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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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about things and this is certainly not the way " some people in central city are upset over a sidewalk situation. the city council says people have to pay to fix and put in new sidewalks. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . "kids are missing school time. and i pay for an after school program she won't be able to go to." many parents of students at iowa city schools weren't happy about a decision the district made today. it dismissed students two hours early after complaints of hot classrooms and kids feeling sick. kcrg-tv9's phil reed talked to the district about why it came to that conclusion. parents wait near the door of horace mann elementary to pickup their kids. school buses are also parked outside the building. sacha wyckoff had to get her daughters from mann, and
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"a lot of scrambling. i'll have to makeup some time at work his week, and find somebody that will stay home with them " she says her kids have never complained to her about being hot. "it's bearable to me. i think we have had hotter days than this. i felt like today of all days, i felt like yesterday was warmer. " but superintenden t stephen murley toured two hot schools tuesday, saying 23 percent of their classes don't have air conditioning. "i know i was in multiple classrooms yesterday where they were running half a dozen fans at a time obviously for kids to hear, hard for teachers to communicate with the students." only 7 out of the 26 schools are feeling the heat. but the district had to let all of tm out because of their strict bus schedule. "we tier our buses that is in the morning they take elementary to schools and then go back out and pickup junior high and high school students. in the afternoon it works the same way." luis lopez hopes picking up his sister from southeast early does not become a habit.
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because it's hot and humid, maybe they need to think of some changes in there. " in iowa city, phil reed, kcrg tv9 news. tonight the district sent an email to parents explaining its decision. it does have a plan to have air conditioners in all rooms by the year 20-23. students will go back to school tomorrow. tropical storm activity is kicking up in the atlantic, and forecasters are predicting it could bring heavy rains to te this beach looked inviting, but out in the water the waves were churning dangerous rip tides. red flags flew on this beach in nags head, meaning no swimming was allowed. now emergency management is warning people to secure anything that's outside to withstand strong winds. " "every storm can bring challenges, high winds, some heavy rains, and people need to be aware with what's going on
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isn't expecting major impacts from the storm, but the coastal area is under a tropical storm watch. in hawaii, the big island is now under a hurricane warning. the ter 3 storm called madeline is quickly approaching. emergency management says hurricane conditions will be there in less than 2 days. forecasters believe the eye of the storm will come very close to hawaii, but not make a direct landfall. there is a lot of activity in both the atlantic and pacific right now joe. and these storms will have an impact on our
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today a federal judge in iowa refused to issue a restraining order for dakota access. the texas based company wanted it against two organizations who are protesting the building of the bakken oil pipeline. in her order, the judge said dakota access did not prove there's an immediate risk of injury or damage by protestors. about 100 people plan to peacefully pro iowa tomorrow. they're upset they lost land because of eminent domain, and fear what the pipeline could do to the environment. it will cross 18 iowa counties as it moves oil from north dakota to illinois. the judge did set a hearing for friday to consider t further. five years probation. that's the sentence a federal judge has given to the parents of a dubuque boy who accidentally shot himself in the face. both raven harris, who is 26,
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guilty to having a gun despite being prohibited. police say on january third, their son, jeremiah horsley, was playing with a handgun when it went off, wounding him in his jaw. he was only two at the time. a helicopter flew him to university of iowa hospitals for treatment. both harris and horsely still have upcoming trials on several state charges relating to the shooting. today president obama commuted the prison sentences for 111 federal inmates, now granted more than 670 commutations, more than the previous ten presidents combined. obama has long called for phasing out strict sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. he calls it excessive punishment. the president commuted sentences for mark glidden of clear lake and kenneth mccoy of council bluffs. both had been serving time for either making or distributing methamphetam
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take the first step in raising the county's minimum wage tomorrow. supervisors will cast the first of three votes on a proposed minimum wage ordinance at wednesday morning's meeting. if passed, the hourly wage would go up in increments eventually becoming 10-25 an hour by 2019. centanralts to enforce a sidewalk ordinance in that town, but some people believe the city is wasting their time and money. the city council wants to install sidewalks in neighborhoods them and fix other sidewalks that are crumbling. but homeowners will pay the cost. kcrg t-v nine's samantha myers spoke to people in central city today. samantha, why is the city just now enforcing the ordinance? bruce and beth, city council members say the ordinance has been around for years, they just haven't enforced it. it's because iowa code allows for cities to assess the sidewalk to property owners. a few residents i spoke with today say they are
