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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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the iowa caucuses are now just four days away. and presidential candidates from both parties are making their final efforts to convince voters to get o o and caucus monday y ght. in the republican race, polls continue to show donald trump and ted cruz running neck and neck among likely-o-p caucus- goers. and in democratic hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders are very close among likely democratic caucus-goers. today former president bill clinton stopped at wartburg college in waverly to encourage people to get out and caucus for his wife, hilllly. he also stopped at cornell college in mount vernon and washington high school in washington. republican presidential candidates are in iowa preparing for their last debate before the iowa caucuses at the iowa events center in des moines. donald trump, however, says he won't be there. he's boycott the debate because
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debate. instead, trump says he's holding a fundraising event for veterans, also in des time. boarded buses to take them to des moines to join demonstratio g-o-p debate. earlier today, people fast food workers staged a walk-out in des moines. presters say they they want raises to 15 dollars per hour plus union rights. they say it's all an effort to raise the minimum wage across the country. "it's extremely important, we have people out there that are veve hard working, work k 4 jobs, e en work one job if they work 40 hours a week and they can't pay their bills and that's not fair, everyone deserves a livable wage. " the protesters say they also hope to raise awareness of other socialal justice isssss. the groups are planning a one- thousand person march tonight. historically, candidates who win the iowa caucuses
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eventual presidents. however, the iowa caucuses have selected major contenders. finished in the top three in iowa. one caucus organizer process very seriously and care about their picks. "they attend meetings, they listen to their positions, they ask questions and then they ask more questions to reaay probe the candidates. " tonight on the tv-9 news at six, mark carlson takes a closer look at the iowa caucuses' track record over the years, and why winning isn't necessarily everything in iowa. remember to stay with kcrg-tv9 monday night for complete caucus coverage. we'll have reporters live in des moines and across eastern iowa, along with expert analysis. we'll broadcast live nine point two. then from nine all the way we'll be live here on our main channel. meteorologist joe winters joins
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joe, we enjoyed some very mild conditions todada some calm late january weather is ahead, followed by an active start to february. from now through saturday we can expect a partly to mostly cloudy sky. along with that a slow warming trend helps the mercury hit or top 40 precipitation producers arrives sunday. we will see a some light rain and snow. all eyes, and much of the on a strong winter storm arriving tuesday and wednesday. the risk of heavy snow in parts of the midwest, including iowa, exists with this storm, but it is still to early to pinpoint the heavieststotals. tonight: : stly cloudy low: 19-25 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 35-41 winds: s 10-20 bruce and beth... a jury today convicted a man accused of killing his girlfriend's brother in waterloo. martez smith fatally stabbed
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norman outside his home in november 2014. the jury also found smith guilty of domestic violence for shoving his girlfriend. black hawk county's assistant attorn said norman tried to intetvene after smith pushed his sister, and that's when s sth attacked him. iowa congressman dave loebsack is sponsoring a bill to help an iowa city pastor return home after his deportation. max villatoro is a husband and father of four. immigration and customs enforcement arrested and deported him last year. it was part of a national sweep of more than two- thousand documented immigrants who had been convicted of crimes. this is video of villatoros in honduras after his deportation. in 1999, he was was convicted of druru driving and tamperiri with recordrd that was before he became a pastor in iowa city. villatoro's story sparked demonstrations after his arrest, and thousands of people signed petitions to bring him back. congressman
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would give villlatoro a permanent resident status in the u-s. the dubuque regional humane society has made some major changes in its policy for euthanizing animals. the changes came after people criticized the animal shelter last year for e number of cats and dogs it was killing. numbers from our report last year show the shelter euthanized more than 12-hundred animals in 2014. that was 32 percent of the animals it took in. in 2015, the humane society says it e ehanized 288 animals, which is about 12 percent of the animals it had. the shelter's numbers show cat euthanasia was down 82 percent, and dog euthanasia was down 63 percent from the year before. kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins us live tonight. katie, what is t t humane society doing now to keep more animals alive? just about a year ago, a former
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here complained about the humane society's kill rates. so, directors changed their policy about when an animals are put down. and drastically dropped their adoptions fees. last spring humane society staff starting using a diffefent methodology to decide what makes an animal adoptable. for animals that have health and behavioral issues, the staff is now giving those animals more treatment rather than simply putting them to sleep. directors say they doing more to teach people who adopt how to rehabilitate those cats and dogs. when they do decide to eueuanize an animal, that's a decision a team of 4 or 5 staff make together. not just one person. but they say the biggest change is the decrease in adoption fees. they dropped the kitten adoption fee from one hundred ten dollars to fifty bucks. older cats used to seventy five dollars to adopt. now they are twenty five dollars. "that made us want to do more ourselves. all of our staff has stepped up everybody is doing a little bit something extra for each animal. and that's what
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" benham says they've also seen a big increase in the number of animals being adopted from the shelter, he says that too has helped improve euthanasia rates. the more animals that leave e re to go to a good home, the more attention they can give to the animals that are still here. live in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news the national transportatio n and safety board wants to reduce the legal blood alcohol limit for drunk driving. and local police say they would support the change.
