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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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-also, that previously covered claims are now being denied -watchdogs say we're seeing slower care overall for patients ""houston, we have a problem. and in this case they're saying, iowa, we have a problem."" much of today's bicameral meeting was private medicaid's first quarter. state overseers said the variety of provider payment issues are being worked out with training. and, despite the millions in losses mcos booked for the first quarter, financials are expected to improve as transition pains ease. they reported good news for iowa, that the state saved 22 million in the first few months. ultimately, administrator s say no deaths, job losses or shuttered businesses have been directly tied to private medicaid. plus, mcos are meeting
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doesn't say anything that would mean we're not going to accomplish those goals in the future. we expect for them to continue to meet performance standards and do even better." " the state has a whole range of tools to fix issues, anything from a warning to a termination of an mcos contract. but what to do next, after today's hearing, depends on who you ask. republicans are looking to stay the course. democrats, longtime opponents of the change, may push for new legislation to the next session. fs, kcrg t-v nine news. linn county supervisors will vote on a county-wide increase in the minimum wage at a formal meeting wednesday. it's the first of three votes. it would boost the minimum wage a dollar each year for three years starting january first. that would take the minimum wage from 7-25 an hour now to 10-25 by the year 20-19. one question for county leaders
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"i know there has not been a lot of feedback yet but i want to get this on an agenda and have a discussion and also have some comment at our council meeting." if it passes, the linn county ordinance would eventually tie future minimum wage hikes to changes in consumer prices. similar to social security payments, increases in a consumer price index would trigger automatic hikes. that means the county the rate of inflation after 2020. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with our first alert forecast. joe, will this mugginess continue this week? warm and humid, tropical-like air remains in place the next couple of days. as a result scattered thunderstorm chances remain in the forecast. while the chance of
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the thunderstorm s that develop. is possible. a cold front finally clears the area on wednesday, allowing the muggy meter to return to a comfortable range thigh the end of the week. have a great night!tonight: chance of storms. wind: light s. low: 67 tomorrow: chance of storms. partly sunny. wind: nw 5-10. high: 80 late today governor terry branstad disaster proclamation. now people impacted by last week's flooding in bremer and chickasaw counties can apply for state funding to help with clean up. the governor had already listed allamakee, winneshiek, clayton, fayette and howard counties. people have until october 14th to apply for help. this just into the t-v nine newsroom... linn county sheriff's deputies
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say he shot someone. authorities responded to the shooting around 4:30 this afternoon to a junk yard at 3958 old ferry road. that's between cedar rapids and palo. deputies on the scene say first responders took the victim to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. a judge in polk county says the university of iowa can terminate a former associate athletics director who's suing the school for discrimination. the university has ifo meyer that it plans to eliminate her current job with the college of liberal arts and sciences next week. meyer tried to get an injunction to stop that. but the judge denied it, saying she was trying to use iowa's whistleblowe r law without naming any specific violation of that law. until december 2014, meyer was a senior associate athletics director. then the university moved her to several other positions after she complained about gender bias in the athletics
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her complaint came after the university fired her partner, field hockey coach tracey griesbaum in august 2014. the university said players had complained that giresbaum mentally and verbally abused them. meyer has sue the university, the state regents, and the state, claiming gender and sexual orientation discrimination. her suit goes to trial next april. governor branstad wants 70 per cent of iowa's workforce to have educations beyond high signed an execuutive order at the career academy of pella. it creates the "future ready iowa alliance." the alliance must now develop and recommend a plan by october 31st of next year on how the state can reach that goal. the alliance must also set benchmarks to show the state is making progress. one benchmark includes reducing socioeconomic, ethnic, and
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gaps among elementary and secondary school children. some homes in urbana are closer to being lit up by sunlight. people got to take a tour of the urbana solar acres located at becca industrial park earlier today. the 7 acre site with more than 35 hundred panels will power more than 100 hundred homes when it's up and running in mid october. this project is part of a partnership between cipco and the east central iowa r-e-c. the r-e-c decided to make the solar power switch cleaner energy. "we get calls every week on questions about solar energy, putting their own panels up, or community solar projects, or just solar energy in general. it's really popular right now." the panels will produce carbon free energy, but will that come at a cost? we break down the numbers tonight at 10. dozens of people are taking over greene
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promote diversity and acceptance. they're also protesting religious intolerance and unequal treatment by police. those messages are part of a larger mission for the the group, "positive words and actions." it formed in january in response to political messages that its organizers say don't represent american ideals. one member hopes tonights speakers and a short march around downtown will spark some change locally. "i hope even attitudes, we'll have a good influence on our policy decisions." if you'd like to learn how you can get involved, people from "positive words and actions" will be at greene square in cedar rapids until seven o'clock tonight. kinnick stadium is returning to the home of the hawkeyes after a major concert this weekend. up next, we look at the progress of the clean up. and find out how iowa city will help drivers get to and from kinnick for saturday's
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fans cheering!
