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hard to look at - but this may be what it takes to get people to realize the dangers of texting and driving. "you tell a child don't text and drive it's dangerous, they don't get it, but if you can show them, this could be you, if you text and drive it could be you or you could go across the median and take out another family. " "our society has accepted all of the technology and the texting and the emailing, it's very concerning to law enforcement, it should be concerning to all motorists." "it just shows how much this could actually happen and i mean just driving around i've seen other people our age texting and driving, and this could happen to them and they don't realize it. " iowa state troopers s ote 115 tickets for texting and driving in 2014. they wrote 113 tickets for texting and driving last year. they say that number will likely skyrocket if
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offense here in iowa. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. right now, iowa has some of the most lenient texting and driving laws in the country. government data show iowa is one of just five states where officers can't pull over drivers for texting. the other states are florida, nebraska, south dakota, and ohio. texting and driving is just one issue iowa lawmakers could consider in this year's session. some others include... k through 12 education funding.... funding for planned parenthood... loosening the restrictions on medical mijuana... legalizing online fantasy sports gambling... and raising the minimum wage. yesterday, governor branstad said he would consider signing a bill to raise the minimum wage if one made it to his desk. last legislative session, the iowa senate voted 27-22 to boost the state's minimum wage to 8 dollars and 75 cents an hour. the house did not take up the measure. right now, the
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let's turn n w to meteorologist joe winters. joe, it's been another rainy, foggy day. what can we expect this evening? colder air heads in bringing drier conditions. after the fog lifts and some light snow comes to an end look for strong northwest winds to build across the state. saturday our ighs will be established early in the 20s and then fall through the day. highs by sunday stay in the single digits with wind chills between -10 to -20 for most of the day. this arctic blast continues into the early part of next week. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: showers to lt. snow low: 24-30 winds: nw 10-20tomorrow: chance of light snow,
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winds: nw 15-30 bruce and beth... the mexican drug lord known as "el chapo" is no longer a free man. joaquin guzman staged a sensational escaped froroa maximum security prison seven months ago. today mexican marines captured him after a shootout in el chapo's home state. five people were killed and oneneexican marine was hurt in the incident. today, president obama vetoed a bill to repeal the affordable care act. it would have also cut federal funding to planned parenthood. republicans don't have enough votes in the house or senate to override the veto. but they've scheduled a vote in the house for january 29th anyway. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders visited eastern iowa today. he started in cedar rapids, and stopped all over. he then made speeches in waverly and, just two hours ago, in toledo. the
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talked on his frequent themes of more money for the middle class. he also spoke about global security, saying saudi arabia should use its money and military to help other countries fight isis. coming off the president's executive action on gun control, sanders supported the push. " 6:50 if you are a criminal or have serious mental issues that could result in you killing others or yourself, guess what? you should not be about... buying guns. that is not very complicated." kcrg-tv 9's chris earl is following the sanders' campaign today and will join us live at 6 at the veterans memorial coliseum in cedar rapids. sanders and a number of other candidates are campaigning in iowa ahead of the state's first-in-the-nation caucuses on february first. the iowa republican party says it's taking steps to make sure it names the correct winner after the iowa caucuses. four years ago, there was some confusion on the republican side. initially, it looked as
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but 16 days later, after votes came in late from eight precincts, the party said rick santorum was the winner. this year, the party is using an app to report data from all precincts. the state g-o-p chair says the party's also going to be more cautious about naming a winner. "there may not be an announcement that night. if i have to choose... i'm the guy that makes the announcement... if i have to choose between time and accuracy, i'm going for accuracy every time." kaufmann says the party has already completed 200 trainings for volunteers working the caucuses. and it's planning to do 100 more kaufmann told t-v nine today the party had only done eight traings by this time in 2012. schools across iowa are looking for innovative ways to help students excel in science, technology, engineering and math, commonly known as stem courses. in the north cedar school district, students as young as middle-school age are learning through 3-d virtual reality.
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"students here at nortcedar are getting hands-on experience with new technology. these classes and screens introduce students to a whole new world. " "20:52:54 it's right in front of you and it's 3d, it's not just on a piece of paper. " the north cedar junior/senior high school just received all of the equipment`for this 3d classroom students have what they call z spaces to work along with a teacher during the lesson. they wear special glasses, which make items pop out of the screen. the district says it wanted to invest tens of thousands of dollars into the equipment to stay competitive with bigger districts and to prepare students for the future. " 20:43:25 a lot of the jobs are going stem related. like - rockwell collins or hanger prosthetics. they really delve deep into engineering and math. a lot of those jobs are out there and it's just finding a niche for our students and what they can
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"20:56:48 this is all part of an expanded stem curriculum across the district. we'll have more on this story tonight at 6:00. in clarence, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. " skiers and snowboards new to the slopes in dubuque tried to help set a guinness world record today. "i've always wanted to try something new." and they did it in conjunction with other beginners throughout the country. we'll see how it went.
