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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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at the snow on the u-n-i campus from our cedar falls city cam. meteorologist joe winters starts us off tonight. joe, when can we see a break from the snow? as an area of low pressure pulls to the northeast the light snow moves east of the state. as tuesday heads our way stronger northwest winds are expected. highs fall from the 30s the past couple of days into the 20s through wednesday. some flurries are possible late wednesday night but should not cause any major issues. looking ahead some milder weather approaches for the later part of the work week. have a great night! tonight: snow likely low: 19-25 winds: nw 15-25tomorrow: cloudy, sct. flurries high: 22-28 winds: nw 15-25 back to you. students attending cedar rapids
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could be on a late start schedule mondays, starting next school year. tonight, the school board listened to concerns people have about the proposed school calendar. right now, students get out early on select days. you can see those days highlighted on this year's the proposed calendar shows that instead of early later on monday mornings. that would be every monday when classes are in session, as you can see here. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie was at the school board meeting and joins us now. jill, some parents say the new schedule would throw a wrench into theirs? that's right parents, teachers and community members had a lot to say about this calendar. after two hours of discussion the board voted to table the decision. "we have been working on the
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since october." the calendar that's been in the works for months didn't move forward monday night. board members halted the process after hearing from passionate parents, teachers and community members. "this new schedule, proposed schedule was not very well thought out. the school system is here for the intent of our children. the next generation, not for the teachers. " "i understand the need for professional learning, it's important, we need to do it, but i don't think the morning is the time to do it. " "i think we are putting a large inconvenience on a lot of parents and a lot of children." the plan would give teachers time - every monday morning - to discuss students. school leaders say that frequent professional development leads to better results in the classroom. the plan includes supervision provided students who come to school at the regular time and bus transportatio n for those who get there for that late start. superintendent brad buck says it's vital to make changes. " one of the things we have
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is cr community school district we are not meeting the learning needs of each and every child. so in order to meet the learning needs of each and every child, it's going to cause us to behave in different ways. " but the board decided this calendar wasn't the way - just yet. members decided to re-examine ares of concern. "4:33:54 we can't please everyone, but i've heard a lot of voices saying you know we need to go back and rethink this again." many of those who spoke up tonight say they understand and appreciate the need for professional learning, but say it needs to happen in a different way. we'll keep an eye on when that calendar moves forward again - beth and bruce? presidential candidates are pushing hard in iowa with one week to go before the caucuses. tonight, all three democratic candidates answered questions from caucus-goers in des moines. c-n-n's kim hutcherson reports.
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cnn's democratic town hall in des moines.after a brief introduction, moderator chris cuomo handed the stage to men and women trying to decide which candidate to support. bernie sanders was the first in the hot-seat - and faced a question about his embrace of the democratic socialist label: "the ideas i am talking about are not radical ideas. so what democratic socialism means to me in it's essence, is that we can not continue to have a govt dominated by the billionaire class and congress works for people on top while ignoring working with tough questions about his healthcare plan and how it would be paid for: "yes, we will raise - we will raise taxes. yes we will.
