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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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front-runners. donald trump targets ted cruz. >> there is a big question mark on your head. >> cruz fires back. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> everyone hammering one candidate not on stage. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> and the biggest surprises of the night. >> now you had your chance, marco, you blew it. >> the race heating up as the clock ticks down to the first votes. >> a giant storm taking aim at major cities this morning from washington to boston, severe weather and up to a foot of snow in some areas followed by a blast of bitter cold air. a siberian express bringin temperatures more than 25 degrees below zero as a rare winter hurricane churns in the atlantic right now. the beauty queen forced to give back the crown resigning overnight. now embroiled in scandal under investigation for an ugly incident with a pro athlete who was stabbed in the stomach. speaking out this morning only on "gma." and powerball mania. who can it be?
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morninin is one of them holed up in this house? and the california nurse who thought she struck it rich? was it all just a prank by her son? the race to find the newest multimillionaires. we do say good morning, america. yes, that was men at work. he was trying to figure out who it was. >> i made an age joke to sam. i said some of us weren't that old in the '80s. >> ow. >> welcome. welcome. >> i didn't win the powerball so i'm here. >> there's one thing we do know for certain about the powerball. we know the three cities where those three tickets were sold, that much we do know, one of them printed right there, the publix supermarket in melbourne beach, florida. who bought it? we'll have more on that ahead. >> that strange story out of california. what a prank that was. pretty cruel. we'll get into that. that gop debate was a hot
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donald trump and ted cruz neck and neck two weeks ahead of the first votes in iowa and they went at it last night. the others fighting to break out and abc's tom llamas was there in charleston for all of it. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. what a night. the two frontrunners going at it. senator ted cruz accusing donald trump of manufacturing a birther controversy because they're locked in a dead heat in iowa and trump saying there's a serious problem with the gop with senator cruz. overnight, a clash of titans at the republican debate. donald trumpmpnd senator ted cruz once allies rumbling on stage. >> there's a big question mark on your head. >> reporter: trump ordering cruz to get a court order to show he's eligible to run for president since cruz was born in canada. cruz painting trump as a natural born politician. >> you know, back in september,
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his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue e ere. the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> reporter: cruz saying extreme birther arguments would eliminate several candidates, even trump. scotland. she was naturalized. now donald -- >> but i was born here. >> reporter: some candidates growing frustrated. >> i hate to interrupt this episode of "court tv." clashed with governor chris christie over his record in new jersey. >> unfortunately, governor christie has endorsed many of the ideas that barack obama supports. >> christie not letting rubio interrupt him. >> you had your chance. you blew it. >> reporter: all the republicans taking shots at hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. >> hillary clinton cannot be president. >> if we elect hillary clinton the next four years will be worse than the last eight. >> reporter: but cruz and trump
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york values. >> there are many, many wonderful, wonderful working men and women in the state of new york. but everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal. >> reporter: trump taking that personally and invoking 9/11. everybody in this world loved new york and loved new yorkers and i have to tell you that was an insulting statement that ted made. >> reporter: after the debate, i spoke with trump who told me he didn't think their fight would get so heated were you surprised at how hard he hit you. >> i was a little bit surprised and i think we hit him bacmuch harder. >> reporter: after the debate i asked donald trump if he's going to change his strategy before the iowa caucuses. he says he's not but going to spend more time in the hawkeye state. all the candidates will get anotheren shot in two weeks before the voting starts. george.
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let's talklkbout this more with jon karl in south carolina for us and republican pollster kristen soltis anderson a columnist for "the washington examiner." john let me begin with you. trump said after the debate the bromance iover with ted cruz. who got the better of it? >> reporter: well, look, both of them, cruz and trump had their best debates of the campaign. they dominated this debate but trump clearly came out on top. his response to the new york values attack from cruz was so effective that cruz was actually applauding him and even that exchange on cruz's citizenship. you could argue that cruz won the exchange but look what they were debating, george. they were debating whether or not ted cruz is eligible to be president. that's a debate that donald trump wants to have. it's certainly not a debate that ted cruz wants to have. >> kristen, yothouout ted cruz won. >> i thought he did because i think he rattled donald trump. donald trump's not someone who rattles easily but when cruz brought up the fact that dond trump's mother wasn't born in the united states, of course, that's irrelevant when it comes to the constitutionality of
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but it did seem to throw him off his heels a little bit and you saw that this the ted cruz who is a national debate champion in college. this is the ted cruz that came out to play last night. >> jon, at times the others seemed to struggle to get in a word during the debate but marco rubio really unleashed a barrage on cruz right at the end of the debate. >> reporter: he sure did. clearly marco rubio has calculated that he is not going to be able to beat donald trump unless he is first able to destroy ted cruz. they went back and forth at it. i think that that's the political cage match we'll see going into iowa. but, george, even on that score i think you could argue trump won because while they were beating up on each other, trump emerged from this debate largely unscathed. >> meantime, hillary clinton on late night tv last night. here she was with jimmy fallon. >> he does have a running commentary. we both do. could you believe what he just said? >> yeah, yeah, y yh. >> what does that mean? i have no idea. yeah, we have an ongoing dialogue about it. >> that was her talking about how she watches debates with her
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clinton but, kristen, one of the things the repububcans are salivating about is this cage match between bernie sanders and hillary clinton with him leading in iowa and new hampshire. >>ou're right. if you take a look at the polls hillary clinton's decline or the decline of her lead looks about as dramatic as the decline in her lead looked eight years ago. are we seeing a rerun of the same movie because while hillary clinton gets certain piece of the side there are pieces from eight years ago that seem to be particularly younger voters. has to be nervousness in the clinton camp. are we seeing a rerun of eight >> kristen, jon, thanks very much. over to robin. >> i know you'll be there this week on sunday and we'll be watching. thank you. now to breaking news, reports just coming in otwo military helicopters colliding off the coast of hawaii. the search for survivors under way and ababs gloria riviera has the latest.
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robin. here's what we know now. the coast guard has dispatched a helicopter and planes after reports there was a downed aircraft off of haleiwa, hawaii. cruise found debris in the water and they are searching for personnel. coast guard officials say it was a possible collision between two marine corps helicopters, but this is not yet confirmed and we do not know at this time if there are any injuries but responders are searching for survivors two miles off the coast of haleiwa. > e latest on that powowball jackpot and the search for all three winners. there are questions swirling this morning about a reported winner in california that now looks like a hoax. and abc's kayna whitworth is tracking it all from pomona, california. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. so, a joke that a lot don't think is very funny. we rushed here to this nursing facility lasasnight hoping to find a new multimillionaire. stead, finding more questions
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at first, it sounded like the perfect endidi to a hollywood blockbuster. >> somebody won the lotto. >> reporter: a mother of seven and a nurse at a california nursing home drawing one of the three winning powerball tickets after her boss doled out 18,000 to his staff and residents. but now the nurse's family telling abc news it may all be a prank instigated by the nurse's son. her daughter telling the "l.a. times" this is one big misunderstanding. the boss who bought the tickets shlomo rechnitz believes the nurse may be the real winner but doesn't want to come forward amid public scrutiny. >> if this was a prank done by her son it's somewhat detestable. >> reporter: meanwhile, the race is on for the identity of the other two winners. in melbourne, florida, the media swarmed this home after reports that one of the winners may work at the publix where the winning numbers were purchased.
