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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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tonight: cold, skies clearing low: -3-3 winds: nw 20-30 alo: -3 dbq: 2 iow: 2tomorrow: mostly sunny, cold high: 7-13 winds: nw 15-25 alo: 9 dbq: 9 iow: 11 back to you. a celebration of life ceremony for katherine sullivan mcfarland took place at the sullivan brothers v-f-w post in waterloo this afternoon. mcfarland was the only widow of the five sullivan brothers who were all killed aboard the uss juneau in 19-42. the youngest brother, al, left behind his widow katherine and a son. kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy explains how katherine's legacy will carry on in the community, in this space.. 13:11:12 "we use them as an example of the service and sacrifice of all iowans." dedicated to the story of the five sullivan brothers.. 13:25:58 "it's the greatest single loss in american combat history." it's easy to overlook the few pieces of katherine sullivan mcfarland she
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13:31:0:0"as we began to put this museum together, she was always willing to help but she's a very private person, she lived life by her own set of rules." rules some say showcase a spunky side that may be better understood here.. 12:34:45 or 12:51:18???? "she would have everyday, a dixie cup of red wine, every day grandma had red wine." ..through a dixie cup toast. 12:34:15 "she became a war widow at age 20, raised a son on her own. my grandma's secret to a long life, she was 93 years old, was exercise, humor, and red wine." the wine is just one of many but she says katherine's strength is the real story. 12:54:25 "when the four other boys enlisted in the nav, she told al you have to go, you're going to want to be with your brothers, so she encouraged him to go. she talked about you know, she was only 19 at the time, she didn't know what the impact of what would happen." a lifelong impact for katherine's son jim, who enlisted at age 16.. 13:08:01 "she wasn't afraid to stand up to anybody." ..with a permission slip from katherine. 13:05:19 "what motivated me is my five uncles and my dad. they were in the navy so i chose the navy." a legacy of service he says isn't just about his five lost family members. 13:09:07 "we really should honor
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dead, after all they made the crifice, a lot of people n't" a sacrifice and strength embodied by katherine.13:04:16 she touched a lot of ople. in waterloo, sarahcrthy,rg-tv9 news. cedar rapids police have been working through a series of shootings from friday and early this morning. no one was killed but multiple people did go to the hospital. investigators report 3 different shootings throrohout the city's east side. the first was in the 1500 block of 5th avenue se at about 7:30 last night. police report one person was hity gunfire. then, two more
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each other. at 1:45 a.m., cedar rapids police reported a shooting in the 900 block of maplewood drive ne. investigators say gunshots injured another person. also early this morning, police were called out to this location, near the intersrstion of 18th street and "a" avenue se at about 1:20 a.m. investigators say that 2 people went to a nearby hospital. police say that all of the people wounded by gunfire friday night and this morning are expected to survive. at this point, cedar rapids police have not announced any arrests in the shootings. the family of a man killed by police has reached a settlement deal with the city of waterloo. the city awarded relatives of derrick ambrose with a $2.5 million dollar settlement. ambrose was 22-years-old when he was killed in november of 20-12 after a foot chase with a waterloo police officic. the waterloo cedar falls courier reports the family's attorney filed to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit after the settlement yesterday. police say they saw ambrose pointing a gun at a crowd of p pple outside the new world
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not to charge the officer in the case. as part of the settlement with the family, the city and officers adadtted no wrongdoing. hawkeye downs is packed this weekend, with buyers and browsers looking for the next gun or knife to add to their collections. but quite a few of the buyers and vendors here are also concerneneon the "r"rindled issue" of gun control. that comes after president obama outlined executive orders to intensify background checks on firearm purchases at gun shows -- in response to recent mass shootings. show organizersrs say most vendors don't agree with those orders, and that business has been up sharply amid the recent events. "9:03-:13 "there's been dips and peaks, but overall, the attendance at our shows have been substantially higher, on average, than they were before 2008. " klein expects about 5,000 people will visit the show before it ends on sunday. democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley has been running a distant third in the race for the nomination but the former maryland governor set up outside of the
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show today to talk about gun control. with the president's executive order on calling for background checks on firearm purchases from gun shows, o'malley underscored his support. " there are isil youtubes that tell their followers the eaeaest place to get a combat assault weapon is at a gun show, like this one here at hawkeye downs, where the largest gunshow is being promoted with bingo. no developed nation buries as many of its citizens as we do from guns and gun violence. " today also brings the final stretch of a 6-day bus tour for texas senator ted cruz. since early december, cruz has shot to the top of the polls of iowa republicans, passing donald trump in most recent major polling in iowa. cruz opened the 36-county bus tour back on tuesday and largely focused on northern and western iowa. this stop at luigi's in oelwein was part of his visit to eastern iowa. cruz talked of the executive actions he would take on his first days as president.
