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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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administrators ordered iowa to delay its privatization process at least 60 days... ... pushing the january first start date for three private companies to take over managing care for 560- thousand iowa medicaid patients to march first. that left iowa medicaiaito handle reimbursemen ts during that sixty day period. but some providers say they haven't received any payment for patient services since january first. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy shows how that delay could hurt hundreds of mental health patients in rural iowa. 11:59:17 "have you ever played mancala?" board games like ttse.. thunk are about more than winning or losing.. your white beads are for score keeping. for the five play therapists training here. 12:03:39 it's a great game for adhd because it's textile. the grace c. mae advocate center serves three hundred families each week in rural iowa communities. all are coping with mental health problems or substance abuse. 12:01:24 and while their job is to help those strugglinto move
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12:21:19 one two, and down i go. founder patti gilbaugh says confusing changes to medicaid.. 11:56:02 "it has different places on the board where you can either advance or go back." feels like moving backwards. 11:42:07 "when you go from a cash flow of two to three days later you get paid to maybe one hundred days later you might get paid, that's a significant cash flow problem for small bussesses." prior to january first, a company called magellan paid behavioral service providers within two weeks for medicaid patient services. that contrtrt ended december 31st, when three managed care organizations were supposed ttake over. making the state responsible for reimbursement during a sixty day delay. but for gilbaugh.. "we have not been paid since january first. that delay is making day- to-day erations nearly impopoible. 12:06:12 this is a good game for teaching frustration tolerance.
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providers. forcing small businesses like gilbaugh's to take out bank loanto pay employees and cover costs. 11:42:25 "you have an increased cost in expenses because you have to pay interest on the money you're borrowing." she says if the delay continues, she'll be forced to turn away medicaid patients by the end of january. 12:16:49 "these are people who are merely living to survive. something marshalltown therapist jamie johnson, says would devastate rural patienen. 12:17:07 "some families struggle to find any support systems. we're all they have. if you take that away, they have absolutely nothing." in cedar rapids.. 12:20:0: that is so hopelessssso hopeless. sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. today iowa congressman dave loebsack met with some families of special needs children and adults to hear their concerns about the medicaid changes. the second district democrat says the best many families can hope for r
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jeff edberg, who hosted loebsack, says he's concerned the medicaid chang could eventually force his son out of the group home where he lives. edberg says the way he sees it, program cuts are inevitable. "it's hard to understand, it's hard to get services through this system, people will fall off and it will s se money because services will be cut." the branstand administration said in a statement this afteoon it's still targeting that march first implementation date, and ultimately the change to private management will improve the health of people on medicaid. meteorologist j winters joins us now. joe, what are we look at for the weekend? while the east coast digs out from a potentially record storm high pressure keeps control of the weather in eastern iowa. after a quiet saturday the high slides to the east bringing a bit more southerly air into the state. despite more clouds on sunday it looks like a milder
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the lower to middle 30s should occur. the n nt chance for m msureable snowfall comes on monday. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: gradual clearing low: 9-15 winds: n 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 26-32 winds: sw 5-15 back to you. a man who killed two people in southern iowa will spend the rest of his life in prison. 37-year-old jerry dillinger pleaded guilty to two counts of first- degree murder in court today. he admitted to killing his former sister-in-law and another person last month near creston. the iowa division of criminal investigation found the dy of loretta dillinger in a pondndast month. they found the body of michael robinson at a home in the same area a couple days later. today a judge sentenced dillinger to two
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do you know this man? linn county crime stoppers and hiawatha police say the man in this picture is using stolen credit cards in the area. police say he was seen walking out of this target store on the night of january 4th. he then drove away in a white jeep wrangler with a black top. anyone who knows his identity is asked to call linn county crime stoppers at 1-800-c-s crime. the trial for a man accused of driving drunk and injuring a cedar rapids couple in las vegas has been rescheduled. police say 25-year-old jonathan donner was drunk and on drugs when his hicle slammed into a a tour bus last labor day. the crash seriously injured 39-year-old brian zerbee and 34-year-old sara zerbee. two men in the bus also died. donner's defense attorney says he's currently preparing for another trial and needed to reschedule. the court set donner's new trial for july 25th. a johnson cocoty woman received d a sentence of 10 years in prison today for her involvement in
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21 year old mireya balderas had pleaded guilty last october to o number of arges, including child neglect and child endangerment. an autopsy showed that one year oldarcus balderas died from blunt force trauma in april 2012. police say the actions of 23 year old jorge perez, who was balderas' boyfriend and the boy's father, ultimately led to the child's death. abuse by perez and balderas resulted in broken ribs, bruises, and internal injuries on the day of their son's death. perez has already s4arted serving a 50 year sentence. he pleaded guilty last june to child endangerment resulting in death. millions of dollars in federal funding is going to help a flood-prone part of dubuque. the 31 and a half million dollar grant will help fix and flood-proof homom in the bee branch watershed. about 14 hundred homes are in that area on the north side of dubuque. in the last 14 years, that area has been declared a
