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multi-sport athlete and had a big impact on the community. he says during this difficult time people need to hold on to the memories they have of him. "40:31 tanner was a tough resiliant kid . he was the student athlete who was always in the weight room all the time. he always worked hard no matter whether he was on the football field or wrestling mat. he was always giving his best. and that's what i'll remember the most about him that he gave 110 percent " the johnson county sheriff's office says wind, waves, the current, or a combination of those caused the canoe to capsize yesterday. wymer and 51 year old michael felton of solon were in the canoe to take a photo of a home. felton was able to swim to shore after the canoe flipped over. first responders took him to university of iowa hospitals. we now know the name of the man who died in a shooting in nashua. authorities found 56 year
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old karl phillip white's body at a home at 110 saint lawrence street over the weekend. they say the preliminary investigation shows the shooting was possibly accidental. dubuque police haven't released information about what led up to a shooting that injured a 2- year-old boy. it happened around 11:45 last night at 942 main street. first responders took him to a nearby hospital and later air- lifted him to u-i-h-c. kcrg-tv9's katie wiedemann has been following the story today. katie, where does the investigation stand right now? police have been investigating for about 24 hours now, and are piecing together exactly what happened. but they're not releasing that information until they know for sure. we do know there was some confusion when the call first came into the 9-1-1 dispatch center. ""all cars report of a possible shooting at 920 main street. we got a call from a subject saying there was a subject accidentally shot. they were going to be transporting them in a green camry. then they disconnected. " the boy was still at the scene
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when police arrived. they say some people at the scene told officers the child was not actually shot, but rather was cut by some broken glass. but investigators say as paramedics took a closer look at him, they determined he did in fact have a gun shot wound. according to the dubuque zoning department, the first floor of 9-42 main is zoned for commercial use only. but, police say the first floor of the building, where the shooting happened, was being used as a make shift apartment. the zoning department says they are now investigating why people were living here. . police aren't yet saying for sure if the person who pulled the trigger of that hand gun was an adult or one of the other children who were inside the building at the time. live in dubuque, katie wiedemann, kcrg-tv9. meteorologist joe winters joins us now.
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ahead? warming weather continues build we head through the first work week of 2016. highs rise into the lower to middle 30s ahead of a storm system that affects us as early as wednesday. this will give us a chance to work on some of the ice that still remains on the sidewalks and parking lots for our late december storm. look for some isolated rain/snow showers to develop wednesday, later thursday into friday. this could have travel impacts and needs to be monitored as we move through the week. tonight: partly cloudy low: 10-16 winds: se 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 27-33 winds: s 10-20 back to you. president obama is taking an executive
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action to require more background checks on gun sales in the country. tonight, the white house unveiled gun control measures after a series of high-profile mass shootings. the white house says background checks will be required across the nation for all people who buy weapons online and at gun shows. right now, some of those sellers don't have to have a license to sell guns. only those who hold federal licenses are required to conduct background checks on people buying guns. the f-b-i will also add 230 agents to process those background checks. "1:11 what i asked my team to do is to see what more we can do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands, to make sure that criminals, people who are mentally unstable and those who could pose a danger to themselves or others are less likely to get a gun." president obama directed his team to present him with options after the umpqua community college shooting that killed nine people in october. just last month, a
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couple killed 14 people at a social services center in san bernardino, california. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us on the story. jill, you talked with some eastern iowa gun shop owners today? they've been watching congress and the president as this topic of gun reform keeps surfacing. the store owners say they are very safe with all sales. bob ducharme spends a lot of time with his customers at his vinton gun store. "opened a little shop up inside my house and have been here for two years and at gun shows every weekend and store monday for roger howe at his gun store in durant. " 9:16:06 i have been in the business of firearms since 1986, some coming up on 30 years. and i have been around a lot of other dealers and private individuals buying guys." both have a passion for waiting to see what the president has to say. with the focus coming on background checks the two walked us through how it works in iowa. " 9:05:16 if it's a handgun, you have to go to the sheriff's department or your local
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sheriff, get your permit." during that process the sheriff's office conducts a background check. if it's a long-gun - the store owners say they call the fbi from the store to do a background check. "9:19:25 from that they decide whether the person does or does not pass the background check. from there they can give us three responses, approve, deny or delay " howe says licensed dealers go through the same process at a gun show. "9:17:50 it's 100 percent the same identification, permits, called in, background checks, have to pass the background checks or they are not allowed to get the gun" but the president's executive order would make sure more gun sellers - even those online or at gun shows- are licensed. ducharme says with all of the attention on guns, he wants to point out that guns aren't the problem. "9:06:30 there again it's not the guns, it's the nutcases getting ahold of them." we reached out to both the linn county sheriff and the cedar rapids police chief for comment on this topic. both said they wanted to see the full proposal from the