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of the t trd powerball winner r dana naifeh owns this store who sold the winning ticket. he gets a payout of $25,000 for selling it. meanwhile, in chino hills, california, 7-eleven owner balbir atwal received a million dollar check for selling the winning ticket. they have a group text going. they thought they had a winner. one nurse even claiming she saw the winning ticket. but as of this morning the california lotry saying no winner just yet. robin. >h, okay, kayna. as you know there are a lot of fake, doctored winning powerball tickets that are going around like this guy. travis chaney posting on facebook nice knowing everyone. i'm buying an island and you can see that it's photoshopped because the numbers are not in numeric order going up so that was a clue -- >> pretty y g clue. >> and we will have much more on the powerball tonight.
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abc. >> okay, robin, we turn to that big storm targeting the east, a nor'easter taking aim from boston to washington and a lot of cold air behind it. >> this hurricane, alex, we'll try to get it all in right here. here's good news and bad news. for the southeast that low, big stormy rainy day all for florida, for georgia, a little bit the carolina, as well. the low drives up the coastline, this is the good news for the mid-atlantic and northeast over the weekend. thth is a little weaker than earlier forecast and further out toward the east, what that means is rain but lighter rain on the coastline, new york, philly, boston, you're all getting on the wet side. there will be snow and less snow than earlier anticipated because this is so far out. what doesn't disappoint. the cold air. another strong, strong shot. yes, this weekend and all next week. if you were worried we weren't in winter, we are now. pittsburgh, from 34 saturday morning to 4 degrees monday morning. that's how serious this cold air.
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a storm people will be talking about but ruins no one's day. this thing sits out there first january hurricane since 1938. so to folks like us who watch the weather very interesting to seit happen and very unusual. >> you're right about that. more from you in a bit. now to outrage in chicago. other video released showing an unarmed teenager shot by police. mayoyorahm emanuel feeling the heat again after city attorneys blocked the video from being released for three years. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, another controversial chicago police video. all unfolding in less than ten seconds. two officers chasing 17-year-old cedrick chatman, a suspect in a carjacking as he runs out of frame an officer opens fire striking him twice. another angle shows an officer stepping on the teen in and handcuffing him. chatman later died from his injuries. his family now filing a wrongful death lawsuit but in a statement
7:13 am
frye and lou toth call it justified saying he opened fire after chatman pointed a a rk object at them. a black iphone box was recovered on chatman but no weapon. it happened in 2013 and the video just surfacing now after chicago citytyttorneys abruptly dropped efforts to keep it sealed. a change says embattled mayor rahm emanuel due to the fallout of the now infamous laquan mcdonald video. >> we're in the middle of transition to different policies or transparency in letting that material out. >> reporter: but the changes not enough for protesters accusing emanuel of a cover-up and demanding his resignation. and prosecutors here did review the case. but found criminal charges against the officers involved were not warranted. robin. >> all right, alex, thank you. dan harris is here in for amy with the morning's other top stories. the big settlement from wall street? >> that's right, good morning, everybody. investment bank goldman sachs
7:14 am
billion to settle charges it sold toxic mortgages leading to the financial crisis of 2008. nearly 2 billion will go to a relief fund that helps struggling homeowners. the governor of michigan is asking president obama to declare an emergency disaster area for flint. it has been plagued by contaminated water. they demand the governor resign for not doing more sooner. lead levels spiked since they changed supplies to save money. chipotle taking action. it's closing all of its restaurants for a day on february 8th so workers can learn about food safety procedures. and finally, just days away from a big playoff game, denver broncos star vaughn miller got sent home from practice. he says he went to see "star wars" and when he visited the concession stand he opted for the mozzarella sticks which made him a little sick. he spoke to reporters about it. >> tried to see "star wars" and sneak in there and see it and it snuck up on me. >> struck back.
7:15 am
the force struck back. >> the force struck back. he later said, quote, you can't put regular gas in a ferrari. yes. >> high opinion of himself. >> you know, i went to the chipmonks movie and i wasn't feeling well but stephanopoulos wouldn't fill in for me. >> chipmunks. >> run out of gas. >> in your ferrari. >> there you go. >> thank you, dan. now to the oscars and for the second year in a row backlash over who was not nominated. the front page of this morning's "l.a. times" saying it all asking the question where is the diversity and abc's chris connelly is here with that story. good morning, chris. >> good morning and what we saw not people attacking this nomination or that nomination but asking questions, again, about the process and about the industry.
7:16 am
lineup for last night's a-list republican candidates debate was more diverse than the academy award 20 acting nominations. none of which went to a person of color for the second year in a row. >> a preview of the upcoming black oscar snubs. >> comedy central's "the nightly show" saw this coming the night before with host larry wilmore more than ready to "the name of -- name names >> will smith in "concussion." f. gary gray from "straight outta compton." >> wow. >> "creed" star michael b. jordan, yes. [ applause ] >> no. >> reporter: he got them right. add to that list "beasts of no nation," idris elba and reaction was swift and searing. it's actually worse than last year, tweeted april reign, creator of the viral hashtag
7:17 am
performance. reverend al sharpen calling it fraudulent. >> it's a hollywood and oscars problem. >> cheryl boone isaacs has sought to make oscar's ranks more diverse. >> we'll continue this conversation and do more than just talk. we are going to be doing. >> reporter: unafraid to push it himself director spike lee used his speech at the governor's awards to promote change. >> it's easy to beat the president of the united states than be the head of a studio. >> alejandro g. inarriutu ho is mexican just one of many nationalities represented in the oscar nominations. robin. >> thank you very much. chris black -- i'm sure he's working on his material right now. get a listen on our website. >> sam, the storms, east is bracing.
7:18 am
we've got a good amount of rain in the same place. the wall quickly. your weekend doesn't change based on what your week was like. san francisco, north, look at this. it's just another line, we're going into this area in some area, ski, tahoe, a lot of snow in the last 24 hour, maybe up to two feet in the next two days. this is going to be a nice delivery of rain and snow so locally 3 inches. snow up to two feet. some of the hardest, redding, medford. portland and seattle, as well. all brought to you by
7:19 am
few scattered flurries likely as well. plan on temperatures to be into the lower 20s in many areas by 5pm witupper teens also possible north of highway 20. the falling temperature trend continues right into the weekend with temperatures into the single digits on saturday. some snow is still possible saturday night, mainly over the southern half of the area. amounts will be very minor, and generally under 1". the big story continues to be on the colder weather for sunday with subzero highs likely in all locations. wind chill numbers on sunday mo >> c cing up on "gma" an abc news exclusive. that beauty queen forced to give up her crown after a serious scandal now speaking out. >> it's hard when a dream that you've had comes crashing down. >> an investigation under way after a pro athlete was stabbed. what she's saying this morning only on "gma." and a scary hoax targeting parents saying their children's lives are in danger and asking for money. how to tell if it's a scam. danger and asking for money.
