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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 30, 2015 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- ryan seacrest, chef giada de laurentiis, this year in unnecessary censorship, and music from gavin james. with cleto and the cletones. and now, happy holidays -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you.
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thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming out. happy holidays. we're so close to christmas. you remember christmas? that thing people used to get excited about before "star wars" came back? there will be a full moon on christmas this year. the last time that happened was in 1977, which is also the year the first "star wars" movie came out. now this one's out and we have another full moon. it's like an epidemic. it really is. is it like an epidemic, guillermo? >> guillermo: yeah, a little bit. >> jimmy: a little bit. it's hard to get my work done today. we had our office secret santa gift exchange. there were cookies and pretzels and chocolates dipped in chocolate. i had a pie today made out of the -- the crust was made out of graham cracker then it was filled with diabetes, delicious. how many of you are traveling for the holidays?
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about a third of you. that's what they say. christmas is that magical time of the year when we're forced to spend money we don't want to spend to travel to places we don't want to go to see the people we really don't want to see. the holidays can be very stressful. it's true. that's why i think it's important to take a moment to take a breath. can you give me a little music? everyone take a breath and just relax. pay attention to my words. you're going home for christmas. yeah, your mother will be there. but you know what she loves you. she's crazy but she means well. you've done so much this year, you're an adult now, you're not a child anymore. you can take care of yourself. you don't have to listen to other people. people will be drunk at christmas time. uncomfortable moments will be had. but we'll focus on the good things. the positive things. like the fact that every second with your family is one second closer to when you leave your family. and fly far, far away.
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whole year to yourselves. you'll get through this. you always do. you feel better? [ cheers and applause ] we have a very festive show. music tonight from gavin james, he's from ireland. chef giada de laurentiis is going to cook for us. she's originally from italy. a man who is much too busy to see "star wars" this month, ryan seacrest is here. [ cheers and applause ] actually squeezing us in tonight between his radio show and his overnight shift at the cheesecake factory. he closes the place on thursday nights. we're glad he could find time for us. oh, he is? oh, apparently ryan is standing by? >> 20,160. 20,159. 20,158. 20,157 -- >> what are you doing?
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20,155 -- >> jimmy: isn't it a little >> 20,154 -- not if we want to get to 1 it isn't. >> jimmy: oh. >> 20,153 -- >> jimmy: new year's is two weeks away. >> exactly. 20,151 -- >> jimmy: why are you here in new york? you're supposed to be here with us tonight in a couple of minutes. >> 20,150 -- i'm sending one of my body doubles for your show, no one will know the diffence. >> jimmy: you have body doubles? >> 20,148, 20,147 -- >> jimmy: you have body doubles? >> of course, 19 of them. how do i do all these shows? >> jimmy: body double like santa claus? >> no, more like saddam hussein. 20,145 -- >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> do you mind? i'm in the middle of the something. 50,154 -- >> jimmy: sorry, i apologize. >> it's okay. one of us will see you soon.