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first thing i intend to do is resend every single illegal and unconstitutiona l executive action taken by this president." a man who shot a philadelphia police officer this week has been charged with attempted murder. 30-year-old edward archer was formally arraigned in court today. he's being denied bail ununl his preliminary hearing on january 25th. surveillance video shows a man running up to a philadelphia police squad car on thursday night. police say archer shot officer jesse hartnett in the arm 3 times. " this is absolutely one of the scariest things i've ever seen. this guy tried to execute the police office. the police officer had no idea he was coming. it's amazing he's alive. " authorities caught archer a short time after the shooting. investigators say the suspect pledged his allegiance to the islamic state and that he shot the officer in the name of allah. do you win?? of course, that's the question with a $900 million
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numbers for the largest powerball jackpot in history were just drawn about 10 minutes ago. we'll reconfirm the numbers
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with the 2016 legislative session opening on mondaat the state captiol... with another session with a split legislature, will we see the divides over budgeting that marketed much of the 2015 session? that remains a question with democrats holding the majority in the senate and republicans in the assembly, with republican
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terry branstad signing of vetoing what reaches his desk. the main sparring from 2015 was over k-12 public education funding, a deadlock that lasted well into the spring. tv-9's brady smith will have reports tomorrow night from des moines on what legislatures will focus on... tomorrow on the kcrg tv-9 news#at 5:30 and 10. 15 high schools in eastern iowa received thousands of dollars as awards today... for shopping. the lindale mall gave money to schools that collected the most receipts from mall stores. schools were awarded with a day of arcade games at planet x in cedar rapids and big checks. money ranged from $1,000 to more than $7,000 dollars... "we created a program where the students can work together to not only achieve something but also earn points money for their school that can be used in a variety of programs." this is the program's 18th year helping schools in the cedar r rids area. okay, powerball time. we
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wait until the numbers were drawn... and we checked them a couple of times to make sure we announce the correct ones. the jackpot is at least $900 million dollars...the most lucrative in u.s. history. the odds - not so lucrative - 292 million to 1. the winning numbers are... 32, 16, 19, 57, 34. and the powerball is 13. back to meterologist chris havely for the first
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bundle yourself up tonight if you'll be out been falling since friday night, and they'll continue to drop this evening. overnight our lows will be below zero in some areas. factor in winds gusting upwards of 30 mph at times, and we'll have wind chill values around -20 at times. because of this a wind chill advisory is in place until tomorrow morning.
