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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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businesses and cities that make a commitment to improve health and well-being. more than a dozen iowa towns are certified blue zone sites - or are working toward it. they include cedar rapids, iowa city, marion, waterloo and cedar falls. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us in the studio. jill, what funding is running out? three years ago, cedar rapids received funding when it became recognized as a blue zones demonslration site. we're told money from 'wellmark - blue cross, blue shield' funded blue zones staff positions. those people worked to get schools, businesses and others involved in making healthy changes. now - the funding has run out, but those involved say this isn't the end of the program. nats of game there's blue everywhere you look at coe college. the school is celebrating as it becomes an official blue zones worksite. "20:50 it has p pbably been about a year in progress that we started working on this." the school has incorporated more health options for staff and
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"it's really just making those choices a little bit easier for people." but as the school cuts the ribbon for their success... ...the funding for the blue zones project staffing is virtually gone. so, is this the end of blue zones in cedarapids? "54:2121 would say it's just starting." cedar rapids assistant city manager sandi fowler says now the city and volunteers will take over a lot of the work through a new well-being advisory committee. "we will form a group of nine individuals who have the well being of our community in their hearts and minds and skills and serve as a recomnding body to the city council for l those community efforts that have traditionally been born out of the blue zones project." stephanie neff used to work as a blue zones staff member, but just moved to a n n job. she says this is exactly how it's all supposed to work -- the project educates and encourages communies to sustain blue zones withouw those staff members who used to lead the way. "38:29 the efforts we have
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community because there are lots of champions and advocates." despite the changes, city leaders say they're planning to see more ribbon cutting ceremonies in the future as businesses and organizations continue to reach their goals. clapping the city says it has spent about 2525housand dollars a year on blue zones and plans to keep that up. it's also waiting to hear if it received that coveted "certified" community status after the first three years. that's something at happens when the project reaches its benchmarks -- like a certain number of people who signed pledges to make healthy changes. beth thanks, jill. joe, a lot of attention about the snow storm out east, but all is quiet here. quiet weather has arrived and
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the remainder of the work week. the weather attention n is week will be off f to the south and east as a major storm develops. here in eastern io we are expecting a partly to mostly cloudy sky into friday. for the next couple of days we stay seasonable temperature- wise with 20s for highs and teens for overnight ls. the 30s are aheador the upcoming weekend with the mildest day, providing some melting on sunday. have a super night! tonight: mostly cloudy low: 12-18 winds: se 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 23-29 winds: e 5-10 back to you. this man is charged in the death of an iowa state student from urbana. 23-year-old benjamin clague is accused of leaving the scene of deadly accident and not following a traffic sign. authorities say heheas the
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that hit and killed 18- year-old emmalee jacobs last month. es police had asked cyride to review video from their busses after the death. a supervisor flagged the video from the bus clague was driving and turned it over to the authorities. police believe audio captured was the collision between the bus and jacobs.