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seacrests will be here tonight. he's like a shark, if he stops working even for a minute he dies. this is funny. the clippers. l.a. clippers have a thing where the last guy to make it to the locker room after the game has to dance in front of his teammates. it's a ritual that was very clearly on guard j.j. redick's mind during his postgame interview after they beat the pistons. >> to grind out a win like that, what's that say about your team? >> great win for us. you know, i think we showed a lot of resolve -- >> he's gone. >> jimmy: he must not be much of a dancer. [ cheers and applause ] meanwhile, at the same time his teammate jamal crawford didn't want to dance either. he was doing an interview. watch how distracted he is. you can see j.j. redick run by him. >> here with jamal crawford, one of the heroes of this game, the odds to win the you were wide open, did you expect to have a shot like that? >> i didn't, but everybody was
10:41 pm
we trust each other, we'd been there before. >> doesn't get a lot better than that -- >> have a nice flight home, thanks a lot, see you guys. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it used to be the fans ran out of the clippers game. earlier tonight on abc the barbara walters 10 most fascinating people special. barbara retired in 2014. but she keeps -- she is the brett favre of soft focus interviews. barbara is 86 years old. fascinating were donald trump, microwave oven technology, she's dazzled by it. the most fascinating person of all the fascinating people in barbara's opinion is caitlyn jenner. caitlyn jenner as you know in 2015 struggled to overcome the shame and controversy of being the only woman in the kardashian family whose name begins with a "c." she did, and congratulations to caitlyn. i have to say i think i'm most
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still gets fascinated by stuff. i feel like they're going to figure out a way to keep doing these even after she passes like dick clark's rocking most fascinating barbara's eve hosted yeah? no, i don't want your pity, i really don't. tonight at long last moviegoers get to see "star wars: the force awakens." movie theaters are telling people not to bring their lightsabers. which i believe is a violation of their right. the movie officially opens tomorrow. there are early screenings. some theaters are showing the movie at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. which the force may awaken at that time. i do not. the movie's on track to gross more than $2 billion worldwide. it's doing so well they're talking about making another one. there are several "star wars" sequels and byproduct in the works right now.
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"rogue one." a year after that, "star wars episode 8." it's part of the plan to release a new "star wars" movie every time apple comes out with a new iphone. as you may know at the end of every week throughout the year we bleep and blur the big tv moments of that week whether they need it or not. tonight as 2015 draws to a close we've whittled those down to our favorites, "this year in unnecessary censorship." >> kim davis' attorney says if she is in good spirits mike huckabee is expected to [ bleep ] her in jail later this afternoon. >> did mr. trump go too far in [ bleep ]ing your wife? >> he did. >> our president [ bleep ] eats a big [ bleep ], i promise it's a big [ bleep ]. >> i've [ bleep ]ed dozens of balls. >> just take that [ bleep ]. squirt the [ bleep ] into your mouth. >> are you saying -- >> [ bleep ] is just a mediocre day.
10:44 pm
one in the morning, one after the gym, one at night. i may have to [ bleep ] right after this. >> how many marshmallows can jennifer lawrence fit in her [ bleep ]? >> until you get that [ bleep ] in your hand you're not sure that he's coming. >> i should get credit for vision. again, this isn't bragging. normally i wouldn't say this but i need your [ bleep ] votes, do you understand that? >> what explains donald trump? >> he's a master [ bleep ]er. >> listen. >> [ bleep ] your mother. >> yeah. >> i mean, the koch brothers are some of the biggest [ bleep ], [ bleep ] you can find. >> the best way to describe my [ bleep ] is unique. i can't think of another word. it's unique in every way. and i have fingerprints all over my [ bleep ] by those who touched me.
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wow, wow! ow, ow! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we are going to take a break. when we come back we'll hand out the coveted clip of the year award for 2015, a special year in review edition of "lie witness news." stick around, we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] (trap door opening) rootmetrics in the nation's largest independent study tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with 153 state wins. at&t got 38, sprint got 2, and t-mobile got zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability. at&t got... text. stuck on an average network?
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>> jimmy: welcome back. ryan seacrest and giada de laurentiis and music from gavin james on the way. we have to make time for a beloved annual tradition. on our staff four guys spend
10:49 pm
in bean bag chairs watching tv searching for funny, weird, crazy clips for us to play on the show every night. their names are jake, joe, jesse, anthony. i would bring them out but their skin has become so sensitive, if they were exposed to the studio lights they would burn into piles of ash. thanks to their miserable work, at the end of the year we go through all the most watchable clips they find, we select the best of the best. with that said it is time to present the nominees for "clip of the year 2015." the nominees are -- wheel of misfortune. >> three, two, one -- oh, where's the wheel, where's the wheel? oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's tu-bad. >> you know i love the tuba.
