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tv   KCRG TV9 Early Morning News  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am CDT

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early morning news. "22:19:34;05 it's not necessary " that's what a few people in central city say about the city's push for sidewalks. hot classrooms close iowa city schools. how school leaders say they are going to keep it cool in the future. a shoplifting incident turns into a human trafficking investigation in waterloo. good w it's 5 o'clock on august 31st. here's a live look at the city cam.
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has your first alert forecast, kaj... plan on a great day in all areas. highs will drop into the upper 70s today with lower humidity levels as well. our wind will
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people believe the city is wasting their time and money. the city is holding an inforanal meeting tonight to explain why the city needs updates. the city council wants to fix crumbling sidewalks and put them into neighborhoods where they don't exist. homeowners will have to cover the cost. council members say the ordinance has been around for years, they just haven't enforced it. iowa code lets cities assess sidewalks to property owners. some say the the city council is going about the project the wrong way, but the city 22:20:54;13 the other side of town down there, i can sit in front of my home for hours at night and never see a car go by let alone a person walking the streets " "22:08:36;00 we have a grant program available that anyone that qualifies for low-income we have grant money set aside, we also can assess it against their property tax for ten years if they want to do it that way, and if they want to just get it done and put it in themselves they can do that too.
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falcon civic center at seven. city leaders in dubuque will make time for public opinions this evening on 2 locations for a proposed state park. the 2 locations were selected as top choices based on public meetings held in march. dubuque awarded a contract for the park to pillar design studios of chicago. the city has committed $600,000 but still needs another $200,000 to make it happen. tonight's meeting will be at irving elementary school from 6:30 until 8:30. cooler weather today should keep kis weather forced iowa city to send students home early yesterday. superintendent stephen murley made the decision after touring two schools monday, and felt some classrooms were too hot for students and teachers to focus. he says some kids went to the nurse because they felt faint. he says it felt 20 degrees hotter in the classrooms than it did outside. more than 23 percent of district classrooms do not have air conditioning. the district says it's addressing that. "in 2013 the community came
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period of time, and the idea was to look systemically at all the buildings in the district and to make sure the all the classrooms were up to speed." the district sent an email to parents explaining its decision. in 20-23, it plans to have air conditioners in every classroom. the princeton review put out its annual list of party schools -- and this year the university of iowa is not ranked as highly as in recent years. year. the previous 2 years, the review ranked iowa 2nd. the list is based on answers given by students regarding questions about student life. over the past few years, the university launched programs and initiatives to decrease high risk drinking on and around campus. coming in at number one - the university of wisconsin - madison. here's a look at the rest of the top 5. west virginia university comes in second. another midwest school, university of illinois at urbana - champaign is third. lehigh university in
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in pennsylvania, is 5th. a new social host ordinance would create consequences for anyone who hosts loud or disorderly parties in mount vernon. it's a problem the police chief says continues to grow, particularly with rental properties. the ordinance would let police fine someone who allows underage drinking or illegal drug use on their property. the first offense could mean up to a 750 dollar fine. a second offense could increase that fine to one thousand dollars. council members passed the first reading tabled a second reading after some landlords brought up concerns. a previous draft of the ordinance would have held both tenants and landlords accountable for underage drinking and illegal drug use. but police say many of the landlords for those homes aren't local. that makes monitoring activity there more challenging. 16:04:37 "they may get complaints but if you're in a state a ways away, colorado, california, something like that, it's difficult for you to get back and it's difficult for you to
