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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 530  ABC  January 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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today, presidential candidates make their final push to connect with iowans, a little more than 24 hours before they head out to caucus. as kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy shows us, local vovonteers with the hillary clinton campaign are hoping some last minute canvassing will pay off. "inside this marion home a handful of volunteers for the hillary clinton campaign are sitting g ound the kitchen table, making calls. they're connecting with potential caucus-goers - reminding people when doors opena dnw here their caucus precinct is. but they're also taking that message door to door." this is the campaigns second sweep through some marion neighborhrhd s. tty're knocking on doors in the hopes of convincing any on the fence caucus-goers to show up monday night. canvassing isn't glglmorous, but one clinton volunteer says clearing up and caucus confusion is important - especially for first-time caucus-goers. 06:55:48 "sometimes you'll get yes, sometimes you'll get no. sometimes they'll ask
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make a speech? no. you just have to be there and be accounted for." "tonight at ten we'll take you inside this uniquely iowa campaign headquarters and hear what these volunteers are expecting to happen tomorrow night. tv9 news. " hillary clinton s ss she's cocoident latest des moines register iowa poll shows her in a dead heat with bernie sanders. she said on a-b's this week she's hopeful for a high voter turnout tomorrow, with the democratic race so competitive. "i feel so proud and grateful to the thousands of iowans who have joioid this campaign, andnd we're going to keep working as hard as i can and everybody else until the caucuses conclude tomorrow night." the sanders campaign has been in overdrive this month. he told caucus-goers in waterloo today that his campaign has raised more than 20 million dollars in the
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"00:36 and while some candidates boast about super pac events, let me tell you what i am boasting about and what i am very proud of. our average contribution is $27.. in other words, to paraphrase abraham lincoln, this is a campaign of the people, by the people and for the people." " sanders touched on some his key campaign points, including universal health care and affordable education. volunteers and staffers for ted cruz are busy reaching caucus-goers before tomorrow night. kcrg-tv9's jacqueline policastro shows us inside "camp cruz,z,where they live and work in the weeks leading up to caucus night. jacqueline policastro/de s moines, ia @ :01 th place is an old college
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many from texas bunk together and then get to work. susan patrick and rebecca fox are living like college coeds in camp cruz station, tx @ :14 "it's a very mple dorm we don't need much we are having so much fun together." the ladies are best friends from texas working to help ted cruz win over iowa voters. sot susan patrick/colle ge station, tx @ :22 "you know it is just so great to be working in a campaign much." patrick and fox meet up in the stairwell at 7:45 each morning totopray and work until 9pm making calls at campaign headquarters and canvassing throughout the city. sot rebecca fox/katy, tx @ said howdy im from xas i'm a volunteer and the gentleman swung the door open n and said well get in here out of that iowa cold" they left their families at home and are traveling at their own expense, even helping keep the hall organized avd decorated. sot rebecca fox/katy, tx @ :52 "so fun right we are a little past college e e." maybe nats: okay girl, more adventures for us! but their enthusiasm can't be matched . sot rebecca fox/katy, tx @ 1:01 "we ararcruzin to victory y uzin to caucus!"!" jacqueline policastro/de s moines, ia @ 1:04 in the final hours before the
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volunteers living here are defies the polls and pulls off a in des moines, ia i'm jacqueline policastro texas senator cruz says his grassroots team in iowa is second to none. he said today on c-n-n's state of the uniin that he is positioned to do well in the hawkeye state. but he says he "must-win." " and tomorrow, we will complete what's knowas the full grassly. we will have been to all 99 counties in t t state of iowa. we'll have stood in front of the men and women and simply asked for their support. looked them in the eyes and asked for their support. " cruz will make a pre- caucus stop in eastern iow tomorrow. he will appear for a rally at the grace baptist church in marion around 4:30. then he goes back to des night. donald trump went t ter cruz dudung a campaign stop in sioux city today. he told his supporters cruz failed to disclose a major loan while he was
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20-12. he also mentioned a yellow mailer cruz's campaign sent out, telling recipients they have a voting violation. " so he's putting in houses voter violation and ha's giving people you're, you have an "f" because you haven't voted enough and blah, blah, blah and down the line and i've never even heard of nothing like this it's so dishonest - it is so dishonest. " and trump will make his final appearances in eastern iowa tomorrow before the caucuses start. he'll meet with supporters in waterloo at the ramada hotel and he then has campaign stop scheduled at the doubletree by hililn hotel in cedar rapids. that gets underway at 1:30. florida senator marco rubio held his second to last event before the caucuses this afternoon. he met with supportersrsn cedar rapids. his message focused on repealing obamacare and securing the nation's borders. but he also says whoever wins the eventual nomination for
