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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the campaign trail paid off in iowa. presidential candidates have been all over the state this month with the hopes of coming out victorious on caucus night. ririht now it's a tight race at the top for both republicans and democrats. des moines register poll the des moines register released new poll numbers just a few hours ago, showing hillary clinton with a slim lead over senator berere sanders, 45 percenento 42 percent. tonight, sanders tried to get an edge on the former secretary of state, by holding a massive rally at the university of iowa. kcrg-tv9'9'sarah mccarthy was at the rally all night and joins us live from outside the field house. sarah, it sounds like there was a lot of energy surrounding tonight's event... brady, this event really feels more like a big party, with musical performances and movie star josh hutcherson taking the
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event targeted at students and from tonight's turnout, that group p owed up here. but a big focus from everyone tonight is getting that group to turn out on caucus night. video messages emphasized finding your correct precinct location and asked supporters to show up for canvassing shifts all the way uuntil three p-m monday night. and even for p pple who stood in line but couldn't get into tonight's iowa city event, organizers walked down the line, handing out flyers to emphasize that get out the caucus message. it's an effort that johnson county supporters say is key. ".....those are the things that matter " once senator sanders took the stage he spoke mostly about issues like legalizing marijuana, ending instittional racism, and taking on the country's income inequality. he says it's a job no one person can take on, but says come monday, all eyes will be on iowa. "it's not just the name of the person who wins, what is morrimportant is whether iowa is prepared to lead this natioo in a different direction. " now sanders also says he only expects to win iowa if voter turnout high. but
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who you're supporting, if you're still unsure of where you need to is, we'll put a link to a precinct finder under this story on kcrg dot com. in iowa city, sarah mccarthy, kcrg tv9 news. while sandersrsas in iowa city, his volunteers spent their day gathering support in des moines. kcrg-tv9's washington bureau chief jacqueline policastro shows us how one family has been spending a lot of time doorknooing for
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candidate. campaigning in iowa is all about ground game. it starts at the office with sttegy - then volunteers head out the door to neighborhood s like this one. the sommer family traveled five and a half hours from st louis missouri to help canvass for bernie sanders. sot amanda sommer/r/rnie sanders supporter @ :16 "you're not normally supposed to talk about politics with people but this is actually an opportunity to do so." the family knocks on doors using a list designed by the saaders campaign -targrgting spspcific voters. n nts: "would you consider bernie? i'm not sure actually. undecided? i'm undecided. nats: "have you made up your mind? uhhhh, i don't know. come on man! i'm pretty sure i'll caucus for bernie. feel the bern! feel the bern! the goal - convince people who are undecided to show up and caucus for sanders. sot matthias sommer/bernie sanders supporter @ :45 "getting out hitting the boatloads of momoy and this is something anyone can do and it's a nice way to be involved." even someone like iris sommer. sot suporter @ :53 "i'm not 18 yet." iris helped her parents register voters in
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sot iris sommer/bernie sanders suporter @ 1:00 "i usually don't like going to peoples houses talking to people i don't know but itsts fun." jacqueline policastro/de s moines, iowa @ 1:09 so will the volunteer's energy turn into support from undecided iowa voters? we will find out on monday when the caucus resulted are counted. reporting in des moines, i'm jacqueline policastroo hillary clinton brought her campaign to cedar rapids tonight. she was at washington high school with er husband, former presesent bill clinton, and their daughter chelsea. tonight, mrs. clinton talked about the economy, saying the country is always better off when a democrat is in the white house. "we don't have to go back all that far to realize it. just think about the last two democratic presidents we've had. one of them is here tonight. each of them inherited economic problems from their republican predecessors didn't they. " texas senator ted cruz focused his efforts on