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former president bill clinton will be back in eastern iowa today. just last week he stopped in several cities to campaign on behalf of his wife--hillary clinton. today clinton will host a campaign event in coralville. the former president will speak to voters at northwest junior high school at 6:45 tonight. he's hoping to convince iowa caucus goers to vote for hillary, who is the current frontrunner in the field of democratic presidential are just 2 and a half weeks left until the iowa caucuses. for the democratic presidential candidates, their next debate is this sunday night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and
7:26 am
carolina, for the nbc nene-youtube debate. the network says o'malley has qualified for the debate, despite his low poll numbers. he has been averaging 4 point 6 percent in iowa and candidates needed at least 5 percent to be on stage. and now here's your first alert forecast. falling temperatures are likely today with a few scattered flurries likely as well. plan on temperatures to be into the lower 20s in many areas by 5pm with upper teens also possible north of highway 20. the falling temperature trend continues right into the weekend with temperatures into the single digits on saturday. some snow is still possible saturday night, mainly over the southern half of the area. amounts will be very minor, angenerally under 1". the big story continues to be on the colder weather for
7:27 am
i realize we had two options, we could have lost faith and just let this battle
7:28 am
give my daughter's battle with cancer a purpose. >> welcome back to "gma" and give i a purpose, he did. that's nfl player devon still accepting an award on behalf of his strong daughter, leah, at the espys last summer. he -- she inspired millions with her courageous battle against cancer. her daddy is saying she is now cancer-free and they'll be here live exclusive ly for us this friday morning. >> what a wonderful way to spend friday. that will be great. also right now, that brutal debate for the republicans last night. donald trump and ted cruz going at it fighting for votes, just over two weeks before the iowa caucuses and a giant storm from washington to boston followed by extreme cold temperatures. more than 25 degrees below >> next week colder than this
7:29 am
>> a sunny day in times square. "sesame street" is here. oh, boy. brand-new seasonnnd a lot of fun withh them coming up in our next hour. >> they are ready to go. always a lot of fun. but right now we have to switch gear, the story of an arkansas man accused of killing beverly carter. it shows the defense claims carter was leading a secret life and eva pilgrim has detail. >> it put fear in realtors across the country. this morning we are hearing the accused killer's surprising account claims of a double life as a jury tries to decide who killed beverly carter. >> this morning, the man would once admitted to kidnapping a real estate agent is on trial. >> why beverly? >> she was a rich broker. >> reporter: 33-year-old aaron louis is accused of murdering and kidnapping arkansas realtor beverly carter in september of 2014. >> my boy's mother, my wife,
7:30 am
>> reporter: p pice say carter vanished after showing this foreclosed home outside little rock. her body found days later at a concrete company where lewis recently worked. >> what else do you want to say to her family? >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: in court thursday the defense showing lewis' affidavit which he posted on his facebook page. in these 21 pages he spells out how he says he got rid of her body druing drawings that he claims he wasn't the one who killed her. >> most people have secret lives and i think that when you have these kind of cases, unfortunately, those things have to be delved into. >> reporter: lewis says he and his estranged wife met carter through a craigslist ad for sex and accidentally died while she was with his wife. his wife testifying for the prosecution thursday tells a different story saying the two targeted carter foreeks to rob her and that lewis was the one who killed her.
7:31 am
everything in arron's affidavit was false calling it a made up story. shelso said she wouldn't take the plea deal if she hasn't actually committed the crime and now she wanted to tell the truth. >> reporter: the only thing the pair agreed on in court they went to waffle house after burying her body. the medical examiner testifying that it was highly improbable that carter died the way lewis describes in his statement. abc news has reached out to craigslist for comment but we have not heard back. >> so hard for the family, as you know. all right. thank you. now to that beauty queen forced to give up her crown. miss washington resigning after failing to disclose a dui conviction and now she's caught up in yet another scandal. this one involving a soccer star who was stabbed. she's speaking he can collusively to abc and neal karlinsky has that story for us. >> miss washington, usa. >> reporter: it was the crowning achievement for beauty queen stormy keffeler winning miss
7:32 am
>> stormy keffeler. >> reporter: but this morning it's all just a painful memory. brunette beauty is giving the crown back under a firestorm of controversy. >> i have resigned as miss washington usa. >> reporter: the painful unraveling began when she was caught driving with two flat tires last april. her eyes were droopy, bloodshot and watery and her speech was very slurred according to the police report. she pleaded guilty to drunk driving with a blood alcohol reading nearly three times the legal limit just a month before the pageant. but she never disclosed it to pageant officials. >> the paperwork says have you been convicted of a felony and when i contacted my lawyer, he told me that it was a misdemeanor. >> reporter: and now a new scandal. >> you have one victim stab wound lower abdomen. >> reporter: seattle police
7:33 am
which she was with when he was stabbed in the stomach. police are reportedly still trying to figure out this strange scene and keffeler won't comment about it. >> i am a changed person and i'm willing to go out and prove it. it's hard when a dream you've had comes crashing down so i'm still hopeful that i still have the opportunity to change the world. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> our thank to neal. coming up that scary hoax saying your kids' lives are in danger and you need to pay a ransom. the fbi warning this morning. come on back. c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks.
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7:39. back now with "gma on the lookout" and this morning a warning about a growing and terrifying hoax. scammers who pretend to kidnap people scaring loved one into giving them money. the fbi says reports of these virtual kidnappings are on the rise and many more cases go un unreported. abc's gio benitez is here with
7:38 am
good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: unbelievable. the fbi telling us overnight this is a growing trend over the past three years and happening all across this country. you said it. they're called virtual kidnappings. phone calls so convincing the victim truly believes a loved one is in danger and just hands over that cash. so this morning, "gma" is on the lookout. it is the chilling phone call that stopped one north carolina mother dead in her tracks. >> this man started yelling at me. your daughter's been in a car accident. >> reporter: an anonymous caller telling this woman just days ago that her daughter was in a car accident and injured a young boy. she's asked us thought to rereel her identity. >> they told me they abducted her. he said if you put the phone down we'll shoot her. >> reporter: she says the man demanded she head to the bank and take out $2800 for hospital bills. also sending her texts like this one. if you don't answer the phone,
7:39 am
>> a girl got closer to the phone and was sobbing and yelling and screaming help me, mom. help me, help me, mom. i've never had a darier moment in my life. >> reporter: the quick thinking mom did as she was told but first writes this note to a bank teller on her phone help, daughter has been kidnapped. he is on phone meeting me at walmart. help. he wants $2800. call police. call my husband. police search for the daughter and find her safe. it was all a hoax. >> we told her she didn't need to wire any money. >> reporter: now this morning a renewed warning to families nationwide to take caution against similar scammers. many demanding anywhere between a few hundred bucks to a few thousand. listen to this frightening call. >> i'm scared. what do you want me to do? >> maddie montoya says a scammer threatened her brother's life. >> get in your vehicle. >> no, i'm scared. i don't know you. you're threat everybodying me. >> okay, jason, go downstairs
7:40 am
>> reporter: how do you stay safe? experts say it is critical to ask questions. >> force the kidnappero provove you more details which he or she does not have. >> reporter: for that north carolina mom, she's just thanul her daughter is safe. >> all i wanted to do was hug my child. >> reporter: and remember that tip. just ask questions. as many as possible. guy, isn't this just disgusting? imagine getting that call and you're worried sick about this loved one. >> what to do. it could be a hoax. it could be real. thank you, gio. thanks so much. coming up, everybody, celine dion remembering her husband's life. inside their incredible love story and what she has to say about the love of her life this morning. i believe that the heart does go on s like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary.
