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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  December 29, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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recovering in the hospital after a fire burned much of his body. you're wching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . family and friends are sharing their memories of a a university of iowa student who died when a chahaer bus crashed yesterday. the crash in chicago killed 21-year-old nicole underwood. illinois state police says the bus driver lost control on an interate early in the morning. the bus hit a construction sign. first responders took nicole underwood - who is from des moines - to the hospital, where she later died. four other people also went to the hospital. kcrg-tv9's sarah h carthy joins uuon the story. sarah, you spoke with the friends nicole underwood was traveling to visit? nicole planned to meet her boyfriend michael at busustation in chicago. that's where the two would celebrate new years eve with friends. instead, nicole died at
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sharing memories ofofhe woman they call caring and charismatic. 07:04 "she didn't take anyone's garbage and i saw that the first time i met her and i was just like, who is this person? i want to be friends with her." anjeli chafekar met nicole underwood four years ago. she says a friendship formed instantly. 07:07:54 "i can't tell you how many timei would be upset and she would show up at my door with care packages, like fuzzy socks, and all of my favorite things. i've never had a friend like tt." a friend who wanted to be a therapist. just months away from graduation - nicole was looking for graduate schools closer to her boyfriend. 07:15:55 "she was the most beautiful girl i'd ever sese." 07:17:50 "she was very caring, and so smart, so smart. everything about her blew me away in the best kind of way." qualities he hopes others will remember through this.
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raising money for a scholarship fund in her name. they say this is what she would want. 07:10:06 "i can't think of a better way to honor the kind of person that she was than this." 07:26:47 "she'd really like that. knowing she's still helping someone, somewhere, somehow. " if you'd like to contribute to that scholarship fund, we've put that information under this story on kcrg dot com. nicole's funeral services will happen in des moines, where her family lives. the date and time are still to be d dermined. bruce and beth? thanks, sarah. meteorologist justin gehrts joins us now with your first forecast. justin, some more snow is moving in? light snow is likely late tonight into wednesday morning as a weak, fast- moving wwther system crosses the midwest. a
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inch of snow will be common th some locally higher amounts between one and twtw inches. fortunately, winds will be light, mainly under ten miles per hour. we'll have highs in the 20s tomorrow. the year will end on a colder note with highs around 20 on thursday, followed by upper teens on new year's day. sunshine and highs in the 20s are back for the weekend.tonig ht: lt. snow poss. late low: 16-22 winds: light alo: 18 dbq: 21 iow: 20 back to you. a dubuque man faces a murder chchge in chicago after a dispute over a dice game. the chicago sun-times reports police arrested 23-year-old emmanuel harvey for a death on the city's south side last may. police say harvey and another person shot and killed 29-year-old alvin randolh. they say the two went to confront another
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game. randolph tied to break up the dispute. that's when police say harvey and the other person shot and killed him. waterloo police are investigating a report of gunshots this afternoon. it happened around 2:30 in the 500 block of elm street. police say the initial report was that someone fired several spots at a group of people. but police say they don't know of any injuries. police found a small amount of blood and several shell casings at the scene. the homeless man in cedar rapids who was severely burned is expecteteto survive. 38-yeye-old corey smock was sleeping in a tent two weeks ago near railroad tracks in the northwest quadrant. that's when a candle fell over, catching his sleeping bag on fire. a good samaririn saw the fire and tried to put it out. kcrg-tv9's brea love talked with smock's mother about smock's recovery. tuesday corey smock went into his fifth surgery at uihc, with many more to come.