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needs to unite conservatives . 07:43:31 "tomorrow you cannot just go in there and make a point. tomorrow you must caucus in my opinion for someone who give us a chance to win, not just the nomination, but the presidency." jeb bush met with voters at his hiawatha field office this afternoon. the former lorida goveveor told them his opponents are gifted talkers, but are not experienced enough to, in his words, "fix the mess in washington." earlier in the day, he attended mass at the cathedral of saint raphael in dubuque. and we encourage you to stay with us tomorrow night for complete caucus coverage. we'll have reporters live in des moines and across eastern iowa, along with expert analysis. we'll broadcast live from 8 to 9 p-m on kcrg 9.2. then from 10 all the way through our 10 p-m news, we'll be live right here on our main channel, t-v9v9 family and friends are
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county supervisor tom hancock today. hancock's close friend, ric jones, tells tv-9 hancock suddenly died overnight. hancock has been a dubuque county supervisor since he was elected in 2014. prior to that, he was an iowa senator from 2005 to 2013. hancock had also served with the epworth volunteer fire department for 45 years, including as chief for 16 years. he was 67 years old. coming up after the break, a different kindnd of venue for a wedding ceremony. a central iowa couple brings their exchange of vows to an important family member. . and the iowa hawkeyes look to get back in the win column today against northwestern. stay with your 24-hour news
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daughter's wedding day, due to her poor health. but her daughter saw to that by changing the venue. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders has the story. the story y kelsea and shane prather, the bride and groom up there, began at a mall.through friends, the two were encouraged to meet there. but, kelsea's mom, misty butler one of the most importrtt people in her life, had doubts. "she said are you sure he's going to be at the mall? i said, yes, he said he's going to be there. sure enough, he was at the mall that day. that was the first time we met." fast forward about eight years, kelsea and shane decided to spend the rest of their lives together. they were planning on
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august. misty had a heart attack and suffered severe complications. she's now stuck in a wheelchair, too sick to leave the hospital. hospice is being considered. it's hard for kelsea to take. "my mom and i have this special bond thatato one can break. it's almost hard to describe." that powerful bond gave kelsea an idea. after nearly losing her mom about a month ago, kelsea decided she was gng to have the wedding at university iowa hospitals and clinics, whwhe her mom is staying. nat things came together quick, decorations, refreshments hair and make up. what takes some more than a year to plan had to happen in a matter of weeks. "it was a little bit of a challenge, but it took a village to do." jeremy hudson has been a chaplain at hospitals for nine years. he said this is kind of thing is rare. he's only taken part in one other hospital wedding in his entire career. "i think it's a wonderful opportunity to really have something posive for a family hass lot of challenges.s.the ceremony wewe off without a hitch. but the moment that stole the show wasn't this kiss between bride and groom nat it was this one between a mother and daughter. misty can't speak because of her condition, but she wrote thihion a piece of
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her daughter. it read, "i'm so glad we went to the mall." and kelsea is so glad her mom could make it to one of the best days of her life. "it felt amazing and wonderful." turning back to weather. chris, what's the latest on the snow storm moving our way? stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. as the weak system moves off to
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we will see some areas of at least partial clearing. overall, we will be looking at a partly ccudy night. it'll be e
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winds out of the north, helping to push us back down into the low and mid 20s for lows. the start of the e rk week will be quiet for most of monday, under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. it's not until we move into the later evening hours tomorrow night that we start to see the moisture move in from the south from the winter storm. as it looks now, light snow and wintry mix may develop across areas mainly along and south of highway 30 before midnight. this may creaea some slick areas for travelers. blizzard and winter storm watches are in place for counties north of interstate 80 for tuesday. tonight: partly cloudy low: 21-27 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 23 dbq: 24 iow: 25tomorrow: m/cloudy, mix late high: 33-39 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 32 dbq: 34 iow: 37tomorrow night: light snow likely low: 26-32 winds: ne 5-10 alo: 26 dbq: 26 iow: 29tuesday: snow, wintry mix, & windy high: 34 - low: 29 wednesday: cloudy & windy high: 19 - low: 18 thursday: partly cloudy high: 22 - low: 4 friday: mostly cloudy high: 2 2- low: 9 saturday: chance of snow high: 21 - low: 14 sunday: partly cloudy high: 25 - low: 6
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josh joins us now, the iowa men
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bounced backck their next five games are hawkeyes definitely responded today against northwestern after losing the ryland.