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after the fog lifts and some light snow comes to an end look for strong northwest winds to build across the state. saturday our
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then fall through the day. highs by sunday stay in the single digits with wind chills between -10 to -20 for most of the day. the early part of next week. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: showers to lt. snow low: 24-30 winds: nw 10-20tomorrow: chance of light snow, windy high: 24-30 winds: nw 15-30tomorrow night:
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low: 1-7 winds: nw 20-30sunday: mostly sunny, cold high: 10 - low: 4 monday: partly cloudy high: 19 - low: 6 tuesday: chance of snow, mainly early high: 13 - low: 9 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 19 - low: 1 thursday: partly cloudy high: 30 - low: 15 friday: chance of
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thanks joe. a little girl undergoing treatment at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics wanted to build a snowman. but she couldn't go outside to do it. so, staff and nurses brought the snow to her. don't miss her story tonight on kcrg t-v nine news at six. 800-million dollars. that's the mind-boggling new powerball jackpot. powerball ticket sales are selling like crazy in cedar rapids. and the c-e-o of the iowa
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why that is. the u-s added hundreds of thousands of jobs in december. and economists say it's a good sign for the coming year. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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the powerball jackpot after it grew today from yesterday's estimate. yesterday's powerball estimate was 700-million dollars for saturday night's drawing. but the lottery says the jackpot will now be at least be 800-million because ticket sales are soaring.
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choose to get the full 800-million dollars through annual payments over 29 years. or they could take 496- million dollars in cash. today, the c-e-o of the iowa lottery said ticket sales are especially high in the cedar rapids area. "i think there's a couple of reasons. other areas of the state have casinos in town. people that do enjoy gaming... and there are a whole bunch of people. 80 percent of iowans game one way or another. it's easy it's accessible. it's right around the corner." rich also offered a tip if you're buying some tickets with friends. if you pool together 52 dollars, you can buy all of the powerball numbers. then you can ask for the play it all option. you'll be guaranteed to win at least four dollars. u-s employers added 292- thousand jobs in december.
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the unemployment rate stayed at 5 percent for the third straight month. that means more americans are looking for work and finding jobs. the u-s is also experiencing the best three-month hiring average in a year. the strong figures come amid global financial turmoil stemming from china's slowing economy. for now, u-s stocks s e wavering as the market heads for its worst week since august. energy companies took a hit today as the price of crude oil continues to fall. crude oil is trading for roughly 33-dollars a barrel. that's the lowest price since 2004. this was a day of learning, falling, and getting back up for novice snowboarder s and skiers across the country. and people at sundown mountain got in on the fun, as they all worked together to try to set a world record. we have high school girls and boys basketball action for you tonight on kcrg nine point two. it's a cross-town rivalry in iowa city as west hosts city high. tipoff is at six for the girls'
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boarspent the day at sundown mountain, attempting to break a world record. it was part of a nation-wide effort to hold the "the world's largest ski and snow board lesson." kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins us live from sundown mountain. katie, how did this whole thing work? it was really geared toward people who've never before strapped on skis or a snow board. at 10 a-m sharp, a couple dozen beginners started their lesson. and all across the county, at that same time, 160 other ski resorts were hosting the same type of lessons.
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snapped into their skis and snow boards, for the first time. "i've ice skated before so it looks kind of similar, it's just got more gadgets. " originally from florida, arkazia flemming is learning to ski and embrace the winter snow. "snow is exciting to me because we don't have it in florida. " it's those newbies, directors here are trying to attract through this event. "we'll catch a lot of people who like it right away. they'll end up being season pass members and just enjoying it. " some started out a little shaky. while others seemed to naturally take the reigns. "even standing is kind of hard, but i think once you get the hang of it, then it'll be easier. " but for as much fun as they're having. there's a jo here to accomplish, breaking a world record. organizers captured proof of the lessons for the guinness book, using this high end video recording equipment. aka an iphone mounted in a ski boot. and off they go, with little
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instructors, they take on the hoping to fall in love with this new sport. and hoping desperately, to not fall. "it's awesome. it could be history. let's go. " it was the fog! defintitely the fog that caused them to fall. this isn't the first time sundown has been part of a guinness book of world records event. here at sundown to shot ski. all at the same time, those people took a shot of alcohol off of a 655 foot snow ski. that shattered the former world record set at a colorado ski resort. no word just yet if the ski resorts beat the most lesson's at one time record. live in dubuque, katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news now here's a look at some of what t u'll see tonight att
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let's go back to joe now for a
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recapping today's top story, students at iowa c cy west high school learned about the dangers of texting and driving today. nursing students from mount mercy university staged a mock crash scene. one organizer said the lifelike scenes can be hard to look at, but this might be what it takes. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. colder air heads in bringing drier conditions. after the fog lifts and some light snow comes to an end look for strong northwest winds to build across the state. saturday our highs will be established early in the 20s and then fall through the day. highs by sunday stay in the single digits with wind chills between -10 to -20 for most of the day. this arctic blast continues into the early part
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breaking news tonight. the video just released. the american police officer ambushed. the man taking aim and shooting right into the car. authorities say he pledged allegiance to isis. also breaking tonight, the bloody shootout. el chapo captured. how they got him. and this question now. will he be brought to the u.s.? multiple terror arrests right here in america. two refugees living in the u.s. with suspected ties to terrorism captured tonight in california and texas. authorities revealing why they were so concerned. the mid-air meltdown. the woman who demanded to get off the plane mid-flight. the chaos. and tonight you will hear from passengers who helped tie her hands and feet. and powerball hits 800 million tonight, but will it hit a billion by this weekend? and tonight right here the numbers most often drawn.
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news tonight" with david muir. good evening.
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