7:41 am
no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. i was out in the dining room, you know, meeting the residents and i had a gentleman stop me and ask me if i made his dinner. he had lost his wife recently, but i didn't know that. he made a remark to me about not sure he wanted to be there anymore, but he said something to me that has stuck with me to this day. after having your dinner, i think i want to stick around a while and that really meant something to me.
7:42 am
i believe, i believe believe we're still worth the fight you'll see there's hope for this world tonight i believe, i believe yeah rock guitar here >> celine dion, her classic "my heart will go on" and she gave her heart and soul to her husband of more than 20 years, rene who passed away yesterday. abc's debor roberts has their love story. >> reporter: for celine dion it
7:43 am
love of all, husband rene angelil. i know you can feel it too >> reporter: the renowned singer posting on her facebook page, it is with deep sadness we announce that rene aged 73 died after a long and courageous fight against cancer. 9 singer seemed to know the end was near when i met her last march sharing with me how rene her longtime manager insisted she get back on the stage despite his heartbreaking second battle against throat cancer. >> sometimes and i think i'm used to it, don't feel what you need to feel. just do it. >> go on stage. >> i did. >> because you are a showbiz veteran. >> no, because i love him and i did and it was very hard. i realized that i couldn't do both. >> reporter: rene frail but bravely standing by his wife's side.
7:44 am
superstar singer making a courageous and emotional return. >> reporter: the two met when celine was just 12 years old. rene, 38. shaping her into one of the most successful singers in the world. celine telling abc news this past november about rene's perseverance. >> we all learn so much from him and i will always be very thankful. >> reporter: the couple who recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary had three children together. for "good morning america," deborah roberts, abc news, new york. my heart will go on >> this one is a real heartbreaker. >> it is. i remember when deb came back from doing that and just, they knew that the time was going to be not what they wanted and she was going to spend as much time with him as possible and you could feel -- every time you were in their presence you felt the love. >> it was a true love steer. we were talking about alan rickman who we also lost, david bowie all to cancer.
7:45 am
>> the moon shot. that's why it's so important what vice president biden -- >> alan rickman did so well in every single role he did. so versatile. >> i was sharing with you guys. there's a wonderful story in online today about how they looked at 50 very famous voices and what makes a great voice and it's tone and it's speed and frequency of words and he came out number one. >> wow. >> yes. he just had that exact right and when you think of his role, his voice is very memorable. >> oh, "harry potter" and daniel radcliffe. did you see what he posted. so beautiful about what he said. that didn't matter where daniel was performing, that he was there. he was there for him and it was just such a great friend, actor. didn't have to do that and how much he learned from him and he treated him as a peer, not a child with "harry potter."
7:46 am
>> they groro up on those sets. >> everything you heard about him. "love actually." i loved him in -- >> i did. he plays an everyday guy tn he plays a villain and plays -- everything is so beautiful. >> cancer really had a week between david bowie, rene and alan rickman. >> all right, guys. when we come back at the top of the hour we have an uplifting story this morning. leah, leah still, #leah strong. >> cancer-free. >> coming up, "gma's" winter concert series is presented by hilton. ready and waiting for you in over 2,000 cities. when you're on vacation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday. and while you're at it, play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired. the routine. t mostly, just play. when you plan a vacation at any one of hilton's 12 distinct brands,
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pipe work is done and the heat is back on at the linn county courthouse this morning. pipes burst earlier this week, cutting off heat to
7:52 am
heating and power unit pumped heat into the building until the regular system was back. there were two leaks in the system that heats both the jail and courthouse. facilities managers blame an air pocket in the pipes. more than three quarters of a billion dollars in construction work is almost finished in iowa city. much of the work is on the university of iowa's arts and music campuses. the new arts building will open in may. then in june, work at the new hancher auditorium will wrap up. and in august crews will finish work on the voxman music building. crews are also planning to complete the new 360 million dollar children's hospital by the end of the year. a federal appppls court has refused to reduce the sentence for a former iowa state university scientist who falsified aids research. dong-pyou han had received a sentence of 57 months in prison. han's lawyer said that was unreasonable. this week, an appellate court upheld the sentence. a group of harvard researchers discovered han and his research team had improperly used rabbit blood to achieve some promising results ininighting aids. and now here's your first alert
7:53 am
falling temperatures are likely today with a few scattered flurries likely as well. plan on temperatures to be into the lower 20s in many areas by 5pm with upper teens also possible north of highway 20. the falling temperature trend continues right into the weekend with temperatures into the single digits on saturday. some snow is still possible saturday night, mainly over the southern half of t area. amounts will be very minor, and generally under 1". the big story continues to be on the colder weather for suay with subzero highs likely in all
7:54 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and a major medical alert.
7:55 am
to birth defects in babies. now a new travel warning may be coming. dr. besser is here live. this is my fight song the 5-year-old fighter inspiring millions. her dad revealing she's cancer-free. devon and leah still joining us live speaking out exclusively for the first time and we cannot wait to celebrate. am i wrong >> no more plelee. one school takes away the magic word askininteachers not to use it. >> what we're asking kids to do is not an option. it's an expectation. >> is no nonsense nurturing the key to keeping clala in order? some parents say it's going too far. until we feel all right and it's a victorious morning right here in times s square. panic at the disco is back performing live as we say -- >> ah, good morning, america. ooh!
7:56 am
take back my life song >> we love that energy on a friday morning. >> we love that too. >> oh, we do, george. >> great to have devon and leah still with us this morning. big weekekor them both, and we're going to see how she's doing. >> we know one thing, cancer-free. >> such a darling girl right there. also "sesame street" is here this morning. always fun to see them. there they are right there in times square. a lot of our favorite characters stopping by. now they've got a new season coming up and a brand-new home. we're going to hear all about it. ginger went behind the scenes before her little baby. >> uh-huh. also this morning we're re-booting your favorite foods, breakfast, lunch, dinner, we're going to make them easier, healthier and less expensive. sometimes when you -- >> trifecta. >> i know, because sometime ss when you think about healthier, you're thinking expensive buwe have some tips for you. >> yes, please. i'm actually fine with the word please so from whatever is going to happen here. >> sam is jumping ahead.
7:57 am
morning rundown from dan harris. >> we're going to start with the breaking news from hawaii where two military helicopters have collided off the north shore of oahu. the choppers were carrying 12 people. the coast guard and the navy are now out searching a two-mile debris field for any survivors. we don't know yet what may have caused that. the long-running campaign bromance between donald trump and senator ted cruz now officially over. overnight during the republican debate in south carolina trump continued to question whether cruz is even eligible to be president, which cruz called a non-issue. >> back in september my friend donald said that he had had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. there was nothing to this birther issue. >> the fact is thehe is a big overhang. there is a big question mark on your head, and you can't do that to the party. you real can't. >> cruz also questioned whether trump is a real conservative saying he has, quote, new york
7:58 am
trump fired back citing the inspiration of the way new yorkers responded to the 9/11 attacks. the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting today hoping to pressure all sides in the ongoing syrian civil war to lift the blockades that are preventing food and medicine from reaching three cities. some aid has arrived, but it's really not nearly enough. the u.n. says the government and the rebels are war criminals for deliberately starving thousands of civilians. we have new details this morning about that paris-style terror attack in asia on thursday. three arrests were made overnight in jakarta, indonesia. the attackers used homemade bombs and hand grenades. seven peopling including five of the attttkers were killed. an isis flag was found at the scene. back in this country, we are learning just how much money the big banks are making off of fees these days. a new study finds the top three banks took in $6 billion in atm and overdraft fees last year. that's about 25 bucks for every adult in this country.
