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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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years come. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 28 hour news 10 . two sisters died after their house caught fire last night... firefighters responded to a a home near easasmain and around 11:40 last night. that's in crawford fiefighters arrived the house was in flames and filled with smoke. inside, they found the bodies of 12-year old lena bartels and 15-year old trinity bartels. kcrg-tv9's brea love reports. "behind me is what's left of a home where two sisters were found early tuesday morning. trinity and lena bartles were the only ones home at the time." yoyo could still smell s ske in the air tuesday
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neighbors did all they could to save the girls. "a passing motorist called in saw smoke coming from m e house behind me, by the time he gogo turned around and stopped tried to make entry into the house, the house was engulfed in flames." crews had a hard time putting out the fire due to frigid temperatures freezing equipment. after it was extinguished, crews found the siststrs inside. mccullick says this type of tragedy doesn't happen often, and has a huge impact on the village. "this is a very small, close knit community, things like this affect us greatly, but the nice thing about this community is we pull together well as a community, and i think together we'll get through this." "the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in wauzeka, wisconsin, brea love, kcrg-tv nine news." a volunteer for ben carson's campaign has died after crash in iowa today.
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interstate 80 west of atlantic. the iowa state patrol say a van carrying him and other volunteers hit a patch of ice and flipped onto its side. firstpresponders flew joplin to a hospital in nebraska, where he died. cars has temporarily suspended his campaign. we received some light snow across parts of eastern iowa... joe, how much did we get tonight? a fast moving system dives to the southeast tting the light snow e et of the state tonight. any snow that falls will be easy to move as it will be very light and fluffy. for the remainder of the week we see more seasonable weather ahead. slowly the high temperatures climb from the middle 20s on tuesday to the middle 30s by sunday. snowfall chances are few and far between for the week ahead with the next chance holding off throuou the weekend. have a great night! tonight: light snow continues
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winds: e 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 21-27 winds: s 5-10 back to you. an iowa city man faces a charge for sexually abusing a girl under the age of 12. police say 40-year-old robert gathright inappropriately touched the girl. the victim told police the abuse happened at least several times, including last november. gathright faces up to 25 years in prison if sexual abuse. this man faces charges in connection with a house fire in cedar rapids. police arrested 33- year old shane keller of marion... after a house fire at 1446 golfview drive northeast last thursday. authorities say a meth lab caused the fire in the e rage of
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second- degree burglary and manufacturing meth charges. a winner has emerged in the special election to fill a vacancy on the johnson of supervisors. democrat lisa green- douglass received more than 2-thousand votes today. she is a spanish- language trainer, living north h berty city council member chris hundred votes. the county auditor says normal - at nearly 4 percent. in two weeks, voters will decidee on a 47-million dollar bond issue for waterloo schools. the district would use money for career and technical education programs in a new 35 million dollar career center. some money would also go toward renovations at waterloo east and west high schools. kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy joins us in the studio. sarah, tonight, the school district met with some voters? beth, tonight is the first of several town hall meetings..
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week. school officials say they're hoping to clearly lay out what this m mey will do for future and current students. nats of windows? old glass windowpanes and yellow, inefficient light fixtures are just two facility upgrades waterloo schools hope to install if a multimillion dollar bond is approved by voters. 17:02:05 "when you think about young people today and what we can provide in terms of a healthy and positive environment, the facility factors into that experience for them." twelve million dollars would be evenly between east and west higigschools for facility rereovations. including air conditioning in both buildings. but officials say the proposed project is about more. 17:05:16 "graduation rates and attendance rates have dramatically improved by way of cte." eleven cte or career technical education tracks are offered to waterloo students now. 17:22:37 "some of the programs include automotive, construction manufacturing." but a new cte c cter would add
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in healthcare. career courses officials hope will increase the district's 75 percent four-year graduation rate. and help students find their passion early on. 17:24:20 "it used to be deemed as a pathway for those kids who didn't have promise for anything, but that's really not true. we all have careers, we all have jobs. it gives them t tse skills early on. soft skills and hard skills" the district plans to fund the bond through a 20 year, four percent income surtax. that adds up to about fifty three dollars each year for the average waterloo resident. beth? thanks, sarah. also in two wes, the college community district will ask voters for a second-time to approve a 49 and a half million dollar bond issue. if approved, the district will add classrooms to the high school and update heating, cooling and safety systems. last failed by only 58 votes. army veteran taylor morris is considering what's next after the city rejected his bid
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home. morris lost parts of all four of his limbs when he stepped on an explosive in afghanistan in 2012. he wanted to build a new "smart home" in th area of northwest cedar falls, with a request to re-zone an acre and a half from agricultural to residential. the city denied the other options. "my understanding is that there are alternatives for them to proceed with this property. buying a little more land and possibly leasing it back to the farmer is one of them." the city says morris' request would have into smaller pieces if it deeided to develop the area in the future. state senators are considering a bill that would "ban the box" on job applications. it refers to the box that asks whether the applicant has a criminal record.