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joked about his third place standing: "with only three of us in this democratic primary, there's only one of us who can still upset the apple cart. "hillary clinton -- who has a six-point lead in iowa, according to the latest poll -- took the stage to face voters last. "i understand that you get into the arena and you are going to get pummeled and pushed and criticized. i wouldn't be doing it if i didn't think it was progress we've made under president obama. " it's up to democratic voters now -- to choose a candidate that best represents their interests. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. clinton will hold two "get out the caucus" events in eastern iowa tomorrow. in decorah, starting at 2:15 in the afternoon. clinton will then speak to supporters at the gallagher bluedorn performing arts center in cedar falls. that gets underway at 5:45. iowa voters today
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election season. the texas senator spoke to more than a hundred people at the heartland acres agribition center in independence. he attacked president obama on several fronts, saying if he becomes president, he'll repeal, what he called, the president's illegal executive actions. " 1:22-1:40 i'm convinced the greatest legacy of barack obama is gonna be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who actually stand for freedom, who stand for the constitution, who stand for the judeo-christian values that built this nation into a shining city on a hill " tomorrow, donald trump takes his presidential campaign to the university of iowa campus. the republican front-runner will speak to caucus-goers at the field house. the event gets underway at 7:30 p-m. earlier in the day, republican carly fiorina will hold a town hall at the university club in iowa city. that's at eleven tomorrow morning. former new york mayor michael bloomberg is considering an independent run for
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that he plans to make a decision in the first week of march. his decision will be based on where the primaries stand after super tuesday on march 1st. stay with kcrg-tv9, as results come in on caucus night. we'll have live coverage from des moines and across eastern iowa, starting at 8 o'clock on kcrg 9-point-2. and we'll have a complete wrap of the caucuses on the kcrg-tv9 news at 10. the head of medicaid in iowa says she's confident the state's privatized program will be ready by march first. today, mikki stier of the iowa department of human services told lawmakers about improvements the state is making to the managed care program. she said about 45 percent of medicaid service providers have signed up with all three of the private companies that will oversee the program. she also said the program has provided more information to patients since the original january first deadline. today, the republican- controlled house in des
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k-through- 12 schools by 2 percent. the bill now heads to the democratic-majority senate, where many lawmakers have said the proposed increase is not enough. the issue is expected to go back and forth between chambers before it heads to special legislative meetings. egg farms in iowa are slowly recovering from last year's bird flu outbreak. the u-s department of agriculture says the state had about 38 million egg- laying hens in december. that's up eight percent from the previous month. but it's still down about 37 percent from the same time last year. millions of birds died by euthanasia to stop the spread of the bird flu. just a few months ago, fans were buzzing about the hawkeyes' top-10 ranking in football. now, it's men's basketball. fran mccaffery's squad is now ranked number 3 in the latest a-p top 25 poll released today. that is behind oklahoma and
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highest ranking since 1987. they are 16-3, with a perfect conference record after wins over rutgers and purdue. scott saville will have reaction from the team, later in sports. the city of dubuque is working to connect people with affordable financial services. hear how a partnership could help benefit low- income households in the city.
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low income households in dubuque could soon
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dubuque is one of eight cities nationwide selected to take part in the "financial inclusion systems and city leadership" project. it's aimed to help cities connect low-income families with reasonably priced financial services. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins us now. katie, why do city leaders say this is important? they say there is a trickle up effect. if more people know how to better manage their money, fewer people will depend on government and social services to get by. and that's good for the whole community. for many young people, opening their first bank account and learning to balance a check book is a coming of age right of passage. but city leaders say some children growing up in poverty, never get that lesson. "a lot of them didn't have that opportunity, so here they are a young adult out of high school, maybe getting that first job that's minimum wage and they're
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and so begins the cycle, dregne says, of living pay check to pay check, at best. "they're not using traditional banks or credit unions for their financial services. they are using check cashing and pawn shops, those sort of things that have high fees." the financial inclusion program aims to connect young people ages 16 to 24 who aren't working or going to school with financial experts from banks and credit unions. experts will explain how best manage and even save money. dregne says that access to that information alone can help break the poverty cycle. "what goes wrong when you don't make your rent or car payment. maybe you don't make it to work, maybe you become unemployed. all of those require social service support and all of those things cost the community money. " the financial inclusion program is paid for with grant money from the national league of
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information about how to get involved along with this story on kcrg dot com. live in the dubuque newsroom, katie wiedemann, kcrg-tv9. millions of people along the east coast are still clearing snow out of their neighborhoods after the massive weekend blizzard. the winter storm dumped as much as 40 inches of
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as an area of low pressure pulls to the northeast the light snow moves east of the state. as tuesday heads our way stronger northwest winds are expected. highs fall from the 30s the past couple of days into the 20s through wednesday. some flurries are possible late wednesday night but should not cause any
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looking ahead some milder weather approaches for the later part of the work week. have a great night! tonight: snow likely low: 19-25 winds: nw 15-25tomorrow: cloudy, sct. flurries high: 22-28 winds: nw 15-25tomorrow night: cloudy, sct flurries low: 15-21 winds: nw 5-15wednesday: mostly cloudy
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m/cloudy, sct. flurries high: 34 - low: 22 friday: mostly cloudy high: 38 - rain/snow high: 39 - low: 28 sunday: areas of fog/drizzle high: 37 - low: 28 monday: chance of
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people are still digging out after the massive snow storm and blizzard that buried much of the east coast over the weekend. airports are strugglinnto get back to f fl service, while some roads are still closed. a-b-c's elizabeth hur reports. this snow plow.. no match for the reco- breaking snow in new york city.. where many secondary streets in queens.. remain buried in feet of snow.. nats up: "i don't know why they forgot about us." in all.. 80 million americans on the east cocost.. were blasted by the blizzaza of 2016..