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sixty percent of his body. smock is in a medically induced coma. even though he can't respond, plenty of people are by his side. "a lot of his friends have come up, my husband and i are staying here with him so i am with him from 8 o'clock in the moing until sometimes 10 o'clock at night." heathman says she'e'grateful for those who have cared for smock. "the nurses here are phenomenal, the doctors, i could not ask for better care for core" one thing heathman wants is to get one of smock's most precious possessions. smock's dog jack was put down two months ago. ever since, he has carried his ashes aund in his bapack. "they were buddie they went through the flood, they went through everything together, that dog just meant the world to him." cedar rapids policefound the ashes while investigating the camp site. the depapament says it can notot relelee the ashes to heathman because she does not have smock's consent. but she knows her
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"as his mom i know what that dog meant to him, that was the only ththg in this world corere had that meantntnything to him." officers did advise heathman to work with hostal staff to obtain the needed paperwork. in the meantime she will l ay by her son's side. doctors say he could be released for therapy by the end of february. in iowa city, brea love, kcrg-tv nine news. republican presidential candidate marco rubio says national security would be his top priority as president. today, the florida senator made several stops in eastern iowa, includingne at the waterloo center for the arts. he told dozens of supporters there that the government's number 1 job is to keep americans safe. h@ said he would beef up the military to help fight terrorism. he also told v vers that he would also undo many actions president obama have taken during his years in office. the g-o-p presidential field is
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people. former new york governor george pataki ended his bid for president tonight. he made the announcement in a video posted on social media. "10 tonight is the endf my journey for the white house as i suspend my campaigngn i'm confident we can elect the right person.. someone who will bring us together. someone who will understand that politicians including the president must be the people's servant not the master " pataki was a long shot in the crowded field. henever made the main stage in any of the g-o-p debates. and he only received around one percent support in recent polls. the state of iowa is producing more ethanol than ever before. the iowa renewable fuels association says the state produced more than four bibiion gallons of ethanol this year, which is a new record. that total accounts for about 27 percent of the nation's ethanol. the association says the state's 43 ethanol refineries surpassed last year's production by increasing
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iowa and stanford players answered all sorts of questions in pasadena today... hear what some of them said, as we bring yououhe sights a a sounds of rose bowl media day. stay with your 24 hour news
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the rose bowl game is just three days away... and the action today centered around media day. it is the only time that all the players and coaches from both teams are available to reporters. kcrg t-v nine's scott westerberg was one of those reporters, and he joins us live tonight scott, it sound like quite an event. it definitely was a site to see. the rose bowl says have been issued, so things were a bit overwhelming today. some of the players like the media interaction. hers...not as much. "i noticed a lot of guys that would rather be practicing on the football field right now." "if this is the worst thing that comes with playing in the rose bowl, i'll take it all day." "you just got to embrace all of it. you got to embrace the fun stuff and the dia stuff as well. it's a tribute to getting to the rose bowl. it's part of it and you got to enjoy every part of it." cameras, cameras and more cameras...thth media army spent an hour grilling the playererand
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everything. "boone myers said he can easily out-eat matt vandeberg but vandeberg thinks myers can't really eat that much and he can out-eat him. w w do you have in that draw? i'd take boone for sure on that one." while this whole rose bowl experience is new to the players and most of the media from iowa, a couple familiar faces have done this many times before. both remember their fifist rose bowl we stayed at the same hotel as the players an they were available for visiting or whatever, , cess was easier and there wa't any television, so you basically had a run of the place." "just as many members of the media then as there is now but the difference is you have all the social media a and the twitteteand snapchat and all that other good stuff which makes it
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tired answering a million questions, cedar r rids gazette columnist mike hlas took over. "what else do you need to know?" the two head coaches will hold one finalress conference in the morning, but other than that, we won't hear from the team again until after the game on friday. coming up later in sports, scott saville will have more from media day. live in pasadena,@california, scott westerberg, kcrg-tv9. the rose bowl game will air friday. the 12-and-1 hawkeyes face the 11-and-2 stford cardinal with the kick off shortly after fououp-m, iowa time. you can see the game on e-s-p-n. and don't miss t-v nine's "countdown to kick-off" earlier that day. the hour-long special airs at 9 a-m, right here on kcrg-tv9. the city of pasadena will hold its annual tournament of roses parade before the big game... hear how the festivities on friday will hold a special
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weather system crosses the midwest. a duststg to an inch of snow will be common with some locally higher amounts between one and two inches. fortunately, winds will be light, mainly under ten miles per hour. we'll have highs in the 20s tomorrow. the year will end on a colder note with highs around 20 on thursday, followed by uppfr teens on new year's day. sunshine d highs in the 20s are back for the weekend.tonig ht: lt. snow poss. late low: 16-22 winds: lilit alo: 18 dbq: 21 iow: 20 tomorrow: am snow likely high: 24-30 winds: w 5-10 alo: 26 dbq: 27 iow: 29 tomorrow night: mostly cloudy
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15 dbq: 16 iow: 18 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 20 - low: 16 friday: mostly sunny high: 19 - lowow6 saturday: mostly sunny high: 25 - low: 9 sunday: partly sunny high: 28 - low: 13 monday: mostly cloudy high: 28 - low: 13 tuesday: chance of rain/snow
