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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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dubuque is using this initiative to target a specific part of the workforce? yes, they want to once again attract young professionals . so organizers added bean bag and ladder golf tournaments. they also added free dance lessons. it's all an effort to get back to the original mission of the monthly festival. owner jaime salazar, there's something special about a jazz fest friday. "you know, the business jazz fest helps out, because the people from the outside come to downtown and make more business for everybody. " that was the whole point when organizers first created dubuque and all that jazz 25 years ago. and they say for years, it worked. "we're starting to notice that the crowd we used to attract down here, hate to say it but they're getting a little older and now were starting to rethink that strategy. " with fewer people attending the
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downtown businesses. so organizers are working on ways to attract a younger crowd. that includes now starting the festival at 3-30 instead of 5 o'clock. "bringing the young professionals in the downtown area and keeping them here right when they get off work. " people who attend downtown dubuque festivals say, they still like the "all that jazz" the atmosphere, but there are too many summer time festivals to choose from. "i think there needs to be more synchronizing of the different events in town so we can get a crowd at main street dubuque says they're even kicking around changing the name of this festival. because the bands are no longer strictly jazz musicians. they've recently starting having all kinds of music. live in dubuque katie
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joe winters, who's live in iowa city ahead of friday night lights for regina versus solon. joe, what can fans expect this evening? great conditions continue in the holiday weekend. highs pressure continues to dominate the weather throughout the state. highs will slowly cli saturday to the middle 80s on monday. more active weather with showers and storms comes back into the weather picture by tuesday. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: clear. wind: light se. low: 53 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind:
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britley ritz, who's in our weather lab with an update on where tropical storm hermine is right now. as a-b-c's lana zac reports, the storm has already knocked out power for hundreds
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storm has already knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of people along the coast. hermine is moving fast across the southern us. nats half a million americans are already without power as tropical storm hermine roars through georgia and on to the carolinas- nats early
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landfall as a hurricane in florida-the first in more than a decade- nats brett adair clip: nat. we got to move it! oh!! it ripped through houses along the panhandle- nats sot reyna -"it's about time to get to higher ground."and left a swath of destruction- sot - rick scott - florida governor number one thing stay safe, don't drive in standing water, stay away from downed power lines, there's a lot of debris, stay off roads till they're clear, a lot of downed power lines, the latest projections hitting much of the reaching all the way north to rhode island. governors from georgia, to new york, to virigina declared a state of emergency. sot/ terry mcauliffe, virginia governor we are cautioning everyone, we are no operating under and we have been informed we are having life threatening storm surge possibility that will cause major disruption. and while some embraced the massive waves nats surfing behind car for others, it is a disaster--entire towns under water. and still hermine rages on. tag: the winds are starting pick up here we're told to expect windgusts of up to 55 mpg. and there is even a tornado watch in effect - but what we're really concerend about is that storm surge coming off the water. reporting from charleston, south carolina. lana
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three cedar rapids school administrators who resigned after a teacher- student sex scandal will each get tens of thousands of dollars for agreeing not to sue the school district. those payments total 350-thousand dollars. they're outlined in separation agreements with former human resources director jill cirivello, former washington high school principal ralph plagman, and former washington high school johnson. each resigned abruptly this summer. that followed revelations that substitute teacher mary beth haglin had a sexual relationship with a student at washington high school. haglin admitted the affair in an interview with kcrg, and she faces a criminal charge of sexual exploitation by a school employee. the documents show all three administrators agreed not to sue the school district in return for severance
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denies any wrongdoing by the three former administrators or the district. rumors of haglin's relationship first emerged in february. plagman told kcrg t-v nine he investigated then, but he didn't find enough evidence to prove anything. then new evidence surfaced in may, and the district says it told haglin to leave. but an email from the principal's secretary to the agency coordinating substitute teachers for the area didn't mention haglin did anything wrong. sub again at harrison elementary in june. at that time, the district's h-r director, jill cirivello, emailed the agency to remove haglin from its substitute teaching program, but again did not give a reason. the district says it then contacted authorities about the allegations against haglin. the cedar rapids school district has not commented on why plagman, johnson, and cirivello resigned abruptly. the district
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when it will release its findings. a federal judge today sentenced an eastern iowa businessman to a year and a half in prison for not paying his taxes. federal prosecutors say bradley tischer of atkins must serve 18 months and pay 5- thousand dollars in fines, plus another 3- thousand in restitution. he's 51. prosecutors say tischer owns j-g-t incorporated, which he uses to operate his two restaurants, tischer underpaid his taxes from 2009 to 2013 because he didn't report all his income. counselors met with clayton ridge middle- schoolers today after some of the students were involved in a fatal school bus crash. no students were hurt in the crash yesterday afternoon. but the iowa state patrol says ronald kephart died when his car hit a clayton ridge school bus. the bus was turning off of great river road onto lace avenue in garnavillo.