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22:25:17;04 "love central city but i think they're going about this project the wrong way" bill hall spent his day putting up signs around central city. nats putting up signs 22:23:20;23 "the citizens never knew anything about this project. i've been handing out flyers for the last few days. some people say the project has been dropped, some people don't know nothing about it" the city administrator says people like hall don't understand the full story. ""well i don't know how many people really are upset. i think there's two or three people who have been stoking the fires against this. b public doesn't have the facts, i think once the public gets the facts and sees what's going on. i mean the reason the council is doing this is because the public asked for it." " hall says pedestrians only walk around the main part of town, and people hardly ever walk on certain streets. 22:21:03;09 "i'm all about fixing up the town where people walk, but my residence is over 115 years old and there's never been a sidewalk there. people have planted trees and certain things, them things would have to be
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crumbling sidewalks make it hard for some people. "we have senior citizens who are in wheelchairs or in scooters for the handicap, they can't get around town because the sidewalks are so bad. " the city is holding an informational meeting tomorrow about the sidewalk ordinance. nats hall hanging signs hall says he is gathering a group to go to the meeting get their voices heard at the meeting. the meeting starts at 7 tomorrow night at the civic center. the city says it is an will present the facts and tell people what their options are for getting their sidewalks fixed. it involves three different payment options, and i have the information for that with this story on kcrg dot com. thanks sam. lithium ion batteries are very common these days, especially in our cell phones. but reports from across the country show those batteries can cause fires, much like this recent one in cedar rapids. we look at what you need to watch out for with these
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volleyball, including two big matches in the area tonight. stay with t-v nine. nearly all electronics use it... cell phones,
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we're talking about lithium ion batteries. firefighters say they're concerned about them. that's because lithium batteries are causing fires here in iowa, and
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believe a cell phone battery exploded in patricia dampier's home last friday. dampiwer says when she tried to answer a call on her h-t-c- phone, the phone started to smoke. and when she threw it onto her bed, the mattress caught fire. kcrg t-v nine's jordee kalk explains what safety precautions we all need to take while using lithium batteries. 47:44, "most batteries you can tell before something is going to happen cause they'll swell"as manager of digital doc, joe fonner lithium batteries gone wrong. nat: 48:55, "this has actually done damage to the screen cause it pushed the screen out and busted it." fonner has a couple tips when dealing with these batteries. first, make sure you know what you're buying. 46:35, "you can get batteries that look like the official thing, but they're cheap sells."fonner says off- brand batteries don't always have the necessary materials. 46:14, "basically if you look at the composition of the battery there's lithium strips in there, and when they start to touch that's when they can combust."
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ak firefighters add another safety insight. 41:55, "primarily where we see the fires is during charging."fire fighters suggest keeping electronics on a hard surface while charging. 42:58, "everything with electronics puts off heat." fonner adds using an off- brand charger can destroy a phone. 47:14," we get phones that come here that won't turn on, and that's cause they've used cheap chargers like gas station chargers." experts say their best advice is to always have a little caution around electronics. 44:54, "if you're going to be charging stuff, do it while you're at home." jordee kalk, kcrg tv9 news. firefighters recommend keeping a fire extinguisher nearby when charging electronics. experts also say you should unplug the device if you feel it's getting too warm. parents in dubuque who lost a child are getting together with a common goal. they want to an "angel of hope" statue in the city. we'll
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scattered showers and storms will come to an end tonight. this ushers in a
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welcome break from the heat and humidity that lasts into the weekend. highs fall into the comfortable levels of the 70s with lows in the 50s and the
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to watch the tropics to see how this affects our weather through the holiday weekend. have a super night. tonight: storms early, then partly cloudy. wind: nw 5-10. low: 62 tomo mostly sunny and less humid. wind: ne 5-15. high: 79 tom. night: clear and comfortable. wind: ne 5-10. high: 75 low: 56 friday: mostly sunny. high: 76 low: 53 saturday: mostly sunny. high: 80 low: 55 sunday: chance of storms. high: 82 low: 63 monday: chance of storms. high: 82 low: 65 tuesday: chance of storms. high: 81 low: 67 wednesday: chance of storms. high: 79 low: 65
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will come to an end tonight. this ushers in a welcome break from the heat and humidity that lasts into the weekend. highs fall into the comfortable levels of the 70s with lows in the 50s and the muggy meter drops. we will need to watch the tropics to see how this affects our weather through the holiday weekend. have a super night. tonight: storms early, then partly cloudy. wind: nw 5-10. low: 62 tomorrow: mostly sunny and less humid. wind: ne 5-15. high: 79 tom. night: clear and comfortable. wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 thursday: mostly sunny. high: 75 low: 56 friday: mostly sunny. high: 76
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high: 80 low: 55 sunday: chance of storms. high: 82 low: 63 monday: chance of storms. high: 82 low: 65 tuesday: chance of storms. high: 81 low: 67 wednesday: chance of storms. high: 79 low: 65 thanks joe. up next we look at the program getting 2 prevent veterans from becoming homeless. and the cedar rapids night time farmers market expanded for last weekend after complaints of overcrowding last year. find out if it helped, next