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different times. we broke down where those funds will go in the city. you can find that under this story on kcrg dot com. a north dakota company is helping with he water quality crisis in flint, michigan. flint's water supply became heavily contaminated with lead after the city switched water sources in 2014. chris duell and dan provost own 'c c d d water services' in williston, north dakota. they grew up in flint and wanted to help their hometown. so they're shipping 26 p plets full of four- gallon water bottles to flint tomorrow. "a lot of people didn't understand why we were doing it, but we're from there so we want to give back. we're fortunate enough to come out here, do this, be doing well and we want to give back to the place that we're from. " emergency magement in sebring, ohio, are now dealing with lead contamination. tests have shown lead amounts
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seven homes. the e-p-a says high lead levels can be dangerous for children and pregnant women. theheillage's water system serves more than eight thousand customers in that area. the iowa caucuses are now only 10 days away. today the university of iowa taught some future caucucugoers how the process works. that's next tonight here on t-v nine. [ horn honks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular you get 6 gigs of 4g data for only $40 per month -- $20 less than verizon. and u.s. cellular's network was built to work in places like out here,
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today some@children in iowa city learned about
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it's part of a new program at the university of iowa's old capitol museum. this is the first time staff members have organized an election program for children. the program uses superheroes in n place of candidates. children make campaign posters and talk about issues that are important to them. at the end of the program, kids will participate in their own mock caucus - or "hawkus." it'll imitate a republican caucus, so children can also practice using ballots. 12:26:04 "they just hear a lot of campaign speeches and commercials and their parents talking about it. we want them to understand the process that goes into it before they become active in the rhetoric." the museum will hold a second and final hawkus xt friday. republican presidedeial candidate doctor ben carson is starting a weekend campaign swing through iowa. he talked about education during a stop in mount ayr in southern iowa this afternoon. he says education and america's youth would be a
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"the fact of the matter is, my whole professional career is spent trying to save the lives of children and trying to give them longevity and quality of life and that's something that doesn't leave you just because you decide to retire. " carson also spoke at the winter jam christian rock cononrt tonight in des momoes. andnde'll be at a prayer r lly in sioux city tomorrow and at events in ames and marshalltown on sunday. carson is one of nine presidential candidates in iowa this weekend. that includes ststps from e top 3 polling rrublicans- ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio. also in the state are mike huckabee and rick santorum. all three democratic candidates will also make appearances in the eastern and southetern parts of the state. the democrats will all be together in des moines on monday night for a town hall. the presidential hopefuls will answer questions from democratic caucus- goers. it starts at
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and you can s se it on kcrg nine point two. millions of people in the mid-atlantic area of the country won't be doing much this weekend, thanks to a massive snow storm. that includes those in the nation's capitol where there's already about a half a
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recororstorm high pressure keeps control of the weather in eastern iowa. after a quiet saturday the high slides to the east bringing a bit more southerly air into the state. despite more clouds on sunday it looks like a milder day with highs in the lower to middle 30s should occur. the next chance for measureable snowfall cocos on monday. have a a eat night and a safe weekend. tonight: gradual clearing low: 9-15 winds: n n-10tomorrow: mostly y sunny
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wiwids: sw 5-15tomorrow w ght: partly cloudy low: 18-24 winds: sw 5-15sunday: increasing clouds high: 34 - low: 21 monday: snow likely high: 31 - low: 27 tuesday: cloudy high: 24 - low: 19 wednesday: chance of snow late high: 29 - low: 14 thursday: partly cloudy high: 34 - low: 19 friday: chance of snow high: 35
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live look at ashington d-c where e recasters are predicting as much as 30 inches of snow could come down through tomorrow. snow has already covered large parts of the mid-atlantic area and some areas farther south. kcrg-tv9's washington correspondent kellie meyer has more on this weekend's historic storm. as you can see the blizzard of 2016 has officially started his in the district. it started around 1:30 / 2 oclock and it was moving down fast and steady let me show you here- its just starting to amount but its light, powdering but let me tell you its
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roadways, people trying to get out of town others trying to get home. take package: sot: "it started a little earlier than we anticipated. . track: john wrinkle was here for this mornings march for life rally now he's trying to make it back to massachusett s before the storm gets worse. sot: john wrwrkle, great barrington, massasausett s: "i don't want to spend the night halfway between here in there!" track: just outside our dc bureau, thesnow started falling early this afternoon. the weather channel's mike seidel was staked out, with full coverage of what he says could be one of the biggest storms on record. sot: "their biggest storm, 28 inches, so we got a long way to go but all systems are 'go' for a lot of wind and a lot of snow thus the blizzard warning in effect through saturday night." track: and mike says, in terms of travel, sot: "thousands of flights have been canceled, in terms of tomorrow, forget about it, just about everything is going to be scrubbed." track: across the road at union station, thousands of travelers trying to get home before their plans get scrubbed.