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... the iowa men's basketball
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its first big ten loss of the season at marylanon thursday. the hawkeyes were hoping to bounce back today against t rthwestern. scott westerberg has the highlights. this is the only regular season match-up between iowa and didn't take back after a tough shooting night at maryland. uthoff with back totoack triples to put iowa up 3....then uthoff cleans up the nicholas baer miss with a two-hand flush....jarrod had 19 in the first half. northwestern's tre demps wildcats an 18-14 lead....but it wouldn't last long...ahmad wagner with the offense rebound put back....hawks on a 14-0 run to make it 28- 18. then baer connects from long range and just like that it's a 15 point iowa lead....the secondndalf turned into the peter jok show....he buries a corner
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from jok....he hits again from downtown.....t he hawks keep feeding pete and the wildcats kept giving him space....jok with 3 straight threeses.he had 22 in the second half alone.... iowa kept it's foot on the gas pedal.....antho ny clemmons in transition as the hawks bounce back from the maryland loss to beat northwestern 85-71. in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9
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... the uni men's basketball team snapped its four-game losing streak on wednesday. the panthers were hoping to win back-to-back games since late november. ... pantntrs hosting southern illinois, a team they lost to earlier this season ... first half action... bennett koch keeps the ball, drives and he throws it down firing up the crowd... he had a double- - uble, 22 popots and 11 rebounds ... later, uni in transition... it's waverly-shell rock grad klint carlson with the rim-rocker... panthers down by 3 ... the salukis pushed their lead back to 10... cedar rarads washington grad wes washpun drives, count the basket and one... he had 16, deficit is down to 8 ... the salukis went up 11, but uni continues to fight... karlson wide open for the easy two-handed flush... panthers trail 23-17 ... closing minute of the first half... linn-mar grad matt bohannon buries the three-ball corner pocket.. he had 12... uni wins back-to-
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... to the wrestling mat, northern iowa hosting ohio in the west gym ... 125, denver native dylan peters fires up the crowd with this first period pin against shakur laney... panthers start off the atch with six points ... but ohio comes back to wiwi the next three matches... this is 141, noah forrider gets two points for the takedown... he'd get the 10-4 decision... ohio leads 9-6 ... uninswers back at 157... waverly-s-sll rock grad bryce steiert won his match 2-0 based mostly on riding time... very close match, uni falls 18-17 ... tonight for the sunday night
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down with rob howe from, he covers a lot of recruiting. we'll talk about iowa and national signing day which is on wednesday. thanks josh. meteorologist
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coming up tonight at ten... volunteers at the cedar rapids animal care and control spend hours to help animals in needed tonight, hear how they are making a difference in the lives of strays and rescues. that's our show you care
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and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chris havely for your final forecast. as the weak system moves off to the east tonight, we will see some areas of at least partial clearing. overall, we will be looking at a partly cloudy night. it'll be a cooler night as well, with winds out of the north, helping to push us back do into the low and mimi20s for lows.s.he start of the work week will be quiet for
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k pepepepeek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it.
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