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president before giving their opinions. beth and bruce? thanks, jill. president obama will formally announce the executive actions tomorrow morning. he will deliver a speech from the east room, starting at 10:40. you can watch it right here on kcrg-tv9. iowa city has a new mayor. today, the city council held a special meeting and selected jim throgmorton to serve as mayor. he's a retired university of iowa professor who's beginning his second term on the council. throgmorton replaces mayor matt hayek, who had to step down at the end of his city council term. the city council also chose kingsley botchway as mayor pro tem. earlier this evening, quentin hart became the first african- american mayor of waterloo. an overflow crowd of family, friends and others gave him a standing ovation when he entered the city council chambers. hart won a run-off election last month against former mayor tim hurley. two new dubuque city council members took the reigns tonight. mayor roy buol
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officially swore in new council members luis del toro and jake rios. in november's election, del toro beat long time council member karla braig. and voters elected rios over council member lynn sutton. both new council members say public safety and cutting wasteful spending top their priority lists. three incumbents and the one new council member took oaths of office in cedar rapids this morning. the newest member, scott overland, says one of his priorities is to help rehabilitate older housing in the city council members ann poe, susie weinacht and scott olson were also sworn in for four-year terms. dozens of budding musicians in dubuque now have a more comfortable place to sit. today, flexsteel industries donated 12 new chairs to the the northeast iowa school of music. that music school helps develop the musical skills of people of all ages, and it offers one on one lessons. the dubuque based furniture maker made the chairs for the school, which replace the school's old, ripped up chairs. "that's what's great about about local businesses.
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especially flextsteel that's headquartered here in dubuque, they have the capacity to help non profits like northeast iowa school of music achieve their goals. " the northeast iowa school of music works with students learning a variety of instruments as well as vocal training. iowa lawmakers are getting ready for the start of the legislative session next week. lawmakers from both parties say they'll need to work together on some key issues, including medicaid. first here's a look at the most popular stories today on kcrg dot-com. stay with your 24 hour
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former president bill clinton is meeting with voters for the first time as he begins campaigning for his wife's run for the white house. he visited nashua and manchester, new hampshire, today to kick off the tour. bill clinton has been trying to keep the focus on his wife's campaign. but in recent days, donald trump has gone on the offensive with attacks over bill clinton's impeachment and sex scandal while he was in office. today, clinton took aim at trump over his plan to ban muslims from entering the country. "we don't want to run away from the place that we've been, that america is a place that welcomes all people who are willing to treat other people the way they'd like to be treated. " bill clinton will campaign for hillary in eastern iowa on thursday. he will be at the czech and
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slovak museum in cedar rapids and then at hotel julien in dubuque. iowa lawmakers have another week before they head back to work at the state capitol. the first day of session is next monday. and governor branstad will deliver his annual condition of the state address next tuesday. lawmakers in both parties admit that to accomplish anything, bi-partisan bickering has to fade into the background. "my biggest hope is we figure out education funding ahead of time so the school boards can plan their budgets... " "we also have to make sure the 1/2 million citizens of the state of iowa who rely on medicaid aren't going to be left out in the cold with privitization plans the governor wants... " the two say they would not be surprised to see the session go a week or two longer than it's scheduled to run. two oregon ranchers convicted of arson have reported to prison... but an armed militia occupying a federal building in their support is
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warming weather continues build we head
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through the first work week of 2016. highs rise into the lower to middle 30s ahead of a storm system that affects us as early as wednesday. this will give us a chance to work on some of the ice that still remains on the sidewalks and parking lots for our late december storm. look for some isolated rain/snow showers to develop wednesday, with the best chance coming later thursday into friday. this could have travel impacts and needs to be monitored as we move through the week. tonight: partly cloudy low: 10-16 winds: se 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 27-33 winds: s 10-20tomorrow night: mostly cloudy
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winds: s 5-15wednesday: iso. rain/snow late high: 33 - low: 20 thursday: rain/snow likely high: 35 - low: 30 friday: rain/snow likely high: 36 - low: 32 saturday: chance of snow high: 32 - low: 32 sunday: clearing & colder high: 17 - low: 14 monday: chance of
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armed militia took over a federal building at a national wildlife refugee in oregon. a-b-c's brandi hitt reports on why the people are promising to stay there for years. the f-b-i is now stepping in... hoping for a "peaceful ending" to this tense oregon standoff... where openly armed militia men -- calling themselves "citizens for constitutiona l freedom" -- have taken control of a federal wild- life refuge... lead by amman bundy. sot -- amman bundy, rancher "because we have allowed our federal government to step outside the bounds of the constitution...
