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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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shots fired incident here. chief trelka says he was disappointed to learn two of the three people charged are minors, at just 15 and 16 years old. the incident is still under investigation, but trelka says this shows why reaching out to kids is a major piece of solving the issue of gun violence." 06:16:38 "i'm disappointed at the lack of outrage in the community that those two men were involved in." waterloo police chief dan trelka says this new year's day shots fired incident mostly slid under the radar. but for him, teenagers carrying loaded weapons points to a community wide mission. 06:26:44 "when there's a sense of hopelessness, that seems to drive tse kids toward gangs. adults need to be involved in these children's lives so they don't feel that sense of hopelessness." for newly elected mayor quentin hart, it's a mission police can't take on alone. 06:37:34 "teaching young people how to deal with conflict they may have, it's going to take us teaching them who they are and inspiring them, it's going
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education providing youth jobs, so i think mentoring is a huge piece to that entire puzzle." but hart says mentoring programs that could keep kids away from crime don't have enough volunteers or funding. he says solving this may start with a simple commitment. 06:36:22 "it doesn't take grand, big programs, sometimes it's just spending one hour a week with that young person to show them some hope and guidance." 06:43:00 "mayor hart says seeking state funding to strengthen local mentoring programs will be a focus for 2016. in waterloo, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. " meteorologist joe winters joins us now with your first forecast. joe, our mild temps today will be going down, down, down. colder air heads in bringing drier conditions.
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end look for strong northwest winds to build across the state. saturday our highs will be established early in the 20s and then fall through the day. highs by sunday stay in the single digits with wind chills between -10 to -20 for most of the day. this arctic blast continues into the early part of next week. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: showers to lt. snow low: 24-30 of light snow, windy high: 24-30 winds: nw 15-30 back to you. democrat bernie sanders ended a busy day of campaigning with a large crowd in cedar rapids. the vermont senator's presidential campaign made four stops in eastern iowa
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day campaign swing through the state. kcrg-tv9's chris earl was at his final visit of the day at the veterans memorial building in cedar rapids and he joins us live... chris? good evening. of the 4 stops today for bernie sanders, this was his second visit to cedar rapids... ... a circle tour that included waverly and toledo. similar themes from the sanders campaign on economic policy but also a display of the enthusiasm of his supporters, an element that could lead to success in the iowa caucuses. ...with at least 1,500 people packed into the veterans memorial building on friday night to hear vermont senator bernie sanders, the democratic presidential candidate never backed off his push for a campaign where more people contribute -- and not necessarily the amount.... "05:23 we have received more
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contributions than any campaign in the history of the united states of america." sanders said that average amount was $27 a contributor. going back to september, though, sanders has trailed former secretary of state hillary clinton in every major poll of iowa democrats -- sometimes by a few points, other times by 20 or more. yet can he take the intensity of his support...and ride that out on caucus night? " 23:34 he has a solid ground game. clinton has a solid ground game, too, but what sanders was that clinton doesn't have as much is the enthusiasm for a lot of the supporters that he seems to be a little ahead in that category. " for an hour on friday night.... " ...57:05 create a government that works for the working families of this country and not just the top 1%. " sanders talked on his familiar policy proposals that always draw applause -- one for free college funded by wall street speculators drew a particular cheer. " 1:55 when we are prepared to say to the 1% 'you cannot have it all, you cannot have it all,
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huge tax breaks when children in this country go hungry.'" " secretary clinton will answer back on monday and tuesday with appearances in waterloo and dubuque. former maryland governor martin o'malley will also be campaigning in cedar rapids this weekend -- just to show how the intensity will pick up sharply for these last 3+ weeks. live in cedar rapids, chris earl, kcrg-tv 9 news. republican rand paul also campaigned here in eastern iowa today, with stops in north liberty and here at the marion public library. almost a hundred people crammed in to hear the kentucky senator denounce big government. paul said he