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below ground, one of the nations rgest susuay systems, shutting down for the weekend. nat pop=- metro track: and the grocery store, taking a line from mike, don't even think about it. track: the shelves - empty. some people, like - came out just to see it for himself. sot: russ phillips, dc "you know i heard about this, but these shelves are bare." sot: "i'm like a little kid about it, i'd like to see what the storm brings." track: others aren't as pleased. sot: "i don't expect to buy anything, no milk no bread no eggs, so i'll be starving for the next three days." track: ready or not, the blizzard of 2016, is here. the iowa wstling team was back at home tonight, hosting purdue. scott has the pins. and he has some big games from the girls and the boys on the hardwood tonight. stay with your 24 hour news
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we had some great matchups tonight in high school basketball. lets start off with two of the hottest teams in eastern iowa. he mount vernon boys hosted d amosa. josh has the action. mount vernon senior connor hermann was recognized before the game for reaching the 1,000 career point milestone on tuesday. and the mustangs jump on anamosa right away. nathan stenger three-ball corner pocket. bingo. mount vernon starts the game on a 11-0 run. still in the first quarter, austin ash launches this deep three from lisbon. he had 21 points. mount vernon led 16-9 aftft one quarter. anamosa fights back in the 2nd. kyle sayre drives the baseline and gets the reverse layup. the blue raiders trail 22-20.
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at halftime. the mustangs start the 3rd quarter on a 6-0 run. adam ketelsen with the layup. mount vernon pushed its lead back to nine at one point. but anamosa's kolin schulte starts to heat up. he steals the inbounds pass and takes it all the way in for the layup. then in the 4th quarter. he buries a deep three. schulte had 27 points. anamosa trails 53-51 after that triple. but mount vernon responds with a huge bucket from connor hermann. mustangs sweep the regular season series with the 64-53 win. from mount vernon, josh christensen tv9 sports. we had a toto10 match with a couple of the future hawkeyes at linn-mar tonight. the lions entertained wahlert. scott westerberg has the highlights. jordan bohannon and cordell pemsl both brought their "a" game tonight. the golden eagles feed it to pemsl. he finishes in the paint. wahlert with a 47-44 lead early in the 3rd. but linn-mar responds with a 14-2 run as bohannon steals it from his future teammate and goes coast to coast. 58-49 lions. linn-mar keeps attacking, bohannon splits
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and lays it in. lions up 14 early in the 4th. but wahlert rallies. pemsl returns the favor as he takes it away from bohannon. pemsl with the highlight reel slam to pull the golden eagles within 9. cordell finished with 34 points. wahlert continues to closesehe gap as josh schmitt nails a 3 to make it a 4 point game. riley till then drives and scores. wahlert within two with 2:45 to go. but linn-mar stops the bleeding as bohannon buries three of his game high 35. lions up 77-72. this one went down to the final possession. wahlert with the ball down three with 3 secondso go, b b david wedewer's t tng shot won't t ll as linn-mar holds on 90-87. in marion, scott westerberg tv9 sports. anytime wash and jeff get together in means something.. ladies first and wash came out blazing payton bruner with the triple and the warriors opened up a 23 point second half lead. jayla pledge-johnson nothing but net from behind the
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answered with kennedy dighton on this spinning drive for two of her 27. and then the j-hawks turned up the defense and cut the lead to seven.. kaylee donner with the steal and layupp.. but wash with just to many shooters.. bruner showing off the great form and the warriors win the girls game 76-70. to the guys and jeff came ready tplay roy- shawn webb goes coast to coast for the layupp..and the green man was loving it.. who's in thier.. great crowd tonight and then they turned up the defense the steal..that triggers the break and adam van-oort finishes to give the j- hawks a 6 point lead and that had the band was rocken.. wash pounded the ball inside laveechie williams for the easy two and then dallas hobbs goes to work in the paint. but more jeff defense james brown junior with the steal for two more and jefferson wins the boys game . they had a double header on
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regina hosted north cedar. miranda timmes with three as north cedar jumped out to a 10 point first half lead.. camryn bungee three ball corner pocket..regina answer with the nice cut from cameron verducci for the duce.. and with the game tied at 42 in the fourth quarter m my crompton went off hitting 3 straight trey's and regina came from behind to win the girls games 59-51. to the boys and regina came out bombs away. sam stine with the triple. and then the regals work it inside to the football star nate stenger and with north cedar down 8 and 2 seconds to play in the half ian malaby with the ally oop tip in to cut t the lead to six and they sliced it to one in the third quarter on the aaron woodward bucket down low.. but regina kept firing away.. stine with another three ball and regina wins the boys game . and finally the second ranked iowa wrestling
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take down got the hawks started with a 23-8 tech fall. then corey clark with the fououpoint near fall and he picked up the major 12-nothing.. brody grothus got the start tonight at 141 and picked up the 6-0 decision , and brandon sorenson with the takedown won 8-2. and then edwin cooper with the fall to give iowa a 21-nothing lead at the break. and the hawks rolled to the win to raise their record to 12-0. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... while the east coast digs out from a potentially rececd storm high pressure keeps control of the weather in eastern iowa. after a quiet saturday the high slides to the east bringing a bit more southerly air into the state. despite more clouds on thanks for joining us for
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel
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