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they're coming down into the states... and taking over the land and the resources." the group claims this land doesn't belong to the federal government... and they're ready to defend themselves... should officers move in. nats -- "...protest..." the standoff started saturday after this rally in support of ranchers -- dwight and steven hammond. the two have been ordered to serve a five year sentence... for an alleged arson fire on federal land. 127 acres -- burned. sot -- dwight hammond, rancher "i'm going to jail for five years... for 127. it seems like a bit of an overkill." while the hammonds and bundys have many supporters... some feel uneasy. sot -- monica mccannan, burns resident "i don't like the militia's methods." sot -- kainan jordan, burns resident "it's sort of frightening. people touting guns." president obama has also been notified. sot -- josh earnest, white house press secretary "this ultimately is a -- a local law enforcement matter. the fbi is monitoring the situation."
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nats -- "back up! commotion" the bundy family was also involved in this confrontation with the government two years ago... over grazing rights. but say their actions here -- will be peaceful. brandi hitt oncam close: meantime dwight and steven hammond say they don't support the militia's methods... and reported to prison peacefully today. brandi hitt -- abc news -- los angeles. desmond king's mom says he is coming back to iowa for his senior season. and c vivian stringer was back in iowa city tonight to face her old school. stay with your 24 hour
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is nothing official. desmond kings mom told a reporter tonight he is coming back. yvette powell told the daily iowan that her son is coming back for his senior season. king who won the thorpe award was second in the nation with with 8 picks and tied iowa's single season record. once again nothing official from desmond or iowa tonight. one other hawkeyes note former titan bj lowery signed with the broncos today. to hoops and some cool old pics...another homecoming for former iowa coach c vivian stringer tonight at carver hawkeye arena. and coach stringers rutgers team got off to a good start forcing 16 turnovers in the first and they scored 19 points off those turnovers and led 37-33 at the break... but iowa with a nice run to start the second half ally disterhoft with the nice move for the hoop harm to give iowa the lead. ally had 15.. and then the hawks started to heat from behind the arc.. whitney jennings connects for the seven point
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lead.. and then jennings shows she can do it all with the drive for two of her 10.. and alexa kastanek had the hot hand down the stretch with one of her five trey's for a game high 20 and iowa beat rutgers 69-65 to raise their record to 2-0 in the big 10. 12-2 overall. "obviously we have a team full of shooter and we know that when shots aren't falling they're going to at some point, but really just focus on things that we can control. i think we really just came out with a lot of energy. heard a lot of talk about how tough our schedule has been opening up and it has been, but i think we've made a few statements coming out here and getting these two really quality wins." :18oc: " really quality wins " the iowa men will try to raise their record to 3-0 in the big 10 when they host nebraska tomorrow night. the hawkeyes are in the rankings for the first time this season at no. 19 after beating top ranked michigan state and number 14 purdue last week. despite knocking off two ranked teams. the hawks aren't about to starting celebrating yet. "we always say you can't let one game define you. you feel awful after we lose to
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after having the lead, but that can't define you. then you have one big win or two big wins, that can't define you." "the guys that have been here have that mentality that we can win on the road at any place. i think that we're showing the young guys that have never been there before that they can do it as well. so i think it's just great for everybody." "you can't worry about being ranked now. it only counts at the end of the year. you have what, 16 games left in the big ten season? that's a lot of time." trt: 31 oc: "that's a lot time" iowa state is ranked 13th in the ap poll this week. the cyclones will host texas tech wednesday night. former linn-mar mister basketball marcus paige put on a show tonight for north carolina against florida state. marcus with the drive for the bucket and one.. and then marcus with the deep three.. he did it all tonight paige had 30 points 5 assist and 5 boards in a 106-90 tarheels win. big high school coaching news today.. marion football coach tony perkins announced his retirement after 32 years of coaching. coach perkins spent 17 years as
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marion carving out a 104-60 record. he was just one win shy of matching les hipple's all-time record at marion . "after 32 years of coaching here i think it is time to spend time with my family and step back. we had the "after 32 years of coaching here i think it is time to spend time with my family and step back. we had the priviledge of going 9-0 i told them i would get a tat. what i regret the most is not sitting back and enjoy those times instead also pushing forward to the next level." trt: :34 oc: "next level" thanks scott. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... warming weather continues build
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we head through the first work week of 2016. highs rise into the lower to middle 30s ahead of a storm system that affects us as early as wednesday. this will give us a chance to work on some of the ice that still remains on the sidewalks and parking lots for our late december storm. look for some isolated rain/snow showers to develop wednesday, with the best chance coming later thursday into friday. this could have travel impacts and needs to be monitored as we move through
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