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... we heard the name christian mccaffrey all week and how he was the key to stanford's offense. ... and he showed why on the first play from scrimmage... kevin hogan hits mccaffrey over the middle and he outruns everyone... he takes it 75-yards to the house and stanford set a new rose bowl record scoring 21 points in the first quarter ... mccaffrey can score in all kinds of ways... 2nd quarter, on the punt return mccaffrey jukes a couple of iowa defenders... and he is gone... 63 yard touchdown... mccaffrey set a new rose bowl record with 368 all- purpose yards ... iowa didn't show any quit by scoring a couple of touchdowns in the 2nd half, but stanford still wins 45-16 ... scott saville joins us live from pasadena. scott, a lot of people are wondering why mccaffrey didn't win the heisman after his performance against iowa. josh give stanford a lot of credit they came ready to play and christian mccaffrey is better than advertised and he set the tone
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play from the line of scrimmage. "what happened on that first play? it was one on one coverage between him and a linebacker. that's their goal is to get him in the open field cause they know what he can do when he gets the ball in his hands and we knew exactly what was going to happen." "we brought the safety down and i was in the middle of the field and i was trying to work back to help lomax out and went to plant and slipped. he didn't really have any help on the inside. that's how it goes sometimes i guess." "we just didn't execute properly. we should have had more leverage on him. it just came down to execution." was he quicker than you thought out there? i wouldn't say any particular feature surprised me with him except just his ability to not be tackled. he has a remarkable ability to stay on his feet." trt: 48 oc: "to stay on his feet" mccaffrey finished with 368 all- purpose yards. we will have more postgame coming later in sports.
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thanks scott. it was a hawkeye headache for fans in cedar rapids. many of them were elbow eateries. but that didn't last come the huge half time deficit. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders has the story. it was a disappointing loss for hawk fans who had high hopes for the rose bowl, but you know those hawk fans that we're here at the field house, you kind of get a sense of where their minds were at but half 35-0. many of them were headed towards the door, that hasn't happened in the 13 previous hawk games, according to managers. "elephant in the room is clear, you know a 35 deficit at half is pretty tough to take. you know, we're all going to the game thinking it's going to be a close game. it's going to be kind a want to those nail biters that the hawkeyes have given us all year long, that's why love them." "we suck, right no. we have no passing game. we have no blocking, whatsoever. so, that's why we're losing."one good thing about the rose bowl,
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great for bars and grills as hawk fans packed inside. over at the chrome horse saloon, they reach capacity about a half hour before the game, 400 patrons in the doors. in fact they had to turn some people away. "today we opened at 11. i had people waiting at the door at 11. new year's eve obviously took a lot of what we had in stock, but i the general manager is actually on his way to go get some more for the night."the hawks end their season with a lost tonight, but you know what? they're gonna be back next year and hawk fans say they are hopeful for another great year of football. in cedar rapids forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. the loss also means that iowa still has not won a rose bowl since 1959. today, kcrg-tv 9's chris earl got to watch part of the 2016 rose bowl with one of the few people who has, truly, been there. chris... beth, don shipanik turned 79 yesterday and
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yet, today, don and his family opened up their home to take us back... to a different time but one that is always close to his heart. deep inside this home in hudson -- another basement full of hawkeye fans, ready to watch the rose bowl. except don shipanik was also there, in an true "football viewing" chair... he knew what these young men were going through. "42:13 nobody can appreciate it as much as somebody who has gone through it. " don is 79 now... but on january 1, 1959, he was a young man -- all of 22 -- a chicago kid who came to iowa... " 35:20 i had chosen iowa over michigan state." he was undersized, at about 168 pounds and playing right guard on offense and a linebacker on defense. that's just the way it was back then. and closing the '58 season and the '59 rose bowl with head coach forest evashevski's words still ringing for don. "43:01 eva: when we came into the locker room before the game, and he got up in front of the team and said 'gentlemen, you have 60 minutes of football to play and a lifetime to
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right in that '59 rose bowl, jumping on cal 20-0 by halftime and winning 38-12. the historic play, running back bob jeter's 81-yard run in the third quarter. don shipanik had a great view...from his, uh, seat. "40:32 i was standing there looking at the field and there was jeter running for the touchdown." " 41:40 john lucera... gary growinkle... where are you in this? i'm way back there! " for the 4 p-m kickoff, don and i sat back... watching what would unfold... " 52:28 if they pull this off, what would it mean to you to no longer be on the team that won the last rose bowl? well, it would be good not to have to say it! " ...his family pulled out that 1958 helmet... " 56:00 see this mark right there? when i look at that one, i think to myself 'glad i had my helmet on'. " and of course... 11 seconds into the game. " 53:10 they'd better catch him, they'd better catch him... " the start of a lopsided loss for