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going on there and what the impact is to the community." a new draft of the ordinance doesn't include language that would hold landlords accountable. the city council will vote on the new version of the rule on september seventh. more than a year after a dubuque man fired shots into jackson park -- with children present -- a federal judge gives that man a 10-year prison sentence. cowan godfrey pleaded guilty to felony possession of ammunition in march. he's 31. a release from the justice department says godfrey and other gang members got into a fight with anot people last year. during the fight, godfrey found a gun in a nearby car and fired 7 shots into the park. children and families were also there at the time, and at least one bullet hit playground equipment. no one was hurt. a waterloo man faces human trafficking charges. prosecutors say he convinced two teenaged girls to come from illinois to waterloo. 35 year old lawrence campbell is now in the black hawk county jail. his bond is set at 40 thousand dollars. he faces two counts of human trafficking among other
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two teenagers shoplifting at a waterloo store. officers caught the girls, who are both 16. they told police that campbell paid for bus tickets for them to come and live at a north waterloo home with a promise of a better life. instead the girls say they had to engage in sex acts with others to earn money, and they had to steal clothing to resell. "he would have them go out and engage in shoplifting so apparently they could turn around and sell the clothes. and we have evidence these girls were wearing the clothes in some internet." chief trelka believes the two girls came to waterloo about a week ago. he says it's possible the case could go to the u-s attorney for federal prosecution. earlier this year, governor branstad signed a bill into law to fight human traffcking. it established an office in the department of public safety to oversee the efforts. the office will also research and recommend training for government agencies
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trafficking cases. the office has to submit a written report on its progress each year starting in november 20- 17. mosquitoes in ames are carrying the west nile virus. the state public health department and iowa state researchers found them in a city park. so now the city will use mosquito fog in city parks at night this week. so far this year, 2 people have caught the west nile virus here in iowa. both are from sioux county. tropical storms in the atlantic and hurricanes in the pacif warnings. forecasters predict hurricane conditions will hit hawaii within the next couple of days. plan on a great day in all
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areas. highs will drop into the upper 70s today with lower wind will generally blow out of the north as high pressure builds in. much of the east coast will be in for soaking rain as a tropical system moves over florida and hugs the coastline. in response, our beautiful weather will continue through sunday. by sunday night into monday, our next chance of rain arrives. have a great day, and
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break! today: mostly sunny and less humid. wind: ne 5-15. high: 79 tonight: clear and comfortable. wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 tomorrow: mostly sunny, spectacular. low humidity. wind: ne 5-10. high: 75 tom. night: clear and cool. wind: light ne low: 53
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kicking up in the atlantic, and forecasters are predicting it could bring heavy rains to the carolinas. the outer banks of north carolina may look inviting, but out in the water the waves were churning dangerous rip tides. officials flew red flags on this beach in nags head -- meaning no one could swim. now emergency management is warning people to secure anything that's outside to withstand strong winds. " "every storm can bring
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be aware with what's going on with every storm." right now, emergency management isn't expecting major impacts from the storm, but the coastal area is under a tropical storm watch. in hawaii, the big island is now under a hurricane warning. the category 3 storm called madeline is quickly approaching. emergency management says hurricane conditions will be there within 36 hours. forecasters believe the eye of the storm will come very close to hawaii, but not make a direct landfall. campground say they plan to reopen soon, just in time for the busy labor day weekend. last week, water almost five feet deep covered the skip-a-way resort and campground near clermont. the water washed away the park's gravel roads and cement slabs. and a storm fried the entire electrical system. "we have a lot of permanent seasonal campers, and they are going to want to get back in their spots, so we are doing our best to get them back in. " the owners say volunteers
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re-open the resort and campground by tomorrow. wet conditions haven't slowed crops, which are still ahead of schedule. eighty-three percent of the corn crop is in good or excellent condition. where soybeans are sitting as we close out august, next in agribusiness. but right now, here's a look at today's opening farm markets. good morning! it's ---.
