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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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threat to force the evacuation. at this hour people are back in the school, but no arrests have e been made. they began evacuating the school around 9 a.m. they had to call for all the buses in the area to come help out. " they rolled all the buses they could, get them over to west high, we were able to quickly evacuate school, load onto the buses and then we brought them over here to the university of iowa, they graciously allowed us to use the tennis and rec. center. " " just very vy glad that nothing actually happened because when you hear about this stuff you get very scared. " the superintenden t says they were also fortunate that all of the buses were already out and about when thehecalled them in. that way they were much warmer than they could have been. again, it was about 10 degrees out here this morning. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. this comes a little more than
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three people were involved in threats against regina catholic high school in iowa city. money and threatened to blow up the school in august and cancelled on any explosives. deas, who is from allentown, pennsylvania, faces felony chargegeof making threats. who were former regina students austin and alex troyer with aiding and abetting. since they were minors at the time we don't know the outcome of those charges. we want to remind you that when you see news, call newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can also send us pictures and videos to newsroom at kcrg dot com. the cold is starting to ease a bit, but now we're getting some snow this evening, joe?
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using heating tools to thaw frozen water pipes. yesterday, the cedar rapids fire department said a landlord started this house on fire
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to thaw a pipe. no one was hurt, but it did cause damage to his tenant's home. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman shows us why firefighters say hot air can still be dangerous. the frozen pipe calls for plumbers haven't come in as often as they did two winters ago. but for the professionals who get called to get the water flowing... this is the tool of choice. sot/nat an electric heat gun that can melt the ice stopping up a water pipe. " over the years, firefighterg have warned about using a propane torch like this whenn it's time to thaw out a frozen pipe in a home... obviously you've got an open flame... there is danger here. but when it comes to electric hot air guns... they're dangerous as well " plumber ron valenta says the commercial models used by plumbers can get as hot as 12-hundred degrees near the tip. he jokingly calls them turbo-charged nuclear hairdryers. the ones homeowners buy are usually less powerful. but you've still got to take care around flammable material. "fire extinguisher plus we use a heat shield behind the frozen pipe to stop the heat from going to
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plywood or whatever is back there." heat guns can quickly scorch wood. and left too long near insulation... sot/nat ...where there's smoke, there's fire and fire safety experts say there are some things better left to experts. " we really recommend calling a specialist who knows what they are doing and let them take care of thawing your pipes " markley says heat gun fires don't happen too often... but theyeystill happen so his advice is know w at you're dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. fire experts say some other safety tips when using a heat gun is to keep it too long in one spot. homeowners should also remember to take time to cool down the heat gun after use before putting it
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a fire in crawford county, wisconsin early this morning killed two sisters. the crawford county sheriff's partment says they found a home in the village of wauzeka in flames when they arrived about 11:40 last night. a sheriff's deputy and neighbors tried to get into the home to save the people inside, but they couldn't because of the amount of smoke and fire. after the fire was out, they found two bodies. 12-year-old lena bartels and her sister 15-year-old trinity bartles died at the scene of the fire. the state fire marshal is looking into the cause but the shererf doesn't think it's a suspicious fire. "it's going to be very tough. i actually grew up in this community. and i think it's going to be a huge shock to this that these small communities pull together." hear the crawford county sheriff talk about what it took to fight a fire like this coming up tete. " i believe it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. i know he might be ahead in the
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counts is the one they take on caucus night. and i think it could change between now and then." governor terry branstad said today during the renewable fuel summit that he thinks ted cruz needs to be defeated. he's basing that claim on cruz's opposition to the renewable fuel standard. other candidates at today's summit said if voters elect cruz, the ethanol mandate will not survive. republican presidential candidate rand paul also opposes the renewable fu standard. there are e ss then two weeks until iowans will l have their voices heard in the first in the nation caucuses. and candidates are getting in as much face time as they can over the next 13. carly fiorina made a stop at wartburg college in waverly today where she talked about education. "the department of education has taken more and more power away fromofamilies, away from communities, away from states, year afterer year after year under
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no child left behind, race to all just big bureaucratic programs that suck up money and power and meanwhile all of the issues in education system continue to get worse." e most recent public policy ll has fiorina with three percent support here in iowa. fiorina has several stops throughout iowa tomorrow including des moines, mount vernon and maquoketa. the college community school district is to approve a multi-million dollar bond issue. last april, a similar issue failed by 58 votes. the 49 and a half million dollar bond will help the district h hdle increasing enrollment. the district estimates it will see a 57 percent increase by 20-23. if approved, the district will add 20 classrooms at the high school and update heating, cooling and safety systems. passage of the bond would mean a property tax rate increase of 17.50 per year
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assessed at 100-thoususd dollars. voting is open until 8:30 this evening. taylororris got quite the welcome when he came back to iowa after serving in afghanistan. but cedar falls city council has denied the injured veteran's request to build a new house because of where he wanted it. st with tv9. and the dubuque citiziz police academy is looking for more peoplplto join. request rejected. the cedar