10:50 pm
listen to that. >> he lost his mike down the tuba. ha ha ha! >> that's not a tuba by the way. >> what is it? >> it's a souzaphone. >> jimmy: instant puberty. >> i've been dreaming of this moment for so long! >> jimmy: sick puppies. >> ahem! rudy, what are you doing? what are you guys up to?
10:51 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and finally, may the floor be with you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and the winner for "clip of the year 2015" is -- "may the floor be with you," ladies and gentlemen. here to accept his award, anakin skywalker himself, darth vader! congratulations. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congratulations. are you all right? that's more violent that -- congratulations to darth vader and all of our finalists. he'll be all right, right? you know, this is a topical show
10:52 pm
big news stories of the day. and sometimes we about out on the street and get people's opinions. this afternoon to close out a year of this we went on hollywood boulevard, asked people about some of the big events from 2015. but what these people didn't realize is none of these events actually were events. we made them all up. and the result is tonight's special "year in review lie witness news." >> 2015 has been a big year for news. one of the biggest stories this year was when jay-z bought the leaning tower of pisa for his wife beyonce. what did you think when you heard that, when you saw it on the news? >> i was like, well, if you have that much money, go ahead and buy it. >> were you excited when you saw the instagrams of blue ivy using it as her slip 'n slide? >> a little bit. i was jealous. >> president obama took a few months off this summer to shoot another "transformers" movie where he'll be playing a hybrid car to promote eco awareness. what did you think about that move, was it presidential? >> i think that's a good cause.
10:53 pm
presidential job for him to be doing. >> have you heard that the cosby show is back on nbc to capitalize on his recent infamy? >> yes, i have. >> do you think that was a fair decision for nbc to bring that back? >> i think it wasn't a fair decision. i think it's too soon. there needs to be more time for him to build his persona, his character again. if he wants to create his legacy again, it's going to take time. >> entertainment news obviously the big event was when john lennon reunited with his former bandmate george harrison for a 20-night run in madison square garden. >> yes. >> did you catch any of the video video? >> i didn't catch any of it but i heard about it. it was good news. good news. >> what did you hear about john lennon's performance in madison square garden? >> of course it was good. i mean, john lennon is john lennon. >> a living legend? >> exactly. >> a dead legend. >> well, yeah, exactly. it was pretty good. >> of course this year beloved actor charlie sheen contracted rabies after quote-unquote
10:54 pm
what did you think when that became a twitter trending topic? charlie's rabies? >> i thought that was really funny because he's done a lot of questionable things. and that just adds on to his list of things that he's done recently. >> how excited were you when scientists and paleontologists brought back to life the first-ever viable baby pterodactyl? >> i was super excited. i was like, oh, good, we can actually start bringing things back for everybody to see. >> as you know this year in entertainment news we lost madonna of natural causes. it was her time. at the ripe age of 96 years old. would you like to send your thoughts to madonna's family? >> yeah, i do, she's a legend and has millions of people looking up to her. i am really sorry for her family. but she lived a good life. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very sad news. at least we got john lennon back. tonight on the show we have music from gavin james, giada de laurentiis is here to make us
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. tonight, this is her new book. it's called "happy cooking." giada de laurentis is here. she's going to teach us to make a traditional christmas italian dessert. it's called jello budino. no, that's jell-o pudding. then later his song is called "bitter pill." he is a very talented singer and songwriter from ireland, gavin james from the samsung stage. [ cheers and applause ] guillermo, what is your plan for the holiday? are you doing anything? >> guillermo: take my family to big bear. >> jimmy: to big bear, really? that's the mountains. there will be snow there and stuff like that? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: are you going to ski up there? >> guillermo: no, i never ski. i'm going with one of the writers. he's going to show me. >> jimmy: are you really? >> guillermo: i've never been in the mountain.