7:59 am
running of the bulls, thth, check this out, this is the running of the bears. look at what happened when a truck filled with tasty treats showed up at a home for rescued a furry little stampede. these nine bears live in a sanctuary in india for bears who were abused by their owners. that truck is carrying watermelons. guys, i've done this, by the way, in a sanctuary for cheetahs over in africa. you have to drive a little bit faster with cheetahs. >> they have some pretty good >> not bad. >> slow stampede. >> thank you, dan. and we have an important health alert this morning. some travel warnings expected from the cdc for pregnant women because of an untreatable mosquito-borne illness that's linked to birth defects in 14 countries and territories called the zika virus and dr. richard besser is here. you've been tracking this for awhile. it's quite dangerous. >> zika virus is spread by infected mosquitoes. most who get i will will be a flu-like illness, fever and muscle aches but if
8:00 am
miscarriages and damage to the developing brain. in brazil where this started they've seen more than 3,000 affected babies. >> what's your advice to pregnant women now? >> you know, if you can put off avel to the affected areas, i think 's a really good idea. if you absolutely have to go, you want to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes especially during the day when the mosquitoes are the most active. >> what's being done to control is? >> i talked to the cdc yesterday. they have two teams going to set up labs, do studies to look at control and another team later in the month, the focus right now is on reducing those bites from infections, from infected mosquitoes but the big concern is the olympics are comimi and brazil is being hit really hard and they have to come up with a control plan before that. >> that is this summer. rich besser, thanks very much. you'll be answering questions on twitter thik morning? >> i will. >> terrific. let's go over now to -- who is over there? lara. >> thank you very much, george. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." she's the 5-year-old the whole world is rooting for. leah is cancer-free and she is
8:01 am
hear from them both. and then, oh, please, some schools are encouraging teachers to stop using the magic word. we couldn't believe it. can't wait to hear what you think about that. we'll get into that. and then right out this door, a little brisk, but it's not going to stop me because "sesame street" and these guys are joining us in times square. hi. hi. ah. how lucky am i? it's all coming up o"gma." don't go anywhere. hi, everybody. hey, you. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you
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my fight song welcome back to "gma." oh, my goodness. leah still is the 5-year-old who ptured all the world's attention, our hearts, inspired millions, bravely facing cancer. now she and her daddy have scored the biggest victory of all. look at them. they're here in our studio. she's cancer-free. we're going to talk to them in just a moment. first a look at their story. >> i'm ready for today. you ready for today? >> uh-huh. >> you ready to get this cancer up out of you? let's do it. fist pump. >> reporter: it was the fist pump that warmed our hearts and started 5-year-old's leah still's cancer-free journey. >> hi, daddy. >> reporter: the daddy/daughter powerhouse, devon and leah still, have shared their message
8:07 am
selfie and fist pump at a time ever since leah was diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer at the age of 4. >> my name is leah. >> reporter: her fight inspiring millions, and today according to her proud papa, houston texans defensive tackle devon still, little leah was won her battle. last week posting this pic of a smiling leah in a rock star pose with the caption "last treatment. let's go" then on instagram on wednesday, the football star boasting his daughter's stats, if you will. 41 days of chemotherapy, 40 days of antibody therapy. 19 days of radiation. 7-hour surgery, 1 win. with that caption, i can really say my daughter beat c ccer. >> when my daughter was first diagnosed with cancer, i felt like i was in a nightmare. >> reporter: it has been a trying year for the two who recently won the 2015 jimmy v.
8:08 am
but for this doting dad, greater than any award or win on the gridiron is his little girl's win against cancer. and devon and leah still are joining us. they deserve a standing ovation. yes,s,yes. >> can i get a fist pump? can i get a fist pump? can i get one from your daddy? all right. whoo. we needed this today. we needed to hear your story. how are you feeling? you just got out of the hospital. how are you feeling? >> really good. >> really good. not just good, but really good. daddy helped you through all this? >> good. >> he's been a good daddy. is he fun? >> uh-huh. >> i can tell. it's -- there are no words, and when you heard the words that she is doing as well as she is after giving a pretty dire diagnosis, what did that mean to
8:09 am
i mean, it was definitely a long road traveled. and, you know, with battlili cancer and specifically my daughter's type of cancer, you know, a lot of families aren't fortunate to make it through the whole battle, so we definitely feel blessed and very thankful that we had the doctors and the people around us to help us through this battle. >> and you all have been just so public about it. did you see your daddy when he was at the espys and he got up there on the stage. we were talking beforehand. you didn't want him to cry. you were like, daddy, don't be a cry baby. is that what you said to him? >> yes. >> yes, you did but it was such an inspirational speech. the jimmy v. perseverance award because both of you, leah and devon, how you have persevered through this. why did you decide to share so much of your story in hopes of helping others? >> it was important to us. to be honest, before my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, i didn't know too much about childhood cancer and just knowing that i had the platform i knew that i could reach a big audience and inform everybody
8:10 am
deal with pediatric cancer, therefore, people step up like they did and help out those that are in need. >> how did you feel? #leahstrong. how are you so strong? >> i don't know. i think it's cause of my dad and me. >> oh, your daddy makes you strong. he makes you strong like that together. and i know that that has meant a lot to you, the outpouring, the love and the support, and you are continuing to give back. congratulations, you and your beautiful fiancee have set a date, and you established something called the knot where people can help children who have gone through what leah has. tell us about it. >> we wanted to continue to fight against pediatric cancer so instead of having a gift registry for ow wedding decided to have a charity registry where people can go to the and donate money to four different charities, one being the still
8:11 am
the flower girl. do you have your dress all picked out? >> uh-huh. >> i think people will help on the knot decide what you'll wear and different things like that so it's great what you are doing and how you realize. what do yoyosay for a daddy and a mommy that is sitting at home and they have a child like leah that's facing some tough times, what is your message for them, devon? >> don't give up. i mean, i think that's been the point that anybody who is battling cancer says to everybody, just don't give up. it's a lot of dark spots. not a lot of positive things you hear from the doctors but if uyou keep the mind frame, you can make it through anything and i documented our story on social media so parents that are going through similar situations can look back and see exactly what we was doing to get through those times. >> now you're with the houston texans. are you ready to see your daddy play some football again? >> yes. >> yes. what do you like to do? >> i'd like to be a cheerleader at penn state. [ cheers and applause ] >> wononrful!