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council is not allowing disabled army veteran taylor morris build his smart home. morris lost parts of all four of his limbs when he stepped on an explosive in afghanistan in may of 2012. and since then he has gotten married and wants to settle down in a home that will meet his needs. the home would sit off north union road and north of american martyrs retreat house in cedar falls. the morrises would like it re-zoned from a-one agricultural to r-one residential. t-v nine's brady smith explains the city's decision to deny their request to rezone that area. 20:57-:1010cedar falls city officials say there are options available to the morris family if they want to build a new home somewhere on this plot of land northwest cedar falls. however, it may be tricky to find an option that all partrtes involvlv can agree on." the city's departmentntf community development suggested alternative sites to where morris wanted to build his new home, and the possibility of
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not just a small chunk - with a concept plan for future development. city council member john runchey says morris's request to rezone only an acre and a half section of this land was an unusual one. he says doing so could cause problems for the city if it ever decides to develop that area in the future. 14:23-:35 "if he wants to build, he can buy 20 acres, and can put it werever he nts. we'd give hiia permit today. but for an acre and a half, we want a more orderly fashion."2 members of the council voted in favor of morris'sezoning request, 4 against. in a statement over the phone, morris told tv-9 quote, "we had every intention of playing by the rules," and that he and his wife are trying to decide what their next step will be. jn cedar falls, brady smith, rg tv9 news. police in dubuque say they're having a hard time getting people to sign up for their annual citizen's police academy. in the academy, participants learn about a number of police procedures like arrests, search and seizures and use of
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people in the class have the option of having police pepper spray them and they also ride along with officers on duty. police suspect the drop in interest in the program has to do with recent cases of mistrusfor police. "this is a way for us to really give people a first hand look at what we do and we try to make it as hands on as possible." the ten week course starts february 4th and runs through april 7th. sessions are held at policic station on thursday evenings from six to nine. three more high school students are in the running for athlete of the week. and knocking down number one. scott will recap the cyclones big win last night against oklahoma state. stay with your 24 hour news
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taking the light snow east of the state tonight. any snow that falls will be easy to move as ititill be very light and fluffy. for the remainder of the week we see more seasonable weather temperatures climb from the
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tuesday to the middle 30s by sunday. snowfall chances are few and far between for the week ahead with the next chance holding off through the weekend. have a great night! tonight: light snow continues low: 7-13 winds: e 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 21-27 winds: s 5-10tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 16-22
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cloudy high: 27 - low: 19 friday: partly cloudy high: 25 - low: 13 saturday: partly cloudy high: 31 - low: 12 sunday: mostly cloudy high: 36 - low: 25 monday: chance of snow high: 30 - low: 22 tuesday:
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opponent was way back in 1957. it's been 59 years since the cyclones knocked off wilt the stilt and mighty kansas. so last night was a pretty special win over number one ranked oklahoma.. the cyclones showed a lot of grit that was lacking in some earlier losses and their stars george niang and monte morris
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the stretch. morris with the game winner on this step back jumper in an 82-77 win to raise their record to 14-4 overall and 3-3 in the big 12. credit to monte making the shot down the end he is such an incredible player and i am blessed to play with a point guard like him. it means everything my days are winding down in ames and it means everything to give these fans this. i am proud of my guys we have been thru a lot of adversity last week or so with a couple of losses you listen to what they say and they were saying the right things and they all stuck together it shows their character and i am proud of the way they hung together and haven gotten better. sot :27 oc: "gotten better " if you are a number one ranked team you don't want to play in the state of iowa. back in november uni knocked off top ranked north carolina 71-67 at the mcleod center. then in december, the hawkeyes beat top ranked michigan state 83-70 in iowa city.. and iowa state became the third team from the
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night with the five point win over number one oklahoma.. what a year it has been for sports in the state of iowa. celebrations all over the state. the hawkeyes haven gotten a big boost off their scott westerberg s the story. to take a noticeable step forward from freshman to sophomore year, and dom uhl's coaches and teammates are watching it happen right before their eyes. "he's playing relaxed. he knows he's going to be playing a lot. he knows i'm going to go to him, and he opportunity to play through mistakes." "obviously going from a freshman to a sophomore you gain more security in your game. he's done that to the fullest extent and game." "when he first got here he was not a very good shooter, to be honest. to see all the hours that he's put in in the offseason, it's been cool to see the way he's been shooting the ball lately."uhl's stats from beyond the arc have been staggging as game winning streak, he's 10 of 15 from
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made a total of just five threes. uhl says the confidence was always there, he just needed more work. "i just worked on my shot a lot in the offseason, and it's helped me out this season."what's also helped uhl is going up against guys like jarrod uthoff and aaron white the past two seasons. it's helped him both on and off the court. "i have to go up against them everyday in practice. i've learned a lot from them leadership-wise too." which is important because next year uhl will be looked to as of of the veteran leaders. in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. and finally we have three new finalist for the kcrg tv-9 athlete of the week sponsored by cedar rapids toyota. all three basketball players this week athlete number one is mitchell burger of xavier who broke the school record with 34 points against waterloo west and hit 5 3's against city high. athlete number two is devin greeeeof cascade who is averaging 19.6 points a game and went over the 1,000 point mark this year. and athlete number three is matt pelzer of tipton who scored a career
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prairie and 28 against west liberty. to vote go to winner thursday night at 10:00.
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kcrg-tvtvnews at 6. we hope
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us again tonight at ten. have a great evening.
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