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stands above ted cruz, marco rubio, and the democrats on cutting costs to lower the nation's debt. despite his low poll numbers, paul says that's what he thinks will get him more votes. "i think the one thing about polling is it's become very very inaccurate. no young people are polled, so we think our strength is with young people, so we're trying to tell people in iowa keep an open mind, the election's still completely wide open, we think we've got a chance. " paul also said today he favors allowing states to have medical marijuana. more presidential candidates will cover eastern iowa this weekend. donald trump is trying to remain close to the top of the field in iowa with campaign stops in ottumwa and clear lake tomorrow afternoon. the current leading republican in iowa will make five stops in the state tomorrow as well. ted cruz will start with stops at two small businesses in strawberry point and near waukon. he'll be in oelwein and new hampton in the afternoon... and ends his day at wartburg college in waverly that night. on the democratic side, former
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governor martin o'malley will be in cedar rapids tomorrow morning. he's holding a press conference outside of hawkeye downs at 10:30. the iowa legislature begins a new session on monday. once again the democrats control the senate while republicans have the majority in the house. a key issue again this year will be state funding for k through 12 education. both sides had trouble compromising on education funding last year, causing the session to be extended. legislators could also take action this year on texting and driving. today students at west high school in iowa city got an up close look at that issue with this mock crash. nursing students at mount mercy university did a simulation outside the high school of a crash caused by text messaging. student actors played the roles of people killed in the crash. student's say the demonstration was eye opening. " i think it would change some people that are on edge, and some people that do text a lot i
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stopping from actually looking at it and realizing it. " last year iowa state troopers wrote 113 tickets for texting while driving. a pennsylvania man faces terrorism charges tonight for shooting a philadelphia police officer. after the shooting, police say his faith led him to carry out the attack. after shooting a philadelphia
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investigators say the gunman
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allegiance to the islamic state. police say 30-year-old edward archer shot the officer last night. surveillance video... ... shows a man shooting the philadelphia police officer while he sat in his car last night. the injured police officer, identified as jesse hartnett, was shot three times in the arm. investigators say archer told them he shot hartnett in the name of islam. "i believe, has committed has confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of islam. according to him he believed that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the quran." police say hartnett returned fire, injuring archer as he ran away. both men are expected to make full recoveries. a former iraqi refugee appeared in a texas courtroom this morning on charges relating to terrorism. 24-year-old omar faraj saeed al hardan of houston was one of two men authorities arrested yesterday for alleged connections to isis. the
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younis al-jayab... a syrian refugee living in sacramento, california. federal authorities say al-jayab encouraged the texas man to join the civil war against the syrian government and promised to teach him how to fight. president obama plans to honor victims of gun violence in his state of the union address next week. in a phone call with supporters today, he said he will leave one seat empty at his speech as a reminder of those killed by guns. the president has been pushing for congress to act on gun control in recent weeks. earlier this week, he announced executive action to increase background checks on anyone trying to purchase a gun. the move is expected to close loopholes for people selling guns online and at gun shows. after surviving a dangerous medical condition, a linn county man thanked the people who saved his life. but i can't help... the king appeared at st. luke's hospital in cedar rapids today to say, "thank you.
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colder air heads in bringing drier conditions. after the fog lifts and some light snow comes to an end look for strong northwest
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across the state. saturday our highs will be established early in the 20s and then fall through the day. highs by sunday stay in the single digits with wind chills between -10 to -20 for most of the day. this arctic blast continues into the early part of next week. have a great night and a safe weekend. low: 24-30 winds: nw 10-20tomorrow: chance
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windy high: 24-30 winds: nw 15-30tomorrow night: windy and cold low: 1-7 winds: nw 20-30sunday: mostly sunny, cold high: 10 - low: 4 monday: partly cloudy high: 19 - low: 6 tuesday: chance of snow, mainly early high: 13 - low: 9 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 19 - low: 1 thursday: partly
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friday: chance of rain/snow
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hospital got quite a surprise this week. little izabella saul loves the snow, but she has never played in it. that was until nurses at the hospital brought buckets of snow inside the hospital so izabella could build a snowman. izabella is battling a rare form of cancer and she just moved to iowa from texas. her mom says she's wanted to build a snowman since seeing her favorite movie frozen. her mother says building a snowman was the best treatment she could ask for. "she was having a little bit of