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the agribusiness report, i'm david geiger.. i'm here at the 2016 farm progress show, where i'll be getting content to you all week.. the show is here in boone.. iowa.. as it is every two years.. there are hundreds of displays from agricultural manufacturer s and dealers.. with field demonstrations.. and ag marketing seminars.. in a 75 acre area.. around 30 thousand people are
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started off with some rain.. the show is ready to go.. at the show i found our regular market analyst dan hueber and asked him what the show does for his business. "the farm progress show is kind of the big kahuna of the outdoor summer festivals. i mean granted we do go to a lot of smaller progress shows or farm shows around the country and of course the winter circuit is probably the most active. but you know, absolutely, if you want to see anybody in the midwest and of course you name the company be it machine or seed or fertilizer or precision farming, you talk about it, everybody's if you really want to run into run into producers." ---- the iowa crop progress report is out.. and wet conditions haven't stopped the crop from being ahead of schedule. ninety-four percent of the corn crop is at the dough stage or beyond.. about eight days ahead of the five-year average.. with 65 percent dented.. five days ahead of normal.. driving to the farm progress show you can see a lot of central iowa corn maturing... 83 percent of
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soybeans setting pods reached 96 percent.. four days ahead of last year.. irteen percent of beans are turning color.. three days ahead of last year.. soybean conditions are 82 percent good or excellent with some reports of sudden death syndrome and white mold. ---- and in my talk with dan hueber.. i also asked him to give me an overview of what's goon in the markets "you know, really kind of a depressing situation. you look over the last couple of weeks and you had a double whammy i guess in multiple respects. first production report came out, much higher yield estimates than anybody really anticipated for corn and or beans." "you know, really set the market back on its heels and then on top of that we ended up last week with the federal reserve. doing their conference back in jackson. jannet, president of the federal reserve said odds look good we're going to see a hike in interest rate and what that did is immediately push the dollar higher. you know, not that that hurt our exports per say. we've actually been seeing some
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psychological ly higher dollar works against the commodity market so i think that really kind of depressed things further. and then take it that last step. harvest is here. you know, we've already got harvest going in the south. you know it's not going to be long it's going to be moving into the north. so psychologically a depressant on market as we move into this time of the year." "cattle, hogs struggling as well over the last couple of weeks and the cattle pushed back down toward contract lows. you know not unusual for this time of year, this is a late summer, not whe demand out there. but that said it's not as if we're pushing into record prices to the lower side. i think it's just more about trying to find a bottom in there. simpler in the hogs. hogs did start to show a little bit perk up last week. so we may have the seasonal lows out of the way there but still, we're going to need to see a little demand escape up to start to bring both of these markets back." ---- and that's all i have for the show today.. tha tuning in.. i hope to see you again tomorrow! ---- we'll post a video every
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david geiger with the agribusiness report. trt oc: standard a study shows iowa tourism generated more than $8 billion dollars last year. the figures come from the u-s travel association. and this is the second straight year that expenditures topped $8 billion dollars. the manager of iowa's tourism office says lower gas prices helped draw more people to the state. and once they got here, they spent more on lodging, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. domestic traveler spending in iowa also generated more than $1 bl federal, state, and local tax revenue last year. that's an increase from the year before. an outdoor deck can add real appeal to your home, but like anything else, it requires some special care. how you clean and stain your deck could take away from the wood's lifespan and your wallet. the proper way to power wash coming up in our angie's list report.
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areas. highs will drop into the upper 70s today with lower humidity levels as well. our wind will
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builds in. much of the coast will be in for soaking rain as a tropical system moves over florida and hugs the coastline. in response, our beautiful weather will continue through sunday. by sunday night into monday, our next chance of rain arrives. have a great day, and enjoy the welcome dry break!today: mostly sunny and less humid. wind: clear and comfortable. wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 tomorrow: mostly sunny, spectacular. low humidity. wind: ne 5-10. high: 75 tom. night: clear and
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great way to enjoy your outdoor living space, it also adds value to your home. kept in good condition, it can last you 20 years or more. how to protect your deck is today's angie's list report. "you should reseal your deck every two to three years with either a clear or semi- transparent stain. the easiest way to find out whether it's time to tackle your deck is to drop some water on it. if it beads up nicely, you can wait a little longer. if it soaks in, it's
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your power washer at least six inches away from the wood at all times, and you want to keep it pretty much at a constant elevation and always keeping it in motion. if you stop or dwell in an area, you're likely to leave a mark in the wood that will be very difficult to remove." " most wood decks are made of pressure- treated pine or red cedar. but after just a couple years, they can start to look weathered if not taken care of properly. this can be a do-it-yourself project, but it's not as simple actually damage your deck if you're not careful. a common mistake is power washing with too much pressure or spraying too close to the wood. after your power wash, let the deck dry out, and then apply the stain or sealer. if your deck really needs reviving, you can apply a non-bleach brightener between the power wash and stain application. if you use a power washer, angie says to look for a light duty one, which offers pressure ranges at less than 200 pounds-per-square-inch and then stay below 12- hundred p-s-i. for more tips and tricks, check