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sunday, and we'll have more sunshine. however, it'll still be pretty chilly out there with temperatures not climbing out of the single digits for many. temperatures will moderate some through next week, but tch out for some light snow early tuesday morning. tonight: cold, skies clearing low: -3-3 winds: nw 20-30 alo: -3 dbq: 2 iow: 2tomorrow: mostly sunny, cold high: 7-13 winds: nw 15-25 alo: 9 dbq: 9 iow: 11tomorrow night: mostly clear low: -1-5 winds: wsw 5-10 alo: -1 dbq: -1 iow: 4monday: mostly cloudy high: 21 - low: 2 tuesday: chance of snow, early high: 13 - low: 9 wednesday:
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high: 19 - low: 1 thursday: partly cloudy high: 30 - low: 15 friday: mostly cloudy high: 26 - low: 16 saturday: chance of snow high: 20 - low: 16
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josh joins us now, we've seen hilton magic work throughout the years, but it didn't come through today. it was there awhile today for iowa state, but not at the very end. we'll have more on iowa state and northern iowa when we come back. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. ... the iowa state men's
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30 out of its last 31 home games. that lone loss was to baylor. ... the bears were in town today... let's fast forward to the 2nd half, georges niang with the catch and shoot three... it twirls in... cyclones up by nine ... then later, it's niang driving and finishing with
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up by 12 at one point in the 2nd half ... little later, monte morris with the alley-oop to abdel nader who throws it down... cyclones lead 56-45 ... but baylor came all the way back... tied at 68, nader with the step back jumper... hits it, plus the foul... iowa state goes up 70-68 ... but baylor just wouldn't go away... lester medford drives, count it and one... bears lead 80- 73... what a turnaround ... iowa state did cut the lead down to three on this niang bucket... he had 22 points... but baylor pulls off the upset, 94-89 ... uni men's basketball on kcrg 9.2 hosting drake tonight ... the panthers were hoping to end their two-game losing streak... wes washpun drives and finishes with the reverse layup... uni up seven ... it was cold outside, but matt bohannon was on fire from three-point land... this long one puts uni up 11 ... a little later, bohannon again with another triple... he had five three-pointers and 21
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... the team keeps its foot on the gas pedal... washpun with the steal, and the cedar rapids washington grad throws it down... he had 12 ... 2nd half action... the offense doesn't slow down... iowa city west grad jeremy morgan slices through the defense for the layup... he had 13 ... then it's big man bennett koch fighting off the double team, count the basket and one... he had 15 points... uni crushes drake 744 ... ththiowa state women's basketball team is back in the win column after knocking off kansas at home, 65-49. bryanna fernstrom had a double- double with 12 points and 10 rebounds. ... just a block away from the station, it was rivalry saturday for high school girls basketball at the cell center. 8 total games, we're showing 7. ... we start from the beginning with undefeated iowa city regina facing benton ... the bobcats controlled the first quarter, leah van weelden knocks in the triple to give benton a 10-2 lead ... closing seconds of the
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mcwhorter is there for the putback... bobcats lead 12-6 ... regina responds in the 2nd... cammy verducci misses the three, but she follows her shot... count it plus the foul... regals led 20-17 at halftime ... they controlled the 2nd half... sarah lehman 3-ball corner pocket... swish... regina wins 56-39 ... big class 1a matchup between 3rd ranked turkey valley and number one springville ... 3rd quarter, tied 28 all... rylee menster comes up with the steal... she gathers the ball, stops and banks it... orioles lead 30-28 ... 4th quarter, they try to protect the lead...mikayla nachazel with the spin for two... orioles lead 34-30 ... but turkey valley responds... shelby reicks drives and knocks one in off the glass to give the trojans a 37-36 lead ... she puts the icing on the cake with this three- pointer... turkey valley wins 49-42 ... a tri-rivers conference battle between maquoketa valley and alburnett
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maddie volesky twirls in a three to give the pirates a 10-8 lead ... maq valley responds with the brianna mensen 3- pointer... the wildcats got the ball back... and it's mensen driving from the top of the key and banking it in ... alburnett quickly gets down the court... taylor huber stops, pops and drops the deuce... maq valley hangs on to win 45-44 ... iowa city west taking on 4th ranked mason city ... 2nd quarter, women of troy trying to come back from a 12-point deficit... cailyn morgan open for three and nails it... deficit is 9 ... it contiues to shrink... rachael saunders with the offensive board, count the basket and one... nice play... women of troy down by six ... they closed out the first half on a 12-0 run... maddie fay plays some string music with that three... and then she comes right back, pretty much from the same spot for another three... game was tied 24 all at halftime... west goes on to win 53-39
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... the go-hawks get the scoring started going down low to bekka pierson who banks one in off the window ... closing seconds of the first quarter... go- hawks go down low again to pierson for two more... waverly pulls off the upset, 41-34... it was the 3rd number one team to fall in this event --unbeaten and 3rd ranked western dubuque taking on spirit lake...the bobcats trailing 24-20 in the third but then they catch fire...madison simon buries a 3 from the corner.... --then morgan pitz drives and the foul...her three point play ties the game at 26.... --from that point on it was all bobcats....meg an maahs inside for 2.... --then blair burds dials up a three.... western dubuque ends the game on a 26-2 run to win it 49-28. --the nightcap featured linn-mar against marion....low scoring start to this rice penetrates and banks one in, but that was the only field goal for marion in the first quarter... --the lions also nly had one bucket in the comes on this megan murhpy 3....