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later, that day in 1959... is marked forever for don shipanik. " 43:34 a great experience, something that very very very few people have the opportunity to go through but it was the greatest thrill of my life, to play in the rose bowl. " the "marilyn" on that poster to don was his wife of 47 years who passed away in 2006 and was "his number 1 fun". they married 8 weeks before the '59 rose bowl. a personal "thank you" to don and his family for opening their home to share their story. yet, unfortunatel y for don shipanik, he remains with the title "part of the last hawkeye team to win the rose bowl"...beth. a quiet night weather wise, right kaj? this weekend's weather will be pretty typical for the beginning of january. we'll have overnight lows in the teens and highs in the middle to upper 20s both saturday and sunday. the sky is going to
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day as well. slightly cooler air moves in on monday as temperatures drop a few degrees, but we'll climb right back and be in the lower 30s for the second half of next week. there's a slight chance of rain and snow toward the end of next week. until then, we have nothing but fairly quiet weather to start 2016.tonight: mostly clear low: 13-19 winds: w 5-15 alo: 14 dbq: 14 iow: 16 back to you. cedar rapids police arrested four people today after they say two of them made a fake robbery report that led to a chase. 21 year olds zachary beguhn and camille kapayou face charges of false reports after reporting a robbery by lindale mall this afternoon. when officers were heading to the scene, they spotted the suspect vehicle, which led to a chase. officers arrested the driver, 21 year old elijah
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baker faces a charge of interference with official acts. loney faces several charges including eluding. a former iowa volunteer fire association leader has been given probation after stealing from the association. the quad city times reports shawn ream made transactions between the association's bank account and his own between november 2014 and last june. court documents show ream told police last july that he stole the money because he was going through a tough time. he used the money to buy gas, groceries and medication. in court this week, a judge ordered him to pay more than 39 hundred dollars in restitution. tonight, officials in st.louis say the worst of this week's flooding is over. but it's a different story for a community just across the river in illinois. " " after a decision not to charge
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in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy, protesters are calling for the cleveland prosecutor to step down. more than 100 people marched outside county prosecutor timothy mcginty's home today. protesters chanted 'mcginty has to go' during today's protest. a police officer shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice outside a cleveland recreation center in 2014. the boy was pulling a gun from his waistband, but
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it was a pellet gun. the illinois national guard is on stand-by tonight after significant flooding along the mississippi river. illinois governor bruce rauner toured some of the flood-affected areas today. he's ordered 20 soldiers and a helicopter to be ready for duty. he said water is expected to rise in some areas across the river from st. louis throughout the weekend. forty-five soldiers in a 20-vehicle convoy rolled out of the cedar rapids national guard armory this morning to help with flood recovery in missouri. members of the 334th brigade support battalion specialize in treating and transporting water supplies. the guard soldiers took a water purification system that can treat up to 15-hundred gallons a minute of fresh drinking water. thankfully, officials in saint louis county say the worst of this week's flooding is over. the state of emergency ended today. water levels in a river just west of saint louis have dropped today, letting the
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main interstates in the area. presidential candidates have only one month to make their cases to iowa voters. one republican candidate struggling in the polls is making one final and massive push to win in february. plan on a nice weekend ahead!
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will be in the 30s on saturday with upper 20s likely here on sunday. the weather should remain mostly sunny the entire weekend with the exception of a few more clouds sunday afternoon. next week, there are no weather issues through at least wednesday as highs hold mainly into the 20s with lows down to the teens. we are continuing to monitor a system that may affect our weather
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this weekend's weather will be pretty typical for the beginning of january. we'll have overnight lows in the teens and highs in the middle to upper 20s both saturday and sunday. the sky is going to be partly to mostly sunny each day as well. slightly cooler air moves in on monday as temperatures drop a few degrees, but we'll climb right back and be in the lower 30s for the second half of next week. there's a slight chance of rain and snow toward the end of next
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then, we have nothing but fairly quiet weather to start 2016.tonight: mostly clear low: 13-19 winds: w 5-15 alo: 14 dbq: 14 iow: 16 tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 26-32 winds: sw 5-15 alo: 27 dbq: 27 iow: 30 tomorrow night: mostly clear low: 14-20 winds: nw 5-15 alo: 15 dbq: 14 iow: 17 sunday: partly sunny high: 28 - low: 17 monday: mostly sunny high: 25 - low: 14 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 30 - low: 16 wednesday: mostly cloudy high: 33 - low: 20 thursday: slight chance of rain/snow high: 34 - low: 26 friday: chance of rain/snow high: 32 - low: 26 thanks kaj. a republican presidential
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graduate got a lot of backlash on twitter today. cary fiorina caught flack after posting whom she was rooting for in today's game. that's next on tv9.