10:59 pm
>> guillermo: no. like big bear, you know. on big bear. >> jimmy: have you ever been on a mountain? >> guillermo: no, no. >> jimmy: wow. that's going to be something. i wish i could go with you to observe that. >> guillermo: no, no, no. >> jimmy: it's always the cutest when your sidekick goes to the mountain for the first time. all right. well, that sounds like fun. >> guillermo: it will be great. >> jimmy: you bringing your mother-in-law? >> guillermo: never! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: our first guest tonight is a gifted broadcaster with the rare ability to count both forwards and backwards. on december 31st he will auld lang and syne us into 2016 on "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest," starting at 8:00 eastern here on abc.
11:00 pm
>> jimmy: you made a friend. >> yes. we share clothes. >> jimmy: are you in the christmas spirit? or have you skipped right to new year's eve? >> actually -- yeah. i did the holiday party for the staff last night. >> jimmy: you brought a photo of this. >> i took the radio staff and the production staff last night for -- >> jimmy: where did you go? >> clutch in venice. it's a biker bar pork place. >> jimmy: bikers and pork? >> yeah, kind of cool. we had a suckling pig. >> jimmy: nice. >> cevice. it was very casual. but it was a lot of fun. so i took them. i always -- >> jimmy: only in l.a. does a biker bar have ceviche. >> right. and valet parking. >> jimmy: as the boss -- >> please. you may ask me a question. >> jimmy: when you are at a holiday party with staff does it ever get weird? >> i look for someone to get weird with. >> jimmy: you want it to get weird? >> just with one. i never know what to say. they listen to me talk all year. i feel like once i do the toast
11:01 pm
>> jimmy: there's somebody's husband or something who will decide, this is the time to corner you and maybe ask for a raise for his wife. >> yeah, last night one of the women who works for me, she had a couple of glasses of wine, she starts telling me about her husband. she's like, you know he smokes weed? i'm like, really? she goes, yeah, it's in the freezer. i'm like, okay, perfect. are we going back afterwards? what's happening? what do you do as the boss? you're like, great, next? >> jimmy: is this a person you hired? to come to the party? or is this one of your star staff members? >> that is santa. >> jimmy: obviously, right, yeah. >> one of his helpers. i did hire him for an hourly fee to suck beer out of a straw through his beard. >> jimmy: i see. >> a very unconventional christmas. >> jimmy: he was being paid to be there? >> yes, he was being paid to be there. look how bad -- >> jimmy: are you throwing out gang signs? what's going on there? >> let's be clear, not only that but a guns n' roses t-shirt with the blazer. >> jimmy: oh, wow.
11:02 pm
>> jimmy: you're a bad boy, you really are. >> naughty and nice. what do you do for the staff here for christmas? >> jimmy: we had no party this year. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we had no party. >> you do something for thanksgiving? >> jimmy: we have a big thanksgiving. >> you actually cook? >> jimmy: i cook for the staff on thanksgiving. >> what do you make? >> jimmy: i don't like when people make turkey for thanksgiving. how much turkey can you eat? i make like a prime rib type of thing. >> that's great. you cook it here? >> jimmy: in the parking lot. >> and fish for christmas? he does. fish for christmas? >> jimmy: italian seafood feast which giada is going to do a little -- >> what kind of wood do you like? what kind of -- ? >> jimmy: smoke? >> yes, to smoke. >> jimmy: yes, i like fruit wood. apple or cherry. white oak is nice. why do you ask? >> i was talking to the staff and they said you do an amazing branzini. jimmy kimmel weeknights on abc. we'll be right back. thank you. >> jimmy: no, we won't be right back. >> you're always throwing to
11:03 pm
>> jimmy: you should do it in the countdown as the ball's coming down. >> five, four, three -- >> jimmy: we'll be back after this. >> after the break, 2016! >> jimmy: are your parents still watching everything you do? >> they're over me. >> jimmy: are they? >> it's funny. i thought they were. but my mom, she sits in front of the tv and does lean cuisine and watches every year. and i say, mom, it's okay to be absolutely sick of me by now. >> jimmy: no, no, your mother will never get sick of you. >> that's true. >> jimmy: did she call you and say, i thought this was good? >> it's funny. so during "idol," every year after the show she would call me and say, i'm not quite sure that the ending was right. i'm like, mother what are you talking about? i'm in the car. she says, it wasn't quite right. i said, it's america's vote, how can it not be right? what kind of vote are you giving me? we say good night and "bones" is on. i mean, give me a break. that's connie seacrest. >> jimmy: we have a picture.