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statue. it's the angel of hope, and it's a symbol for parents who've lost a child. the groups "the compassionate friends," "share," and "angel wings" are raising money for it. they're holding fundraisers, and they've started a "go fund me" page. the groups haven't yet, but they're considering several locations including this cemetery on key west drive. they hope to find a place that is centrally located and easy for parents to visit at any time of year. " access when you want to go and just see that little angel and to be able to think of your child and all of the kids that have gone before us." " the statue will cost up to 30 thousand dollars. there are more than 100 angel of hope statutes across
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japan. every year on december sixth, a candlelight ceremony takes place at each angel of hope statue in the world. more than 2 million dollars is coming to help prevent veterans from becoming homeless in iowa. the money comes from a program through the department of veterans affairs. it's going to three programs. one is located in central iowa, one helps vets in both iowa and illinois. the third is hawkeye area community action program, or hacap, based in hiawatha. money - more than 1 point 2 million os the money can be used for temporary financial assistance to help with things like rent, utility payments and more. this is video from hacap's food pantry. cedar rapids had another successful "market after dark." this was the second year the metro economic alliance moved the by monthly farmers market to evening hours. last saturday's event attracted an estimated 27-thousand people to
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there last year, and people complained about overcrowding. so this year the market covered twice the space. nearly one hundred vendors were also part of the event. coming up next in sports, former prairie speedster jalen rima is battling for playing time as a true freshman at u-n-i. scott has that story. and two ranked high school volleyball teams went head to head tonight at linn-mar. highlights are next, here on t-v
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westerberg explains, the iowa players are itching to get back on the field. "ready to go, ready to go." "definitely looking forward to it." "definitely
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smashing skulls with our own guys for the last few months here through spring ball and summer camp and finally having an opponent on saturday is really exciting."after winter workouts, spring practices, summer workouts and fall camp all totaling dozens of practices and hundreds of hours of prep, game day is finally on the horizon." "we've been waiting for this all summer long, all spring long, all camp long, so we're just happy that the season is finally here."happy in part, becaus winless in their last two games." "we're looking at it as we're coming out of an 0-2 last two games. miami, ohio, is coming into kinnick on saturday to beat us at home and we're looking at them as a team that, we don't want that to happen. we're preparing like they're a great team which they are." "we still have the taste of the rose bowl in our mouths. it's the last game that we played, so we're just ready to go after it and start this 2016 season." but for anyone expecting to see a replica of last fall, remember, 2015's success guarantees nothing in 2016. "when it comes down to it, this
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got to show what we can do on the field and we finally get our opportunity to do that on saturday."and back where the players feel most comfortable, kinnick stadium. in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. as of this afternoon their were tickets left for saturday's game which will kickoff at 2:30. jalen rima was a star on the track and the football field at prairie high school. and his speed and talent has impressed the uni coaching staff so much he is in the two deep at wide receiver as a tru saturday night at iowa state. jalens got great speed jalen is very smooth one of those players it doesn't appear to be going as fast as he is but he is running away from people at least in our field so he's very smooth got great hands very calm demeanor so we will see what he is like when we get in a bigger atmosphere to see what shows there. sot :20 oc: "what shows there " i can't wait to hear jalen's
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the panthers call one of his touchdowns. nfl news and it is not good news if you are a vikings fan. quarterback teddy bridgewater dislocated his knee and tore his acl in a non contact drill today, he was transported to the hospital in ambulance. they cancelled the rest of prhe is out for the season. 36 year old shaun hill is the vikings backup. on the volleyball court tonight. 12th ranked linn-mar hosted 5th ranked iowa city west and the lions with some cooking early. ellie von lehmden that had the home fans on their feet.. and then checkout the block by megan renner.. .and she was jacked.. but iowa city west answers with a hammer from 6"2 colby greene down the line.. and then checkout green killing them softly this time with the dink. but linn-mar dominated tonight von lehmden again bringing the power and linn-mar swept west 3-0.. on kcrg 9.2 tonight jeff hosting
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won the first set 25-18.. ellie mcdermott with kill on set point. jeff trying to rally in game 2 and checkout the double block from kristen neighbor and lindsey culver.. but xavier responds to win the second set 25-20 olivia richards delivers on set point.. and the saints just too much tonight and they role to the 3-0 sweep. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... scattered showers and storms will come to an end tonight. this ushers in a welcome break from the heat and humidity that lasts into the weekend. highs fall into the comfortable levels of the 70s with lows in the 50s and the muggy meter drops. we will need to watch the tropics to see how this affects our weather through the holiday weekend. have a super night. tonight: storms early, then partly cloudy. wind: nw 5-10. low: 62 tomorrow: mostly sunny and less humid. wind: ne 5-15. high: 79 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope you'll be with us again tomorrow. until then, have a good night. until then, have a good night.
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