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with a month to go until caucus and primary season, democratic front-runner hillary clinton has already surpassed her campaign fund raising goal. today, clinton's campaign announced it raised 55-million dollars in the fourth quarter last year. that put clinton over
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raised a total of 112 million dollars since launching her campaign last april. clinton will be in western iowa next tuesday and wednesday. on the republican side, candidates are running out of time to make some moves in iowa. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is keeping his focus on the hawkeye state. he has 150 campaign stops scheduled before the february caucus. his stay in the state starts tomorrow with four events in western iowa. he'll make 21 more stops through next thursday alone. polls show huckabee needs to gain a lot of support in iowa to be a contender. a cbs poll from last month shows him with only 2 percent support in the state. texas senator ted cruz will be in iowa on monday. he starting in western iowa and working his way east through the week. recent polls show cruz has taken the lead in the race to win the iowa caucus. iowans couldn't escape politics while getting ready for today's rose bowl in pasadena california. skywriting above the tournament of roses parade took aim at
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planes spelled out the phrases 'america is great, trump is disgusting' and 'anybody but trump'. a los angeles air advertising company took credit for the writing. former h-p ceo carly fiorina was also a hot topic leading up to the rose bowl. fiorina is a stanford alum, but tweeted she was supporting the hawkeyes in today's game. some people on twitter attacked the presidential candidate, saying she was pandering to iowa voters. it was a tough day for the iowa football team in the rose bowl. josh christensen has highlights coming up and the scott's will have post-game with your 24 hour
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the rose bowl for the first time in 25 years. the hawkeyes were hoping to end a couple of streaks: they haven't won the rose bowl since 1959 and they haven't won a bowl game since 2010. ... we go to pasadena, lots of black and gold in the stands ... but stanford set the tone on the very first play from scrimmage... kevin hogan hits christian mccaffrey over the middle... and he outruns everyone going 75 yards to paydirt... cardinal goes up 7-0 ... later in the first quarter, hawkeyes down two scores...c.j. beathard with a terrible throw... picked off by quenton meeks and he takes it back
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stanford led 21-0 after one quarter ... 2nd quarter, mccaffrey shows his versatility with the punt return... jukes a couple of iowa defenders... and he's gone... 63-yard touchdown... he finished with a rose bowl record, 368 all- purpose yards ... stanford has shown some tricky plays throughout the year... watch kevin hogan execute a fake fumble... and he hits a wide open michael rector for the score... stanford led 35-0 at halftime ... iowa didn't show any quit in the second half... solon native marshall koehn avoids the shutout with this 39-yard field goal... hawkeyes down 38-3 ... 4th quarter, iowa still fighting... c.j. beathard puts the biscuit in the basket hitting matt vandeberg for the 36-yard touchdown... hawkeyes down 38-9 ... stanford tries to respond... hogan goes for the end zone... ball is tipped in the air and decorah native josey jewell comes down with the interception ... it would lead to another hawkeye touchdown... beathard hits a wide open akrum wadley... great cutback at the
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... scott saville and scott westerberg join me now. guys, iowa knew it had to stop mccaffrey but he sliced up that defense all night long. josh i am joined by scott westerberg and the fist play from the line of scrimmage set the tone in this game but pick six really put the hawks in a huge whole. yeah even though stanford was up 14-0 before that interception it didn't feel like it was going to be a blowout until that pick. "obviously we went down 21-0 and it's hard to come back from when you get down that much, but hats off to them. they played tough and we just weren't ready to go today. what did you see on the pick? on the pick, it was man to man coverage out there. i was late getting the ball to meer and the defensive back made a good play." trt: 19 oc: "back made a good play" scott it is hard to understand why iowa has fallen so far behind to start their last four bowl games. it's like 100-0. i'm sure it reminded
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taxslayer bowl last year but this one has to hurt more because it was the rose bowl. "we just weren't ready to go. they came out firing and the first play from scrimmage they go for a touchdown and we didn't respond the way we wanted to. things just didn't go our way the first half. when you fall that far behind your offense probably isn't made or built to come back when you fall that far behind. is that a true assessment? i'd say that's a true assessment, but i feel comfortable with our guys that we'd be able to come back especially with c.j. under center." "this game won't define this team. one play doesn't define a game. we had plenty of opportunity after that to play but to put it on that would really diminish how they played. they played a tremendous game in all phases." "we were excited. we felt like we were ready all week, but it's not always the case when it translates over to the game. they came out and got after us quick. it is what it is." "the momentum was just
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you're not playing your football it's easy for everything to spiral downhill. coming in the locker room we just told each other that the score is the score, it was just how we were going to finish. we want to be known that we always finish and we're always going to fight. coach ferentz just said that we fought really hard for a good 13 games but this game we didn't play our football." trt: 1:13 oc: "we didn't play our football" ... in other bowl games, former hawkeye quarterback jake rudock leading michigan in the citrus bowl against florida... 2nd quarter, ... in other bowl games, former hawkeye quarterback jake rudock leading michigan in the citrus bowl against florida... 2nd quarter, rudock pumps and goes deep to jehu chesson who's wide open for the 31-yard touchdown... 3rd quarter, rudock puts some zip on this ball to grant perry for the touchdown... rudock
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touchdown passes and 278 yards... former hawkeye assistant coach jack harbaugh enjoying the game... michigan wins 41-7 ... the uni women's basketball team won its conference opener against evansville, 62-51... thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... this weekend's weather will be pretty typical for the beginning of january. we'll have overnight lows in the teens and highs in the middle to upper 20s both saturday and sunday. the sky is going to be partly to mostly sunny each day as well. slightly cooler air moves in on monday as
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climb right back an and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live."
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