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tv   KCRG TV9 First News  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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good tuesday morning! its 430 on january 12th. here is a live look at . first, meteorologis t kaj o'mara has your first alert forecast, kaj... thanks kaj.
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final state of the union address. kcrg-tv9's washington bureau chief jacqueline policastro looks into what's expected for the big speech. "right now we're in statuary hall - soon this place will be filled with television cameras. that's because it's the area just off the house floor, where president obama will deliver his state of the union address." the
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about what we need to do in the years to come and set the tone for his last year in office and for the next president - one he hopes will be a democrat. obama has shown he is willing to bypass congress and white house advisors have led on that his speech is really directed at the american public this year. some issues on the table - climate change, closing guantanamo bay, gun control, and immigration among other things. the president will also likely highlight what he thinks are his biggest achievements of the past 7 years. "after the speech the president already has plans. obama will sell his state of the union ideas on the road by heading to omaha, nebraska and baton rouge, louisiana. reporting inside the capitol, i'm jacqueline policastro" president obama will give his final state of the union tonight at 8 o'clock iowa time. you can watch his speech right here on kcrg-tv9. governor branstad will deliver his annual condition of the state address today to a joint session of the legislature. gavel sounds. the house will be
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iowa lawmakers gathered at the capitol in des moines yesterday for the first day of the legislative session. once again, republicans control the iowa house and democrats have the majority in the senate. as lawmakers begin their work, many say they want to see all iowans who work 40 hours a week earn a living wage. but there are many other issues too. "the first priority in bills that iowans are depending on relates to school funding...the state supplemental aid amount needs to be put forward quickly. " " the privitazation of medicaid. we've got to make sure we do this right or not do it at all... " the iowa house of representatives also saw a "first" this year. clear lake republican linda upmeyer became the first woman to serve as house speaker. a state lawmaker from bellevue says this will be his last session. told our coverage partner, k-d-t-h radio, he won't run for re-election this fall due to family
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first elected him in 2010. moore owns a trucking business and farms. presidential candidates continue their trek across iowa today to meet with as many potential caucus goers as possible. hillary clinton travels to the charles and romona myers center in dubuque today. jeb bush starts his day at the coralville public library for a town hall. mike huckabee is hosting several events today. his stops include the coffee corner in washington, the williamsburg public library... ... and at the american legion in coralville. rick santorum will hold a town hall meeting in independence, then comes to cedar rapids for a house party, and then heads to a private house party in robins. and donald trump will hold a campaign rally is at the university of northern iowa's west gym. a group of iowa caucus goers plan to protest at donald trump's event today. they say they're against his "out of touch economic policy". the protesters will gather outside of the uni gym at 5:30 this evening.
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candidate hillary clinton kicked off her two- day tour in the electric park ballroom in waterloo. " iowa will have the first chance, in the nation, to express its -- your views -- about who we want to be president. " clinton has spent much of her presidential campaign focusing on republicans. but that changed yesterday when she confronted democratic opponent bernie sanders more directly. she attempted to undermine his positions on gun control, health care, and wall street regulations. after months of being comfortably ahead of sanders in most polls, the gap between the two here in iowa is much smaller. dubuque police have a woman behind bars for a murder. she's the ex-wife of the victim who was also living with him. officers were called to 29-44 jackson street january 4th for a disturbance. when officers arrived, they found 72 year old gary breckenridge dead inside.
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death, his ex-wife told a family member she hit breckenridge multiple times with a baseball bat she hid in a ditch culvert. police say surveillance cameras show 62 year old dolores flynn in the area where they found the bat. she faces a second degree murder charge and up to 50 years in prison. flynn is in jail on a 500- thousand dollar bond. this morning, the crimson tide is bringing home another national football championship. for the fourth time in seven years under head coach nick saban, alabama won the championship last night. heisman trophy winner derrick henry ran for 1-hundred-58 yards and three touchdowns in the 45 to 40 win over clemson. o.j. howard had touchdown grabs of 53 and 51 yards while setting an alabama bowl game record with 2-hundred-08 receiving yards. the future of knee replacement could be coming from a printer. doctors in the cedar rapids area are turning to 3d printers more and more to make custom knees
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kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders joins us at the desk this morning. forrest, how new is this technology? it's been around for a few years, but it's just starting to make its way to our neck of the woods. a local surgeon says he's done 30 in a the first year he's offered them. the benefits are big. and patients are smiling. larry johnson had severe arthritis in his left knee.look has his x-rays. the cartilage was gone. bone was touching bone, brining larry severe pain. it ruled his life by keeping him counting steps. "if you had to go to any event, you'd think about how far you'd have to walk. do you have to stand in line? these things are pretty painful."larry tried injections and more to to deal with the pain, but it wasn't working. he needed a new knee. that's where doctor sandeep munjal comes in. "how's the knee doing?"doctor munjal is an orthopedic surgeon who does a lot of knee replacements each year. typically, the new joints come in different sizes which are fit to the
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clothing store. this one is different. it's a custom fit that starts with a knee ct scan. that will give technicians the proper measurements to use a 3d printer which mills out pieces for a better fitting knee. "the distal femur. it covers the cut surface completely. also, the joint line of the plastic is made separately." benefits are big. less bone has to be removed meaning potentially less pain and quicker recovery. motion is more natural... and perhaps the best part, it costs the same as a traditional knee replacement. "can you bend for me? that's beautiful." larry had his surgery in october. doctors say his knee is doing great and his pain has disappeared. "i think it's wonderful. i'm going to get the right knee done next." doctor munjal says 3d printed knees are the cutting edge, but expects the future of joint replacement will
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materials that closely mimic the human body. he said 3d knees are palm pilot to bio material, the iphone. guys? thanks a lot forrest. students going to mount mercy university now have the opportunity to finish undergraduat e and law school in six instead of seven years. it's through a new partnership with the university of iowa. mount mercy university has joined several other iowa colleges in the "three plus three" program. it allows students to do three years of undergraduate at a participating college. then, they apply to law school at the u-i in their senior of law school. students from age eight to 80 are learning to perfect their musical skills at the northeast iowa school of music. that dubuque based school first opened in 2001. teachers have trained hundreds of students including some who are now professional musicians. lessons for people who want to learn the piano, vocal performance.