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a split second decision made the difference between life and a dangerous crash for one iowa police officer. dash camera video captures the moment he avoided a head on crash with a drunk driver. no matter how long they've been gone, an iowa world war ii veteran is making sure all those who served our country get the honor they deserve. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. it's ---. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now,
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early morning news. after months of talk and deliberation, the linn un oard of supervisors will vote on raising the minimum wage. a focus group has some recommendati ons. firefighters in eastern iowa are worrying more and more about lithium batteries catching fire. this follows a recent phone call
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running through iowa is far from over. today, a group plans to protest right after a judge refused a restraining order. good wednesday morning! it's 530 on august 31st. here is a live look at . fi has your first alert forecast, kaj... plan on a great day in all areas. highs will drop into the upper 70s today with lower humidity levels as well. our wind will generally blow out of the north as high pressure builds in. much of the east coast will be in for soaking rain as a tropical system moves over florida and hugs the coastline. in response, our beautiful weather will continue through sunday. by sunday night into monday, our next chance of rain arrives. have a great day, and enjoy the welcome dry break!today: mostly sunny and less humid. wind: ne 5-15. high: 79 tonight: clear and comfortable. wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 tomorrow: mostly sunny,
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wind: night: clear and cool. wind: light ne low: 53anks kaj. start the process of raising the county's minimum wage today. it's the first of 3 votes that would boost the minimum wage, eventually becoming $10.25 an hour in 2019 during this morning meeting, the supervisiors are set to ask the county attorney to officially start drafting an ordinance. their second and third readings of the ordinance are september 6th and 12th.
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calls for a lower minimum wage for workers ages 14-17. one of iowa's poorer counties, wapello county, may also raise its minimum wage. the proposal would increase the wage by 95 cents a year to 10-10 an hour by 2019. wapello county is in southeast iowa. the county's poverty rate is third-highest in the state. the board voted a second time monday to advance theal. a final vote is scheduled for september 13th. several people at the board meeting this week said the increa businesses. supervisors say raising the wage is the best way to see that the lowest- wage workers are paid fairly. including linn and wapello, there are now four counties in iowa that have either approved or are considering raising the county minimum wage. johnson county already approved its increase. polk county is also considering a raise. nearly every electronic device you have uses them. lihium batteries are in y cell phone, laptops, and even your
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growing increasingly worried about the number of problems they've seen with the batteries. kcrg tv9's brea love joins us now. brea, what is one sign of danger firefighters say people can look out for? chris and nicole, firefighters are warning people of swelling batteries. a swollen battery is just one of the clues that a lithium-ion battery has gone bad. and when using those types of batteries, local firefighters say people should take some precautions. this comes into play after cedar rapids firefighters believe a cell phone battery exploded in home friday. patricia says she tried to answer her h-t-c- phone when her phone started to smoke and her mattress caught fire. firefighters say most lithium battery fires are start while electronics are charging. officials say you should never be asleep when the device is charging. and if you happen to need a new battery, experts say do not buy one that's an off brand. 43:25, "make sure it's the exact battery for the device and make sure its in in a place that it can cool, and yeah there have been reports of faulty
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firefighters recommend keeping a fire extinguisher nearby when charging electronics. officals also warn that using an off-brand charger can destroy a phone. one iowa veteran vowed to honor past veterans until he dies. gerald leblanc is preserving hundreds of veterans markers, fading from headstones in des moines. there are about 160 of the glendale cemetery that need restoring. due to heavy rain, snow and humidity, the markers are starting to virtually disappear. leblanc says he won't let that happen. "7.53:07 - 8.03:21 each of these markers are a window to the past. and when you look in the windows you see the sacrifices these fellows had done." " with the help of congressman david young and several companies, there's
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more than 2 million dollars will be coming to help prevent veterans from becoming homeless in iowa. the money comes from a program through the department of veterans affairs. it's going to 3 programs. one is located in central iowa, one helps veterans in both iowa and illinois. the 3rd is hawkeye area community action program, or hacap, based in hiawatha. they'll receive the bulk of the money - more than $1.2 million dollars. the money can be used for temporary financial assistance to help wi utility payments and more. this is video from hacap's food pantry. a dash cam caught a close call between a suspected intoxicated driver and a winterset police officer. a vehicle crossed over into officer christian dekker's lane and nearly hit him head-on early saturday morning. the car was speeding on highway 92. the officer was able to swerve and avoid the crash. the suspected intoxicated driver is 26 year old matthew huntsman of urbandale.