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followed by an active start to
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from now through saturdrd we can expect a partly to mostly cloudy sky. along with that a slow warming trend helps the mercury hit or top 40 on saturday. the first of two precipitation producers arrives sunday. we will see a some light rain and snsn. all eyes, and much of the social media attention, has been on a strong winter storm arriving tuesday and wednesday. the risk of heavy snow in parts of the midwest, including iowa, is heheiest totals. tonight: mostly cloudy low:
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winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 35-414 winds: s 10-20totorrow night: stly cloudy low: 25-31 cloudy high: 42 - low: 28 sunday: chance of light rain/snow high: 39 - low: 33 late high: 36 - low: 27 tuesday: snow likely high: 32 - low: 29 wednesday: snow likely, windy high: 24 - low: 23 thursda partly cloudy high: 17 - low: 8
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in north liberty, it's out with the old water tower as workers demolished a water tower today. it's a tower that's been offline for years, but played a role in the city's history. stay with your 24 hour news
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dropped the legal limit for drinking and driving to a blood alcohol level of zero point eight percent. but would lawmakers support an even lower limit now? the national transportatio n safety board recently issued a "wish list" for safety changes in 2016. one item was encouraging states to drop the legal blood alcohol limit for driving to point zero five per cent. that means a 170 pound man who drinks three average beers in an hour on an empty stomach would be at the lower limit. one iowa city police officer sayaylaw enenrcement isn't pushing for such a change now. " it's clearly up to legislators
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have law enforcement enforce however any law designed for public safety officers would be supportive of that initiative " one iowa lawmaker remembers it was a struggle to reduce the legal blood alcohol limit in 2003, and safety wasn't the winning argument. we'll look at that part of the issue tonight on t-v nine news at six. the red cross says many midwestern hospitals are running severely low on blood supplies. radio iowa reports the midwest region of the red cross says there's an emergency need ff blood donors. the red cross credits low blood levels with winter storms and icy roads. they've had to cancel a handful of iowa blood drives since the first of the year. and more than 300 blood drives have been canceled across the country. iowans are doing better this year compared to last year according to a gallup study. last year, iowa ranked 14th in the nation in the gallup-healthwhws well-being dex.
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when iowa ranked 16th. the study looks at physical, emotional, social and financial health. iowa ranked highest in financial well-being, at 5th in the nation. however iowans ranked near the bottom in obesity- coming in at 38th. the international space station held a moment of silence today to mark the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. seven crew members, including school teacher christa macaulliffe died when the shuttle blew up just 73 seconds after launch. it happened on january 28th, 1986. nasa also used today to remember the astronauts who died in the 1967 apollo disasasr and the 2003 columbia shuttle disaster. the city of north liberty said goodbye to a part of its history today. down came the city's old water tower. it went up in 1977 when north
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municipal drinking water system. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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city of notoday a crew came and demolished an old water tower. this is a time-lapse of it early this morning, and worked into the afternoon. gallon water tower has been offline and o o of use for yeaea. it wanted to take the tower down earlier, but had to wait until contracts with cell phone and internet companies using the tower expired. as kcrtv9's jill sparie reports, dismantlili a water towerers no small task. "30:15 it's not something you see everyday." this north liberty neighborhood is usually
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nats! nicole bolton lives next to the water tower,@bnd watched it come down throughout the d dy. crews quickly pulled it apart -- piece by piece. nats of chunk of metal "they took the ball down in big chunks and they had the first half of the ball down in like two hours." the water tower has been deteriorating and un-used for years. and as it came down, crews had to take precautions, pecially with the nearby fire department. firefighters say somomsome wellng sparks landed on the roof. "37:30 but they are putting up a water curtain trying to keep as many of the sparks off of our roof as possible. i don't think we real want to deal with the fire deparxment burning down today so they are doing their best to make sure that won't happen." many who live nearby took pictures of this piece of the history coming apart. "16:40 1976 was construction and then it went online in 1977 and that was when north liberty first got a drinking water people also started thinking about the future. "38:30 there is some talk about expanding the fire station that way. and obviously that water
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necessary for that to happen. we are looking at the potential of adding a truck bay or two truck bays to accommodate a slightly bigger fleet. " many say, though, they'll have to get used to the look of their neighborhood without the familiar old water tower. nats!! in north liberty, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. the water superintenden t says the project cost the city about 18-thousand dollars. we'll be right back. stay with tv-9.
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afternoon at 15th street and bever avenue southeast in cedar rapids. they say emergency responders rushed him to the hospital. police responded to the area with guns, protective gear and shield kcrg-tv9's brady smith has been covering this story and is live from the scene. brady what can you tell us about what'ss happening there now? let's go back to joe now for a final look at
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