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rally this afternoon in ames, telling everyone to get out andnd caucus. he told his supporters to encourage others to get out and support him on monday night. "if everyone in this room brings 9 additional people to the caucus on monday night, we will win the iowa caucus. " however, cruz's campaign tactics are not sitting well with somemeowa state officials tonight. this yellow mailer telling recipients they have a 'voting violation' has been showing up in mailboxes across the state in recent days. the letter from the cruz campaign grades you on how often you've gone out to caucus in the past. after being shown the flyer, iowa secretary of state paul pate called it quote 'misleading,' and a false representatio n of his office. in a statememe on facebook, pate said "there is no such thing as an election violation related to frequency of voting. any insinuation or statement to the contrary is wrong... and i believe it is not in
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iowa caucuses. when trying to gauge who's ahead in the race for the white house, sometimes polls just aren't fast enough. that's one ofofhe reasons three university of iowa professors created "left right politics dot com." the group designed the site to search social media and find the top trending stories, tweets, and more, about the ten highest-polling candidates vying for the white house. one of the key features, are these charts. the site analyzes twitter to find which republicans and democrats haha the highest number of positive tweets, then plots that data on the graphs, which are updated daily. creators say it gives a look at the nation's political pulse faster than many polls, which can take a week or more to show their results. "our algorithms do an objective and unbiased analysis and try to present the top news top tweets and top sentiment summary of different candidates. "
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design the algorithms that run the site. it went live a couple weeks ago. it will be up p roughout the november electionon we hope you'll stay with t-v nine for complete caucus coverage monday night. we'll have live reports from hes moines and eastern iowa, plus expert analysii of the results. our coverage starts at eight o'clock on kcrg nine point two. then, we'll continue at nine o'clock all the way through our ten p-m news right here on t-v nine. checking in with meteorogist chris havely now. chris, lots of talk about this storm heading our way...but still too early to tell us exact snow totals. a generally mostly cloudy sky can be expected tonight, with a slight chance of isolated light showers late. if one of these does aze by your area, you may see a few snowflakes mixing in as well. on sunday, our rain chances are
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area of low pressure and associated cold front slide through eastern iowa. scattered showers will be likely for a good portion of the day, but all rain amounts will be on the light side. after sunday, our attention focuses on the mumu talkededbout winter storm for the early workweek. the start time for snow and/or mix, looks to be begin late monday evening from cedar rapids and areas south, so caucus goers will need to keep an eye on the forecast from here on out. the exact track of this system is still the main question, as that will decide who gets the heaviest of snow, and who sees the wintry mixx it is fairly certain though that heavy snow band will occur somewhere in eastern iowa. tonight: slight chance of mix low: 30-36 winds: s 5-10 alo: 32 dbq: 32 iow: 33 back to you. cedar falls police are looking for three suspects in an armed robbery. it happened last night on the 11-hundred block of west 20th ststet. police say two men - onee armed with a hand gun - approached two people. after demanding money, police say a third suspect attacked the victims. poli have not made any arrests. an early morning fire damaged a newly-built restaurant in waterloo. the waterloo cedar falls courier reports police were originally called out to the new tokyo bay restaurant on alarm. after noticing the fire, police called the fire department, which quickly put it out. security camera footage shows the
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placed in plastic container on a countete the entire building sustained heavy smoke damage. four people were shot during a fight between opposing biker gangs at a motorcycle expo in denver, colorado. denver police say one person died and 9 others were injured when two rival biker gangs broke into a fight around 1:00 this afternoon. three of the injured victims are currently in critical condition. so far, police have not t de any arrests, but say they are interviewing a person of interest. denver police say they had to work quickly to save as many lives as they could. "we do have officers that were working off-duty here and we do have some other i am sure security working for the natl western stock show so we were able to get officers quickly and get our victims to the hospital. " a nearby hospital was on lockdown for more than 3 hours after the fighting started. all events that were scheduled at the expo for tomorrow have been cancelled.