11:04 pm
i don't know if you posted this? we got this from your mom? this is christmas in the seacrest household. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: is that a tape recorder? that is a tape recorder. >> yeah, so that was my first radio station. >> jimmy: oh, that's awesome. that's really the beginning of it all right there, right? >> but it's true, actually. that's all i wanted when i was -- look at that. >> jimmy: how old were you? >> that's before i got fat. i get really fat three years later in the movie. then i don't eat for years. and i get skinny. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> but that was -- it's all i wanted was that. you know, we're -- >> jimmy: you'd make little tapes of shows into it? >> i would make tapes for my parents. and also i'd make tapes for the school bus driver. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. because i figured if i made a great tape for him, he'd let me stay on for the second load. and i'd get to stay on the bus longer and get to class later. so i would play like hall & oates for him and things that he really liked. >> you'd play it into the machine?
11:05 pm
but i looked at his demographic, figured out what he liked. >> jimmy: really, you seduced him in a way. you made him a mix tape and seduced your bus driver, wow. that's a beautiful story. >> isn't that great? i should have prepared something. >> jimmy: no, that was enough, really. hey, you mentioned "american idol." this is going to be the last season of "american idol." >> i can't believe it. >> jimmy: are you bringing back the original judges? paula and randy and simon? will they appear on the show? >> randy's here now. he's ready to go. >> jimmy: is he. >> he's always like, i'm here, i'm ready! i got makeup, i'm ready! i just keep saying yes. because eventually i say it enough places -- >> jimmy: they will be pressured. >> otherwise what a cruel joke to the public, right, to not come back. >> jimmy: it would be the right thing to do for them to appear on the show. >> that's what i said. i said to simon, it would be rude of you not to come back and just salute the show that made you such a big star here in america. >> jimmy: yeah. right.
11:06 pm
>> jimmy: right, right. will simon request to be paid to come appear on the show? or do you think he will do the show for free? >> i don't think he does much for free, jimmy. >> jimmy: i see. >> i think he likes to be paid in cash and cigarettes. >> jimmy: and tight little t-shirts. >> yeah, well. i've got a few of those myself. >> jimmy: you're working on new year's eve once again. >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: what time does it start? >> it all starts actually on december 26th. and we're live for a whole week. no, it starts at 8:00. and we go live from times square. it's 30-plus performers, carrie underwood, one direction, it's everybody who was popular in music this year. it's actually -- it's the most fun of the year for me because that show at the end -- the night when you count down to 2016, the whole world, for at least after this year, there's peace and unity for at least two minutes. honestly. you feel like everybody's on the same page. >> jimmy: and everybody's watching the same thing, we're focused on this sphere coming down.
11:07 pm
but strangely i always think i'm going to screw it up. but it's right there in front of me. >> jimmy: please screw it up. it would be -- >> you'd love that. >> jimmy: i would be -- a great new year's gift for me. >> january 3rd, seacrest screwed up the ball count! he loves the ball count! >> jimmy: to screw up just really counting backwards from ten would be something remarkable for the country. >> if you need some material for the first week after the holidays, i got you. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: happy holidays, merry christmas, happy new year. watch ryan seacrest, "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest" airs live new year's eve at 8:00 here on abc. and the farewell season of "american idol" begins january 6th on fox. we'll be right back. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live"
11:08 pm
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: bring that outfit here. we need him. you know our next guest from her many shows on the food network. tonight, she is here to share her new cookbook called "happy cooking." please welcome, giada de laurentiis. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: come up on, how are you doing? thank you for coming, happy holidays. >> who's your elf? >> jimmy: gabriel.