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2nd....randi wright with the hoop and the harm...indians up 2... --but too much from the lions...amanda ollinger with the put back... as linn-mar beats marion 39 to 30. ... coming up after the break, i'll have some high wrestling and swimming highlights. stay with tv9.
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sports coveragswitch to the wrestling mat. --to the finals of the jerry eckenrod invitational....a t 1010 don bosco's gable fox with a late second period takedown to grab a 3-2 hangs on for the 6-2 decision.... --at 113....brock henderson of north linn scores an early takedown on joseph sibomana of cedar rapids jefferson...henderson grabs gold with a 6-2 win.... --up to 120....the j- hawks brenden baker working on top as he wins a 4-0 decision... --at 126, will foreman of cedar rapids washington gets jeff's zach main on his
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third period fall.... --great match at 132....4th ranked nick mangrich of don bosco with a takedown in the final seconds as he upsets top ranked cole needham of west marshall 5-4.... --assumption wins the team title....jeff was second and independence third. to the pool, the iowa city west swim team looks like they are in mid-season form.. scott saville has highlights from linn-mar they held the annual linn- mar invitational today and iowa city west with some of the top swimmers in the state dominated. in the 200 free aidan keen of iowa city west took gold with a time of 1:42.62. the next top local swimmer was hogan meyers of linn mar in 4th. in the 200 im former tv-9 athlete of the week mark mcgaughlin of iowa city made it look easy winning with a time of 1:58.19.
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5th. in the 50 yard free another trojan winner will scott was flying hitting the wall first with a time of 20.79. matt peng of linn mar was third.. and in the 100 butterfly make it 4-4.. oliver martin who also the top wide receiver on the west football team.. he can swim too he finishes first with a time of 53.16. the lions matt peng was third again.. scott saville tv 9 sports. ... to the ice, roughriders hosting team usa who tries to get the first goal of the game after intercepting a roughrider pass... but zach larocque with the sweet glove save ... later in the first period... cal burke gege around the defenseman, goes upstairs and scores... roughriders win their 3rd straight with the 5-0 shutout ... dubuque fighting saints facing green bay ... 3rd period, tied 1-1... fighting saints with a 2-on-1... evan smith buries the rebound to give dubuque a 2-1 lead... green bay tied it up ... so went into overtime... fighting saints with a shot on goal that's blocked... but petter makitalo with the redirect for the game winner... fighting saints 3-2 the final
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and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chis havely for your final forecast. bundle yourself up tonight if you'll be out and about. temperatures have been falling since friday night, and they'll continue to drop this evening. overnight our lows will be below zero in some areas. factotoin winds gusting upwards of 30 mph at times, and we'll have wind chill values around -20 at times. because of this a wind chill advisory is in place until tomorrow morning. winds will lessen up a bit on sunday, and we'll have more sunshine. however, it'll still be pretty chilly out there with temperatures not climbing out of the single digits for
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richwood: you know, after six months, mars is starting to remind me of kauai, except without the water
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