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has much more to offer than just beer. we'll show you inside the quarter barrel's grand opening celebration, happening tonight. and did the road to miss america start right here in cedar rapids? tonight several ung women took one step closer to the crown. stay with us. you may have heard the phrase,
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kong." it's a fitting one for a new arcade ananbrewery that officially opened its doors tonight in cedar rapids. the quarter barrel, located at 616 2nd avenue
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opening party tonight. their vegan-friendly menu - which its owners plan to expand - includes unique pizzas and craft beers. and for the gamers, there are dozens of classic coin- op arcade cabinets and pinball machineses tonight's papay goes until 2 a-m. women from across the state of iowa competed in the miss cedar valley pageant today. more than a dozen contestants showed off their r lents, fitness, and intervieieng skills at the cedar rapids public library. participants could win the titles of miss cedar valley's outstanding teen, miss cedar valley, and miss palisades. for one e ganizer, the programam is a way for women to get involved with their communities. 23:59:35 "tons of volunteer hours go into this from the girls who are competing as well as the ones who hold the title, it's a very important part of the miss america program they choose platforms that are important and have a special meaning to them." today's winners will go on t compete in the miss iowa pageant
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hy-vee workers in des moines found something interesting in a recent seafood shipment. employees at the distribution center in iowa found is orange lobster. experts say these are some of the rarest lobsters in the world. believe it or not, lobsters can come in all sorts of colors like orange, blue, calico, and yellow. the rarest lf them all is a white lobster, which only has a 1-in-a-million chance of turning up in a lobster trap. a hy-vee spokeswoman says this lobster won't go to any store. the grocery store chain is looking for a place where it can be well l red for, and possibly go on display for the public to see. a generally mostly cloudy sky
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tonight, with a slight chance of isolated light showers late. if one of these does graze by your area, you may see a few snowflakes mixing in as well. on sunday, our rain chances are much higher as an area of low pressure and associated cold front slide through eastern iowa. scattered showers will
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the day, but all rain amounts w wl be on the light side. after sunday, our attention focuses on the much talked about winter storm for the early workweek. the start time for snow and/or mix, looks to be begin late monony evening from cedar rapids and areas south, so caucus goers will need to keep an eye on the forecast from here on out. the exact track of this system is still the main question, as that will decide who gets the heaviest of snsn, and who sees the wintry mix. it is fairly certain though that a heavy snow band will occur somewhere in eastern iowa. tonight: slight chance of mix low: 30-36 winds: s 5-10 alo: 32 dbq: 32 iow: 33tomorrow: rain/snow showers high: 36-42 winds: n 5-15 alo: 37 dbq: 38 iow: 40tomorrow night: mosy cloudy lowow23-29 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 24 dbq: 25 iow: 26monday: m/cloudy, mix late high: 36 - low: 26 tuesday: heavy snow & wintry mix high:
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windy high: 16 - low: 15 thursday: partly cloudy high: 17 - low: 0 friday: increasing clouds high: 21 - low: 0 saturday: chance of snow high: 23 - low: 5 thanks chris. . josh joins us now, the cyclones
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games the last couple of weeks,
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they beat the number one and number four ranked team in the country. but they had to face another top 5 team. highlights are next. stay with your 24 hour news
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break from big 12 play, but still had to face a top 5 team today. the cyclones took on 5th ranked texas a&m in the big 12/sec challenge. ... that means coach prohm going up against his mentor, billy kennedy ... first half action, abdel nader drives to the hoop... throws it down... and he gets the foul... cyclones lead 14-11 ... closing seconds of the first half... monte morris for three... no good... but deonte burton comes up with the offensive board and slams it home beating the buzzer... it was tied 30-30 at halftime ... burton had a big game off the bench... he gets the steal... and stuffs it down, plus he's fouled... he finished with 11 points off the bench... cyclones down 2 ... later, iowa state in transition... matt thomas with the catch and shoot three... bingo... iowa state takes a one point lead ... watch this play by burton... the sweet pass to jameel mckay for the flush... iowa state goes up 53-50