11:17 pm
how is this one different from your -- what do you have, like seven other cookbooks? >> yes. >> jimmy: how this is different? >> this is my eighth baby as i say. this is my eighth cookbook. and it's a little different. you know,think this past year and a half has been different for me. i've gotten divorced. a lot of things have changed in my life. >> jimmy: are you okay? do you want to make out or anything? >> not with you, jimmy. >> jimmy: maybe with gabriel? >> i'll think about it later. but no. you know what, just revisiting what i love to do. i realized that really and truly i am the happiest and most empowered when i'm cooking. >> i feel the same way except it's eating. but yeah. >> great, len them cook and you can eat. >> jimmy: that sounds perfect, beautiful, good to you, gabriel? >> good to me. >> jimmy: you're cooking for a hat. >> he can't see. >> jimmy: where do we start? >> what do you want to do? do you want a cocktail? >> jimmy: sure, yes. >> we have a hazelnut -- >> jimmy: you said the word cocktail and look who showed up. >> hazelnut spritzer.
11:18 pm
it off is do a little bit of -- i can't because the peeler doesn't peel. >> jimmy: we have peelers that don't peel. >> here you go. we go like that. >> jimmy: you don't need that. cheers to you. >> cheers. >> guillermo: salud! >> we might need a drink. >> jimmy: to you as well. he's got one right there. >> do you want some? >> jimmy: i think this is illegal. what's going on? >> nobody can see anything, it's all good. should we start on the oysters? >> jimmy: let's start. what do we do? >> first of all, you're italian, i'm italian. >> jimmy: yes. >> do you do the feast of the seven fish? >> jimmy: i do except we do way more than seven fishes. we do like 22 fishes usually. at our house. we're gluttons. >> do you cook everything? >> jimmy: i cook most everything. i like to cook, especially the christmas eve seafood feast is my domain. >> are oysters ever on your menu? >> jimmy: always. >> you know how to shuck them? >> jimmy: i do have a general -- i'm not great at it. >> i want to see you do it. >> jimmy: i do it once a year. >> do you want to shuck oysters? >> guillermo: i don't know how to do it.
11:19 pm
>> guillermo: i did, i was not good at all. >> grab an oyster. take the sharp knife. use a glove. you do not want to shuck your hand. they're slippery suckers. >> jimmy: you kind of -- >> no -- yeah, okay. ready? >> jimmy: then you wriggle it until you get it in there. >> you've got to be careful, you don't want to go through your fingers. >> jimmy: right, okay. you don't want to go through your fingers. >> you do not want to go through your fingers. >> guillermo: got it. >> before jimmy? yay, nice job! >> jimmy: i got mine too. let me just point out before you get too excited you were unable to peel a lemon. >> yeah. i did. all right. i'm going to make the mignonette that goes on top of it. >> jimmy: should i keep shucking? >> you can keep shucking or eat it, whatever you want. shallots, excellent. a little lemon juice. and some pink peppercorns.