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the winterset police station. parents of a dubuque toddler who accidentally shot himself in the face will not get jail time -- but they will get probation. both raven harris, who is 26, and willie horsley sr, who is 30, pleaded guilty to having a gun despite being prohibited. police say on january 3rd, their son, jeremiah horsley, was playing with a handgun when it went off, wounding him in his jaw. he was only 2 at the time. a helicopter flew him to uihc for treatment. both harris and horsely still have upcoming trials on several s shooting. in a kcrg t-v nine update... a federal judge in iowa refused to issue a restraining order for dakota access. the texas based company wanted one against two organizations who are protesting the bakken oil pipeline. in her order, the judge said dakota access did not prove there's an immediate risk of injury or damage. protesters are upset they lost land because of eminent domain, and fear what the pipeline could do to the environment. it will
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north dakota to illinois. the judge did set a hearing for friday for more consideration on the issue. about 100 people plan to peacefully protest a pipeline construction site in central iowa today. an anti-pipeline protest leader says people will gather in boone. governor terry branstad is calling on law enforcement to stop any more vandalism to the pipeline. he has asked the iowa state patrol to help county sheriffs with future protests. a trooper says he hopes ""we're starting to see protests, large groups of people so, we're just hoping that it doesn't escalate into something so big that county can't handle it, that we have to be called in. but if we're called in we'll be there." " the man leading the anti-pipeline movement promises protesters will be non-violent. "".. none of us involved with this are supportive of violence, are supportive of arson, property damage. he knows that and the state patrol knows that as well." "
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protest is secret for now. a previously popular teen clothing store has to close a good portion of its stores. declining sales at abercrombie and fitch are not giving good feelings for the future of the company. we've been talking about the hurricanes in hawaii...
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canes in the pacific ocean close to hawaii. perspective on those. this is video from the international space station of hurricane lester and hurricane madeline in that area. plan on a great day in all areas. highs will drop into the upper 70s today with lower humidity levels as well. our wind will generally blow out of the north as high pressure builds in. much of the east coast will be in for soaking rain as a tropical
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response, our beautiful weather will continue through sunday. by sunday night into monday, our next chance of rain arrives. have a great day, and enjoy the welcome dry break! today: mostly sunny and less humid. wind: ne 5-15. high: 79 tonight: clear and comfortable. wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 tomorrow: mostly spectacular. low humidity. wind: ne 5-10. high: 75 tom. night: clear and cool. wind: light ne low: 53 thanks kaj. downtown cedar rapids welcomed thousands for a successful "market after
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thousands for a successful "market after dark." this was the second year the metro economic alliance tried a market in the evening. an estimated 27-thousand people were at last saturday's event. even more were there last year, and people complained about overcrowding. so this year, the market spread out over twice the space. nearly one hundred vendors were also part of the event. chipotle keeps trying and trying to bring back customers after recent food scares. the company is offering several new perks to get stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg tv-nine.
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declines on tuesday. the dow jones industrial lost nearly 49 points, the s&p 500 fell 4 points and the nasdaq lost 9. wall street continues to wonder whether the federal reserve w interest rates at its september meeting. some believe the fed will move if the august jobs report comes in strong. fed chair janet yellen already said the case for a rate increase had "strengthened" recently. abercrombie & fitch is closing up to 60 stores in the u-s as sales have declined. the company reported a wider loss for its 2nd quarter than had been expected. the teen-focused retailer also gave a negative outlook on business. the closures will represent about 8% of its stores in the u-s.