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change, rough day for a little girl and these wonderful nurses had a surprise for her." izabella recently started chemotherapy and her mother hopes to take her home to waterloo sometime next week. the king returns. elvis said thank you to some people in cedar rapids this afternoon the only way he knows how. you ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time. you ain't never caught a rabbit, and you ain't no friend of mine. dave posposil of lisbon shared his musical talents today with doctors and nurses at st. luke's hospital in cedar rapids. posposil wanted to thank them for treating a serious colon problem he had last june. he says he only had about a 20 percent chance of making it out of the hospital alive. but thanks to everyone's hard work, he's healthy again, and he's officially "left the building." "one more day and i would have
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with them doing the operation, doing it a couple times, got it out and prayers from all my family and friends and everyone brought me where i'm here today. " posposil says he has been an elvis fan since he was in the fourth grade. another elvis related note... today would have been elvis's 81st birthday. the iowa wrestling team hit the road to take on the illini. and scott will hit the high school hardwood for action from all over eastern iowa. stay with your 24 hour news
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lets start off with the ladies.. the top ranked orioles hosted 10-1 north linn. josh has more. north linn has won the last 12 meetings against springville. but the orioles jumped out to the early lead led by rylee menster who gets the steal and goes coast-to- coast. she scored the first 12 points for springville then it's megan wagaman with the kiss off the glass to give springville a 24-6 lead north linn tries to fight back, anna legrand hits the tray. lynx trail by 14 but the orioles have just too many weapons. mikayla nachazel goes up and under. springville wins 48-29 on the boys side, north linn head coach mike hilmer was going for his 300th career win springville keeps it close,
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but north linn's defense creates some offensive opportunities. logan novak scoops it in hilmer would get his 300th win, his son jake helped out scoring a team-high 17 points. north linn wins 75-40 a lot of good games tonight.. like the battle for the sneaker on kcrg 9.2. ladies first.. the little hawks went inside to former tv-9 athlete of the week courtney joens.. but then west started to heat up maddie fey three ball corner pocket. then katie mcgrane connects from the other corner and it was raining three's they hit 6 in the first half.. jessie harter gave the home team a 27-19 lead.. the little hawks trying to get back in the game in the second half acie earl's daughter kenya with the nice drive..and then coutney joens with the steal to her sister ashley to tie the and they went to overtime. west down 2 logan cook with the jumper at buzzer got it to send to a second overtime. but it was all city after that earle
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inside and city beat west 70- 67 in 2 ot 's... to the boys.. and the ally oop to wally parks for the flush.. and west with a lot d-one athletes. like devonte lane for three.. city responds on the break jason jones finishes but west with just too much future hawkeye connor mccaffery with the long ball and west with the sweep wins the boys game . kennedy entertained wahlert and after a low scoring fist half michael bis-in-ius with the triple to give the cougars a 20- 14 lead in the third.. but defense.. future hawkeye cordell pemsl with the swat.. and then pemsl post up on the other end for 2 of his 20.. but kennedy got a big night from 6"10 adam wall off the bench with the shot over pemsl but wahlert beat kennedy in overtime 53-47. xavier hosted waterloo west and west with a big size advantage inside trey burt with the putback.. the saints answered from the
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great ball movement and matt mimms for three.. and then moments later mitch burger burries one from behind the arc and the xavier beat waterloo west 84-76. scott westerberg continues our team coverage at tipton. --cascade in town for a doubleheader with the tiger....girls up first and this one went right down to the wire....lynsey dolphin buries a 3 from the top of the key...cougars up 2.... --but in the final seconds of the 3rd, alex wiese beats the tied at 36 heading to the the final frame, cascade grabs the lead and holds on as riley takes banks one home...cascad e wins the girls game 52- 47... --to the boys action....couga rs working it inside to the big fella devin green for the bucket....but cascade was trailing early on as mark becker dials one up from 3....tipton letting 'em fly....adam hermsen from way downtown....ti gers up 7....but the cougars rally....kurt trumm for two as 2nd ranked cascade hangs on 44-39. from tipton, scott
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lets grapple the second ranked iowa wrestling team hit the road tonight at 11th ranked illinois. the hawkeyes got off to a good start at 125 thomas gillman with a tech fall.. second cory clark coming off a an injury got upset tonight by seventh ranked zane richards 5-3.. but the hawks responded with a major decision from second ranked brandon sorenson at 149.. the hawks also got bonus points from alex meyer at 174 and picked up decisions from carton, brooks, and burak to beat ilinois 26-12. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... colder air heads in bringing drier conditions. after the fog lifts and some light snow comes to an end look for strong northwest winds to build across the state. saturday our highs will be established early in the 20s and then fall through the day. highs by sunday stay in the single digits with
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