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countries. political experts say sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump is more valuable than it seems. today, the former alaska governor joined trump at a campaign rally in oklahoma - one day after formally endorsing him in ames. political analysts say palin doesn't sit well with liberal and moderate voters. but trump doesn't need their vote right now. he's focused on winning iowa - then new hampshire. "keep in mind that sarah pan is more popular than any republican candidate running for president right now among republicans." senator bernie sanders is gaining momentum. recent polls show him with a big lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire - and within striking distance i iiowa. "" believe that we have the momentum, and i think we stand a very good chance to win in both states." the clinton campaign recently sent out a letter
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possibility we could lose those contests. on monday, clinton, sanders, as well as martin o'malley, will be in des moines ff a town-hall that will air on kcrg 9- point-2. it begins at 8 o'clock. c-n-n's chris cuomo will moderate the town hall. again all of that is on kcrg 9-point-2. some county parties are bracing for big turnouts on february first for caucus night. training is well underway to help organizers plan for every situation. it's a prepepation that's been in the works for months. the caucus coordinator for the johnson county democratic party says parking is going to be a challenge at many sites. "22:26:16 we are giving cab companies and other places a heads up that you could have a very, very busy night so you might want to have some extra people on hand. peop should plan ahahd for their caucusus night transportation and really set aside most of your evening because the caucus could take a lot of time." the caucus coordinator says people also need to find their location before
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it's may not be same as polling sites for traditional elections. the east dubuque community school board is apapogizing to superinteteent greg herbst. in a statement, the board president said members feel badly about - quote - miscommunicat ion in connection to the board placing hehebst on administrative leave in july. the board didn't say why he it placed him on leave but reinstated him in august. herbst has been superintendent in east dubuque since 2011. a couple dozen puppies in the dubuque area are in need of new homes. the humane society received them from animal shelters in southern states, including alabama and mississippi. the puppies will help the humane society give better care to older dogs. that's because the higher adoption fees for the puppies will help pay food and other costs for older dogs,
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the puppies are part of a program called "the rescue waggin'. "there is a huge surplus of homeless dogs in southern states and there are fewer people who are willing to go out and adopt those animals." the humane society says the dogs will be ready for adoption early next week. some loras college students a back in iowa tonight after helping people in haiti. the service trip was the culmination of three-week course, where students learned about the culture and history of the impoverished nation. while in haiti, students worked with an organization called partrtrs in development. they helped build houses for people living in tents following the devastating earthquake in 2010. " 11:00:30 they saw the impact their work made because they saw some of the families that were in other houses that partners in development has built, they even had a couple people from the houses we were working ohelp us build houses. " " 11:03:43 even seseng some of
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the opportunities we have really makes me try not to take things for granted here " loras students also offers other service courses that takes students to places like argentina and india. a second-grader in marion is receiving recognition for helping her family during an emergency. hear how firefighters are using her story to educate other students about fire safety. first here's a look at the most popular stories today on kcrg dot-com. stay with your
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elementary student for her calm reaction to a fire. fire fighthtrs put out flames aa an apartmentt complex at 590 bentley drive. that happened january 8th. kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy introduces us to the second grader who made sure her family made it utside safely. just before math class.. 10:49:24 "how many triangles do you need to cover up the mystery shapepe second grade students at emerson elementary.. classroom learned about a different kind of lesson. 10:24:18 everyone knows about smoke alarms right? marion fire fighters meet with kindergarten and first grade students every year, sharing safety tips in case the real thing happens. tips chloe taylor
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this is the hero award. ..can make all the difference when fire alarms go off. 10:38:10 "at first i i ought it was fake, but then it got louder and annoyinger, so then i knew it was real." real flames she knew to get her mother and two year old brother caden away from. "she put her shoes and coat on in thirty second and grabbed caden's stuff and kept saying let's go mom, let's go, you don't know." all while working to keep caden calm. 10:39:07 i sang a little in his ear and then he calmed down. marion fire officials hope chloe's story will emphasize the importance of home fire drills. 10:36:48 "there's ver been a child killed in a school fire in this country. why? because they have fire drills. 80 percent of the children die in their own home from fires. it's supposed to be where they're
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the unsafest." a safety reminder chloe.. 10:41:05 "i'm going to put it on my dresser" ..plans to proudly display. in marion, sah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. president obama is weighing in on the contamination of drinking water in flint, michigan. hear his reaction to the crisis that could cause lead poisoning in children
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through the remainder of the work week. the weather attention this week will be off to the south and east as a major storm develops. here in eastern iowa we are expecting a partly to mostly cloudy sky into friday. for the next couple of
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temperature-wise with 20s for highs and teens for overnight lows. the 30s are ahead for the upcoming weekend with the mildest day, providing some melting on sunday. ha a super night! tonight: mostst cloudy low: 12-18 winds: se 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 23-29 winds: e 5-10tomorrow night: flurries northwest low: 10-16
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high: 25 - low: 13 saturday: partly cloudy high: 29 - low: 12 sunday: mostly cloudy high: 35 - low: 21 monday: chance of snow high: 30 - low: 22 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 24 - low: 17 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 25 - low: 14
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as joe mentitied, much of the eastern seaboard is bracing for a major winter storm this weekend. washington, d-c is expected to get up to two feet - some of the heaviest snowfall in the area.a.he area has equipped about 2-thousand volunteers with shovels to clear walkwa. also, more than 800 workers are assigned to clear ads. the area is also preparing for possible power outages from a combination of heavy snow and strong winds. we'll be right back.
