa so when he was named the starter coming into his 4th year in then program he was ready. "i'm excited. i've been with
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i have a lot of experience under my belt as an upper classmen and i've been through the system for a while now. i felt like i was ready to embrace that opportunity." beathard has all the intangibles toughness, moxy, leadership and that lightning quick release. "he's got an extremely quick arm. and the best way i can describe it is from the time the mind says, "open" until the ball leaves the hand, it does not take him long. the ball comes out. he's a tough guy. he's very smart. he can extend plays, he can make plays with his feet." where cj has improved the most this season his off the field preparation which starts in the film room. "the more you stay in the film room, the better you're going to be as a quarterback. and i think this season and last season, i kind of grasped that more than i ever have. i've tried to stay there more than i ever have, which i've done. that was a big part for my game to improve." that work off the field has given offensive
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confidence to let cj make a lot of changes at the line of scrimmage. "he has the ability to take that play and switch sides. he can go from run-to- run, run-to-pass, pass- to-run. he has quite a bit of autonomy at the line of scrimmage." cj has the ability to make big plays in big games and their is no bigger stage than the rose bowl. "we were in the big ten championship game. we played in a lot of big stages all year long. they're a little bit different, but when you get down to the core of it, it's just another game. you just have to embrace it like another game. you don't want to over hype it or anything like that because that's when you lose focus. so, we just have to make sure we stay focused." i really think the hawks will take a few more chances and throw down field against stanford. cj's golden arm could be the difference maker. back to you josh. ... thank you scott, the iowa men's basketball team kicks off the big ten season tonight. the hawkeyes host number one ranked michigan state, game-time is at 8. the
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without their top player denzel valentine, but they've won the last nine meetings against the hawkeyes. ... the iowa women's basketball team also opens up big ten play this week. the hawkeyes travel to nebraska on new year's eve at 1 pm. last year, the hawkeyes gained some confidence by beating nebraska three times. the team says it's ready for big ten play. "coach keeps reminding us that we went over there and beat them three times in one season. that's hard to do any time is to beat a team in one season that many times. just continually reminding us that we have done that past." "coach bluder mentioned that big ten play is a new season. you get a new record, new statistics, so every thing's new. you just have to go out there with a clean mind set and just be ready to play." trt: 24 oc: "ready to play" and now to first alert storm
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t justin gehrts for your final forecast. light snow is likely late tonight into wednesday morning as a weak, fast- moving weather system crosses the midwest. a dusting to an inch of snow will be common with some locally higher amounts between one and two inches. fortunately, winds will be light, mainly under ten miles per hour. we'll have highs in the 20s tomorrow. the year will end on a colder note with highs around 20 on thursday, followed by upper teens on new year's day. sunshine and highs in the 20s are back for the weekend.tonig ht: lt. snow poss. late low: 16-22 winds: light alo: 18 dbq: 21 iow: 20 thanks for joining us for
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we hope you'll be with us again tonight at ten.
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