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panel of a senate committee met to talk about the bill that would limit when employers can ask about their criminal records. the panel plpls to meet soon to o decide whether to present it to the full committee. human rights commissions in both dubuque and waterloo are phing employers - and,even in some cases landlords - to ban the box. they say it can be next to impossible for formerly incarcerated people to find jobs. schools in eastern iowa are pushing for a bigger funding increase for next year... hear what two districts are doing totoeach state lawmakers in des moines... and republican candidate donald trump received the biggest endorsement so far in this election season. first here's a look at the most popular stories today on kcrg dot-com. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. schoho administrator s say
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stagnant education funding could increase class sizes - among many things. this is accororng to results of a new surury. governor branstad proposed a 2-point-45 percent school funding increase for the 2016 - 2017 school year during his condition of the state address s st week. that's more than what lawmakers passed last year. but many educators say that's not enough. in a report democratic lawmakers released today, 84 percent of school administrator s say another year of what t ty call underfunding would increase class sizes.
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books and other classroom materials. and 71 percent say it would leave positions unfilled. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie shows us how some schools are pushing for more funding. teacher talking or something students here at linn- mar are busy in class. behindnd the scenes school administrators are working on their own project. "i think the more voices that are heard, the better." the district is calling on concerned community members to write letters to law makers for more education funding, also known as supplemental state aid. law makers have already told the superintenden t peopl are sending lettete. "we have identified 3.3 percent as our break even point, so we are telling our community that three percent is really what we need to be talking to our legislators about that that's the minimum funding that we need to see from the state to maintain." some districts think that percentage should be even higher. according to the survey, 88-percent say that level of supplemental state aid should b
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percent or more to prevent cuts. monticello middle school response was included in the survey saying 4- percent was a good goal. "8:16 it would increase class size if we didn't have it, cut programming, there are just some things we wouldn't be able to offer because of our limited resources." limited resources following decisions session caused the monticello district to cut a couple of positions this school year. monticello superintenden t chris anderson agrees with the linn-mar citizens contacting law makers could make a difference. "when they hear from people in the community people people who may well vote for them, that they'd like to see a higher ssa, that carries some weight." that was jill kasparie reporting. the monticello superintendent says while he wants a higher level of funding, he also realizes funding issues are not an easy decision for iowa districts received a one and a
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increase. it was a busy night on the hardwood for both boys and girlsn eastern iowa. nnedy, iowa city west and mount vernon were all in
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taking the light snow east of the state tonight. any snow thatatalls will be easy to move as it will be very light and fluffy. for the remainder of the week we see more seasonable weather ahead. slowly the high temperatures climb from the middle 20s on tuesday to t middle 30s by sunday. snowfall chances are few and far between for the week ahead with the next chance holding off through the weekend. have a great night! tonight: light snow continues low: 7-13 winds: e 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy highgh21-27 winds: s 5-10tomorrow night: partly cloudy
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winds: s 5-10thursday: mostly cloudy high: 27 - low: 19 friday: partly cloudy hh: 25 - low: 13 satuay: partly cloudy highgh31 - low: 12 sunday: mostly cloudy high: 36 - low: 25 monday: chance of snow high: 30 - low: 22 tuesday:
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thanks joe. bernie sasaers has opened up a
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hihiary clinton in new hampshirir
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donald trump officially received the endorsement of sarah palin at a campaign event this afternoon in ames. a-b-c's lana zak reports on what it could mean for the battleleor the conservrvtive vote. the tea-party favorite, sarah palin, has weighed in with her endorsement for the gop nomination:
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great again. giving it to donald trump. the two former reality-tv stars have long admired each other. in 2011, palin shared a pizza with trump as she pondered running g r the presidency. sot: how about a trump palin ticket? palin: that sounds exciting! palin's influence could be critical as ted cruz and trump run neck-in-neck in the polls in iowa, locked in a battle of backhanded complilints, cruz, "listen, i like donald... the insults simmering just below the surface -- the last couple of days, he's rattled. he's been throwing some insults my way. i don't intend to respond in kind." 12:01:23 trump: while among the democrats, a new poll shows bernie sanders with a 27-point lead in new hampshire. sanders sot the inevitable