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stadium this weekend when the hawkeyes open their new season. but those fans might need some patience getting to the stadium. t's because a construction project that will raise dubuque street is reducing the main road into town to just one lane in each direction. kcrg-tv9's mark carlson joins us from iowa city this
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getting football fans to and from kinnick? really what officials are saying is - avoid that area. but, one challenge -- that's the main way into iowa city for a lot of people. "it brings a little traffic in, we have a great street sign out there, so it brings a little traffic through the store." for businesses along first avenue in more traffic these days with so many people searching for alternative routes to iowa city that avoid dubuque street. "i think we'll see people come through, but spirits are generally good." now the real test is only days away -- "if it backs up there's a little concern especially with football season coming, i'm sure it will back up from the intersection for a long time. " city officials say this weekend following the first game of the season -- dubuque street will become a one way street-- only letting traffic go
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roads... that way traffic leaving iowa city will have two lanes of travel. but there won't be any changes before the game... "i hope we do it again, just not a week before football season." meanwhile at kinnick stadium cleanup is underway after the back porch revival. "right now we don't know what it looks like under there, but it certainly didn't kill the grass because there's no grass." the concert proved to be a good test for traffic... with no major problems reported. but thousands more are expected in officials say drivers should consider public transportatio n, like buses or the hawkeye express train.. that picks people up near the coral ridge mall and drops them off at kinnick. " i have a feeling because of road construction and numbers are up, i think those hawkeye express numbers will go up too." athletics officials say they should have the stadium completely ready to go for football by mid-week. live in iowa city,
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tonight "on iowa live" returns, and former hawkeyes will join scott to talk about the season opener. and it doesn't matter if the catch is big or small, people are all smiles this week in john's big ol' fish. stay with your 24 hour news
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as a result scattered thunderstorm chances remain in the forecast. while the chance of any serve weather is low, heavy rain from the thunderstorm s that develop. is possible. a cold front finally clears the area on wednesday, allowing the muggy meter to return to a comfortable range thigh the end of the week. have a great night! tonight: chance of storms. wind: light s. low: 67 tomorrow: chance of storms. partly sunny. wind: nw 5-10. early, then partly cloudy. wind: nw 5-10. low: 62 wednesday: mostly sunny and less humid. high: 79 low: 62 thursday: mostly sunny. high: 75 low: 57 friday: mostly sunny. high: 77 low: 53 saturday: mostly sunny. high: 80 low: 55 sunday: chance of storms. high: 82 low: 63 monday: chance of storms. high: 81 low: 65 tuesday: chance of storms. high:
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16th ave our new
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weve got our first show tonight in just a few minutes over on 9.2. we have some great guest tonight.. former hawkeyes allen reisner, keenan davis, marv along with our new analyst pat hardy from that plus the regina, and jefferson football teams. should be a jammed packed show from 6:30-7:30 on kcrg 9.2. of course we will talk lots of iowa football as they prepare for miami of ohio in their opener saturday at kinnick. iowa should be solid on defense again this year but one thing they are really concentrating on this year is not giving up the big play. one is points we have to be better at giving points. we're giving up some 18.4
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big plays this year than in my standard i don't think that's real good number right now every he shows coralation between teams and the amount of big plays and where they ranked in the country do defensively overall and for the most part it sticks a to a direct proportion and that is something we really focus on is not giving up big plays and it's a point of emphasis as it should be for every team across the country. sot :37 oc: "across the country " favorite over miami of ohio saturday.. the red hawks are coming off a 3-9 season and return 10 starters on offense and 7 on defense.. they got hammered by wisconsin last year but they are looking forward to facing another big 10 team in iowa city. the long term success of iowa and how physical they all were trying to become a physical football team in our own right in again i don't know that were that we are as physical as iowa but will buy a long stretch but it's a
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their guys to feel what physical football at the highest level feels like because they are one of the more physical teams the country and then see our kids respond to that and the excitement and nervousness and you're going to a hostile environment and you're up against it and how you respond or you gonna respond by come out swinging and fighting :33 oc: "swinging and fighting " and finally it's monday time for another edition of john's big ole fish. miek dixon was fishing indian creek and could not believe it when he landed the 40 inch musky. the clark boys from tennessee had fun fishing near guttenberg. caden cavin has a firm liplock on the lunker largemouth. kyndall knuth-collins has her hands full for carp. batting fifth is kylie kielsmeier with a johnson county lunker that she released. andie walsh of cr is all smiles. jon walsh also got into the largemouth at
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see that often. an albino catfish that reiner muhlenbruck caught and released. andrew hines caught the crawdad and the striped bass at palo. and wrapping things up is bentley stechcon with the big channel cat. with all my fishing friends this is john campbell reporting.. bruce and beth? thanks, scott. we'll be right back. stay with us here on t-v
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rapids home. the family talked to us and has a warning for others tonight at 10. and, joe, a final word on tonight's weather? air remains in place the next couple of days. as a result scattered thunderstorm chances remain in the forecast. while the chance of any serve weather is low, heavy rain from the thunderstorm s that develop. is possible. a cold front finally clears the area on wednesday, allowing the muggy meter to return to a comfortable range thigh the end of the week. have a great night! tonight: chance of storms. wind: light s. low: 67 tomorrow: chance of storms. partly sunny. wind: nw 5-10. high: 80 thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again tonight at ten. have a great
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