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glendary, west virginia slammed with 42 inches.. the snow.. so heavy.. the roofs of this church in pennsylvania and this apartment complex in virginia.. gave way.. the storm.. not only dangerous but deadly.. claiming dozens of lives.. including this new jersey mother and her one-year-old son.. killed by carbon monoxide poisoning inside their car.. the exhaust blocked by snow. sot fire sept. officer "any snow that covers your tail pipe, you want to shovel in washington.. this is what reagan national looked like in the middle of the blizzard.. and now.. sunshine and heavy machinery melting and moving all that snow.. but service will be limited for at least another day.. along the jersey shore.. instead of snow.. residents are dealing with flooding.. some residents calling this.. worse than super storm sandy. elizabeth hur on camera: here in new york.. we're told the process of piling and melting all this snow
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underway.. but some snow mounds like these.. they're almost as tall as i am and i'm 5 foot 5.. so officials say.. their work is far from over. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. coming up next, scott has this week's golden klutz awards. and the cyclones and j-hawks square off on big monday at hilton. stay with kcrg. e cyclones were loooong for
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tonight on big monday against rockckhalk j-hawk. students camped out for seven days for this game.. freezing their petunias off... it was much warmer inside...4th ranked kansas got off to a great start this devonte graham trey gave the j- hawks a 10 point lead. but they didn't get back on 'd' and jemeel mckay beats them down court for the duce. and then abdul nader hit back to back triples to cut t t lead to six. but with time running down in the half. monte morris gets swatted and that triggers the break and frank mason beats the buzzer to give ku a 43-36 lead at the break. iowa states heated up from behind the arc in the second half matt thomas tied the game at 53. and then burton gave e cyclones the lead with a little string music. and then here they come on the break the ally ooop to nader for the seven point lead. and a big night from morris who had 21 and 9 assist.. with the bucket and one for a 10 point lead and
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fourth ranked kansas 85-72 to raise their recoco to 5-3 in the big 12. we have trust and belief in our system and coach prohm is leading us in the right way. sot :10 oc: "leading us thth right way y the hawkeyes are ranked 3rd in the ap poll and 4th in the coaches poll. it is the highest they have been ranked since 1987. but the layers know it's early and they still have a lot of work to do. we have always believed we were a great team. i think we stay away from what we are ranked because the only ranking that matters is at the end of the year. we play on the road at maryland thursday that right their will keep you grounded. :17 oc: : eep you gounded " football news.. iowa quarterback c.j. beathard had surgery on a sports hernia. they said it went well and it will take 6 weeks to rehab. his status for spring ball is up in the air. and finally it's monday time to get stupid and
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andrea! i love those ufc weigh in stair downs they are so mean to each other not. that's a good way to soften up your opponent with a bouquqt of flowers. it's one thing to miss one bunny but to miss back to back. he hate it when you get rejected by the rim. and plays like that will put you sleep i wander if he knows the camera is in him. probably not he's a sleep.his eyes are opening. and before when you are guarding jerememlinn his hair is so spiky he might popo you in the eye with it. another look whatch out for spiky hair. and sure does seem like the aiming where it counts. way they try to save the ball. it happens a lot like that. best way to make sure you foul someone tackle them and pull l eir shorts down. . st full court shot goes out to tony rex of
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buzzer ..chancing! another look you can't get much farther than that lesson of the w wk if you are trying to squat 855 pounds make sure you fasten the weights on first. or this could happen.again please that can't be a little embarrassing at the gym and finally i had a great time taking on reda from tipton in a shooting contest.
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thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... as an area of low pressure pulls to the northeast the light snow tuesday heads are
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chris pine -- from "pride and prejudice and zombies," lena headey --
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