8:12 am
lara is from penn state. why did you do that? why penn state? >> because my dad goes to penn state. he used to. >> that's right. that's right. >> we are! >> we are. >> leah, we love you. thank you. thank you for giving us hope. just thanks for being the beautiful little girl that you are. >> okay. >> okay. [ laughter ] we'll see you on the sidelines at penn state. devon, continued blessings. congratulations on everything. the knot. the knot. >> the knot. >> te care. >> george. >> she could be the most inspiring cheerleader ever. you know, we all teach our kids to say please and thank you but now some teachers are saying please has no place in the classroom. it's part of a new teaching method called no nonsense nurturing sparking quite a debate in north carolina. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: the movie "kindergarten cop" shows us how easily a classroom can get out of control. but the druid hills academy in charlotte, north carolina, is
8:13 am
unruly behavior by implementing a unique technique called no nonsense nurturing. >> it's a way teachers and schools go about creating the culture and the conditions in which students thrive. >> reporter: proponents say it bowl sters collaboration and support. we saw firsthand in this sixth grade math class. >> what is y? go. >> before i would tell students to come in the classroom and do your warm-up. now with no nonsense warm-up,, i say when i say go, i want you to walk into the classroom. grab your warm-up off the bookshelf. your voice is on zero. you will sit down in your classroom and complete your warm-up and you have five minutes to do that. >> reporter: and the word "please"s used very sparingly. >> what we're asking is not an option.. it's an expectation. no one would say to you, will you come to work today, please. >> reporter: this program is used by 250 schools across
8:14 am
structured and consistent for students, so what does this teacher hear from her students? >> they typically say, you know, we love miss alfred but she doesn't play. >> reporter: but reaction from parents is mixed. >> i don't agree with it point-blank, period. >> we'll try it and see how it works first. >> reporter: as for the teachers, they say the proof is in the positive results. >> it also reduces suspension and reduces the amount of time a student spends outside the classroom due to misbehavior because they have the opportunity to comply to your directions because you're specific. you're concrete. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> let's talk about this now. ericka souter, editor of is here. we just heard about the results. what do you think? >> well, my first thought was, there's something that seems nurturing about this program but if you take a look at communities or teachers dealing with very chaotic classrooms or maybe there are discipline problems at home that are carrying over into the classroom this can have a positive effect and that's what we saw a little bit in that video. but if you have kids who are
8:15 am
atmosphere of fear and anxiety situation. >> but it is trying to counter mentality. >> yeah, definitely. i'm a big fan of doing that when they're 2 and 3 and just being introduced to things and encouraging participation but when you get to 4 or 5, they really to start learning that you need to earn that way in helping that kind of >> what do you think parents should take away from this and corporate at home? >> well, e ery kid needs structure. every kid needs structure and discipline. and you want to make sure that you are putting rules in place and that they know that they have to follow those rules. but i don't see anything wrong with saying please and thank you. >> i think the first time you ask is a please, and if the child doesn't listen, it's i'm not going to ask you again. >> exactly. and forfeiting that doesn't mean you're giving up control. it just means you're teaching them to be respected and that breeds respect in turn. >> i love what you just said there. it doesn't mean you're forfeiting control. >> not at all.
8:16 am
i just -- i don't -- >> i know because you're all about manners. >> right. >> i am too. i agree but there is a time and place where, y y know -- children crave -- >> structure. >> -- structure and control and knowing that they have somebody who's in control of the situation. to say please do this, they take advantage. >> maybe it's how you say pleaea. >> it's not an option. still be polite. >> they know they have to do it and they have to follow rules and there should be penalties in place if they don't. >> but i do appreciate that they are trying to do something, that they recognize there's a problem and trying -- it's a creative solution for them and if it's working for them -- >> right. we just want to make sure it doesn't discourage kids from asking for help if they need it or ask questions in a classroom. all those things are still important even if you need kids to follow the rules. >> a great discussion. >> let's go outside to sam. >> all right, everybody, so i thought i was walking out into
8:17 am
this is hickory, north carolina. everybody from hickory, raise your hand and wave. look at this. [ cheers and applause ] there is no one at home in hickory, north carolina. we're going to start with charleston, by the way, only because you have a little rain moving in. and because we had such a horrible october with rain, any rain in charleston is likely to kickff flood warnings so#watch that low drive up the coastline. bad news for the southeast in the fact that there are very heavy storms. tampa, you're moments away from getting another line working in there. on the national map out west, we continue with that problem of rain althouou i got to tell you it is a lot of rain falling temperatures are likely today with a few scattered flurries likely as well. plan o temperatures to be into the lower 20s in many areas by 5pm with upper teens also possible north of highway 20. the falling temperature trend continues right into the weekend with temperatures into the single digits on saturday. some snow is still pososble saturday night, mainly over the southern half of the area. amounts will be very minor, and generally under 1". the big story continues to be on the colder weather for
8:18 am
subzero highs likely in all numbers on sunday morning will very likely be [ cheers and applause ] >> all: lara. >> thank you so much, sam. get in here. it is "pop news" time, and we have a solution this morning for moms feeling the empty nester blbls. a mom from amsterdam who was sad that her preteen son no longer wanted hugs figured out a very creative solution. she just knitted a new onel a lifesize woolen replica of her boy tailored to perfection. george, your face is amazing right now. her son, slightly terrified you wonder, no, he was actually pribably thrilled because he didn't have to give hugs or kisses because that preteenage, that's the way it goes and even helped her photograph the woolly doppelganger skateboarding, eating jununfood, of course, getting a hug from mom.
8:19 am
>> wait for it. wait for it. >> yeah. >> i'm just -- i got to let that one go. >> like what -- >> sam's not going to let it go. >> when you watch that story, george, what -- >> it's a little creepy. >> a little creepy. >> yay. then i have done my job in "pop news." >> well, it's only creepy if you stuff it. >> if you what? >> never mind. >> tried to move on. >> okay. i'm sorry. you're right, george. just let it go. >> also earlier this week, we told you about a job opening for goat cuddlers. well, in today's "pop news" job postings, how about the chance to be a human cat? >> this one is for dan. >> a woman named sophie from
8:20 am
ad seeking someone to come to her house and curl up on the end of her bed and purr softly like a sleeping kitten to help her sleep. >> this is creepy friday. what are you doing? >> $40 an hour for producing a nice consistent purr. >> i have a question. >> go, please. >> do you have to be in costume or can you just go as you are? >> there is one job requirement. you must show up in a realistic cat costume and you must -- >> dan, do you have one of those? >> and you must enter on all fours. >> i'm sorry, what? >> t tt's required? >> what i would say is why not spare all the time and expense and save the life of a cat from your local shelter. >> ah. >> there you go. >> very good. >> as it turns out, the woman apparently was having a bad day. she said she was actually sort of joking but she thoroughly enjoyed the multitude of applicants who actually sent responses for this job, which we belilie may or may not, one of them, have come from this guy. >> who's grumpier, me or grumpy cat? grumpy cat. >> awesome. and then finally in "pop
8:21 am
>> creepy friday. >> creepy friday. not freaky friday. you're not going with alliteration. just full creep. perfect. from the why didn't i think of that friday file, take a aook at this mananmpressing thousands on the internet. obviously he's hungry, he's at a buffet and makes a big plate. i totally get that then he realizes it's juju not enough, and he comes up with a genius idea and there you go, everybody. that's your friday takeaway. >> literally. >> i'm here foyou, america. literally. >> i'm here for you, america.the cedar falls area education agency 267 is on its way to increasing its
8:22 am
according to the waterloo cedar falls courier, the board of directors gave initial approval to 58 week. increase over last year. this budget is based off assumptions that a-e-a 267 won't receive any state aiai will be a drop in enrollment in school districts and private northeast iowa counties. waterloo schools are getting rid off a slower- paced beginning algebra class to challenge students. according to the waterloo cedar falls courier, the board of educion approved the high school course catalog on monday. students are required to take 3 years of math to graaate, including algebra 1. one option previously was to meet that requirement has included splitting the yearlong class to take it over two years. and now here's your first alert forecast. fallinintemperatures are likely today with a few scattered flurries likely as
8:23 am
temperatures to be into the lower 20s in many areas by 5pm with upper teens also possible north of highway 20. the falling temperature trend continues right into the weekend with temperatures into the single digits on saturday. some snow is still possible saturday night, mainly over the southern half of the area. amounts wl be very minor, and generally under 1". the g story continues to
8:24 am
subze highs likely in all grouchy morning, america.