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football fans, but it'll also be special for many other iowans for another reason. for more t tn a decade the iowawa donor network has helped create the "donate life rose parade float" in the tournament of roses parade in pasadena, california. each yeye, the iowa donor network sponsors families to take part in the parade. they're organ recipients and their families, organ donor families and living donors. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie introduces us to _ome of them from the past and the prerent. for some in iowa, the tournament of roses parade... " 4:00:59 never miss it. " ... is something special. not for football or for flowers, but for memories. "every year we watch it and get a little emotional to see the float come across." julie schneider
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mother rode on the donate life rose parade float holding a picture of her father. "my dad wasasiagnosed in the early 80s with a rare liver disease and in 1989 became very ill and received a life-saving liver transplant after six days on the waiting list. " now another iowa family is preparing to play a sisilar same role in this year's parade. on new year's day, people will see a picture of this man - russ gerdin - with his daughter julie who's & already in california. "i'm gogog to be riding on thth float and carrying his picture in his honor." russ's son, mike, runs the trucking company his dad started. he'll be in the crowd remembering his father who struggled withthliver cancer. " 4:10:15 he needed a transplant and one came through for him." " 4:16:50 when he received his liver in 2006, it was such a tremendous gift, one you cah't even put into words " " 4:07:2:2it'll just be a goodod time to rereect on all the good things that happened and were able to happen. he got to see five more grandkids born after his
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with his new grandkids." the iowa donor network wants millions to see these stories on new year's day because othe need. " there's a great need for organ donors in this country. there's 120,000 people on the wait list at any given time, 600 here in iowa and we just want people to register, find out what it means to be a donor and how they can register." in north liberty, jill kasparie, kcrg-g-9 news. the tournament of roses parade will air live from pasadena at 10 a-m friday. you can see it right here on kcrg t-v nine. and we understand the donate life rose parade float will be about halfway through the lineup of floats. coming up in sports, i'll have more on the preparations for the rose bowl game this friday. stay with your 24 hour news
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... michigan state has been the big bully against the iowa men's basketball team winning the last nine meetings. the hawkeyes welcomed number one sparty to carver hawkeye arena. ... the last time iowa beat michigan state was in iowa city back in 2011 ... cedar rapids native jarrod uthoff gets the scoring started for the hawkeyes as he decides to take the three-pointer... but he dealt with early foul trouble ... his teammates picked up the slack... adam woodbury with the spin move and
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layup... hawkeyes go up six ... nicholas baer continues to give production off the bench... grabs the loose ball, sets, fires and hits the long triple... iowa up seven ... more from the hawkeye bench... dom uhl with a long three and the bank is open late on a tuesday... 31-17 iowa ... for the third straight game, baer finished in double f fures with 11 points... throws it down to give the hawkeyes a 35-21 lead ... closing seconds of the first half... they get to jok who knocks down the catch a a shoot three... iowa led 37-23 at halftime ... 2nd half action, mike gesell muscles his way inside... count the basket and the foul... gesell finished with a career high 25 poiois... iowa knocks off number one michigan state, 83-70... first win against a number one team since 1999 "last year hurt, so did iowa
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from it. and i was really proud of my guys for the way we rallied in the second half and were able to keep that lead." trt: 10 oc: "keep that lead" ... iowa offensive coordinator greg davis helped the hawkeyes finish with a top 5 offense in the bib ten. scott saville joins us live in california, scott t vis has faced a lot of criticism during his time at iowa, but patience had paid off. josh the iowa offense has been extremely balancecethis year . they can beat you on the ground or thru the air and they are tough to defend. "there's a lot of flexibility that a lot of the players have. once the ball is snapped in the passing game, and it just takes a while for them to understand that flexibility. it takes a while "there's a lot of flexibility that a lot of thplayers have. once the ball is snapped in the passing game, and it just takes a while for thth to understand that flexibility. it takes a while to get on the same page with the quarterback. i think the fact that we're able to run the ball so much better this year." "we're a lot
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we're just going out there and really focusing on our job. i don't think it's really anymore complex than that." "he's like a dad to me, like a grandpa to me. all the quarterbacks as well, we love him. he's fun to be out ttre with on the f fld in practice. and he know what he's doing. he's a great teacher of the game as well. he's taught me more than i can even say." "i know it gets old talking about being resilient, next man in and one day at a time, but when you have really good teams, that's what they do. so kirk has kept talking about that and players took that mind set. so that has been really
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they have a lot of time to prepare i i thihi coach davis a lot the rose bowl. back to you josh. ... former northern iowa quarterback jay johnson has been named the n offensive coordinator for the minnesota gophers. he ent the last four s ssons as the o-coordinator at louisiana lafayette. the ragin cajuns set school points in 2012 under his guidance. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, justin... light snow is likely late tonight into wednesday morning as a weak, fast- moving weather system crosses the midwest. a sting to an inch of snow will be common with sove locally higher amounts between one and two inches. fortunately, winds will be light, mainly under ten miles per hour. we'll have highs in the 20s tomorrow. the year will end on a colder note with highs around 20
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