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for the first time,obama on the water contamination crisis in flint, michigan. speaking in detroit today, the president called the water crisis a terrible tragedy. the city's water problem began in 20-14, when the state switched the water source to save money. experts said the watt was highly corrosive andndeached lead from the pipes. president obama sympathized with families whose kids are fing cases of serious lead poisoning from contaminated water. " "if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kids' health could be at risk." " michigan governor rick snyder apologized to the people in flint during his state of the state address last night. he said the government
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trust. stocks had another roller-coaster day on wall street today. the dow finished the day down 249 points but that's well below the lows for the session. and the s and p touched its lowest level in 15 months. " if you have money in stocks, your best bet is to ride it out as opposed to take it out of the market because people who take it out of the market when it's down are the people who lose." analysts say plunging oil prices sparked the wild ride for stocks. the price of crude oil fell below 27 dollars a barrel, which is the lowest in more than a decade. coming up next i isports the panthers try to shock the shockers. and the iowa women were looking to get back on the winning track against penn state. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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with the drop in crude oil prices, when will iowows be able to sesea drop in a gas prices? advanced techniques could be the key to fighting fear and moving forward in the cure for debilitating seizsures. tt's tomorrow
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shocker tonight against the bullies of the valley wichita state. josh has more from cedar falls. bluders bunch has been
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bluders bunch has been
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late.. they were looking for some home cooking totoght hosting penn stata. john campbell has the highlights. bluder"s bunch lacked some punch tonight against 1-5 penn state. that was ally disterhoft on the rebound to tonia davis but this w an uphill battle all the way. now whitney jennings on the pullup jumper. but penn state always had an answer. lyndsey spann from long range. now it i idavis firing to whitney jenningngand she plugs the meter. so does cali peschel. but the halftime buzzer beater gave penn state a 46-6- lead at the break. third period, chase coley from long range. but penn state never blinked.
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quarters and there were not nough shovels in a a of johnson county for iowa to dig themselves out of that hold. 82-69 penn state whips the hawks. john campbell tv9 sports. the iowa state women lost to okokhoma state tonight in stillwater 79-76 in overtime. in the iowa conference tonight coe hosted central. ladies first the kohawks ally wirth with the nice spinning bucket in the paint. and then they started to go outside.. former tv 9 athlete of the week mickey hansche with back to back treys. mickey had a team high 16.. and then here they come on the break and formrm regina standout jenna lee-man finishes.. and a good night for jenna with 3 of her 11 in a 76-54 coe win to raise their record to 11-5. to the men and the koehawks pounded it inside to christian fay-hee for two.. and then matt vonder-har started to heat from behind the arc and coe led by 11 at the break. central came back former solon standout ryan kunnl with two in the paint.. but
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ball for three of his team high and the ko- hawks win their first conference game with the 78-69 upset. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... quiet weather has arrived and sticks with through the remainder of the work week. the weather attention this week will be off to the south and east as a major storm m velops. here in eastern iowa we are expecting a partly to mostly cloudy sky into friday. for the next couple of days we stay seasonable temperature- wise with 20s for highs and teens for overnight lows. the 30s are ahead for the upcoming weekend with the mildest day, providing some melting on sunday. have a super night! tonight: mostly cloudy low: 12-18 winds: se 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 23-29 winds: e 5-10 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope to
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