8:25 am
my oscar nomination? here's one of my favorites. >> "sesame street." >> i'm a guy name ernie. >> we made it here because we got up herlihy. >> "sesame street" is here to say. >> all: a big great morning to "gma." >> yeah. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> thank you, guys. i think deserve a nomination for that one. great to have them back here. they're straight out of "sesame street" and talk more about their season coming up. also this morning, jimmy kimmel celebratiti thescar nominations with a very special tribute for his dear friend sort of matt damon. >> the nominees are bryan cranston in "trumbo." leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant," michael fassbender in "steve jobs," eddie redmayne in "the danish girl."
8:26 am
>> oh, man. >> that is a friend. that's a friend. >> now you understand why i was trying to figure out how to couch it. good luck to all of the oscar contenders this year. as you know, they're on abc, right now though let's get to robin. >> all right, guy, thank you very much. and it's time now for our final installment of this week's re-boot camp as we head over the weekend we have your ultimate food fix for 2016. best-selling author and dear friend nutritionist rachel beller is here to re-boot your favorite meals with less expensive, easy and healthy tricks. great to see you, as always. >> so great to be here as always. >> when you talk to healthy people, it's going to cost something but you'll be able to save us. >> everyone can do this. >> we'll talk about things that are so 2015. so last year. >> done. >> and all from breakfast to dinner, so we start with breakfast and this is something that people usually have been doing. the lattes. >> last year everyone started
8:27 am
soy latte, chai lattes. they come with a heavy price tag, about $5, 350 calories and four teaspoons of sugar. four teaspoons so in withhe new 2016 is all about the golden latte. >> what's that. >> the golan latte starts with coconut milk and infuse it with herbs, spices that are going to be like cinnamon, ginger, turmeric. anti-inflammatory properties. it's time to upgrade. >> you have gotten me on tumeric. it's wonderful and a very good -- >> so well researched and the fat in the coconut milk helps you absorb these spices. pepper, if you're daring also helping you absorb the good stuff. >> out with this. >> so expensive. >> it is. >> move on to lunch now and people were really big about, you know, the sal, thought they were doing good and putting superfoods on it. >> a lot of superfoods. they're expensive and cost $7 to $15 foror about an eight-ounce serving.
8:28 am
new. our bargain superfoods, so -- >> what's on these. >> these are salads and elevated them with gargan superfoods. for example, seaweed. should be a kitchen staple. >> i know. >> i know. you do likeurritos out of them or top your salad with them. about ten cents a sheet. orange peel. things we throw away. good cancer-fighting properties. you know what,, celery leaves. >> and the carrot tops. >> loaded with vitamin kristen. celery leaves have five times the vitamins as the stating. >> the popcorn with all the different flavors. >> flavors, kale, pickle juice, all these different flavors we had. >> we think we're doing halfway wellll >> yes, and it's not necessarily bad. people have food allergies to corn and so forth but looking at 2016.
8:29 am
and this one is gluten-free. sorghum. people use it as a flour but it's really -- check this out. wow. >> this is great. you're not going to eat that. but you can pop it. you basically take a brown paper bag, two minutes in the microwave. >> that turns into that. >> it does. it's mini, mini, mini popcorn kernels. it's sorghum and it's got a lot of fiber. protein. it's good. >> it's like popcorn. >> you don't have the little kernels. >> it's my -- you use it as a porridge as well and eat it for breakfast, packed with fiber and protein. gluten-free and jazz it up with cayenne pepper. could potentially help burn fat and nutritional yeast, b-12, energy. >> i want to get to this. >> last year we were spiralizing everything. this year basically we're protofying. this iss chickpea pasta.
8:30 am
so it's got a lot of protein. look how it's the main event. so you're having this instead of a cup of beans. 14 grams of protein. loaded with fiber. this stuff is incredible. got your veg, you got to try it. >> i'm telling you, i had tried and i have to admit i was like, chickpeas. it tastes like pasta. >> you're notinto that -- >> i know. >> this is a good way to get fiber and detox and it's a win. >> taste approved. rachel, thank you very much. go to our website and get so much more information. anks so much. lara. >> thank you so much, robin. here with me is olivia munn. she plays a tough detective in "ride along 2." you don't want to mess with this girl. just look what happens when kevin hart, of course, kevin tries to use her computer. >> oh. girl -- >> i said don't touch. >> ow. >> soft tissue manipulation. pressure points. come on, you should be able to get out of that.
8:31 am
she lock this whole side -- ow. oh. >> i don't know about that one. >> embarrassing him. >> you're pathetic. detective, atlanta vice. down here a couple of days on assign many. >> detective cruz, homicide. >> funny movie. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. it's my first time. >> first time here. >> very excited. >> thank you. >> so kevin hart, we love. he comes on the show a lot. what was it like workingngith him. how did it all come together? your first meeting. >> i got the offer for "ride along 2" at the same time i was finishing "e newsroom." the last season and didn't work -- >> which was great. >> thank you very much. it didn't look like it would work out then i was backstage at an awards show and met kevin and instantly were like brother and sister and laughing and joking and coincidentally that morning i cald jon stewart because i was on "the daily show" and said i got this offer for a movie and i'm not sure.
8:32 am
amazing human being and you have to do whatever you can to be playing around with him because it'll be the best experience in your life and after i saw him and hung out with him i called my reps and said figure out a way for it to happen. i never laughed more. >> how do you get through scenes? you don't. this is how you get through it. ice cube makes kevin leave the set when i'm on set and he will mess with mend make me laugh so much he literally has to be asked to leave set. >> that's how it is every time he's on the show. you guys have three minutes for good luck. situation. >> he's like that all the time. it's not just because he's on camera. he's just off camera he's always like that. >> you are a also -- congratulations on your career. i know you were a journalism major and have rocketed from
8:33 am
yoyore in "x-men." >> psyloc. what's your power. >> telepathic and telekinetic. she can read everyone's mind. >> when does it come out. >> end of may if we will look for that. >> in the meantime, you can look for "ride along 2." it hits theaters s day. thank you, olivia munn. great to see you. >> great to see you too. >> sam, we'll go out to you. >> wow, she's gorgeous. the other thing? >> telekinetic. >> yi, that'sit. let's talk about what's going on on the west coast of florida. got trouble. long line of storms, it will get you, tampa. be aware. there could be waterspouts and really tough weather for you within the next hour. will now to this deep freeze. all weekend long look at these numbers. places like minute, could stay below zero from now until monday morning. below zero from now till monday morning. that's a real issue. the west coast, southwest looking fairly good. we have this gorgeous dry sky right here from dallas up to the north and nashville looking good, as well.