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hawkeye football fans in coralville were happy to see two hayden frys today at the annual fry fest celebration. and it was an emotional moment when the original coach fry met the other. hear what he said when he saw his mirror image, still ahead. great conditions continue in
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continues to dominate the weather throughout the state. highs will slowly climb as we approach labor day, from the 70s on saturday to the middle
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storms comes back into the weather picture by tuesday. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: clear. wind: light se. low: 53 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: se 5-10. high: 79 tom. night: clear. wind: se 5-10 low: 59 seasonable. high: 82 low: 59 monday: mostly sunny, warm and muggy. high: 86 low: 65 tuesday: chance of storms. high: 86 low: 69 wednesday: chance of storms. high: 84 low: 68 thursday: partly cloudy. high:
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friday: chance of storms. high: 78 low: 61 saturday: partly cloudy. high:
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alternative to the time- consuming method of fighting crowds at stores for all your back to school supplies. i talked with blogger sarah jedd about an idea that's working for her. sarah: the teacher gives you a list for a thousand things you need to buy for the classroom, and it's very specific items and you need to buy them and your kids need to buy them and everyone in madison needs to time.pam: it's stressful.sar ah: it's horrible, so i found a way to get around that. lots of companies like staples and office max have online ordering programs that your school can sponsor and you can buy all of your school supplies in march, and your school gets a little kick back from your order, so not only do you get everything the teacher needs you to get, but it comes in a box with your kid's name on it and you can pick it up on the first day of school.pam: so it's completely stress
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which it's a stressful time of year, and it's a rah: right.pam: all right, and you blog about these things?sarah: yes, my blog is m: awesome. thank you the annual fry fest is underway in coralville. and this year, the event that kicks off the hawkeye football season has a very special visitor. the festival's namesake, legendary hawkeye coach hayden fry, is there. kcrg coralville. and scott, there's plenty of hawkeye spirit to go around. now in its eighth year, fry fest is still going strong....the same can be said about coach fry today as he once again made the trip back, much to the delight of the fans who crowded around to see hayden fry's statue unveiled. --coach fry, who was at iowa from 1979 through 1998, said this might be his last trip back to fry fest. he's
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travel isn't easy, but he's glad to know his statue will be watching for speeding cars on hayden fry way. "and this statue, unbelievably, is going to be watching traffic. i don't know if the chief of police is going to let it give tickets or not. i hope not." tr :13 oc: "...i hope not." --telling jokes has never been a problem for coac statue, he said, "i don't know who posed for it, but he sure is good looking." and coming up tonight at 6, hear the advice coach fry gave to the couple in charge of creating the statue. live from fry fest in coralville, scott westerberg kcrg-tv9 news. two cedar rapids high schools may be rivals, but they're taking a play from the same book. washington and kennedy are going head- to- head on the field tonight, and also in an effort to collect coats for kids in need. stay with your 24-hour news
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glory...and coats. the kennedy cougars are taking on the washington warriors at kingston stadium. but they're not just competing on the field. the schools are also competing to collect the most winter coats to give to kids in need. it's ar coats for kids campaign. kcrg t-v nine's phil reed joins us live from kingston stadium. phil, there are some stakes involved in this coats for kids challenge. the principal of the school that collects the fewest coats will have to wear the rival school's colors on tuesday. this is part
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off coats all week hoping to tackle the competition. people can still come drop off coats, or hats and gloves during tonight's game. these coats will be distributed in 22 counties across eastern iowa. some will go to the cedar rapids salvation army. they say it's hard finding coats for kids, since kids are always outgrowing them and they are happy to see kids helping out their peers. "it's very exciting to see kids in our community doing community, and getting involved, so on that aspect it's very warming." a tally of the coats will be taken around 7:30 tonight. so there's still time to come donate tonight on t-v nine news at six, hear from students who donated, and the pride they say they will take in winning on the football field, and at the coat collecting box. live in cedar
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and if you can't make a donation at the football game tonight, t-v nine will be collecting coats for kids all this month. we're asking for new or gently used coats that we'll distribute to kids in need. go to kcrg dot com for a full list of the drop off sites. you can also donate money online. stay with tv nine. switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% off smartphones. it's a deal you don't want to miss. sir, hi. did you just say, "switch and you get 50% off a smartphone?" uh, yes. sorry. hi. hello. i was watching tv and i saw you say 50% off smartphones. and we'll cover all switching costs. oh! wow! also, you g... uh, excuse me. switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% off smartphones. plus, we'll cover all switching costs. excuse me, can i just... hmm? what? i just need it back. i don't have it. i don't know what you're talking about. yeah. we talk to the artist who
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and we take a look back at the weather we experienced this summer, and what it means for our fall. tonight at 6. tonight at ten.
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iowa city's regina high. great conditions continue in the holiday continues to dominate the weather throughout the state. highs will slowly climb as we approach labor day, from the 70s on saturday to the middle 80s on monday. more active weather with showers and storms comes back into the weather picture by tuesday. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: clear. wind: light se. low: 53 tomorrow: mostly sunny. wind: se 5-10. high: 79 bruce and beth... thank you for joining us for
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world news with tonight, we're following the path of destruction. hermine now on the move, hitting florida as a deadly hurricane. winds up to 80 miles an hour. homes badly damaged. hundreds of thousands without power. millions bracing for a possible labor day washout. and tonight, watches and warnings up and down the east coast. our team in the storm zone. secret notes. inside the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. what she told agents, and how many times the phrase "do not recall" came up. out of jail. the case that triggered national outrage. former college athlete brock turner, pushing through the cameras. the new deadline he now faces. school bus dangers. drivers ignoring those flashing red lights at the bus stop. children, hit hard by oncoming


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