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half... morris comes upith the steal.. he takes it coast-to- coast for the layup... cyclones go up 58-56 ... but texas a & m went on a 12-2 run after that led by danuel house... he finished with 20 points... this dunk is the exclamation mark... iowa state falls 72-62 ... iowa state women at home hosting oklahoma ...jadda buckley knocks down the triple... it was tied 17-17 after ne quarter ... 2nd quarter.r.. emily durr launches a three, and the bank is open on saturdays... she had 10 points off the bench ... later, buckley finds seanna johnson who gets the roll... she had a team-high 18 points... iowa state led 35-28 at halftime ... 3rd quarter... this bridget carleton three puts the cyclones up by one ... but it was all oklahoma after that... maddie manning with the 3-ball corner pocket... oklahoma wins 77-71 ... linn-mar grad marcus paige and the tar heels taking on boston college ... marcus has really struggled
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after missing his previous 18 3- popoters... and he was just warming up... the give-and- go to marcus and he splashes in another three ... later in the first half, watch him grab the offensive board and get the putback... marcus finished with 12 points in the tar heels 89-62 win ... let's switch to high school wrestling. all the conference titles were up for grabs across ththstate. ... let's go to cedar rapids prairie for the mississippi valley conference super meet ... at 106, prairie's conrad braswell pins dillon gottschalk of dubuque hempstead in the third period to take the championship ... at 113, marcus england of prairie gets two points for the takedown as he stays inbounds... he won the match 6-2 to take the title ... 120, brenden baker of cedar rapids jefrson was on the offensive the entire match... he gets three points for the near fall... he won by tech fall ... 126, nolan hromidko tries to get the pin... he'd get three points for the near
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place with the 12-3 major decision ... 132, prairie's sam uthoff ranked number one in the state, remained undefeated tallying four wins, inclcling this 2nd period d fall in the championship ... 138, nelson brands of iowa city west... you may recognize the name... he gets two points for this takedown in the third perio.. he won his match 10-7 to take the title ... 145, josh gerke of cedar rapids xavier had a tight match... he gets two points for a takedown... he'd get the 5-2 decision... prairie won the conference title, jefferson was 2nd,d,ennedy 3rd... john campbell continues our coverage with the wamac tournament at vinton-shellsburg we pick things up in the championship round at 120 where western dubuques braden birt dug himself a 5-1 hole and then proceeded to dig himself in impressive fashion wh several near falls...and eventually getting'& the fall in the ird period. no drama at 126 where cpu's two time state championn
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rathbun hardly broke a sweat. rathbun wins his third wamac title with the first period fall..his third of the day. 132 mt vernon's tony garcia used two takedowns enroute to a 5-1 win over jackson feldman of beckman. 138, indee's drew davis used a third period reversal to beat west delaware's owen ward 7-2. in the night's first overtime affair, the hometown boy, nick hyland of vinton shellsburg finally got to solon's cole fritz. they had split earlier in ththseason. sot would like to have opened up more, but in overtime i knew if i took a shot i could score so i got to the offense quick. another revenge match at 170. indee's nick holt had beaten western dubuque's luke kluesner in the last ten days, but not tonight at the wamac championships . i felt good going out there. caught him inin move. got the points. won the match. and not the towel boy says we are out of time...john campbell,tv9 sports ... thank you john, western dubuque won the team title, independencwas 2nd and mount vernon took 3rd.... we'll be right back, stay with tv9. ... three local players had a
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nfl scouts in the senior bowl down in alabama. ... first quarter action... carson wentz finds iowa tight end henry krieger-coble for a short 5-yard gain... he had 3 catches for 16 yards for the north ... northern iowa's deiondre hall was a starter on the nortteam defense... he e arly gets the interception... then on the very next play, dak prescott scrambles, hall makes a nice tackle saving a touchdown... he finished with 5 tackles... iowa's offensive lineman austin blythe was also in this game....the nfl draft starts on april 28th ... the roughriders were hoping to maintain their lead in the eastern nference standings. they took on youngstown for the 2nd night in a row. .. kennedy football coach brian white drop the ceremonial puck ... not a lot of action in the first period... riese zmolek
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stopped by ryan bednard ... 2nd period... matt gosiewski gets the defense and tries to go five hole... but bednard gets the save ... youngstown drew first blood on this shorthanded goal by matt miller with the nice redirect ... tempers flared up after the 2nd period... everybody's gloves came off... that seemed to spark the roughriders because they came back to win 3-2 in overtime thanks josh. and nonoto first alert storm
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