11:20 pm
guillermo, could you hand me the proseco, plooels? >> guillermo: before i finish. >> you don't drink from this? >> guillermo: no, no, we're okay. >> a little bit of proseco. this is really fun. >> jimmy: italian version of champagne. right? >> it is. >> jimmy: i think it's better than champagne. >> it's a lot lighter, not as dry. try these oysters with this mignonette over the top. this is something that doesn't take long. how is it? >> jimmy: very good, delicious. >> you can do that? >> jimmy: i can do it. >> shuck oysters, mignonette with shallots. >> what are we going to do next? >> then we get to my favorite dessert of all-time. struffli. >> jimmy: my mother makes this every year. my grandmother made it. >> have you ever made it? >> jimmy: no, mom makes it. >> you've got to make it. i understand that but at some point you're going to have to do it. >> jimmy: god forbid. >> oh my god, look it. take this off. take this glove off. >> jimmy: why is he putting mexican hot sauce -- >> guillermo: that's the way we eat it. >> that's the way he eats it,
11:21 pm
flour and water -- >> jimmy: you doing all right down there, gabriel? >> i feel like he can't see anything. >> jimmy: you know why he can't see anything? because he can't see anything. >> oh my god, gabriel! >> jimmy: it's okay. don't worry, i'm a doctor. i'm a doctor. if you start breastfeeding we're going to have a problem. >> now you can see though, right? okay, there you go. flour, eggs, butter. and orange. >> jimmy: uh-huh. consistency. throw it in the fridge for 30 minutes. >> jimmy: you're keeping very serious with a man in your arms. yeah. >> okay, okay. >> jimmy: we got the dough. >> the dough, now start cutting in strips and roll it. so that's the dough after -- >> jimmy: like that? >> exactly. then you go like this.
11:22 pm
>> i can't roll with one hand. >> jimmy: i'll roll it. >> there you go, like that, excellent. >> jimmy: thank you. >> good job. >> jimmy: thank you. >> do you want to help him roll? >> guillermo: yeah, sure. >> roll this. not with the oyster hand. gross. >> guillermo: right here with you. >> jimmy: i rolled it out. >> i'm being sandwiched. >> jimmy: cut it up? >> cut into little -- there you go. small little ones. just kind of like you make gnocchi. same process. make little balls out of them. are you getting all this? is this interesting? >> yes. >> guillermo: little balls? >> you're getting heavy. >> jimmy: he's getting an erection is what he's getting. >> guillermo: look at him so happy! >> put a ball in there. >> jimmy: would you like to make love to giada? >> fry them in oil at 375. for about three minutes. how does your grandma make them? >> jimmy: my grandma's dead so but my mom makes them just like this.
11:23 pm
>> what does she use, hazelnuts? >> jimmy: honey mostly. >> we all use honey. >> jimmy: she uses sprinkle things. >> does she make only balls made out of flour or mix it as well as nuts? we do both. >> jimmy: why are you attacking my mother? >> i'm trying to get to the recipe. >> jimmy: i don't know, i just eat them. >> they used to make them only with nuts until nuts got expensive so flour made it cheaper. you do a mixture of nuts and floured balls so it's chiner to make. >> jimmy: we do the cheap one, we're cheap. >> no nuts at all. do me a favor. take the honey syrup and pour it over those balls. >> guillermo: the whole thing? >> take the whole thing and pull it over the balls. >> real fast. >> guillermo: go, go, go. >> dump, now mix. mix it and make a tower out of it. >> jimmy: make a tower out of it. >> go, go, go. >> jimmy: let me grab the premade television tower.
11:24 pm
>> the tower's here. >> it's so beautiful, this is stunning. look at that. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: look how beautiful that is. >> i'm going to feed gabriel. >> jimmy: it's almost a shame to eat them. >> will you hold gabriel? >> jimmy: gabriel, i'm going to hold you, all right. i just want to mention that "happy cooking" is the name of the book. this is giada de laurentiis. thank you so much, that was delicious, i think everybody's very happy. we'll be right back with gavin james! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel
11:25 pm
presented by samsung. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i want to thank ryan seacrest, giada de laurentiis and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, here with the song "bitter pill", gavin james!
11:26 pm
they came down to the room and i could see it written all over you since you already know that i said sorry but i gotta go and i'll rip these walls apart and i went and shot an arrow right through your heart but how those times have changed cause now you don't remember my name i'm sorry that
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[ cheers and applause ] coming down into little pieces before i could stand up so i built a wall out of all my secret ss and now it's opened up and i remember the cold cold mornings
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