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she did eight-and-a-half months ago. tag: in an email to donors, hillary clinton wrote, "there's a real ssibility we coulllose those contests" the coast guard has suspended the search for 12 marines off the coast of hawaii. they have been missing after two helicopters crashed off one of the islands last week. it happened during a night time training exercise. today, isis confirmed the man known as jihadi john is dead. john's real name, mohammad emwazi, appeared in many of the gruesome beheading videos the terrorist group released. u-s-sfficials believe jihadi john was killed in a drone strike in syria two months ago. they believe he was born in kuwait and he moved to london as a child. the search for a new athletic director at u-n-i is moving along... and scott will hit the court for high school boys and girls hoops. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. lots of high school hoops again
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the with the ladies and scott westerberg in mount vernon. and second ranked western dubuque...mount vernon was in this the whole way....libby ryan spots up and hits from three....musta ngs within 7.... --bobcats have an answer in the form of morgan pitz....first she buries this
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the next mount vernon possession, it's pitz with the steal...she takes it coast to coast for the lay- in.....western dubuque up 46-33 late in the third... --midway through the 4th it's kaitlyn volesky with the nifty post move...that pulls the mustangs back within 7.... --but they didn't have enough to pull the upset....future uni panther megan maahs hits the turnaround jumper as western dubuque stays perfect with the 55-45 win over mount vernon... --let's head south on highway one to solon where the spartans hosted central dewitt....defense was the name of the game earar on as taylor ryan steps in front of the pass and takes it the other way for 2....that ties the game at 3 late in the opening quarter..... --just before the buzzer it's softball all-stater sydney lawson with a nice baseline e drive as solon led by three after one.... --second quarter it's nichole oberthien with the bucket....this one needed extra time as solon edges dewitt in overtime 29-27. scott westerberg kcrg-tv9 sports. thanks scott. to the boys and 4th ranked iowa city west traveled to bettendorf tonight.
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playing this game withtht future hawkeye connor mccaffery and future panther tanner lohaus. but they didn't need them tonight. devonte lane with three of his 17 and iowa city west with a lot of depth alex henderson right down the lane for the kiss. and then the trojans turned up the defense forcing a turnover and te barnes finishes.. west with four players in double figures and they raise their record to 9-3 with the 61-49 win.. linn mar beat ankeny in overtime tonight behind 37 points from jordan bohannon. kennedy hosted johnston and the cougars going inside early to drake brewster r r the bucket and one.. and then they started to heat up from behind the arc. mathew berst doing what he does best and then it was malik haynes turn off the bench.. but jojoston took it right at kennedy look at the drive by 6"8 dawson jones and the dragons beat the cougars 56-37. college hoops.. iowa sophomore dom uhl has turned into one of the best bench players in the
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iowa instant offense and with his length he can score inside or out.. he is tough to defend. when he first got here he was not a very good shooter but to see all the hours he has put in in the off season it is pretty cool to see how he is shooting the ball lately. i just worked on my shot a lot in the off season and it has helped me out this season. i think going from a freshman to a sophomore you gain more confidence you gaen more security in your gamee has done that and continued to improve on his game. sot :23 oc: "improve on his game " and finally the search continues for a new athletic director at uni. and several sources close to the athletic department have mentioned the name terry allen as a serious candidate for the job and that makes a lot of sense. allen spent 7 years as the head football coach at uni. he knows the athletic program and the challenges they face in cedar falls. .and he is a very popular figure in the cedar r lley and that can help when it comes to fund raising. nothing official yet from uni.
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one last look at the forecast, joe... a fast moving system dives to the southeasas taking the light snow east of the state tonight. any snow that falls will be easy to move as it will be very light and fluffy. for the remainder of the week we see more seasonable weather ahead. slowly the high temperatures climb from the middle 20s on tuesday to the middle 30s by sunday. snowfall chances are few and far between for the week ahead with the next chance holding off through the weekend. have a great night! tonight: light snow continues low: 7-13 winds: e 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 21-27 winds: s 5-10 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope to have you here again tomorrow.
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