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get 30 minutes. sometimes it's 45 minutes. you can work on the repertoire. " the student's tuition helps cover most of the operating costs for this non-profit. but directors depend on donations and fundraisers. italian officials are not ruling out anyone as suspects in the death of american woman in florence. officials are waiting for the autopsy results before releasing the cause of death. but right now, here's a look at today's opening farm markets. good morning! it's ---. plan on a cold tuesday! lows
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hit around 9am with many areas settling back to zero or a few degrees below. we anticipate very little recovery in temperatures and actual daytime highs of 0-5 above look reasonable in many areas. wind chills will be in the -15 to -25 range this morning, with moderation to -10 to -15 during the afternoon hours. tonight, plan on a quick temperature drop through mid-evening,
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warm front moves in tomorrow, which should help out in the temperatures as we head back into the 20s area-wide. we are still on track for 30s on thursday! after this, a system is still on track for friday and possibly a second one for saturday. in either case, we are too far out for any details on amounts or impacts. we'll be watching this as we move forward. stay warm out there!today: windy and cold high: 2-8 winds: nw 15-30tonight: partly cloudy low: -4-2 winds: w 5-15tomorrow: m/cloudy,
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high: 20-26 winds: s 5-15tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 16-22 winds: sw 5-10
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car sales are up throughout the country, and that trend is holding true in eastern iowa. the iowa automobile dealers association says vehicle registrations in iowa were up three percent last year from the year before. that means there are 4- thousand new and used cars in driveways across iowa. nationwide, sales are breaking records with more than 17 million cars sold in 2015. haiwatha's dave wright nissan and subaru credits their increased sales with an improving economy. wright also says his sales in 2015 were up by 25 percent. one restaurant is introducing its new menus paired with free meals. it's giving away one million free meals nationwide. more on that coming up in today's america's
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ashley olsen's friends say she was a vibrant young woman who loved living abroad. but the florida native's love for culture and art was snuffed out when she was killed last weekend in her italian apartment reid binion reports. italian prosecutors say they aren't ruling out any suspects in the death of an american woman in florence this weekend. police are treating the death of 35-year-old ashley olsen as a homicide the vibrant, young artist from florida was last seen at a night-club late thursday evening. the following day, a gruesome discovery. "her body was found after her boyfriend, with whom she had an argument, alerted police she wasn't answering her phone."olsen was reportedly found nude, with bruises and scratches around her neck. italian news agency ansa
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strangled.... ...but officials are waiting for autopsy results to release the cause of death. the artist left behind a string of cryptic messages on her instagram account... perhaps potential clues in october, she wrote, "i have a stalker," hash-tag "stalker alert." and, before her death, her final, post captured graffiti reading "kiss me hard before you go." the case is drawing comparisons to another murder mystery involving an american living in italy. exchange student amanda knox, whose 20-09 conviction for the murder of her roommate was overturned in 20-11. the prosecutor's handling of that case drew broad criticism in the u-s. c-n-n legal analyst paul callan says he hopes this case will be different. "i'd like to see a thorough investigation and a careful investigation this time. amanda knox was a tragic destruction of a young americans life by shoddy police work."i'm reid binion, reporting. the mother of texas 'affluenza teen' ethan couch is out of jail this morning. the bond for tonya couch was initially set at one- million dollars. but a judge lowered that to 75-thousand dollars at a bond hearing monday. she is fitted with an electronic ankle monitor. couch is accused of helping her son flee the country in order to
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lawyers say she is not competent to stand trial -- because of mental illness. now for a quick check on your weather with meteorologist kaj o'mara. stay with tv9. it's . now, one last look at this
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plan on a cold tuesday! lows for the morning will hit around 9am with many areas settling back to zero or a few degrees below. we anticipate very little recovery in temperatures
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above look reasonable in many the -15 to -25 range this morning, with moderation to -10 to -15 during the afternoon hours. tonight, plan on a quick temperature drop through mid-evening, then rising temperatures after midnight. a warm front moves in tomorrow, which should help out in the temperatures as we head back into the 20s area-wide. we are still on track for 30s on thursday! after this, a system is still on track for friday and possibly a second one for saturday. in either case, we are too far out for any details on amounts or impacts. we'll be forward. stay warm out there!today: windy and cold high: 2-8 winds: nw 15-30tonight: partlyoudy low: -4-2 win: 5-15tomorrow: m/cloudy,t. flurries high: 20-26 n: s 5-15torw night:partly cloudy low: 16-22 winds: sw 5-10 abc's kendis gibson and reena nan have this morning's americ good morning. topping "america's money" -- oil prices at their lowest since 2003. >> analysts say it's just a matter of time before crude is below $30 a gallon. >> it might force some oil and gas companies to go bust. honda's redesigned ridge line pickup.
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with all a-wheel drive but also front-wheel drive, it will be available in the first half of this year and there's still time to get free food from carrabba's restaurant chain. et. >> it started to give away vouchers last night. >> okay, about two days left. >> plenty of does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all.
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the linn county auditor says the annual evaluation report isn't out yet because of computer issues. the delay can cause problems for multiple agencies. the north liberty city council approved construction on streets near a new high school. they're hoping to avoid dangerous situations. thousands of people a year get knee replacements. and a doctor in cedar rapids is
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technology to make adapting to a
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