8:34 am
all that broughtfalling temperatures are likely today with a few scattered flurries likely as well. plan o temperatures to be into the lower 20s in many areas by 5pm with upper teens also possible north of highway 20. the falling temperature trend continues right into the weekend with temperatures into the single digits on saturday. some sno >> that's a rocking line of storms headed for tampa. i just -- >> i can't hear you. i'm having chickpea pasta. >> surprisiny good. sam, thank you. we thank you for helping us out this week with ginger on maternity leave. and it was -- you just -- you just came right back and it was great to hear your big, booming laugh down the hallway and all that and we say thank you because you're a very busy man. you're at the weather channel putting together a nighttime show. >> i'm really excited. the mning show is off and running. jim cantore is on it. "23.5 degrees" is the name of a
8:35 am
we call it if you're a weather geek you understand the earth isn't standing up like this it's rotated and it's 40,000-year average is 23.5 degrees so we're reaching out to the science community because all of these interviews will be long interviews on climate, weather, science, a little technology thrown in. the stuff i'm passionate about and it's the stuff that usually gets, you know, tossed out in a sound-bite but we want to really understand from the people doing the science what's goingng on. >> it's like "real housewives." >> it's a lot like "real housewives." forget everything i said. it's like that. >> no, i love the title of it. i think it's clever. >> thank you for explaining it because i was like -- do we have a little -- >> we have a clip, i think. >> let's take a look. >> i really want there to be a venue where people who are trying to make a difference can have a voice and have a place to talk about their passions. weather, climate, environment, technology, science, they're the
8:36 am
so let's talk about them. >> that beard is coming back. >> can we talk about the hair? >> and the hours are a whole lot better. >> sam, will you come back and visit. >> i would love to. >> ginger, thanks for making the phone call and asking me to come in. >> sam champion! [ applause ] and new show launching in february on the weather channel. >> 23pt5. your first look at the new
8:37 am
come on back. look who's here today. it's a new day on "sesame street." ginger went behind the scenes for a sneak peek at the new season before thee brought adrian home. >> reporter: the days are still sunny. the street is sill sesame but now airing for the first time on hbo along with pbs, this new season brings a new set and a new sensibility to the beloved series. >> did somebody say they need help to save the day? >> reporter: oscar's trash can is now joined by a recycling bin. r favorite bird has a brand-new nest. a lot of changes at "sesame street"?
8:38 am
in here and photos and way up there a pictu of me as a baby. >> reporter: abby cadabby has a new community garden. >> i can grow mention cal vegetables. >> no. >> i don't want to give away too much. >> okay. but it's pretty good. >> reporter: our friend elmo has moved into the brownstone. >> it's got new books. it's a wonderful place to hang out. the only downside, you see over there that's oscar's trash can. bleh. not fun in summer. >> reporter: there are still cameos like gwen stefani and alan cumming but the real stars will alwaysse all our old friends. for "good morning america," ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> you bet they will. thank you, ginger. we're joined by carol-lynn parente, the executive producer of "sesame street." >> yay. >> you're going on hbo but still
8:39 am
>> yes, hbo has been a wonderful partner because they really understood how important our relationship is with pbs and our mission about having "sesame street" be available to those who need it most? what can you tell us about the new season. >> more changes in season of "sesame street" than any season before it. we have a brand-new opening arrangement to our song and a new opening shot on our set and our whole neighborhood's been renovated so took buildings down and actually put big bird's nest in a tree and it's just beautiful. >> so does that mean new housing for oscar? >> oscar actually has not only his can now but recycling bins and composting bins. so -- >> sam got a kick out of that. okay, who are you looking forward to working with thihi season? >> we have miss gwen stefani. >> oh, yeah. >> she was magical. >> pharrell. >> he is so nice. >> and miss sara borrellareilles -- >> and alan. >> alan cumming.
8:40 am
>> so funny, yeah. >> uh-huh. >> oh, and nina. >> we have a new neighbor. >> we have a new neighbor. >> oh, no kidding. we cannot wait to meet her. thank you all for coming in. great to see you again, guys. >> have a good morning, everybody. >> you can see all these guys on hbo premieres tomorrow and coming up, panic at the disco
8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] it's friday. let's hear some music, people. here now with panicict the disco, who announced a new tour overnight and brand-new album, "death of a bachelor" out this morning, went straight to number one on itunes. out here with us, "gmgm performing "victorious." tonight we are victorious champagne pouring over us
8:42 am
tonight we are victorious oh oh oh oh victorious oh oh oh double bubble disco queen headed to the guillotine skin as cool as steve mcqueen let me be your killer king it hurts until it stops we will love until it's not i'm a killing spreeeen white eyes like broken christmas lights my touch is black and poisonous and nothing like my punch-drunk kiss i know you need it do you feel it drink the water drink the wine oh we gotta turn up the crazy livin' like a washed up celebrity
8:43 am
the fourth of july until we feel all right until we feel all right i'm like a scarf trick it's all up the sleeve i taste like magic waves that swallow quick and deep throw the bait catch the shark bleed the water red fifty words for murder and i'm every one of them my touch is black and poisonous and nothing like my punch-drunk kiss i know you need it do you feel it drink the water drink the wine oh we gotta turn up the crazy living like a washed up celebrity shooting fireworks like it's the fourth of july tonight we are victorious
8:44 am
all my friends were glorious tonight are victorious tonight we are victorious champagne pouring over us all my friends were glorious tonight we are victorious oh we gotta turn up the crazy livin' like a washed-up celebrity shootinfireworks like it's the fourth of july uil we feel all right until we feel all right tonight we are victorious champagne pouring over us all my friends were glorious
8:45 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> don't show us. show them. panic at the disco. [ applause ] >> i've got a new workout tune. >> robin, that's a perfect segue because we want you not to forget, we improve your workout with daily burn 360. free workouts on on yahoo! everyone.
8:46 am
sam.a dangerous piece of road may have contributed to a crash that killed a teenage mother and her son. 18-year-old bethany clark, of belle plaine, and her two-year-old son roran were traveling on highway 212, about five miles west of marengo, around 7 a-m yesterday. the iowa county sheriff's office says clark lost control of the car and into a ditch and caught fire. both died at the scene. the sheriff's department says
8:47 am
to accidents because drivers tend not to notice the slight curve. there have only been two other crashes here before, one in 2005 and one in 2010. neither of those were major. frost was also a factor in a two-vehicle crash that sent three people to the hospital in fayette county. it happened just before eight yesterday morning at highway 150 and 190th street. the fayette county sheriff's office says 23 year old sara shaffer lost control of her car and crashed into another vehicle. 46-year-old kellie blanchard was airlifted her to a hospital with serious injuries. shaffer and her passenger also went to the hospital. and now here's your first alert forecast. falling temperatures are likely today with a few scattered flurries likely as well. plan on temperatures to be into the lower 20s in many areas by 5pm with upper teens also possible north of highway 20. the falling temperature trend continues right into the weekend
8:48 am
single digits on saturday. some snow is still possible saturday night, mainly over the southern half of the area. amounts will be very minor, and generally under 1". the big story continues to be on the colder weather for sunday with subzero highs likely in all locations. wind chill numbers on sunday morning will very likely be in the -30 to -40 range with isolated colder
8:49 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael."
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