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chief marketing officer, jeff jones, to be the company's president of ride sharing. jones will be responsible for operations, marketing and global customer support. the new hire follows uber's decision to sell its chinese operation which has been losing money. chipotle continues to offer freebies to attract customers following a series of food scare. earlier this week, the company announced students could get a free beverage if they buy a meal and show an i-d. now the company is offering free kids meals on sundays during september. it's here's a live look at on our city cam. here's a live look at on our city cam. stay with kcrg-tv9. plan on a great day in all
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with lower humidity levels as well. our wind will generally blow out of the north as high pressure builds in. much of the east coast will be in for soaking rain as a tropical system moves over florida and hugs the coastline. in response, our beautiful
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sunday night into monday, our next chance of rain arrives. have a great day, and enjoy the welcome dry break!today: mostly sunny and less humid. wind: ne 5-15. high: 79 tonight: clear and cotable. wind: ne 5-10. low: 56 tomorrow: mostly sunny, spectacular. low humidity. wind: ne 5-10. high: 75 tom. night: clear and
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here's a look at today's top stories... after months of deliberation and studies, its now up to the linn county board of the minimum wage. the board is meeting today for the first of three votes needed to increase the wage. by 2019, minimum wage workers would be earning 10-dollars and 25 cents an hour. republican presidential candidate donald trump plans to visit mexico today to talk with that country's president. this is ahead of trump's highly anticipated speech about immigration. president enrique pena nieto has been critical of trump comparing him to hitler.
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starting off with a live
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it's time to crank up back in black. the season starts in just four days. and as scott westerberg explains, the iowa players are itching to get back on the field. "ready to go, ready to go." "definitely looking forward to it." "definitely feels good." "it's fantastic. we've been smashing skulls with months here through spring ball and summer camp and finally having an opponent on saturday is really exciting."after winter workouts, spring practices, summer workouts and fall camp all totaling dozens of practices and hundreds of hours of prep, game day is finally on the horizon." "we've been waiting for this all summer long, all spring long, all camp long, so we're just happy that the season is finally here."happy in
5:55 am
games." "we're looking at it as we're coming out of an 0-2 last two games. miami, ohio, is coming into kinnick on saturday to beat us at home and we're looking at them as a team that, we don't want that to happen. we're preparing like they're a great team which they are." "we still have the taste of the rose bowl in our mouths. it's the last game that we played, so we're just ready to go after it and start this 2016 season." but for anyone expecting to see a replica of last fall, remember, 2015's success guarantees nothing in 2016. "when it comes down to it, this is a new team and we the field and we finally get our opportunity to do that on saturday."and back where the players feel most comfortable, kinnick stadium. in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. as of this afternoon their were 44 hundred tickets left for saturday's game which will kickoff at 2:30. jalen rima was a star on the track and the football field at prairie high school. and his speed and talent has impressed the uni coaching staff so much he is in the two deep at wide
5:56 am
saturday night at iowa state. jalens got great speed jalen is very smooth one of those players it doesn't appear to be going as fast as he is but he is running away from people at least in our field so he's very smooth got great hands very calm demeanor so we will see what he is like when we get in a bigger atmosphere to see what shows there. sot :20 oc: "what shows there " i can't wait to hear jalen's grampa gary rima who is the nthers call one of his touchdowns. nfl news and it is not good news if you are a vikings fan. quarterback teddy bridgewater dislocated his knee and tore his acl in a non contact drill today, he was transported to the hospital in ambulance. they cancelled the rest of practice. he is out for the season. 36 year old shaun hill is the vikings backup. on the volleyball court tonight. 12th ranked linn-mar hosted 5th ranked iowa city west and the lions with some cooking
5:57 am
that had the home fans on their feet.. and then checkout the block by megan renner.. .and she was jacked.. but iowa city west answers with a hammer from 6"2 colby greene down the line.. and then checkout green killing them softly this time with the dink. but linn-mar dominated tonight von lehmden again bringing the power and linn-mar swept west 3-0.. on kcrg 9.2 tonight jeff hosting xavier won the first set 25-18.. ellie mcdermott with kill on set point. jeff trying to rally in game 2 and checkout the double block from kristen neighbor and lindsey culver.. but xavier responds to win the second set 25-20 olivia richards delivers on set point.. and the saints just too much tonight and they role to the 3-0
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august 31st. here's what you need to know today. today, linn county supervisors will vote for the first time on a minimum wage increase. it will need three 'yes' votes to increase the wage to 10-25 an hour. about 100 people will gather in boone today to try and stop construction of the bakken oil pipeline. a judge has rejected a restraining order against protesters. " if you're going to be charging stuff do it while you're at home of the batteries in your electronics after a woman's phone charred her mattress. donald trump travels to mexico this morning to privately meet with th country's president. trump plans to speak about immigration later today. central city wants to fix sidewalks but that means homeowners pick up the bill. an informational session is planned for tonight. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news morning news.


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